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 1  Recreational Horrible anxiety anger just a monster but addicted F 34 2 years

 4  ADHD My son was on adderall for about a year. It worked better than nothing but just wasn't right for him. Prescribed concerta about a month ago. He is a different child! He likes to learn,can watch a movie, interact and have a conversation. HOWEVER! We missed a dose by accident and he was terrible! Ten times worse and acted literally like he was possessed! Cried and had break down, ran around like a maniac. Finally had to put him to bed. Extremely worried about what might happen if he suddenly one day could no longer take it. M 7 1 months
27 mg

 5  ADHD I only had one side effect when I began taking concerta which was being very thirsty and slight headache, and just felt dehydrated. This lasts about 10 days. I have been on concerta for at least 6 years and it has been life changing. I always knew I had some sort of attention/hyper issue and decided to seek out help when I wanted to get serious about my career. I was officially diagnosed at the age of 31. I tried different medications including Ritalin and Straterra. Ritalin gave me horrible headaches and straterra gave me awful nightmares plus major mood swings. I am a very successful business woman and credit my doctor and concerta for helping me become the best I can be. This has been a life changing medication and recommend it to anyone with concentration and hyperactivity issues. I will say I do occasionally skip my weekend dose when I want to get the house cleaned and organized. It has become a joke with my husband and kids...they definitely know when I have skipped a few doses. I jump from room to room but get it all done! F 40 6 years
 3  adha I was told Dizziness, short term (5 second) blackouts, loss of appetite, nightmares , fits during sleep , chest pain muscle pain M 35 1 years
 4  Recreational(I have Depression too) DON'T E-MAIL ME WITHOUT READING THE CONSTRAINTS IN THE ADDITIONAL COMMENTS!!! 0 mg, Before first dose- Cut myself on an every other day cycle. Had attempted suicide before (twice, first time by drinking antifreeze, second time by taking, overdosing on Percocets). Had little external reaction to negative emotional stimuli (i.e., kept emotions bottled up and released them when I cut). Pretty Depressed 0 mg, Days in between doses (Max Consecutive: 2 days, 2 times; Went 1 day 2 times) - Suicidal thoughts were constant, lashed out at people (through electronic messages, never face to face) Drowsy and completely unable to focus. Could not remember many things the next day, even after taking Concerta. 0 mg, After final Dose - I'll let you know when it happens 72 mg (2 days) - No suicidal thoughts, generally happy mood, attentive + focused + good in classroom, drowsy but not sleepy (yawning, but don't want to sleep) 144 mg (3 days) - Stomach aches (They weren't mild at all, Hurt KEEP IN MIND THE DOSAGE AMOUNTS AFFECT YOU DIFFERENTLY (MOSTLY) BASED ON YOUR BODY MASS, for reference, I'M ABOUT 220 LBS! THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR FULL LIST OF SIDE EFFECTS OR COMMENTS! E-MAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE FULL LIST OF SIDE EFFECTS FOR THE HIGHER DOSES OR ADDITIONAL COMMENTS! DON'T E-MAIL ME TO CALL ME A DRUGGY! I LEARN THIS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO IN BLIND! DON'T E-MAIL ME TO ASK MORE ABOUT MY SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, OTHER THAN WHAT I DID TO GET OVER THEM! (I will not encourage any means of suicide... But I put in my attempts so that you DON'T wake up in a hospital bed, surrounded by your family and some friends, {they exist trust me, and SOMEONE will eventually show up from your, "Day Life"}, having an awkward conversation about why you attempted suicide. BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS THAT. Not your family, not your friend{s}, not the doctors, and not me... My advice is always to wait it out... It gets better... Eventually... Just trust me...) DON'T E-MAIL ME ASKING WHERE TO GET RAZORS! DON'T E-MAIL ME YOUR RELIGIOUS VIEWS, I'M A CHRISTIAN... KIND OF, I JUST MAKE BAD CHOICES (seriously though, just let me be. I don't need a sermon about how Jesus can turn my life around, I know he will :) ) All doses were taken once at the start of my day (about, 6:30 A.M.; except once when I took it at 12:00 A.M. I had a paper due, long story, e-mail me if you want the full description...) All in all, as a recreational drug, it's not worth the hassle... There are far be M 17 18 days
0-360 1X D
 5  ADHD Appetite loss was my only side affect. After I came off of concerta however; I have ADHD far worse than before. Trying to get back on it. I literally cannot handle day to day activities now. F 20 10 years
72 1X D

 3  ADHD -hyperhidrosis -decreased creativity (this makes me so upset because I'm an artist and a writer and a mucisian) -coldness -anxiety -depression(clinically diagnosed) -loss of appetite -stomach pain -OCD like behaviours -fatigue -clenching jaw -lifelessness/not as talkative(not talkative at all at times) -over cheerfulness -fast heart rate -forget to drink or eat -twitchy muscles -unsteady hand -sadness Sometimes it feels as if the Concerta is doing more bad than good. I have been taking it for a long time (8 yrs) and I just recently started looking into the side effects of it. I want to stop taking it, but I don't want to at the same time. Decreased creativity/inspiration makes me very depressed. I am also uneasily amused when i take Concerta. I also find that I am rather jumpy when i take Concerta. F 15 8 years
 3  ADD I took this medication when i was in highschool. I had stopped taking it because I was convinced ADD is not real. I found myself fighting to take it. Five years later, I am taking it again. First day back on it all day. At first I felt nervous. My hands continuely felt clammy and I felt like I was in a cold sweat all day. However, I have never been able to use my time so wisely before! I took my first pill at 8 am yesterday and now it is 3 am the following morning. I am coming down. Took a shower and my hands felt the need to shake, as if i have Parkinsons. Not sure how i feel about Concerta yet M 21 1 days
30 1X D
 4  ADD and Bulimia When i first started taking concerta, I lost my appetite, and was always nauseous, until I started taking it correctly. IT MUST be taken with food. Eat at least 350 calories at breakfast before you take the concerta because otherwise it won't get absorbed into the bloodstream and it won't work. Yes, it does take away your appetite, but remembering to eat small meals throughout the day (even if you are not hungry) is actually better than 3 large ones. Your metabolism will start to work better and your brain will get the fuel it needs through out the day, allowing you to concentrate properly. I always reach for walnuts, almonds, yogurts, bananas to nibble on through the day when I don't have an appetite so that I'm not starving my body or brain. This also comes from a person who has suffered from Bulimia for 10+ years. It has been the only thing that has helped me manage impulsive eating, binging and purging. When on the meds, and taking them properly, I have a better sel This drug has saved me from depression and binge eating. I am taking other meds to deal with a slew of issues that came from not being diagnosed with ADD sooner. History - ADD - my lack of control and insecurity with being unable to concentrate and do homework was overwhelming. Because I was not hyperactive and overweight, I was not diagnosed. I coped with stress by binge eating. In my last year of highschool, I lost weight, and after a really hard 1st year in University, I was put on anti depressants because I had a nervous breakdown during an exam that I had studied for weeks. MY memory was horrible and nothing stuck. I could never just cram, because it was useless. Within months of being on antidepressants, I discovered bulimia and became hypomanic. I eventually got off the antidepressants, but the bulimia stuck around. After 8 years with the ED, I researched my condition and begged my GP and psychiatrist for years to start ADD meds, but they wouldn't because they were afraid that I would abuse the drug to lose weight. I knew that I wouldn't...and guess what, I DON'T - it helps people like me. Instead of that, they said I was bipolar II - I am medicated for that, but apparently, had I been diagnosed properly with ADD 10+ years ago, there is a high chance that I wouldn't have had depression, bipolar or the ED. I'm actually a lot smarter than I ever thought. I just went back to school to pursue a Masters in Clinical Psychology to help people like myself who F 31 2 years
36 1X D
 5  AdHD I take a strattera 40 mg concerta 36mg wellbutrin 150xl lamictal 100 combo to wide down I take niquitin lozenges. I'm happy and just introduced the concerta 2 months ago the rest I was on for years. My advice to the previous post take nicotine replacement M 29 2 months

 1  Adhd Blew my mind out its been two years of hell I can't remember I feel a little weird still but I'm slowly feeling better I don't remember shit about the past two years... Your gonna give this to your child? 22 1 days
 1  adhd Concerta is bad it made my child almost anorexic! I only allowed the pediatrician put him on it because the teachers were pressuring me to put him on it as he was distracting other kids. I know he can be a bit boisterous at times but not as bad as the teachers were making out .he lost so much weight. Lost appetite . Suicidal thought even tryed hanging himself. This is not my son hes off medication now has put hes weight on and not suicidal thought anymore I dont recommend anyone to take this its like speed. M 8 2 days
 2  ADHD mixed The first 3 days of taking this drug I felt amazing - great energy, connected to people, loving life, completing thoughts with little effort. But now the past 4 days my energy has plummeted, I'm easily confused in crowds, feel argumentative with people and have a constant ringing in my ears. I am going to the doctor's today to see if increasing the dosage will result in restored energy and improved focus. I am not sure this is the medicine for me but I will try it a little bit longer to find out. I just want a better life than I had before. F 47 1 weeks
18 mg 1X D
 2  adhd combined When i first started taking this drug it was life changing and worked really well. I was able to complete a college course and do things like deal with supermarket queues without a problem. Main side effect for me was i lost an awful lot of weight and my drinking and smoking cigarettes became too much as i felt dependant on them to unwind at she end of the day. I decided to make effort to stop drinking and smoking and join a gym. I felt as long as i continued taking my medication i would never be able to stop drinking and smoking. So i Stopped taking my medication and went to the gym. The gym really helped instead of medication but i was training 3 times a day and got very addicted until i injured myself. I wasn't able to train for a long time and i started to deteriorate. So i to take my mediation again and i feel awful. This time around i am two stone heavier and it does nothing to suppress my appetite. I am constantly hungry. I feel angry all the time and i have more sensory issues than even before! I have a dull head ache, can't relax but do not know what to do with myself. F 35 5 years
 4  ADD First day, horrible headache all day long. Read somewhere that drinking coffee while on Concerta could give headaches. Stopped coffee and no more headaches. F 50 3 days

 1  ADHD I was 10 years of age when I started taking concerta. I stopped taking medication when I was 16. In this 6 years I was on 3 different kinds of medication. The concerta was by far and away the worst. I had bad paranoia, anxiety, I would fidget, fell sick, was physically sick several times which caused me to heave every time I took them and had suicidal thoughts. I still have mild paranoia to this day, I am now nearly 20 years old. It really was terrible. M 19 4 years
72 MG
 3  ADD First of all, I got addicted to it after the first month, 2-3-4 a day... Makes me feel extreamly depressed, suicidal thoughts, people even mentioned I was better of using Marijuana then stopped 4months ago.. Now I would like some feedback... How to get off this whatsocalled "medication" I'm prescribed 30 for the month 54mg... 1 dayly... But I feel like a normal person and don't even concentrate better than usual... Its expensive and a waiste of money and health.. Eating disorder, uncomfortable sleep... Chest pain.. M 21 1 months
 3  adult adha lack of sleep very high depresstion very high anger i have been taking the concerta xl 36mg for 2 weeks now i can never sleep till about 5am i have days were i am fine and then days were i just flip at anything and then days were i feel that my being here would be best if i take my own life so i carnt cause pain to any1 anymore if you have had the same feelings can you please get back to me with wot helped you cause i am sick of these feelings M 28 2 weeks
36 mg 1X D
 3  ADD I am vary short of breath don't know if it has to do with Concerta. I can not sleep even with seroquel 100mg. And I feel like a horse with blinders..I can focus on one thing but I am less aware of things around me..Maybe that sounds good but I feel like I am missing things around me F 44 21 days
36 1X D
 2  son taking for adhd My son has been on concerta for 7/8 years for adhd. He has always had emotional outbursts but has been a pretty good kid. He struggled in school and functioning in general. Just in the past 3 months he has self injured himself. He is dealing with depression, failing school,low self esteem, and seem to have no emotion or feelings. He does not have any real friends and stays up in his room. He is also on zoloft now and has been on 300 mg of seroquel and 3 mg of intunive to help him sleep at night. I am starting to feel like these meds have had an effect on him and his personality. I am missing the fun loving son I had. Are these long term affects or can they get better in time by weening him off these meds. I am now regretting giving my son these meds although at the time I know he needed it now I think they are making long term side effects. M 16 8 years
90 mg
 5  ADHD, OD, and OCD Once this medicine is taken with breakfast my son goes from bouncing off of the walls and being way too hyper, to relaxed and happy. By the time school lets out he is crabby, and just plain angry. He is fine after a small snack of fruits or vegetables. Overall this medicine works wonderfully. He is in 9th grade now and has always only gotten A's. and B's on his report cards since he started this medication in 1st grade. He is now an Honors student who has chosen to go into the medical field. He loves school and loves to learn. ADHD doesn't get in the way of what my son wants to achieve in his life. He doesn't fit in with big groups of kids but has one or two goos friends and he is fine with that. He is on a swim team. I would suggest swimming for any child with ADHD. It is a great outlet for their energy since they have to use their entire body to swim. My son did ok in softball and soccer too, but swimming is his favorite because he said he can move all around so freely. My son is also on Kapvay which is a long acting form of Clonidine. This helps with his higher blood pressure and sleeplessness due to taking the Concerta. He was on 72mg of Concerta for a few years but we took him down to 54mg with no problems two years ago. My son also got horrible migraines. Sometimes 4 or more in one day. His neurologist put him on Zoloft since my son has high anxiety and his Migraines went away completely! My son has a great team of doctors and for that I am very grateful. 15 8 years
 4  ADHD Shaking hands, lack of appetite, many times I find I don't feel as happy on them (zombie like) M 18 10 years
 4  ADHD (inattentive) Anxiety at first Works well. Much more convenient than immediate release methylphenidate. M 23 1.5 years
36mg 1X D

 2  adhd I have become a very unlikable person, I become easily angered & snap at people, especially at work. I do not want to be bothered, which is totally not me. I feel stoned like I just want to sit around & do nothing. I do not feel any motivation or energy to do my work or anything else for that matter F 33 10 days
 3  ADHD Insomnia, acne, loss of appetite, social isolation, shaking, over reacting I have a very mixed opinion on this medicine. I am unsure whether or not to go to a higher dose due to the negative side affects. My acne has significantly worsened since I began this medicine. I also have had problems with my eating habits. Before taking the medicine I had a fairly good diet, but this medicine has made it extremely difficult to keep a good diet. I find myself hungry, but disgusted by the idea of food, which usually lasts a couple days of not eating enough. Then I come to the point where the only things I am willing to eat are unhealthy foods, (I have gone days only eating ice cream). I also tend to binge eat when the medicine wears off due to my lack of nutrition. Socially I have become withdrawn and find myself often not wanting to bother spending time with people and instead just do something on my own, mainly due to how self critical I am naturally, which this medicine has seriously amplified. Concentration wise I love it, I find myself becoming more and more interested in academics than I ever have, but as I become more use to this dose I find myself becoming distracted, and then becoming extremely concentrated on irrelevant things. Academically this has been amazing, other than that it has definitely caused more problems than it has solved. F 17 4 months
36 1X D

 3  It helps me get way better grades My weight is 227 I need help to get this weight off me please M 13 6 years
 3  ADHD It helps me focus...I'll give it that. I feel like life is going 100 mph about 45-60 after I take it in the a.m. That feeling lasts for 2-3 hours. After that I feel an intense focused feeling. The "effects" usually last about 6-7 hours. I grind the heck out of my teeth and clinch my jaw. I sometimes have trouble getting my mouth to keep up with my brain, which is bad if you need to speak or present. My patience is pretty thin while on the meds. I don't feel the need to eat much for 6-7 hrs. I've also recently noticed an intense urge to urinate 10-20 times (in the 6-7 hr window) but nothing comes out. Might not be the meds, but I'm putting it out there. Hope this helps. M 30 2 months
54 MG

 4  ADHA headaches, dry mouth, urinating a lot! I noticed as my life had become more hectic, that I was not able to stay on task. I would start doing the dishes, and I would get a few done and then I would bounce to the living room and start dusting, then I would go back to the dishes ect. I would be talking to someone and be in the middle of a conversation and just up and walk away. I started out on a dose of 18mg for 1 month. Everything was great. After 3 weeks,i felt like my old self again. My doctor did tell me that he would have to get my dose correct. I went back to the doctor on Friday and my dose was increased to 36mg. Saturday I started taking the new dose. I feel like im stoned! im constantly thirsty, peeing 8-10x a day, and ive been getting headaches. I feel that because I was just increased, my body needs time to adjust. I can sleep better at night, and have no issues getting to sleep. I do however get the shakes, and tend to forget I need to eat ( could be why im getting the headaches) I am starting school the end of this month for my RN. As long as this medication can keep me as focused as it is now, where I am getting what needs done, done. I feel this medication will do me wonders!! My only complaint about this medication is that I don't like the feeling of being stoned once it starts coming out of my body around 10-12 hrs after I have taken the medication. My question to anyone who takes this medication is, Do you feel like your high when its coming out of your system? F 28 1 months
36 MG 1X D
 5  Depression and ADD None - if i don't take this, I struggle to stay awake all day. Life changing - keeps me alert, focused and energized through the day, especially at work (so i operate like a normal person, not a super-star!) No matter how good my diet and exercise routine is, without taking these meds, I would feel terribly lethargic and want to sleep right after the work day. My dosage is perfect as it lasts almost exactly 12 hours, then no issues sleeping at night. No side effects. F 30 1 years
1X D

 5  ADHD -combined type When I forget to take the medication I get extremely tired by early evening and HAVE to go to bed. This has been a life saver for me. It helps me stay focused and been a little less impulsive. It doesn't "cure" my ADHD. I see it is a very useful tool that I use along with other strategies. F 56 13 years
72 mg 1X D
 1  ADHD i always feel depressed when im on it. im never myself. suicidal thoughts used to come to mind. weird twitches:/. i hear stuff. i can never sleep. it makes me zone out. and i have an unreasonable amount of anger issues when i take them it does help me concentrate but i do not like what it does to me M 14
72 1X D

 3  Add Depress, Nervous, some hands shaking, loss of appetite F 35 3 weeks

 4  Adhd This medicine helped my grades dramatically! I am doing so well in school and im so happy. The down side is ive had so many side effects. I have lost my appetite COMPLETLEY and at 3am i binge eat which is getting out of hand. I find it so hard to sleep, im lucky if i fit in 5 hours a night. I have really embarrassing nervous twitches, blinking really hard, scrunching up my face and clearing my throat 24/7. I panic alot at the smallest things and have basically lost all confidence to public speak or talk infront of huge people. I stutter my words a little bit lately and overthink alot too. Since i dont eat, i cant sleep which means at school i try to focus but im so hungry and tired i cant! Sometimes i wont take my tablet just so i get a good nights sleep and actually eat, but i am so unfocused without it. It helps but its a risk F 16 1 years

 1  Bipolar I disorder M 58
36mg 1X D

 1  ODD/educational use. I have to say that this is the worst medication I have ever taken or even created. First of all, when I first took it It felt alright, and then I started to feel crappy and not being able to eat. It honestly feels like methanphetamines, and I have done that and feels the exact same way. As well, this medication could be highly addicting, as well as abusive, I even abused it and yes it does add a high. Like really, I don't understand why doctors give this out when its not even healthy for you! If your on this get off immediately! M 16 4 days
 5  ADHD Some trouble sleeping at night. Best to take the second you wake up. 10 year old son on 72mg for 3 months. only trouble is sleeping as well. It is a great medication, providing you take consistently. I don't believe in breaks. I find if you break, the first couple days rough emotionally, and i find it works best after 2 weeks straight. but thats just me. M 36 4 years
72MG 1X D
 5  ADD The best description i have for effects of taking concerta is "Limitless" the movie that when taking this clear pill changes this guys life dramaticly. (with out it turning bad of course). 1 bad thing with me taking it is i have to stop. my insurance claims that me being 20 has no need for this medication. without it i get so bad that i irratate myself because i say things without thinking, i am bouncing off the walls, and i cant stay quit even if noone is around. another bad thing is that the 2nd year i was on it i got very depressed (not from the medication) and after that started anxiety then came severe panic disorder mostly because of the amount of caffiene plus my depresstion but now my mind works different bc of the concerta and i cant get away from the panic until i was prescribed colonzapam which now slows me down. great medication but caution when using M 20 5 years
 4  ADD Nausea, terrible mood swings when coming off, jittery, no appetite. F 19 3 months
27 Mg

 4  ADHD/ADD Headaches,Rapid Heart Rate,Muscle Twitches,Jitters,Loss of weight (30 pounds),Lack of hunger,Loss of balance falling over time to time M 17 4 years
 5  adhd Stomach pains, diarrhea, anxiety, weight loss all in all good medicine! I can focus better, I feel great and I can complete my tasks like I'm supposed to. I have more motivation to do things. My memory has improved. My relationship with people has improved. The way I'm talking is more clearer. It's nice to feel your mind clear. I didn't know I had ADHD until my psychiatrist prescribed it. Works awesome and I'm very happy. F 25 10 days
18 mg
 4  add cause by concussions It worked but i would get headaches about 45 minutes after dosing. lasted 12 hours for me depending on if i had a high protien diet that day. the headaches wouldnt go away ever so i switched to vyvanse. it helped and was a great medication except those darn headaches. M 22 3 months

 4  Narcolepsy Heart palpitations, muscle twitches, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety/panic attacks, F 16 1 months
18 mg 1X D

 4  ADD Mood swings, anxiety, depression, had a hard time falling asleep at first, severe migraines, blacked out vision as some points, rapid heart rate, no appetite, slight shaking of hands F 24 4 years

 3  add, adhd Pros - helped with grades and helped me to focus cons - weight loss (im currently 96 lbs ), hard time getting to sleep, depression, lack of emotion, over thinking F 14 8 months

 4  ADHD combined type Bad Loss of appetite 'dull' personality Frequent bowl moments Made my insomnia worse Anxiety Good Increased focus Controlled hyperactivity Felt calm F 20 7 years
54 1 xD

 5  ADHD F 20 2 years
36MG 1X D

 4  Concentration defecit So far this is just what I needed. Feel like my old self again M 48 2 days

 5  ADHD Loss in appetite, for the first few weeks I had an increased heart rate for the first few hours after taking my pill in the morning. This medication has greatly improved my life! I went on it for the first time when I was 15, because I was so depressed and counseling was not helping. One doctor even put me on anti depressants, which just made me feel like a zombie. Then a doctor tested me for ADHD, which might have been missed since I was such a good student, and it turned out I had most of the symptoms. I was like a new person with concerta, learning didn't feel so exhausting anymore. Focusing wasn't such a metal workout. I was much happier. When I was 21 I went off of it for a year because I felt pressured to by society, and I gained a ton of weight, didn't feel like myself, and became depressed. I went back on after a year of being of it and felt like myself again, and became committed to a fitness routine and lost all the weight I gained and more. I'll never be guilt tripped into going off of it again, it helps me to be more myself. F 23 7 years
36 1X D
 3  ADD headaches, appetite loss, very fast heart beat, severe breathlessness, fidgity but only in the beginning. My 15 year old son started because he was disruptive in class, poor concentration, terrible grades. So far he says he can focus better and he grades have improved and, he has lots of energy. Orginally he started on 27mg but was very frightened by the side effects, racing heart, tremors, extreme breathlessness and a very bad headache. He was only supoposed to be on this dose for a week then go up to the prescribed dose for his weight = 36mg. He came off for a week then dropped the dose to 18mg. Said it was much better; noticed it was very diffiuclt to come off it at the weekends as he experineced the symptoms again on monday when he re-started. After a month he said he felt the dose should go up and he started taking the 27mg. This dose seems to be working for him; suspect he could do with 36mg but he doesn't want to try this dose. Best advanage is he is no longer so depressed as his grades are better and he doesn't get into so much trouble at school anymore. He chooses himself to take continously, no weekend breaks and even sets early morning alarm so he doesn't miss. I think he must be seeing a big difference if he is so diligent about taking it! M 15 3 months
27MG 1X D

 5  ADD Insomnia & decreased appetite - I've now been on this medication for 6 days and will increase the dose again tomorrow to 54mg. So far, these are the only two side effects I've experienced. I was really irritable on day 3, but I think this might be hormone related, not drug related. I'm glad my doctor started me on a lower dose to begin with, and I'm a little nervous about doubling my dose! I'm not sleeping much and I'm worried that it will get worse! If anyone has any advice on how to cope with the insomnia, please let me know... I'm kinda tired! I still feel a deep sense of calm on this drug and so far it's been a big help, even after just 6 days. I don't feel like I have to 'go, go, go' yet, but I have noticed that I'm not so overwhelmed with things I need to get done. In fact, I feel for the first time in years, like I actually want to accomplish stuff. I had started to find everyday life too much, and would end up getting very little done in a day. My focus hasn't improved a whole lot yet, but I'm very happy with the overall drug so far. Just being able to look at the dishes and get them done without feeling like it was "too much" is fantastic. Everything stressed me out, and the feeling of being overwhelmed by most everything has diminished so much. F 45 6 days
27mg 1X D

 4  ADHD I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, yes from my doctor. He set me up with 54mg of Concerta. He said take it everyday for the first week. Well today was the first day. I felt excellent. I completed a lot of my tasks with no distractions. I felt focused, relaxed, confident and had a sense of calmess. Mind you I was freaked out about trying this drug because I never took any kind of meds or drugs. It worked great. After around 5 hours the side effects kicked in. This include fast heart rate 90bpm, nervousness, headache, loss of apetite. I felt kind of scared because my heart was racing, it lasted for 4 hours. But slowly decreased in speed. I took 2 ibuprophens for my headache. Can anyone email me why my side effects were so harsh? Is 54mg too much. My doc said take on pill everyday but I feel like that's unhealthy. Please email me! I would Greatly appreciate it! And if anyone has any questions also feel free to send an email! I will answer back. :) M 20 1 days
54 MG
 4  ADHD head aches, no appetite, no emotion, depression, no eye contact, no sleep, always worrying, looking around constantly, always have to be busy, and you feel like the drug is literally wastinng you away in the middle of the day. i love concerta like the side effects are bad but ive been taken it for 9 years and im used to it. im at the highest dosage 72 MG and my grades are good and everything is good honeslty the side affects can be bad but if you need this to concentrate in school it will help. F 16 9 years
72 MG 1X D

 4  ADD, MDD, and Social Anxiety/Phobia I am about as hungry as I always was, but now I can't eat nearly as much as used to. I've also noticed that I'm having a few more panic attacks. I'm a bit more suspicious of people, so maybe very mild paranoia. My OCD is a bit worse. I sometimes sweat like a pig or get heartburn after taking this med. Whenever I don't take Concerta, I feel like I've got the flu and experience severe anxiety/depression. Oh, and the drug is constipating. Okay, here's a bit of exposition. See, I was always a good student. A B was typically the lowest score I'd get. However, when Ninth grade rolled around, it rolled over me. My A's and B's degraded into D's and F's. I was confused about this, and that confusion turned into rage. To put it bluntly, I was an ass. My family berated me for my inability to focus, which caused me a rather large amount of distress. Eventually, I plunged into despair and just gave up. Until I received Concerta last January. This med changed my life for the better. I was rather hesitant to take this drug, as I worried that it would worsen my anxiety. I didn't even know I had ADD, so that was a knock. So, the next morning dawned and I popped one of those yellow little pills. Within minutes, I felt my focus becoming sharper and my generally dark mood starting to lift. Let me cut to the chase: This drug changed my life for the better. My GPA skyrocketed, and is now at 3.0 and rising. I no longer harbor violent feelings toward others and myself. People like me now, and I find myself liking them, too. My anxiety rears its ugly head a bit more often now, but considering the benefits that this med gave me, I'd say it is a fair price to pay. So, to parents and patients of every age, I implore you to consider Concerta as a treatment option. This medicine gave me my life back. M 16 9 months
18 M.G 1X D

 4  ADHD No Appetite. Dry Mouth. Hands always Shaking. Increased focus and slightly calming. Makes it hard to eat a normal amount of food M 19 11 years
126 MG 1X D

 3  ADHD, depression Enhanced effect of antidepressants, increased libido. Improved attention for 1-2 weeks. It has definitely enhanced the effect of the antidepressants I'm taking (150mg Webutrin SR, 2 in am, 1 in afternoon; Citalopram HBR 40mg, 1xday). It helped with my adult-onset ADHD for the first 1-1.5 weeks. It seemed like I was back to "normal." I could go do several errands in one trip (instead of finishing the first one and not being able to bear the idea of doing another). I could stay focused on my work for 6-8 hours/day (rather than just 1-2 hours). Unfortunately, that affect wore off after a week or two and I'm already at the max. dosage. My libido, which has been low for years (due to antidepressants?) is finally back, which has improved my marriage. F 52 5 months
36 mg 2X D
 3  ADHD My side effects on this drugs were pretty much the same as the other comments i read, except for the fact that today i noticed myself having difficulty saying simple words.. It was really strange.. Im hoping this goes away. Though it isnt recommended, im gonna split my pills in half and try that out.. Having social anxiety is bad enough, but impaired speech?! Um no thanks M 21 1 months
 3  adhd Loss of appetite. Headache when i first take it after a long time without. Mouth tics. I've been taking it for awhile and its the best adhd medicine I've been on I've been on a lot of different ones. F 17 4 years
 5  social anxiety inattentive add This medication completely changed my life. Im so social now i can have fun without being worried about being judged by anyone. Im dating which i couldnt do before concerta. I can focus on my work and have kept a job for a year, before i was having nervous breakdowns and quitting jobs every3 months. I know everyone responds to medication differently but ive been on every anti depression and every anti anxiety med out there and this is the only one that has given me complete releif of social anxiety and my add and also the general dysthymia that goes along with having these conditions. If ypu have a true dopemine imbalance this mefication can and will change your life F 32 1 years
 5  ADD/ADHD Loss of appetite, Headaches from time to time, most of the time do to not eating. Longer time to fall asleep. Anti social. Try to stay to myself. Started noticing that im not "Mr. Freak in the sheets" no more I always compared myself to a squirrel, always turning my attention to different things in a room lol Now I can concentrate for the first time in my life! Very greatful. I think before I speak while on my medication.Overall im am totally satisfied with the medicine. The only big issue I have is not being able to performing well in bed. I lose my erection. Told my Dr. about it and he said that there should not be an issue with keeping my penis erect :/ M 23 4 months
18mg 3X D
 5  ADHD None that were worse than not taking it. I was always underweight due to forgetting or being too distracted to eat, but the Concerta helps me remember to eat even if I don't feel hungry, so I eat pretty much the same despite the loss of appetite. The mild insomnia has improved over the years. I am a perfectionist while on it. Thank G-d for this medication. Before, I had no friends, and was failing in school, and felt I was a failure. Now I've graduated college, have several job offers, and have matured socially. I hope to eventually use what I've learned on it and start going off it. Parents - it is not worth to risk your child's future. If your child needs this medication put them on it. The side effects are not that bad for many people, it is just that they are more likely to write about it if it doesn't work than if it does. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION OR EXPERIENCE ABOUT CONCERTA DURING PREGNANCY. This would help me make an informed decision. F 22 12 years
54 mg 1X D
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