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 5  contraception+controlling skin light spotting between periods the first couple months, but it seems to have subsided So far it is really helping to control my chronic skin problems due to P.C.O.S. I still use the topical stuff, but Yasmin did the trick. I would recommend it to women experiencing such problems. It also regulated my periods. F 31 5 months

 5  prevention of pregnancy none lighter periods then before. No PMS. Great for my body. F 34 2 years

 5  induce lactation breast pain, enlargement tenderness. F 39 30 days

 5  5 months so far no side effects! additionally it has fixed LOESTRIN side effects! i lost most of my hair on Loestrin (alopicia areata-huge bald patch) which i was taking for 1 yaer. Now it has grown back and i feel great so far-no weight gaining, no depression, no painfull periods, my skin is graet-no acne as i used to had. so far the best pill i have taken!(I got fat on Dianette 35 despite healthy diet and activity) F 26 5 months
 5  bc, pms, and menstrual cramps lighter periods, regular periods, mood stabilized, Love it. I'm 39 and have never been able to take bc pills. They tended to make me feel irritable and angry. These are the first ones that don't give me psych. side effects F 39 7 months

 5  Very heavy periods Some nausea the first month, some breast tenderness throughout the month, slight breakthrough bleeding if I miss a dose I LOVE Yasmin - it has changed my life. For me it has had the side effect of controling my anxiety and depression. I feel much more even in my moods throughout the month. My periods are very light and last less than 4 days. My doctor said people either love Yasmin or hate it. For me, it somehow works with my body chemistry beautifully. You need to try it for yourself before passing judgement, each person reacts differently. F 36 2 years
 5  Birth control & acne Break-thru bleeding if I miss a dose I've been on probably a dozen different birth control pills, and Yasmin has been fine. I haven't gotten pregnant and it cleared up my acne after about six months of taking it. One or two times I've experienced break-thru bleeding when I miss a day... but that's pretty normal for missing any BCP (at least for me). F 34 3 years

 5  Birth Control and Endometriosis I've only had two side effects: 1) the first month I felt queasy for about a week. After that, about every 6-7 months I feel queasy again for a week; and 2) foot cramps. I got rid of those by drinking gatorade every morning or eating a banana. Of the three types of BC pills I've been on, this is by far the best. It has had the least amount of side effects (no weight gain, emotional changes, or acne). And my period is like clock work. I know exactly when it's going to start and stop. F 30 2 years

 4  Acne and horrible period cramps Just a quick sharp migraine whenever I take it and feeling tired about an hour after. It is amazing, I have clear skin acne (I always used to but recently I had my first acne problems until I took Yasmin (I am in my mid 20's). My skin clear within only 3 days. I lost weigh, I am going bathroom for number 2 more often, so boost my metabolism. No mood swings, at all, if anything I always had them and now I am nicer, and my boyfriend is happier (if anything I believe those people that say they change their mood, is just people who finally found an excuse to have tantrums). My cramps are less painful. A little bit of tender breasts. My sexual drive decrease (but it always does certain times of the month), now it is all full blast and I have sexual desire like I always had. So overall, it is really great. And yay!, I am also finally not constipated, finally I go bathroom with no problems. Oh yeah I crave proteins. Which is good actually, it helps me stay strong through long hours of work and school. F 24 30 days
30 1X D

 4  Acne, birth control Anxiety/fear of taking pill due to news reports, a bit hungrier than usual, slight breast tenderness sometimes, Period was 'darker', vaginal dryness. It has really cleared my skin up after 1 month, it's the clearest its been in years! I have NO new spots and all my old ones are bursting then going away completely. My skin is a lot less oily too and I don't need to reapply my makeup as often. I'm excited to finally have clear skin again. I'm going to continue taking it for this reason but I want to stop taking it once it's all clear because all the news reports about Yasmin scare me so much. Every pill I take I panic in my head like "this one could kill me"... but then I remember how depressed I was about my skin and take it anyway :/ My vagina has been drier so sex can be painful and I have smelled "different" down there which I HATE. This might be because I'm now having unprotected sex with my partner but I don't know, I've never had a problem before... it's gross so I hope it stops. I'm worried my hair is going to fall out when I stop taking it. We'll see... F 24 2 months
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 4  Acne / to have lighter periods I've been taking Yasmin for nearly a year now. In terms of my acne it really helped, and it made my skin so much less oily and shiny. I do still have more spots than the average person but it doesn't bother me so much. My periods are a little lighter, not much, and last 7 days. I suffered from bad headaches every now and again, dizziness when I stand up, fainting or feeling as though I will faint, depressive mood and weakness in my legs. I did not gain or lose any weight and sadly my boobs didn't get bigger. But it did help my skin a lot! F 14 10 days
 4  pcos Mild mood swings, weight gain. F 28 10 years
 4  Birth Control Hungrier than usual I was originally given the generic for Yasmin - ZARAH - and hated it! My skin broke out, I felt queasy during the night and would eat more during the day to get rid of the queasy feeling, and my breasts were sore. After 2 months, I asked to be given the non-generic prescription for Yasmin and already I have noticed improvements - my skin is clear, no breast tenderness, and no queasy feeling. I do feel a bit hungrier than I did off the pill but it's a small price to pay for not getting pregnant! I would definitely request Yasmin over the generic as clearly the pills are quite different despite having the same 'active' ingredients. F 36 2 weeks
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 4  PCOS symptoms, Acne, Birth Control Possible Weight Gain, UTI I took Yasmin for 2 years purely for my pcos symptoms and acne (this was before I was having regular sex. I didnt notice any major side effects apart from weight gain and increase in breast size. It really cleared up my skin and I had regular periods for the first time ever! I was pleased with taking it! I then went on to Leostrin which I wasnt happy with as often had break through bleeding and my acne came back. I did lose weight but I think this was more due to life style changes rather than the pill. I am now back on Yasmin but have had a few issues, I have had several UTI and yeast infections, but these have conincided with starting to have regular sex - which might be the reason also. Overall I have to say I am going to stick with Yasmin for more than a year (as most pills dont start working fully until you have been working for a year! So if like some of you, you have only been on it for a month, you haven't been on it for long enough). The problem is I'm not sure what else I would go on that would meet all my needs. Every pill/medication has side effects you just have to weight the benefits and costs. F 21 2 years
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 4  Polycytic ovary syndrome, pmdd Nausea during the first week, acid reflux during the 2nd week Yasmin has been great so far. I had some nausea at first but that went away quickly. Within the 2nd month my anxiety and severe moodiness/ depression significantly improved, I lost some weight I gained due to pcos, and my skin has never looked so good. No problems at this point... F 30 2 months
Unsure 1X D

 4  Not to get pregnant and pain relief The pill has been a great help with period pain and cramps. I also lost a stone in the first 12 months of being on the pill and my weight is now constant! But my appetite is mixed up very hungry at times and then can eat nothing all day! F 35 6 days

 4  birth control Not really had any side effects, i was on it 4 years before my first daughter and it took 8 monmths to fall pregnant once id stopped pill,i went back on it for 3 years and again it took 8 months to get pregnant after i stopped the pill, and now ive been on it 2 years since having my second daughter. Im very suprised to hear it affects mood swings and libido as ive not experienced this. F 29 2 days
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 4  Contraception Had a huge pimple on my chin (i dont break out normally) after the first month. Breasts grew which was a bonus but it went back to normal after 2 yrs. Get hungry often. Lose weight bc i was always hungry but have no time to eat. When i do eat, i prefer small portions. Libido is gone. No more depression. I feel normal; no mood swings. It kept me sane. Side effects: it occurred after taking it for 4 yrs. irregular heart beats, chest pains, ab cramp when im not on my period. I freaked out so doc recommeded alesse cuz the hormonal dosage is lower. Not sure if its better. F 29 4 years
 4  Birth Control The only side effect that really bothered me was gaining a little weight and decreased libido the first month. Other than that, I find Yasmin just great. I'm really satisfied with Yasmin, it seems like my body is balanced when I'm taking them. I used to have a lot of pimples and blackheads, but now most of it is gone. I was also hairy like a baby gorilla, especially on my armpits, bikini line and my legs; but now it looks really normal. Besides, my face looks better due to smaller nose and fuller lips caused by the hormones in Yasmin. About libido, at first i thought I'm losing my sex drive, but after one month it changed. Right now i have a really high libido and i think it might be the pills, but I'm not sure since everybody has experienced otherwise. F 22 3 months
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 4  Birth control I was on the injection for 3 years which made me put on around 2.5 stone. Since being on Yasmin I have already lost 1 stone. My appetite is back to normal after eating everything in sight. I also don't like the fact the injection will be in my system for another 6 months! F 19 2 months

 4  Birth control, heavy/painful period Loss of appetite, little hair loss I used to have terrible, horrendous cramps and a 7 day full period, until I started taking yasmin. My periods now come on the 28th morning of my cycle. How beautiful it is to plan ahead. Yasmin has also helped (maybe caused) my weight loss. I have lost 15 pounds, which isn't a bad thing, to me atleast. Other bc pills i used to be on would make me dizzy and hormonal. This is a wonder drug for me. F 23 7 months
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 4  Birth control Good for skin Very emotional Numb legs Appetite messed up I would recommend this pill. This is the second time i have been on yasmin, i took it a couple of years ago for birth control, and the first few months i was fine with it. But about 4 months in to taking the pill i began to suffer from numb legs and extremely painful stomach cramps. I found i had a smaller appetite and it cleared up spots dramatically. I recently started taking the pill again, and I've found i have had no really bad side effects yet, however my appetite has really messed up, i can feel starving one day and eat loads and then the next day the thought can make me feel sick. also i have found it hasn't really affected my skin as of yet. I know it takes a while for side affects to kick in but i pretty much started to notice the side effects immediately the first i was prescribed this pill. The main thing is though i feel i can completely rely on it, i have not missed one period while taking the pill, and have not been caught pregnant yet :) One major thing i have noticed is my emotions, as a teenager i obviously experience mood swings a lot, but i have found i can control my temper a lot better on the pill. F 16 2 months
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 4  contraception & irregular bleeding I get slight abdominal pain with any contraceptive pills I try I tried about 4 different pills in a year to stop constant break through bleeding. Yasmin was the only one that helped, and I haven't had issues again. Was concerned about reports of mood instability, as I have a history of anxiety/depression, but I've been pretty happy and haven't noticed any changes. F 23 16 months
30mcg 1X D
 4  Birth control weight loss, reduced sex drive. Overall this pill was good as i lost weight. However it also reduced my sex drive. F 25 3 months
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 4  Birth Control Hair loss, mild acne, weight loss (just about 5lbs when I started taking it), trouble reaching orgasm The side effects that I had were not severe. I had some hair loss (but my hair is very thick, so its not so noticeable), but I did start to get acne around my jaw line, which I had never had before. I was still interested in sex, but I would hardly reach orgasm, which was never a problem before. I did lose weight when I started the pill, only about 5lbs, but losing weight is better than gaining!! No emotional side effects. F 28
30mg 1X D

 4  To regulate my periods Two years ago I started drinking Yasmin every morning, after a few weeks I started getting severe headaches (that would wake me up at night) and I had really bad mood swings (was cheeky with my parents, etc. so very hormonal!)... I was on it for 3 months then I decided I wasn't going to put my body throught it anymore! Last year I was advised to start Yasmin again (my preiods were VERY irregular; skipping between 3 - 7 months at a time), but I drank it in the evenings. The headaches and moodswings remained absent and I'm still on Yasmin. I've decided that I will remain on Yasmin until I decide to get married and start a family. F 17 11 months
30 MG 1X D
 4  dysmenorrhea F 24 8 months
1X D

 4  Birth Control decreased sex drive my skin has never been as clear as it is on yasmin but my sex drive has taken a dive. i can still have an orgasm but i no longer initiate sex. i used to be on alesse and did not have the sex drive problem but my skin was not as clear and i could not take 3 packs back to back before having a period as i can with yasmin. there is some recent concern regarding the increased risk of blood clots with yasmin which is why i am considering something else... F 27 2 years
30mg 1X D

 4  anemia, birth control Weight gain (roughly 10 lbs, from about 115-125) I experienced no problems with Yasmin. I recently switched to a generic called Mononessa and then to NuvaRing because of all of the weird lawsuits associated with Yasmin, but I never personally experienced any of the side affects. Other than weight gain and nausea/headaches/moodiness within the first few months (which is normal on any hormonal bc), I had no side affects with Yasmin. F 18 3 years
1 pill 1X D

 4  contraceptive sun sensitivity, weight gain F 34 1.5 years
1X D

 4  contraceptive I have only been on Yasmin for a month, but before that I used Yaz for 7months. On Yaz I gained weight, felt moody all the time and had NO sex drive. Yasmin has changed all that!! It has been WONDERFUL! I am losing weight, my sex drive has rocketed and I feel emotionaly in control. F 19 1 months
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 4  PCOS symptoms thirst, canker sores, breast enlargement I am constantly thirsty on Yasmin. It is especially bad for a few hours after I take my pill, but lasts all day no matter how much I drink. Also, within days of starting the pills I got my first canker sore and it took weeks to get rid of. The canker sore did help me lose weight since I couldnt eat but Yasmin also seems to act as an appetite suppressant for me which is nice. One thing I definitely did not like was that I went from a 36C to a 36DDD within three months. Over time and with weight loss I was able to get back to a D cup, but never smaller than that again! Despite the side effects, I have really enjoyed the benefits of Yasmin, which included lighter, shorter and more regular periods. It also helped with my frequent axillary infections and facial/chest hair, all the result of my PCOS. F 26 1 years
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 4  Yes When I first started taking Yasmin my boobs got slightly bigger. Over the course of the 5 years my periods have been regular and for the most part light. I really enjoyed being on Yasmin. I never realized people had such problems on yasmin until I started reading about it on the internet because I am looking into going off of it. I am planning on going off Yasmin at the end of this pill pack and I am so scared of all the side effects people have posted. Has anyone had a great experience with Yasmin and been okay when they got off it. I have to be honest... I never would have thought to post how I was perfectly fine taking the pills until I thought about going off. I think there are probably alot more good experiences with the pill that noone posts because they assume everyone is the same as them (like I had thought). Can anyone give me any advice about going off the pill? F 25 5 years
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 4  Endometriosis n/a I've been on Yaz for treatment of endometriosis. I've read horrible blogs about all the side effects of Yaz which have scared me to death... but honestly, for me, any of the side effects that i've experienced are nothing compared to the endometriosis pain I used to have before going on Yaz. Before being on yaz, I was taking high doses (3-4 advil) of pain pills 2 weeks around my period, and even mid cycle for pain management. I couldn't lead a normal life. I also suffered from moderate acne. Since being on yaz, my periods are 1-2 days max, I haven't had to take an advil for menstrual pain in probably 10 months, my skin is incredibly clear, and most of all, I have my life back. I am a healthy, happy young woman. I hope to someday get off Yaz when the time is right for me to have children, but until then, I will stay on this pill. Just keep in mind that the pill works for some, but not all. F 27 3 years
30 1X D

 4   Migraines, dull pain in abdomen F 24 2 years
1X D

 4  Birth Control Pros: Prevented pregnancy, clearer skin, regular periods, no weight gain Cons: Headache, loss of sex drive I have been taking Yasmin for 4.5 years on and off (my husband is military so I would give my body a break and not take the pill for 3-4 months when he was deployed every year). For the first three years i thought the pill was the best thing ever- I was very regular, had great skin, and had no side effects. During the 4th year on Yasmin I started getting persistent headaches for the whole week of my period. My sex drive was also decreased and was very dry all the time, needless to say that made sex painful. I am discontinuing my use of Yasmin now to see if those side effects will go away, and also because we are thinking about trying to conceive. I should also add that whenever I would go off the pill for a few months my face would break out. It wasn't horrible acne, but frustrating and embarassing for a 25 year old, so Ladies if you are thinking about getting off of Yasmin you should bump up your skin care routine right away to prevent the breakouts. F 26 4.5 years

 4  Birth Control When I was taking the Brand name "Yasmin" I had NO SIDE EFFECTS what so ever. But since Dr. changed it to Generic version, I felt sick and crazy emotion swings. But over all Yasmin is one of the best birth control pills I've ever taking! F 30 5 years

 4  Birth Control Ocella: depression, anxiety, mood swings, terrible boating, fatigue, lack of sex drive, heavy spotting in mid cycle, dehydration Yasmin: similar to Ocella but MUCH less I was on Ortho Cyclene, Ortho tri-cyclene for 3 years before I switched to Yasmin. I loved it, all the side effects that I had with Ortho were gone and I felt normal on Yasmin. It's been 10 years, and for 3 years in between, I was put on Ocella by my insurance. I had a terrible experience with Ocella, as the years wore on; depression, anxiety, mood swings, terrible boating, fatigue, lack of sex drive... I was not happy and neither was my boyfriend. I requested to be put back onto Yasmin and have been back on it for a year and a half now. The heavy spotting stopped, the bloating is much less, the mood swings and depression are less, but the anxiety is still there. I still feel tired all the time. This is troubling me because even if I'm not doing anything, my chest feels heavy and it's hard to breethe. I get out of breath and my legs feel heavy and tired from just walking. I don't have a sedentary lifestyle or job and I'm not close to being even slightly overweight, so I can't attribute it to that. I did read some of the "new" side effects caused by abnormal potassium levels and it caught my attention. I'm in my early 30s and have been on this kind of BPC for 10 years. I may be well on my way to damaging my adrenal glands, which is scarrry. I am contemplating getting off BCPs all together or switching. I just don't know, either way you go, you run the same health risks or you risk getting pregnant... F 33 10 years

 4  acne, avoid pregnancy, periods Breast increase (fine with me haha), possible weight gain, lighter shorter periods, heart rate increase -- I work out regularly and this has caused my heart rate to be extremely high when working out which isn't always bad but kind of sucks because I become overheated I have been on yasmin for 6 years. What I've learned after tryin a few but coming back is that you have to decide if negatives outweigh the positives. At first I thought yasmin was causing me to gain weight. But I feel like people that have issues pop up in their health always want to attribute it to birth control. Most americans are overweight, even obese..can't always blame birth control..you may become overly stressed and eat more a particular month. I know that yasmin for a fact caused my breast size to increase 1-2 cups so it could very well have caused my thighs, stomach, hips to as well. You have to realize that no b.c. is perfect..u could switch to another brand and have no side effects but down the road you might...or they could be even worse than yasmin. To me, it wasnt worth the battle of switching kinds every month and not knowing what would happen so I just stayed with this one since it's been okay for me. you also must realize that you need to try medicine FOR 3 MONTHS BEFORE KNOWING THE TRUE EFFECTS...so many people quit after 1 month. Also, I've heard of people gaining 20+ pounds on some birth control so I don't think 5 or 10 is much(plus if your breasts increase that could be 5 pounds just there). F 23 6 years

 4  birth control The very first day that I took Yasmin, I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up. The next day, I felt fine. About 6 months into it, I started having occular migraines, which is all the visual effects of a migraine, but no headache. They lasted on and off for about another 6 months. It wasn't until I went to my eye doctor about them that he told me the two were connected, but I haven't had them since. Yasmin had been relatively side effect free for me since the occular migraines went away. If it's causing other side effects, they weren't any that I could definitely associate with this drug. My periods are so light and easy now and are like clockwork. Although hearing all the negative press about it lately has had me looking into other brands. F 29 4.5 years


 4  Excruciating Cramps I have been on Yasmin(ocella) for 2 months. So many people seem to have so many symptoms. I don't seem to have any at all. In the first month, I did break out with mild acne which was annoying and it did increase my headaches. But I stuck with it and now I've cleared up and headaches gone. I don't feel any different. I am a little concerned though because since I started taking it, I've noticed that my VAGINA HAS BEEN GETTING VERY ITCHY with a little discharge. It's not a yeast infection and I am not sexually active. I don't know if it is a symptom but it didn't start till I started taking it. It's off and on, but not bad enough to interfere with my day. I haven't had any weight change, maybe a little loss, but i've been working out. 2 month was great. It lasted a little longer than my normal period but I had no symptoms. I've managed to be allergic to 3 other birth control pills including ortho tri cylon which all caused permanent damaged. My doctors believe they may be the cause of my Pseudo tumor cerebrii (over production of spinal fluid in brain) My advise to you, is if your period is lasting 2 weeks or more STOP TAKING IT. Ortho tri cyclon made my have a period for three weeks and I was ill for a very long time. Overall I think the pill is ok. It's rough at first, but it comes along. It may not be for everyone. We each have different hormone levels. Talk to your doctor if you are having too many symptoms. It may not be the right one for you. ^_^ Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. I have a lot of experience with birth control pills. F 21 2 months
 4  contraceptive Yasmin Pros: no pregnancy, no major side effects Yasmin Cons: minor moodiness/weepiness after every period, minor nausea and serious moodiness for first month or two that I started taking it until my body adjusted. Ocella Pros: significantly larger and firmer breasts, minorly improved complexion, minor weight loss, no noticeable emotional side effects Ocella Cons: severe breast tenderness (waking me up at night!), more frequent urination (also waking me up at night!) I took Yasmin for a little over 2 years and was fairly happy with it. It took me about 2 months to adjust to Yasmin the first time I started taking it. I did notice that I would be weepy for a few days after I started each new pack, but overall it prevented pregnancy (which would definitely have made me cry even more!) and had no other noticeable side effects (Most of the side effects I listed are for when I was switched to Ocella: keep reading...). I quit taking Yasmin to get pregnant, then began taking Ocella (generic Yaz) after I was done breastfeeding. I have now been on Ocella for about 6 weeks and am NOT happy! Although I haven't noticed any moodiness as I had previously with Yasmin, my physical side effects have been very unpleasant. The primary side effect I've noticed is VERY sore, achy breasts. My breasts are now larger and firmer (which I was originally very happy about, as pregnancy and breastfeeding left me with sad, saggy old lady boobs). However, the road to those large, firm breasts has been very painful! I have been losing weight steadily, which is also a pleasant surprise as I thought it might cause me to gain weight. But overall the side effects have been more unpleasant than they've been worth. I will give it 6 more weeks (3 months total) to see if my body just needs to adjust, but if I'm still uncomfortable I'll be switching back to Yasmin. F 27 2.5 years

 4  birth control slightly a little more tired than usual; some breast tenderness, so far everything is going well. no server side effects. i have decided to see what this pill can do for me, instead of getting wrapped up in everyone else side effects... i think that reading all of the possible negative side effects can turn anyone into a hypochondriac so read with caution... and speak to your doctor about you personal experince with side effects. F 26 2 weeks

 4  Birth Control, Regulation, Cramps Reaction to MILK Products.... Acne got worse in first couple weeks but is actually way better now Sex Drive Decreased a little bit So it served its main purpose... to prevent pregnancy. however the biggest thing is now I can't have milk products. weird combo but same goes for my sister who's on Yas. I always would get severe cramps putting me out for an entire day and this pill has reduced that to minor cramps which is fabulous. F 22 3 months

 4  Acne I am thirsty a lot and have to urinate often, but that is the only bad side effect so far. I have only been on it for a month but I have already lost weight, I no longer crave sugar, I haven't had a breakout since I've been on it, I am no longer moody and depressed and I also have been going to the gym everyday and liking it, which is crazy for me. I was scared to take yasmin, because I had been on alesse for 10 years and was used to it, but I am so happy I switched, I am much more pleasent now, and my health has greatly improved. F 26 1 months

 4  long lastin periods&melasma&&acne Bloating;cramps during that time of the month. I haven't even been on this pill for a month and its already changed my life:: It has really helped regulate my cycle and cleared up my acne a lot. My melasma is still in the fading process but it gets better everyday! Im only 15 on this pill and havent expierenced any difficulty with it. I've actually lost weight as well!!!! School is bout to start in a couple of weeks and i am so thankful for yasmin. Its been a great expierence so far. I would recommend yasmin to all women :) F 15 28 days

 4  acne Breakthrough bleeding I've had great results with Yasmin. My breasts got bigger, my periods a lot lighter, no more cramps, my skin was clear (I suffered from the occasional cystic acne which takes forever to go away) and my mood swings, although still there, were not so bad. However, the breakthrough bleeding was just continuous it was ridiculous! I only had one "bleeding free" week so I had to ask to try other pills. I've been on Diane-35 (severe depression) and now on Mercilon (does not work against acne). I will try another pill after Mercilon if others don't work out well I will go back to Yasmin. Maybe after 3 months the breakthrough bleeding will stop. F 40 3 months

 4  Birth Control Nausea, headaches, cold constantly I havn't been on this pill long, but already I am starting to feel very sick all the time. I heard that this could happen from alot of my friends so I knew what to expect. But so far, I'm not pregnant, which is good seeing as it was my main reason for going on the pill but it has made me become paranoid about if I am pregnant which I'm usually not. Apart from the nausea, and headaches which I can handle, there hasn't been anything distraughting about Yasmin. F 16 2 months

 4  heavy periods and cramping No noticeable side effects except nausea and weight loss The regular Yasmin worked great for me other than the nausea I experienced. When the pharmacy switched me to Ocella I started having two periods a month and the awful cramping came back. I gained the 10 pounds I had originally lost with yasmin and experienced acne for the first time ever. I called my doctor asnd asked that she write "name brand only." I'm back on Yasmin and am so much happier! F 21 3 years

 4  PCOS, Birth control Breasts getting bigger. No negative side effects. F 22 3 weeks

 4  Cramping and heavy periods None The cramping is all but gone. Periods are heavier than I expected (heavier than they were when I was on Loestrin), but I can manage. From all the negative feedback, I practically expected there to be a skull and crossbones on the box, and I was nervous about taking them. Glad I listened to my doctor instead of the negative reviews. They've helped me considerably. F 16 3 months

 4  acne bloating on the first few days/ constipation During the first few days, I really want to give up on taking it because of the serious bloating and the negative comments i have read from the website. But I want to stick with it for couple more weeks and see if symptoms would improve. --------- Symptoms started to improve after 3 days. IMPROVEMENTS: Skin has obvious improvement Hair is softer No more bloating Seem to experience more positive emotions than usual Have sex as usual SIDE EFFECT: Constipation Yes craving, but no weight gain Bloating on the first 3 days during my period Feeling faster heat rate on the first few days Dry skin Period last for 1 week. usually my period only last for 3 days. Solve Problems: Taking Senokot to solve the constipation problem. Using J&J baby oil to ease the dry skin and itch. F 25 10 days

 4  to help my skin During the first month of taking yasmin, i experienced a few small headaches (nothing awful), i had spotting which increased towards the end of taking the pills from the end of pack. I also had tender breasts, and had thrush. Yasmin is a very good pill, and i feel since i have been taking it, it has really helped me. My skin got slightly worse to begin with but has now really start to look so much clearer!=) it makes me feel great! It also has improved the condition of my hair and has definetly made it less greasy, and only have to wash every other day now. I also have a light period, and lasts about 4 days which is very good. F 21 29 days

 4  contraceptive, ovarian cysts lower libido, and lubrication, gained a little less than 10 lbs it has become very difficult to "lubricate" during intercourse which in turn makes my bf feel like he's doing something wrong ky is my new best friend, i'm rethinking the meds maybe i'll try something new. F 20 3 years

 4  pregnency prevention lower libido, decreased hair growth, cured acne. in general, this pill is great, the only bad thing i experienced is a lower libido, but on the other side, it totally cleared my moderate acne, my periods are regulated and lighter, hair growth is slower, its a good pill, i recommend it! M 24 3 months

 4   its very scary to read all the complaints about yasmine,specially for me who havent tried any other brand of pills. Its the first i tried a pills. I've been using yasmine for 5 months now and so far so good. It regulars my monthly period, my bowel movement, and clear my skin. I dont understand why others are saying after 2 yrs of using they experience the side effect. I think its long enough to know the side effect. we should know it like atleast 3 to 4 months. F 25 5 months

 4  Birth control/bad cycle The only side effect i really noticed while on yaz was breakthrough bleeding in the middle of my periods. I took Yasmin for 2 years and switched to Yaz when it came out because my doctor recommended it. i was having very heavy and crampy periods. I know have been taking yaz for 2 years and love it but for the passed 6 months have been having serious breakthrough bleeding in the middle of my periods. my doctor just changed me to desogen becuase it has more progesterone which supposedly is what keeps the lining in tact and should stop breakthrough bleeding. apparently yaz has very low doses of hormones. If it werent for the breakthrough bleeding i would have never switched!! im nervous about this new pill :( F 26 4 years

 4  Recommened by my doctor Regular lighter periods, less pain, controlled appetite. I use to be on Yasmine over a year ago, in that time i was loosing weight and it controlled my appetite.. but in this time i had also recently started eating healthy vegan food. Im now back on it because i have low estrogen levels caused by excessive weight loss.. i haven't had my period in 10 months so my doctor told me that i should go on the pill. And because i experienced no bad side effects (or so i can recall) Yasmine is my choice. but may i say- if i do experience any type of bad effects, I'm off it! Here's to my first day of taking Yasmine. F 18 1 days

 4  acne; contraceptive Increased PMS. Edema. (Also, currently dealing with a (likely) benign breast disease that may or may not be a side effect of the pill.) F 32 2 years

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