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 1  birth control severe depression, numbness and tingling in my face, hands and feet, muscle and joint pain, lightheadedness, moodiness It took me 5 months to realize that yasmin was most likely the culprit of my symptoms. I had seen an urgent care physician, a pcp, a neurosurgeon twice, and had months of physical therapy. I also had an mri. All this with very little insurance. Finally, I started doing some research and put two and two together. Physicians need to be aware of these possible side effects! F 25 5 months

 1  I took Yazmin's sister bc, Yaz. If you have avoided birth control because of weight gain, you might not want to sample Yaz. In only a week, my appetite increased dramatically. I am athletic, and have a well-balanced diet complete with whole grains, protein and vegetables. My routine meals and snacks were no longer filling after taking this pill. I found myself wanting seconds and thirds, which is uncharacteristic of me. In addition to increasing my appetite, Yaz made me fluctuate from feelings of anxiety, sadness and anger. Some nights I would be up at 2:00am, struggling to fall asleep. Nothing in my life has changed in the last couple of weeks to bring on such a shift in mood, and I generally do not suffer unexplained changes in my disposition. I hope this information helps you in making an informed decision. Have a nice day. F 30

 1  Birth Control Weight Gain. Depression, anxiety and crying spells. While taking this pill doctors found traces of blood in urine and increased levels of potassium. NO SEX DRIVE. Please do not take this pill! F 26 4 days

 1  acne, contraceptive My dermatologist recommended this pill for my adult acne (never have had any problems until now), and I started it April 1. My periods were lighter, but it did not do what I hoped for my skin, and I have had severed problems with lack of sex drive, irritability, depression, and the general feeling that I am not myself. The current pack I'm on ends at the end of this month, but I am considering stopping it today. Stay away. F 24 10 weeks

 1  birth control senstivity to light, contacts were uncomfortable to wear, vaginal infections, vaginal itching, numbness in my face, leg pains, nausea, upset stomach but constipated, constant headaches, NO sex drive, thicker discharge, emotional issues, always crying, depression, dehydration--WAS HOSPITALIZED!!! only took for 3 months, problems starting occuring within one week of taking, DO NOT TAKE! VERY DANGEROUS SIDE AFFECTS! M 22 3 months

 1  ovarian cysts Severe panic attacks, racing heart, adrenaline surges, depression. For me, this has been a HORRIBLE pill. I have always been a happy and carefree person until taking this pill. In month 2 I began to have SEVERE panic attacks on a daily basis about 10 hours after I would take each pill. I was able to semi-control the panic attacks with large amounts of calcium/magnesium and B-complex, but would still get waves of panic and adrenaline rushes...very scary. I also started crying randomly for no reason (I have always been happy, and had never experienced anything like this before.) I just stopped taking Yasmin after 3 months, and am already feeling a little more normal after being off of it for only a week. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YASMIN TO ANYONE!!! F 30 3 months

 1  Birth Control Fatigue, sharp chest pains, bloating, gastrointestinal problems It took about 2 months for the symptoms to begin to show and I thought what was IBS for a month and realized it was from the pill. I have never had such horrible abdominal pain in my life, and have never had this before. I couldn't do anything from all the pain and bloating. I felt huge on this stuff. It is awful, I would never recommend this to anyone. I am currently getting off this horrible pill and am already feeling better. F 25 3 months

 1  birth control I was on Yasmin for only 1 cycle. I gained 5 lbs, all water weight. I was bloated and miserable. My breasts were tender and sensative for the entire time I was on this pill and also grew over a size. My libido all but disappeared. I was irritable and did not feel like myself. After reading all the other comments I do not recommend this pill to anyone. YUCK! F 29 21 days

 1  PCOS/ Birth Control Breast tenderness/growth. Breakthrough bleeding (period lasted 14 days), Terrible cramps (worse than my normal hell), Wierd Vaginal Odor/Yeast Infection. Mood Swings. Increased Appetite. Bloating.Yuck. It did help with the emotional side of my PMS....but I was moody throughout the month. Horrible Period...I didnt miss any doses, but spotted for a week before the real period set in. Vaginal odor changed-possible yeast infection? Pretty much a miserable pill...any suggestions for other PCOS treatments? F 19 30 days
 1  painful menses Terrible sore throat, lots of phlegm, exquisitely sore breasts Yasmin did seem to level out my moods so that not everything bothered me so much F 40 6 days

 1  period regulator; BC LOW SEX DRIVE, horrible mood swings, depression, nausea lasting a week, Yeast Infections DON'T TAKE YASMIN..I hate this pill. I would never reccommend this to anyone. It made me sick for like a week straight. This pill will make you feel like shit and if you don't feel good inside how can you feel good about anything around you. I put up with this crap for 6 months and I can't take it anymore. F 18 6 months

 1  Birth Control Panic attacks, hostility, anger, depression, weight gain, hair loss, breast soreness, breast augmentation, ZERO sex drive. (written by boyfriend)My girlfriend took this horrible drug for appx 3 weeks. She nearly gained a cup size in that time. I feel that is not healthy, no more than anabolic steroids in men. She was hateful, bizzare, and her hair began to fall out. Her acne increased, and she gained weight. After switching back to Ortho, boom, she was back to normal. Then she had a panic attack that lasted all night. This drug hasnt given its hellish ways up yet. DONT TAKE THIS DRUG - EVER M 28 18 days

 1  Contraception Complete loss of sex drive. Breast pain. Homicidal thoughts. Depression. Increase in acne. I nearly lost my relationship, and my job. Anxiety, confusion, and a general mental fogginess. THIS MEDICATION IS A CRUEL JOKE, played by people who are supposed to be better at making contraceptives, than they were in the 60's when BCPs were invented. DONT BOTHER WITH THIS. F 26 17 days

 1  prevent pregnancy Anxiety/Panic Attacks, nausea, depression I have never had issues with anxiety--not being able to cope with stress. After two months on Yasmin, I began having panic attacks. Being a confident young woman, with passion for life, and seeing that disintigrate with this crappy pill is very frustrating. 9 months later, I am still coping with chronic anxiety and depression. Please do not take this medication, even if your doctor treats it like its only candy. It is serious stuff with long-lasting effects. I'm so happy I found this website so that I can share my experience with others. HANG IN THERE EVERYONE! IT WILL GET BETTER! F 26 2 months

 1  Birth control moodiness, lack of confidence, indecisiveness, no concentration, tearful, ill-willed sarcasm. (Written by husband). My wife (29 yr-old), who is usually a confident, spiritual, smart, kind, and frisky person has turned into a doubting,irritable, forgetful, nonspiritual, angry, and doesn't want anything to do with me in the sack, person. Her sense of smell is like a hound dog, when I put suntan lotion on, it about makes her puke. And ladies, notice the ill-willed sarcasm in many of the reviews. My wife leads the league in this department, but was never a sarcastic person before taking this pill. Ladies, please do all of your boyfriends, husbands, and potential significant others a favor and do not take this pill. It may ruin mankind if you do. Ladies, thank you for your comments, you saved our marriage! M 35 1 months

 1  Birth Control/PCOS I have been on yasmine for a little over a week and am only thankful I could recognize it's effect before it was too late. I knew, as I drove to work going 70 miles an hour and thoughts of driving myself into the cement wall ahead were sounding appealing, that I was having severe depression. I had not felt depression that severe since my teen age years! I pulled over and cried for 20 minutes straight, then puked. I have missed work everyday this week due to extreme stomach cramping and nausea. I have a wonderfully blessed life, and the last thing I want to do is have it fall apart. In the last 4 days my world has turned upside down. My poor 10 year old is probably ready to run-away and look for a new mommy and my partner is ready to tie me down and lock me up (and if he didn't love me like he did, I am sure he would have left me already). I cannot even speak to either one of them without snapping, screaming and thinking they must be the stupidest people on earth. I have even F 29 9 days
 1  Regulate periods & birth control. Extreme breast tenderness. Poor vision. Low sex drive. F 44 4 months

 1  Regulate periods & birth control. Extreme breast tenderness. Poor vision. Low sex drive. F 44 4 months

 1  Birth Control Severe diohorrea, nausea, headache, aching lower back, depression, irritability This pill did not agree with me at all. Have been on it for over a week and feel terrible going to stop taking it. Doctor didnt warn me of any of these terrible possible side effects. F 34 14 days
 1  PMS - Regulate etc The WORST "M" CRAMPS I have ever had in my life especially during the 4 day white days. I have also experienced leg and foot cramps. It actually feels like my ovaries are being stabbed with a sharp knife. The doc said to continue on for another month until my body gets used to it. Dont think I can handle another month of this cramping. F 45 27 days

 1  cramps, heavy periods I experienced the heaviest period of my life after starting yasmin. I have been spotting/staining all month and have had cramps as well. I feel bloated and also have leg cramps. Unable to climax. Taking last pill today figured I'd finish the pack so I wouldn't screw my body up any more. I had been on desogen in the past and will probably try that again. M 32 20 days

 1  clear up acne Within a week after starting Yasmin, I felt horrible. I passed out three days after taking it (for the first time in my life) and had an intense pain in my left arm. I was extremely moody and depressed and paranoid without real reason. (I am normally very even tempered with the exception of two days before I start.) Even though I knew those feelings came from Yasmin, I couldn't seem to reason my way out of them (much like PMS). My skin was starting to clear up, but I'd rather have a clear mind than clear skin. Listen to your body when you take any medicine. If you feel different in a negative way, consider your alternatives. F 25 6 weeks

 1  birth control extreme nausea for several hours no matter what time I took pill, difficulty sleeping, loss of libido, I took Yasmin for a year prior to preganancy and birth of first child. I did not have any nausea and my skin cleared up beautifully within 6mths of taking. I did have allergic skin reactions when taking vitamins though. And I did have bad night terrors and several anxiety attacks, heart palpitations which I did not associate with this pill at time but now realise was the cause of these as stopped after discontinuing. These have now begun to return on restarting Yasmin approx 6wks ago. It was my husband who brought this to my attention. However this time I have extreme nausea which I did not have previously?? F 33 8 weeks

 1  prevent pregnancey extreme nausea several hours after taking, occasional headache, occasional heart pulpitations, allergic reations to vitamin b F 33 8 weeks

 1  birth control I hated this. After 2 months of taking this medication my body slowly was rejecting this for some reason. I began to get ulcerations on my vagina. All test for STD's were negative and as soon as I quite taking this they stopped. I hate this pill F 22

 1  fom of birth cntrol couldn't sleep nauseous all the time severe headaches mood changes longer periods F 29 2 months

 1  birth control nvd, severe anxiety, depression, mood changes, i have been taking yasmin on and off for 18 months. since the birth of my son. i stopped taking it after 6 months the first time because loss of libido. it was killing our marriage. then about 5 months ago i started taking it again. about 3 weeks ago i started feeling real nervouse about simple things like going to work or the grocery store. then last week i started feeling severe anxiety enough that i would have to go home from work. i don't want to talk to anybody all i feel like doing is staying in the house and never going out. my head feels cloudy. i can't concentrate. i am so depressed. i'm never happy anymore. i thought i was just loosing my mind untill i read this. thank you guys so much for posting this. this pill almost ruined my life. i am stopping it tonight. i just hope that i will return back to normal. F 25 5 months
 1  Birth Control Depression, increased anxiety (i have experienced it before because of my irritable bowel syndrome but NEVER this bad) My mum noted a personality change in me after i started taking it. I'm moody, I can't sleep and i cry for absolutely no reason but when I'm crying i feel worthless. If this is the short term effects then I assume that the long term effects will be just as bad or worse! I couldn't bear how this pill made me feel so i gave up yesterday. I'm hoping the side effects will stop asap although I've already experienced 20 mins of immense sadness today. It decreased my sex drive a little too! Take care when on this pill everyone :) F 19 21 days
 1  Birth Control Depression, sadness, despair I began this pill end of December 2005. I quit this pill Friday March 31st, 2006. Three days later, I am back to being the strong smart woman I am! I was always sad and in a state of despair. I already feel as though I am back to my old self! I think I got my backbone back!! PLUS I hardly have sex with the guy I am seeing, so I have little need for this EVIL pill! I did lose some weight on it, but I also started exercising at the same time. I am hoping I don't gain weight, because I heard that can happen when one quits this evil pill. F 30 100 days
 1  Birth Control Depression, sadness, despair I began this pill end of December 2005. I quit this pill Friday March 31st, 2006. Three days later, I am back to being the smart woman I am! I was always sad and in a state of despair. I already feel as though I am back to my old self! I think I got my backbone back!! PLUS I hardly have sex with the guy I am seeing, so I have little need for this EVIL pill! I did lose some weight on it, but I also started exercising at the same time. I am hoping I don't gain weight, because I heard that can happen when one quits this evil pill. F 30 100 days

 1  birth control/regulate periods muscle spasms, dehydration, fatigue, spotting, headaches WORST PILL EVER!! I would rate it a 0 if that were a choice. I felt horrible taking this pill with headaches, muscle spasms from the supposedly "wonderful" new progestin. Fatigue and dehydration from the diruetic component. Not to mention it made my irregular periods worse. Never decreased flow or amount of days per period. It is excellent birth control, you'll never want to have sex feeling like crap all the time!!!!!! F 33 6 months

 1  birth control vaginal infections and odor, keratosis pilaris, headaches, depression, anxiety, loss of sex drive I was diagnosed with keratosis pilaris (a condition that usually appears in childhood), a skin condition resulting from overly dry skin (which I never had any symptoms of before Yasmin, a diuretic). I got a lot of headaches while on it; do not look forward to having sex with my boyfriend (the complete opposite of pre-Yasmin); and have been battling mild depression and relatively severe anxiety. I just went off of it a week ago and am hoping to find some normalcy soon! I warn anyone reading this to choose another form of b.c. F 25 1 years

 1  BC; regularity nausea; breast tenderness; fatigue; morning sickness; sensitity to smell; extremely heavy period I have been on Ovcan 50 for 4 years and my doctor suggested I try Yasmin because the Ovcan was such a high dosage of hormone. During the 2 1/2 weeks I took the Yasmin, I felt like I was in the first trimester of pregnancy all over again. I have a 6 month old and was miserable with morning sickness, extreme fatigue, sensitivity to smell, sensitity to certain foods, etc. I stopped taking the pill early because I was too nauseas and faigued to take care of my son. My husband had to take off work one day because I was too tired to get out of bed. Once I stopped the Yasmin, I felt back to my old self the next day. When I started my period, it was extremely heavier than usual. I had to change my super tampon every 4 hours (including overnight) for the first 2 days of my period. My doctor said this pill would help curb the regular PMS symptoms (cramping, bloating, water weight gain, etc.) I never had a problem with these symptoms but she was concerned about the high dosage of hormone F 27 2 weeks

 1  To control my cycles HORRIBLE, AWFUL, SEVERE ANXIETY!!!! For the month and a half I was on the pills I was in the weird anxious state all the time... I had irrational thoughts!!! I also had trouble sleeping and I couldn't stay still!! I was so restless... it was the scariest time of my life!! DO NOT TAKE IT!! F 20 2 months

 1  birth control weight gain, anxiety, depression, lack of sex drive, intense mood swings, uncontrollable thoughts yasmin made me crazy. it ruined all of my relationships with friends and family, and it resulted in the break-up of my yearlong relationship with my boyfriend. DO NOT TAKE YASMIN! F 18 6 months

 1  Fibroid Tumors BAD: severe depression, anxiety, mood swings GOOD: weight loss because of the diuretic. I had frequent urination also because of the diuretic althought the doctor said side effects usually go away in three months, I couldn't tolerate another minute of feeling the way I did. I hadn't felt that depressed since a loved one passed F 33 1 months
 1  birth control This pill is AWFUL! I do not reccomend this pill to anyone! I have been on it for 6 weeks and since then I have had a nightmare every night and have developed insomnia because of them. Extreme breast tenderness, loss of self, feeling sad all the time for no reason at all. I already suffer from depression and this is not how I want to feel! I love my husband more than life itself and our relationship is suffering because of this medicine. I am quitting as of tonight! Having him by my side and not letting this stuff ruin my marriage is worth more than some horrible birth control! And my lack of sex drive is just horrible! F 28 6 weeks
 1  Contraception Tears and mood swings for no real reason, sadness and anxiety I didn't understand quite why I was so upset for a while and put it down to other reasons. But there was no real reason to be upset. And I am usually very happy and chirpy. Then I worked out that I had started a new pill and wondered if it was making me a bit more sensitive. I am pretty sure it was. More research needs to be done on Yasmin. Doctors should be aware and be advising people that Yasmin has such horrible side effects. In the meantime I will be researching any new birth control and its side effects more carefully. (I was on Dianette before and had no problems at all.) F 26 60 days

 1  birth control dehydration, especially in my face and eye sockets, dry lips, severe anxiety, depression, longer drawn out periods lasting 7 or more days with breakthrough bleeding a couple of days before and after my period on the last month I was on it. Most disturbing to me was skin changes on my face, texture change, dry skin, skin feels swollen and sensitive. This pill is awful! I would NOT Recommend this pill to my worst enemy. I hope they pull it off the market. I took ortho novum 777 for over 13 years with no problems. Switched to Yasmin per a doctors recommendation. I was completely healthy with no medical history of any problems. Strong willed and confident, NO history of mental problems, and the yasmin and its side effects and taken their toll on my self confidence and health. After realizing this pill was causing the dehydration in my body by month three I immediately stopped taking it. I would have NEVER taken it had I known there was a diuretic in it (my OB failed to mention this) I should have done my research, I am a registered nurse, I should know better. I assumed all BC pills were the same basically. But wait it gets better, here are the side effects I experienced AFTER STOPPING the Yasmin: Bad headaches of shooting pains in my temples to the back of my eyes, and dull pains on the top of my head like someone hit me with a big F 33 3 months

 1  irregular periods, bad cramps Daily migraines, contacts were unbearable to wear, irrational thoughts, depression, anxiety, loss of sex drive This pill almost ruined my relationship with my long term boyfriend. It made me become numb to everything. I went from being extremely happy and in love to confused about everything in my life. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this horrible pill. I was fine for the first 5 months.. then the side effects hit me like a ton of bricks. F 18 6 days

 1  cramps/acne SEVERE cramps The cramps I experienced on this pill were 10 times worse then the cramps I got with my period. I had just finished my period when I started taking the pills so I know the cramps had nothing to do with my period. F 19 1 weeks

 1  ovarian cyst diarrhea everyday. Like all the water of my body was coming out. Lost 10pounds. And I didn't need it. I'm on mircette now, I hope it will help the cyst. too new to know, people shouldn't take it. F 26 6 months

 1  pregnancy prevention severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression this was the worst experience of my life. wound up on anti-depressants, and it took months after i stopped taking yasmin for my hormones to regulate and for the panic attacks to go away. F 32 6 months

 1  contraception and acne I had tons of breakthrough bleeding. My already problematic acne got 10x worse. It made me very depressed and rediculously moody, irritable, and panicky about the stupidest things. I've been crying ALL the time. Totally lost my sex drive. And it gave me a yeast infection. This pill has almost made my relationship with my boyfriend fall apart!!I'm so glad I read these reviews because I realized that all these things I've been experiencing, all these feelings, and all these fights me and my boyfriend have been getting into all the time are deffinately attributed to this CRAPPY pill. Do not use yasmin! I only wish I'd known this before. I'm switching to ovcon 35. F 19 4 months

 1  birth control my period became much heavier and i experienced constant tenderness in my breasts, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, stress, loss of appetite, mood swings I had been off the pill for about six months and decided to go back on it to regualte my periods, so went to my local GP who prescribed Yasmin, proclaiming it as the latest and most wonderful pill. I thought 'great!' but little did i kinow what was to come . . . within three weeks i became incredibly anxious, suffering from panic attacks, stress, loss of appetite, mood swings, my appetite diappeared due to the amount of anxiety i experienced, it was one of the worst months of my life, i felt practically suicidal. Other side effect s included: my period became much heavier and experienced constant tenderness in my breasts. i quickly came off it after goign back to my doctor. since then, i have heard from four other friends who have experienced such negative reactions and i strongly warn other woman out there to be very careful of this pill. it may suit some people but nothing prepared for what i experienced while on it. F 31 1 months

 1  pregnancy prevention I started Yasmine last March (2005). The first couple of months were perfectly fine. In May, at the beginning of the pack, I was having leg cramps. That went away and two months later, again in the beginning of the pack, I experienced bladder infections for about two months straight and I haven't had a bladder infection since Iwas sixteen years old. From that point on, I have had headaches, fatigue, weight gain that is hard to lose no matter what I do and now going through depression and no interest in sex whatsoever. I am really nervous about what I am going to experience next with this birth control. I was relieved to see these reviews and know that I am not the only one experiencing these symptoms. The only thing I can say to those who are, be sure that you explain what this drug is doing to you with your boyfriends or husbands so that they can understand. After a long discussion with my boyfriend, we both decided that I should go with no hormone based drug and go with the IU I would not recommend this birth control. F 34 10 months
 1  PMT I got terrible side effects after stopping this terrible drug. Six weeks after stopping this pill I got TERRIBLE heart palitaions, anxiety, headaches, dizzy spells, numbness of fingers, I was convinced I had a brain tumour and I was dying. I have now been of this pill for six months and I am getting better although when I am due a period I get heart palpitations and a little anxious. I would prefer PMT any day rather than what this pill has done to me. Before taking this drug please read the side effects first. www.medications.com then type in yasmin side effects. This pill is horrible. F 30 6 days

 1  Ovarian Cyst/ Birth Control Method depression, crying, no sleep but being tired, irritable, breast tenderness, and screwed up period... I'm not happy with this birth control. I feel sad all the time and cry over stupid things. I'm considering quitting this pill. F 18 90 days

 1  Birth Control Nausea, Headaches, Stomach cramps, Bloating, Gas Pains, Enlarged breasts, Enlarged lower abdomen, Mood Swings I switched to Yasmin after I started experiencing breakthrough bleeding on my previous birth control pill. (My doctor thought the higher amount of estrogen in Yasmin would help alleviate that symptom). Well it did help with the breakthrough bleeding, but it resulted in a ton of other side effects. A few days into taking it, my breasts went from a full C cup to a full D and remained that way for entire time I was on Yasmin. I had headaches all the time, nausea all the time and crazy mood swings! I also had bad stomach cramps and bloating and unusual gas pain that I did not have prior to Yasmin. Funny how all the side effects went away as soon as I stopped Yasmin! F 25 2 months

 1  Birth Control First, let me say I started taking yasmin as soon as the FDA approved it. I was on it a couple years and it worked terrific and kept my PMS and bloating to a minimum. I went off it for about a year and GAINED WEIGHT. I started back this month and the HELL began. I have had EXTREME FATIGUE, flu like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, vertigo, dehydration, chest pains, chills, fever. The first week back on was the worst, thought I had food poisoning...but it refused to go away~ I stuck with the yasmin to see if the symptoms would subside, but I am getting kinda scared. I feel like I have cancer or am pregnant. It is awful. One would think the loss of appetite is a good thing, but it is getting really scary. I have 5 more pills left and I am thinking about throwing them away. F 36 16 days
 1  for birth control severe hair loss,breast tenderness,uti's,discharge and leg pains i have lost 50% or more of my normally thick hair.THIS PILL SHOULD BE BANNED!!! it has terrible side effects and i think we should sue the company. my hair won't stop falling out and i've had blood tests to rule out everything else. F 24 11 months

 1  Birth Control & Regulate Periods SEVERE ANXIETY, panic attacks, total loss of sex drive, edema Before you take Yasmin, ask yourself a few questions. Do you like having severe anxiety and panic attacks? Regardless of whether or not you have a history of anxiety problems, Yasmin can either cause or worsen them. It took me two years to figure out what was causing my rather gradual onset of increasingly severe anxiety because my doctor refused to acknowledge the fact that it was not caused by something "mental", but when I stopped taking it (thanks to reading about other women's experiences with Yasmin), my anxiety subsided dramatically. Although I do not know the exact cause of this, I suspect it has something to do with the fact that it affects your adrenal gland function. More adrenaline, more anxiety. Do you enjoy sex? Yasmin stole my libido, and quite frankly, that's what it is designed to do. If you read a bit about Yasmin, you'll find out that it is THE MOST antiandrogenic birth control pill (which means the progestin basically inhibits the production of tes F 31 2 years

 1  birth control irritability, dizziness, nauseau, decrease in sex drive, ANXIETY ATTACK, general malaise I have been on YASMIN one week and I feel horrible. I have headaches, feel depressed and fall asleep in the middle of the day for no reason. It has also decreased my sex drive (is that how this bc works?) And I feel nauseaus, dizzy, and anxious. After reading the side effects listed by other women on this site, I think I'll cut my losses and stop taking it now, before it gets even worse. F 28 1 weeks

 1  Birth control Horible experience!Last night a had the worst night in my life!I thought I will never reach the morning. I've had leg cramps in my right leg like never before in my life. I thought of thrombosis and the worst scenario.All night full of panic.Now, I feel strong chest pain.I'm very anxious.Almost two months full of depression, without any sex drive. I will stop today although I have 4 more to take.I cannot wait anymore. F 24 1.5 months

 1  Acne, Birth Control, PMS I took Ortho for 4 years, but wanted to switch to Yasmin since they say it helps reduce bloating and weight gain. As soon as I started, I got really bad headaches, MAJOR heart papultations, REALLY dry skin, got 3 cysts that have been there since I started this evil pill, really bad cramping for first week, emotional outbursts, decreased dex drive, vaginal dryness, fatigue. I wish I would have just stayed on Ortho Tricyclen. I am switching back to Ortho Tricyclen on my next pack! I am literally counting the days! F 21 9 days
 1  Birth Control My sex drive was GONE! My face broke out. I began eating more and gained weight. I also spotted quite a bit... I do not reccomend it... there is too much progesterone and not enough estrogen for me. F 19 9 months

 1  ovarian cysts ABSOLUTELY AWEFUL!! extreme breast tenderness, irritability, moodiness, depression, anxiety and bloating. extreme thirst and hunger led to weight gain. libido dropped to almost 0!!!! everyday got worse than the day before!! i felt like i wanted to pop out of my skin i was so bloated!! the only plus was that my skin got very clear. F 43 14 days

 1  birth control, regulate period increaased migraines, breast tenderness, extreme bloating, leg pain/cramps, vaginal odor. take this stuff off the market. I have never experienced the level of side effects I have with this birth control pill. If it hasn't effected some women yet, it likely will as it seems to take up to several years to "raise it's ugly head". It only took me 3 months and I was only on for 5. Things got worse when I STOPPED; the weight gain continued(I gained 20-25 pounds since stopping). Nothing is making this weight budge and I've been off for 4 months now. I registered complaints with Berlax Labs and the FDA. I suggest anyone displeased with this horrible pill do the same. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a class action law suit brought and I would be one of the first to jump on that bandwagon. I believe that the advertisements are misleading and very dangerous to women, especially younger women. "nuff said. F 48 5 months
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