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 3  Seizures The light headiness and dizziness is constant. Some days are worse than others. Though this is well documented pharmaceutical side effect, the Neurologist would not accept this as a side effect. Stated the condition was from anxiety! Not so. I do not have anxiety! At least I am seizure free - after a one off series of 3 seizures in July this year. Commencing Lamictal as the replacement drug. Over the next 6 - 7 weeks, I will be tapering off the Keppra and be on a maintenance dose of Lamictal 100mg BD. F 64 5 months
500 mgs 2X D
 1  Seizures Extreme overreactions to normal situations. I became very depressed and cry a lot. I also can become very angry and also quite tired. A horrible medication , created a lot more problems than it fixed. F 16 3 weeks

 1  Epilepsy I have been taking keppra for a while now because i have JME which is epilepsy. Ever since i have been on this medication I have experienced weight gain, and my anger has gotten worse. Even at night I can not get to sleep for a couple of hours, maybe not until 3 in the morning. I have also recently been diagnosed with cataracts in both of my eyes! F 21 3 years

 5  Epilepsy I take mine at night they can make me sleepy. So I take them before I go to bed. This med needs to be taken at the same time everyday and never forgotten. My blood level is Therapudic. The only way it will work is to take it at the same time everyday. KEPPRA is a strong working med. Ask your Dr about Keppra! F 52 1 days
3000 mg
 1  epilepsy extreme depression and mood swings, heart palpitations, rage this was the most horrible drug for me that i have ever taken. i was in a black mood all the time, didn't want to be around anyone, even family. now i know what the keppra rage was all about. would throw and break things, packed my stuff and almost moved out of my house due to something stupid that happened. i always advise my family and friends about possible side effects with my seizure meds and what to look for. all of them were advising me within two weeks that i needed to get off this medication that i was impossible to deal with. several people asked me about being suicidal because the depression was so bad. (i was not.) F 49 3 months
50 2X D

 1  complex partial seizures Nausea and it actually increased the seizures! F 30 3 weeks
 1  seizures Weight began to soar after two years. Switch without warning to extended release and within three weeks was headed into kidney failure. Problems with anger and short term memory. Hate the stuff and fired neurologist. F 55 4 years
1000 mg
 1  For seizures I also experience keppra rage I get so angey so quickly that its affecting my relationship with my mate. He said I have this look about me that is scary F 49 2 years
750 mgs
 5  CPS SGTCS I have.been using Keppra @ 500 mg twice a day. The use of Keppra and Vimpat has totaly controled my seizures. The unusual side effects that I get is the feeling of dizziness a couple of time a day 3 or 4 times a week. Short term memory loss is very present. A strange side effect is the vision in my right eye will black out for a few seconds once or twice a week. I had this effect with an AED taken several years ago however as soon as this AED was removed this side effect disappeared. Don't know if this is an effect of Keppra or Vimpat. Will discus this with the epiloptologist. M 63 2 years
500 x 2
 3  after craniotomy/meningioma surgery I feel weak when getting up walking or going down stairs. I have epic moments of rage - usually directed at my husband. He tries to understand, but it's getting old. Some short memory loss and struggle to complete a sentence frequently. I think my mouth seems a little spastic sometimes and bite my tongue or inside of cheek. I have more tremors (including head) than I ever did before. I have essential / familial tremors and have had those for decades. I have numbing in my feet, but not sure if that is due to this generic version of Keppra or not. Had an EEG last week and neurologist said I have irritable brain waves. Yes, I am IRRITATED! I had one grand mal seizure and then a meningioma was discovered and removed. My life has changed forever since then. I will need to be on this drug for at least another year to control the potential of having another seizure. Don't feel very social anymore & don't care. If this drug is saving my life - I am grateful for that though. It is just a tough medicine to tolerate. F 68 1 years
500 2X D
 3  petit mal seizures Drowsiness Dizziness Dry mouth Episodes of apathy, unexplained sadness and very angry thoughts Mild anxiety attacks Vivid dreams that make me feel tired when I wake up. Makes me breakout By the way, I am taking 150mg 3x a day as well as Lamictal (100mg 3x a day). This is the highest dosage I've had so far. F 32 4 years
500mg 3x
 3  Seizures Ever since I've started taking keppra I've felt anxiety like symptoms. It seems to worse as years pass. I don't like hanging out with friends and family. I always used to do this before. I get nervous and shaky around others. I've experienced more acne than before. More boil like or ingrown hair. Seems to make my body more hairier than before. I'm also on dilantin. My seizures have reduced but I don't know if it's worth it. M 38 4 years

 2  Complex Partial Seizures I have been highly irritated!!! Bad RAGE! There are many times I tell people what I think... And I DONT care (I'm normally very sweet/calm). I have been VERY depressed and sad. Have had suicidal/morbid thoughts. Ive also had BAD cystic acne on my face, neck & back. It hurts!!! Not to mention weight gain. Ugh! And that isn't all, I CANT sleep and when I do sleep I'm only half asleep or I dream THE ENTIRE TIME! It's so frustrating!!!!!!!!! Insomnia does not help the rage or depression. The ONLY good thing is that the seizures have gone down. But sometimes I'd rather have them than ALL these side effects! F 29 2 months
3,000 MG
 5  Absence/tonic clonic, eyelid myoclo Frequent keppra rage, alternating moods, ongoing depression, extreme tiredness, social and emotional detachment, impaired mental processes, vitamin D deficiency, impaired balance and walking co-ordination, neck pain/rash, itchy skin/scalp, hip/legs/joint pain, worsening sinusitis along with abnormal liver and kidney function. Neurologists all say very safe drug, don't be fooled, not much is known about this relatively new drug only that it works for some with good control and not others and is supposedly excreted through the kidneys but at what cost. Online evidence suggests that it can contribute to Cardio Vascular Disease. Do your research, very rarely Neurologists will very rarely give concise advice or factual information about the AEDs they prescribe. If an AED controls your condition/s there job is done, your general health and wellbeing or any impact caused by the drug/s prescribed is not their problem nor as they say 'within their expertise' and if you want answers to your que F 51 8 years
500 mg 2X D
 5  Nerve pain, migraine prevention Dry mouth This has been a life saver for me. I had terrible experiences with other anti seizure meds for migraine prevention. But with Keppra I went from bed ridden chronic daily migraines to employed full time with treatable migraines 4-6 tines per month. F 45 8 months
1,000MG 2X D
 3  Prophylactic - post craniotomy Dizziness, drowsiness, vocal cord dysfunction, depression I was put on Keppra after a craniotomy to remove a very large meningioma (left frontal lobe, convexity). I had never had a seizure prior to surgery, and I didn't have one post surgery, so I guess it worked. But the side effects were brutal. I was stepped down the last 10 days (500 mg 1 time per day). F 62 5 weeks
500mg 2X D

 1  Absence seizures Suicidal ideation and depression with very little efficacy in controlling seizures. Horrible fits of rage and overall apathy in all things. Keppra was a nightmare! F 12 3 months
500 mg bid

 5  Pain and mini seizures no side effects works great and hope it continues F 63
1000mg 2X D
 3  Generalised clonic tonic seizures Sleepy for first while but good effect from drug. Needed other drugs added over time as was seizure free on Keppra for a year then things changed. Status over eight times in a few months. And seizures would be 45 mins to 6 hours long. Now on lamotrigine and epliem and things are brilliant. Only seizing once every 15-20 days for a ten min clonic tonic. This i would recommend. We have tried clobazam phenytoin etc but this is the best mix F 5 5 years
600mg bd

 3  Multiple seizires, epilepsy diagnosis Nausea, weight loss, almost no sex drive F 31 3 years

 4  Grand Mal Seizures Maybe not for everyone, but give it a proper chance & don't blame all effects on the meds! Just up to my maximum dose after having what they think was two days of PS while on 600mg of Sodium Valproate (Episenta). Some dizziness each time I've increased the dose but my body has adjusted to it within a few weeks. Was so worried about taking it after reading horrific reviews but after joining an Epilepsy forum several members reassured me they were OK. I lost the weight I'd gained from taking SV within 2 weeks, could eat normally again. Now side effects have worn off I feel more energetic, mind clearer (this is why I think done people feel more angry as previous meds have dulled down emotions & it's getting used to it again). Still having vivid dreams but research shows this goes from 55% reporting it in the first 6 months to 5% after that...I'll live in hope! My biggest wish is that it controls my seizures once I'm weaned off the SV fully. F 36 2 months
500 2X D
 1  Epilepsy Made me a raging lunatic. The smallest thing would set me off and into a rage that would last hours. Horrible drug there are much better ones out there, 32 2 months
250 2X D
 4  Seizures due to SAH Initially had dizziness but could have been from the SAH. Anger/rage and depression until I was started on low dose SSRI Since taking SSRI w/Keppra I have no problems with anger, rage or depression but do have sleeping problems. Can fall asleep fine but can't sleep all night. I wake up after a few hours and then have trouble going back to sleep. Can get the headaches from lack of sleep. Have recently started getting a little dizzy so not sure if meds might need to be adjusted. F 57 3 months
500 mg 2X D

 4  cancerous brain tumor w/resection Lethargy, mood swings, memory problems, occasional balance problems, fits of crying, occasional fits of inappropriate rage, possible loss of appetite. I started on 500 mg of Keppra 2X daily. After my craniotomy and tumor resection 3 -1/2 months ago, I had to increase my dosage several times due to breakthrough seizure activity. With each dosage increase, side effects returned and then gradually faded. I've been at the 2000 mg 2X daily for over a month now with no breakthrough seizures. I do still sometimes experience the side effects, but it is difficult to say how much of the balance and tiredness are from the surgery and how much from the medication. The most disruptive side effect is probably the crying and rage episodes, which do happen less than they did after the last dosage increase. I've had less appetite at each dosage level and have not experienced any weight gain or infections, or inappropriate behavior of any kind other than the mood swings and rages. F 41 5 months
2000 2X D
 3  prescribed for one seisure episode some sight nausea not regularly, vivid active dreaming, tiredness (maybe from the dreams?) I had what was described as an epileptic seizure about a month ago. I spent 4 days in the hospital going through a barrage of tests ie. mri, ecg etc. The doctor was initially at a loss of what had happened and accused me of being an alcoholic that had caused me to fall out of bed while biting my tongue, foaming at the mouth and eyes rolling up while making a high pitched noise (according to my wife). I told her I drank at most a couple of beers at suppertime. I then mentioned I had been having what I describe as deja vu/ anxiety spells for several years that can occur sporadically or frequently and tend to make me physically ill when they happen. I was put on levetiracetam 250 mg 2. x a day plus a multi- vitamin mineral pill plus my usual amilodopine for HBP. I was to go to 500 mg 2 x daily two weeks ago but have decided to stay on the lower dosage. I don't like the suggested side effects mentioned on these higher doses. I have had no seizures or the mentioned spells since. The doctor said that one can have a seizure and then never have another again. I am suspicious of pharmaceutical companies motives beyond profit to promote some of the toxic things they do. And a lot of doctors are right along with them since they get a $ kickback for doing so.Seems to me the cure is worse than the disease sometimes. M 58 30 days
250 2X D

 1  Epilepsy I started breaking out everywhere, Itching everywhere, both legs and arm swelled up really bad, the iv marking that I had where I had the iv when I first started keppra is now a scar because of the side effects mainly because of the swelling, I cant sleep because of all the side effects. Emergency room doctor told me I was allergic to it and that for some reason most people are. F 21 1 months
500 2X D
 1  Epilepsy This drug is a nightmare! In April last year I was taking 2250mg and felt like I was going crazy. I was angry about everything, utterly depressed, exhausted, but unable to sleep and hostile towards friends and family. I had repeated UTIs and kidney infections that left me allergic to 4 types of anti-biotics. I gained 40lbs despite eating less, I screamed in my dad's face as though I was possessed and often thought of ending it all. Eventually I realised that it was the Keppra and told my Specialist Nurse that I wasn't taking it anymore and she agreed to me going back to Lamictal with some Keppra as a top up. I am now on 300mg Lamictal and reduced the Keppra down to 750mg - 500mg is the goal. I feel so much better; no more infections, insomnia improving with every reduction and weight coming down. Everyone has commented on how I am like my 'old self'. I have my energy back and am able to swim, do pilates and go for walks again. I am enjoying all the things I was doing 3 years ago; seeing friends, movies, theatre, laughing!! Life seems worth living again. I had been seizure free (from 'grand mals') for 6 years and then, on Keppra, had 4 in 5 hours; the worst ever in 20 years. This drug brought my life to standstill. In fact, it put it in reverse. I would sooner live my life and risk a seizure, than be seizure free and merely existing in a room wishing I was dead. F 39 3 years

 4  Epilepsy Fatigued...always sleepy...nausea...bipolar type mood swings...cry very easily...spaced out...impatient..frustration! F 28 2 months
 5  Adjunct w/Lamictal for JME At first, mood swings. I stopped it for several years. Restarted in 2009. Now, its side effects make it possible to take Lamictal, which 99% controls my grand mal seizures. Without it, Lamictal makes me not think, talk, write, walk, like a normal person. Keppra is a nootropic, it definitely has cognition-enhancing properties. I was going off it then my Lamictal bad side effects came back, so my neuro agreed to leave me on Keppra. 500mg, morning & night. Make sure your pharmacy doesn't switch manufacturers, however... it affected me differently with another company's generic brand. I take the generic, levetiracetam, made by CAMBER. I truly believe it's not simply an AED; it is a miracle drug for me, as it seems to help tremendously with my memory & adhd issues. F 35 10 years
500mg X2
 4  complex partial seizures Extremely sun sensitivity. Slight dizziness. Sleepless nights and some drowsiness. Menory loss,cannot be ibterrupted while talking or my thoughts are completely gone. Take 750mg 2x a day F 37 3 weeks
 1  Epilepsy increase in seizures, insomnia, anxiety, increased bun and creatinine, blood count changes, This medicine was horrible for me. Before starting the generic version of keppra, I had 5 seizures over a a 17 year period. Those occurred because my dilantin level was below my therapeutic range due to med adjustments , weaning to new meds etc. Then keppra, - 3 gran mals in -7 months, , insomnia, anxiety, renal problems, I told my doctor that it had to be the levetiracetam and she said no its just a coincidence. I started out at lower doses and the doctors just kept raising the dose and even though there was no improvement , in fact it seemed to be worsening my condition the doses were continually increased until I asked to have them lower and eventually weaned from the drug. F 56 1 years
3000 mg 2X D
 5   none some people with seizure issues are complaining that Keppra causes short term memory loss and being unbalanced , word finding difficulties they should Research 'mesial temporal sclerosis' some neuro's call it 'familial alzhiemer's'... (early alzhiemer's) it's genetic.. but LOTS of testing to diagnose I had internal electodes (WADA test) / then a Right Temporal Lobectomy/resection-- Right CA1-CA3 (Cornu Amons horn) is gone ~ left side affected too, but they cannot take both right and left sides of CA1 - CA3... but it stopped the Grand mal's ~ (still having smaller / internal seizures ~ absence, tonic, atonic, myoclonic seizures... (there are 30 different types of seizures) Good Luck All F 40 7 years
3000 MG 1X D
 1  Seizures of unknown cause Anxiety, Rage, Depression. This drug, within 3days, made me basically manic. I was at a point where no one could speak to me I was so angry. I had no specific reason for the anger & knew this, so I phoned my prescribing neuro. & got yelled at to continue taking the Keppra as my Lamictal she prescribes gets to level. Bite me! I listened to my body & cold turkey discontinued the Keppra. I felt instantly better after skipping my next scheduled dose. I, as well, would not wish this on my worst enemy. (just for the fact that it could turn you into a raging maniac!) No bueno. F 32 5 days

 1  secondary epilepsy I didn't get immediate side effects but they slowly developed. So depressed, anxious, emotional and tired all the time. I don't know how this stuff is legal. I got taken off half my dose and realised all the depression, anxiety, cutting myself off from the world, thinkking that would not stop, fear and all the other stuff that I would have been better off dead than endure... It was the keppra!!! This stuff is something I would not wish on my worst enemy F 35 3 years

 1  Precaution after brain surgery I was depressed most of this medicine. I was also very tired and my moods were all over the place. I didn't just notice it but my boyfriend and family noticed the difference in me. I don't know how people can take this long term. F 25 1 months
500 mg

 1  Seizures from brain surgery Oh my God! This medicine is like an evil spirit in the bottle. I had severe neck and leg and arm pain, more seizures, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, vomiting, dizziness and confusion. Felt like I was dying. My arms and legs felt so heavy that I couldn't lift my extremities. I don't understand how doctors can think this crazy med will help anyone. It's so dangerous and makes me feel the worse I've ever felt in my life!!! I had more consious seizures on Keppra and I begged my doctor to wean me off of this. Even being weaned off of Keppra sucks! I don't even understand how this medicine was officially approved. F 45 7 days
500 2X D
 1  SEIZURE'S I am very sensitive to medicine ill take the neurotin any day over keppra,trouble eating,coping just in a daze like a dream and NO appetite,confusion,anxiety,weird thoughts.cry .sad for no reason it sucks M 35 2 years
500 1X D
 1  Migraines Made my anxiety worse. Severe lethargy and irritability, which got progressively worse. Still experienced migraines even while on this. Was prescribed this for prevention of migraines after seeing a neurologist. Originally given 2-weeks worth of samples of the XR-version, then switched to the immediate release; told to take it twice a day (1000mg tabs). Made me very agitated, and after about 3 weeks after taking it I felt like the world around me was moving in slow motion; I didn't want to be bugged and it felt like just getting off the couch was an agony. And when I ran out of samples of XR and got my script filled for the non-XR, gave me mild anxiety attacks. Finally called my neurologist back and told them I was sick of it, and stopped cold turkey with no adverse effects. M 29 4 weeks
1000mg 2X D

 5  Crainiotomy/brain damage/seizures Foggy headed and balance off for few days now no issues and mixes with other meds F 45 3 years
750 MG 2X D

 2  Epilepsy Tiredness, gradual sadness, bad memory, anger, rage, crying, wanting to leave my life, trapped feeling, anxiety, suicidal thoughts.Lack of feelings like joy and love. Not being able to think straight. These side effects came on gradually I went to drs about how i felt, they offered me cbt, then diagnosed me with GAD, put me on pregabalin which also gave me suicidal thoughts, i tried to commit suicide, failed and came off pregabalin, although the drs denied that they could be the cause. I still took keppra not realising it was this causing the anxiety, just after going on keppra i'd met someone and we later moved in together. They stood by me throughout all of this but in the end my thoughts were so distorted that i blamed them for all the things i was feeling, when they left i felt nothing, after 5 1/2 years i felt NOTHING, not until i started to have a breakdown and decided it was the keppra did i feel anything, months after they left i went through the process of them leaving me(me breaking us up). They'd moved on by then, i lost them, friends and a god son. Keppra did control my seizures but at the cost of my life, i'd rather have the occasional seizure! F 40 7 years
500mg 2X D
 2  seizures I was told my attitude changed, memory loss,I can't sleep, constant arguments with people. I was taking 6000mg a day. M 34 2 days
6000 mg
 1  possible seizure extreme sleepiness, irritability, loss of balance, nausea I took only one dose, it's been 24 hours since and I'm still feeling somewhat hungover: Physically exhausted. This stuff is garbage and I refuse to take any more of it. F 59 1 days
500 mg 2X D
 5  I had a seizure Just sleepiness M 31 1 years
2000 MG 4X D

 2  Seizures After 2 doses, KEPPRA turned me into a MONSTER! I had extreme unexplainable rages, anger, and mood swing and eventually ended up with suicidal thought and that when I call it quit (3 days) Love that it is somewhat safe for Breastfeeding and I heard that if KEPPRA XR works better than generic. My second AED, LAMICTAL gave me even worse side-effects so I might just go back to KEPPRA and try the brand name instead of generic. F 37 3 days
250mg 2X D
 3  JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy) TIRED 24/7 Not getting things done on time. Always forgetting things I did or said just a day before. SEVERE chest and back acne, zits and pimples. I thought it was my diet but it isnt. Keppra WILL cause acne. Most people (including me) feel weak and unable/unmotivated to do things. It's hard enough to even leave my bed after Ive gotten 10+ hours of sleep. I just want to stay in bed and veg out all the TIME!! Keppra on one note is helpful. It is EXTREMELY good for you in the sense that it is totally filtered through your body and digested. It is not stored, absorbed or residual medication left behind in your system. This was a breakthrough for seizure medication because it had little to NO harm on your body. No liver or kidney issues. Its great. But the side affects of this medication (AED) really mess up a SOCIAL and UP BEAT persons life big time. If you work in a cubical, hate your life and or job and arent married or have children... then this medication is for you. If you like to laugh, be physically active, play sports, be sexual and romantic, have a loving and caring relationship or have a life then Keppra is NOT for you. Keppra, although, did stop my seizures and at a VERY low dosage of only half a pill (250 MG) a day. Occasionally I could ween off of it for a few days and then would get small twitches or minor seizures that I Was conscious for. M 24 6 years
250 1X D
 4  Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Controls seizures well. I did experience rage but my doctor then prescribed Metanx which counteracts the rage!! The night dose is interfering with my sleep and sleep aids. I do have severe acne on my back which I am not happy about but it is helping me. For those experiencing rage if it controls your seizures ask your doctor about Metanx. Its a vitamin but its prescribed and it does counteract the rage effects at least for me it does so I hope it will for you too. F 42 2 months
500 2X D
 4  temporal lobe epilepsy Newly diagnosed epilepsy at 22 and this was the treatment prescribed. I suffered initial drowsiness and slurred speech but this resolved after a couple of months. Had my dose increased after 1 year as I was still having simple partial seizures. The increase rectified this and I am now seizure free except a couple of occasions when I've been ill and had a fever. I suffered some depression buy am not sure if this is due to the medication or the epilepsy diagnosis. F 24 2 years
1750 mg
 1  Seizure Prevention I wasn't having seizures, so I thought. My husband said he'd wake up in the middle of the night and I would be stiff and my eyes would be open! Rage, major mood swings, horrible focus, lack of regard for family and friends at times. Beside the rage, major mood swings, horrible focus and lack of respect for family...etc. 1.5 yrs after starting it I had so much of these side effects that I got divorced from the most loving man ever. I felt caged, mad, sad, disassociated and not understood. It's been 1.5 yrs since the horrible things I said and I've been on Lamictol for 2.5 wks and am recalling all the good things about the relationship! I've felt guilty and disconnected for so long and now I just wish I never used Keppra XR. I was on Tegretol 200mg for 15 yrs and never had seizures or side effects (except drowsiness). Keppra XR put me into a mental state to let me ruin the best thing in my life. Even my massage clients noticed my attitude change while on it and that is the most relaxed environment I am ever in. Ugh. I'm trying to reconnect with my ex...I hope the meds change doesn't come across as an EXCUSE F 33 3 years
750 mg 1X D
 5  pain none whats so ever F 61
1000mg 2X D

 4  Seizure disorder Had depression and crying spells, as well as insomnia. Had complete seizure control on this medication, but eventually had to go off because I couldn't stand only getting 5-6 hrs of sleep per night. Depression was helped with an antidepressant and did go away after going off Keppra. F 39 6 years
500 mg 2X D

 3  temporal lobe epilepsy With each increase took longer to adjust to side effects including: sudden mood changes, depression, bad memory, felt disconnected, episodes of mania and sensory sensitivities (noise, light, movement) which created a lot of anxiety. Given for newly diagnosed epilepsy and started at 250 mg. Most symptoms resolved (after a month or so) except sensory related ones which my doctor believed were seizure related. I hadn't had side effects like these before and they 95% went away after getting off. Felt horrible getting off but after two weeks I could go out in public again without sensory overload! This drug truly governed how I lived my life. I believe this is typically given to older adults??? F 28 8 months
1000 2X D
 3  my son has seizures. he takes it he was very tired, and very moody!! and later he was falling a lot. which is one of the side effects from the medicine!! I did not like this medicine at all. he fell all the time, i know he was young, but it was a constant thing, after they switched his medicine he stopped falling. he was also sooooo cranky!!!!! and it didnt help much with his seizures (he was 2 at the time he was on this medicine) M 2
6ml 2X D
 4  Myoclonus SLEEPINESS! I just want to sleep all the time, which is a problem cos I have a busy school and social life. Also, irritability but I don't know if this is just when I can't sleep. Short but quite severe headaches. I haven't been on Keppra long (still in the process of upping the dose) but I am seeing an improvement that I haven't had on other drugs, hence the higher rating. Although I have had side effects I am coping ok with them at the moment and I'm hopeful that I'll get used to it after a while. F 17 2 weeks
250 2X D
 4  Temporal Lobe Seizures Breif lack of coordination in the begining and again with my dose increase. increased aggitation & Insomnia which may or may not be related to Keppra. Increased aggitation seems to have accurred for me for a breif amount of time every time i have had a sizeable seizure weather i have been on meds or not. And Insomnia was a previous issue i had that seems to provoke my seizures and increase the severity. I also had terrible migraines in the begging but im pretty sure that was related to my siezures as they went away completley when my dose was raised. I would like to add that i noticed many ppl that rated this drug when they listed side effects listed things that may be a result of the seizure not being controlled by the med or dose or both and not the med itself causing it. Not saying that thats the case for everyone but i know for me some of my symptoms it turned out to be that my dose was not high enough to control my seizures as my agression and migraines completely went away with my new dose. Granted im only 1 week into my new dose so things could change but i noticed a pretty big difference right away with the dose change. F 29 2 months
500 2X D
 2  Migraine prevention sedation, irritability (in the AM), loss of coordination, brain fog, more easily frustrated, increased anger, mild hair loss Haven't noticed any significant difference in the frequency of my migraines/headaches. Certainly none that outweigh the side-effects. F 27 30 days
500 mg 2X D
 4  Seizures following cranitomy (AVM) F 51
1000 1X D

 1  TBI at 3 years old F 33
500 mgs 1X D

 1  epilepsy /brain tumours removed Horrendous! Lamotrogine working well but Keppra added to help further. Dreadful, angry, depressed, aggressive, wanting to drink alcohol, suicidal, unreasonable, considered self harm. Poor balance, cried a lot. I did not recognise myself and neither did my family. Normally, friendly and good tempered.Laughing a lot! Behaved well through all surgery etc and not one to make a fuss - positive thinking is the best way. KEPPRA was a nightmare. GP had not prescribed - the hospital controlled medication for epilepsy etc. They were excellent at all times - but when the effects were seen, they immediately said Keppra - slowly come off. I have now down to 500mg am and 500mg pm and hugely better. No longer depressed angry or suicidal but I am cross that such a drug can be given with no warning of the possible side effects. My General Practitioner who had known me for years - did not see these side effects and recommended me to a psychiatrist!! Fortunately, the consultants took over and n Panic attacks for 6 years - diagnosed eventually as epilepsy 2 brain tumours. Removed through superb surgery and care. Some remaining epilepsy hence drugs to control Resulting in being given Keppra. F 65
2000mg 2X D

 1  Epilepsy I took this 11 years ago so I don't remember what the dosage was, only that it was increased each month. The first month, not much as far as side effects, and certainly no help. Second month at a higher dosage, still no help but gained 5 pounds. Third month and a higher dosage, smidge of help and gained 10 pounds. Fourth month there wasn't much more help, but I gained FOURTY POUNDS!!! The thing was, it also took my appetite from me so I wasn't eating at all. I got pregnant, went off the medication, and the pregnancy seems to be what stopped the seizures for a while. The one good thing it did was to muck about with my hormones and put them back where they were before I had gone on birth control when I first got married. It made it possible for me to get pregnant by shortening the length of my cycle from 14-16 days down to 10. Other than that...nothing. F 38 4 months
2X D
 2  siezure At first, loss of memory, trouble thinking and recalling words. Blurred vision. Dizziness, numbness tingling in hands and feet. Weakness in hands. And RAGE!! Most of the side effects went away after several months. Reduced over time. The rage reduced only slightly. No Seizures at all for 2.5 years. I felt it was worth it to continue. About 1 year ago, I started to get some mouth problems. At first it was a metalic taste and dry feeling, but also a lot of saliva. This got worse and worse over time. I asked for help from everyone. Doctor, dentist, neuro, hygenist. They all said my mouth looked normal, but one said she could refer me to a dermatologist. I lived with it, then 10 days ago I got a rash. The neuro switched me to lamictal. All was fine for first three days. I felt better than I had in 2.5 years. Then I increased dose to 50mg2x/day and had two seizures. Then I when the dose was to 75mg2x/day, I got the same mouth problem as with the keppra, but 10x worse. Yesterday, I got the rash again, only it came on in 30 minutes (instead of over three days like with the keppra) and is much worse than on the keppra. Apparently my body is rejecting both of these meds. Now, I have to change again and all the options sound really bad. I'm really scared. F 45 2.5 years
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