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 5  Low T and energy This was a godsend for me. I now have a very healthy sexual drive and great energy. I've not experienced any of the side effects mentioned here. Love it!!!! M 52 2 years
2 pumps
 5  1 1/2 years trouble sleeping if take it too late you have to pry out my hands. miracle drug i was very low below 100 now normal is 800 M 63 1.5 years
7.5gm 1X D
 5  Hypogonadism from brain tumor Mild acne, testicular atrophy M 57 4 years
81 daily

 2  Hypogonadism together with diabetes Constant testicular pain; Complete loss of the ability to get or maintain an erection; Increased nipple sensitivity; Felt like I was being chemically castrated DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE - This drug did nothing but shrink my testicles and penis, give me constant testicle pain (like the after-effects of being kicked) and destroyed not just my libido, but my ability to get or maintain anything resembling an erection. It just doesn't work. I'm so frustrated and angry to read near universal acclaim for this "miracle" drug, when literally every symptom I went to my doctor to address has gotten incrementally worse on Androgel. My testosterone level was at approximately 250 when I was prescribed the gel; but after 2 months at 2 pumps a day, I had dropped to 170. Now a month later on 3 pumps, I can't escape the "kicked in the balls" feeling, and I simply can't perform sexually. It's an absolute nightmare. And I just cannot believe that I'm the only one affected like this. M 44 3 months
60.75 mg 1X D
 3  Low Testosterone (72) Pain in nads, extreme fatigue and extreme insomnia, zero energy Androgel cares about marketing to Wall Street types to gain more clients. Abbott is not interested in targeting the people who have REAL problems M 35 1 years
5 mg 1X D
 3  Low T Very vivid dreams, unusual moods, blood sugar changes I have taken Androgel for 2 months now and I have experienced an elevated mood, slightly higher sex drive, clearer thinking and more energy. M 61 2 months
One pump 1X D
 3  Low T (250) Major water retention. This is driving me crazy. I would try this for 1 month and quit becasue of major water retention. But it did make me feel better over all so I tried it again. I did this for 6 months. Im frustrated. Im wondering if I stay on it will the water retention go away. I was using 2 pumps whcih put me at 403 then after a month it dropped to 288 so the Dr put me up to 3 pumps. Not sure what my levels are yet. Anyone know if the water retention goes away after a while? M 42 6 months
3 Pumps 1X D
 5  Low T None negative - all positive. Recently tested for the first time. I am age 50. My testosterone was 220-240! Very low. Have suffered from depression, moodiness, low energy, low libido,some ED, wasting body strength for the last year. Am on Cymbalta 60mg/day with added 10mg Deplin (methyl folic acid). Started Androgel four days ago. Incredible! Sleeping better, clear mind, muscles and body feel incredibly strong. Have a better sense of well-being. I hope it continues this way, because I feel much much better. And libido is up and penis seems to be responding. M 50 4 days
1.625% Pum 1X D
 5  low t and depression no side effects. Androgel was a life changer for me. Eliminated my depression and raised my t levels to where they always should have been.My sex life improved tremendously and had alot more energy.I am 59 now and my insurance just stopped paying for my medicine. I cannot afford it so I stopped it last week. I feel terrible now and all of my symptoms have returned. M 59 7 years
10gm 1X D

 1  Low Testosterone After roughly 3 weeks on Androgel I started feeling the "urge" to urinate, even if there was hardly any urine to void. This would wake me up sometimes 5 times per night. I also noticed some testicular shrinkage. I had to stop because of the urination problems. Had a total workup at the urologist with no prostate swelling detected, no infection. It was definitely the Androgel. M 53 3 months
2.5 mg. 1X D
 2  Low T Never had anxiety disorder, but if I do get anxious now it tends to compound on itself and is tougher to control. DEFINITELY lost a lot of useless body fat and look leaner! Morning erections improved from absolutely non-existent to frequent. Still cannot maintain erection with wife without help from Levitra and now needing higher dose of that just to get erect at all. Frustrating to say the least even though Doc says it could take up to a year to NOT need Levitra. Still have "foggy" feeling mentally and no tremendous upswing in energy. M 44 6 months
5mg. 1X D
 5  Confirmed Low T 3 days after beginning the treatment, I was feeling like a new man... felt 25 instead of 45. I did get some big pimples that went away. This was a life changing experience that has only had fantastic results. I feel like a million $ and my wife love my high libido. On 4/29/2011 my Total Testosterone was159.0 ng/dL and my free level was36.4 pg/mL - my Urologist looked back and found that I had been under 400 for the past 4 years and under 300 for the past 3 years.... and just continually dropped. I started my Androgel Therapy with the Pump taking 4 pumps a day and in two weeks or so (5/26/2011) I had another blood test... My Total level had jumped to592.0 ng/dL and the free level was at175.2 pg/mL. The best part is that I feel like a million bucks and change. I feel like I can conquer the world on most days and I dont worry at all about things that would have normally made me anxious and severely depressed (suicidal). I had moderate sleep apnea, which went away in about 3-4 days and I found that I began dreaming almost every night, which I hadnt done in years! The little stuff like wanting to stretch after a good nights sleep... amazing. The foggy memory was gone in a week or so and was back to my old self. My Libido went off the charts in 3 days and was at my wife constantly! She loves it! It seems like my prostate began working again since my ejaculate volume began to increase... it was down to almost 0, pre therapy... that took time to come back... so to speak. My erections got moderately better, but still am needing some Viagra to help a bit... my dr say that I probably wont need the viagra in a few months as the things that went away will come back M 45 4 months
5mg 1X D
 3   dizzyness, no sex drive, monster energy and always working out. I have hypogonadism, androgel is most effective way to keep most level application of testostrone. 40 years on testostrone thearpy M 49 5 months
10mg 1X D
 4  Low T Grew hair on my chest for first time! Occasional increased libido. The main effect was mood. I used to suffer from depression. I didn't have a dramatic personality change, I just don't have this painful depressed feeling. If you're older and depressed, check your T before going on anti-depressants or long psychotherapy. Hasn't done much for my libido or erections, but that's not why I take it. I just switched to injected T because I had to slather Androgel all over to get my T to an acceptable levels. Gross, but you get used to it. M 60 3 years
6 mg 1X D

 5  Low T None I didn't think I was suffering any of the Low T symptoms I read online. My levels tested in the 150 range - which is extremely low apparently. Dr. left it up to me whether to treat or not. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. Around the third day, my energy level and emotional outlook was greatly improved. I'm going to get back in the gym next week. It's been over a year. M 45 7 days
7.5 1X D

 2  Low testosterone Pain in left testicle. Insomnia. It took me 2 1/2 weeks to be able to take a nap. I also had constant pain in my left testicle. M 48 2 months
5 grams 1X D

 1  Low Test Hot Flashes , anxiety , BP shot up to 160/90. Got test up to 650 but bad side effects. M 41 1 months
150 mg 1X D

 5  Hypogonadism Positive side effects only at this time. My sweating/perspiring for no apparent reason has ceased Androgel has also helped me with my battle against depression. Low testosterone can cause and/or contribute to depressive illness. My doctor prescribed Androgel after I complained repeatedly about sweating/perspiring for no apparent reason. Blood tests indicated very low testosterone level. I was having hot flashes, just like women have during menopause. It's really important to monitor testosterone levels while on Androgel. The effects of too much testosterone can be worse than too little. I also suffer from depression which can be aggravated by too little testosterone in a man's body. Men: If you're suffering from depression, have blood work done to check your testosterone level! M 58 1 years
25mg 1X D

 4  Hypogonadism More interest in sex. Definite testicle shrinkage, though not necessarily in a bad way. Had "old man nads" (large and hanging down; sometimes hurt myself on my bike seat if I didn't wear biking shorts) before using Androgel. Definite improvement in mood overall. It took a while for my Dr. to figure out that this was my issue (sore muscles, unable to improve where my weight lifting and cycling were concerned, inability to lose weight). I've never been diagnosed with depression, but can tell a definite improvement in my mood since using this product. Ask your Dr. to test you if you're experiencing these issues! M 38 1 months
1% 1X D
 2  Low FREE testosterone,low sex drive A minor irritation develops but only if I apply it onto the belly area. There is no irritation if I apply it to the shoulders and/or arms. It's a messy process to try to apply it. You can't get overdosed; these packets hold too much gel. It takes up to 5 minutes to apply it. New worries are the timing, the smell, and the wasted gel (i.e. some of this stuff gets onto the hands and gets wasted every day), and the price. It's overpriced, but you can get testosterone from compounding pharmacists, for a lot less. Androgel 1% testosterone gel (at both 2.5g/pack and 5.0 g/pack dose) has a positive effect on me, but only in the first 2-3 days. After 2-3 days, body feedback kicks in and it has ZERO effect on me. From the 3rd day on it's a waste of time and money. My total testosterone is normal (at 846 ng/dl). The challenge is the FREE testosterone at 1.3 mg/dl. Another challenge is the med lab. Their normal range of FREE testosterone should be 19 - 94, NOT 0.66 - 3.3 (mg/dl). A BIG difference! But, try to tell this to them! M 57 60 days

 5  hypogonadism I am taking Testim by the pharmacutical company called Auxilium. Its the same drug as androgel, the side effects I experienced was increased body hair, from being smooth, to now having hair everywhere! My Doctor thinks that I had been testosterone challenged since puberty since my secondary sex characteristics did not occur until my testosterone levels went to normal range. I had always had a low libido, which now its excellent! My voice dropped an octive or two, my irritablitly and mood swings are a thing of the past, as well, my skin is still pretty much wrinkle free, there are studies being done relating to aging and testosterone. I look much younger for my 57 yrs, and I have been on the testosterone gel for about ten years. It saved my life! M 57 10 years
 5  depression/no energy/zero sex drive Other than a little testicle shrinkage, none whatsoever This was a miracle drug for me. I have tons of energy, my sex drive is back and I am finally happy. I never remember feeling this good and positive in my life. I would encourage any male who has been diagnosed with depression to get your 'T' levels checked! No more Paxil, Lexapro, or Cymbalta for me! M 38 6 months
 3  Secondary Hypogonadism Major water retention, drastically increased my HGB, HCT, and red blood cell count. Also, converted into estrogen at a higher rate than normal. After being on androgel for 3 years my doctor realized that I was part of the 10% non-responders on androgel. Due to having a large number of hair follicles all over body including application site the gel did not absorb at a high enough rate to be effective. He switched me to depo testosterone shots and I feel great. High sex drive, morning erections, losing fat and gaining muscle. Also my mood has greatly improved. If you are a non-responder ask your doctor to be placed on shots instead, it changed my life for the better! M 36 3 years

 3  Low Testosterone/Sex Drive I never saw an increase in libido or energy, burt began growing hair on my chest and stomach, was always hairless. I had hte reputation of being very well hung and after 3 years on androgel have lost 1"+ from penis length, 1/2 curcumference and the boys have srhunk to hald the size they used to be, pretty much totally impotent and incapable of ejacualtion now, which might be due to spinal cord damage from injury I was hoping it would work, i've always had a lean muscular body, which at least I still have, testosterone is still low never elevated that much M 60 3 years

 5  hypogonadism Flush feeling shortly after application Awesome stuff, sex drive is back. Morning erections have returned. M 43 6 months

 2  Low Testosterone Headaches and dizzyness. Very messy to apply and stinks of rubbing alcohol. The side effects for me were within 30 minutes after applying. Only took for two days. Switched to Androderm and like it much, much better. M 45 2 days

 5  Low Testosterone I'm using the Androderm Patch (5mg). Has anyone on this board used both the Gel and the Patch? If so, which worked better? My Side effect has been my allergies are coming back. When my testosterone level was low (230), my allergies went away. A doctor should research this connection. Before taking androgel, no matter how much I worked out, I would stll be fat. This was not the case when my testosterone level was normal. Now that my tesosterone level is coming back, so is my muscle tone. My sex drive is returning, and I'm not as anxious as I was without the Androgel. However, I feel like I am just treating the symptom. I would like to find out the underlying cause for the drop in testosterone level (pituary tumor?) M 45 7 days

 3  Female Sexual Dysfunction Weight gain (water retention)! Fine hair on arms turning darker. Few spots on shoulders. Weight gain wouldn't shift, even when using Lasix (diuretic). So I quit. This stuff is great if your libido has gone AWOL. This was prescribed to me by a sexuologist. The effect became noticeable after about 17 days, but the full effect wasn't felt until week 5 or 6. F 39 8 weeks
 3  Low libido Water retention! (weight gain). Few zits on shoulders (not bothersome). Androgel was very effective at increasing libido for me. This medication was prescribed to me by a sexuologist because I have suffered from libido going AWOL for the last 10 years. The positve effect started to manifest itself after about 17 days. However, the full effect didn't come into swing until week 6. Increased intensity of orgasm, frequent feelings of lust, increased desire & arousal. Also excellent for quashing depression, anxiety & insomnia. Weight gain would not budge, even when using Lasix (diuretic) 2x daily. After 2 months I gave up. F 39 60 days
 5  Andropause No side effects,,,just improvements Prior to using Androgel, I was tired all the time, had no sex drive, and had difficulty maintaining erections. After using Androgel, all fatigue is gone, my sex drive has returned, no problems with erections, and absolutely no anxiety. My quality of life has sky-rocketed. M 42 1 years

 5  Opiate-Induced Hypogonadism Possible slight testicular atrophy, aggressiveness and irritability at doses above 7.5g (75mg). When it dawned upon me that I hadn't even THOUGHT of sex in a year...I realzed there was a problem. Testosterone levels from 84 to well wititn the normal range, now have about 85% Sexual Function back. Other medications I use keep this from 100% though (Seroquel/Risperdal, Paxil, Methadone) M 26 1 years

 5  Hypogonadism Testicular Atrophy. Other than the Atrophy issue this med has greatly improved my quality of life. My sex drive has returned. Mental functions (function!) energy improved. Anxiety issues have gone away. I am a very happy patient! M 46 13 months

 4  Low Testosterone My cholesterol went from 220 to 410 in five months on AndroGel. Make sure you have regular cholesterol checks. AndroGel made me feel awesome - however, the cholesterol spike is a problem. M 35 5 months
 5  Low testosterone None Feel great. Sex drive is back. Old doc put me on Zoloft, new doc (1 year ago) checked by testoterone levels, found to be only in the 120s (should be 300+ for my age). 2 months later, I was off the Zoloft, all depression gone, no longer tired, blood sugar normal, and I lost 30 pounds with no chnage in diet or exercise! M 33 1 years

 4  Hypogonadism Testicles have gotten smaller, but my penis now gets hard. First my scrotum sightened up like it was when I was 16 (before starting Androgel, my testes hung down so badly I was always having up pull them up from under my leg whenever I sat down!). I can get full erections again. My stomach flattened out and looks like it did when I was in college. My muscle tone improved and my pecs got quite a bit bigger. All with no exercise. I feel better and have more energy. I am getting more body hair though. My immune system is stronger. HIV caused the hypogonadism and with proper hormones it is stronger. I take no antiretrovirals in part to the Androgel, in part to many agressive natural treatments. I recommend it over the awful shot and the terrible patch. Who needa a tape on testicle? M 32 6 months
 5  Low Testosterone No problems Recommend M 35 90 days

 3  hypogonadism (low testosterone) Increased my PSA slightly. Not a big deal according to my urologist. Sort of watery and expensive. Higher co-pays with my insurance company made me decide to switch to Testim gel last month. I feel better with the same dose on the Testim. I put it on at night and shower in the morning because it smells like mild cologne. Not a big deal to me. Just trying to be low-profile. M 56 10 months

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