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 1  GERD Pain in every joint of my body, terrible headaches like migraines. Developed herpes on one eye. Pain in the eyes. Edema in the face and under one of my ears. I felt like I was 80 or 90 years old and I am 28. I stoped taking it 4 days ago and my bad side effects are still there. I read that it can take up to 2 weeks for these side effects to go away. Doctor didn't order test to see what was going on, just sent me aciphex and she didn't even care that I told her I suffered form H.Pylori in the past. Well if you have ulcers or GERD due to H.Pylori Aciphex make your condition worse. I can tell she is maybe one of those doctors who get bonuses and trips from prescribing aciphex, one of the worst medicine I have tried. Aciphex is poison. F 28 7 days
 3  Severe Reflux Headache, nausea, feels like a lump in my throat, tired, weak, felt some pain in my neck area, diarrhea, needing to belch but cannot. Aciphex has taken away the extreme nausea I was feeling due to the severe reflux. However, the side affects have also become debilitating and I would like to find something that keeps the reflux away but where I can feel 26 years old again. F 26 6 days

 4  GERD Hangover feeling for the first week then nothing for 9 months. After 9 months I started to have SEVERE stomach pain. I was just switched to Protonix and hope that works as well...withot the pain. It seems like any H2 blocker (Zantac, Pepcid etc..) causes severe stomach pain for me and all of the proton pump inhibitors (Aciphex, Prilosec and Prevacid) cause either headache, stomach pain or both. Can't take Prevacid...it causes rapid heart beat. Prilosec caused a SEVERE headache. M 39 10 months

 2  Acid Reflux bad diarrhea.. bad cramps and upset stomach, nausea I was put on Aciphex because I had this feeling like half of my throat was blocked off. So I was put on aciphex for acid reflux. After 1 week of taking it i began getting severe cramps in the morning and throughout the day along with baddd diarrhea. I'd be in and out the bathroom like every hour. I had to get off of it immediately. Definitely not satisfied with it... and my throat feels the same... F 21 7 days

 1  GERD extreme chest tightness, feeling of lump in throat, gagging, gas, feeling like you need to burp but cannot, waking up in the night, anxiety, shortness of breath For the past week, I have been feeling extreme tightness in my throat and chest... and feeling like I need to burp all the time. The tightness in my throat is so bad it makes me feel like I'm constantly gagging. I also have had trouble breathing, felt like I could never get in a deep breath of air. All this has been causing major anxiety, and so I took an anxiety pill, which if it was really anxiety would make me feel so much better but it hasn't. So I started surfing the web and found the site. It's really weird b/c I just started taking Aciphex like 2 weeks ago and would have never thought that the way I am feeling is due to all that... I am not going to take Aciphex for the rest of the week and will see what happens. I just hope that all these symptoms go away and that they are due to side effects of the medication because I have been worried something is really wrong with me. I'm only 22, and have been feeling extreme nervousness and restlessness. Both my mother and granmother take F 22 2 weeks
 5  Sever Acid Reflux None : ) Before taking this medication, I was feeling how most of theswe patients felt with bloating, nausea, cramping, interrupted sleep...but now, I feel so much better. There is still some gasiness, but nothing compared to before this medication. Taken 2 years for 8 weeks each time. Excellent for quick fixes! F 35 2 years

 3  severe acid reflux tight feeling in the throat, extreme full feeling, and nausea after not eating much, anxiety due to the tightness in my throat. I took Nexium for one week and ended up throwing up constantly. I always felt drunk (probably due to dehydration) My stomach was bloated and painful with pressure. I had tried Aciphex before and it got the job done, but I wasn't taking it every day. Recently my acid reflux is so bad that I am taking Acephex twice a day every day. The side effects aren't that bad, but I am meeting with my gastroenterologist on Monday so I'll see what he says. F 24 2 weeks

 4  stomach ulcer gas, strange muscle pain and cramping that got worse over time, neck pain, head pain, arthritis like pain, muscles felt weaker and less firm even though I was working out more, weight gain the stomach ulcer pain went away after a few days but the muscle pain was becoming a problem - I will try to go off it and use Pepcid Complete F 50 7 months

 5  Acid Reflux Feeling of fullness after eating less food. Reading a number of the comments written before me, I'm worried some people may get the wrong impressions of this drug. Aciphex is an ion-pump inhibitor, meaning it 'turns off' a number of the pumps in your stomach that produce and secrete acid into it. Keeping this in mind, you shouldn't be surprised if you feel more gassy, as that's simply because the food in your stomach isn't being broken down to the same extant, and the bacteria in your intestines is doing much more of the work, hence the gas byproducts. The sleeplessness seems to preeminently in users you have only been taking it for a very short time. If your body is used to heartburn while you sleep, as lying prone allows more acid to seep into the esophagus , then sleeping heartburn free may take some getting used to. Don't be so quick to blame these terrible side effects on the drug, but think as to why this may be happening. Regardless, this drug has changed my life. If gone from popping Tums all day and never sleeping d M 20 1.7 years

 1  GERD, Barrett's Esophagus Nausea, bubbly feeling in stomach, burping, bad acid reflux, headache, weird rash. Took me a while to realize it was the med causing this because daughter came down with stomach virus at about the same time. F 47 60 days

 3  Reflux Stomach bloat - Gas - left arm tingle. I sometimes think I am having a heart attack. Shortness of breath. Heart, treadmill, all check fine. I noticed when I would skip two doses in a row, I would get the acid back, but I felt better as far as the bloat/gas went. I am at my wits end. After reading the posts here, I am going to try to go off of it and do something different. I am miserable and my wife is tired of the burps. M 2 years

 3  severe GERD There was no question of not taking it when I started: I had SEVERE acid reflux and a bleeding ulcer from three years of taking pain medications without a break. I had it so bad I lost my voice, could not breathe, docs didn't know what was wrong. Finally someone figured it out, went on Aciphex. Once my body got used to it, it was fine, no reflux, no bothersome symptoms. But then, at two years, I noticed I was gaining weight, my hair started falling out, my skin got a nasty pallor. I read about bone loss and possible stomach polyps. As others have noted, when you try to go off, there's a rebound effect. I've been taking 1/2 pill daily, will continue until I can come off entirely. So far so good, had reflux only initially (went on a GERD diet at the same time), but now bowels are in an uproar. F 61 2 years

 1  barrett's esophagus, hiatal hernia extreme drymouth, itching, weight gain, increased blood pressure Bad headaches for the first 2 weeks. Worked OK, but had also raised my bed 8". I quit after 9 mos (20mg/day) & drymouth & itching stopped. Quitting abruptly apparently causes pumps to over-produce acid, so took Pepcid Complete for 2 weeks. Now I'm OK w/a few Tums and occasional Pepcid Complete. The side effects were not worth it! Avoiding certain foods and not eating before sleeping is the answer for me...as well as the adjustable bed I am buying. F 57 9 months
 2  Ulcer in the esoph Heaviness in the right arm, constipation, belching on empty stomach, belching food (h20 too) up 2-3 hrs after a meal. In the mornings there is constant feeling of air building up in my stomach and change in complection/acnie I went to the Dr for mild heart attack like symptoms, coughing and occasionally having trouble digesting food, an upper GI determined I had an ulser. Although I have insurance, I still came out of pocket 40 dollars. I can't tell if it's making things worse or better. Thinking about stopping. F 46 7 days

 5  GERD None. I've have taken Axid for years. Worked Great with No side effects. Axid stopped working one day. My doctor had me try Prevacid. The stomach pain from Prevacid was unbelieveable. Next up was Protnix. The Protonix did not cause any pain and had no side effects, but it was not totally effective in eliminating the Acid Reflux. On my last visit, I mentioned this and asked him about trying another. He gave me samples of Aciphex. This is the best so far. It works great for Acid Reflux, and I have NO side effects. This is the lesser known of the PPI class drugs, but it works Great. It's not as colorful or flashy as the "Purple Pill" but it works! If the Other PPI's cause pain or are not effective, try this one. Works great, No side effects, not even the headaches some people report. If your drug isn't totally working for you, ask for a doctors sample and try another. ALL PPI's are NOT equal!! M 44 3 months

 5  GERD None I have been taken Aciphex (20 mg /day) since 04-06-00 and have had no problem. I have also tried, but have had a lot of discomfort with other PPIs (Prilosec, Prevacid and Zegerid) as well as the propulsive medication (Propulsid). I had various symptoms of gastric distress and sometimes Left arm pain with these other meds, but never with Aciphex. It has been my “magic bullet”. One important consideration for those of you who may also have osteoporosis, my endocrinologist recommended that I switch from calcium carbonate (which needs an acid environment for absorption) to calcium citrate which doesn’t. This way Aciphex treatment will not be a problem for absorbing the elemental calcium. My advice to those of you who can’t tolerate Aciphex is try other PPIs before giving up on PPIs. F 72 7 years

 4  GERD, LPR, achalasia slight queasiness occasionally My insurance wouldn't pay for Prilosec, so the doctor said Aciphex is ok too. It dramatically reduced the inflammation in my esophagus, larynx, adam's apple and glands. My cough is gone, and I have no heartburn. I don't know what the long term implications will be, but I am very pleased so far F 54 3 days

 3  Gerd Severe cramping, leg pain and anxiety. These symptoms were becoming debilitating. I did not know this drug was causing my symptoms. It did help my Gerd. I also have IBS and thought I was just having another flare up. The symptoms were lasting way too long for it to be a flare up. I skipped the medication for 2 days and felt sooo much better. I had my physician switch me to Prevacid and it works great. F 36 51 days

 4  Crohn's disease, acid reflux headaches, nausea I just started AciPhex less than a week ago and so far it's been working. My pain is gone and I'm eating normally again, but something isn't right. I also started Sucralfate, and for the first time today I am feeling extreme nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and chills. I wish I knew which medicine this is related to. I have Crohn's disease, so I take this along with many other medications. I just want something that works, but I'm scared that the side effects of this drug may hurt my future. F 18 3 days
 4  GERD-Gastritis Dry mouth at times. A little tight and dry throat in the middle of night. A little fatigue sometimes. Aciphex works well.In fact, it works significantly better than other PPIs.I have been taking 20 mg 3 per day. Plan to reduce the dose soon. M 65 4 days
 5  reflux No side effects at all I was previously taking Nexium along with Nasonex to counteract some asthma symptoms caused by the reflux. They were not very effective so my doctor switched me to Aciphex. My symptoms have substantially improved with Aciphex. I also like that I don't have to schedule taking this drug before a meal, which was the case with Nexium. F 36 6 months

 1  Acid Reflux Weight loss, rumbling stomach, constant headaches, sleeplessness, dry mouth, bad taste in mouth, gas, and the worst diarrhea I've EVER had. I get stomache aches once or twice a month due to acid relux, so my doctor gave me Aciphex. I've never been so sick in my life! I've been bedridden for almost 48 hrs with the exception of going to the bathroom and right now to see if I will get any more nasty side effects. I will never take Aciphex again. F 20 1 days

 5  gerd Hi everyone- I'm the person who posted on 3/15/07 and claimed that i was getting excruciating headaches from aciphex which i was. So I stopped taking the pill for about two weeks until when i thought i could possible be pregnant again and walla no more headaches this time :). So yeah the pill is pretty fantastic now without side effects and i would say definitely works better than prilosec. If anyone has more information about acidophillis as the last post has written that would be muchly appreciated. F 24 2 weeks
 4  Gerd Short term memory loss... I can't remember if there were any others This stuff really works, but I was worried. Something else must be wrong, I shouldn't have to take a damn pill. Within two or three days after stopping the Gerd would return, full force. Finally a friend recommended Acidophilis. I began taking 4-5 acidophilis supplents every day. GUESS WHAT-- My last prescription bottle of aciphex is still sitting on the kitchen counter... UNOPENED. It's been almost two months now. No Gerd. Now I've stopped taking the supplements, but I still drink sweet acidophilis milk. WILD GUESS-- antibiotics kill the flora in your stomach that help to regulate stomach acid, therefore Gerd appears. Acidopholis re-establishes the flora. I must tell you all that I was a total skeptic, but desperate people will try anything, and it worked. (My doctor thinks I'm nuts)... M 50 1 years
 3  GERD Severe constant pressure/tightness in throat, particularly at base of ears, along jaw line, and along sides of esophogus. Sides of face go numb. Muscle weakness/stiffness/strange feeling in all major muscle groups, particulary shoulders and arms to the point where it gets difficult to type on a keyboard for exhaustion of holding my arms up. Fatigue. Dizziness. It took a long time to discover that the symptoms are side-effects of the Aciphex and not some other disease. The doctor even did a CAT scan of my neck to try and find the cause of the throat pressure (came back perfectly normal). It wasn't until I missed a dose of the Aciphex and the next day I didn't have the symptoms that I realized it was the Aciphex. I then stayed off the Aciphex for several days and felt great for the first time in months, but then my original GERD symptoms of shortness of breath, terrible dry cough, raw/corrosive feeling in throat/chest came back full force. So I started taking the Aciphex again, which almost immediately stopped the GERD symptoms, but the swollen/pressure in throat feeling of the Aciphex came back within 2 days of starting the med again. What to do? F 35 3 months

 1  Acid reflux First day I took had sharp pain in my stomach near my diaphragm. Has not gone away, lessened only some, but when I eat it comes back. Everything I eat makes me feel too full. Burp alot. Was constipated at first then got the diarrhea. Hands tremor. Tingling in arms. Pulsating vision on 6th day. Anxiety attack on 6th day. Fever/chills. Thought I had the flu or something really bad. All joints hurt. Very tired. Helped with reflux, but constant wrenching pain in stomach now. Not worth the side effects. Would not recommend at all. F 47 6 days

 4  heartburn no side effects but it has suddenly stopped working. I have been taking it twice a day for 3 years. Switched to protonix and I hope that works F 52 3 years

 5  Reflux Sun - sesitivity. Developed a super tan in the summer up here in the North - - even limiting my sun exposure , but any time in the sun was painful. During the two summers I never did get a sun burn, but it sure felt like I was burning any time I was in the sun. Also felt windburned whenever I was outside in the winter. Had a dry hacking cough that was so severe I would occasionally pass out. Tried water & vinegar and it didn't help. Took the Aciphex and symptoms disappeared immediately. Have since switched to Nexium in the last month in anticipation of summer. So far the Nexium seems to be working. M 55 2.5 years

 1  GERD/hiatal hernia So glad I found this site! I experienced loss of vision in one eye (distance) thought I was having a brain tumor. My legs ached so bad at night, it was hard to sleep and when I did it was in intervals. Also had a tightness in my chest and thought I was having a heart attack one night. Created anxiety for me too. Thankfully, I only took about four of these pills.......Have decide I will no longer waste my money on prescription pills for my problem. Its natural remedies for me, from now on. I tried the vinegar in warm water first thing in the morning and it seems to help.Also quit eating past 6:00 p.m. and am trying not to eat spicy foods, or foods with gluten. F 51 4 days
 4  GERD Weight Gain and Bloating Also worry about long term usage. Would like to try natural remedy. I tried acupuncture and did get some relief. May revist that. the drug cures the Gerd but I fear it causes other problems. F 47 1.5 years

 1  Acid Reflux/hiatal hernia weird headaches in the back of my head, severe nausea, fogginess, waking up in the middle of the night, & dizziness. I started taking this after I had to have an endoscopy for my hiatal hernia. I originally was using Protonix, but my copay was much higher so my doctor switched me to aciphex. I instantly started feeling weird. I am not a stranger to feeling nauseated, but I was severly nauseated on aciphex and had to leave work one day because it was so bad. The strangest thing was the headaches that I was getting. It wasn't so much the pain as it was the pressure in my head. I did NOT like it. I have since stopped taking it and moved to Prevacid. F 35 30 days

 5  GERD headache, sleeplessness, fogginess, nausea, leg cramps i've been taking 20mg prilosec daily for 9 years and would like to try and get pregnant so switched to class B which i just found out isn't really safe for pregnancy.. they just haven't researched it thoroughly. anyways, this drugs seems to work so well that i'm gonna try taking one every other day. in the meantime if it doesn't stop causing these terrible headaches and these other strange symptoms i'm gonna go back to prilosec. F 24 4 days
 3  GERD- Acid Reflux severe bloating feeling/gas, i get full very quickly and almost feel sick when i eat. increased anxiety and restlesness and the most bothersome one to me is that I have experienced difficulty getting sexually aroused. i've been on this medication for a little over a week and i have had difficulty getting an erection almost since the second day. prior to aciphex NO PROBLEM helped my GERD within minutes. i have to take it before i go to bed because otherwise when i wake up i will get sick immediatly. i have had bad dreams and woken up very upset almost every night. i don't know if i can keep taking it. please email me if anyone has the same side effects and knows any other meds that will work M 21 11 days
 5  gerd/gartritis/esophageal scarring moderate to severe itching - many places on body. if scratch - swells up to bump. Location: upper arms, belly, thighs. Wow. Does it ever do the job. I was on it 4 years ago - but insurance formulary changed and disallowed it. Went on prilosec/olemeprazole instead. Prilosec barely worked for me - and caused diarrhea 3 to 4 times a week (I just figured out which out of 8 prescriptions I take had been causing diarrhea for 3 years or so. Kind of dumb huh?). Switched 10 days ago - and it is wonderful - except for the itching.... M 63 10 days
 4  GERD weight gain; forgetfullness Aciphex has eliminated the excessive amount of acid I used to have and has eliminated the severe stomach pains. Just wondering if not being able to fit into any of my clothes is worth it. F 36 6 weeks

 1  Reflux Extreme lower stomach cramping and intense pain throughout stomach.Flu-like symptoms: chills, fatigue, aching, headache, extreme bloating and pain all over.Intense itching of feet throughout the night.Would rather deal with reflux than take this medicine. I started feeling terrible about three days after starting this medicine. Pretty extreme symptoms. Will definitely stop ASAP. F 38 5 days

 3  Severe Gerd Upon taking this medication I began having severe headaches. I sometimes felt the pain on the top of my head and a sharp pain would come and go on my temple area. Also, shortness of breath and tight chest (very uncomfortable feeling). It got to the point I was having anxiety because of the chest tightness I felt as if I was having an attack and couldn't breath especially after I ate dinner. This became very scary for me. I was on Protonix for about 6 months and everything was ok (I could pretty much eat what ever I wanted). I tolerated it with no side effects but it stopped working and the Gerd came on very strong. Dr. gave me Prevacid but it gave me a headache/diarreah and I only took it for 6 days. He then switched me to Aciphex and the acid problem cleared but the side effects were too much. Today I took Nexium and will have to see how that works. I wish I could go back to Protonix but I can't take a chance on it not working again. F 43 10 days
 3  Gastritis occasional belching, pain/pressure in stomach, more frequent heartburn Worked better for me than Protonix F 60 days

 1  acid reflux I have had terrible itching in spots all over my body. the back of my neck, inner thighs, calves, stomach, arms. It has been terrible and I am happy that I just read this on this site. M 44 4 months

 3  GERD Rash, hives, intense itching I was on Nexium for years but it stopped working. I was switched to Aciphex. It helped my reflux right away. I began to feel normal again. However, within a few days after taking it, I developed an itchy rash and hives. This never happened on Nexium. I had to stop the medication. I hope that I can find something else to help my reflux. F 50

 3  Stomach Pains/Maybe Ulsar Constipation, softer poo. It helped my stomach pains but gave me constipation making a new pain to cover the old one. M 17 3 months

 5  Severe Acid Reflux Diarrhea and gas After reading so many articles recently about Aciphex specifically being related to bone loss and fractures after long-term use, I decided to stop....acid reflux came back immediately with a vengence. I'm looking for a more natural remedy. Being female and post-menopausal and already prone to bone loss, I'm not taking further risks. I'd rather have acid reflux than bone fractures. F 53 1 years

 3  acid reflux It seems to lose its effectiveness after taking it for a while. F 51 2 years

 2  Barrett's esophagus, acid pain the main reason I am on the internet this morning is because it seems as if my weight gain is getting out of control. I've gained 8 pounds since starting this medication. I also feel like a truck hit me but with my severe anemia I feel like that most of the time anyway. This is the first medication I've taken. I've only had this diagnosis for about 3 months so I really cannot compare it to anything else. Suggestions and advice is appreciated. F 43 1 months
 2  heart burn severer bloating,gas, discomfort. With these side effects I would rather come off this medicine and deal with the heart burn. F 34

 1  gerd Severe headache, horrible bloating and tighness in chest. Finally discovered tonight, why I have been miserable for the past 3 weeks! The bloat, or whatever, is so bad, It feels like my chest is tight???? I have allergy induced asthma the RARELY affects me, I have been using my inhaler, but it wasnt working...NOW, I see why!! I am bloated soooo bad it's bothering my breathing. Bad Stuff. I suffer from severe acid reflux, 99% of the time it feels like something is stuck in my throat. Even WATER gets it going. Took Nexium for 2 yrs, but Insurance will not pay for it anymore, which really upsets me...now what do I do? THIS PILL ISNT WORTH THE PAIN. Does anyone else suffer from this type of reflux?? Any info on meds that work for you, would be wonderful. F 29 3 weeks
 4  gastritis; reflux After 3 weeks of taking Aciphex twice a day, numbness in hands and arms from armpits to fingertips; also an episode of severely itchy skin on the backs of my legs for 2 days. Aciphex definitely helped my stomach conditions, but I think I may have been on too high a dosage. I have discontinued this drug for now. My skin tends to be itchy in winter anyway, but the numbness was scary. F 56 20 days

 5  Severe Acid Reflux Waking up in the night After all other meds failed, this one worked! F 42 2 years
 4  GERD AND CONSTANT COUGH Diarhhea, gas, constant hunger, bad taste in mouth, thirsty Although this medicine has brought the cough under control my stomach is in an uproar all the time. F 47 45 days
 4  Acid reflux, Gerd, ulcers Severe headache, stomache pain and cramps. Pain in neck, arms, legs, and all over achey feeling. Dizzy, vertigo, general feeling of flu like symtoms. Also high anxiety and panic attacks and itching on back and legs. I was on aciphex for about 5 years and our insurance changed and had to pay for it. ($160) I was off of it for about 2 months but the acid reflux was choking me and making me sick at my stomach every day. I went back on it, and in a couple of days I started feeling sick at my stomach again and in 2 weeks I felt like someone had beaten me with a bat. My entire body hurts all over, I have panic attacks, itching and severe irritation and aggitation. Dr thinks i need to go on antidepressant. NOT going to happen. I dont know what to do, because I need something to help with the stomach problems. My food gets stuck in my throat or esophagus if I dont take this med. I've tried other meds for this and I get either heart palpatations or severe migraines with them. Can anyone suggest something else that might work. M 43 5 years
 5  too much acid in stomach Lots of belching and flatulance. Sleeplessness.I go to bed and sleep for three hours and then toss and turn for the rest of the night. Memory loss, general fogginess. Itching and joint pain, especially neck and shoulder joints. It has helped with my stomach problems. It does what it says it's going to do. It helps with acid problems, no doubt. If you can take the side effects...... M 40 30 days

 4  acid reflux,ulcer I had no side effects - tolerated well from day one. However, I had occasional breakthrough when I didn't take it in a.m. on empty stomache routinely or when I drank wine late at night. Been taking for many years and have experienced the following which may or may not be related to aciphex: adult acne, chronic diarrhea, palpitations, polyps, sudden weight gain/bloating and my lifelong migraines have worsened and are more frequent. Have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and anemia recently and suddenly. Read where it causes palpitations, polyps and bone loss. Some symptoms could also be related to menopause but I think it's the aciphex. I have done some research and have discovered this medicine was not intended for long-term use. I have had 2 surgeries to remove polyps and I'm fighting bone loss, anemia and chronic diarrhea which indicates to me absorption problems. I've always suspected this drug but trying to get off it is a misery now --- incredible heartburn. I have read that raw apple cider vinegar and digestive enzymes can help you get of the meds. I'm going cold turkey first of the year. F 56 8 years
 2  gastritous Severe chest pains, shortness of breath I'm so glad i found this website and saw that I'm not the only one with these side effects! It's time to call my Dr. back. I had taken this med for about a week and stopped because I was having chest pains. My Dr. looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that and said it was the healing making me feel that way. He did an endoscopy and put me back on it. It's been a week (again) and I feel like an elephant is stomping on my chest. I contemplated going to the hospital today. I'm only 35, and in great health (aside from my new gastro issue.) I'm going to stop taking this med. I can't even take a full deep breath. I'm worse off than I was before I started taking it! F 35 14 days

 4  acid reflux Big Time Diarrhea & Gas. Started approximately 2 weeks after taking the first pills. I plan on discontinuing taking Aciphex in the next couple of days. Will post on this site if reflux symtoms return. Hopefully side efforts will disappear. Even though the Aciphex helped, the long terms side affects would prohibit continual use. M 63 30 days

 4  Acid Reflux affecting asthma Throbbing, constant headache with light sensitivity much like a migraine for the first three days; seems to have affected my memory F 45 5 days

 1  Gastritis Headache, neck pain almost immediately after taking, stomach pain, very gassy. Will not take again. F 30 1 days

 4  GERD itching, numbness in limbs, headaches, fatigue, muscles ached, cramping, tight chest, heart palpitations, anxiety, dry mouth and throat. The Aciphex healed my esophagus and I was very pleased. The side effects were not severe enough to attribute them to the drug, so I thought I was just going to hell in a handbasket. I'm glad I found this site. I am going to wean myself off and stick with Pepcid AC and see what happens. F 43 3 months
 3  Possible ulcer Gas that would kill a horse, Bloaing, Itching in weird quarter size spots all over my body, Dull and obnoxious headache, Weight gain due to fatigue or what is called the "hangover effect"(typically I work out regularly and don't crave "yuck" (high carb/fatty) foods-for some reason with this med. I have been. Just tired, headachy and crappy. It's almost like PMS-like effects. Stomach feels great tho! It was excellent reading other peoples info. The official stats of some of the side effects I am experiencing show as <1 in 1000 but reading these reviews here prove to me some effects are much more prevalent than the stats indicate. I will try taking it 1 every 2 days and see if that helps. If not, I'll have to move on. F 30 14 days

 3  ulcers, gerd I am having insomnia, some nausea It works, but not all the way. I am only mildly satisfied with this drug. I've had to take over medication on top of it to help with my Gerd. Not sure if I want to continue the medication. F 27 14 days

 4  Gerd & Barrets A mix of aching joints, fatigue, hangover headache,severe anxiety, dry mouth and throat, heart palpitations/tight chest feeling, gas, nausea.....all this has increased since I received my Aciphex refill...maybe the recipe has been changed....!! I now going to ask for a change of meds to combat the bloody lousy side effect off Aciphex,although Aciphex is very effective. Note: avoid wine, chocolate, tomato products, citrus, high fat contents, and anything acidic. Moderate quantity of beer is ok with me. M 52 12 months
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