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 3  depression Immediate (within a few days) side effects were extreme sweating, dry mouth and unable to pass urine. Those soon subsided, but then my appetite increased, especially at night. After about 2 weeks, my appetite became huge and I started to gain a lot of weight quickly, so I stopped it. It did not help my depression, although it did just seem to dull everything-- it's not like I WASN'T depressed anymore, it was just that I DIDN'T CARE that I was depressed... I have had a problem with weight-gain on other antidepressants as well, but at least with some others (Lexapro) I felt immediately felt great when I was on it. WIth Paxil I didn't really feel all that different, just dulled. But I believe you have to try anything you can, as each medication has different effects on everyone. F 35 1.5 months

 2  panic attacks weight gain, unable to achieve orgasim After 4 years on Paxcil CR...the panic attacks have come back. My doctor is going to change my medication to Cymbalta. F 44 4 years

 5  Anxiety,OCD,Panic Attacks i have been diagnosed with really bad anxiety. I have been on every drug known to man..After recently getting out of the hospital for anxiety in february, i went on paxil and it has helped me live life..i love it. No weight gain..PEOPLE WORK OUT. I love it ;D F 20 6 days

 4  Anxiety It made me sleepy, extremely hungry at times. Paxil worked great on my anxiety issues, however, I gained about 15 lbs in 3 months towards the end. I have never had any problems with weight gain, in fact people always comment on how skinney I was. I am off of Paxill now (1 1/2 months) and still trying to loose the weight. F 40 1 years

 5  Severe panic attacks, depression Lack of emotion, weight gain, need more sleep So glad I'm taking it. Have had illness since I was 12 yrs. old, nothing else worked. Unable to come off meds though. F 42 7 years
 1  Anxiety/depression. Nothing at all. I would've at least preferred a slight NEGATIVE affect, just to prove that it was, indeed, flowing through my bloodstream. Complete waste of time & money. F 18

 5  Anxiety For the first couple weeks, I felt extra shaky and had night sweats. Decreased libido and minor weight gain (5-7 lbs). I had fairly severe panic attacks that seemed to come out of nowhere and was pretty shaky overall. After taking Paxil, I feel great, although I am going to start weaning off the drug because I want to start a family soon and am nervous about the effects of Paxil on the baby (I've seen a bunch of commercials on TV about Paxil causing heart probs in infants). F 28 11 months

 3  Panic attacks; OCD weight gain; loss of libido; unable to orgasm; profuse and continuous sweating. Paxil was extremely effective as far as my panic attacks. They were debilitating. OCD has not improved. The side effects have been an equal trade for the panic attacks. The sweating is the most bothersome to me. M 50 4 years

 4  Anxiety/Depression One panic attack at night, and one manic episode, but not again after the one time. Inability to have orgasm. I became a bit spacy. I felt like I was on a cloud of bliss...not anxious at all...and was able to handle socializing with ease. I stopped because of the sexual side effects. F 34 3 months

 4  depression weight gain sexual side effects numbness F 18 months

 5  depression I'm only on 10 mg, the minimum dose, sometimes less. I'm sleepy a lot more. Need a lot of naps. Get very bad hangovers if I'm not careful. Sexual function lower, but that's ok. This drug has saved my life. F 30 2 years

 3  Panic Attacks Loss of libido I'm on 40mg of paxil, not paxil CR. I have found paxil CR to be horrible. It didn't help my anxiety whatsoever. Paxil was a wonder drug for me, i had had to quit high school and became agoraphobic because my anxiety was so bad. Someone suggested i take Paxil and it worked wonders for me. There are some bad parts though, i have very little libido and the withdrawal is HORRIBLE. If i ever had to go without it i would become very lightheaded, nauseous, and experience the most uncomfortable feeling i've ever experienced. Great drug for anxiety but be prepared, it can be tough to come off of it. F 24 6 years

 4  Slight OCD, depression slightly thirsty, decreased libido but it is not a problem. It has helped a lot, I am enjoying my life a little more. Probably decrease in emotion, which may be good for me. F 51 3 weeks

 2  Depresssion severe headaches, difficulty concentrating, problems with word association and short-term memory, extreme fatigue and yawning Was on 75 mg of Effexor for 2 months and developed severe headaches. Doctor thought it was due to the Effexcor so switched me to 20 mg of Paxil. Headaches went away for a few weeks, but after about 5 weeks of taking Paxil, I had daily severe headaches that lasted for 3.5 months. Had CTscan and MRI to rule out other causes, since doctor did not think it was due to the Paxil. Was prescribed Topamax for the headaches, but Topamax actually made headaches worse. Am tapering off Paxil now and am experiencing vivid dreams, night sweats, nauseous - but thankfully no more headaches. For me, these withdrawal symptoms are minor compared to the dibilating headaches I was getting. Both Effexor and Paxil did help with my depression, but unfortunately for me, the side effects outweighed the benefits. F 30 5 months

 1  panic attacks Every side effect possible!!! DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE!! i took it for 5 days and i cant eat nor get out of bed!! i have severe derealization and i feel like im losing my mind. SSRI's are not to be messed with M 20 5 days

 5  depression dont think i have any side affects from this, im currently taking 37.5MG. i have experienced weight gain, but my doc belives its from the Depakote 500MG i was taking 3x a day. This drug has really helped me with my severe depression, i used to be on Lexapro and that didnt do a thing for me. F 24 10 months
 4  Anxiety depression Rough for the first 2wks or so...Sleepless nights, restlessness, headaches, muscle aches and loss of sexual appetite ( Anorgasmia ). Tried 4-5 different tablets before having these as a last resort...Been on them 3months now and i feel so nuch better than i did. Like any tablet it has unwanted side effects but i overcame them. They appear to be working well for me and i can get back to a normal way of life again. F 30 3 months
 4  anxiety slight loss of libido my anxiety has decreased markedly and feels under control M 32 10 days

 4  social anxiety i gained lots of wieght worked great for the anxiety F 33 7 years

 5  anxiety low libido, tired My anxiety went form a 7 to a 2. I am able to function well and complete my studies without being sad or worried. This drug is a blessing. I suggest taking it at night to decrease the s/e. M 27 6 months

 5  no just paxil i only had low libido F 37 11 years

 3  Depression, OCD, Panic Attacks Loss of emotions, feeling spaced out, weight gain. It worked well for my depression, but at some point I felt a lack of emotions that worried me. That's why i stopped this drug and change to another anti-depressant. F 30 1 years

 5  Anxiety/Depression/OCD At the start I had no libido, then it came back in full swing. I became totally apathetic. It was as if I had no emotions at all. You could tell me the world is going to end and I could shrug it off. P.S I am on Paxil 30mg and changing to 25mg CR to offsett the side effects hopefully. Paxil has helped me tremendously. It helped me clear my head and figure out what is exactly wrong and stride towards my goals. M 27 5 months

 4  anxiety, panic attacks sleeping too much and weight gain I've always been super skinny.. and I don't know what it is about this combo of Paxil CR 25 mg and Buspar.. but I have gained so much. i went from a size 2.. *barely small enough* to a size six *struggling to fit in* thats depressing but i almost dont care because I feel amazingly better. situations that would drive me crazy and make me panic have become ok. Somewhat weary of the fact that I may have to rely on a drug to feel "normal" for the rest of my life. But i'm ok with it for now. Only downside .. being a college student.. alcohol is a huge part of the college lifestyle. I still drink... not much.. but in the morning I feel like I suffer from increased anxiety. Guess I should read the warning lables. F 22

 1  Bipolar/Manic Depression Chills, slept 12-14 hours daily, tired all the time, PMS-terribly, loss of sexual drive, weight gain, twitching in sleep, nightmares, insomia at times- bipolar systoms will return. suicidal thoughts this product is crap. I have been on it for a very long time- I just prepared a list of how to go about killing myself. I had to step out of my body (like I am really in it) and tell myself to see the doctor. i will see her first thing in the morning, if I make it to morning... F 21 3 years

 3  Depression, anxiety frequent yawning, occassional bloating, weight loss (12 lbs in 2 weeks), no desire to eat, dizziness, nausea, very weak F 16 2 weeks

 1  Anxiety disorder Extreme vertigo. slight nausea. The vertigo is so bad that I keep falling I took Paxil CR only ONE time. 1 pill. thats it. It has caused me to have the most severe case of vertigo. Every time I move, I fall. F 29 1 days

 1   F 24 6 days

 4  Anxiety Gained 20 pounds and severe decrease in libido I loved the way Paxil made me feel, but I could not deal with the weight gain and loss of sexual desire. F 36 6 months

 1  GAD Ringing in ears, weight gain, racing heart. Took this med for a month-from 12.5 CR to 25 CR. Doc took me off of it since I was having bad side effects and I went through the withdrawals for 2 weeks. 2 months later still have tinnitus and a few zaps. M 43 1 months

 1  panic attacks I could NOT sleep on it to save my life. And when I was awake I was so tired that I just laid around doing nothing. which included not eating, therefore lost 10% of my body weight in ONE WEEK. That one week that I was on it, my life was hell. I didn't stay on it long enough to even see if it worked but bad side effects was bad enough for me to get off of them. F 25 7 days
 1  for anxiety attacks this is such a terrible medicine! I've been with it for about 3-4 yrs now. I'm taking 30 mg of it plus 150 mg of wellbutrin. i always try to get out of it, but it still takes me back due to such sever withdrawals. Last night, i thought i heard such a loud bang hitting our apt bldg like a big rock. It wokr me up and i got up and walk to the living rm thinking there may be some people outside...but there's none and is very quiet. i tried to wake up my daughter who's so asleep. WE SHOULD BAN THIS MEDICINE FOR YOUNGER PEOPLE! F 35 4 years
 3  panic attacks Weight gain, vivid dreams, drowsiness, loss of libido, feeling out of it, dizziness...and prob many more i havent attributed to the drug yet. Paxil helped with my panic attacks (until i have recently begun having them again), KEEP UP ON YOUR REFILLS!! I let my rx run out and had to wait a week for a new one..HORRIBLE nausea, headaches, dizziness, feeling like im in a dream, couldnt sit up or head would pound..the WORST! I do feel like i am being run by this drug. I will keep taking it but i do recommend not getting addicted to any mood stabalizers if possible!! F 24 1 years

 3  depression anorgasmic M 68 4 months

 1  OCD, Anxiety no sex drive, unable to orgasm, night sweats, "out-of-it" feeling, apathetic about life some days. I just recently got into a car accident because i was so foggy one morning from taking the med so late the night before. It is making my OCD worse at times, but some days i feel fine. By far the worse part is no sex drive for me. I'm going to get off this med ASAP, i will deal with the compulsions. its just not worth it. F 22 2 months

 4  Panic Attacks a lot a lot of yawning, sleeping during the day, headaches, and weird dreams that feel they go on through the whole night.. Im still on it right now and i guess im doing better, i havent had a panic attack, but i feel scared sometimes...im scared to drive still i can only go a certain distance...i yawn a lot..and it wares me out! F 20 4 weeks
 4  depression and anxiety Gained 15 pounds F 31 6 months

 1  Anxiety Extremely horrible withdrawl, NO sex drive, no ability to reach orgasm, chills, ear buzzing, sleeping too much, terrible nightmares, and the list goes on... I was on paxil over five years ago, and I still get the chills and also still experience the buzzing in my ears. I get the chills between 10 and 15 times a day, and this only started to occur through the withdrawl phase. Please do not take this drug. The withdrawl is not worth it. I cried for about two weeks straight, had no appetite, and was erratic for several weeks. I can't believe that doctors actually prescribe this horrible drug. Paxil has had a negative impact on my life. F 22 6 months

 5   Not much sexual desire and difficult to reach orgasms This drug saved my life!! If i went on my life the way i was doing, i would be death before my 30th birthday, I'm sure of that. I couldn't find a way out. I was tired of struggling... But I still had a little bit energy to go the psych. Since the first day I took it, i felt things were changing. A few months later I am a quit, energetic man. I can see things in perspective again. I can breathe again, this is one big reliefe. Life is not bad anymore, i like other people back again and i get out of bed easily. My sex life is flushed down the loo, but it's better then the horror i experienced before, thank god for living!! M 25 7 weeks

 5  ocd and anxiety slight nausea first weeks, little hunger, drowsy, now none. AMAZING change, I feel a weight off of me. I was obsessed with my body, my mind, death you name it. I feel almost cured of 30 years of anxiety....I had tried everything, yoga, meditation, diets, exercise, celexa....nothing except being drunk worked (not very effective lifesyle) I think it is wonderful. F 33 45 days

 4  anxiety, depression, panic attacks Increased hunger, more energy I switched from celexa to paxil cr about 2 days ago and I LOVE IT! I havent had any bad side effects YET besides increased appetite, but thats ok. When I was on celexa, I felt like a zombie 24/7. With Paxil CR, I feel more like myself! I also have more energy than I did while taking celexa. I've only been on Paxil CR for 2 days, but so far so good! F 20 2 days

 4  anxiety panic blurred vision and/or photosensitivity It does a great job of keeping my anxiety down but after being off of it for a while I start to get headaches. M 25 2 years

 2  Bipolar I w/ GAD Mania, MASSIVE anxiety, sweating like a pig, fatigue,weight gain, and after one year at 30mg a day it stopped working and I had a BIG bipolar freak out. If you are bipolar I would not recommend taking Paxil, even with a mood stablizer. I took mine with depakote and all I did was sleep and get fat. Without a mood stablizer Paxil put me into manic states followed by very violent and depressive states-not good. Then after so long it quit doing anything at all. I just went to a new psychiatrist and amm now on the right meds. I am on a combo of 2 antidepressants now- Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL with Geodon for my mood stablizer. A much better combo, I am actually starting to feel like my head is coming out of the clouds. I almost feel like me again. F 22 1 years

 2  panic/anxiety/depression Mainly listed are side effects that continued throughout duration of therapy. tiredness, drugged feeling(not a good one), profuse and continuous sweating, significantly decreased sexual desire, significant increase in alcohol abuse and cravings, problems concentrating, Paxil cr was somewhat effective for me at 37.5 mg. Everything is okay until you go off the drug. I had pretty nasty withdrawals including the electrical "zaps" (reported with all ssri's), even more sweating, shakiness, GI distress, increase in anxiety/depression(to be expected). Withdrawals gradually got worse as I decreased dosage further. They got bad enough where I had to go back on Zoloft(also an SSRI). I also take seroquel which also helps with withdrawals. They probably would have been much worse if I wasn't on anything else to help compensate. Paxil cr is very beneficial for some people to the point where therapeutic effects outweigh side effects. Stay on lowest dose as possible to minimize possible adverse effects if it if effective for you. It has been reported the paxil/cr is the worst ssri in terms of sexual side effects and withdrawals(next to effexor an SNRI) and I experienced both of these (these effects are very inconvienent for young men like myself) M 20 4 months

 2  depression, anxiety weight gain, difficulty to achieve an orgasim, dry mouth Withdrawal is unbearable. Glutathione may help to get off from this drug. You can get sublingual tablets at a health food store. Also, to minimize withdrawal symptoms, you may ask your doctor to switch you to Prozac. Hope this helps, and do some research before taking any drug!!! Good luck to everyone!!! F 22 5 days

 5  anxiety and severe panic attacks slight nausea and headaches on occasion, unable to have an orgasam, feeling tired at different times of the day, yawning-but this is lessening, at first when I first started taking it, very tired at night, now having a hard time going to sleep. Initially started on 12.5mg and now I a at 25 mg. I have had no panic attacks, my attacks were starting to cluster-I would have near fainting spells and I feared them coming all the time. now I worry less and I am able to get out and do alot of the things I want to do-the anticipatory anxiety is lessening and I am using my Klonopin less. I havent had trouble with anxiety for 6 years, so when the panic started again, it was surprising and frustrating bc I have overcome so much-so this is why I feel this is such a great medication-it has helped me with my PMS and my irritablilty, hopefully the sexual side effects will lessen-thank goodness I have an understanding husband. I am just thankful I am getting over it and I am able to get back to normal. F 38 1 months

 3  anxiety and depression headaches , insomnia and some manic tendancies. I started taking paxil 6 months ago after I endured 4 major surgeries and stayed in the hospital 5 weeks for depression and anxiety. I started out on Wellbutrin which made me irritable and paxil did seem to improve my mood and anxiety especially in the beginning. I do experience headaches and insomnia which I think may be due to this medication however. M 32 6 months

 3  panic/anxiety, depression increased sweating, sexual disfunction(decreased drive, delayed ejaculation etc), cravings for alcohol/increased alcohol tolerance. Paxil cr has helped somewhat with my symptoms, but not enough to outweigh side effects. I am currently tapering off of the drug and have had withdrawal symptoms(37.5mg-25mg-12.5mg...). Since tapering off the drug, I have had an even more intense craving for alcohol along with the usual withdrawals (increased depression/anxiety, shakiness, tingling, and a general feeling of distress.) I don't feel like myself right now. I also take seroquel, which I know is helping with withdrawal symptoms.(I've been taking seroquel for a long time, before I was on paxil cr). I can't imagine what it's like to go off of paxil without something to augment the withdrawal process. Paxil/paxil cr may be beneficial for some people, but don't take it unless it's you must, that is after trying other SSRI's (zoloft, celexa, prozac, etc). Everything will be fine until you taper off of the drug. Paxil/paxil cr is supposedly be the worst SSRI in terms of sexual side effects and withdrawal symptoms, whi M 20 3 months

 1  anxiety weight gain, loss of libido, horrendous withdrawal, akathisia, total numbness of all feelings, grayness to the skin after about 4 months of use Must be tapered slowly, can easily become dependent, too readily handed out. F 40 7 months

 1  pregnancy induced hypertension weight gain (50 pounds that I could not take off and that did not include 35 pregnancy pounds), lethargy, fatigue, lack of sex drive, carb and soda cravings (overwhelming), numbness of emotions, loss of attention span, mental fog getting off is pure hell. I've had withdrawal symptoms for 17 months and no sign of an end. F 34 20 months

 5  yes Fatigue, sexual side effects (but only in the first month, then back to normal) This medication has helped me greatly. I feel like myself again. I am able to communicate with people again and I feel comfortable around others. I have OCD, and it has almost completely dissapeared, I rarely have distressing thoughts. I'm almost always in a positive mood and I rarely become depressed. This has greatly improved my life! F 25 6 months

 3  anxiety/depression initially, affected my appetite. now, after two weeks i get extra sleepy and lethargic in the afternoon. i actually HAD to take a nap for the first time in years. also, my mouth seems a bit dry and i have had decreased libido and inability to reach orgasm. i'll stick with it for now and hope the tired feeling goes away. M 35 3 weeks

 1  back pain! suicide toughts. addiction. withdrawal hell a killer weapon!!!! F 35 6 years

 5  Panic disorder yawning, tiredness that comes and goes, mild headaches the first few days I haven't had a panic attack since i started this med. I can't believe the difference it has made in my overall well being. I wasn't able to drive w/o having a full blown panic attack and now I can drive on he highway! I am much happier and more content, even have energy some days now! F 31 3 weeks

 5  OCD Pretty bad insomnia, difficulty to reach orgasm, change in vision (not 100% sure if this has to do with paxil however), constipation, increased hunger, vivid dreams...in all honesty, all of these effects are worth paxil cr's results! This medication is flat out amazing. OCD was seriously holding my life back. I couldn't even drive in my car alone without having horrible recurring thoughts. I had to start falling asleep with the t.v. on so I could distract myself. Now, I can easily fall asleep without the t.v. and I can be alone without being swarmed by horrible thoughts. I'm taking a small dosage (12.5mg) so it takes a little longer to go away, but so far so good! F 18 5 months

 3  Depression, then diagnosed Bipolar Mild weight gain, Killed libido Controlled moods fairly well M 22 4 years

 4  Depression and anxiety Yawning, constantly fatigued, nightmares, dizziness and weight gain. I slept every chance I could get for about 2 months. Weight gain has now really became a factor. F 32 6 months
 4  premature ejaculation a little diziness I pop a 30mg pill around 2 hours before sex and i can give my partner an orgasm. I like having sex on paxil, it feels better for me too. Otherwise it's just two quick... i've been taking it from time to time for 2 years now. M 24 2 years

 1  Depression, Anxiety, Anorexia WEIGHT GAIN, fatigue, binge eating, increased depression/anxiety This drug is the devil. I hate it! I have develeped uncontrolable eating habits. My weight has soared in a short amount of time (which is NOT cool being recovering anorexic). My depression became more severe as well as my anxiety. I am suicidal and have no desire to recover from my Eating Disorder. I have definitely changed for the worst on this medication. I had been on Zoloft prior and loved it. My stupid doctors decided to change me over to the devil drug, Paxil, and I am begging to go back on Zoloft. I hate Paxil! F 17

 5  depression/ocd extreme fatigue/strange dreams depression stopped completely, OCD subsided to point of almost being gone. M 20 2 years
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