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 1  Depression Horrible stomach pain and nausea 24 hours a day, so sleepy I fell asleep every time I sat down, heart palpitations, felt like a zombie, completely apathetic about everything. F 35 2 weeks





 4  Depression So far, the only side effect has been drowsiness so I make sure that I take it at night before bedtime and get a full night's sleep. I've only been taking it since Tuesday, 5/7. I was on Paxil 10 mg a day before my dr switched me to Paxil CR. (I've been experiencing terrible weight gain and she thinks CR might help.) So far, so good. F 36 5 days
 3  Depression/Anxiety nausea/stomach pain/"burning" sensation in face (always occurs in the a.m. - I take the pill @ night)/diarrhea/apathy & feeling very, very tired I don't think I will continue. I know I need something to assist me @ this time in my life but do not feel this is the drug for me F 35 2 weeks

 4  Anxiety/panic disorder Sleepiness,crampy, diarrhea none to date,haven't been on it for a long duration of time yet. F 29
 5  depression none saved my life. M 40 1 years

 4  anxiety/panic attacks The first 2 weeks I experienced nausea,apathy, extreme tiredness and a horrible fuzzy feeling in my head, however, this has passed and the medication is now working well. I am still experiencing some tiredness but as I also take a beta blocker for high blood pressure the combination of the two is probably causing this. I would recommend taking "time out" in the first two weeks of taking the medication to give your body time to adjust. F 44 6 weeks

 2  anxiety/depression I've always had stomach trouble- Paxil CR just made it worse with wave after wave of nausea. Makes the day drag by when you are drowsy, too. Persistant slight headache on and off. These continued even two days after my final dosage. With all I've experienced and heard about how hellish it is going on and getting off this med, I would never recommend it to anybody. F 22 2 days

 3  Anxiety Could not sleep at all, headaches, constipation. Will start taking in the morning, to hopefully sleep at night. Hopefully other side effects will go away over time. F 22 1 weeks
 5  Panic Disorder Sleepiness during afternoons, Mild Insomnia keeping me up till about midnight-1:00AM. Taken with Dinner @ 7pm, I have hardly any side effects. Especially as bad as I did with Other SSRI's. This medicine is much better as far as side effects go... If you've tried another SSRI, and it treated you bad, Try Paxil CR. Good Luck all !! M 27 16 days

 5  Depression Moderate headaches, minor constipation, fatigue during early days, some insomnia. Side effects seem to be getting less, and taking trazodone at night solved the insomnia, which I expect to go away by itself. Made my libido STRONGER not weaker...:)) I have more energy, and am more optimistic....so far so good. M 55 14 days
 1  I was switched to Paxil CR I became weak, didnt sleep well, woke up anxious and nervous. Experienced upset stomach, light headed, dizziness. Made me sleepy most of the toime during the day. Overall, I woild not recommend taking this medicine, unless your doctor says something. I could not handle the side effects, so thats why I will go back to the regualr paxil. M 19 1 weeks

 2  anxiety dry mouth, mild hadache, sleep disturbance F 33 7 days

 2  Anxiety Lethargic, I could stay in bed for days. Could not think clearly. Decreased appetite, especially could not eat meat. I immediately felt better after I quit taking this. I've been off for 3 days and have felt much better. F 32 6 days

 1  depression\anxiety Extreme drowsyness, Some drymouth, fuzzy vision, dazed feeling, tunnelvision, don't drive while on this drug. Went off the drug on day 5 and side effects all subsided after 18 hours. withdrawal: cramps, achey joints, tingling skin, itchy scalp. Felt much better after quiting. Drug may work for some but too much for me. I didn't feel in control. M 43 4 days

 5  Obcessive Compulsive Disorder Slight dry mouth, slight headaches, sleepiness It has really helped with the OCD. I feel much more self confident. M 35 4 weeks

 2  depression/g.a.d extreme fatigue. was taking 25 mg/day for first 2 mo. then went to 12.5 mg/day. delayed orgasm which is fine b/c I often had premature ejaculation. Weight gain (20 lbs in 3 months) Do take viagra when needed for e.d. I initially was on 300 mg/day wellbutrin sr for depression but still had some g.a.d. after 4 months. this was cut to 150mg/day with 12.5mg/day of paxil cr for the anxiety. I was then taken of wellbutrin and put on 25mg/day paxil cr. The paxil was wonderful for the anxiety but all I wanted to do was sleep. I was constantly falling asleep on the job and did nothing but sleep at home which upset my wife b/c it was as if I were doped up on downers all the time. It was even hard for me to drive and stay awake at times. I was on paxil cr for about 3 mo. I've now gone back to 300mg/day wellbutrin sr combined with 100/mg viagra for my erectile dysfuction. The only downer about Wellbutrin SR is that when I initially was taking it, I lost almost 20 lbs. the in 4 months and I eat like a horse. I was 6 feet tall & 173 lbs and dropped to 153 lbs. When I went on Paxil I gained it almost all back. I don't need to lose weight but I'll take it over feeling doped up on paxil all of the time. Wellbutrin is great for depression and gives me a quality of life but just adds a tinge of anxiety to me. M 41 3 months
 3  anxiety/depression Fatigue,fatigue,fatihue and some nausea I've only been taking Paxil CR for approx. 2 mo now and to be quite honest I'm still waiting for the most optimal results if they are even coming F 29 2 months
 4  repeated episodes of depression when i first started taking them i got a dry mouth, and a feeling of being disorientated also drowsiness - but reduced my dose til i got used to them then increased them again as an anti d it is very effective i am having real trouble coming off them - my gp supports my decision but thinks the side effects are in my head. i feel sick, dizzy, hot/cold sweats and a strange 'drugged' feeling F 33 8 months

 5  panic disorder, depression none has absolutely worked wonders. used to spaz out in the evening. no more. my family loves it! F 29 6 weeks

 4  depression/anxiety needed to nap during the day for the first week and there is absolutely NO sexual desire at all. Other than that there are no other side effects for me. I had reservations about continuing this medication when I read about the extreme side effects coming off this drug. I decided to go ahead and keep taking it because it took away the severe depression and anxiety after the second day. I don't know what will happen when I do attempt to come off Paxil CR, but I will have faith that things won't be that bad since I don't have many side effects. F 32 3 weeks

 1  depression Dizziness, confusion, upset stomach, hot flashes, head aches, nightmares, and extremely drained of energy. Since taking Paxil CR I have felt 10 times worse than before I began taking it! F 29 5 weeks

 4  Depression and Anxiety Dry mouth in the morning mostly, loss of appetite but that's coming back after a few weeks of being on it, not sleeping well and tired all the time. I can tell that I'm feeling better with the depression and anxiety, but I dread the mornings because I feel so tired and zombie like when I drive to work. I'm told that this will go away with time. I'll be patient and see what happens. I notice by mid morning I'm feeling a lot better. F 35 2 weeks
 4  depression Different side effects at different times. At night a little anxious and in the mornings when I take it I get a little forgetfull. Really helped gety me out of my depression. Iam now able to get out of bed without a fight and feeling already overwhelmed. I have found that NOT telling friends can be a good idea. I have recieved mixed comments from friends. It is best not to have to explaine everything to everyone and rummors always cause issues M 29 3 weeks

 5  depression/anxiety Sleepiness, occasional nausea, occasional slight headaches. Helped w/depression tremendously. Tried to stop for 5 days, and was beside myself w/old bad feelings. Went back on and everythings great. Also helps w/desire for sexual relations, probably because it makes me feel better about everything in general anyway. F 42 7 months
 1  severe anxiety/panic disorder Extreme nausea, unbearable headache, insomnia,appetite decrease, vomiting, unusual sweating, tremor This is my third time trying Paxil. Doctor and counselor are insistent this is the drug for me. I can't bear the side effects! F 23 2 days

 5  depression I have had none. I am so happy with this med, and I really think this is me talking not just the meds. I thought I couldn't stopped taking something else, I though it was my life line, I had been on it for over 3 yrs and my doctor suggested trying something else which was Paxil Cr and it has been the best chance I've taken in a long time. :) 23 1 months

 5  Anxiety & OCD (mild) For the first few weeks, many including: lack of ability to concentrate, "mental fogginess", poor sleep, constipation, sleepiness (from lack of sleep at night) sexual function (ability to maintain erection, no climax). Now, after six weeks of use, everything is fine except sleep pattern is not quite back to normal and I still have poor sexual function. Actually, my erection is fine, but it takes a long time (sometimes/often never) to climax. I'm going to ride this out longer to see if the sexual function returns. The drug is so good, I'm hesitant to change anything. It really did a good job for me. At least in my case, you have to give the drug a few weeks for the side effects to subside. M 43 6 weeks

 3  depression the paxil took away my irration, which was very severe, but now I crave sweets. This craving is completely uncontrollable and I fear major weight gain. F 35 5 weeks
 1  Mild Anxiety Inceased Anxiety, emotional mood swings I took this drug for two days. From the time I started taking it my anxiety increased 3 fold accompanied by extreme emotional mood swings. Was taking Klonopin half of a .5 mg tab about 3 times a week for mild anxiety that would surface occassionally. Thought it would be good to go on a therapeutic medication to try and halt the mild anxiety all together but after two days of greatly increased anxiety I am going to stop. M 31 2 days

 1  depression, anxiety disorder Very tired and apathetic. Horribly nauseated with loss of appetite.Also have been more anxious than before. Have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks of taking this medication due to not being able to eat. Though I have not taken the medication for very long, I don't think I can get past the side effects. I feel worse than I did before, and have stopped taking it.This is actually my 2nd time trying this drug, but again have been unable to try to see it through due to side effects, which disappoints me, as from what I have read, and from what my doctor told me, Paxil CR is supposed to have fewer side effects than the regular Paxil. F 39 2 weeks


 5  panic attacks & depression Side effects included: decrease in appetite(I lost 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks), dizziness, sleepiness, yawning, moments of mental block or confusion, dry mouth, and at times people would comment on my dialated pupils. All the side effects subsided after 3-4 weeks. I was suffering from severe panic attacks and depression (for more than a year)prior to taking paxil cr. My anxiety and depression immediately improved once I started the meds. The side effects eventually went away... and so did the depression and anxiety for the most part. I feel like my old self again. If I forget to take the meds in the morning, by afternoon I start to get a headache, but It goes away after I take the missed dose. I would highly recommend this drug to anyone suffering from panic attacks (& depression). I would also recommend combining it with therapy. I have my life back!! F 30 5 months

 4  depression/anxiety dry mouth, loss of energy,lack of sex drive, taken in combo w/ adderall so i don't have loss of concentration (i have A.D.D.) it works pretty well but i'm going to consider dropping down to the 12.5 mg dose or going to try another antidep... F 30 4 months

 1  panic disorder For the first 2 days I felt fine aside from typical side effects, sleepiness, dry mouth, etc. Nothing major until the 3rd day. I suddenly began to have a burning sensation throughout my entire body. It was intense and painful. It reminded me of having something like bengay or flexall being shot into my veins and running throughout my body. I was emotionless and couldn't sleep for 2 days. Finally after the 2nd day of this burning some feelings began to come back to my legs. The Dr. told me to never take an SSRI again, he believes it was an allergic reaction, without the appearance of hives. The feeling took about 8 days to completely go away, but it lessened considerably after those 2 days. It was very scary. According to the pharmacist my experence with the CR is only about 1% of people taking the drug. I also think if I had it to do over again I would have rather been on regular Paxil, because that wears off after 24 hours. The CR builds up in your body and stays in there for a lot longer. F 30 3 days
 5   3 years

 1  depression/anxiety constant headache,increased anxiety,felt like I was completely losing control of everything. Made everything alot worse when taking it. I was on 25mgs. once a day. after 3 days I couldnt take the side effects. have been off for awhile and am already feeling better. M 46 3 days

 3  panic disorder none M 37 90 days

 1  anxiety dizziness, especially while driving, dry mouth, increased sweating, muscle tension, delayed and decreased ejaculatory response, insomnia, teeth grinding, dulled senses, impaired alertness. in addition, it takes an extended period of time for the drug to leave your system once stopping. i still do not feel right. M 36 22 days

 5  anxiety, depression , ocd slight stomach pain, sleepiness within 1 day almost totally eliminated my ocd...slight side effects well worth the gain... M 29 5 days

 3  panic attacks and depression insomnia (it was horrible the first week), seeing flashes of light when i closed my eyes, nausea, stomach discomfort, bad heartburn, muscle aches, ups and downs constantly which are getting better, going into dazes, headaches i took prozac first and had a horrible side effect. i started paxil cr at 25mg which gave me terrible side effects so the doctor lowered the dosage to 12.5 and i am feeling the results but it took time and i stuck with it. the side effects are awful at times, but i feel improvement M 29 12 days

 5  anxiety and panic attacks weight gain, sexual disfunction I have been trying to get off this drug. The drug was wonderful while I was on it. I did not experience that bad of side effects until I stopped taking it. I have SEVERE dizziness, nausea, light headedness, disconnected feeling, fuzzyhead all the time. It is awful. The mood swings are massive. I feel like a monster. F 26 5 months

 4  panic disorder and depression many many side effects...not able to sleep at night, dizziness, headaches, stomach aches, muscle aches, anxiety, shaking, blurred vision, feeling like i was "out of it" if you do experience side effects, they do eventually go away. i feel a lot better now and i am almost 3 weeks on the medicine. the side effects lasted until 2 days ago and they were awful. i almost wanted to quit, but now they are gone. it does work after time, its just the side effects that are discouraging..but if you stick with it, they do subside. i feel normal again...not depressed and not anxious and have not had one panic attack. M 29 20 days

 3  Anxiety/Depression/Panic attacks Dry mouth, NEVER hungry, insomnia(only at night), yawning, weird twitching (almost like an electrical shock), grinding teeth and biting my tongue in my sleep, hard time remembering things and . I was taking regular Paxil and was having crazy side effects so I switched to CR. I was also on Neurontin and that was making me really dizzy so I got off that after 2 weeks. I like the Paxil CR much better than regular Paxil but the twitching thing drives me nuts! I bite my tongue in my sleep and grind my teeth and it hurts. I now have to take my dose at night before bed along with a sleep aid (Ambien)and I skip all the side effects except for loss of appetite. I would suggest taking it this way because all the main side effects you sleep through. I will also say I am tired a lot (only during the day) and still have a little anxiety here and there. I also have Xanax on hand if I feel I really need it but so far the Paxil is doing its job. What's up with the twitching though? F 28 5 months

 5  Depression/Anxiety Side effects during the 1st 4 weeks: numbness in hands and feet, major night sweats, weird vivid dreams (still get them), delayed orgasm.Had nausea and insomnia before starting Paxil - after about 4 weeks I was able to eat and sleep normally again. My first bout with depression. Don't know about nausea and insomnia side effects - prior to starting the medication I was in very bad shape - hadn't slept in days, lost 10 pounds in a couple weeks. Also took Ambien and Klonopin during the first couple weeks. Then tapered off sleep medication. No insomnia or sleepiness with only Paxil. Paxil pulled me out of a hellish time in my life and I am grateful for the drug, but now after reading about withdrawal, am afraid to go off it....Do not want to upset the balance I now have.Have not had a single migraine since starting Paxil F 41 13 months

 1  depression/anixety head aches abd ones. hot flashes felt like i was going out of my mind, felt like i was losing grip of reality. made my kidney hurt as well. medford oregon,,,,, M 33 22 days
 4  depression first i noticed it left a horrible taste in my mouth; i have experienced night sweats for first time in my life, and drug has seemed to prolong my erection; am experiencing occasional blurred vision am on 12.5 mg/day, and would say it has helped more than hurt; have had occasional suicidal thoughts, but blame life more than drug - maybe it has saved me? M 33 4 months

 5  depressiona/anxiety/OCD None It worked the first day I took it. It's been such a long time since I don't have "thoughts" in my head that drive me nuts all day long. I can concentrate while I'm at work with out the "distractions." I can have a conversation with my boyfriend without feeling uncomfortable because I was analysing everything he said. I can sleep now because I'm not all wound up from being anxious all day long. Sex is fine, with myself and others :) F 33 2 days

 4  Panic Disorder,Depression,O.C.D. The first 2 weeks cold sweats,nervousness,cramps with diarrea mild insomnia I have lost 27 lbs in 3 weeks half due to depression and probably due to feeling like crap in the mornings till the Paxil started working,I don't know if the cramping and diarrea are from the medication or the stomach flu which is going around.It has helped me tremendously ,but as someone else said give yourself 2 weeks to get it together while you build up a medicinal level in your system.I am also seeing a therapist and feel that if you need to take a med like Paxil you have issues that need to be addressed thru counseling,it has helped me greatly! M 30 20 days
 5  Depression, Social Anxiety Some sleeplessness during first couple of weeks. I am responding for my son, who has ASPERGER'S SYNDROME. He did very well on Paxil, but gained too much weight. Paxil CR has all the benefits of Paxil, without the excessive appetite. He is more socially outgoing and responsive, happier, more cooperative and communicative. A life saver! M 15 2 months
 4  depression Inability too climax, it was good for my girlfriend but wore me out. depression went away, so it did what the doctor claimed it would M 29 3 weeks

 4  For Anxiety, and Panic Attacks Dry Mouth, Slight Dizziness, & Slight headaches. I am having problems sleeping, but think I will ask the doc if I can take the medication in the morning instead of night. I started out with regular Paxil, from my general doctor. Then went to a Physciatrist and he recommended CR. It is a great medication F 46 3 weeks

 3  Panic attacks, depression Didn't have very many at first, now have fatigue and low motivation and apathy I have been on several SSRIs and this one seems to work the best; however, progressively I have just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep because I am so tired. As if that is not bad enough, I have gotten to the point where I just don't really care about anything and have no motivation to do anything. I read in the comments above someone else was taking Wellbutrin along with this and that is what my doctor has recently prescribed for me. Believe me, this has made a world of difference and I actually feel better than I have in a long time and actually have some motivation. I don't know if it's the combination of the two but at least I feel alive now and not like a drug zombie. F 43 1 years

 3  depression/anxiety some headaches; sleepiness F 72 7 days
 3  panic disorder, depression, pmdd nausea/stomach upset,hot flashes,confusion,electrical shock--twitching--buzzing--,heart racing,slight sexual disfunction,dizziness,dreams I originally tried Paxil first and then went off it for two years because I didn't want to be on meds. I then started on Paxil CR (37.5) due to a severe return of panic attacks. I have been taking this for a year and have experienced the worst of the side effects for the last 2 1/2 months. I have experienced a twitching/buzzing/electrical shock sensation in my head which is sometimes compounded with heart racing,dizziness and confusion. I frequently wake at night with these symptoms which are very similar to sypmtoms of panic attacks themselves. My gp suggested to increase my dosage 2 1/2 months ago thinking my complaints were due to more panic attacks. I believe this med builds up in your body. I am now trying to go off this med slowly and will never return to it again. F 43 12 months

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