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 4  Migraines Sleepy and sluggish. Generic really upsets my stomach. F 54 8 years
5mg 1X D

 5  Migraines It does taste pretty bad, but it usually takes care of the headaches in 15-20 minutes. I've tried almost all of the other migraine medications, and Maxalt is the only one that works without making me feel sick. F 29 10 years

 5  Migraine a little groggy, heaviness in arms, very frequent urination It's the only thing that works for me when a migraine is really bad F 40 5 years
10 mg 1X AN
 2  Migraine Extreme Dizziness! I've been in bed for 24 hours. My headache was gone within 30 min of taking Maxalt. Not being able to function due to dizziness, didn't make this medicine with it to me. F 35 1 days
10 MG

 5  I had migraines for 30 years. Absolutely none! F 62 5 years
10 mg

 5  Chronic Migranes Fatigue, Dizziness, memory loss I've taken many migrane medications. This one works 95% of the time. Very expensive but worth it. My prescription only allows 12 pills per month.. Most times I do run out early. F 25 5 years
10MG 3X W

 4  Migraines Extreme drowsiness. Feels like I am spaced out or "high". If I sleep, it is very hard for me to wake up. My body feels heavy, I decreased motor activity and my memory is poor. Despite all this, it does relieve the migraine, usually within 30-45 mins. Sometimes I do experience rebound headaches, which are always much worse then normal. F 21 5 years
5-10 1X AN

 1  Migraines Migraine become worse 20 minutes after taking it, vision blurry, tight neck, right arm went numb, soar throat, dry mouth, went to sleep for 5 hours I will never take again. Hated it! F 24 1 days
10mg 1X D

 3  Chronic migraines Always: drowsiness and clumsiness, varying degrees Usually: Moderate/severe tingling/burning sensation in my nose, forehead, and scalp (skin hurts to touch); decrease in mental acuity. I've had migraines for approximately 10 years, but as I have gotten older, they have gotten much more frequent and painful. After getting an ulcer taking only Excedrin for the pain, I tried both Imitrex and Maxalt. I prefer the Maxalt mainly for the reason that the Imitrex would always give me the tingling sensation, and the Maxalt only will about 65-75% of the time. However, I also see a pattern in myself of the medication only getting rid of the migraine 75% of the time; 20% it will dull it but not erase it, and 5% it doesn't touch it. I'm critical, but I do think this is a really good medication. My biggest issue is the burning, which I know not all people experience. F 25 1 years
10MG 1X D

 5  occular and cluster migraines some chest and neck tightness, a little drowsy. I LOVE THIS medicine!!! I have had migraines for as long as I can remember. Imitrex helped, but the choking sensation and neck discomfort was almost unbearable. Maxalt MLT works so good, it has given me my quality of life back. My migraines are not menstrual related, they are related to barometric pressure changes though. I dont know what I would do without this medicine. It is wonderful. F 46
10 mg MLT 1X D

 5  migraines drowsiness, dizziness, inability to concentrate for about 2 hours after taking I took my first ever dose of Maxalt tonight for a migraine with associated light sensitivity, neck pain, nausea. Within 35 minutes my pain was 95% gone, although I did become very sleepy and felt "drugged", which wasn't ideal since I was at work. Most sleepiness was gone in about 2 hours, completely resolved by 4 hours after the dose. LOVE that this alleviated the pain so quickly as my headaches normally last about 3 days. F 39 1 days
10 1X AN
 3  migraine I get quite confused after I take it, and am easily agitated. It gets rid of the pain, though not as quickly as I'd like, and I still have a very strong smell sensitivity after taking it, which is one of my worst migraine symptoms (other than pain). While I do take it to get rid of pain, I'm hoping to switch to something else, because the MaxAlt leaves me as unable to work as a migraine does. I once took it several hours after using alcohol--big mistake. I was completely confused and hallucinating. It did fix the headache, though... M 36 8 months
10 mg 1X AN

 5  Migraine I used to wait until I was sure it was a migraine but now at the onset I take 1/2 of a maxalt-mlt if not backing off I take more. I don't get as sleepy that way. Still feel something odd at the back of my throat but that's tolerable F 50 2 years
10 mg

 2  Migraines After taking maxalt I felt horrible for about 2 hours after taking it. It had felt like something was pushing against my head and became very dizzy afterwards F 15 1 months
10 mg

 5  Migraine Slight fatigue although I think it is a result of severe head pain being removed rather than a side affect of the medication. This medication has been a God-send! I have no side affects and can take it a work. It has worked every time I take it. No other medication has worked for my migraines than this one. I have tried many others with no relief whatsoever. Unfortunately it is very expensive and my insurance only covers a part. I pay about $10 a pill. But I would be willing to pay $100 a pill for for something that cures my migraine like Maxalt does. I've taken it off and on for over 10 years and it has always worked. F 49 10 years
10 Mg 1X M
 5  Migraine None After suffering for 25years with migraines and taking various things that barely worked without making one feel awful, i can't believe how wonderful this little dissolving tab is. As soon as i feel my neck/head tightening and sometimes already the start of a headache ( which is my warning to a migraine attack) i take one 10mg tab and usually within 30mins the symptoms have disappeared. Just pray there'll not be any long-term bad effects from taking Maxalt. F 65 10 months
10mg 1X M
 5  migraines Not sure of any. Works really well and I get headaches at least twice a week. Best if taken at night so sleep follows. Often sneeze within a hour of taking which relieves pressure. I can get 30 per prescription versus limit of 10 with Imitrex. So I never worry about running out because of monthly limit. Effectiveness has never diminished in years. 6 years
5 mg

 3  Migraine with aura It got rid of my aura, but never got rid of the headache. I had migraine hangover everyone I took it. I don't like this medication at all anymore because now I no longer get the aura and it makes the pain worse. The only things that work for me now are narcotics. F 15 3 years

 5  Migraines roughly 2-3 per month Slight drowsiness sometimes, but nothing severe. I told my doctor I loved him after he prescribed me this medication, after suffering from my migraines that lasted for 24-48hrs since puberty. So long as I catch it within the first hour, this tablet will kick it completely. I love that it is dissolving so if I'm already a bit nauseous, it starts absorbing quickly. F 30 1.5 years
10mg 1X AN
10MG 4X W

 4  severe migraines At first the only side effects I had were tiredness, but in the past year I have started having a severe burning sensation in my head and scalp and I get very foggy it doesn't last more than 30-40 minutes mostly then the headache is gone. F 36 10 years
 5  Migraine Just leaves makes me more tired. Have tried Imitrex & Naratriptan but they make me so sick to my stomach after taking, headache worsens & the headache lasts for hours. Maxalt usually works within the hour after taking & only a few times did I have take another one within the same day. Problem is my insurance WILL NOT cover Maxalt & been forced to take one of the other medications. Looking forward when the patent is up & hopefully a generic can be made that one can afford even if out of pocket. The cost know is prohibitive & have been looking into Canada just so I can have a Maxalt in reserve since the other medications do not compare & take TOO LONG to work F 58 1 days

 5  Migraine A little tired after. It works. No more throwing up because of the pain. M 15 8 months
10mg 5X M
 5  Migraine Extremely Tired, Heart rate feels slow. Been taking this for over 4 years now, works a treat, cant live without these!!!! only problem is I take them at work and get extremely tired- heart rate feels like its slowed right down and I feel extremely calm. this is much better than a migraine though!!! cant have it all I suppose. Worried about the long term side affects???? anyone know of any??? Dont think this has been around long enough. F 24 1 days
3X M
 4  Migraines Felt intoxicated, declined motor skills, gallbladder attack Was prescribed maxalt due to horrible migraines. Military doctor decided it was the route to go. It works great, kicks in around 30 minutes after taking. Only problem is if you already have gallbladder problems it could trigger a gallbladder attack. An hour after I took 10mg I have had the worst gb attack so far. But I'd say relieving the migraine was worth it. F 20 1 days
 5  migrane headaches possibly hormonal Increased urination, slight fatigue that goes away shortly. Great medication . Imitrex & frova did not work for me. work within 45 min to an hr F 36 1 days
10 mg

 5  Chronic daily severe Migraines Originally 1 10mg MLT worked well 8-5 yrs ago. Have been to Mayo Clinic and re-bounds have been a question. Times can go days without. As I get older(hormone changes) seems I have longer frequency per episode where total daily amount of 30 mgs barely touches overall pain. Have had to start ketorolac shots at home if 30mg dose doesn't fully work. This is way better than going to ER and paying them $$$ for the same anti-inflammatory shot. No luck on preventatives. Waiting for industry to come out with a different medication that may help. F 40 8 years
10MG X 3

 4  Migraines Works within 1-2 hours. Sleepiness, varying degrees. Sometimes functional at work, sometimes not. Dehydration. Feel "high." Rebound headaches common but usually cycle on 24 hours. Skin tingles in warm water. I switch between this and Frova. I found that it keeps Maxalt from losing its effectiveness (it does after a few doses). Frova seems stronger but takes longer to work. M 33 8 months
10 MG 1X D
 4  disabling migraines This is the only medication which has helped. However, side effects are very prevalent. Shortly after taking, I experience extreme jaw tightness. Since taking the medication, my blood pressure has increased. Heart palpatations are present as well. Yet, it does relieve the migraine. F 37 3 days
 4  Hormonal headaches Tiredness. Fogginess. F 50 10 years
10 mg

 1  Migraines FOR THE PAST MONTH I have been experiencing a horrific side effect--SEVERELY DECREASED MENTAL SHARPNESS, MEMORY IMPAIRMENT, CHANGES IN SPEECH First my history, I took Imitrex injections about 17 years ago for monthly migraines. As soon as I injected I would feel a thump in my heart and sudden intense tingling throughout my body, vomit and then the headache would go away, but often come back.I only took @ 5 injections over 6 months or so (have terrible fear of needles at at the time only way to get it) @ 1 year after beginning to take Imitrex. I suddenly developed SupraVentricular Arrhythmias, As another reviewer reported, I could not walk up stairs, I was forced to begin taking beta blockers, I could not go out alone with my 2 year old, for fear of fainting--it seriously affected my way of life. I repeatedly mentioned the above reactions to Imitrex to MDs who shrugged any correlation off. Approximately 5years later they arrhythmias mainly went away although it shows up from tim I took ONE DOSE A MONTH AGO. FOR THE PAST MONTH I have been experiencing a horrific side effect--SEVERELY DECREASED MENTAL SHARPNESS, MEMORY IMPAIRMENT, CHANGES IN SPEECH I am never taking this drug or any related drugs again. This is too frightening and fear that I have had some permanent damage if it has not gotten better over a month! F 44 1 days
1X D
 2  migraines Drowsiness Maxalt was great until it stopped working. The first few times I took it it quickly got rid of my headache. It was the first time I ever felt true relief from a migraine without suffering for hours. I was taking it for two months and then it randomly stopped working. My doctor said I was taking it too much and that my body had built a tolerance to the medication. I get migraines pretty often so this definitely was not the right medication for me. F 26 2 months
6X M

 5  Migraines Maxalt has been a miracle drug for me. I've had migraines since I was 8 years old. I have tried everything, but Maxalt is the only drug that knocks out my migraine in less than an hour and I am still able to function. No more going home and getting in the bed. It does make me groggy and my throat does tighten up some, but I'll take that any day over the pain of migraines!! F 43
10 1X AN
 5  Migraines every 3 or 4 days Mild sleepiness, increased urination. No one has every mentioned this before but once the migraine has gone away - maybe an hour or so later, I get a sneezing attack every single time. Maybe 6 or 7 sneezes in a row - I welcome it, it's a sign Maxalt has worked it's magic. Maxalt is a miracle, but so ridiculously expensive. M 52 10 years

 5  Chronic Migraines Before my migraine ends after taking the melt it comes to a climax, a sort of crushing pain then the migraine disappears. During this time I become more alert and aware. M 15 1 days

 5  Migraine Headaches Frequent urination first few hours after taking MLT tablet. Issues with concentration and memory. Need to have food in stomach or I have trouble keeping it down. I hate the bad taste I get in my mouth from the orally disintegrating tabs - which doesn't help the nauseous feeling. I get the feeling similar to my head being wrapped in cotton -which is by far better than the pain of a migraine. I tried for years to not take a Maxalt until I couldn't stand the pain...this is NOT the correct way to take it! As others mentioned, take it at the first sign of a migraine, for me that is a stiff neck and disturbed sleep as well as highted sence of smell. I found I am able to do just as well with 1/2 a pill, however I am petite and only weight around 100 lbs. F 54 10 years
10 mg 4X D

 5  migraine nausea but Im not sure if it is from the medication or my gerd This the only medication that has ever helped me, the doctors like to put people with migraines on blood pressure meds even if you dont have high blood pressure I didn't want to take that route so I thank GOD that I was introduced to Maxalt. Sometimes I take it with a benadryl F 47 1 years
10mg 1X AN

 5  Migraines None The only medication that has ever worked for my migraines. F 44 3 years
10 mg 2X D

 1  Chronic Migraines I experienced extreme nausa, numbness and tingling in my left foot and hand, lightheadedness, dizziness, vision blurring, couldn't walk or sit up at first without feeling worse then after I passed out for 2 hours I could walk & sit up but was falling back down. I was also slurring my words and not making any sense whenever I talked. Basically after I passed out, I felt really high (on something harder then marijuana). Maxalt made my migraine worse. I took this the night before (9/26) and I couldn't get up to go to school today (9/27). When I started to feel high, I was saying the craziest things like "I wonder what it would me like if my hands were the opposite wrists." Who says that unless they're high ? I'm NEVER taking this again ! F 15 1 days
10 MG 1X D
 5  migraines drowsiness Best migraine medicine i have ever taken. I've been getting migraines since I was a kid and this is the only thing thats worked. Advil and ibprofen has never worked. I highly recommend this. F 16 1 years
10MG 1X AN

 5  chronic migraine Ive mostly had no side effects. Occasionally it makes me feel a bit sleepy, but not all the time. Miracle drug. The cost is way too high- about 30 us dollars per pill. Apparently drug companies change the formula of these medications every few years to keep them from going generic. M 36
10mg 1X D
 5  Migraines Extremely tired about 1/2 hour after taking it. A little tightness in my chest. Sluggish for the first few hours. This medication has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I've had migraines at least once or twice a month since I was 12 years old (I'm now 28). They usually last 3-6 days. The one drawback of using this is that I can only take it for one or two days in a row or I get rebound headaches that perpetuate the migraine. I've tried Imitrex, but that makes me feel like I've been hit by a bus and made the headaches even worse. There are almost no side effects for me with taking Maxalt other than sleepiness. Occasionally it doesn't help for menstrual migraines. For me this drug seems to last an unusually long time. I can take one and the migraine is gone for 10-12 hours. My doctor told me it usually only lasts for a few hours with most people. I can't live without it. F 28 2 years
 5  Migraine (hormonal) A Bit tired, not sure if its from the Maxalt or from the migraine Worked fantastic..Migraine was totally gone in an hour. I am so glad I found something that works :) F 36 2 times
10 1X AN

 5  Migraines Feel a bit drowsy, a little nauseous. It's been a life saver for me. The side effects are nothing compared to the symptoms of the migraine, so for me it's a small price to pay. I don't understand why some people have commented that this drug should be taken off the market because they have experienced more severe side effects and were scared or rushed to the ER. Don't comment that it should be taken off the market because you've had a bad experience with it, because there are millions of people who've taken this medication and have gotten their lives back. There was a time when I was getting up to 18 migraines a month, unable to work and spending the majority of my time on the bathroom floor. Maxalt gave me my life back. For those who say it should be pulled from the market--you need to find an alternative treatment and allow those of us to continue taking a med that works for us, and somewhere along the way, get yourself a dose of compassion, common sense, and rationality. F 43 10 years
10 mg 1X AN

 5  migraine None Works like a charm! So glad I found it. F 52
10 mg 1X D
 2  chronic daily migraines first got bad chest pain the 2nd dose of it, continued on from there. Pain made it extremely difficult to take large breaths and continued for nearly a month after I stopped taking it. It made me extremely drowsy all the time, instead of always being tired from the migraines, it was more of a half and half split (I think). Drowsiness made me very out of it, more forgetful, falling asleep midday; I went around in kind of a daze while I was on it. As a fair point, the neurologist that prescribed the drug did so without paying attention to the fact that daily migraines should not be treated by only abortive medication. I do not believe this med should be taken daily under any circumstance. F 17 3 weeks
10 mg 1X AN
 5  migraine if i take i bath or just wash my hands after i have taken maxalt i have a burning feeling on the edge of my fingers or toes during the contact with water even if the water it's very cold. wonder drug i have been suffering from severe migraine attacks since i was 15 years old in some occasions i have thought of putting an end in my life during a migraine because of the severe pain and nausea i was usually sick for 13 to 72 hours and many times i was passed out my neurologist only aloud me to take maximum 9 dissolving pills per month my migraines are gone in within the first 30 min if i let my self suffering a long time before i finally get the pill then my pain and nausea gets worse in the begging and then i have to wait 1 to 2 hours before all the symptoms are gone i felt like i was some how disabled and now i am not i just hope that i wont have to deal with problems like heart disease in the future F 40 6 years
10mg 4X M
 4  Migrains Feels like Ive been in a train wreck - but no real pain. Basically makes me feel very sick - groggy - unfocused - dazed - really non-functional Works great at stopping the migraine - need to take it immediatly after teh first symptoms (floating lines in my vision) I use the instant disolve whicg wirks very fast. Overall makes me sick but better than the migraine M 52 2 years
10mg 1X D

 5  Migraine Drowsy feeling, tiredness and lethargic for a few hours after taking. Also frequent urination. I've taken almost every medication on the market and this is the only one that actually helps nearly every time. Almost never need a second dose. Short term side effects outweigh the migraine. I wonder what the long term side effects are. M 38 6 years
5mg 1X AN
 5  Migraines dry mouth A wonder drug. It is the only drug that stops my migraines within 30 minutes. Other migraine medicine doesn't compare to Maxalt-MLT. F 47 2 years
10 mg 1X AN
 5  migraine headaches mild fatigue...usually clears headache within 30 minutes and occasionally will cause sleep for about one hour.........face tingling, but have pinpointed this reaction only when pain is not true migraine but instead tension from occipital nerve inflammation only migraine med that has worked with minimal side effects - GREAT med for a life long migraine sufferer F 37 2 years
10 mg 1X D

 5  Migraines Truly a miracle for my migraines. Within 30 minutes of dosage the migraine is gone. I just need to sleep for about an hour and then I am fine. Nothing worked before, tried everything. It's expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it but the drug company was extremely generous with their patient assistance program and gave me a 2 year prescription at no cost till I had insurance that covered it. F 49 6 years
10mg 1X AN

 3  Migraine The side effects depend on when I take the drug in relation to the state of my migraine. If I take the drug immediately at the on-set of a migraine, it typically eliminates the pain within 20 minutes with minimal fatigue. I am not always able to take the medication within this fashion. The onset of my migraines are quick...first symptoms to full blown pain within 10 minutes...therefore, if I take the medication once the pain is severe, then it may take an hour or more for the pain to subside. If the pain does not subside after an hour, I typically take a second Maxalt. Side effects of the drug, when taken in this fashion, include fatigue and trouble focusing. I am also plagued with feelings of lethargy for several hours after taking the medication. F 33 12 years
10 MG 1X AN

 5  Cluster migraine with aura Tightness in throat (similar to when you are trying to hold back tears), frequent urination, grogginess, no energy the side effects are uncomfortable but I would take them tripled over one of my migraines any day. Maxalt kicks my butt, but it knocks the migraine pain out before it can begin. Love it, always have it on me just in case. Oh- I also found that 800mg ibuprofen helps those side effects some. F 35 2 times
10mg 1X AN
 5  migraines a little drowzy and tired Works so well, within the hour, but I always wait to long before I take it. F 44 5 years
10 3X D

 5  Migraines I have not experienced any side effects from this medication. I expected to be somewhat tired, but if anything, I have more energy since I become migraine free so quickly. I absolutely love this medication. Takes an hour to work, but it is a miracle medication. F 43 2 years
10 mG 1X D

 5  migraine headache Mild weakness, mild tiredness It is amazing, this drug is wonderful. Migraines gone wihtin 30 minutes - awesome! Everytime I take it I say to myself, "this is a super drug" has helped me so much. F 28 5 years
10 mg 1X AN

 4  frequent migraines tired, but good tired, like after a long workout. Possible rebound headaches? This drug has been so helpful! It sometimes works well on its own but when combined with Tylenol I find my migraine is gone within 15 minutes. I can actually feel the pain draining away. Amazing! My only concern is that more often than not, the headache returns within 12-16 hours and I end up dealing with it for days at a time. It's hard to know if Maxalt just postpones the migraine and prolongs it, or if I would have had 5 days worth of pain anyway. Still, it's fantastic to be able to stop a migraine when I need to (like important family events) even if it does come back later. F 46 1 years
10 mg 1X AN

 5  Migraines Nothing major, alittle sleeping the next day, better than a migraine! I have suffered from migraines for five years now and they get worse with age I'm starting to notice, Maxalt saved my life, i have not been able to live a normal life in about a year. I get migraines almost everyday. A little sleeping the next day but nothing major, I use to take 8 to 12 tylenol or ibpro everyday so imagine how my body felt, Im down to 2-4 a day now thanks to Maxalt. Kind of expensive but here's a helpful tip, order them from kanada. I get 40-10mg Maxalt for $400, which is better then paying $400 for 12-10mg Maxalt at CVS! I hope Maxalt works for you as well as it has for me. M 24 6 months
10mg 1X D
 5  Migraines Sometimes feel tired, but not as tired as an untreated migraine attack used to leave me. When taken promptly I find the pain goes within an hour and even if I delay taking it the migraine is gone within two hours. The quicker I take it, the better I feel, almost 100%; the longer I leave it and the migraine sets in, then I feel tired for hours afterwards. F 58 10 years
1X W

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