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 3  Insomnia due to severe anxiety My therapist told me to be near a bed when I decided to take the medicine. So for the first night I did as I was told but it took forever to fall asleep. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th night I would fall asleep within in hour of taking the meds. So I'd say the medicine improved for me. However, on the fifth night I started hallucinating. I saw colors that flew in the air when you waved a flash light. I could barely stay on my feet and I was so dizzy. So I can understand why you should stay near your bed when taking this medicine. F 18 1 weeks

 4  Hard to get to sleep Hallucinations right before sleep things feeling like they are moving around the room and twisting and twirling. Takes a whole to get to bed but when you sleep it's really good quality sleep and not a lot of drowsiness in morning F 25 1 months
 1  Sleep aid for a sleep study I was stuck in a half awake state. I had really vivid, disturbing dreams. I didn't feel rested at all in the morning and the following day I had no appetite and was extremely depressed. I would never take this again. F 43 1 days

 1  Insomnia Experienced confusion, anger and depressed thoughts, unable to function. I would avoid this like the plague M 53 5 days
10 1X D
 1  Insomnia I sleep for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs max - have tried taking 2nd dose and wake up another 2hrs later with awful migraine. Hallucinations. I sleep better/longer with Benadryl based sleeping aids - disappointed. F 56 6 days
10 - 20mg

 1  Difficulty falling asleep Madness. Hallucinations. Could not sleep. In fact the accident opposite. Heard voices in my head. Severe headache and what felt like menstrual cramps. Awful experience. F 34 1 times

 2  Insomnia Definitely helps me sleep BUT have been suffering from increased depression. I take 20 mg Prozac daily and it has worked well for me until now. I'm hoping this is a result of Sonata but time will tell. Wish I had made the correlation earlier! F 58 3 months
10 mg

 2  Insomnia I became extremely moody on the fourth day-I didn't want to be around people because everyone irritated me and I felt like hitting someone. I also started to feel bloated M 54 4 weeks
10 1X D

 2  Insomnia/frequent waking Muscle twitches. Also, a weird tingly feeling in my hands and feet if I deliberately attempted to control the twitching, like electricity was building up in my limbs. So weird! Also, dizziness. This medicine did not work at all for me. Not only did it still take forever for me to fall asleep, but I still woke up every hour all night. F 21 1 days
10 MG 1X D

 2  Insomnia Sleep walking! But I would remember it, unlike on Ambien when I wouldn't remember. Severe dry mouth, then it completely didn't work at all some nights. Wasn't helpful at all. F 23 3 days

 4  insomnia weird, vivid dreams (sometimes)... otherwise, i dont experience any side effects i take sonata as a prn when i have trouble sleeping due to anxiety. my insomnia changes- sometimes ill have trouble falling asleep and sometimes ill wake up in the middle of the night... i like sonata for its short half life- i can take it at 2am and not have the "hangover" effect the next day. i like this because i dont need to take it before i try to fall asleep- it makes me less dependent on the drug and i like knowing i can take it in the middle of the night. F 19 6 months
10-20 mg 1X D

 2  Insomnia Still wide awake. Took it an hour ago and nothing F 34 1 days

 1  Insomnia Doesn't work at all for me. Took 20mg 2 hours ago and I'm still wide awake! Ambien works the best. F 50 2 weeks
20 1X D
 5  insomnia temporary increased desire for tasting food, temporary lessening of emotions, fluid retention in feet, psychological dependence because of effectiveness This drug has long been outstanding for me. I don't get a "hangover" from Zaleplon (Sonata) and it only lasts 4 hours so I can take it even when I only have 5-6 hours of sleep time left. It makes me feel warm, pleasant and peaceful before falling asleep. I sometimes suffer from awful headaches at night and this drug lessens or eliminates those symptoms so I can sleep. I'm surprised so many others have negative experiences, as my wife likes it, too. M 30 5 years
10 MG 1X AN

 1  jet lag, sleep on long flights I have to travel for work. I can never sleep on long flights, and have terrible jet lag once arriving overseas. Doctor prescribed Sonata to take on plane, and to sleep at right time once overseas. It had the OPPOSITE effect on me - terrible insomnia, revved up feeling. I need something that acts quickly to help me sleep on planes and to fight jet lag, but it's NOT Sonata! I tried it 3 times, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Twice on flights and once while jet-lagged - same thing - wired me, made my mind race. F 49 3 days
10 1X AN
 2  Insomnia Hallucinations!! Took lunesta for 3 years and all of a sudden developed an allergic reaction. Doctor switched me to 30mg of Sonata and it did nothing for me. I also take ADD medication during the day so the doctor assumed that it was also causing insomnia. He increased dosage to 60 mg. Had 2 nights of horrible hallucinations and so I will not be taking it again! Seriously seeing bouncing purple fuzzy cieling fan about to fall on me and hearing people talking. I will never take this again!! I miss Lunesta! F 35 60 days
60 MG 1X D
 2  Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome incoordination with physical movements Like taking nothing. It's a good thing I have Trazodone on hand. M 23 2 days
10mg 1X D
 4  Insomnia No side effects. I become drowsy within 15 minutes of taking it. It helps me fall asleep easily and quickly. It is definitely short acting as I now wake up after about 5 hours, but that's ok because it's still more sleep than I was getting before. Feel great the next day...not the hungover feeling I had with Ambien. F 35 5 days
10 mg 1X D
 3  insomnia 6 solid hours of sleep after first dose; really hungover next day. I don't exactly feel depressed, but I have a strong urge to cut myself or at least get another tattoo. weird. not liking this much, but became "immune" to ambien. wondering about driving tomorrow... F 54 2 days
10 mg 1X D

 1  For sleep It was the most horrible night of sleep I have had in a very long time. My legs couldn't stand still, I was nauseas, but the worst is that going on 48 hrs I am still suffering from vertigo Not for human use M 56 1 days
1 x 30mg 1X D
 5  not being able to sleep Only side effect is I'm getting up at anywhere from 4:00AM to 5:00AM, my normal was 7:00 to 8:00AM, this is good for me. I'm getting things done that I need to do, that I couldn't do before. F 55
20 MG 1X O

 2  restless legs headache, dizzy, upset stomach, "motion sickness" M 63 5 days
10mg 1X D

 4  Cant get to sleep Now taking 15 mg, still takes awhile to get to sleep. No sluggishness the next day. M 48 3 weeks
10 mg 1X D

 4  insomnia I started taking this drug because I suddenly could not fall asleep despite being completely exhausted. My physician said start with 5mg and you may take 10 mg if 5 mg does not get you to sleep. 5 mg works to get me to fall asleep but I wake up 3 hours later. WIDE AWAKE. I have found that 10 mg will keep me asleep. I am able to sleep for 8 hours straight. I have not experienced any side effects and awake feeling rested with no 'hangover' feeling. It seems to work fairly well with my body chemistry and have suggested it to friends who have had issues with other sleeping meds. F 33 30 days
5-10mg 1X D

 5  insomnia Don't stay awake when you take it. If you stay up for too long when taking it, you can have visual hallucinations. Nothing scary, just be in bed ready to go to sleep. No grogginess the next day. Sometimes it doesn't work, usually due to you eating a high fat meal shortly before taking it. I love it. Its not for people who need help STAYING asleep. I need help GETTING to sleep. Once I'm out, I'm a deep sleeper. M 20 2 years
20 mg 1X AN

 3  Insomnia Next day inebriation (despite short-half life..). I felt considerably out of it, no matter how hard I tried to "snap out of it" or "wake up and pay attention." Don't be fooled by the purported "ultra-short half-life." The after-effects are quite capable of lasting longer than the drug itself. PLEASE BE CARE WHEN DRIVING I was able to fall asleep within about 25 minutes. I was also able to wake up the next morning without too much of a fight. Don't plan on doing anything which requires precision, and please be careful when driving. M 25 2 weeks
15mg 1X AN
 1  insomnia worse insomnia, hallucinations, agitation, panic attack I was completely wired and agitated and had a panic attack because the dream-like hallucination I had was so creepy. I was scared to go back to sleep, which was alright I guess considering I couldn't anyway. Thank god it only lasts 4ish hours. F 20 1 days
10 mg 1X D

 1  chronic can't sleep more than 6 hrs WORSE! Woke up after 5 hours, even though still exhausted. Body & mind have been totally drained after some of my worst months ever of NEVER being able to stay asleep longer than 5 or 6 hours. Desperately need restorative sleep, but this woke me up! And my whole day has been ruined so far. I never get headaches, but had such a bad headache & NECK-ache I had to take ibuprofin. My ONGOING always-hungry, never-satisfied issue is TRIPLE-BAD today = I am eating constantly yet feel I am STARVING. And, nearly 17 hours after taking it, I still feel like a complete ZOMBIE = FOGGY in a not-my-usual foggy way; "out of my body"; even my bones and muscles feel DRAINED. I hope I have given some validation to anyone else who has had such weird affects. I thought this was a MILD drug = but I am ultra-sensitive to "everything", so I probably should not be surprised! TRUST YOUR BODY & YOUR DEEPEST INTUITION, everyone! Blessings! F 58 1 days
5 mg. 1X D

 1  insomnia I tossed and turned all night, fully waking up at least every hour. I had a horribly, terrifying hallucination or dream-- it was hard to tell whether or not I was awake or asleep, but I woke up screaming, crying, and too scared to sleep for another hour. At least I did not feel a hangover effect the next day. F 23 1 days

 4  Insomnia Loved it the first year -- worked extremely quickly for taking with middle-of-the-night awakenings so I got back to sleep. But it has lost all effectiveness now. I have to take 10-20 mg and only lasts 2-3 hours. I end up taking my whole 30 day supply in a few nights and am still up several times per night. I even wondered if the last few bottles were placebos....sometimes I would take 2-3 pills over an hour and still be awake. Loss all effectiveness for me. I never had side effects with Sonata, but horrid ones with Ambien, Ambien CR and Lunesta: night wandering with total amnesia, cooking and eating with no memeory. Woke up one time in bed with a grilled cheese sandwich and had left the stove on downstairs. Even gained weight from pigging out at 3 AM in bed without knowing it (except for the mess!) No memory whatever. Was afraid I might drive somewhere so I stopped and flushed the remainder. F 57

 3  insomnia hallucinations, dry mouth, inconsistancy of effects I am a chronic insomiac, for 10 years. Lunesta works well for me, but my insurance will not pay for it. Ambien and Ambien CR both did nothing for me. I was on Seroquel for a year, and boy does it put you to sleep. A deep, long, sleep. I can easily sleep a solid 12+ hours when I take it. I also gained 40lbs taking it. Next! My doctor gave me Sonata (the only other one my insurance will pay for). It's erratic. Somenights I fall right to sleep, and wake up 8 hours later just fine. Other nights, it's like I did not take anything and end up awake the entire night. THE HALLUCINATIONS: Boy am I glad I found this board and see it happens to other people too! I thought I was losing it. They are not scary, just funny and interesting. Graphics and texts on my computer will wave like a flag, or look 3D, or melt. Sometimes I will be reading something, and the voice in my head that is reading it changes from my regular voice to almost a cartoon voice. Weird stuff man. I'll take it, it's better than nothing. F 32 2 months

 3  Insomnia due to manic episodes Fast acting, but hallucinations if not laying down within 15 minutes. Hinders sleep; causes paranoia from hallucinations. F 30 2 months

 4  not sleeping none Too short acting but better than not sleeping 91 3 months
 3  insomnia works erratically; side effects are very mild, also erratic Bipolar w/extremely addictive personality; Ambien not an option for me. Psych initially prescr year's worth Sonata. Warned me of 4hr half-life. Works well at first for nite or 2 then no longer effective. Took occas to see if I was lucky enough to get any sleep on it; sometimes *sorta* worked. Wish I could type "occas" as Time Taken on this forum b/c it just doesn't work on LT basis (maybe 3-4 nights consec'vly). Stopped taking it for almost a year (wasted that script) b/c I gave up on it ever working again. Repl'd w/Seroquel, which I found hindered badly needed 50+ lb wgt loss; ditched that. Currently working on drastic med change under shrink's superv (now month 2) b/c sick of walking around w/this extra wgt; back on Sonata (generic now). On mood stabes Topamax & Lamictal, no antidep for 1st time ever to promote wgt loss (working!). Sonata still erratic. Tonite exper'd literal brain fart! Very, very loud, synthetic sounding "BEEERRPP" in my head, like a key on a synthesizer was struck. Lasted a solid second. Was already half-waking up after few hrs since taking med; I burst out laughing, admittedly after overcoming initial great fear [had to convince myself wasn't becoming schizophrenic & about to hear reprimanding voices (runs in distant fam)]. I usually resrch my meds but never took this one seriously; hubby did resrch & said ppl use it recreationally. LOL! In no hurry for refill now; got laid off anyway, bldg biz from home so I sleep when I F 40 2 months

 1  Insominia made me hyper. Just the opposite of what it was supposed to do. I have had about 21 hours of sleep in 6 days. Ambien CR didn't work either. B ut the Ambien did knock me out for a couple of hours. Don't like this drug. Used one night, will not use again. M 46 1 days

 3  To hep with insomnia Minor Hallucination When I took this I had just finished eating and hopped on the computer for a while. After one thirty minutes I got up to go to sleep and when I turned around to get into bed, my bed seemed to be moving, almost as though it was breathing or had a pulse. (One ten gram pill) Besides that it was good. When I did lay down I fell asleep within thirty minutes. M 18 30 days

 4  insomnia No side effects As others have stated, Sonata gives me about 4 hours of sleep. I found it put me to sleep quickly, but the effect is short-lived. However, even if I wake up around 4:00 a.m. I feel refreshed and have no "hangover" or other after effects. I often fall asleep again until about 6:00 a.m. M 69 1 months

 3  Trouble sleeping all night!!! sleepy the next day, cracky, hard to be around. I was given this drug to finally get a goodnight sleep, however was unable to completely stay asleep. i woke up 2 - 3 times during the night. I think I had better results with over the counter drugs at a high dose. That's what I felt anyways, my husband said within the hour of taking sonata i was snoring.so i guess sonata was ok, maybe next time i'll try 2 pills. F 26 1 weeks

 1  lack of sleep Med works in reverse - Its 5am and I am here typing... The few times I have taken the sonata (at about 11 or 12am) I have not been able to fall asleep for 5-6 hours. If I do drift into sleep then would wake up after only a few hours of sleep and be very tired. F 49 3 days

 1  Insomnia Um... Insomnia. I might as well have taken a crap in a pharmacy, asked a pharmacist to put it in a bottle, and sell it to me for $60. The most worthless "sleep aid" ive ever taken. I might as well watch a Meg Ryan movie to fall asleep. Damn. M 21 2 weeks

 1  Insomnia induced by mania none I wondered if it was a placebo. It had no effect. M 31 1 months
 2  sleep disorder, insomnia grogginess the following day - all day, waking up during the night (which hadn't been a problem before this drug) didn't seem to have any helpful effect whatsoever on my sleep - in fact, i slept better and was less groggy after i stopped taking this medication. F 27 6 weeks

 4  Early awakening I take Sonata between 2:00 am and 4:00 am if I have woken and can't get back to sleep. In the mornings I sometimes experience lethargy lasting a few hours, and lapses of memory. Usually Sonata DOES promote sleep (not always). Sometimes the quality of sleep with Sonata is not good and occasionally it gives me bizarre, unpleasant dreams. The trick with Sonata is not to take it too often. I try not to take it two nights running. It usually helps me to get back to sleep after early awakening, but the level of sleep may not be restful. The scary thing about this drug any any other sleep aid is the memory lapses. Is this occuring naturally because of my age? I don't think so. This has frightened me a little, and I take Sonata as little as possible. One other thing to consider: Alcohol will cause early awakening. Attend to that before resorting to Sonata. That said, I wouldn't be without it when I actually need. Hence the 4/5 rating. To sum up: Use it sparsely. M 70 4 years

 5  problem falling asleep a bit of sleepiness the next day. I take sonato because I am on another med which makes me wakeful. I have problems falling asleep but will stay asleep once I nod off. This makes sonata perfect for me. F 51 1 years

 3  could not stay asleep all night I suffered from hourly wakeups. Needed something to sleep all night and did not want anything leaving me grogged out next day. Doctor said 1 Sonata good for 4 hours(dropped to 3) 2 for 8 hrs( dropped to total of 4 to 5 hours) Made the EXTREMELY STUPID mistake of drinking alcohol even 2 or 3 hours before taking medication, resulting in a side of me I and my wife have never seen before. Hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, drastic depression(possibly lasting up to 6 weeks so far). Drug gives me "BAD KARMA" BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHEN TAKING THIS MEDICATION ITS EFFECTS CAN BE UNSETTLING(EVEN MADE ME STOP DRINKING) M 55 8 months

 5  insomnia No side effects for me, just the best 4 hours of sleep I've had in years! I love it! I was constantly waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and not able to go back to sleep until 5 or 6, just before I had to get up and get kids to school! I was unable to exercise because I was so tired all the time, and felt terrible, almost falling asleep while driving in the afternoons before starting this! It has made me feel human again! F 46 2 months
 5  Insomnia (trouble falling asleep) None. I was prescribed Ambien, but Ambien knocks me out for 7 hours. I only take it on nights I have insomnia, and some nights, I don't realize I need extra drugs to fall asleep until I only have 4 or 5 hours left. This is why I like Sonata better. It gets me to sleep almost as well as Ambien does, and then I can wake up 4 hours later. I don't feel like it's quite as strong as Ambien-- I had both at one point and used Ambien on the nights I had adderall in my system and seriously needed to sleep. Sonata, however, is perfect for that unexpected insomnia. F 23 3 weeks

 4  Early wake up. None When I wake up, usually between 2-3AM, I take 5mg and sleep another 2-3 hours, which is what I need. Take 5-7 nights a week. No side effects or "hangover." Have tried all the other sleep aids, only regular Ambien was effective. Ambien CR did not seem to work. M 67 1 days

 3  Anxiety/Depression-Related Insomnia Minor hallucinations on more than one occasion, dizziness, and paresthesia. This medication did make me feel drowsy and shortened the time it takes me to fall asleep. However, I had minor hallucinations each and every night I took it, as if I was dreaming while I was still awake. Along with the other side effects, this convinced me to stop after just three nights. F 19 3 days

 3  insomnia, waking too early One minor hallucination Much less problems than Lunesta and if it doesn't work, it's largely out of your system in 2 or 3 hours. It works best on an empty stomach and a relaxed mind-set that doesn't try to fight it. If you fight it and stay awake you *may* experience the hallucinations many have mentioned here. This only happened to me once and it was not a horrible experience for me (semi-amusing, actually). Stops working if I take a lot of it (every night or more than one day, like one for night and one the next day for a nap). F 32 1 years

 5  mild insomnia No side effects of any kind except for slight forgetfulness. I have been taking Sonata for 4 years. At first just occasionally but for the past 2 or 3 years almost every night. I fall asleep easily but wake up every night at 3 or 4am and then take 10 mg. I fall back to sleep and usually get at least 8 hours every night. Although it is still working fine for me, it is expensive and I am thinking seriously about weaning myself off of it. F 55 3 years

 2  Difficulty getting to sleep See comments Sonata is good for a contained period of difficulty in going to sleep. It has a very short "half-life" and is out of your system in about four - five hours. However, for me, it lost effectiveness rather quickly after a few weeks of taking it. I started with 10 MG and after a several weeks of on and off again use, the 10 MG dose had lost all effect. I would have to bump it up to 20 MG to force my brain/body to go to sleep. I even had to go up to 30 MG a few nights to have any effect. I have stopped taking now as it is useless. If you do have to go up in dosage, watch out for extreme stupor and sluggishness if you have to get up to go to the bathroom after going to bed. I have switched to occasional use of AMBIEN CR for now. M 45 3 months

 4  insomnia (waking after 2-3 hrs.) Tried sonata after having very bad time with rozerem (horrible side effects the following day). Didn't feel any side effects with sonata at all, but med did not help much with the insomnia. Rating of 4 is for a combination of sonata & another med: Sonata did help relax me, and seem to help reduce restless legs episodes but was not keeping me asleep for the 4 hours suggested. Would wake after 2-3 hours, and then just doze off & on rest of night. I am now taking sonata with a low dose of trazodone (antidepressant, 50 mg) This combination seems to be working-though I still seem to wake up after just a few hours now I go back to sleep for at least an hour at a time, instead of waking up every 10-20 minutes. Also, having dreams now-not nightmares, just normal/goofy dreams. (Haven't had dreams I was aware of for several years, so this has been very interesting!) F 50 15 days

 4  Insomnia The drug worked well if taken only twice a week. More than that and I experienced joint pain. Developed rotator cuff damage without any injury. Seems to weaken tendons. M 61 1 years

 4  chronic insomnia No side effects after 90 days! Least intrusive sleep aid I've used. Too bad it's only meant to work short term - approx. 4 hours. I sometimes take awhile to fall asleep (45 minutes), but I've had no side effects at all. In the beginning, I was also using CPAP for sleep apnea. If Sonata worked for 8 hours, it would be perfect! F 64 90 days

 3  Insomnia Have a hard time waking up Sonata, like the other sleep medications I've tried, ambien, lunesta, etc didn't help me fall to sleep, it just keeps me from waking up the next day. I find that tylenol pm is just as if not better than all the prescription medications I've tried. F 38 4 months

 1  insomnia Big time trippin effect like on LSD. Room was spinning. You are awake, but you cannot move. It's terrible. Last about 2 hours. It would be better off sold as an illegal street drug.I cannot take it anymore.. I threw it out! F 22 3 days

 2   M 34

 1  sleep. blackout i normally took these and went straight to bed. my mom told me i was up for hours rambling on and on, going up and down the stairs nonstop, working out, and slamming doors all night. i also took 17 10mg pills the first three days! i really dont remember doing all of this. i STRONGLY dont recommend using this drug!!! M 16 2 months
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