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 1  Asthma I definitely urge parents not to take this medicine. My daughter is 3 years old and was given this occasionally when she had asthma. Maybe like 3 times year, for a short duration of 4 days. Recently, the doctor gave her this again for 4 days. Today is the 5th day that she has withdrawn from the medicine yet it has changed her personality completely. She has become aggressive and screams that she wants to throw out her favourite teddy bear in the garbage. It's scary. As you can see no kid in the right state of mind would ever suggest this. She was not joking, she was serious about it. My worst experience are the night terrors. At first she will kick and scream about opening the door for 10 minutes, now her episodes last for 30 minutes. It is very frightening to watch. I don't know when the side effects will wear off. I miss having a sweet and happy kid. F 3 4 days

 1  Allergies My daughter is 3, after 1 week of taking this, she began bed wetting which she had never done, was seeing people who were not there, woke up screaming from nightmares that she said a man was trying to take her away, and worst of all last night she woke up screaming hysterically and was like this 4 hours, saying get them off spiders and other things were crawling on her and were getting her, she is. Ow scared of the dark, won't sleep. Even all day has said things were crawling on her. Scary to think our next 2 weeks may be like this paranoia schizophrenia episodes. And wonder the lasting mental scars it will leave for such a young child. My daughter has taken Singulair for the last 2 weeks and it has helped her symptoms of allergies greatly, it does not offset the extreme side effects it caused. F 3 2 weeks
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 1  Allerty, Asthma, Congestion Extremely emotional, uncontrollable crying, kicking, screaming, unable to calm down, back aches. My 3yr old son was on singulair for 2 days. It cleared up his symptoms immedietley, but that is when eveything else started happening. He went to preschool and had a melt down over nothing, kicking & screaming, rolling on the floor. He could not calm down and everything seemed to agitate him more. The tantrum lasted for 90 min. and I had to come get him & bring him home. The next morning he started complaining that his back hurt, the crying started again and his teacher said he has been in a bad mood all day. This was not my son. I was so worried. The Dr. said to discontinue taking it. Now I'm wondering how long it stays in his system. M 3 2 days

 1  Presumed allergies, cough, wheezing Mood swings, odd behavior, nightmares. I only gave my son 3 doses of this medication. Two of those 3 days, he had nightmares. He was also a little more moody than usual and had behavior that was totally out of character for him. M 3 3 days

 1  seasonal asthmatic symptoms nightmares, anxiety attacks, anger, change in behavior My 3yo son started taking this 4 days ago. The first night, he had a nightmare. Starting soon after, he started hearing "sounds". We never figured out what he heard, but he'd climb the walls screaming even when he would hear you scratch. This evening he had a 2 hour anxiety attack. His personality has changed even in this short time: he's moody and angry. I wondered if it was the medication, and Google brought me here. There is now no doubt in my mind, and my child will no longer take this. M 3 4 days

 4  Allergies Asthma Wow. This has been an eye opener. I came to this site for another medication, but I think I've finally put this together. My 3 1/2 year old has been very aggressive. In fact, got in trouble today at sunday school for starting a fight with a child. He has also been hyper, unusually loud, and has screaming fits. However, a few weeks ago we traveled home to Chicago. We were out of our routine, and I kept forgetting to give him his daily dose of singulair. I noticed that my child was so well mannered, calm, and tried to assist his younger cousin whenever she would have an emotional meltdown. I thought, wow, he's growing up and maturing. Not so. When I returned home, we returned to our usual one dose in the morning of singulair, and he was back to his very difficult self -- constnatly wanting my attention, getting upset at the drop of a hat, difficult sleeping. I think I may have found the culprit. I'm going to keep him off for a week and see if there's a noticeable difference. The med works for keeping his allergies and asthma at bay, but the emotional side effects are far too demanding on a child -- if not the entire household. M 3.5 4 months

 4  Prevention of asthma & allergies None Prescribed for my 1 1/2 year old son after bout with pneumonia, as preventative for asthma (I am asthmatic and allergic). Convinced it has worked! No noticable side effects. M 3.5 2 years

 1  Suspected Asthma (RAD) My son was prescribed the drug when he was 3.5. He experienced night terrors, constantly complained of stomach aches, could not focus, had extremely low self esteem, worried that people were laughing at him, irritable and moody, exhibited agressive behavior and perseverated about very minor issues. Things got so bad for my son, we had him evaluated by a psychologist. We stopped the Singulair and most behaviors all but disappeared within a week or two. He is now a slightly quirky (but typically happy) 5 year old. I still wonder if he has any lasting effects from this med. M 3.5 1 years
 1  Sleep Apnea Our son was on Singulair for 3 weeks and we noticed a drastic change in his personality during the 3rd week. He became extremely moody, crying whenever he did not get what he wanted in that particular moment, and violent. He also had nightmares at night. We stopped the medication and his behavior returned to normal. M 3.5 3 weeks

 1  Asthma, Allergies Sleeplessness, insecurity, weakness, EXTREME aggression, irritability. My son was put on Singulair as a 'preventative' measure for his asthma during the winter months. In the last 3 days, he has bitten 2 friends and broken the skin, hit 2 friends for no reason, and violently scratched another friend. This is not our son. He breaks down immediately after doing these very aggressive acts and in unconsolable and doesn't know why he did it. We have been trying to understand the massive mood swing in him and aggressive behavior. Now that I have found this site and others, I am realizing that all of this started 2 months ago when he was put on the singulair - and that when he was off it before over the summer that he had no problems and was the sweet, loving, confident child he used to be. I have had 3 refills for the time he has been on this drug and NEVER received any patient information on the drug with it. I had no idea the side effects were this bad, or even that these were side effects until I researched it myself. I am taking him off and hoping h M 3.5 2 months

 1  asthma/allergies My 3 yr. old son, who is very intelligent, became defiant, hateful, biting, hitting, pinching. He was having night mares, sleepwalking, couldn't make sense of things. I was about to call a developmental pediatrician. I had questioned daycare, church, everybody thinking he may have been abused. Finally it dawned on me about the medicine. I googled it, and found this site. I have taken him off singulair. He has been off for 2 days and it is a slow process, but I am starting to see him return to normal. This medication should not be on the market. M 3.5 3 weeks

 1  allergy symptoms, coughing My 3 1/2 year old daughter has taken Singulair for 2 days. Last night she was so restless and agitated, she went to sleep at 1:00 a.m. She has also been complaining of her leg hurting, which I've seen in another comment too. In addition she is cranky but I'm not 100% sure if it's from this. But, just in case I'm going to discontinue this medication. It's Tylenol Cold & Dimetapp for us! F 3.5 2 days

 1  seasonal allergies High fever,watery stools, agressive behavior, nightmares, joint pain, anxiety, moodiness The first week after we started my son, (3.5 years) on it, He had an extremely high fever (104.7) for a week. We thought he may have been coming down with a cold/flu. He also had complaints of not being able to walk because his legs hurt. He stopped wanting to go to school, and started to hit his sister, then he would cry about it because he didn't know why he had hit her. He wanted nothing to do with me(his mom) He refused to even hug me. When he would hug me, he would growl and be so rough with me. But he was fine with his dad most the time. We never put these things together, we just thought it was his terrible 3's .I was feeling myself begining to lose patience with him. He was acting out and never listening. Before the singulair he would sit and play for hours , or "read" books all by himself for quite a long time, but once he started taking singulair, it was black and white. I ran out of his singulair for almost a week, then started him on it again. The first nite, h F 3.5 38 days
 1  allergy, sinus, astma BEHAVIORAL, TANTRUMS, OCD, ODD, MASTURBATION ( YES AT 3 YEARS OLD), DEPRESSION, PROBLEMS SLEEPING, ETC ETC AND ETC. my daughter was sick the whole winter last year, she was about 2 and 1/2 and had started daycare every morning. After catching about over 10 different viruses and always having bronchitis (forgive me my English) then end up taking antibiotics and more and even ending up with pneumonia...she has allergy + sinus + asthma issues... so our pediatrician recommended putting her on singulair, I resisted a bit, do not like drugs at all, but after all they are the doctors, right? It seem to have helped her because she stopped being sick. she took for 3 months and summer came, I stopped... winter is here again and she is sick again, now also her baby brother 8 months old, both sick and her doctor told me to put them both on it, so...I buy the singulair only for her and start giving to her...4 days later I notice my sweet angel going out of control, unbelievable change...tantrums, completely out...plus other things...NOW I GO BACK IN TIME LAST YEAR WITHOUT MAKING ANY CONNECTION I COULDN'T DEAL WITH MY DAUGHTER ANYMORE TOOK HER TO A BEHAVIOR PEDIATRICIAN. HE WANTED TO PUT HER ON ANTIDEPRESSANTS, DIAGNOSED HER WITH ADHD, OCD, ODD AND MORE. AND AGREED BECAUSE SHE WAS OUT OF CONTROL. TANTRUMS, CRYING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, AND I CANT REMEMBER ALL RIGHT NOW...BUT MY CONCLUSION IS THAT SWEET SMART LITTLE GIRL CHANGED AROUND THE TIME SHE TOOK THE SINGULAIR AND AFTERWORDS SHE GOT BETTER BUT I NEVER REALIZED UNTIL NOW THAT I GAVE IT AGAIN AND INSTANTLY SHE CHANGED...I JUST PUT MY DAUGHTER T F 3.5 3 months
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 1  Allergies Within 24 hours, my even tempered 3.5 year old turned into crabby, crying, emotionally fragile child. He would melt down in tears and when asked what was wrong would say "I DON'T KNOW." He is usually very good at expressing himself, but since being on this, he is easily upset and confused. When he wakes in the morning, I'm telling him he doesn't have to take this anymore. I had a bad feeling going into this...no reason why as I had never really heard anything about Singulair (positive or negative)...I just had a bad feeling. I feel so terrible that my sweet boy has had such a difficult few days (major tantrums/meltdowns). He's 3.5 and I'm proud to say that I am always complimented on how lovely he behaves...not the last four days...poor sweet boy. I can only imagine it's the medicine. He has only been able to express that he feels bad all over, but cannot pinpoint an exact location. He said he felt fragile and very sad for no reason at all...scary stuff. F 3.5 4 days
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 5  asthma/ night TERRORS NO side effects My son is 4 1/2 years old, he has been having night terrors 2-3 episodes a month since he was 2. he was just diagnosed with asthma(R.A.D.) and has slept through the night ever since, this medicine is the answer to my prayers. He has also been on xopenex. M 4 2 months
4 MG 1X D
 5  Asthma, bad cough, chest infections NO SIDE EFFECTS WHAT SO EVER. My 4yr old son suffered year after year with asthma, a terrible cough and chest infections. Each year would be worse than the other. He has been on 4mg once a day for the last 2 months and it has been the best 2 months of his life health wise. I have keept a very keen eye out for side effects and can honestly say, there are NONE. I will take him off Singulair in the summer months when there are no symptoms. But will put him back on when symptoms start up again. This drug has been a blessing for us I just wish it could be this way for eveyone else. M 4 2 months
4mg 1X D

 5  Asthma Mar. 2003 started on my 3 yr old boy, ceased 2 yr long steroidal inhaler use after 8 months on med. Surprised MDs. 1- 4 mg. chewable at bedtime. I am so pleased. Haven't needed the albuterol for 3 months. It has been 3 months since ceasing steroid too. M 4 1 years
 4  Child asthma none that were noticeable, wondering if there are long term side effects?? my 3 year old developed severe asthma symptoms and was repeatedly being admitted or rushed to hospital with every cough and cold, which was being made much worse by the fact he has respiratory problems. The preventer ( steroid) inhalers were not making a difference and the reliever inhaler was giving him an increased heart rate ( very common side affect of reliever inhaler) and made him hyper and feelings of extreme hunger. Singulair was prescribed and within two weeks has changed my sons life, from virtually being unable to walk up stairs to being able to run around and he almost never gets a cold now!! The mmr vaccine has given him more terrible side effects than singulair!! M 4 7 months
4mg 1X D
 4  Asthma/Allergies My 4yo is taking this and is complaing of her head hurting all the time and not sleeping at night. Now she takes it in the morning. Has helped her greatly with the wheezing and coughing F 4 30 days
 3  Allergies/Asthma Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, irritability, very dramatic behavior (crying and screaming over anything and everything), lack of focus-unable to sit still, aggressive behavior, anxiety, hyperactivity, severe nightmares My son is 4 1/2 years old and has been on singulair for 3 years; this drug definitely helps prevent his allergy related asthma attacks, he has needed his inhaler maybe 6 times since he started on this drug. HOWEVER, we accidentally forgot to refill his prescription over Christmas vacation (Dec 2005) and within two days we noticed a dramatic change in his behavior; he was calm (very little drama), focused, happy, cooperative, just a happy 4 year old boy. We contacted our Family Doctor and he advised that the negative behavior, (that we always thought was his normal behavior), could possibly be a result of the Singulair and we decided to keep him off the drug to test this theory. His daycare giver and preschool teachers all noticed a dramatic positive change in his behavior. After a month off the drug we had to put him back on it as his asthma flared up again. The negative behavior came back full force and is still with us to date...the positives have outweighed the negatives. We recentl M 4 3 years

 3  allergies My daughter has been on this for several years. While it has helped her allergies she complains of leg aches, stomach aches, is very emotional, does not sleep at night and has nightmares. I thought it was just the terrible two's going into the four's but now am going to take her off this medicine and see what happens. F 4 2 years

 3  airway reactive disease My child has been a terror since she has been on this med.(Aggressiveness,hitting, kicking,yelling,screaming). She never had this type of behavior before starting this med. It certainly helped the coughing and vomiting, but we will be discontinuing it now that I am realizing the behavior changes are not the terrible 4's. If your child's personality has changed do not hesitate to consider that Singulair may be the culprit. F 4 5 months

 3  childhood reactive airway disease irritability, aggression, waking up at night yelling, irrational behavior significantly improved daughter's breathing but turned her into 'dr. jekyll and mr. hyde'. stopped the med and her personality improved but her breathing worsened. started again 2 days ago, but stopping today...can't stand the mood swings and sensitivity. i hope we find an alternative to singulair because i really don't want her to be on it. F 4 5 months

 3  Severe allergies inducing croup depression, agression, compulsive behaviour, mood swings, nightmares, bedwetting, teeth grinding I'm writing this on behalf of my 4 year old as I sit here crying. I didn't know that an allergy medication that has done so much to help her breathing could do this to a child! Over the last few weeks her behaviour started to change toward repetative behaviours to the point where she wouldn't play with toys, had to be colouring and cutting out everything. The bedwetting came back, the moods and aggression I figured was a phase, but a week ago the depression settled in on her and she started to cry for no reason and couldn't tell me anything that was wrong, one minute she's outside bouncing a ball, the next she drops it and her head and starts to cry. This has been repeating since. Nothing else has changed - she doesn't have a babysitter or daycare, she's not been left alone with anyone. I'm a stay at home mom. She is an only child, so there's no sibling rivalry. I've been trying to figure out where my child has gone and where the monster came from. Now I know the monster is the singul F 4 2 months
 3  severe allergy/asthma mood swing, bed wetting,dry mouth,very bad breath almost dosen't go away no matter how many times we brush his teeth,bad behaviour doesn't listen at all, cries over minor staff ,his sad and angry, nightmares the med did help my son but the side effects are way too much the sad thing is my son was on singular for 2 and1/2 years and i couldn't figure out what was going on until i google the med M 4 2 years

 3  improve inflamation, cold defenses My son was always bright and very active; on Singular he gradually became anxious, easily excitable, moody, contrary and down on himself. I had no idea it was the medicine. I even changed his school! Dr. and teachers thought he might eventually need to be tested for ADD. I brought up the possibile connection to singulair to his Dr., who said she didn't think Singulair was the problem because he'd always been active. We decided to ween him off 3/27 after a teacher noted anxiety; since then his behavior has improved radically. Not only is he more agreeable and calmer at home, but at school the teachers tell me they are seeing him focus on tasks and take on challenges he wouldn't have considered even two weeks ago. Singulair brought his repeated colds under control, but at a cost. Singulair reduced his suseptibility to colds. Since birth he got many colds despite being breastfed. Nearly 2 years ago, the colds got to where he wasn't over one when the next began. Finally, 18-months ago, Dr. said Singulair would reduce inflamation and give him time to heal and fight off colds. I resisted initially, but eventually agreed because he was always sick. As his health improved, he gradually became more anxious, contrary and down on himself. I thought problems were school related. But now his behavior has dramatically improved in last month since we began weening him off singular -- preschool teachers who had noted anxiety (and didn't know about sing. change) told me wide-eyed last week that they had never seen him so well behaved and willing to work. This is not just a matter of blaming medication for behavior problems as one writer below said. M 4 1 years

 3  asthma The Dr. put my daughter on this medication at age 2 after my daughter had respiratory failure due to reactive lung disease. I thought that it was a godsend as her breathing much improved and she was able to participate in simple activities like running after being on it for a month or so. At about age 4 she started having headaches, sore throats, neck pain, leg pain, stomach aches and nightmares. I have had her in the doctors office several times over the last year for these symptoms and never got any answers or indications that the singulair might be causing these symptoms. I am furious! My sweet four year old has headaches all of the time and not one of the doctors mentioned that this could be a side effect! F 4

 2  asthma/allergies agressiveness, tantrums, crying, yelling out, anger, mood swings, not listening, unable to focus, 360 change in personality. My 4 year old son took singulair on 2 occasions for about a month each time. It did seemed to help his allergies, but at the same time his personality changed drastically. At first I thought he was going through a phase. He became a different child. very difficult to deal with. I feel so guilty about getting angry at him for his behavior while on this drug. I finally made the correlation and took him off of it. After the drug got out of his system, he was back to his usual sweet self (both times). I hate the fact that I was punishing my child for his behavior when it was my fault for giving him this poison. Be careful giving this to your child and watch out for the side effects. It may work for some, but it seems like it has a bad effect on others. It is sad with the kids because they can't communicate how they feel like and adult can. What good is a medication if it makes you unable to function. M 4 2 months

 2  allergies; dermagraphism; asthma irritable; terrible moodswings; nightmares; zoned out; hyper & then crashes the doctors kind of make you feel like you're imagining these drug reactions. they told me that singular was an amazing drug and did all kinds of amazing things for the kids when i took my daughter off it the first time. urged me to put her back on it if i wanted her better. F 4 1 years

 2  astma my 4 yr old daughter has allways been strong minded. she just started nursery in sept. her we chest had been giving her bother and i was worried about her attendance in school so her doctor prescribed singular chewable. when i thin back to when she started talking them she cried non stop at night for 4 nights she has now become anxious crying and really bad tantrums i have decide from today that im going to take her of these tablets because she is crying non stop from she gets up till she goes to bed. woulnt recommend these tablets this is a mother whose child had to get 12 teeth out with medication for asthma F 4 3 days

 2  Asthma Irritability, agression, crying, tantrums. I live in Australia and my son was prescribed Singulair as an asthma preventative when he was 1.5 years old. We have always thought that we had a very "difficult" child and have put his tantrums and crying down to terrible twos etc. He was constantly in trouble at home for being rough and wild with his sisters, for hitting and kicking and for being extremely defiant and "angry". I could not even take him to the shops because of his behaviour. We have been to numerous GPs and Paediatricians in regard to his behaviour and have seriously thought he may have ADHD or something similar. Not one of our doctors mentioned that Singulair has been known to cause some of these issues!! We lost his prescription for Singulair and he was off it for a couple of weeks, during which time he, and thus our whole family, experienced an incredible change. He is a happy, gentle boy!! It was only after re-filling his prescription and seeing a rapid move back to anger, crying, extreme d M 4 2.5 years

 2  mild asthma leg pain, headache did not prevent bronchial asthma in my case. M 4 3 weeks

 2  Asthma Daughter's agression. I have taken Singulair for 3 years and have experienced no side effects (I am 36), however my four-year-old daughter started taking Singulair only two days ago and had a violent, prolonged episode that I have never seen before. She is also acting "spaced out" and seems to be hearing things that aren't there. I am stopping it immediately with her and have placed a call to her doctor. She has never had any mental health issues and is otherwise a healthy child. F 4 2 days

 2  allergies; rhinitis 4 year old son had a dramatic personality change soon after taking 5mg chewable tablet each day. Became physically aggressive and irritable. He said he felt like "a bad guy" while on the medication. Granted his allergies improved I took him off the medication because he was an angry little boy and previously he had been very happy go lucky. (His original personality was restored within 3 days of discontinuation of Singulair.) M 4 2 weeks

 2  allergy/sinus nightmares, difficulty sleeping, depression (when she is normally a very happy girl), anxiety, lots of crying (not able to explain why) It worked wonders for my daughter last year when she took it by itself for about two weeks to control nasal congestion and cough. It was prescribed again this year on a longer basis, but this time it did not work so well on its own. Three more meds were then prescribed along with the Singulair. After 2.5 months of Singulair alone and 3 more weeks of the combined meds, her congestion and cough have not gone away and she has been having all these BAD side effects for a week now. She cries all day for no reason, doesn't want to stay in Pre-K (which she loves), cries in her sleep, and has nightmares every night. The Dr. doesn't think it has anything to do with Singulair, but after reading all these comments I will definitely STOP giving it to her. I was so concerned about her behavioral changes that I thought she needed a psychologist. Now I know better and I hope she goes back to normal very soon. F 4 3 months
 2  Fir childhood Asthma Abnormal leg movements when sleeping, Disturbed sleep and severe itching. M 4 5 days
4mg 1X D

 2  Asthma My daughter takes it... she is 4 years old and has asthma real bad. the side effect that ive noticed 1). really cranky ( she cries a lot) 2) mood change with in seconds. ( she actully slaps her older brother.) 3) complains of tummy ach. 4) Stops breathing at nigh time.. Theres not one night that goes by that i get to sleep alone. because im afraid she will stop breathing. Every since she's been on singulair i've noticed at night that she stops breathing. i have to set her up right to get her to breath.. Its very scary. I read a lot of comments about the meds but didnt think anything of it... tomorrow we are going back to the doctor.. Something just isnt rite. Shes always in a bad mood, and sometimes she hits on her brother (older then her) which isnt like her. And also she tryies to hit me. I hope there is something else we can try because Singulair isnt it.... F 4 1 years
5 1X D
4 1X D

 2  allergy My 4 year old grandson was given this medicine for an allergy episode. On the 3rd night of taking it, he was having a problem staying asleep. He would begin to fall asleep and then wake me up to let me know "door closing" noises were waking him up. He also told me that he was having a bad dream that woke him up. He was not able to go to sleep for a long time because the "door closing" noises would not stop. He also complained of his leg being "asleep", but he had not done anything that would cause this to happen. His leg was numb for several hours. The next day, I double-checked on the side effects of this drug and was concerned enough to stop giving it to him. We've had no more "door closing" sounds or his leg being "asleep". His Dr. was not concerned at all. I believe this drug was causing my grandson to experience auditory hallucinations, nightmares, and numbness of the extremities. These are all possible side-effects from t M 4 3 days
4mg chew 1X D

 2  allergies wild mood swings; manic behavior; hysterical crying Our Ped. Prescribed Singulair for our daughter in addition to Zyrtec for constant allergies, post-nasal drip, and mucus. When a 4-y.o. comes to you and tells you that she had a "freak out" in school, you know that there are problems. Each night at home she would burst into tears hysterically and scream on the top of her lungs at the drop of a hat. The episodes would last about 20 minutes. The moment I stopped the meds, her behavior went back to normal. It did help her sinus issues, but the side effects were not worth it. Reading all of these comments makes me realize that I was not imagining this as my Ped. suggested. Thank you for your posts. F 4 4 days
4 mg 1X D

 2  Allergies, possible asthma Wow! I am so glad to have found this site! I came on here to see if there were any negative effects to stopping singular, as they warn you on the label. My son started this at 3 and we've had a miserable year and a half! He became aggressive toward others, unable to control himself, and a complete nightmare. At his 4 year check up they recommended seeing an OT for sensory processing disorder. We have eliminated all processed foods, sugary drinks etc....well, I have not refilled his prescription in the last month and he has been an absolute angel. Honestly, he is a new child and we are all solo happy! I can't believe it has taken me so long to figure this out. M 4 1.5 years
1X D

 2  Allergies Aggression, Anger, Defiance, Crying and Loss of Appetite My 4 year old has seasonal allergies and was given Singulair on top of his normal regiment of Zyrtec. From day one of taking the Singulair chewable tablet he became defiant, and uncontrollable. It has gotten much worse as we continue to give him each dose. I have stopped the medicine after 3 days and have already seen improvement. M 4 3 days
1X D

 1  allergic rhinitus agitation, hyperactivity, deliberately unfriendly behavior, oppositional, defiant, bad dreams, tempertantrums, kicking, aggressive behavior, talking too much My son is going off tonight...a normally energetic kid has become overly aggressive, running into us, head butting with force, defiant, combative, purposely antagonizing. He is calm at preschool and within seconds of leaving is yelling, jumping, hitting - unusually aggressive and agitated. He will talk incessantly and then just crash and fall asleep. His emotions have been on a roller coaster. This stuff if awful. I feel horrible he lasted this long on the meds. M 4 10 weeks
4 mg table 1X D

 1  seasonal asthmatic symptoms mood swings, night terrors, nightmares, anxiety attacks, agressive behavior I actually left a comment back in December about my 3 yo taking the drug Singulair. I wanted to update, because I know that responsible parents are checking these sites hoping to learn more about the medicine! My son was actually diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after only being on this medication for FOUR DAYS! The hallucinations he experienced while on it kept him from sleeping in his own room for FOUR months, and we actually had to switch his room to a different room, completely redo the paint, covers, furniture, everything. It was a NIGHTMARE. Finally, four months later, he is returning to his old self. We actually have switched pediatricians because she again prescribed Nasonex after knowing everything we went through with Singulair...sure enough, the side effects are the same. Parents, please take caution. These are adult drugs they are giving to children. M 4 4 days
1X D
 1  Allergies Aggression, zoning out, angry, mood swings...and more. My 4-year-old son has taken Singulair for one year. While his allergy symptoms improved somewhat, his personality completely changed. Yesterday I was checking on some other things and happened to stumble on this site. I felt like I was reading my son's story over and over again. He became very aggressive and defiant. He became very anxious about random things. He would obsess about things. He began doing things that were off-the-wall and mean, and when I asked him why, the answer was always, "I don't know." He began repeating himself constantly - both in a stutter-like manner (repeating the same part of a sentence over and over and over) and also repetitive if I didn't respond to him immediately(which really annoyed me). He never seemed happy...always brooding, even when getting his way, things weren't right. This may sound ridiculous, but in one day, he is 100% better. His teachers said, "He was a completely different child. He got along with everyone, was helpful, happy and patient..." Since we've been home, I have not had to ask him more than one time to do something (which I have had to do more times than I can count...it would usually take me asking 5-7 times and getting pretty angry to get him to do something). He has been relaxed and happy. He has not gotten upset for no reason. He has not repeated himself (in any fashion) one time. I'm praying the day isn't a "fluke," but I feel certain it isn't. M 4 1 years
4 mg 1X D
 1  Seasonal asthma Mood swings, lower frustration tolerance, easily saddened, throat clearing, humming, eye rolling, head turning We started our 4 1/2 year old son on Singulair per pedatrician suggestion due to seasonal asthma. Previously we treated him with a nebulizer (zoponex/pulmicort) as needed. Our pediatrician suggested Singulair as a daily remedy so we started him on it once the school year ended (first week of June). During the first two weeks we noticed some behavioral changes (easily frustrated, VERY emotional, intense play) as well as sporadic humming, mostly while he would be engaged in watching TV. When we would ask him why he was doing that he would say "I don't know; it makes me feel better". This then led to a persistant throat clearing the following week and now, out of the blue, he has started repetitively turning his head as if he is looking at something next to/behind him. This is now happening in a wide range of environments (watching TV, playing, walking, during conversations). He says it "makes his eyes feel better". Once the head turning began, and we looked at how these symptoms had developed, we determined that this could have something to do with the Singulair so we immediately took him off. It has been over a week now and he continues to repetitively turn his head, sometimes as many as 15-20 times a minute. Needless to say we are a bit concerned and are hoping that this decreases over time since these behaviors seem to result from his 3 week Singulair trial. Updates to follow... M 4 3 weeks
7 mg 1X D
 1  Asthma Mood swings not listening to a word we say, strange behaviour experienced after just 2 days of taking the medication. Kicking, hitting out of character behaviour M 4 7 days
1X D

 1  asthma very violent behaviour, uncontrollable crying, hallucinations, angry about everything and everyone, panic attacks, anxiety legs itching, abdominal pain, potty accidents After Singulair I stop recognise my child that was the worst thing I did by giving her this drug. She didn't had side effects till about 5 month from starting the drug and I thought that she is "save" I was very rong. I did my research about Singulair before she started taking it and I knew all the side effects but I was thinking this won't happens to me but it did happen.I'm hopping that she will be ok and I will have my little girl back. When I ask her why she is behaving this way she always tell me " I dont know" and that is hart braking.SINGULAIR SHOULD BE BANNED!!!! Don't take it, I will naver give this to my child again. F 4 12 months
4 1X D
 1  allergies and asthma severe anxiety, hallucinations, unable to sleep due to terrifying dreams, self-harm behavior, sadness, agoraphobia, separation anxiety My son has been on Singulair for 4 years now and is 4.5 now. On April 22, 2011, he developed severe separation anxiety, agoraphobia, hallucinations, severe sadness, self-harm behaviors, and difficulty sleeping due to terrifying dreams. Over the course of three days we were in the emergency room 3 times due ot this behavior. On the 3rd emergency room visit, he was admitted to Helen Devos Children's Hospital. Doctors were baffled at his behavior using Ativan, Versed, Haldol, and Risperidone to attempt to help. We had to put restraints on him as his symptoms increased in intensity to keep him safe as he was trying to bite off his fingers, scratching at his skin, and banging his head. He had brain scans and an EEG. He was seen by neurology, psychiatry, infectious disease, toxicology, etc. After being hospitalized and with no relief from the anti-psychotic medications for 3 days, a psychiatrist found infomation on the internet about psychosis in children who were taking Singulair. With no answers yet, and nothing else to do, she tried taking him off of the drug. With in 3 days, he was back to normal, and happier than ever. He's been off the drug for 12 days. He has had 3 episodes of anxiety attacks since then, but nothing like he had in the hospital. Are you going through this too? PLEASE contact me! M 4 4 years
4mg 1X D
 1  Asthma thoughts of dying, scared, bad dreams, very short temper, aggressive, hyperactive, angry complete change of personality My daughter was prescibed Singulair after a hospital admission. Her Asthma is thought to be triggered by viruses. The tablets seemed to have good effect with regards to her Asthma. She has been in and out of hospital too much in her short life and i was really hopeful that we had found something to help her. A month later her baby sister was born, she became very aggressive, would get extremely angry at the smallest thing and scream and shout, she had nightmares about fires and was scared to stay at friends who had an open fire. She would hit out and not listen, she was impossible to reason with and could not sit still at all. Her pre-school teachers started to ask if she was on Steriods as they knew these made her hyper, but she wasnt. This drug has it's place, but it's not right for my child, her behaviour was blamed on having a new baby around, i felt awful when i realised. After a week of stopping it she was calmer, after three i had my lovely affectionate, good little girl back, be very careful to monitor side effects if you have to try this drug, it certainly doesnt seen to be good for alot of children. F 4 1 years
2mg 1X D
 1  Allergies My 4 year old daughter was halicunating. She would sit up in bed and scream for me to cover her eyes. Each night she saw bubbles that would "painfully" pop by her face. Also, she wet the bed for the first time in 1.5 years. She cries over every little thing and is emotional. I am stopping this medication right now. I can't believe this is on the market! I am furious! F 4 3 months
 1  seasonal allerigies/asthma my son's behavior changed dramatically after 5 days on this drug. he became aggressive, crazy, ultra-sensitive. i took him off after finding this web site. thank you all!! he is back to normal after three days off and using nebulizer as before. this drug contains aspartame, something my pediatrician did not tell me. aspartame gives me headaches and makes me "foggy". i stopped drinking diet coke years ago because of the effects. M 4 5 days

 1  Allergies My 4 year old son has been taking Singulair for three weeks. We immediately saw a behavior change. He became hyper and aggressive at school. He had an episode where ittook three teachers an hour and a half to calm him down. He said he doesn't know why he got so upset. He has been competely out of character for the past couple of weeks. I am so glad I started to research this medication. Last night was his last and final dose. My son is somewhat excited anyway, this took him over the top. I wish healthcare providers would let parents know the possible side effects of this medication. M 4 3 weeks
 1  asthma extreme sensitivity, irritability, aggressiveness, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping. I am filling this information in based on experiences with my son. Singulair was a miracle for us when he first began taking it just after his 2nd birthday and worked well for the first year. At the beginning of his 2nd year on the meds he started showing the symptoms above. We took him off the singulair and maintained his other asthma meds as previously prescribed...the symptoms disappeared completely after about 2 months. No other changes to his meds were made. M 4 2 years

 1  upper respiratory/asthma/allergies Our high energy, 4 year old son WAS on Singulair for 1.5 years. He showed many of the classic symptoms of being on this drug. Very aggressive behavior, sensitive to small issues, moody, lack of focus/concentration, cried ALL of the time over NOTHING, fight, kick, night terrors and complain of leg cramps...I could go on and on... He often said to us, "I try to control myself, but I can't." It broke our hearts. He was asked to leave a private home daycare because of his aggressive behavior. His pediatrician sent us to 2 behaviorists - NO ONE questioned the meds he was on. It wasn't until my husband forgot to give him the meds for a couple of nights. His teacher even noticed the change and said, "he's loving & funny" and she noticed a significant change in his behavior also. I found this website and it was like reading our life. His pediatrician & pharmacist both said very few children show side effects, however, we completely disagree. We've had 3 other friends take their children off the drug & also say there's quite a difference. The FDA needs to take a closer look at prescribing this for children. After reading this site it appears it effects children differently than adults (I'm on it & don't have any symptoms like this, age 39). I know medications have different side M 4 1.5 years

 1  Allergies My son was 3,5 yrs old when he was prescribed with the medicine. He started having bad nightmares, woudl scream in the midle of the night with his eyes closed and when i went ot his room and he heard me, he would go back to sleep but this would keep on going. Also, extreme sensitiviy, lack of concentration, irritability. I would rather have him have minor symptoms of allergies and manage those rather than have him troubled with the side effects M 4 40 days

 1  asthma/allergies My 4 yr. old son began having huge meltdowns which would last for and hour or so. He is usually very easy going, but was now having rages in which he would cry, scream, bite, kick, hit, and require someone to hold him to keep him from doing these things. Then, afterwards he would say he didn't know why he got so upset. I knew something had changed because he had never had meltdowns like this before. I realized that they started about 3days after he began taking Singulair. We stopped the medication about 3 days ago and he is gradually getting back to his normal personality. I think this medication should be researched further in children because of all of the negative behavior side effects. M 4 7 days

 1  asthma/allergies? My 3 1/2 year old son was givn the medicine because he had severe coughing spells, that couldnt be explained. The doctor gave us samples while we waited to see a specailist. 4 out 7 nights on the drug he wet the bed, he became very inpatient, sensitive, thought people were laughing at him, more agrressive,biting his brother, difficulty sleeping, crying in his sleep, nightmares, antisocial etc etc. My son experienced these symptoms after one week, BEWARE!!! of this medication the risks just dont out way the benefits. My once outgoing child became afraid to go to school and depressed after one week, said he didnt want to be happy and was telling me he did things that he hadnt, bad things! I can only imagine what may have happened if he had stayed on the meds. Do not give your children this medication!How dare drug companies give out this medication when there are so many horror stories out there. Shame on them!!!!!!Ps Two days after stopping my son is getting back to his old self and hopefuly in a couple days I will have my happy fun loving child back. M 4 7 days
 1  ashma and allergies my 4 year old started taking this med almost a year ago. he has had 2 ear infections a month ever since. he also is very moody. before he started on this med he was so loving and sweet and now he is not that way anymore. today was his first day off this med. i hope that it helps. his doc says that he does not need tubes. but something is not right. before he was on this he never had ear problems. M 4 1 years
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