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 1  major depression,anxiety and panic weight gain, nausea,jittery Did not help my condition. F 37 30 days

 1  Depression Intense anxiety for the first week, then terrible depressive mood swings, made depression ten times worse; emotions felt flat, hollow and phony. F 40 15 days

 1  Major Depression Nervousness, Sleep Interuption, Increased (if possible!!) suicidal thoughts, Severe stomach upset, Increased to two pack a day smoking and jaw clamping. 20 mg - lowest dose possible, I am being taken off of it immediately. I very much wanted this last medication to work and tried to deal with the side effects. F 38 4 weeks

 1  stress and menopausal massive weight gain forty five pounds complete loss of libido. Felt like a zombie after two years on 20mg and being brain dead, Ihalved the dose for one week ,then 10mg every other day for one week,then finished.Been clean for three weeks and never felt so good. I had a really good laugh the other day,something I had not done for two years of no emotion. F 53 2 years
 1  Depression Suicidal, zombie, lack of desire to do things Was put on this drug due to separation caused by Requip. After about 2 weeks on this drug, I started having very strong urges to end my life. I actually took the weapons out of the house, locked them in my car, tossed the keys into the yard and went to bed and couldnt stop crying. I drove up and talked to my wife about things and mentioned this episode. Glad I did, she told me to stop taking it and to call my pshycologist. I did what she asked and am alive thanks to her. I now feel better about myself, it is difficult dealing with our separation but with the help of a doctor, I am dealing with it. It may help others but almost ended me. BE CAREFUL! M 50 15 days

 1  Panic attacks I was switched from Cymbalta to Celexa after having horrible panic attacks after coming off the Pill (had I not been on the Pill, I don't think any of my anxiety/panic issues would have happened). It's hard to know the side effects of Celexa, as I was on Ativan (I am now completely off Ativan)the entire time I was on Celexa. But, the side effects seem to be: weight gain, complete loss of libido, much difficulty reaching orgasm, stomach pain. I am about to start weaning myself, slowly, off of Celexa and would appreciate anyones advice and input on this. F 36 15 months
 1  depression and anxiety diarrhea, suicidal, became like a zombie, loss of taste and smell, dizziness, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat I'd recommend trying anything rather than this drug although I know it suits some people. If you're reading this I hope you are one of the people it suits it sure didn't suit me! Came off very, very slowly, chipping away at the pills. F 66 10 months

 1  social anxiety nausea. some sleep problems This was the first medication I've tried for social anxiety. I've been very shy all my life and its totally effecting my quality of life. I spend my days by myself and with my family of course. I always feel reclusive and am completely unmotivated. This medicine did absolutely nothing positive for me. M 17 2 months

 1  Depression/OCD abdominable pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches, suicidal thoughts, manic episodes, massive weight gain, feeling like a zombie, lack of sexual drive. I was on 60 mg and 72 hours ago I stopped this med cold turkey. I am just beginning to have the withdrawal symptoms. Zaps to the brain, dizzy, nausea, shaking. F 43 7 months

 1  Anxiety Sexual disfunction I think the reason I really did not give this drug even a remote chance was right after I started taking it I lost all sexual desire. More than that I literally could not get even rometely excited during sex. It was like I had been castrated. no feeling at all when having sex. About a week after I stopped taking the meds everything returned to normal. But it was a scary few weeks. F 30 2 months

 1  depression/anxiety SEVERE agitation!!! almost immediately after taking the first dose, I became extremely restless and agitated. Took it for 4 days, thinking that pros would outweigh the cons and the side effects would wear off. By the 4th day, I was unable to lie still, sit still, sleep, function, was completely suicidal. This drug didn't work at all for me! F 36 4 days

 1  Mild depression Extreme abdominal cramping. Could only tolerate 3 days on it. Unable to eat or drink. Writhing on the bed in pain. F 32 3 days

 1  depression no side effects I didnt do anything for me i didnt feel anything from using it totally ineffective M 28 4 weeks

 1  Chronic Dizziness Anxiety, panic attacks, terrifying nightmares, suicidal thoughts, nausea, increased dizziness, disturbed sleep, confusion I was given 10mg Citalopram for 24/7 dizziness which I have been suffering with for over a year. No-one could find a cause for it so was thought that perhaps anxiety could causing it despite not feeling anxious. The 17 days I was on it were the worst of my life yet I kept hanging on having read about the initial side effects fading over time. However the final straw came when I woke up on the final day of taking it, wanting to kill myself, all of a sudden I was looking at knives in a different way. I couldn't stop crying, I had overwhelming dispear, the like of which I've never felt before nor do I want to feel again. I've been off the Citalopram for 11 days now and I am still suffering great anxiety and panicky thoughts almost all the time - I never felt this way prior to taking the drug. I also feel constantly sick. I hope I am still suffering withdrawal and will eventually return to how I felt prior to taking the drug but I have a feeling the experience will stay with me for a very F 23 17 days

 1  Severe depression The first day I took it, I felt like it was the best day of my life, I had some much energy and I couldnt stop talking, I felt like I was on speed or something. But after that the effect changed I felt like I was in lala land all the time. I could have sat and stared at the wall for hours! and terrible insomnia! And I had spells of anger... I would not reccommed trying, It took several weeks before I felt like the fog had lifted. I would be talking to someone and during the convo. I would just faze out and stare and not be able to hear what they were saying or what was going on, and then I would snap back and they would have to repeat everything again. Which was very embarrasing! F 22 1 months

 1  Seasonal Affective Disorder Premature Atrial Contractions, diarrhea and tinnitus (recent) occasional restless leg symptoms started several years ago and of course sexual response was very difficult.. I have taken Celexa for almost 10 years, first year everyday than during winter months only..It was very effective for me BUT I am writing this after being all night in the ER for PAC's which started within 2 hours of taking dose of Celexa..I am a retired RN and thought I knew this drug..first occurance was two weeks ago..I didn't think it could be connected to a drug I had taken for almost 10 years but it definately was..within 2 hours severe PAC's followed by diarrhea,(diarrhea has been going on for almost two months again I didn't connect to Celexa)was given beta blocker to relieve symptoms..it took two doses over 8 hours in ER to control PAC's ..ER nurse stated she took 2 doses and had severe double vision and said no more for her..Just be very aware of the potential of this very potent drug..interesting reading on net under side effects..I will never touch this drug again..I guess I will research full spectrum lights and vit. D...also moving to Florida is a thought.. F 58 10 years
 1  anxiety SEVERE weight gain!! I gained 20 pounds in 1 month. There is no other reason for the weight gain. I was promised that this was not a weight gain drug but after researching on my own, i found out that it was. It has also made me very tired and lethargic. Also decreased sex drive. I am a small 32 woman and have weighed 100 pounds my whole life. I now weigh 120 pounds at 5'2!!! I stopped taking Celexa a few days ago and cant wait for this weight to be gone. Try something else. F 32 1 months

 1  Social Anxiety trouble sleeping, nausea didn't do anything for anxiety, nor depression. It didn't even feel like I was taking a drug at all and it gave me sleeping troubles. M 17 2 months

 1  depression BLEEDINg!!!! stomach pancreas vaginal A good friend of mine had a massive cerebrial bleed and died while taking this drug. After all the problem I had with it I could have warned him about this. I am WARNING you now don't take it. It may be fine for some people and not others like him it is too late when you are dead I urge you find some other way to deal leave the drugs in the store. F 25 4 years

 1  depression dry mouth. headaches. loss of libido. fatigue. Did nothing for me except produce the aforementioned side effects. I am very happy for the others here who found that it helped them. So it is with SSRI's. M 39 7 months

 1  anxiety facial and vaginal muscle twitches, total forgetfulness, insomnia, racing mind would not shut off. I don't know how anyone could take this drug. One of the worst experiences in my life. As another person commented, this terrible experience made me really work hard and get in shape to handle my problems without drugs. It's not easy and life is hard, but maybe our society has set up unrealistic expectations that life should be happy and relatively stress free all the time. F 45 20 days

 1  anxiety/depression first 3 days took away anxiety. from day four to day seven i slipped into a horrible depression. could not get out of bed. felt like i wanted to committ suicide. i am stopping this drug by tomorrow before i kill myself. i hate it. lexapro did the same thing to me. F 44 7 days

 1  Depression anxiety hate it, don't want it, caused some really weird dreams, fatigue, blood pressure low, high anxiety, suicidal/homicidal thinking increased. NO NO NO NO NO F 38 1 weeks

 1  Depression apathy, lack of motivation, worsened depression, suicidal thoughts, numbness Had been taking Wellbutrin XL for years when my new doctor decided to try me on Celexa to help with recent anxiety. Boy, was THIS a mistake! My old psychiatrist told me that I do NOT support the SSRIs well, so it's partially the fault of my new doctor for not listening to me when I told him this and prescribing it anyway. As with Prozac, Celexa first made me completely numb and apathetic to the point of not functioning enough to get out of bed. I've had to miss work time because of this medicine, and now that I am coming off of it, I have been so suicidal and have a depression that I haven't had for YEARS (Wellbutrin is AMAZING, kept me out of depression). I'm going back on wellbutrin XL and strongly suggest that people approach taking Celexa with caution. If I didn't have a good support system I would have certainly killed myself because of this drug. F 27 3 weeks

 1  anxiety, depression This was the first antidepressant given me after the birth of my baby. Didn't work. Was crying all the time and my body so ached on this! Like I had major joint pain and stiffness and soreness. F 34 1 years

 1  Depression Racing thoughts, restless legs, vivid frightening dreams, panic attacks, thoughts of suicide. I could not tolerate this drug at all. I ended up at my doctor's office falling apart, crying, panicked with thoughts racing. I took this to get me though trying times of an unexpected layoff, loss of health insurance and ultimately repossession of my home. My depression was situational. This drug, which was supposed to smooth over my feelings of loss and depression, caused me to completely fall apart. My solution was to buck up, dump the drugs and work my ass off to get out of my lousy situation. Two years later I have created my own job, have a nice place to live ... but still don't have health insurance because no one will insure a 56 year old diabetic - affordably. Don't you just love our system!!! F 56 4 weeks

 1  ANXIETY-DEPRESSION TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS-- Shocking sensations in the brain, or referred to as Brain Zaps, chest pain, itching all over body, headaches, I started out on Lexapro Dec.2007 for Anxiety/BI Polar. Lexpro was working great not a complaint other than in the beginning makes you extra tired. Since Lexapro doesn't come in generic form wanted to find something cheaper. So I tried Celexa for about two weeks. I thought I was going to die just days ago with the chest pain I had. If you have anxiety, you know the chest pain I am talking about. Then all the sudden I started to have these shocking sensations in my brain. I scheduled a dr's apt --1 because I had a cold and 2-because of the Brain Zaps. The doctor recommended a CT scan of my brain to rule out anything. Just hours away from the CT scan I was given this website, and seen how many people wrote in about some of the same side effects I was having. Cancelled the CT Scan and went back to Lexapro!! SAVED me a bunch of money!!! F 37 10 days

 1  Anxiety Tiredness, more anxious Didn't do anything for my anxiety M 22 1 months

 1  Bipolar II Depression My body could not tolerate this drug. Severe anxiety and irritability. I had to stop after 4 weeks. F 32 4 weeks

 1  Anxiety. Swollen face, redness, night sweats, loss of appetite,discomfort in chest, tingling in arms, increased anxiety. After a few months of stomach pains my doctor diagnosed severe depression, brought on by 4 recent deaths in the family. I asked for this drug as I'd taken it about 10 years ago with no problems. I took 10mg for 3 days - horrible side effects, so I missed a day then took 1 more. Never again! Having now read all these comments I know the chances are that even if I stuck with it the chances aren't all that great that I'll feel better. I have 'anxiety' - can't cope -rather than 'depression' - feeling sad, so I'm going to look for some homeopathic cure. No more drugs, this one is just not worth the side effects if you find you're sensative to it. F 58 5 days

 1  For depression Dry mouth, shakyness,sleeplessness, sweaty palms, balance problems.general feeling of weirdness I was only on the med. for 8 days and the doctor told me to stop taking it. He did not recommend "weaning off". M 81 8 days

 1  depression/anxiety jaw clenching, vivid nightmares, inability to orgasm, zero sex drive, insomnia did not help with my depression/anxiety, could not handle the side effects F 30 3 months

 1  Anxiety SEVERE Insomnia, numbness (felt like a zombie), cognitive impairment - couldn't grasp simple concepts. Do not take this drug, it almost ruined my life I have nothing good to say about Celexa, it quickly turned me into a zombie, no feeling good or bad. Initially I was tired all the time even if I slept, now I can't sleep at all. I am weaning off this drug and it is real tough....I am unable to work and am forced to take time off to hopefully get my cognitive ability back. Horrible stuff M 40 60 days

 1  anxiety "Stoned" feeling, as if nothing mattered, could not work, slept all day every day, lethargic My doctor prescribed me 10 mg of Celexa on top of my 300 mg of Wellbutrin because of the anxiety I was having. Well, the Celexa canceled out the Wellbutrin, making me exhausted, stoned, sleepy, etc. I ended up sleeping all day every day I took it, even with the Wellbutrin-- which was terrible, because I was skipping work and unable to function. It felt like a sedative. When I was awake I felt floaty and "stoned," unable to care about or work on anything. Maybe it made me happier, but if I can't function there's no point. I quit after a week and my anxiety on Wellbutrin eventually improved. F 28 7 days

 1  anxiety diarrhea,intense heat flashes (skin burning) and vomiting I took this for 4 days and had awful side effects and had to stop it. The burning skin and nausea and vomiting were too much for me to handle...and I didn't want to deal with it any longer so the doctor told me to stop taking it. F 24 4 days

 1  depression anxiety DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG AND RUIN YOUR LIFE, EVEN YEARS AFTER STOPPING THIS< ALL OF THE SIDE EFFECTS STAY- 40 lb weight gain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, bald spot on head (alopecia), memory loss, violent thoughts, no motivation, loss of joy, flat dead feeling, acne, dandruff, suicidal thoughts, always dizzy and feeling like I'm about to collapse whatever you do do not take this drug. exercise, take st john's wort, get in the sun, eat healthy, spend time with friends... this drug made me disabled for life at the age of 15. it's not worth it. you'd be better off getting addicted to heroin. i haven't taken this drug in over 2 years, my life is still hell, physically and mentally. i can't function anymore. F 18 8 days

 1  anxiety/panic attacks Loose stools; insomnia; dry mouth; felt like I was going crazy; waking up at 2 am with panic attacks that would last for 12 hours; crying; could not focus; scared to leave house Horrible drug, felt 100 times worse, now afraid to try anything else. F 40 2 weeks

 1  Depression Low energy, joint and muscle pain, felt more depressed, loss of appetite, weight loss, low libido. Celexa was a toxic poison for me. After about three weeks on it all of my joints, knees especially, were in tremendous pain. One day I sneezed and pulled a muscle in my back because the Celexa caused my muscles to become week. It took away my appetite and I lost too much weight since I'm a naturally thin person. However, on the second day of taking this medication I had the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. My body filled with unbelievable warmth. It happened a second time but after that my libido went to s**t. Celexa wasn't worth it for me. I'm now on day three of Wellbutrin. M 36 3 weeks

 1  Panic Disorder Brain zaps; crying; increased panic episodes. F 41 10 days

 1  Depression Genital anisthesia Loss of sex drive racing thoughts Excessive weight gain Retlessness Loss of emotions Severe changes in personality This drug literally ruined my life. To quickly sum things up. Before Celexa A smart and creative teenager with a passion for life. After Celexa Obese recluse with flat emotions and no sex drive. Ps. After taking this drug i developed a iatrogenic sexual dysfunction caused by the medication called PSSD or Post SSRI sexual dysfunction. If you have PSSD after having used an antidepressant you are welcome to join our support group at this website. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ssrisex/ M 24 4 years

 1  Depression after the first hour my face went numb, i could not focus my eyes or stand straight. very dizzy, felt the "drunk" feeling. could not make a concious decision.called the Dr, said do not take anymore!spaced out feeling for several days after. not recommended F 27 1 days

 1  Anxiety Dizziness, Feelings of warmness almost like electricity running over your body,Panic Attacks, Extreme anxiety, agoraphobia which I had never experienved ever, feeling extremly "stoned", horrible headache, loss of appetite ( dropped 12lbs in 4 days), suicidal thoughts, nausea, vomitting. I went on this drug to help with the anxiety and the panic attacks that I was suffering from . If I had known the effect that this drug would have put me in, I would never have even attempted it. Although in the long run, it did help with my panic attacks as I am no longer in fear of them after dealing with and getting through the absolute state of fear that this drug induced in me. I would suggest to anyone to explore alternates roots first such as talk therapy and keep the drugs as a backup. If you can find the underlying factors of your anxiety and learn to deal with it and that there is nothing to fear, you can recover completely from anxiety disorders without the drugs. F 27 2 days
 1  Anxiety Dizziness, Feelings of warmness almost like electricity running over your body,Panic Attacks, Extreme anxiety, agoraphobia which I had never experienved ever, feeling extremly "stoned", horrible headache, loss of appetite ( dropped 12lbs in 4 days), suicidal thoughts, nausea, vomitting. I went on this drug to help with the anxiety and the panic attacks that I was suffering from . If I had known the effect that this drug would have put me in, I would never have even attempted it. Although in the long run, it did help with my panic attacks as I am no longer in fear of them after dealing with and getting through the absolute state of fear that this drug induced in me. I would suggest to anyone to explore alternates roots first such as talk therapy and keep the drugs as a backup. If you can find the underlying factors of your anxiety and learn to deal with it and that there is nothing to fear, you can recover completely from anxiety disorders without the drugs. F 27 2 days
 1  Depression related to PTSD Oh, my God, where do I begin? It was awful... first day I took it I felt foggy, out of it, stoned. Tough to function, had trouble processing what people said to me. Totally drowsy, but couldn't sleep...was completely wired the first night, slept maybe two hours tops. Major nausea, jitters, complete loss of appetite, dropped 4 pounds in three days. Gave me HUGE, debilitating anxiety attacks, something I have never in my life experienced before ingesting this drug. And, gave me suicidal thoughts, which again, I have NEVER had, not once in my life. Those terrified me, and I still get anxiety over the thought that such ideas even passed thru my brain. This drug is the devil, I swear!! Took it to try and even out some depression/mood swings I was having as a result of PTSD, and this drug made me crazy! I was a completely different person while taking this med. I am normally a rational person, and suddenly while on this drug I had doomsday thinking...convinced I wouldn't live thru my depression, sure I would end up hospitalized, etc. It was truly a terrifying 3 days. Stopped the meds and have returned to talk therapy, a much better solution for me. I'm staying far, far away from anything that messes with my brain chemistry!! F 34 3 days

 1  Anxiety Difficulty concentrating, zombie-like feeling, teeth grinding, difficulty sleeping, increased anxiety, constantly on edge I cannot deal with the side effects of this drug...i suffer from GAD and this stuff is making it even worse. I feel like i am stoned all the time and i wake up sweating in the middle of the night. My doc says it takes up to a month for the side effects to go away but that is just too much time. I am not depressed but this zombie like feeling is starting to make me that way so i'm going back to xanax. M 24 1 weeks

 1  Anxiety forgot to mention that i took xanax .25 mg twice a day for 2 days prior to starting the celexa and my anxiety all but disappeared. after a week on celexa 20 mg i feel like i am losing my mind and anxiety has completely returned. DO NOT take celexa for anxiety!!! M 24 1 weeks

 1  Anxiety YAWNING, YAWNING, YAWNING! It went away after about 3 or 4 weeks. My head felt like it was floating. Headaches, nausea, very tired. No sex drive. Loss of appetite in beginning, but gradually gained a huge appetite along with a lot of weight. I had lost over fifty pounds and maintained that weight for about 3 years until I started celexa (citalopram) 20mg. Now I have gained back about 20-25 pounds and cannot drop it. I went off of Celexa about 3 weeks ago. WOW!! Major dizzy spells, sick, HEADACHES!!! I hate this crap. I would never recommend it. I'm going to therapy now, trying to control my anxiety that way. My therapist is checking my hormone levels to make sure they are where they should be. I get anxiety about 2 weeks prior to my period. I get headaches, leg ahces, and very cranky until I start my period each month. My poor husband and kids. They must think I'm nuts! =) I'm guessing it's hormonal. For anyone thinking about going on something for anxiety or depression or anything else, please go to the right type of Doctor. Go to a specialist..... a therapist. I'm feeling a lot better just being off that crazy drug. F 25 4.5 months

 1   Extreme dizziness, fatigue, shaking on 10 mg./day for 7 days now. When will that pass? F 79 7 days
 1  Anxiety Tired, jaw clenching, sweating, headaches, nausea, depression, angry, no sex drive at all, tired but CANNOT sleep. Excessive yawning, dizzy, foggy, blurred vision, weight gain, dry cotton mouth. Posture as gotten bad. Body aches, feel sick all of the time. I didn't worry about house cleaning, bills, work, anything. All of my worries were gone! Ooops! Still have to pay the bills, still have to clean the house, but it didn't bother me. I gained weight, so I felt depressed now, which wasn't worth the trade. I went off of celexa about 2 weeks ago and it has been terrible! Dizzy, unclear thinking, headaches, nausea, day dreaming, body aches, chills, cold hands and feet, numb fingers. Very strange. Has anyone experienced this? F 25 3 months
 1  depression Utter disorientation and constant nausea. Detached sensation as if I was outside of myself looking in. Fatigue and extreme drowsiness yet couldn't sleep for any length of time plus the most horrid, vivid nightmares. AND ALL THIS AFTER JUST TWO DAYS OF 40mg I am astounded how potent and debilitating this drug can be. The manufacturer describes any side effects an minor and not long lasting. I consider that a total misrepresentation since it can be impossible to endure the new agonies it triggers. I suppose the SSRI feature penetrates the blood/brain membrane and once is inside is a bastard to eradicate. It's been five days since I ingested this poison and am just now feeling my tremors and other aspects subside. The depression is more desirable than the cure, at least this one. Did try Prozac quite a few years back and had debilitating side effects also but no where near as fast as Celexa. Perhaps the whole family of SSRI's is suspect. Best of luck all. M 62 2 days
 1  Depression I took Celexa 2 different times in my life. The first time I became very suicidal but that ended with a higher dose. Didnt want sex no longer. Husband said I was a zombie, and seemed to be even more depressed. Sometime later, I told my Dad about it because he was feeling very down. I told happily told him about Celexa, not remembering how suicidal I became, but realizing how much better I had been feeling. He committed suicide 4 DAYS after taking this DRUG. I blame myself because I told him to ask his dr about Celexa. I TRUELY BELIEVE HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE IF HE HADN'T TAKEN THIS DRUG!! He WASN'T SUICIDAL!! I can prove it!!! Dr had to up my dose because I became extremely depressed. Had a nervous breakdown, tried to commit suicide. Second time I took this drug, I was ALWAYS sleeping, didn't give a sh*t about anything! NOTHING MATTERED! Work and sleep, work and sleep. THEN 6 months later, I started cutting. Had to release and FEEL something... I kept thinking about ALL the ways I c I took myself off this drug, THANK GOD with my pharmacists help, because otherwise I would have just stopped and not weaned off. But even at weaning off, for 3 MONTHS the withdraws were HORRID! I would have EXTREME electric like zaps all thru my body, all thru out the day. I swear, it felt like my heart would stop, and I would almost pass out. EXTREME nightmares! EXTREME irritability. If my husband wasnt as much as a "ROCK" for me, I would be divorced. But Im not longer in that black hole, I dont cut, and Im not thinking about all the ways I can kill myself. I MISS MY DAD!!! Thanks Celexa!! BEWARE OF THIS DRUG!!!!!! F 39 5 years

 1  depression couldnt get my words out very anxious and tired F 28 1 months

 1  depression, anxiety, panic attacks sleepiness, chest and heart pains, headaches, loss in appetite Celexa is horrible. I've never been on any other anti-depressant in my life and my doctor started me out on 20mg and i think that was wayyyy too much for me to handle. So, i started taking 10mg and then started having really bad heart and chest pains. I thought i was having a heart attack. My doctor just put me on paxil cr today so i hope that works for me. I would not reccomend taking celexa, but everyones different. F 20 3 weeks

 1  anxiety diarrhea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, legs would not stop shaking, nausea, severe anxiety, skin felt like it was burning, sweating After taking the medication for 6 days, I ended up having to go to the ER in an ambulance because I had a reaction to Celexa. Thank God for Ativan! F 40 6 days

 1  anxiety, stress could not sleep, nausia, my whole body was shaking for hours, rapid heart rate, dry mouth, scared, feeling nervous, crying, hot hands and feet, felt like i had to go to the ER The first night i took this medication i had all of the side affects right away. i am taking Xanax .25mg and the doctor recommended to switch me over to Celexa 20mg. The way my body reacted to this medication was unbelievable. My body could not stop shaking i thought i was going to have a seisure, i had to take Xanax to stop shaking. The next day i still felt very nausiated, did not want to eat, i was crying most of the day, this stuff was making me nutts. I dont know how anyone could take this medication, i have never felt this badly ever in my life as i did with this medication. I will never take this stuff again. F 30 1 days

 1  anticipated depression racing thoughts, restlessness, heaviness in arms and legs, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, crying, worsening of anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations THIS DRUG IS POISON AND SHOULD BE PULLED OFF THE MARKET. I used it once for two years without problems. The second time around though has been an ongoing waking nightmare. First the side effects I listed while on the drug (and others I can't even describe) were enough to land me in the hospital. Then when I was pulled cold turkey off the drug, I experience electrical shock sensations, tingling throughout my body, severe panic attacks (which I had never had before), poor memory and concentration, confusion, chills, fear, headaches, a jittery feeling behind my eyes which made it impossible to focus on anything, insomnia, and finally, tardive akathisia. This last symptom is a severe restlessness where I literally can't sit still for a second, combined with the most severe agitation imaginable. It feels like my arms and legs are on fire. And it may be permanent. Also, these drugs can cause tardive dyskinesia, which has no cure. If you want someone to set fire to the fabric of your F 31 1.5 months
 1  Depression Extreme nausea. The worst ever, had to stop taking it because of this. F 29 2 weeks

 1  Depression and anxiety Sweats (I work in a clean room, 12 hour night shifts so think what that was like), extreme anxiety, on the last night I took Celexa I was scared to go to sleep. Very delayed orgasms, just gave that up. Celexa was started by my regular Dr and as soon as it looked like it was not working he sent me to department of psychiatry and their Dr stopped the Celexa at once and because I had only been on 30 days said there would not be a problem but gave me Lorazepam in case there was. All of the side effects have went away in the first three days of not talking Celexa M 60 30 days
 1  Severe mood swings/depression 30 pound weight gain, diminished sex drive, inable to orgasm I took celexa for 2 years. I had much better results on Wellbutrin but didn't have the smarts to talk to my Dr. about the side effects. F 22 2 years

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