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 3  depression The first month was great. then I started having stomach trouble daily. I continuted for one more month until I couldn't stand it anymore. The two months I was on Celexa - I did NOT smoke F 38 2 months

 3  depression The first month was great. then I started having stomach trouble daily. I continuted for one more month until I couldn't stand it anymore. The two months I was on Celexa - I did NOT smoke F 38 2 months

 3  Depresion, Social Anxiety, OCD First two weeks there was an increase in anxiety and agitation, but that went away. The only lasting side-effects have been severely delayed and muted orgasm and occasional night sweats. Except for that this drug has been pretty transparent. Helped a lot with depression. Helped only a little for Social Anxiety and OCD. Didn't help with ADHD sympoms but it's not really used much for that. I'm up to 80mg now, but I think it's equally effective at 60. Do NOT take this medication for anxiety UNLESS you get a benzo also. You only need that for the first 2-3 weeks to counteract the TEMPORARY increase in anxiety. M 38 4 months
 3  bipolar and severe depression yawning-cant sleep well and trouble remembering lol not funny but am somewhat giddy and laughing now-mind says lets go but body says no???? weird feeling and dreaming more now I am researching and so far I feel better for the most part. I was perscribed lithium also but do not feel comfertable taking that at this time ugh!!! my head is a wee bit foggy and my appatite has increased.Im a very fit 200 pounds and very active person normaly so not to worried about that now. still very early but for me so far so good.going back in morning to see about getting lamictal instead of lithium?? HAD TO DO SOMETHING AND SO GLAD I SEEKED HELP!! THANK YOU GOD AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU!I am just starting my journey and special thanks to KAYLA/she has been so helpful and special thanks to my aunt and uncle for letting me stay with them till I get this sorted out. this and many other web sites have been of great help in learning about my desease and treatment options M 38 4 days
20 1X D

 3  to deal with death of husband 30lbs weight gain, tired, little nausea does help with the stress of dealing with the loss of my husband, not crying all the time now F 38 1 years

 3  Depression and lethargy Initially, I experienced weight loss. However, over the 1.5 years, I have gained 20 lbs without increasing what I eat. Major reduction in sex drive. Occasional tremors. Hot flashes and increased sweating. I have stopped taking it due to the continued weight gain and sexual side effects. F 38 1.5 years

 2  depression emotionless and spaced out feeling M 38 6 weeks

 1  Neuropathy Anxiousness, constant jerking and shaking. Unable to think properly or concentrate. Made me feel simply horrible. It is one of the worse drugs I have ever taken. F 38 5 days
40mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety? Social Anxiety TERRIBLE REACTION... Day 1- woke up 2am soaked with sweat, thought it was a normal side effect. Day 2- Went to do my normal run, very stiff had to stop. Day 3- Muscles buldging out of the back of my thighs, limping, felt like fire going thru my veins. Felt like I was in a microwave heating from the inside out. Went off of it and slowly my muscles relaxed, not able to run anymore though my body feels like it has aged 20 years. Dr. didn't believe it could cause this and told me to re try in a week, Took only 2.5 mgs this time, instant fire in my legs.... I believe that it caused Peripheral Neuropathy.... Start out very slow, see how your body reacts. I was not able to even metabolize 5mg's of this med. Thank god I knew enough not to start at 20mgs. F 38 3 days
5mg 1X D

 1  Depression, anxiety Abdominal cramps, gas, bloating, headache, apathy, loss of libido, no motivation to exercise, wanna sleep all day Yes, it did take away negative thinking and irritability but at what expense? My husband calls it marijuana in a pill because it makes me feel good but I'm just wasting my life in la-la land. I was very active prior to Celexa now just feel lazy to do anything. F 38 2 months
10 mg 1X D

 1  Major Depression Nervousness, Sleep Interuption, Increased (if possible!!) suicidal thoughts, Severe stomach upset, Increased to two pack a day smoking and jaw clamping. 20 mg - lowest dose possible, I am being taken off of it immediately. I very much wanted this last medication to work and tried to deal with the side effects. F 38 4 weeks

 1  depression panic attacks after one hour from taking the pill. crying all day. couldn't think. sweaty palms. heart racing. worst med ever. made me realize I'm not depressed afterall. F 38 1 days

 1  Depression anxiety hate it, don't want it, caused some really weird dreams, fatigue, blood pressure low, high anxiety, suicidal/homicidal thinking increased. NO NO NO NO NO F 38 1 weeks

 5  anxiety, sadness, no patience NONE NONE NONE NONE The best!!!!!! I feel like a new person, new mom, new wife. I am able to relax, laugh, play and enjoy life again. Makes me feel as if anything is tolerable and able to enjoy my 3 young kids without stressing about all "the small stuff". Able to handle negative thoughts/situations without dwelling non stop about them. Sleep, eat, and love again. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!!! F 39 30 days

 5  Depression/Anxiety First week felt like a space cadet, but I just figured it was my brain readjusting. I have no trouble having an orgasm. It took about 6 weeks to get the full effect, but I will tell you, THIS IS A MIRACLE DRUG FOR ME! I finally feel like the old me again. I have tried Zoloft, Prozac, and Lexapro, but I never felt like the old me on those drugs. This is sure worth a try! F 39 8 weeks
 5  major depression this drug saved my life, it took about 4 weeks to kick in, harder to cum, makes me alittle sleepy during day but not enough to affect my job, this drug really, really helped my depression, thoughts about death and mortally were in my mind constantly throughout the day month after month, I finally went to my family doctor and told him I wanted to try a anti=depressant and this stuff really helped big time M 39 9 months
20mg 1X D

 5  manic depression Insomnia It helps me a lot but I know it causes a little insomnia for me. Each increase in dose required more sleeping medication. Ended up settling on 20 mg. It was the only one that worked after trying almost everything on the market. F 39 15 years
20 1X D

 5  GAD,Panic, SAD Dizzy Headache I love the way this drug has made a difference in my life. I actually enjoy going out and being around other people. The panic attacks have stoppped and my outlook is wonderful!!!! F 39 2 months

 5  depression / Bipolar None. Please be very careful with the dosage. If your doctor puts you on anything over 40 mg per day you stand the chance of seratonin sickness. I was on 80 mg, and ended up being hospitalized for psychotic episode. The withdrawl was brutal. I am currently at 20 mg, without it I was a mess, with to much also a mess. Find the right dose and it is a wonderful medication. F 39 5 years

 4  anxiety from an inner ear infection Dry mucous membranes at first, frequent waking at night. Now has nearly killed my sex drive, get occasional muscle aching (myalgia), sometimes feel disconnected. Apart from the above, it saved me from the horrible fallout of extreme anxiety brought on by an illness and gave me my life back. I would recommend this drug for that reason. M 39 10 months

 4  Anxiety Dopy brain effect never went away. I sucked at playing board games. Could not concentrate. Also another side effect that never went away was low tolerance to heat. I would get sweaty on not so hot days if i was trying to be active. Did not experience this with Paxil. Trying Prozac now. Celexa worked. My anxiety was kept at bay. But, two side effects just would not go away. That has caused me to try another medication. M 39 9 months
20 1X D

 4  pelvic pain None Much improved sex life...I could be in movies. M 39 14 days
20mg 1X D

 4  depression and anxiety I had some trouble sleeping if I took it in the evening. So I take in AM now. It took a while for me to get the full effect. It helped right away with the anxiety, but the depression slowly lifted over about 2 months. It continues to improve. I have never felt this good, emotionally. F 39 3 months

 4  Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression Yawning, sleepiness, short term memory problems at first, slight weight gain at first, decreased libido Been on Effexor, Paxil, Prozac, Elavil, and Zoloft. This one has the least side effects. Was on 20mg then 40 mg and 60 in the winter months. When the season changed to Spring decreased to 40 mg then 20mg again. Now taking 10 mgs. Noticing heart palpitations and insomnia. Plan to go back to 20 mgs. Hope there are no long term side effects. Like the drug..much more relaxed and over all just happier. If anyone knows about any long term side effects, would like to know. F 39 2 years
 4  depression, OCD zero libido, inability to orgasm I've been on 60 mg Celexa for 8 years (with a 2 year break to try Lexapro--terrible, and Cymbalta--even worse, gained 40 lbs). Celexa has been amaxing for the OCD symptoms. Could finally begin identifying obsessive thoughts and behaviors and altering them. Good for the depression too, although a bit sedating. Had to add 150 mg Wellbutrin to have energy. I've tried all the other SSRIs out there, and Celexa has been the one that's worked the best for me. But it is such an individual thing. Such a crap shoot. The only other medication that ever helped with the depression was Effexor. I took that for 6 years, but it stopped working after awhile. Celexa has been the best for OCD. F 39 8 years

 4  Anxiety/Depression Short-term memory loss, drowsiness Better than the alternatives I've tried, but due to my profession...I'm currently switching over to Cymbalta and hoping it helps with the memory loss. If not, I'll probably go back to Celexa/Citalopram F 39 7 months
 3  depression sleepy, low sex drive and abilities M 39 6 months

 3  Depression Extreme difficulty achieving orgasm. Prior to Celexa, I could readily orgasm several times a day. Now, I have to struggle to achieve orgasm, and several days have to elapse before the next time. Sometimes I can get close, but it remains elusive... Very frustrating, but it seems to be improving the longer I'm on it (only a few weeks since my final dose increase). However, Celexa has made incredible differences in my mood, feeling happy and normal again after years of severe depression, along with PTSD and Anxiety (I take BuSpar/buspirone for that, and the combination seems to be working). M 39 3 months

 3  depression/anxiety weight gain, carbohydrate cravings, spasms, jaw tightness while sleeping, intense sleepiness during first few weeks (went away). i've tried almost every SSRI on the market but they made me feel "dead" (no creativity, word loss, etc.) After a week on Celexa, the fog lifted off my brain and I felt...normal. It was like, "so THIS is what most people feel like?" However after a few months, this feeling subsided. I started to gain weight because I was craving carbs all the time, I was always hungry. I could deal with the twitches, but I had worked hard to lose 80 lbs and I was not excited to gain it back. I got off the celexa and am bummed though. There are some withdrawal symptoms - be prepared for flu-like symptoms, and some "electric shocks" in your eyeballs. They too subside after a few weeks though. F 39 3 months

 3  Depression Initially, nausea was terrible. I had a lot of vagina dryness and couldn't orgasm, fortunately that symptom went away and did not return. I found that it did have that giddy effect when it starts to get really into your system. That lasted about two weeks and started about two to three weeks in. Diminished sex drive was there from the beginning - but I didn't notice at first because I has scarely any left with the depression. This got even worse over time. I also had ringing in the ears which might have been connected. Weight gain was significant - about 30 lbs. This did not do away when I stopped taking it. Increasing severity of symptoms especially night sweats and return of depression. Think it was about 3 years. Celexa was a great drug while it worked. There needed to be a gradual increasing of the dose for effectiveness and side effects got worse. The doctor finally decided that there was no point in continuing - it had really stopped working for my depression. It wasn't the right drug for me in the end, but there was no negative effects to stopping it cold turkey. When it was working, the side effects were a worthwhile trade off. If you are someone for whom antidepressants "poop out" I'd consider it. If you are someone who has no weight issues, I'd consider it. I'd avoid it if you are already obese or have a condition that tends to nausea as a first choice. F 39 3 years

 3  Major depression excessive sweats, delayed orgasm, forgetfulness Dr. says I have had a "partial response" but it is taking a long time to get the right doseage. F 39

 1  Premature ejaculation Complete sexual shut-down. Apparently permanent chemical castration. Don't ever take this drug because it can ruin your sex life forever. Website over here: ssri-side-effects.com/ M 39 1 months

 1  Depression and anxiety Insomnia, increased anxiety, panic attacks, loss of libido, and inability to achieve orgasm. I've never had panic attacks like this before ever, heart racing, hyperventilating into a paper bag. Only able to sleep an hour or two a night. I kept thinking it would get better but it got consistently worse with each passing day (including sexual side effects). Acute anxiety, panic attacks, and sexual problems went away after only a day or two off this unacceptable drug. M 39 3 weeks

 1  anxiety insomnia, i only took this tablet for one day and had no sleep that night woke the next morning with full blown depressive symptoms, cried for hours and felt very anxious, never again. F 39 1 days

 1  Supposed Stress Major panic attack and suicidal feelings. Loss of any positive/happy emotions and only felt the need to check-out. I tried to focus on my kids to bring me "back" to a need for living, but it didn't help. I have hypothyroidism, but my doctor (at the time) would't test me properly and said I was just a stressed-out mom and put me on Celexa. After one pill, I fell apart 20-30 minutes later having the ONLY panic attack of my life! I knew it was the Clexa because it hit me like a train just after taking the first pill. I had absolutely NO control over my feelings. I tried to make myself think of reasons to be happier (I wasn't depressed to begin with!), thinking of my adorable children, but that didn't help. All I wanted was to die. I have NEVER felt that way before. Knowing it was the Celexa, I took a benedryl to help me fall asleep so I didn't feel the suffering until it wore off. I did feel better the next day. I called the dr. who told me there was no way it could have been the Celexa because it takes 2 weeks to get into the system & that was just proof that I needed it. I threw them away, fired my doctor and found another who did test me and is treating me for hypothyroid F 39 1 days

 1  Depression I took Celexa 2 different times in my life. The first time I became very suicidal but that ended with a higher dose. Didnt want sex no longer. Husband said I was a zombie, and seemed to be even more depressed. Sometime later, I told my Dad about it because he was feeling very down. I told happily told him about Celexa, not remembering how suicidal I became, but realizing how much better I had been feeling. He committed suicide 4 DAYS after taking this DRUG. I blame myself because I told him to ask his dr about Celexa. I TRUELY BELIEVE HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE IF HE HADN'T TAKEN THIS DRUG!! He WASN'T SUICIDAL!! I can prove it!!! Dr had to up my dose because I became extremely depressed. Had a nervous breakdown, tried to commit suicide. Second time I took this drug, I was ALWAYS sleeping, didn't give a sh*t about anything! NOTHING MATTERED! Work and sleep, work and sleep. THEN 6 months later, I started cutting. Had to release and FEEL something... I kept thinking about ALL the ways I c I took myself off this drug, THANK GOD with my pharmacists help, because otherwise I would have just stopped and not weaned off. But even at weaning off, for 3 MONTHS the withdraws were HORRID! I would have EXTREME electric like zaps all thru my body, all thru out the day. I swear, it felt like my heart would stop, and I would almost pass out. EXTREME nightmares! EXTREME irritability. If my husband wasnt as much as a "ROCK" for me, I would be divorced. But Im not longer in that black hole, I dont cut, and Im not thinking about all the ways I can kill myself. I MISS MY DAD!!! Thanks Celexa!! BEWARE OF THIS DRUG!!!!!! F 39 5 years

 1  depression very agitated, felt like I was losing my mind. Dry mouth, diarrhea, extremely tired. Only took for one day, never again. Felt horrible, like I was going psychotic. Almost went to the hospital, ended up crawling into bed and riding it out.. Still feel weird the next day but improving. yuck!!!! F 39 1 days

 1  depression dry mouth. headaches. loss of libido. fatigue. Did nothing for me except produce the aforementioned side effects. I am very happy for the others here who found that it helped them. So it is with SSRI's. M 39 7 months

 5  Depression Dry mouth and sleeplessness, some dizziness for about a week. These went away. Changed my lift. Created a new interest in life. F 40 18 months

 5  Depression none I'm taking 40 mgs for about a month now (up from 20). I would highly recommend this drug. F 40 7 months

 5  depression none I think this drug is a miracle. Before I took it I was crying at a drop of a hat and now I'm completely normal. i also used to suffer from panic attacks and I haven't had one since I started on Celexa. Although I guess I do get anxious, but I've not tipped over the edge...yet. However, when I first went on it I did feel a little confused and had brain fog (sort of like been stoned). But that lifted pretty quickly. As we're all indivuals I guess we all have different reactions to drugs, events etc, so maybe I'm one of the lucky ones. F 40 1 years

 5  anxiety Nausea during the first 6 weeks only. Increased energy and better ability to cope with anxiety. Even though I no longer need this drug for depression/anxiety I will probably take this drug indefinitely because it blocks my migraines! Currently taking 10mg a day. F 40 2 years

 5  Anxiety Weight Gain, night sweats, slow ejaculation, laziness. The side effects are minimal compared to it's benefits! I suffered from severe anxiety and Celexa really helped. I would highly recommend theropy first, but if you need meds to help, this is the one! M 40 2 years

 5  Extreme Anxiety And Depression First two days had very mild and manageable nausea & diarrhea along with very slight headaches. The least amount of fogginess as I titrated doses from 20mg to 40mg to 60mg. Inability to orgasm. I finally caved in after 15 years of anxiety that has been getting progressively worse. My doc isn't keen on benzos and convinced me to give Celexa a try. I felt much better on day 5. After one week I went to 40mg. Day 8 was a day of a higher plateau of feeling better. Day 15 I went to 60mg and by day 17 I was feeling a few notches better than before! I went yesterday for a visit to the doc and mentioned the sexual side effects and he wants me to try 60mg of Cymbalta for a few weeks instead (which I am not so sure, I am liking the Celexa!) The somnolence and mild emotional blunting is a very acceptable trade off vs. having been consumed with the anxiety. M 40 21 days
60 1X D
 4  Stress, anxiety I was AMAZED when I first took Celexa, because within an hour I said "this is the way I should have always felt!". It evened out my moods and helped me not wake up in a cold sweat from anxiety, and made me feel like a better mom and wife. I have twin boys and one has autism and the other has high functioning autism, both of which are particularly challenging on many days, and taking Celexa helped me calm down considerably when the stress levels used to feel like my blood-pressure was going through the ceiling. I am calmer and more relaxed in social situations and I don't have much social anxiety mostly on Celexa. I feel more empathy for others, and feel more loving and snuggly with my husband but my libido is decreased, orgasm is delayed tremendously and not nearly as frequent. The few NEGATIVE things that I have noticed after being on Celexa for a few months though are that the longer I am on it, the more decreased my libido seems to be getting. I also have worse PMS symptoms (from the start really). I seem to be adjusting to the effects of the med to the point in a way that it doesn't seem to be helping as much in some aspects, such as the fact that I am grumpier a lot more than I was, and this could be in part because I am not feeling good sexually! Major bummer as I was doing great on it BUT I am about to switch to something else because of the sexual side effects mostly! F 40 3 months
20 mg 1X D

 4  Depression Total loss of libido. I started on this medication a year ago for depression and it worked well. It took a few weeks for me to feel the depression lifting, but once it did then it was gone for good! I didn't rate this medication a "5" because the loss of libido seriously interferes in my life. But for it to conquer my depression, which was bad, it gets a high rating anyway. M 40 1 years
60 MG 1X D

 4  depressions/anxiety When going onto the drug I feel more anxiety, yawning, still muscles, trouble sleeping. I have now gained 20lbs over two years. I have an increased appetite (not sure if it messes up your metabolism or just changes my eating habits). I find this frustrating as I workout on a daily basis. As well, I don't orgasm with the same intensity, if at all. Sex drive is almost none existant. It does work for depression and anxiety but I hate having side effects. F 40 2 days

 4  depressions/anxiety When going onto the drug I feel more anxiety, yawning, still muscles, trouble sleeping. I have now gained 20lbs over two years. I have an increased appetite (not sure if it messes up your metabolism or just changes my eating habits). I find this frustrating as I workout on a daily basis. As well, I don't orgasm with the same intensity, if at all. Sex drive is almost none existant. It does work for depression and anxiety but I hate having side effects. F 40 2 years

 4  Mild depression, PMS None It has helped me, it just helps take the edge off without taking away your personality F 40 5 years
20 1X D
 4  depression/anxiety Delayed and sometimes no ejaculation, slight weight gain, increased sleep (that probably a good thing), nausea upon withdrawal (even 1 missed day). Reducing dose slightly on days when I might get lucky decreases sexual side effects, but does not eliminate. On the other hand this could make you (males) a hero to your significant other, but it's nice to get some reward yourself! A pain, may break down and try Viagra, but without this my relationship is too rocky for much sex anyway. Despite sexual side effects easily the best SSRI for me (also tried Paxil, Zoloft, Luvox, Lexapro (which I guess is chemically similar but didn't seem to work)). Consistently better mood, much less irritability, decreased self-recrimination, more energy. Went up to 60mg, which worked the same as 40, now down to 20-30 and adding Wellbutin, trying to lessen side effects. Can't tell if Wellbutrin really does anything. Less than 20 did not work. Good luck all. M 40 2 years

 4  anxiety/depression Cold achy feeling in legs and joints usually once or twice a day, Trouble sleeping, a little harder to reach orgasm.(Wife didn't complain. At first experienced bad stomach, yawning and jaw stiffness. This is my second time with celexa, the first time was for almost 4 years, thought I could do with out it so I slowly weeded myself off. Lasted about 9 months and slipped back into depression, major anxiety. Started taking it again and after about 3 weeks I started feeling good again, able to resume a somewhat normal life. I'm not sure if there is any other pill out there that works as well, but I know celexa has done wonders for me M 40 3 months

 4  depression, NCS (dysautonomia) none. Went on this after I couldn't sleep with Zoloft. M 40 14 days

 4  depression,anxiety,OCD Nothing major. Seems to be the mildest form as compared to Paxil. I do like the Celexa because I feel more grounded and very much at the norm. I went on Paxil CR for one month, after trying Celexa for one month. The Paxil was too strong. I'm back on the Celexa for two months and am sticking with it. It takes a little time because it is mild. F 40 2 months

 4  Depression & marijuana cessation Mostly sexual dysfunction and drowsiness, and to a lesser degree teeth grinding and increased appetite. I started at 20mg daily, and increased to 40mg after the first month, it has helped tremendously but with a price. I have no trouble getting an erection, but have to make a lot of extra effort to achieve orgasm and ultimately it's never as satisfying. So I don't bother as often, I went from 1-2 daily to 2-3 x weekly. The drowsiness has subsided the longer I'm on it. Appetite increased and I was more interested in eating, but the medication helped me get out of the house and start exercising again so that balanced itself out. So I'm healthier than I was before I started, and I was able to stop smoking pot pretty effortlessly after the first few days (knock on wood). Slight teeth grinding which has also subsided especially since I fist started taking it. All in all, it was a good move to start taking it, I'm not sure what I would have done without it and would recommend it to anyone in my situation. That said, I look forward to the day my day to day life improves enough that I feel I can stop taking it. M 40 4 months

 3  depression insomnia, significant weight gain, forgetfulness Helped with my depression, but am considering switching to Wellbutrin because of weight gain. F 40 6 months

 3  anxiety Mostly I was so tired. I could litterally sleep all day. I also had no emotions, felt like a total zombie. As soon as I got off of it I felt like my old self. F 40 60 days

 3  Anxiety I was switched from Lexapro to Celexa as my copay for insurance was much lower. I have been on Celexa for about 3 months at 40 mg/day. I notice that I am very fatigued and worst of all is the short-term memory loss. I always seemed to have worsened memory since I began taking Lexapro about 4 years ago. When I switched to Celexa and went up in dosage as well my memory loss has gotten drastically worse. This is bad because I'm in graduate school. I am thinking about going off this medication due to this, although it has helped a lot with my axienty. M 40 3 months

 3  Depression Dizzy, tired, sleeping all the time, weight gain. Felt like a slug. Added 5 mcg's of Cytomel which defeats the tiredness. Good combo. After trying 25 antidepressants, my doctor put me on 5 mcg's of Cytomel with the Celexa, and later Paxil CR (both sedating and good for anxiety). After 15 years of depression, it went away in one day with Cytomel. It was like someone turned on the life switch. My thyroid tests were and are still normal.'I don't think big pharma has depression quite figured out yet. Try Cytomel!!! Read the testimonials on here, they are the same as mine. Start low and go slow (5 mcg's - 10 mcg's). No more than 10 mcg's per day.'You will feel like a dead plant come back to life! No generics! M 40 6 months
20 1X D

 3  Anxiety, Panic Attacks Trouble sleeping and nausea and dry mouth I just started taking this med cause zoloft made me a zombie. I have problems sleeping at night and I also have nausea and have lost alot of weight. It's hard for me to eat because of the nausea but I'm hoping all of this gets better likeeveryone is saying. I do feel a little bit better and I hope it continues. Overall I am hopeful that I can get better and feel better than I have for a long time . M 40 5 days
10 1X D

 2  anxiety, panic attacks Worst side effect was teeth grinding, which gave me headaches.had vivid dreams at first, very low libido, twitchiness in eyes Had to wean VERY slowly. Was taking one quarter of a 10 mg pill every other day the final few weeks---that is how gradual it was! Took me probably 3 months for the weaning process. Had very strange sensations during weaning, worse at night. had nausea, more eye twitching than when I started the med, felt low, antsy, restless. Felt much calmer and better after I was fully weaned. F 40 8 months
10 1X D
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