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 3  high blood pressure Hair loss. , weight gain around the middle, vision loss, hip pain and unable to walk any distance, increased tiredness wanting to sleep frequently Blood pressure is down but side effects are horrible.... I now have very thin hair and a thick waistline. .. F 72 1 days
40 mg

 1  High Blood Pressure Edema, Severe Sweating, Endocrine Imbalance, Ligament & Muscle pain & tears shoulder, knee and hip; Severe Neuromuscular Pain F 66 7 years
40 mg 2X D
 2  high blood pressure Im always pulfitating,low pulse rate,.. It is good for me F 37 1 days
 3  High Blood Pressure Pain in my ankle, shoulder and fingers. Unable to wear heals anymore I have to walk and draw my feet, at times I can hardle stand..Its hurt so bad. the only good thing is that my pressure is down but if the ankle pain go away I am good ..that's the only side effect I have.. F 41
25mg 1X D

 5  Hypertension Urinating often during the day and in the night. Help to maintain my blood pressure F 56 4 years

 5  High Blood Pressure I had no side effects with the Diovan. Worked great! Diovan has been backordered - not sure if that means "not being made at all". If so, I'm horribly upset. I was switched to Valsartan - generic - and within two weeks, I'm having chest pains. Not pains exactly, but enough discomfort that I went to CareNow, and will see doctor this afternoon. F 56 4 years
320 / 12.5 1X D
 3  hypertension I have been taking Diovan for several years in combination with Carvedilol to control high blood pressure and the combo worked fine with no side effects. Just recently I was switched to the generic version mfd by Ohm Labs and within 1-2 weeks after using the generic I have debilitating headaches during exercise and in general low-level headaches during the day where I never used to. Very disappointing given that Diovan is quite expensive. I'm wondering if the generic "equivalent" made by Ohm Labs is actually a different chemistry which is suddenly causing the severe headaches. The tablets are larger and a different color. Wondering if others are experiencing the same. Trying to get in to see doctor. M 48 7 days
160mg 1X D
 1  High blod pressure Back pain, joint pain, bone pain, back spasms, leg weakness Do not take this drug. It will deplete your system of potassium. You would have to eat a perfect diet everyday to overcome these side effects. This drug will have you thinking you have arthritis in every joint, and / or something else seriously wrong. I had 2 MRI's and a bone scan, all turned out negative. Did not pin side effects on drug until I found this site. Also, look up hydrochorothiazide ( HCT) on bad drug.com. It has been recalled !!! F 49 2.5 months
160/12.5 1X D

 3  high blood pressure Gained 18 lbs in less than 1 year, dry cough. pounding heart rate, confusion. Its time to get off this drug had these symptoms not realizing that this drug is the problem. F 53 1 years

 1  High blood pressure Swelling in legs, puffy all over, bloated, muscle/ joint pain, tingling in hands. I HATE IT F 44 5 months
30 mg

 3  High Blood Pressure HAIR THINNING! My once full, thick hair is now the thickness of newborn hair! I had preeclampsia after my 3rd child and my BP never recovered. I am now post 7 years preeclampsia and have just recently stopped Diovan and am having normal BPs now. This drug worked really well for lowering my BP, but at some point my hair slowly disappeared. Has anyone stopped this medication and recovered from the hair loss? If so, how long did it take? F 36 4 years
 2  HBP I began taking Diovan in 2006 after going into the office with an elevated reading. First of all, I hate it when the med asst takes your b/p after walking in, checking in, weighing, and as soon as you sit gown, they call you back to the exam room. It was also days after the unexpected death of my mother. 140's/90's. After reading the comments from others, I have several. Thinning hair, hair loss, hip pain, heart palpations, achy joints, and at times lightheadedness. I have an autoimmune disorder and experience chronic pain. So, naturally, I am very quick to blame everything on that. I asked for a change in meds after recent loss of job/insurance because the cost is over $300/mo. My MD prescribed Hyzaar. I just read the S/e of it and they seem worse. What are we to do? F 47 7 days

 4  moderate high blood pressure Take it in the morning and by noon I am so sleepy, even after getting a good nights sleep. Usually sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, then I seem to be fine.. Just seem to be more tired than normal. F 65 4 years
167 1X D

 1  My blood pressure spiked Weight gain, 83lbs. Mood swings. Pain in joints. Cough. Pain in my Heah, Vision problems. Floaters in my eyes. Just a feeling of blah as each month went by, My Doctor will not take me off this drug! I am now going to try to take myself off and find a new cardiologist Feeling much better now I know this is not in my head. btw, I was first put on 160 25 but it was to strong for me, I also never bloated before starting this medicine. I also notice a difference since Sept of 2013 with this medication. F 53 3 years
80 12.5 1X D
 1  High Blood Pressure Weight gain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, bad breath, back pain, bad dreams, terrible itchy skin all over my body, little blisters on my face, skin rashes, a HUGE, open, inflamed sore on my chin that would appear every few months, loss of libido, tired ALL of the time, horrible joint pain-especially feet, hands and ankles, unbelievable leg cramps, hand cramps, cramps in chest muscle, mood swings, agitation, hair loss, depressed somber mood, cry easily for no reason, a feeling of thick mucus in the back of my throat every morning - disgusting!, increased floaters in my eyes and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. F 59
160/25 1X D

 1  high blood pressure anxiety, insomnia, pains in stomach, fatigue big time, I WILL NEVER TAKE IT AGAIN M 65 40 days
320-12.5 1X D
 1  Hypertension Pain all over my body, specially my legs. Back hurts as well. Hi creatinine and bilirubin levels. M 50 2 years
 3  Blood pressure Bumps on skin M 60 1 months
 2  High bp Well since reading all the other comments, I'm surprised! I have most of the symptoms described. I so upset , I also work out , I run 2 miles and walk 3 . My whole body aches , I've gained about 20 pounds and cannot lose it. I think I will also talk to my doctor for a change. I'm really not sure as to how to rate this medication at this point. F 49 5 years
 4  High blood pressure I have experienced very few, if any, negative side effects since taking Diovan. Recently, however, I have experienced being light headed. I wonder now if it has anything to do with the Diovan.. My BP is under control. F 61 5 days
160 mg

 1  hypertension PAIN,PAIN,PAIN!!! I'm 54 feel like 94. My legs ( especially right) aches all the time. Doesn't matter what i am doing...sleeping (trying to) , yard work, etc.. Can not believe the similarities I am reading about..... there should be some kind of patient "union" to address issues with drugs such as DIOVAN... BAD DRUG!! M 54 2 days
320mg 1X D

 1  hypertension 3 weeks

 1  High blood pressure Damaged kidneys, leg cramps, hips hurt. I can no longer take calcium,which I need. I would not recommend to my worse enemy . F 49 1 days
 2  HP mg I just today was struck with the thought to check out Google for the good, and the bad of Diovan at my leverage of intake. WoW, it certainly enlightened me to the problems other's shared. Goodness. Acky arms and thighs. After my heart surgery ... ... BAD dreams yes! Stupid dreams! Make no sense dreams! Legs, upper feet very itchy and my head! Charlie Horses upper thigh to groin area first one leg then within 5 min. the other.. Sluggish .... You see I can go on and on. I laid many of these to arthritis. Or many to just oh well, these things happen! HOWEVER. I too have a difficult time to afford this medicine. And I guess a light bulb came on .... I truly call it something different...... so as for me. Yes, I'm a heart patient however, I am not refilling my next prescription. I head to the Dr next week and shall discuss with her THANK YOU EVERYONE! My blood pressure is still not where it belongs. But - F 71 10 years
320mg 25 1X D

 1  High blood pressure w/swollen feet 3 Severe migraines with flashing aura and vision loss during the migraine. Headaches every day. Pain in back, neck and legs. I was on Diovan 160 mg, once a day until my feet began swelling. The dr. changed me to the Diovan HCT. I have taken it for a month. The bp is low but the side effects are horrible. I am not taking another Diovan HCT after todays migraine. It started around 9:00am and I am still having pain in my head. The pain in my skeletal system is horrible. I feel like I am killing myself with this drug. I will not take another one and I am going back to the Diovan without the HCT!!! F 49 30 days
160 mg 1X D

 1  High bp It was irritating my kidneys an creatinine level was up to 140 when doctor took me off. Had a scan done of my kidneys and the function was26% and 74%. Dr said it was from the diovan. Hoping and praying that things improve now that I'm off it F 66 2 months
160 mg
 1  Moderately high blood pressure I gained weight and haven't lost it yet. I've been off the drug for 3 weeks and I still have severe pain in my hip joints and sometimes shoulder and wrist. My lower back pain has subsided. I felt like I had a lead body and could only move very slowly up and down (if at all). Everything hurt. Had three migraines while taking Diovan. My doctor upped my dosage to 160 MG and that was just ridiculous because it was in the 130/70-80 range. I felt much worse and could hardly walk. I took myself off of it and now she has decided to leave me off. I still have pain after 3 weeks and hope that this isn't a permanent condition. Anyone else out there have any experience with lingering severe joint pain? F 62 3 months
80 mg 1X D

 1  BP Tired all the time, weight gain and lately numerous eye and vertigo problems. Getting off this stuff now that I know what's been causing all my problems, especially since they get worse and worse. F 55 4 days
80/12.5 1X D

 3  HBP I'm so glad I found this site. I have been on Diovan HCT for a little over a year now and the first 6 months were fine. However, after the first 6 months, I began to have severe headaches that lasted all day long. No type of headache medication would stop the pain. I also began to feel very tired and dizzy. The dizziness, fatigue, and headaches would start about an hour after taking Diovan in the mornings and lasted all day. I began taking naps everyday after work and would still go to bed rather early at night. I just didn't feel like myself anymore. I stopped exercising and going to visit friends because I was too tired to leave my house. Today is the first day that I began to think that the Diovan may be causing these symptoms. After researching online for possible side-effects, I am planning on decreasing my dosage until I can wean myself off. The only positive thing I can say about the Diovan is that my blood pressure has been great. However, the side effects makes me feel M 40 1 years
80/12.5 1X D
 1  High Blood Pressure Severe back pain, over the kidney area. Haven't been back to the doctor yet to see if this medicine has worked for my blood pressure, but my back pain is so severe I can't stand up straight. My doctor gave me samples of Diovan to try because Lisinopril made me cough so hard. Not sure what to try next. F 42 10 days
160/25 1X D
 4  HTN Tingling in extremities; constant sleepiness;groggy Increased dose over past year from 160/12.5 to 320/25. Have felt "different" ever since. I have even tinkered with the dose to attempt to get rid of these bothersome side effects M 65 5 years
320/25 1X D

 1  HBP Hair loss/thinning, no doubt related to drug (I come from a family of men and women with full hair until death in their 90s); also have hand swelling, and severe dry mouth since starting this drug. Be careful with it and use any viable alternative M 64 1 years
320/12.5 1X D
 2  HP I have been taking this medicine for years. Recently I've expierecing rashes, swelling of my mouth,scratching everywhere. I have had eye pain and never knew why. Lots of hair loss (bald spots), most doctors said it was from my thyroid problem. I recently went into the emergency due to my lips of my mouth had swelled so badly, I ddin't even look like myself. The ER docotor came in and right away told me if was from my Diovan medicine. It's the number one suspect for giving you swelling of the lips and many other side effects. This doctor saved my life. Not only was my lips swelling, my tongue was too, Now I know why I've been having the eye pain for almost 2 years, and the hair loss. Doctors should do better about not keeping you on medicines that can caused this type of damage or put you in harms ways. I thought I was allergric to all types of foods, and in turned out not to be so. I hope my new medicine will to prove to be better for me. F 56
120/85 1X D

 1  HB Pressure Hair thinning and loss, severe itching, back pain, sleeplessness, face numbing ang tingling are the most severe. My sister, mother and I are on Diovan HCT. We dismissed my mother's hair loss becuase she was on dialysis, but had a full head of hair prior to starting on this med. My sister and I discussed our hair thinnng and loss and discovered we were both on the same med. Her doctor switced her to Minoxidil, but my doctor is insisting that my hair loss could be some other medical problem. Just went had a complete workup today, but I know it is the Diovan HCT. This problem started when I started taking this med. I'm bringing the comments from other patients so my doctor will know I'm not the only complainant. I've been going to different doctors for the above side effects, only to discover they are all side effects of the Diovan. Could have saved myself a lot of money and time had I know that. F 55 2 years
320/25 1X D

 1  hypertension WEIGHT GAIN-went from 120 to 132 in 3 weeks. I have not changed eating habits as I have been on a protein/veggie diet( no sugar) for the previous 6 months and had lost 20 ibs with 5 more to go. Felt great before this med, now I feel like sludge. VERY SORE FEET-the pads of my feet below my toes are incredibly sore, especially the left foot. Feels like i've been walking a marathon in high heels. SINUS problems-(sorry if it's TMI) every morning they are filled with green junk and are blocked by an almost scab like plug that I can't blow out until the steam from the shower loosens it. LOSS of LIBIDO-well...no explanation needed! My poor husband. This is the second time he's been on this roller coaster! MUSCLE ACHES-lower back and my hands feel weaker and sore. This is the second time around on this drug. First time was on it for 4 years. Never went back for a new Rx so stayed off it for 3 years. Easy to explain away side effects especially if Dr. won't recognize them. But, this being my second time around on this drug (with a new doctor), and all of the same things are happening,I KNOW it's the medicine and not just "getting older" and "that's how all moms with young kids feel". The side effects are annoying at best, but after researching, the foot tenderness scares me. Going off it, and will never use it again!... I mean, Really!!... If I'm going to gain 12 lbs. then at least let me earn it with a few cheesecakes!! F 48 3 months
160 mg 1X D
 5  High BP This is the best BP med I've ever been on, and I've tried many. 8 years on this med is a guess - it may be more, or a little less. I went off it last year due to expense, had nothing but trouble with every other med, and finally went back to Diovan HCT and feel great again. No side effects that I can identify (I have my problems, but none due to this drug). NOW - need to get a generic in the US! F 62 8 years
160/25 1X D

 2  High Blood Pressure Hair loss, thinning The hair loss and thinning of hair is most disturbing...I called my doctor and asked to switch to another BP medication that won't have this side effect but she insists that it is a very rare side effect and that maybe I'm just imagining it. Going to see another doctor and bring a copy of the other comments on here where people cite hair loss/thinning as a side effect of Diovan. Anyone know of alternative BP meds that don't cause hair loss/thinning? F 59 9 months
1X D
 4  High Blood Pressure Headaches. Hair loss and hair thinning. I'm alarmed at the rate that my hair loss has accelerated over the past few months. I had my suspicions that Diovan HCT might be the culprit. I used to be able to shake off my headaches with sleep but now I have to take some sort of pain relief to make them go away. This drug has been excellent in lowering and controlling my BP, but my hair loss and thinning has increased so much that it's causing me to stress out. I don't believe I'm experiencing any other side effects, but I wouldn't notice because trying to cover up my hair issues consumes me. Now that I've read these reviews, I'm strongly considering stopping the Diovan immediately, even before having the chance to speak to my doctor. F 46 1 years
80-12.5MG 1X D
 2  Hypertension mild drowsiness which went away after a few weeks. no weight gain. reduced bp to 110/70 (had been 159/105 before diovan). perfect for 3 years then after starting new bottle (90 day refill) i noticed tinnitus and headaches which got worse. it could have been stress related, but when i took bp measurement it was 162/110. i changed battery on omron and no change. i switched to atacand and after one week bp is 125/78 no tinnitus no headache. Diovan had worked extremely well for me for past 3 years up until last refill in 08/11. someone mentioned that diovan may now be generic, but it still says mfg novartis and looks identical. F 55 3 years
80/12.5 2X D
 1   I did not have any side effects until 6 months ago and that is when Diovan caused me to have angioedema. I have had my ENT, Orthopedic & Dentist tell me to get off this drug because of my symptoms. In July 2011, I went to the hospital for what was thought to be dehydration and turned out to be angioedema. However, my internal med doctor would NOT take me off the drug. Therefore, I went to a specialist yesterday who is from Mayo Clinic and she said it is your Diovan and I am taking you off of it. My side effects are: facial swelling, headaches, neck swelling, eye pain, ear pain, leg cramps, lightheadedness, tightness in chest, joint pain, mood changes, nausea, bad skin, hair loss, dry mouth, sluggishness, unusual bruising, tiredness, weakness, weight gain, vision changes (yet my eye doctor said I have 'text book' perfect eyes..he took ultrasound of my eyes). Now wondering how long it will take to get this poison out of my system...can't believe it caused me a secondary problem!! F 48 4 years
80mg 1X D
 2  High Blood Pressure Bad leg cramps-charlie horse cramps. Often wake during the night with this pain. Foot pain. F 69 10 years
1X D

 1  high blood pressure achy legs since going on this medication, Never had this problem before starting tasking Diavan HTC My Dr. told me there is no other medication I can use. I don't believe him, he also told me I was not a type 2 diabetic when I have been a diabetic for 9 years. messed my blood Glucose up because of this because I went off my diabetic diet. Now I'm struggling to get my Blood Glucose under control again and now have this Diovan problem. Seems to me that Dr's are SELLING this drug for the drug companies, not the patients welfare It's a terrible drug. F 69 2 months
320mg/25mg 1X D

 1  High Blood Pressure Extreme muscle fatigue. Some days I can bike 30 miles and feel great; other days, I can barely turn my legs over to get back home from a ride. On the latter days, muscles that I am not even using are completely exhausted. When I get off the bike, I feel dizzy, short of breathe, excessive sweating, and I feel terrible for hours after. I had been biking regularly getting ready for a long ride, when I began taking this drug and within 2 days of taking it, I began experiencing these extreme situations. I had previously been on Diovan without the HCT and never experienced these kinds of effects. F 47 1 months
160-12.5mg 1X D

 1  Hypertension and diuretic I wish I had seen this site 4 years ago! In the last 4 years I became a different person. My skin got darker (hands, feet and face primarily), thicker, pain in legs, thicker legs - calves and thighs, i gained over a 80lbs weight in last 4 years, palpitations, head aches, loss of hair, insomnia at night but couldn't keep my eyes open at times. I became diabetic, thyroid was playing up even though i had nothing before, had to go on anti depressants. From a fit and walking living person, I became a zombie. until I gave it up a few weeks ago. I did the most dangerous thing by just throwing all the medicines into the bin as I wanted my life back. i didn't think I would live to see my son turn 18. I went through the cold turkey, I mean bad cold turkey and thought I would die but it was worth going through it to get this demon out of me. In the last few weeks that i threw the diovan into the bin, I have better skin, less swelling, I can walk, I can breathe much better and I am no longer a zombie. It was not easy and I am only eating lettuce and salads to cleanse my body, but I would do anything to get this out of me. I am taking Potassium supplements, chromium, multi vit, Q10 and I will never go back to any medicine ever again in my life. Death is better than the zombie this medicine will turn you into. F 38 4 years
320mg 1X D
 3  blood pressure Worked great for my blood pressure (none other had) with almost no side effects until recently. About a month ago my feet started swelling - not bad - but some. Then I noticed something else -that since I am retired I wear flip flops lots and walk outdoors lots. My feet were becoming brown around my toes and tops of the feet. I would normally think this is just tanning except I am extremely fair skinned - never tanned in my life! Have developed also really itchy skin. Hate to say anything as it has worked for my BP - but will have to it seems. Went looking on the internet to see if someone else had this experience with the drug and found they have so guess I will let my doctor know. Great site! F 70 8 months
1X D

 5  high blood pressure No side effects at all. The first week or so I urinated more frequently and lost a few pounds, but then I felt completely normal and have for the past several years. This has been an excellent drug for me. Prior to taking it my bp was 158/116 and it's never higher than 120/78 with Diovan. I have tried to go without it to see if I've outgrown the hypertension but alas I have not, so I just went back on. I have absolutely no side effects at all and would only stop taking it far in advance of trying to have a baby. F 28 7 years
80 1X D

 1  High Blood Pressure Side effects are identical to Psoriatic Arthritis. Patches of worsening psoriasis and progessively widespread arthritis. Went to Rheumatologist, prescribed Enbrel. 95% of arthritic pain went away after first injection of Enbrel. Now, no pain at all. Still have small patches of psoriasis which are slowly clearing up. Went off Diovan HCT and Enbrel, symptoms have not returned. Diovan HCT is poison. M 55 2 years
320/12.5 1X D
 3   I was a little off balance when I first started taking the diovan hct but it seemed to wear off in a few weeks however I had injuries to both big toes that have taken a long time to heal and now a knee injury from kneeling that I will have looked at this week. I am now concerned about the side effects of the diovan as the injuries and healing time are not normal for me. 60 3 years
1X D

 1  high blood pressure fatigue,weight gain,leg and knee pain, joint pain, and hives severely going to call my doctor after reading other people are having alot of the same side effects F 46 7 months
80/12.5 1X D

 1  Blood pressure Headaches,panick attacks dizziness depression neck and back pain palpatations ringing in the ears bad sinus attacks this drug MUST be removed from the market F 64 2 years
80mg 1X D

 4  High Blood Pressure I have to say that since I started taking B12 with my dosage of Diovan I have never felt better. I get the occasional muscle pains - especially at night but overall I feel much better. I had to get the dosage adjusted several times - including the HCT part. Weight has always been a challenge even before taking Diocan - but I am only about 20 lbs over weight. Blood pressure under control. I believe that you have to be on this for at least 3 mos to get over the major side effects. I have NEVER taken any meds my whole life - and do not really believe in meds - but Diovan has helped me greatly. F 49 1.5 years
80 MG HCT 1X D

 2  Hypertension Soreness in joints the first couple of months. Slowly increasing aches in joints for 2 years. Last 2 years, constant pain in lower back and increasing awareness of ringing in my ears. I feel that the soreness/swelling is intensified in joints injured in past sports injuries. Felt compression in spine and joints when exercising which made me feel and act lethargic. Weight gain (10% of body weight) Diovan HCT did lower my blood pressure in the past but I recently tried Diovan (half dosage without the HydroChlorothiazide) for a few days and found similar effects. I have been trying to reduce my BP naturally because I have always been active and feel that this drug may be causing permanent damage to my skeletal structure. Will change diet and avoid this drug for 3 to 6 months and log my results. M 50 4 years
maximum 1X D
 1  high blood pressure sharp, stabbing back pain in area opposite heart. extreme hair loss. extreme hair breakage. muscle leg pain. lethargic. depressed. I started out on samples of 160 mg and was doubled to 320 mg/12.5 hct. I ignored hair loss and stabbing in back and finally realized it was the meds. Now I am back to trying samples to control blood pressure. F 59 5 months
320 1X D
 1  exforge hct 10/160/12 Upon taking this medication for months for elevated bp I started feeling many undesirable side effects, such as severe lightheadedness, dizziness, many bad dreams, unsteady walk, insomnia, stuffy nose and severe sinus conditions that seems to just linger, lethargy, lack of appetite, depression, loss of weight, and lowered my potassium level to marginal. I would not recommend this drug to anyone. It's best to find another medication that would satisfy the same function without the horrible side effects. For me I went back to 10mg norvasc plus 12.5mg of triamterine, which worked just fine to control my blood pressure. I'm now augmenting the medication routine with short walks in the morning and in the afternoon. I'm now beginning to feel better after I had changed my medication 3 days ago. The lightheadedness and all of the other bad sideeffects are beginning to subside after 3 days. It may take a few more days before all of the bad sideeffects of the diovan is completely wiped out of my system. All I can say is that each passing day I'm feeling a little better. Thanks to everyone who submitted the sideeffects of this medication. It has helped me understand not to completely put your entire trust on your doctor and pharmacist. Doctors and pharmacists are helpful but do not have all the answers since every individual reacts differently for medications prescribed to treat an ailment. M 65 4 months
1X D

 2  high blood pressure This is the first medicine that I have been on for high blood pressure. Since taking it, I have steadily gained weight, even though I've been dieting and reducing salt intake. I have had constant itchy skin, severe joint pains, headaches, and lack of sex drive. I thought it was age related. After reading other comments, I think it might be these meds. I've mentioned it to my doctor, but she is asking me to wait a couple of more weeks to see if my blood pressure improves. (It has gone down, but not to where it should be.) I can honestly say that I have not had a feeling of wellness since taking this medicine, and I do feel worse than before finding out I had high blood pressure. I feel like I have arthritis, or something. Now I need to address more of these symptoms with my doctor. I am tired during the day and restless at night...waking up sometimes and also having weird dreams. The weight gain and joint pain are the worst. It feels as though my bones are being crushed. I ha F 53 7 months
320mg 1X D
 5  hbp No side effects that I noticed - I experience fatigue, but I was tired all the time before I got on BP meds so I do not count that as a side affect. Recently I requested my PCP to put me on a generic BP med because of brand name cost - I simply cannot afford the Diovan anymore. My PCP put me on lotrel 10/20. After being on the lotrel for less than a week, I'm ready to go back to the Diovan - I'll figure out a way to pay for it. For me this drug works great. I have sever swelling and it works great at the 25mg for me whereas the lotrel does nothing for the swelling - both drugs lower my BP to 130/85. F 32 2 years
325/25mg 1X D

 5  Blood Pressure None My blood pressure is always very satisfactory. M 87 5 years
80 MG 1X D

 1  High Blood Pressure OMG I am so glad it is not me.... I have been in misery for over a year. When I asked the Dr. if the weight gain, skin break-outs as well as hair loss could have anything to do with this drug. I was told no! I work out 4-5 times a week, and I eat pretty healty so to have gained over 30lbs is just insane! Too have irritated skin and hair loss is just too much... I am so tired all of time and i feel like an 80 year old woman! OMG thank you guys for all of the comments! I just knew I was not crazy!!!!!! I am taking myself off and looking into other options! F 46 2 years
.50 1X D
 1  Hypertension Aches in both knees,ankles,shoulders and lower back. Swelling in both legs below the knees. Ankles especially. Weight gain of approx. 15 lbs. Developed a constant cramp below heart and lung/diaphragm region. I Could not walk up more than 2 flights of stairs w/o being winded completely. Sleepy state of being within an hour of taking Diovan HCT. I never felt in a well state. I will say my BP was down to never realized numbers. But the margins were not worth the constant ill state of being. I have been off the Diovan HCT for 3.7 months now. The negative symptoms I described have now gone. I have been given a script for Triam/HCTZ 37.5-25 and have had incredible success. My Doctor did not question or hesitate to remove me from Diovan HCT. The doctor was not a big fan of it either. From what I understand, the drug company campaigned heavily to urge health insurers to push the product in lieu of tier one drugs, touting a lower cost. The drug I am now on is only $10.00(ten) for a 90 day supply. Understand everyone has a different situation medically. But Diovan HCT is a horrible excuse to achieving better health. M 61 1.7 years
320/25 1X D

 2  High Blood Pressure Does not work well. Spots on shoulders and back. Symptoms return before time for next dosage. I have been on Diovan for 7 years. F 54
320 mg 1X D

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