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 1  Headache Extremely WEAK!!!!! Stomach pain, unable to stand and sit up. This medicine kept me in bed all weekend. I would have rather keep my headache than go thru what I suffered after taking this medicine!!!! F 29 1 days

 1  Tension Headaches Took this for tension headaches, and it did WONDERS...until it wore off and the anxiety set in. About 4 hours after taking it, I was miserable. Sweats, followed by chills, paranoia, restlessness, etc... I'd rather have the dull headaches then deal with this. M 29 1 days

 1  Headache This stuff should be taken off the market. My father in law gave me two pills to take because I was suffering from a horrible headache. I should have asked questions but the pain was so bad I took them anyway. First complaint is I have not slept all night, it is now 6am and I still feel like my heart is racing. Can't breathe very well at all. Next is I have horrific heartburn, even worse than when I was pregnant. Followed by diharrea. Feeling weak, stomach upset no appetite. The makers of this product should be ashamed of themselves. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from this product. F 33 1 days

 3  migraine First took this medication about a week ago, I swore I was going to have a seizure. I developed shakes, light headed, very lethargic. Although my migraine did go away. Not knowing it was effects of the medicine I googled it after taking it today because I'm having the exact same symptoms after taking it. F 26 2 times
2 pills

 1  headache 1 days

 2  severe migraine Took 2 tablets 5 hours ago the last 4 hours severe pain in chest left side tighting can't get a deep breathe in . My headache is gone not worth feeling like a heart attack F
2 tablets 1X D

 2  I have migraines I'm starting to feel paranoid and restless I can't sleep and when I do sleep I have awful dreams and wake myself up and it takes even longer to fall asleep again. The medicine relieved my headache but I'd rather keep the migraine than feel paranoid and not sleep F 28 2 months
 5  migraines I usually don't experience negative side effects with Excedrin Migraine, but I had an awful migraine today and took 2...I feel jittery and like I could throw up Exorcist style.definitely will only take 1 tab from now on. F 28 1 days
1 tab

 1  Chronic Migrains Thought I was having a paranoia panic attack (I have diagnosed paranoia,) irritable to temperature changes, shaking, jitters, couldn't stand, nausea, limbs falling asleep, almost passing out, nodding off, can't walk straight, can't focus, honestly thought this was a medical emergency (and I have a high pain tolerance due to chronic illnesses.) Don't take this if you don't want a near death experience (or at least it feels like it.) I had almost identical symptoms when my chronic migraines began back in 7th grade and I treated it with Exedrin. I thought that it had nothing to do with the drug, but now that I've had copy-cat symptoms almost six years later, it becomes apparent that this is a terrible drug. F 18 1 days
250 mg 1X D
 1  had headache my headache went away but was awakened at 4am with the most excruciating stomach pains 100% worse than my headache F 28 1 days

 3  migraines for many years Usually only take as needed. Last dose within one hour I was sweating, arms weak, shaky inside. Lasted about two hours. F 63 8 years
 2  migraine I took 2 pills of excedrin and my migraine went away slightly. My head still hurts every time I go in a room with light or when look down. M 1 days

 1  for migraine I took 2pills of excedrin (migraine) aroud 8pm and I was fine my migraine went away but like 2 hours later I started filling stomach and back pain and I was awake until 1:40am and then I started vomiting and now is almost 10:00 am and my stomach and back pain still the same F 24 1 days
 2  Migraine I've taken this drug a lot to help me with migraines. Sometimes when I take it I feel extreme anxiety and i get panic attacks. My stomach gets queasy and I usually get diarrhea. If you have to take this pill as a last resort I recommend only taking 1 and NEVER take it before you go to sleep. I did that once and I woke up with the worst nausea and stomach pains i've ever had. F 16 1 days

 3  Migraine After taking the migraine pills last night(10:30P.m) . The headache was gone. Until this morning around 9:45 A.M. Back pains occurred, hard to breath, vomiting. Please email me ASAP, if you have the same symptoms. This is for my mother. Thank you! :) F 47 1 days
 4  migraine I used to have no side effects, worked great for my migraines. Since it was pulled from the market and has come back, I get horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea for hours! Takes care of the migraine most of the time, but then I suffer other ways. F 41 1 days
2 caps 1xd

 1  Doctor recommended for migraines Took 1 tablet at 10pm with no relief. Took another at 11pm. Awake till 2am. Up at 5am with severe burning bloating pain that started in the center near belly button, then widespread from pelvis to under rib cage. Nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure (212/116), mega tingling in feet and hands, vision impaired, breathing deep, slight chest pain, head pain, nervous, dizzy.. Did not see any "caution" comments on box about any of this. When I googled "Excedrine Migraine side effects, I was astounded that they know about all this and fail to warn the consumers. Looking at all these remarks, I see nothing on how to combat all the pain. I called the 800 number on the box and I have to call back during business hours. I needed help for the pain relief NOW... not during your business hours. I almost went to the ER. I suffered 40 hours with severe pain. Never again. I will get a refund and I will contact the makers of this product. Shame on you!!!!! Knowingly cause pain to people. F 59 1 days
2X D
 4  Migraine headaches Before it went off the shelves I swore by this product, it worked every time where Prescription drugs didn't. I noticed no side effects. But since it came back it only comes in the oblong white pills - not the round green coated ones - and the stomach discomfort and nausea are awful. I replace the headache with another form of discomfort. I thought they went off the market because of some minor tainting in the production line . Now I question that. It took forever to come back and it seems they came back with a lesser product. I still use it but I prepare to stay in bed even when the headache is gone. Bummer. It was a surefire magic pill before they pulled it. Now it's just an option if you really need relief from the headache. 58 7 years
1 pill 1X AN
 5  For migraines Insomnia (caffeine induced) This is the best, most effective OTC drug for alleviating migraines that I have ever come across - far outperforms any medication that doctors prescribed to me. Throughout a majority of my Army career, Excedrin kept me "vertical" and productive for which I will always be thankful to Bristol-Myers Squibb! F 51 15 years
250/250/65 1X D
 3  terrible migraines After taking Excedrin Migraine pills, my migraine is gone within 15 minutes. My side effects are insomnia, upset stomach/nauseous, jittery, and light headedness. Being pain free outweighs the negative side effects most of the time. F 20 5 years

 2  severe migraines It took about an hour to start relieving my migraine. Then I became very dizzy and light headed. Then came the chest and neck pains, which spread to my left arm. I kept waking up during the night and was extremely hyper. In the morning I had stomach and kidney pain that was so severe I could not walk. Then I had trouble breathing. I would not recommend this drug..EVER! F 29 1 days
2 tablets
 4  For migraine headaches Excedrin migraine works great in alleviating my migraine headaches. When i do take the pill(s) however, I tend to experience moderate to severe stomach pain in addition to feeling lightheaded and nauseated. I never take the pill on an empty stomach so I have no idea why this happens and I even decrease my dosage to one pill but still experience side effects. But like I said..it relieves my headaches faster than anything i've ever tried so that's why i endure the side effects and only use it for severe migraines. F 27 5 years
2 pills

 5  Migraine/headache It's the only thing that gets rid of my headaches or migraines. I love this pill. I have developed a tolerance to it and take 2 at the onset of a headache. It has happened almost daily. This has been happening for three months. Within the past week I have been having horrible stomachaches that often lead to diarrhea. I still take excedrin and suffer through the stomach problems. Hopefully it will subside eventually. F 27 7 days

 1  Migraine Severe cramping, diarrhea, Severe cramping, bloody stools, had to postpone all activities. Bad medicine.this is second day with pain after taking this. F 73 1 days
30 1X D

 1  Migraines Stomach cramps and diarrhea If I take Excedrin migraine once in a great while, it does the trick. However, if I take a dose more than once a week or every 10 days, I get terrible stomach cramping followed by explosive diarrhea. F 50 2 days
1X D

 1  Migraine The good thing about this drug is that it provides fast reflief of the MIGRAINE within 30 minutes. However, I was soon flooded with feelings of fear, paranoia, nausea, chest pains and tightness, persistent chills and sweating, insomnia, anxiety and a queasy stomach. F 22 1 days
1X D
 3  migraine Racing heart, fatigue, heart palpitations so bad I had to cough to help stop it. It did help get rid of the pain but I rather have a migraine than having this feeling in my heart. F 27 1 days

 1  Recurring severe migraines Horrific!!!!! Drug from hell!! Fast heart beat , nausea, vomiting several times, abdominal pain , kidney pain, shakes , chills , jittery , ears ringing, eye twitches when closed , tight chest feeling, odd blurry vision , Numbness to legs , feet , lower arms and hands, stomach pain burning feeling , switching from cold chills to sweating and this lasted and progressed to all this in a span of 5 hours still feel like I been poisoned or overdosed . Horrific!!!!! Drug from hell!! Fast heart beat , nausea, vomiting several times, abdominal pain , kidney pain, shakes , chills , jittery , ears ringing, eye twitches when closed , tight chest feeling, odd blurry vision , Numbness to legs , feet , lower arms and hands, stomach pain burning feeling , switching from cold chills to sweating and this lasted and progressed to all this in a span of 5 hours still feel like I been poisoned or overdosed . F 22 1 times
500 mg 1X D
2X D
 1  Headache After taking Excedrin Migraine, the next morning I had a large amount of bright red blood in my stool! F 1 days
1X D

 1  Headache I took this for a headache and it has not completely taken my headache away although it's not as bad. I got light headed jittery, stomach pains, and blurred vision from this. Never taking it again! F 36 1 days

 1  Horrible Migraine My migraine went away after about 30 minutes and then all a sudden I had the worst panic attack. My whole body felt numb, very discontent, chills, weak, jitters. Thought I was seriously going to die! Still feeling weird right now, but going away a little at a time due to drinking lots of water Do NOT TAKE! F 30 1 days
2 pills 1X D
 1  Migraine I am in so much stomach pain. I thought I was in serious trouble until I read everyone's comments. I am so relieved to have found this site, I don't have medical insurance and an er visit would set me back a pretty penny. This is such a terrible feeling there is blood in my stools and TERRIBLE stomach pain. I will NEVER take this again. F 33 1 days
 2  Had a headache for 3 days I knew that the pills had 65 mg of caffeine in them so I wasn't worried about getting hyper anything like that. I was prepared. I took one and 2 hours later I started getting chills, blacking out, my legs were weak, I got a fever of 102.5 and I was really tired. I thought I had food poisoning. The worst part was it felt like my nervous system was attacking me. It felt like I had severe sharp pains all over my body, I could barely walk. today is the next day and my headache is incredibly worse than yesterday. And my fever is 101. I'm supposed to work all day today and now I can't. I would not recommend anybody taking thiS. I gave it A 2 rating because it did take away my headache. But not worth it with all the other side effects. F 30 1 days
1 pill

 5  migraine headaches None thank you god for accepting this Drug for me :-)))) M 50 1 times
 1  migraine I was fine for the first day. The second day I had this uncomfortable feeling in my throat. I thought it might be attributed to my stiff neck but it kept getting worse and I started shaking like I had the chills. I stopped taking it and started taking benadryl. It got rid of my headache but not worth the possibility of anaphylaxis. F 32 2 days
2 pills

 3  Really bad migraines This is literally the only non prescription medicine that helps my migraines. They're gone in usually 30 minutes but recently I've been getting negative side effects like racing heart, chest pain, nausea and trouble sleeping I'm assuming because of the caffeine. I've never had any bad experiences with exedrin until now so I don't know if I will stop taking it because it's been so effective for me. F 17 2 years
2 tablets

 1  took two pills for migraine extreme stomach pain, diarrhea, bloating, cramping, nausea , fast heart beat F 39 1 days

 1  headach It took a while for my headach to go away it made me feel really dizzy and it made my stomach hurt. I never want to ta ke it again. I took two pills not sure how many mg it was though. F 19 1 days

 1  For my migraine headache It would give me a painful upset stomach! Raised my blood pressure! F 36 1 days

 1  back pains My tummy hurts!!! F 15 1 days

 3  Migraine After a while, maybe 30 minutes, my whole left arm started to tingle and my fingers became extremely numb and I started shaking. This got significantly better after about 5 minutes, but shortly after that I felt really nautious. After a short while I decided to eat a bagel which sort of helped, but still had a horrible migraine. After resting for another 20 minutes, my headache started to slowly get better. Keep in mind that I am probably a little young for the dosage that I took (sorry, I don't know how many mgs are in two adult pills). F 16 1 days
2 pills 1X AN

 2  Chronic migraines I have been taking this occasionally for years as an alternative to my prescription imitrex which usually works great but after a week of migraines I have rebound headaches just from the imitrex so I have to use something else. Normally I am just a bit jittery but this time I had upset stomach and diarrhea. Definitely not worth it since it barely helps the pain. Would rather take a legit painkiller like Vicodin or something that doesn't cause this reaction. F 28 1 days
2 caps

 1  Neck pain Fells like my stomach is being ripped apart. Then my bowl movements turned black...my stomach was bleeding. I stopped and the bleeding stopped. I only took as described on back of bottle. This pill helps my pain, but is so hard on my stomach. F 33 2 years
1X D
 1  Headache I took excedrin for my headache when they brought it back on the market because in the pass it was the only medicine that got rid of my headache but when I took it this time I started with a really bad stomach ache then nausea, then I started vomiting. I thought maybe it was something I ate so I dismissed it. Three weeks later, today, I took one tablet and again I started vomiting. I'm throwing the bottle away and never taking Excedrin again. Oh yeah, my headache never went away. F 26 1 days
250 mg

 2  headache This new formula is terrible. I feels like you have taken poison. I loved Excedrin before it was recalled. I could take half a pill and my headache would go away. The new Excedrin smells different and you can't just break them in half (which shows they aren't the same ingredients as before). And when I take them I feel like I've just taken a bit of poison. I switched to generic and stopped feeling poisoned, I thought I'd try Excedrin again and I'm feeling weird and slightly poisoned again. Not good. Why the heck would they change a drug that people liked so much?! In the past if someone had headaches it was almost guaranteed that they would have Excedrin in their bag. Not anymore. F 42 20 years
1X D
 2  Migraine Had taken a Max-Alt, bug the headache came back 5 hours later, and didn't have any more on me. Took EM on a full stomach. Horrid stomach pain. Started with gas, so took some Gas-x (okayed this with pharmacist), but my stomach still feels like death. F 30 1 days

 3  Ocular Migraine Auras and pain were taken care of, but the next morning, less than 12 hours later, I was dizzy and nauseous. Possibly still remnants of the ocular migraine, but I've never experienced this sort of "postdrome" before. F 28 2 months
1 1X AN

 1  migraine Severe upper stomach pain after only taking one pill..its been 2 days since I took that pill and the pain is still here...my bottle of excedrin is In the trash and I would not recommend anyone taking this!! F 26 1 days

 4  Migraine Light headed, jitters, burning sensation in stomach and insomnia After taking for years, I've determined in order not to have jitters, Get light headed or burning in the stomach...i can only take it after eating 3 meals. Unless I am absolutely exhausted, I will be up all night. It does work like a charm if taken within the firtst hour of pain. My doctor has perscribed Maxalt which works extremely well, but is really expensive and I can't afford to take 10-15 times a month. So I've learned to work with the excedrine. F 56 18 years
2X W

 1  Bad migraine DO NOT TAKE THIS!!!! I took 2 pills last night around 8pm and around 10pm I started feeling jittery, swelling in my throat, heart racing/slow at times, slow breathing, fatigue, sweating but had chills, hyper, pupils were big, stomach pain, weird taste in my mouth. It's 2:55pm (next day)and still feeling like this!! Horrible!! Can't believe they put this piece of crap in stores so ppl can overdose on these!! It's extreme poisoning!! I'm not ever taking these ever again! Fuck u ppl who make EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE!! F 23 1 days

 1  For my horrible headaches Heavy headed. I feel like I have a head full of embalming fluid. My headache doesn't even go away with one dosage anymore. Before the recall of excedrin, I was so happy that there was a pill out there that could help me become pain free. Tylenol didn't help, nor Advil, nor aleve... Nothing helped me. Excedrin was a miracle drug. When it came back to the shelves I was ecstatic! When I took them for my headache for the first time since recall I notice the pills are no longer sour in taste but sweet... That's when I knew they were gonna be different. They never worked for my headache :(. Excedrin used to take away my headache within 15 mins of taking them and now they are useless. I'm so pissed because this recall was fake they just wanted to change the pill for god knows what. Now I am gonna have to search for something else. Excedrin migraine never worked for me I always used to get relief using excedrin extra strength the green and white boxed one. I think the real excedrin owner prolly died with the secret ingredient or sold the company to some dipshit who dont care about us sufferers cause this new excedrin is an epic fail! F 25
2 Pills 1X D
 5  Migraine Thirsty(intended though to make you consume water), sleeplessness(again, intended because of the caffeine in it), jittery when taken without food(typical for any medicine) M 25 10 years
2 tablets
 1  bad headache I have been up all night suffering from a bloating, stomach buring and hurting, throwing up ... this bull shit needs to be banned from store ... think I need to go to the ER ! F 26 1 days

 1  Migraine Nausea, stomach pain, light headed this is my second time taking it. the first time i thought i had food poisoning but now that i took it again &same thing happening i came to the conclusion it is the pills. it will be my last time taking it. everybody is different. to each their own. F 21
2 1X D
 3  Tried Excedrin and Excedrin Migrain Dizzy, Anxiety,heavy head, ear pain at times on one side but not always.Dont feel like eating, ect. Ok, what the heck did they do to the Excedrin?? I never use to feel like this and have taken it for years until they took it off the market. The taste of it is even different then it use to be and im so unhappy with it now. Bring back the old Excedrin's as most of us don't like the new one at all. F 51 30 years
2 tablets 1X D
 1  Migraine headaches I used to take excedrin migraine for years before I was prescribed Maxalt....I noticed it was recalled in 2011. Well last month I noticed it was back on the shelves and bought a bottle....well after taking 1for a migraine I got the worst pain in my upper stomach! It felt like like a knife in my stomach! I wanted to cry! Never taking this again! !! What did they change? F 39 10 years

 1  Headache Freezing, Nauseous, and diarrhea M 42 1 days
1 pill

 1  headache Cold flashes, nervousness, nausea , sweating, headache, vomiting, HORRIBLE ANXIETY feltl like I was dying. DO NOT USE!!!!!!! F 21 1 days

 5  Migraines/headaches My limbs feel very relaxed.. These have saved me. I get various types of migraines. I take 2 tablets. It takes about 30 minutes before the pain starts to go away, but once it starts, it's only a few seconds before the pain is completely gone. F 38 4 years
2 1X AN
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