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 4  Migraine prevention Occasional weird dreams, slight fatigue, some memory loss (difficulty recalling words). Overall it has improved the migraines I've had for 17+ years but I make sure I get plenty of rest each day, drink lots of water, eat well and exercise. I do have weird dreams that will bring on unprevented migraines but all in all it has helped. I'd like to eventually come off the drug though cause I'm skeptical of memory loss F 34 4 years

 4  Epilepsy Anorexia weight loss of 20 pounds loss of energy . Depression when the dose was increased higher than 400 mg a day. This medication does control the seizures and the depression was directly related to the dose increase. I have intractable seizures so I put up with the side effects but not the depression. Seizures are controlled with this medication Keppra and Banzal F 52 8 weeks
 1  Epilepsy Weight loss, irritability, expressive aphasia, inability to focus or comprehend what others are saying at times, Sleepiness, Loss of appetite, depression I felt like I was going to just wither away and die if I continued taking this medicine. There was no hope if I continued it...it wasn't helping with my seizures regardless...I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this drug! It did nothing but make me look like a skeleton. F 29 7 weeks
400 mg 1X D
 5  Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy Increase in thirst, minor slurring of speech at times, weight loss, decreased appetite, occasional hot flashes. M 11 1 months
 5  Epilepsy I've been on this for 4 years now with minimal side effects and seizure free. I maintain a VERY healthy diet to keep the fatigue, headaches, and brain fog to a minimum but I also make sure I get plenty of rest as well. The odd thing is, I only just started loosing my appetite and lost 20 lbs. not sure if it's the RX. I also recently went off BC, so it could be a combo. But it's the weirdest thing! I've been on Keppra and Lamictal before and they both affected me poorly in the personality dept, so I'll take what Zonegran throws my way any day! F 29 4 years
 4  seizures drowsiness, weight loss, odd headaches and feelings of confusion It took at least six months to acclimate to this drug; I had a hard time with the side effects while getting to the dose I needed. But now my seizures are under control and side effects are minimal. I find it's important to get a good night's sleep and eat regular meals, to prevent problems with side effects such as headaches. F 52 18 months
400mg 1X D


 2  Epilepsy Extreme sleepiness ....very difficult to find words....slow thought processing.... has not yet helped with seizures going to continue for a while longer to see if side effects go away and things get better F 5 3 weeks
60 2X D
 1  seizure My 8-year-old son starting taking Zonegran at 11:00 P.M. last Saturday. At 11:30 P.M. the next day he started becoming dizzy and disoriented. A half hour later, he fell to the ground and had a grand mal seizure. This lasted about 6-8 minutes. In the hospital ER, he had a severe headache and abdominal pains. My neurologist was not convinced it was the drug, but we disagree. My son at age 8 has never had a seizure without a fever--which places him as atypical, and this one was in the absence of a fever; however, he did have a fever the following day. M 8 1 days
25 mg 1X D
 2  Psuedo Tumor Headache EXTREME fatigue, slowed motor and cognitive function - forgetting words and the like, feelings of extreme panic after I take it, sleep paralysis/ horrible dreams. Haven't noticed any positives yet since it's only been 4 days, but at the rate the negative side effects are coming I don't think i'll make to a week. Worried the side effects will end up causing a schizo-effective episode. F 22 4 days
100mg 2X D
 5  migraines Sleepiness, sometimes forget words, not sure if that is from medication. F 58 4 years
400 mg

 1  Weight loss, insomnia Have all but lost my sense of smell and taste. At first things tasted or smelled funny. Then I couldn't smell or taste at all. I am tapering down now since I have lost the weight and do sleep at night, I hate to think the sense of smell is lost for good! Prescribed Zonegran when I came off of Elavil. Needed to loose 20-30 lbs and sleep at night. I did loose the weight and have been able to sleep. But have a lot of anxiety and terrible problems with smell and taste. F 56 1 years
300 mg 1X D
 2  Headache prevention Depression, mood swings, lost of concentration, crazy animAl nightmares, and still have headaches F 23 2 years
 1  rsd pain they just took me up to 500 mg aday i dont like it but what to do for pain they will not give out pain medswe will see how this go F 18 9 months
 2  Trigeminal Neuralgia see things not there. Depression. Sucidal thoughts.Cold spots on legs and feet.Memory problems.Thinning hair.Made kidney problems. I was taking Zonisamide for Trigeeminal Neuralgia. At first i wasnt having any prolems with it at all. But then as we increased the dose it really knocked me for a loop. The neuroligist wanted to raise it to 400, and when i went to 300 it felt like my kidneys were processing glass. I could barely walk it hurt so much. Thats also when i started seeing stuff. Like i'd see spiders crawling across my pillow or bugs that werent there. just small stuff. i thought i was loosing my mind. Im still on a lower dose and the systems have abated but not completely gone away. i go soon for surgery then hopefully can stop taking the meds for this. must remain hopeful. F 50 9 months
100 Mg 1X D
 3  to prevent migraines so tired i was falling asleep at my desk. this never improved in the month taking it. i couldn't drink enough caffeine to wake myself up, so much caffeine it was creating digestion problems. as time went on i became more and more anxious on top of the grogginess, and some past anxiety disorders came up like phobias. i got really jumpy and was concerned i would have a panic attack. i haven't had these issues for 18 years but it was starting to come back. i would so much rather have a constant migraine than have the mental health issues i used to have and panic attacks. my doctor agreed i should stop taking it immediately. i've been off for 3 days but i'm still feeling tired and jumpy. i hope the anxiety goes away so i'm not preoccupied with past phobias (spiders, bugs). this sucks. unfortunately it is the only drug i've found so far that helps with my extreme light sensitivity, but i prefer light sensitivity, migraines, or any physical problem over anxiety disorders. F 35 30 days
25mg 1X D
 1  Migraine Prevention Increased Anxiety, Agitation, Difficulty Falling Asleep, Just Felt WEIRD. I was supposed to increase my dose by 25mg a week until I reached 100mg. At 50 mg, I began to feel agitated, edgy and snappy which is NOT like me at all. I already take Celexa for anxiety, and haven't had issues in some time. I had a mild panic attack today, and am stopping this medicine ASAP. Not much change with my migraines, and I hate the way I feel. F 31 2 weeks
50 mg 1X D
 4  Epilepsy Hair loss every time my dosage was increased. I eventually had to wear a wig for a while. Once I was on the dosage for a while, my hair would start to grow back, but at the start I was getting my dosage increased regularly so it never had much chance. Now, my hair is thinner than it once was, but I at least don't have to wear a wig. Other than that, nothing I can for certain pin on the Zonegran...possibly it is the cause of increased insomnia, but possibly not. It has certainly helped, and is one of the only seizure medications that doesn't seem to want to make me gain weight. F 38 1.5 years
300 mg 2X D
 5  epilepsy First few weeks insomia, hair loss , weight loss butt after few weeks all came back to normal I did not have any episode in 3 years. Love it. And now Im 6 month preggo. F 32 3 years
300mg 1X D

 2  epilepsy Insomnia; Kidney stones Zonegran is one of the two seizure meds. I take. The insomnia would be debilitating if I couldn't sleep during the day to make up for the sleep loss at night. I know Zonegran is the problem, because my other med causes no side effects, but within an hour of taking the Zonegran, I'm "wired", & toss and turn. Also, causes kidney stones: I never had a kidney stone in my life before I started this med. I've talked to the docs about changing meds or times that I take them, but no go. F 58 5 years
100 mg 4X D

 3  Partial Epliepsy None really Started to take in 2004 after control with Depakote and Tegretol XR peaked. Helped for a while but has not totally cured the seizures; still occur approximately twice a month. M 21 5.5 years
200 Mg 2X D

 1  bipolar 2 Super anxious to the point of tears, hair falling out, very tired. Took this to replace Topamax, which worked wonders for me, but made my hair fall out. This does the same, but without the mood stabilizing effects. F 33 5 days
25mg 1X D

 4  Bipolar,GAD,Social Anxiety,ADHD Mild hallucinations, zombie like state that went away after the first 2 weeks, memory loss I take Zonegran as a mood stabilizer to help control my Bipolar rapid cycle. I was taking Abilify also but had to quit due to extreme side effects. I take 150mg daily with my coffee along with 15mg Adderall. The first 2 weeks I was a zombie but once I adapted I noticed a positive change in my mood swings and my panic/anxiety attacks have stopped. I have days where I feel like I have alzheimer's but they're few and far between. I do experience mild hallucinations usually "snow" or the room will shift. To me these side effects are manageable compared to what I was going through before. F 31 1 years

 3  epilepsy anxiety, increased heart rate, decreased appetite,anal leakage(eww), moodiness, extreme lethargy, depression, severe memory loss i was diagnosed with epilespy in april of 09 and my original neuro (who was a quack) perscribed lamictal..but i had two other partial seizures and it caused me to hallucinate and have horrible nightmares.I consulted another neuro who suggested i try zonegran...His goal was to get me to 400 mgs over a 4 week (take at night my seizures happen in my sleep..or right before i wake up)period. Initially i noticed a loss of appetite and irritability/moodiness. As my dosage increased, I felt like a dope, i couldnt remember anything and it was extemely difficult to stay awake. If i needed to take any other medicine, forget about it. Often times i wouldnt take this med because the side effects for mixing both werent worth it until this past dec i had a seizure at work...if u dont have any life threatening side effects try to stick with it for about 3 mos before giving up, sometimes your body has to adjust..i know i have to be consistent and i'm not so thats my problem F 30 9 months

 1  Headache prevention Severe anxiety which led to rapid heartrate and high blood pressure. Was taking 100 mg/night, and the two days I tried 200 mg/night led to obsessive anxiety bordering on paranoia. Even 100 mg proved to be too much and I had to stop taking it. It also caused some mental "dopiness", i.e. I couldn't think what I was doing or trying to say. (A lot of "um, um" moments.) Unfortunately, it also did nothing for preventing my headaches. Even if it had, though, I could not have continued taking it. I was well on my way to a heart attack, stroke, or possibly even a nervous breakdown. F 38 2 weeks

 2  High CSF pressure Left arm weakness and slight left leg weakness M 57 21 days

 2  migraines weight loss, never hungry, hardly urinated at all, skin always smelled like urine 100mg every night. It did absolutely nothing for the migraines and I didn't like the side effects I experienced. F 55 1 years

 3  seizures Very dizzy, swollen gums, loss of appetite, sleepy, I had insomnia on my previous seizure med, this put me to sleep. All I wanted to do was sleep. I could not function. I was in a cloud. I was taking 200mg @ night. Lips and tongue were numb. Weight loss. Unclear thinking. I called my doctor and he cut the dosage to 100 mg. but then I had a seizure. The first one in 2 years. I felt better taking 100mg. wasn't as dizzy. I liked the idea of the weight loss, but since I had a seizure my med was changed. I could not function on this medicine. I was taking 200mg. I couldn't even drive. Once my dosage was cut, I did feel a lot better, but it didn't work for me because I had a seizure. I only have seizures at night when I'm sleeping. F 39 1 months
 1  migraines ~!~!~!~!~ANXIETY~!~!~!~!~!~irritability would be putting it mildly! I snapped at my daughter for calling my son a nickname I have called him in the past (so the name SHOULDN'T have bothered me, and in retrospect DIDN'T). I was so stressed about everything, and while I live a VERY stressful life as a single mom and fulltime student, things were exagerated, and I couldn't eat, or sleep and I was visibly shaking from the stress!!! AHHHH! I understand my symptoms are rare, I decided to switch taking the pills from at night to the morning (because originally I had heard they would make me sleepy so I took them at night, when I couldn't sleep I wanted to try to take them in the morning, because it was out of routine I FORGOT to take them that morning... and by that afternoon ALL that stress started to MELT away and I could feel my body untense, and my whole body hurt... because for the past month and some my entire body had been TENSED UP, and then and there I decided I WOULD NOT take those pills EVER AGAIN!!! As far as the headaches/migraines go... it worked... but it was NOT WORTH IT to feel like THAT! If no migraines makes me a horribly irritable stressed out freak attack, then I'd rather have the migraines thank you (and anyone who's ever had migraines knows that's pretty durn bad to say that)! F 29 3 months

 2  headaches & seizures I was never hungry, It was very difficult to study concencentrate, and remember pretty much anything. Within 3 weeks after I went off it the first time I had my second seizure. I was on it for 5 months for my headaches, and it didn't help, so my neurologist switched me to another medication, when I had my 2nd seizure. I went back on it, and while I didn't have my siezures I had all of the same side effects, so it wasn't worth it. F 21 10 months

 5  epilepsy dry mouth, tiredness, dizziness, weight loss, gum problems no seizures since taking this drug; 100mg in morning and 100mg in evening; dizziness disappeared after a few weeks; lost 30 lbs and have kept it off for over a year without any trouble just have a smaller appetite; play tennis everyday so obviously got over tiredness and sleep like a rock; drink 64 oz of water plus per day and have since starting this drug; very happy; glad my doc encouraged me to stick with it... F 48 16 months

 5  migraines none Take 100mg every other night, can do this because this med has very long half life. Also makes it very affordable as a generic. Took a full 3 months to work for me but after trying Depakote, Lamictal, Topamax, Elavil with no help and many side effects love this medicine. Have been on it for 4 years and has given me my life back. I still have some symptoms from migraines and migrane syndrone but they are 80% better. My neurologist said making me 50% better would be a success. F 50 4 years
 2  migraine prevention After a satisfactory year on Zonegran which did greatly reduce frequency & severity of my migraines, the medicine caused severe neurological pain, curtailing my range of motion in my arms so much that my husband had to help dress & undress me. I saw an orthopedist as well as a neuro, had an MRI, muscle and nerve testing done at great expense. After tapering off the Zonegran, it took six months but I eventually returned to normal. Having said that, my experience may have been one in a million. If the neuro problems hadn't shown up, I would have stayed on Zonegran for a long time because it was great for my migraines and had the nice side effect of keeping my weight under control. But it hurt a lot and it was scary. F 54 18 months

 3  chronic daily headache minimal weight loss; Kidney Stone Was so disappointed! Took this drug for 2 months. At the onset it didn't seem to help, but after approximately 2-3 weeks my daily headaches were gone when nothing else had worked. HOWEVER, be sure to heed the warnings to drink alot of water so that you don't develop kidney stones - apparently I didn't drink enough because I developed a kidney stone. I discontinued the drug so that I won't have to go through that pain again! F 4 2 months

 4  Post traumatic stress disorder None that I am aware of. My psychiatrist prescribes it for PTSD from childhood, along with 2 mg. Ativan at night about 2.5 hrs. before bedtime. The combination of Zonegran/Ativan has worked well for me for insomnia thus far. F 59 2.4 years

 3  migraine and bipolar severe anxiety and agitation. Nervousness. Insomnia. Weight loss. Possible worsening of depression. It has helped my migraines which required several Imitrex shots a week prior. I had no idea of the severity of the anxiety before taking, and I am a pharmacist. At one point I thought I was going senile. None of the common literature says anything. It's really a toss up as to which is worse at this point. I am taking Lamictal for the migraines as well, and I have added Wellbutrin to try to help the depression. Now I think I may need to add an SSRI or benzodiazepine. I guess anything is better than a migraine. F 30 6 months

 2  epilepsy None at first. After about a month I started getting nausiated frequently and experianced frequent stomach cramps. Also felt very tired and "out of it". Going to talk to my dr about going back on Lamictal F 25 3 months

 2  Epilepsy Completely drained, loss of appetite, irritable, and an all around lack of motivation to do anything. No improvement on the seizures. F 25 1 months

 5  migraine weight loss, increased thirst I am on 100mg every night. I have not had any side effects except for weight loss. This is the only med that has kept my migraines under control! F 27 1 months

 5  Migraine 200mg at night. I took this drug before I went to bed. I had to sleep with the light on just until I fell asleep because of extreme hallucinations that haunted me. The hallucinations were so real too. I saw monks hovering over me... It felt like a salvia trip sort of. Besides this it works SOO GOOD for migraines preventative treatment. It works similar to Topamax just without the nasty, unbearable side effects. Topamax made me stupid, cold hands feet, speech problems, waking dreams and sleep paralysis. This works soo good for migraines without the nasty side effects. It made me lose a ton of weight too. I gained it back when I stopped taking it for a bit but that could be because of a few other reasons though. F 24 1.5 years

 5  Epilepsy I feel dehydrated, which isn't so bad it makes me drink more water which is good for you and I have the muchies. Other than that I feel good, I have energy, I'm very clear headed. I like this stuff and so far no seizures, I hope it keeps up! F 34 1 months

 2  mood stabilization Constipation, constipation, constipation. I only took it for about two weeks when the side effect got to me, so I don't know about any benefits the drug may have had. F 25 2 weeks

 3  bipolar disorder At a higher dose I was uncoordinated and fell, but this went away when the dose was lowered. I have also lost some weight F 48 3 years

 2  Epilepsy Weight loss for the first 3 months, consistent expressive aphasia (can't get the words out) and recall memory problems that became worse as dosage was increased. Skin rash at 500 mg/d. Ultimately didn't control the seizures so discontinued it. M 20 9 months
 4  migraines insomnia!!! (anxiety and nervousness when I got to 100 mgs, but both stabilized after a week) I have tried a lot of drugs, and zonegran has been the only one to get rid of both my killer migraines and those irritating little headaches. I don't sleep as much (or as well) as I used to, but I'll deal with that if I can be almost migraine free! F 23 3 months

 4  migraine prevention very sleepy a couple hours after taking, (not a problem since I take it in the evening) present nausea may be related to the drug reduced my number of migraine days from 15 to only 5 per month. I'd have rated it a 5 if I wasn't suspicious that the mild intermittant nausea I've had for awhile now might not be related to the zonegran. But I'd rather have occasional mild nausea than migraines! F 52 8 months

 5  Mixed Bipolar II/ADD None, except maybe a slowing of my thoughts. I've been taking 50 miligrams for quite some time. I didn't experience the weight loss that I thought I would, but it has really helped my mood and my organization! F 17 6 months

 2  epilepsy Extreme loss of appetite and my head felt heavy all the time. Ultimately, Zonegran really didn't control my seizures, but just left me feeling like I was in a dull fog all the time. I had to take a nap every afternoon. F 30 2 months

 1  Epilepsy Horrible vomiting which caused metabolic acidosis. The metabolic acidosis was almost not reversible and my son almost died. My son almost died from this drug. I found a 24 page document at the FDA that said the #1 problem with this drug (in adults during clinical trials) in the GI tract was vomiting. It was not mentioned in the PDR or the package insert. I found it on my own and told the doctor we needed to wean from it to see if the vomiting decreased. It did. My son almost didn't make it. This is not a benign drug. M 5 11 months
 4  Epilepsy some loss of appetite, some fatigue, takes longer to take tests in school, some difficulty with math problems F 7 4 months

 3  Migraines Only slightly lethargic if I don't keep busy. I'm also feeling a slight ache in the back of my head, but I don't now if it's related to our drastic weather/barometric pressure change here lately or not. I was on Topamax for over 3 months and couldn't take the side effects. Two major ones being daily sinus pain/problems and sexual side effects. I started taking 100 mg the 1st week at night and now I am taking 200 mg also at night. F 33 2 weeks

 5  migraine on 50 mg at bedtime , Iam experiencing some trouble falling asleep.Itake it 4 hours before sleep and this helped relieve my insomnia.. really working great for migraines, and nothing else has, as a preventative.I have been on it one month.I usually experience daily headaches and take imitrex for them. I have only had 2 headaches since on zonegran. F 49 30 days
 2  To decrease neck pain weight loss, mental slowing, difficulty concentrating, irritability, anxiety, speech problems, depression, I was seeing things that didn't exist and was ready to end my life. I was hospitalized, weened off of Zonegran and slowly regained my physical and mental health. Started with a dose of 100mg day first month, 200mg a day the second and 300mg a day the third. It did control the pain, but there was no way I could continue taking this med. F 43 3 months

 3  migraines narcolepsy, apathy,slowness of thoughts .it was very hard to make the decision to stop taking zonegran because it was the only thing that ever helped my migraines. But I could no longer deal with the loss of my mental functions, and falling asleep at inappropriate times ( i.e. on the job! ) However I must add that I may consider going back on this M 42 12 months

 1  epilepsy Zonegran made me extremely nervous, moody and confused. Plus I broke out with a horrible rash all over my body! As I was getting off the medicine, the rash was coming back again. Plus it gave me horrendous headaches. It was like I had swallowed a monster! It should be destroyed!!!!!! F 38 9 weeks
 4  Migraines Significant weight loss (30 lbs), some blurred vision and difficulty concentrating These side effects are mild condidering how much the medicine has helped my migraines. I consider them a fair trade-off. I have been on similar meds (Topomax) that I had much worse side effects from. F 24 11 months

 1  Mania Depression, rash, sore throat, insomnia I believe more research should be done on this medication before being prescribed for mood disorders. F 52 6 weeks

 1  Bipolar II Extreme depression, nausea, loss of appetite, vivid, terrifying dreams, confusion, feeling of being very slowed down, felt like I was dying. Only took it for a week; the side effects were unbearable. F 37 1 weeks

 3  neurological pain bad insomnia constpation M 39 30 times

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