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 2  HG pregnancy Initially after a day I felt great and was able to eat. After 4 days of taking Zofran I woke up and thought I was having a heart attack. It was like a sumo wrestler sat on my chest compacting it, and like someone karate kicked my back between my shoulders. Very frightening. Get side effects checked out!!! F 32 1 days

 4  nausea, stomach bug None Helped pretty quickly to get rid of my nausea. Its a good drug. It didn't make me feel doped up F 36 7 days
4 mgs

 1  doctor give me in hospital stomach Felt back of head burning so bad and couldn't pick arms up, with intense bone pain. Still have bone pain and headache two weeks after treatment. M 62 1 days

 1  Severe nausea & vomiting bug or flu From reading other posts I guess I took it too late. It did nothing. It's been seven hours and I'm miserable. F 42 1 days

 5  C. Diff None. This stuff is nothing short of miraculous! Severe nausea absolutely gone faster than I could ever have hoped for (a few minutes). M 51 1 days
4mg 1X D

 5  Migraine cyclic vomiting I get akathesia when I take compazine, reglan and phenergan. This relieves the vomiting that occurs every 20-30 minutes. I only have these episodes 1-3 times a year but this prevents me from going into the ER. F 33 4 years
 5  Gastroparesis Constipation. However so worth it. Often have to take 8 mg, but if taken at beginning of nausea, then that 8 mg lasts all day. Worth every penny. Pheregan works better for nausea, but I can not function at work on even a small dose of phenegan. F 53 8 months

 5  Nausea/fear of vomiting Mild headache and sometimes dizziness This is like a miracle drug. I have a severe fear of vomiting, so I keep these on hand. If I ever get sick or start to feel really nauseated, I just need to take one and I feel better within 20-30 minutes. Like most drugs. though, it works best if you take it before symptoms have a chance to get severe. If you have a feeling that your stomachache isn't going to go away or might get really bad, or if it's one of those things where you suddenly get hit with it, take it sooner rather than later as it will work faster and relieve more of the nausea. Taking it when you're already very sick and on the verge of throwing up still helps, but it may not get rid of all the nausea, just take the edge off. I love this drug, though, I'd be so lost without it. I can now eat out at restaurants and try new foods without feeling anxious and afraid about the potential consequences. F 18

 3  nausea For the last few days days my poop has been white! I have scoured the internet about possible reasons, and when researching what is in these tablets, there is hydrochloride, so it might be a culprit. As for the way it worked, it worked wonderfully to relieve the nausea. F 18 1 days
 5  nausea no side effects whatsoever. it helped with my nausea so well. the strawberry taste helps because when you're constantly vomiting you don't want to take a pill with a bad taste. F 21 2 weeks
 5  frequent vomiting from pregnancy No noticeable side effect. Maybe slight tired haze, which is far better than vomiting 10x a day. Drug saved me from being hospitalized while pregnant. F 32 7 days

 3  morning sickness/nauseau Bad Headache, body tingled some, tremors/shaking,panic attack It made my nauseau better, but i still felt nauseus. At least i didnt throw up. But I didnt like the feeling this pill gave me. Doc told me to take 1/2 of a pill or 1 pill 8 mg. I took 1/2 once. i wont be taking it again.. did not like the after effects of the pill. ill go back to phenergan and stay tired F 37 1 days
4 1X D
 5  nausea, vomiting, GERD, gastritis drowsiness Worked well for me. This medication made the nausea go away (and thus prevented more vomiting). It took about 30-60 minutes to kick in (in tablet form). F 28 3 weeks
4mg 3X D

 5  Chronic nausea, reflux Lingering headache, intestinal cramps, foggy feeling Side effects were worth how much better stomach felt after taking F 31 1 years
 1  Nausea Jaw pain, arm numbness, lightheaded Major Anxiety!!! F 36 2 days

 1  Nausea from pain med in E.R. Horrible- headache, leg spasms that could not be controlled, dizziness, feeling of losing consciousness, entire body trembling, shortness of breath. Terror! Dose given I.V. in hospital. F 54 1 days
1X D

 5  nausea mild drowsiness - it worked very well. it's the only available med i can have as i'm allergic (akathisia) to compazine and reglan. F 20 2 months
4-8 mg/day

 4  stomach virus Works a lot faster than phenergan. The only problem i have is insomnia. Cant get to sleep. M 27 2 days

 5  Morning sickness Haven't really noticed to many side effects if anything slight constipation F 21 2 months

 4  Severe morning sickness Severe constipation, headaches Zofran is helping me tremendously with my morning sickness. This is my second pregnancy - with my first pregnancy, I was so sick that Zofran didn't seem to really help me, but I definitely notice an improvement with this one. I do have to eat Activia yogurt with Benefiber to combat the constipation, which is severe, let me tell you. But having to address that is better than throwing up and feeling so incredibly nauseous all day long. F 32 7 days
8 MG 1X D
 5  Hyperemesis None This is my third and most severe HG pregnancy. During my worst weeks (7-20) I took 8mg twice a day in addition to Dicletin and Gravol. This kept me out of the hospital and quite functional, although still slightly nauseous. At 21 weeks I began to wean down to just the Zofran and only 2 Dicletin. By week 28 I was only taking the Zofran on an as needed basis. This drug was not available during my previous pregnancies and even though this is my most severe bout of HG, with the help of the Zofran I am actually the most functional, least depressed and have been able to gain the most weight out of all my pregnancies. This drug was an absolute miracle for me with no side effects other than some minor constipation. F 36 21 weeks
8mg 2X D
 4  AIDS-related Kaposi's Sarcoma Minor headache Got my first disolving tablet a few hours earlier after spending the entire day and previous evening with severe nausea and vomiting. Within one hour my stomach stopped doing flip-flops and I have not thrown up in almost 4-hours - nausea feeling is still there, but nothing like it was earlier. I will be updating this as I take Zofran more often. M 20 1 days
4 mg 1X AN
 4  Indigestion and Chronic nausea Headache (but this only happened on the first few times I took it) and drowsiness It doesn't completely knock out the nausea, but it definitely takes the edge off. It does cause some drowsiness, but nowhere near the level that phenergan causes. Phenergan used to make it very difficult for me to wake up, but this doesn't give me a problem with waking. M 23 3 months
8 mg 1X AN
 5  Pregnancy nausea None F 29 60 days
10 1X AN

 4  Morning sickness Just a headache, which is better than vomiting all day I am on my 8th week of pregnancy and it has been terrible up to this point. Severe nausea and vomiting daily, making life and work unbearble for me. I have no vacation time left so I had no choice but to be placed on Zofran, it worked like a dream for me. I do get headaches but I will deal with that so I don't have to keep vomiting. M 34 2 days
8mg 1X D

 2  nausea due to stomach virus4 dizziness, skin tingling stomach pain, light headed, disoriented, muscle contractions, tremors I have taken the SL in past with no problems. Felt that this was truly a great drug. When it works it is fantastic. I am not sure what happen this time. It was the oral tablets and not the sublingual and I am not sure if that makes a difference. F 52 2 days
4 mg 3X D

 3  "morning" sickness severe insomnia Note on the dosage: the prescription was to take a 4mg tablet every 8 hours or as needed. I generally only took it once per day, occasionally twice, and once or twice I took it three times in a day. It worked wonderfully for my severe morning sickness- I felt 100% better! Unfortunately, I finally figured out that it was the cause of SEVERE INSOMNIA for me. I was getting 0-2 hours of sleep per night. Doc gave me Ambien and I STILL didn't sleep. I did some research and found it is selective antagonist of the serotonin receptor subtype, 5-HT3, and decided to see what would happen if I stopped taking it. The first 3 days off Zofran nothing happened. After that, each day I slept about 1 hour more, but I was more and more ill. At the 6 day mark, I was severely ill all over again. I switched to phenergan and hope it will be good enough that I am not throwing up and that it does not cause the severe insomnia. I have seen no other reports of such insomnia caused by Zofran, and expect I am an unfortunate and unique case. F 31 42 days
4mg 3X D

 1  nausea from pain med takocardia and siezure...went to er due to pain from kidney infection...not on any other meds...nausea from pain med administered..given injection of zolfran, almost immediate twitching, burning in head, seizures and takocardia...ended up admitted in telemetry for almost a week!Told seizure is a possible side effect F 22 1 days
injection 1X D

 4  Extreme Nausea Headache, Constipation, Anxiety, I also felt tired and weak, but I am not sure if it is the medicaion or the virus that I have. It works GREAt to relieve upset stomache and nausea, but I had a few side effects. F 47 1 weeks
4 MG 1X D

 5  severe morning sickness all day occasional headaches This is a miracle pill! For the first 2 weeks of my pregnancy i could not move from the bed with the trash can beside it. I had tried phennergan but that didn't touch the nausea. My OB prescribed me Zofran ODT and after getting it in my system for about 2 days I could work and eat just as normal as before the pregnancy. I am now 8 months pregnant and if I skip the dosing for one day I am back to the same way i was before I started. I would definately reccomend this to anyone with severe nausea. F 21 6 months
4mg 2X D

 4  hyperemesis Headache, constipation This is my third pregnancy to require Zofran. The first two times it was like a miracle cure with a minor side effect of headaches. This time I am on the generic. I don't know if if it has to do with anything, but this time it it working as well. I still throw up sometimes and feel nauseous all day and the headaches are severe. F 29 5 months
4mg 2X D

 3  severe all day "morning" sickness drowsiness...but could be from pregnancy as well. During my first two pregnancies, I had very severe morning sickness. I was in the hospital multiple times for it. Zofran worked, but my doctor's had to make sure I actually did need it before prescribing it. With my 3rd pregnancy, it does not seem to be working at all. I would love to know, if my body may have become immune to it. F 25 9 months
8 mg 2X D

 2  hyperemesis headache, constipation this doesn't seem to be working at all. maybe it helped the first two days but now, nothing. F 29 3 weeks
4-8mg 4X D

 3  Extreme Morning Sickness Headache, constipation, nausea I had extreme nausea and vomiting due to pregnancy. While my symptoms did not go completely away I was able to function and go to work. I still felt nauseous and like I was going to vomit, but never did. Took in 8 hr increments. I would take benadryl before bed and then set my alarm at 4 AM for a 5:30 wake-up and I would not throw up in the morning. It is better than nothing, but did not completely help me. F 33 2 weeks

 4  Severe pregnancy all day sickness none i was prescribed 4mg tablts 2xday. During a working day, I took two, when I was home I took one. Zofran is a very pricey pill, but it worked. Some days, after taking it I didn't feel pregnant at all, others I felt nauseous a little bit. I was very skeptical about taking meds during pregnancy, but I got pregnant three months after having my first baby (didn't even get a chance to start Birth Control), and after vommiting violantly for entire 9 months (including during labor), my body was so exhausted, with being sick without a break, I decided to try it. F 22 20 days

 5  morning sickness Occational headaches I was tentative about taking medication during my pregnancy, but at 9 weeks nausea was preventing me from even leaving my bed. I started by taking the prescribed dosage and felt 100% better! After a few days, I cut the pill in half to see if that would do the trick. I now take half a pill every morning and that seems to hold off nausea for the entire day. F 31 2 weeks

 5  Severe Morning Sickness all day. some constipation in the beginning but this cleared up once my body adjusted. Some headaches which also cleared up. I call this drug my little miracle. My mom and sister were both sick all 9 months with their children and I am following in their footsteps so this has been very helpful. I was only having about 3 productive hours during my work day and I have a very detail-oriented job. Zofran helps me be able to work a full day and feel normal again. What a relief. Thanks to all who reccomended it. F 34 3 weeks
 5  Hyperemesis Gravidarum moderate constipation, headache I took this medication for Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I took it in ODT form and via IV. Both forms worked very well. I need to mention that it did not completely relieve the nausea, but it did control the vomiting. I would highly recommend this medication for anyone suffering from severe nausea +/- vomiting. F 34 8 months
 4  pregnancy none. I found myself "sick" with pregnancy. I was 3 months along, dropped from 120 lbs. to about 105 lbs. and keeping down about three meals a week. That's when my Dr. told me to try ZOFRAN. I took ZOFRAN every day after that...through four pregnancies. With every baby I noticed that the ZOFRAN didn't help as much. Finally with my last child, at only two and a half months along, I was in the hospital fully dosed on ZOFRAN and a couple of other similar drugs... still throwing up every hour. After a week in the hospital, my Dr. (had been frantically searching for "something" to help) rushed in and with the help of a nurse, gave me a dose of steroids. Yes, steroids. It isn't something to take lightly and it was quite literally a LAST resort. HOWEVER! It WORKED! I stepped down off the ZOFRAN pump and managed with one ZOFRAN pill in the morning and a tiny bit of a steroid pill did the trick. I was careful to take just as much as I needed to feel "ok" not "great& F 30 33 months

 4  Morning Sickness Fatigue It helped curb the violent episodes of throwing up. I had severe morning sickness and this medicine made it possible to finally eat, but I still had the urge to throw up, but thankfully I didn't anymore. F 27

 1  Severe morning sickness no side effects I suppose I'm one of the only women out there where this drug didn't TOUCH my morning sickness. Not a bit. Might as well have been taking a placebo pill. Tried for about a week with no avail - I was SO disapointed! F 33 7 days

 5  Surgery and with Flagyl None. This drug has been a lifesaver for me. I wish they had it when I had morning sickness years ago. I use it for any surgery and when taking antibiotics that make you nauseas. If you are sensitive to pain meds, take this with it and it helps. F 50 5 days
 4  Nausea Non Ulcer Dyspepsia None Very satisified 7 days

 5  Hyperemesis Gravidarum Severe constipation, headaches, fatigue Very expensive drug; insurance companies would rather pay for hospital stay than 9 1/2 months of this medication; best drug (IMO) for pregnant women suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum F 33 9 months

 5  Brain Aneurysm burst Slight increase in headache on occasion. Other than that experienced no side effects. This is the best anti-nausea medication on the market today! Due to my aneurysm all I have to do is turn my head, stand up, smell food or anything and I get extremely ill. If I vomit I end up in the hospital. I now take Zofran ODT for the nausea; within a couple minutes it is gone. No more hospitalization. Unfortunately my health care provider is no longer going to carry the ODT and I will have to use the swallow. Now I will have to wait for it to work like the Phenergan which does not, compazine which does not. This is a great medication. F 44 16 months

 1  Gastroparisis Nervousness, Panic attacks Too pricey and did not help F 42 1 months

 5  Ureter blockage from kidney stone.. None! ...took post surgery as well. This stuff is amazing. Phenegran doesn't work for me but 8mg of zofran will keep me from throwing up for at least 4 hours. F 31 4 days


 3  gastroperisis run down a little more than my normal run down from MS. Did not make the neasea go completly go away but it did improve the really bad days. When you throw-up 6-7 times a day even a small amount of releif is worth it. F 39 3 months

 5  nausea from migraine None Miracle drug for nausea and vomiting! I take 2 8mg. Works fast. Taste is minty and light, dissolves quickly for brand name. For generic taste is minty, but a little grainy, and takes longer to dissolve. Generic works just the same and cost less so I still get it. I prefer it very much over the older stanby for migraine nausea - phenergan. Made me sleep way too long. Can't say enought good things about it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for people with migraines who can't keep anything down. This will let you finally be able to take your pills. F 31 1.5 years
 4  Morning sickness none It did help a little. I still felt like throwing up all day, but it just helped me not throw up as much. It was nice it dissolves on your tongue so I didn't gag it back up. F 27 6 months

 5  nausea and emetophobia none I LOVE Zofran ODT. I have debilitating emetophobia (fear of vomitting) and a very sensitive stomach on top of that -- my doctor prescribed Zofran for me and it has really given me back my life. I take 8mg PRN ... works in as little as 10 minutes for me. F 21 2 years

 5  chemo nausea None. It is expensive, over 1000.00 for 21 pills. My insurance will only allow 21 pills per 90 days. I have 2 weeks on 1 week off of chemo for 18 weeks and 21 pill at 3x per day each time will not be enough. Of course I can always buy it myself (YIKES!) Good news the patent just ran out and there should be a generic available soon. Thank God! It works quickly with no side effects and has a nice minty taste that helps with the queasy feeling from chemo. No drowsy feeling like phenegran. F 52 14 days
 5  Morning Sickness Mild constipation, which could be from prenatal vitamins or just being pregnant. This is my first pregnancy, and until Zofran, I considered it my last. I've never been so miserable in my life. Was prescribed Zofran and haven't been ill or even FELT any nausea while taking it. Class B drug (like Tylenol), so I feel safe having it in my system, along with baby. M 34 7 days

 5  Morning Sickness I didnt exprience any side effects from this medicine It was a wonderfull cure all for my morning sickness. F 24 3 days

 5  chemo, surgery No side effects Zofran eliminated nausea with chemo for me every 3 weeks for 8 months. I now request the drug when having surgery to prevent the racking vomiting I previosly suffered from anesthesia. It works for me perfectly and takes some of the dread out of facing surgery. F 39 8 days

 5  Morning Sickness WONDER DRUG!!!!!!!! This was soo GREAT. I am SERVER Morning Sickness and this fixed it all. You dont need water to take it. It cost at least $25 a pill, but its sooooo worth it! ROCK GSK! GREAT!!!! F 20 10 months

 5  to prevent nausea after chemo Slight constipation relieved by diet and senna Wonderful. I received through my IV before chemo and then took five 8mg doses of dissolving tablets. I have had no nausea and no vomiting. I received a sample pack the first time I used it but paid for the second. W@ell worth it. F 64 6 weeks

 4  Chemo Don't know--took too many meds together to know which ones did what. 5 days

 3  GERD disease and Reflux vomitting Unknown. M 66
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