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 4  Cluster headache / migraine Chest tightening. Sore throat and irritation from nasal spray. Hyperaesthesia on scalp. Mild fatigue. Mild nausea. Slight euphoria several hours after dose I tolerate this far better than sumatriptan which sends my blood pressure through the roof and I get out of breath. Zomig even at the 5mg level is fairly well tolerated. Nasal spray starts to take effect in around 10 mins. By 30 mins, the pain is all gone. M 34 6 times
5mg 1X AN

 4  Severe migraines I have always been sensitive to medications and have side effects. Zomig is the best I've tried and I have tried A LOT. Migraine lessens after 30 minutes, disappears in an hour. I get extremely sensitive skin (hurts to touch scalp, brush hair, body feels over sensational) my throat tightens and I get a burning in my neck. Not altogether unpleasant. It does make me sleepy and feel like not moving whatsoever. Overall very happy with this. When none of my medications work, this makes it all better. F 17 2 months

 5  Migraines Has been a lifesaver. Pain stops within 30 mins of taking. I've had migraines daily now for over a week and worried about rebound headaches. One thing I do notice is a feeling of tingling in my arms and sinus drainage with sneezing. Is this normal with drug?? Doing more research and what the long term affects are. F 45 1 days

 5  Post Concussion Syndrome None. Worked within an hour of taking it. First time in 7 months that I dont have a headache. Absolutely amazing. M 28 1 days
5 1X D

 3  Severe Migraines I can feel the pulse in my head and hands, and my jaw/face feels tingly and numb, makes me feel like I just want to clench my teeth together. Soreness of the eyes. Throat is tightening up substantially. M 19 1 days

 4  Focal migraine Took zomig 1 hour ago for the first time and for 45 minutes I felt seriously strange: my hair and scalp burned like chili had been rubbed into them, there was extreme weakness in my wrists and arms, breathing was a little bit more difficult, felt like my nasal passages were widening, starting to feel a little nauseous but just generally floppy and wobbly F 26 1 days
5m I think

 5  Migraine attack I took it for the very first time today. I was having a very bad migraine attack. And in 15-20 mins it was gone! I love it. I didnt get the nauseated feeling I normally get when I took cafergot. And sumatriptan also didnt help.. F 33 1 days
2.5 MG

 3  migraines My head was throbbing and my jaw ached. I had trouble swallowing and my throat tightened up. Very scary F 33 1 days

 3  for migraine Very few side effects, slight tingling in arms, neck and nasal passages. this drug has always been so very effective in relieving my migraines which I used to get once or twice a week. Zomig usually worked within the hour and that was on only half a tablet ie 1.25mg. My problem however is now medication overuse or rebound headaches. I suffer migraines or headaches now on between 18 and 24 days a month now and the only thing that shifts them is yet another dose of Zomig. It is ruining my life. I wake up every morning with a bad head, a stiff neck, aching arms. The headaches vary from one sided migraine headache to a dreadful pain in the top of my head or even in my face or back of my head. Even after taking the zomig, I don't now feel well until after lunch. I was never warned about medication overuse in the first place or else I would never have let my dosage creep up and up. I don't feel the drug companies or GP's do enough to warn people about this. F 62 12 years
2.5gg 1X AN
 5  Frequent migraines No side effects here. Actually makes me feel so great! Zomig has been a lifesaver for me. I used to take Relpax, which was also great, but insurance all of a sudden refused to cover it. Tried Imitrex and didn't work and had horrible side effects. Zomig takes the migraine away in about 30 minutes and I feel great afterward. I wish it would go generic, because it's very expensive and my insurance limits the quanity. F 46 2 years
5mg 2X W

 5  Migraines Slight stiff neck. Slightly tired like I just want to doze off. I've been taking it for about 6 years and this nasal spray has never--ever--let me down. No matter how bad the headache, it will be gone within an hour-- tops. It has changed my life. M 56 4 days
5 mg

 5  Migraine Discomfort for about 15min Tightness of the throat and tingling in my face and fingers. Tight Jaw and sensitive to heat I would regard Zomig as a life saver for me. if i can catch my triggers earlie enough i only need on tablet but sometimes it takes two. The side effects are bearable as my doctor explained them to me before taking this medicine. I have had the on set of one this morning at 10.30 and its completely gone by 12.30 no head ache what so ever. my jaw still a bit tight but completely fine F 33 12 years
2.5 1X AN
 5  migraine Zomig is a life saver for me. I suffer from menstrual migraines and zomig is the only thing that helps me. The only side affect I usually have is sensitivity to touch. F 47 6 years
 5  Migraine In my case, Its the only medication that can stop the pain (in an hour or less). The side effects longs just for 15 to 20 minutes then they dissappear and the pain dissappears too. I can work and do the things i have to do. Ihave use other medications but i'll never change zomig for other medications. Not all headaches are migraine so zomig its not for everyone. F 42 3 years
5 mg
 3  Migraine I will nevER take again. Immediately my body began feeling hot and I felt queasy and an hour later my jaw was entirely numb and heavy and my throat felt tight and hard to swallow. I found the throbbing went away but was replaced by a firey headache. Almost went to the ER it was so scary I suggest Trying a Different migraine treatment before zomig F 18 1 days

 4  Migraine Made me feel kind of high and sleepy but the migraine went away very quickly F 49 1 days
 5  severe migraine i took the tablet form not the melt in the mouth but 15h later i still have a horrible metallic taste in my mouth. M 52 1 days
2.5mg 1X D

 4  Migraine Nausea, sour acidic taste feel running down the back of throat, burning/numbing sensation in jaw, bounding pulse. Even with all these horrible side effect, it works quickly to remove the throbbing. The spray version starts to help me within 30 min. whereas the tablet took up to two hours to offer relief. I try to use other medicines. If they don't work, this is the only foolproof way to get rid of the pain. F 43 5 years
 5  migraine some body aches, slight heaviness in legs suffered many years with dibilitating migrains, untill zomig, it works like a charm in 2 hrs, I am back to my normal activities. It takes away the nauea, vomiting light sensitivity, and head pain. With little to no side effects F 56 2 years
2.5 1X D

 5  Acute frequent migraines Occasional dizziness This medication has been a life saver for me! I have had acute migraines for 33 years, I could be down and out for several days, vomiting, nausea, intense pain. Suffering approximately 12 -15 attacks per month. When I take Zomig, the migraine is gone within 30 minutes and I usually only need to take one 2.5mg pill. It's fantastic, I don't need water to swallow it, so it can be taken anytime anywhere. I no longer need to take codeine products which only slightly minimized the severity and no more gravol to keep down the nausea. I had tried imitrex, which gave me severe stomach cramps, which also kept me out of commission (hard to say which was worse, the cramps or the migraine). Zomig has given me the freedom to make plans and keep them. I have an active life again and only wish this had been available years ago. F 45 10 months
2.5 1X D
 5  Migraines, 1-2 a month Sore joints, sensitivity in extremities and skin, cold nose, over-stimulated salivary glands, sore scalp, and feelings of drowsiness that eventually pass. I started getting migraines about 10 years ago when my kids were toddlers. The migraines usually occur during my period every month, sometimes twice, and usually with 1 or 2 days of bounce backs. I was originally prescribed Imitrex (nasal, 20mg), and the side effects were so painful, I would cry trying to decide which was worse -- the migraine or the cure. I was switched to Zomig, which was an immediate relief. I usually will take 1/2 5mg pill at onset and if I can sleep for a little while, am all set. If I don't catch it on time, I have to take a whole pill. Zomig truly did give me days and days of my life back, and I'm grateful. The last year, though, I am finding that I have an alarming loss of memory; I can't remember something I did, or where I was heading, or who I was with... It is scaring me enough that I think I will give up the pill entirely (the only medication I take) and treat any migraines with OTC meds and sleep. F 42 4 years
5MG 1X D
 5  Migraines When I first stared taking it made me sleepy and I had joint ache. I now take no more than a half a pill and it does the trick and I can still function. I love this drug. F 56 4 years
5mg 1X AN

 1  Migraine Dizziness, temporary loss of vision, difficulty breathing. My doctor gave Zomig to me when I was 14 to try, after I had been having migraines for two months straight.I took Zomig once and the side effects made me unwilling to take it again. My throat started to constrict and my vision went black I was exceedingly dizzy and tired and was unable to breathe properly. As bad as the migraines are, and I still get them frequently, I am not willing to subject myself to the side effects of Zomig. F 17 1 days
5MG 1X D
 4  Migraines Achey joints, especially feet. Occasional vomiting about 20 minutes after taking pill. Usually works well - I split the 5 mg. in half if I feel I have a migraine coming on; take the whole pill if I have a full blown migraine. Works well. F 48 1 years
5 mg 1X AN
 5  Severe migraines - 4 a month It takes about an hour if taken at first awareness that a migraine has taken hold ( up to 3 hours if I am awakened by a migraine ) for the migraine to be fully relieved, but then it is TRULY a miracle drug! My side effects are minimal, a little tightness in the neck / throat and some yawning, slight tiredness. It relieves EVERYTHING - headache pain, light sensitivity, aura, sound sensitivity and nausea! Such a blessing! I am having more and more difficulty getting a prescription for this from my family doctor. Insurance now only covers "4 headaches a month" and of course you have to keep your cholesterol low to be allowed to continue with the prescription but this medicine has kept me functional and happy for the last 11 years. Such a blessing! My headaches are primarily hormone related and over the last year, with menopause almost completely behind me, I am starting to get get fewer migraines - dropping from 4 or more a month down to 2 or 3. F 53 11 years
5 MG 1X D

 5  chronic migriane occasionally have to urinate quite a lot. other than that no real side affects Without this drug I would have a very low quality of life. I started having migraines 16 years ago OTC drugs did not touch the pain.I had either a full blown migraine which would put me in bed and fully out of action for up to three days. Severe head and neck pain vomiting, dark quiet room etc. Or I would just have a dull ache for days which made concentrating difficult. Thankfully my doctor prescribed triptan meds. If I take a Zomig early in the attack the pain is usually gone within two hours or less. I have up to 4 migraine headaches a week and they will just appear from nowhere so I take the Zomig rapimelt. I usually break the tablet in half and this is enough. F 52 11 years
2.5 4X W
 5  for migraine headaches The only side effect I experience is a little dizziness. Zomig has literally given me back my life. I suffered 1-2 day long headaches and in between headaches I worried about the next one. Zoming has NEVER not worked for me. It takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to work. I can get up and do whatever I need to do after that. Zomig is a life saver for me. F 58
5mg 6X M
 5  severe headaches None In about two hours headaches started to go away. A few days later another headache. I took the 5mg Zomig that disolves in the mouth...heache gone in about 2.5 hours. Absolutely no side effects. It has worked great for me. M 60 2 weeks
5mg 1X AN

 4  Migraines slurred speech,on-edge, week, irritable, dizzy, and extreem sour taste on my tounge , especailly when I tried to eat. Zomig does work...If you are able to take the pill as soon as you detect the symptoms of a migraine, BUT you have to take it the moment you detect youre having a migraine. I usually see spots, have trouble speaking, words come out backwords and my fingers tingle or go numb and its always one side, left or right. M 37 2 years
5mg 1X AN
 5  cluster migraines Throat feels swollen and scratchy (for 8 hrs), can taste the nasal spray zomeg for about an hour after taking(yuck), feel bruised, like I've been beaten with a baseball bat (muscle pain/soreness/stiffness lasts for abt 8 hrs.). The zomig nasal is my savior. I'd used imitrex for years but it made me so sleepy(and I had such nausea that I couldn't keep it down). I've recently tried Sumatriptan Needle Free DosePro Injector. It made my migraine worse for the first hour (a lot worse-vomiting, aura, sensitivity to light/temp., etc.) Although I feel beaten up after taking zomig, I feel better than suffering through migraine. F 54 10 years
nasal 1X D

 5  chronic migraine None, until this last week. Needed immed. attention at hospital - shortness of breath, sensation of tingling over body,heaviness of pressure - all at 2:00 a.m. It has worked excellent for me, stopped migraines but was diagnosed with 2 types; having to take so many to stop migraines eventually caused the listed effects; hooked up to monitor in hosp. for 8 hrs., heart rate went to 38; am having stress test and returning to neurologist - affected nervous system. Not drug's fault, doctors just kept giving it, telling me to take it as it worked. Have stopped it completely. F 62 9 years
2.5 1X D
 4  hormonal Migraines Severe muscle soreness, I feel like a bus ran me over and backed up to make sure I was dead. Severe sensitivity to hot/cold. To the point that I have a hard time just drinking a glass of room temp water. It is either scalding or freezing. I have suffered from migraines since I was 8 and this is the first drug that has ever helped. I can take it and still work. I ache, but I can hold my head up and get through the day. I have to go to bed as soon as I get home, but am able to continue my normal routine. F 38 5 years
5mg 6X M

 5  Chronic Migraines Frequent urination resulting in bed wetting, the day after I take the medicine, my whole body is sore. Muscle's feel bruised, tender skin, scalp, joints ache. I have suffered from migraines for 10 years. 1x/wk each one lasting for minimum 3 days. Zomig has helped improved my quality of life despite the side effects. F 24 6 months
5 Mg 8X M

 5  Barometric presure migraines No really any side effects. When I was first given Imitrex, I had Horrible side effects, chest pains, band around my cheat, needles being stuck in my spalp, feelings I am wondering now why the sererity of my migraines has changed over the years. I still have them each time the presure starts going DOWN. I passed these on to my children and grand children. I want to know of any research as to why they lessen over years and also what causes them to be passed on to other generations? I study genetics but Nothing as given me a clue to WHY F 64 10 years
yes 1X D
 5  Migraine Spaced out feeling, slight dry mouth This is a miracle drug. Before Zomig, I would be in the ER once a month or so for severe migraines. Now I can take 2.5 mg of Zomig along with black coffee and/or Ibuprofen and the headache is gone. No hospital visits. No missed work or family obligations. For a super bad headache, another 2.5 mg dose may be needed. F 52 15 years
2.5 mg 1X D

 5  Persistent migraine Headaches like migraine but eminating from sinus area. I am third generation who suffers from migraines. I used to get a couple a year when I was in my early teens which have escalated frequency wise over the years. I was prescribed zomig about 5 years ago by a Consultant. I found them to be fantastic and cured me with no side effects within an hour. Since taking them however my migraines have become more and more frequent to the degree that I now wake up at 5.30am every morning to take a zomig so that I can get up a few hours later. I have taken a zomig every day now for about two years. I believe that I am now adicted to them and that it is the zomig that is now causing the migraines. I try periodically to go cold turkey but I can have a debilitaitng migraine for up to 4 or 5 days and eventually I give in and take a zomig and I am back to normal within an hour again. They are fantastic but please be careful that you don't become addicted. I find it very worrying to read some of the reveiws on this website especially the potential links to heart problems… M 45 5 years
2.5mg 1X D
 5  Three day migraines every fortnight Awful zombie-like feeling after taking. Drowsy, nauseous and the pain intensified temporarily. Operated in a dream-like state for hours afterwards. I wanted to kiss the person responsible for this drug. I got my life back after suffering three day migraines for over twenty five years. Other drugs didn't touch it. They just made me feel even more sick. I couldn't believe there was a drug which aborted the migraine. Wonder drug! The side effects weren't pleasant, but were a breeze compared to frequently spending three days in a darkened room, suffering intense throbbing pain, dizziness and nausea. True suffering. I wanted to die or bang my head against something hard to stop the pain. (Oh migraine is SO NOT like a mere headache!I get cross that non-migraine sufferers say they have migraine yet still function normally! They have no idea.....)However, I must warn against the side effects. I took Zomig regularly...on average about one a week, at the onset of a migraine. In 2003 I suffered a heart attack. Not sure if it was severe angina or a full blown heart -attack. I now have a stent in my heart after having an angioplasty. On my records the doctor states there was no real reason for my heart troubles. I was fit and not overweight. It came out of the blue. Zomig is contra-indicated for those with heart problems, so to my dismay I was taken off it. (I felt like an addict being deprived her drugs!) However, I had to take antenolol, a beta-blocker as a matter of course after my heart incident. (I also have to take a small dose of asprin and a statin.) Guess what? No more migraines. I have been told the beta-blocker is the key. F 56 7 years
5mg 1X AN

 5  Chronic Migraines My side effects: Enhanced sense of taste, temporary light sleepiness (but can go easily without having to lay down). Here's a weird one: Memory Loss Also, I'm not sure if this is directly related to Zomig, but recently I had twitching in my eye lids. I continuously research medical advances on migraines. There is NOTHING out there that will prevent them. I tried not drinking wine, not eating cheeses, stuff with nitrates etc. I've taken all sorts of prophylactics that were prescribed. It's all BS. If you have migraines go ahead and enjoy your wine. Not drinking it doesn't change anything. Zomig WORKS but it's a reactive remedy. I don't know about other triptans, because I've never taken them. My migraines started when I was about 16 yrs old and became more severe at age 25 when I had my daughter. They became so overpowering that I could not get out of bed for 3 days at a time. Since my neuro started me on Zomig, I can function and live a normal life. My dose is 5MG, but I divide it into 3 parts and 1/3 of the pill normally takes care of everything: migraine, nausea, energy loss. The only thing it doesn't take care of is my cold hands and cold feet, which now I know are related to migraines. I have also found that Zomig takes care of my headaches (Note: Headaches are NOT Migraines). I'm a little worried about my memory loss. Sometimes I will ask my family the same question two or three times in a row without remembering it. They point this out to me and it's a little weird. I'm only 36. I also finished my MBA recently and I found remembering concepts substantially more difficult. I usually had to contribute about 3x more work than my counterparts. Something is definitely affecting my memory and it happens most often aft F 36 1 days
5 MG 4X M
 3  headache tired, bad leg aches, spacey, and depressed Like everyone here; zomig only thing that works for headache; i figured out I could take a forth of a 5 mg pill and it almost always works with less side effects....why wouldn't my doc have tried lower dose first?? Began tae kwon do lessons with hard workout and began getting bad leg pains when I take it now, though. Feel like a zombie, and tired and depressed, but better than a headache and lasts only 1 day; before headaches were 2 to 3 dys; have traced headaches to food; msg and chemcials, which is in almost everything, bananas, over ripe avocadoes, most wines, vegetables that are cooked and over 2 days old, vegetables that are not real fresh, many leafy greens, red meat and more. F 53 2 years
1.25 mg 7X M

 4  Migraines The most annoying side effect has been frequent urination. Zomig also makes me quite sleepy. I have found that Zomig works quite well on my migraines, but it does leave me quite tired, to the point where it really is difficult keeping my eyes open. Also, the frequent urination is annoying because when I have a migraine, I want to lay down and sleep, but having to urinate every 15 minutes (urgently) gets in the way of this. I have found this to be true for other migraine medications I've tried. I'm going to keep up with the Zomig for a while longer to see if it really is the right medication for me. I also find that after taking it I feel like I'm a bit spacey...like in a bit of a dream-state. I'm a teacher, and all these side effects interfere with my ability to teach after taking the medication--focusing is difficult. F 39 3 months
5mg 1X D

 1  migraines Constant muscle spasms in neck, shoulder, upper back on one side, and spasms in face on same side. Zomig was effective, but apparently, triptans can cause neurological issues such as dystonia and spasms. Prior to taking Zomig, I was on Imitrex for years. After seeing many doctors and reviewing literature on the subject, I am convinced that triptans caused the "movement disorder" I have. I will never take triptans again. F 42 6 months
8X M

 5  Migraine Frequent urination, tightness in head, tired, sore throat I now have a life!! Suffered with migraines since I was 17, started off 1/2 every few months to every month in my 20's. It got so bad I was having 3 or more a month. Tried different medication/herbal/acupuncture the lot. After having 3 children they just got worse. Thank god I now have zomig, I now have my life back and can actually plan a day out! Thank you. F 37 3 years
2.5mg 6X M

 5  migraine headaches Usually none. One morning before work I took 5 mg and had to do a lot of getting up and down and had some light headedness; especially when lowering my head to look under cabinets and then standing up. 1st time ever (I also had taken 800 mg of ibuprofen because I had a sore bad-don't know if one had anything to do with the other-so I now refrain from mixing the two.) My dad suffered from migraines his whole life and sadly never really got any relief. The first time I took Zomig and my headache floated away I though it was a miracle. It has never failed me...never. Unfortunately I have not been able to afford insurance for many years and it is a difficult a least to keep a stash on hand. I HAVE to have it when I get a migraine as nothing else will help. Be careful buying them from Canada, the Chinese make imitations that only the real migraine sufferer with know are fake...God bless Doctors that get samples and the barter system. It really is a great break through but my wife keeps telling me it going to kill me someday. At least the last 9 years have been a blessing if it does kill me. M 61 9 years
2.5 & 5 mg 2X W

 4  migraine weakness, fatigue,tender scalp but most recently excessive runny nose, terrible bouts of sneezing, itchy skin and eyes. These latest side effects are incapacitating. It does help eliminate the headache which lasts 3 days and requires more than one dose over that time. F 52
2.5 mg. 1X AN

 5  Migraines I feel dizzy, loopy, tired, my whole body feels bruised, I am a total space case on this med, but yet 95% of the time it gets rid of my migraine. So I rather suffer all the side effects then have a migraine, which just makes me so sick. I can deal with almost any pain but migraines are the worst. I've suffered for migraines since I can remember, as far back as 5th grade. I've tried everything from A to Z, Zomig seems to be by far the most affective RX for my migraines. I've yet to try the nasal spray but to like the pills that dissolve, I get the fastest results with those. Only problem I seem to be having is when I wake up w/a migraine I'm doomed no matter what. My migraine last for 2 days when this happens, no matter what. My insurance only pays for 6 pills a month, doc gives me samples when he can. F 46 3 years
5 MG 1X AN
 5  Chronic Migraines sleepy, lethargic, grateful Zomig has been my savior having had chronic migraines daily for 34 yrs. The debilitating migraines require the full 5mg ZMT, the others I can usually manage with the 2.5mg. My biggest problem is getting my insurance company to pay for the meds. Now that Imitrex has made a generic, my doctor will no longer receive Zomig samples which really helped offset the small amount the insurance company allows. I live on the Mexico border and Zomig is no less expensive there and difficult to find. Lately I've been taking a 25mg Phenergan (generic) and 1 (one) Skelaxin (now generic) that seems to help at times when I am running low on Zomig. I take Fioricet also if the headache is really painful, but Fioricet like so many pain meds causes rebound HA's. I no longer take any OTC meds for the same reason. I also am affected by weather (low barometric pressure), dairy, peanuts/peanut oil, bananas, msg, nitrates, yeast, not enough sleep, too much sleep, stress, et.,al. My doctor absolutely forbids Niacin. It causes severe migraines. I can't take B vitamins, Vitamin E, too many anything with antioxidants as it opens the blood vessels, causing better blood flow to the brain, which is good for most people, but for me causes migraines. F 61 10 years
5 mg ZMT 1X D
 5  cluster migrains none only failed twice. M 64 10 years
5mg. 1X D

 5  Migraines I always feel like I'm coming down with a cold--scratchy throat and blocked ears. This happens 100% of the time. I'm curious if others have the same side effects as I have. F 55 5 years
2.5 mg 1X AN

 4  Migraine Muscle weakness and myalgia (muscle pain, it seems like it's making my creatine kinase level go up if I take it after or on the day following a good workout). A little fatigue also for the rest of the day... Really useful medication. Before Zomig I relied only on Fiorinal which gave me rebound headaches, made me high so I couldn't use my head to study, do an exam, etc. I switched to Zomig after I almost failed an exam because I was too stoned on Fiorinal and I must say that I'm really satisfied with Zomig (except for the muscle pain). M 23 4 years
2.5 mg 2X M
 4  chronic migraines I become very tired within an hour of taking, also experience flu-like symptoms, sore throat, fatigue and tightness of chest, for up to 24 hours. Despite the side effects, I have been on several migraine medications and have had the most success with Zomig. F 34 2 years
5 mg 3X W

 5  migraines none works within one hr. very dependable. only medicine for migraines I have found that works this well. M 61 4 years
5mg spray 1X AN

 5  Frequent Migraines Muscle aches/soreness, sore throat, "cotton mouth" (gross taste several hours later), nausea, occasional vomiting (that could be from the migraine though), nasal spray tastes HORRIBLE, fatigue, breast tenderness, and nose tenderness (nasal spray). The dissolving tablets knock me out for several hours, while the nasal spray does not. I have been using the nasal spray for about 3 1/2 years. It works VERY quickly (usually within a few minutes), but the side effects are not very fun. It beats having a migraine though. The self-dissolving tablets I just started using a couple of months ago. They take longer to work, but don't taste as bad. I still use both. However, Triptans should only be used a max of 2x per week because of the risk of heart problems. I take both with a little food and ginger ale or sprite to calm my stomach. Gum also helps get rid of the taste. Amazing medicine, has changed my life for the better! F 27 3.5 years
5 mg 1X W

 5  migraines My impression has been that Zomig eliminates the head pain and nausea but doesn't get rid of some of the other migraine related sensations like skin sensitivity and mild aura. These sensations could, of course, be side effects to Zomig which I am misidentifying as migraine sensations not eliminated by Zomig. I go through bouts of migraines, sometimes every day, sometimes only 1 per month. My theory du jour is that they are largely triggered by atmospheric pressure. A 2.5mg dose of Zomig generally takes care of the head pain in about 2 hours, however I still know I have a migraine. Zomig has significantly improved my life. The main problem now is that I feel like an addict. When my supply of Zomig is low I get really anxious and my doctor always makes me feel guilty for wanting a renewal of the prescription. I hate being tied to this drug, but the alternative is lying down with my head wrapped in a towel hoping the pain will go away. M 43 2 years
2.5 to 5.0 1X AN

 5  Migraines 2-4 times a month Makes me very drowsy. Also, I need to urinate very often. Thats about it. Simply wonderful. A life changer. Over the years, the pill takes a little longer to work and now it takes about an hour. I've had migraines for over 30 years and this is the best medicine I've tried. One downside is that Zomig is not a favorite of insurance companies...I'm now limited to four a month with a copay of $60. Worth every penny though. Tried the melting tablet (ZMT?) but it did not work for me although it is said to be identical to the tablet. M 45 5 years
5mg pill 1X AN
 5  Migraine 2-3 times a month My skin is sensitive to hot and cold temperatures for a while. Jaw a little painful when eating and heaviness in limbs, some joint pain. These side effects are worth the relief from the pain however. Zomig has changed my life, I used to spend 3 days in bed with the curtains closed, very sensitive to light, sound and smells. I can be up and running within an hour. I am on 2.5mg pills, sometimes I need to take another on the same day but not that often. Taking the second pill will make me feel very drowsy, I will not drive on those days. Occassionally, if my migraine contines for a few days and I take Zomig I will experience a slight depressed feeling. F 52 3 years

 5  Migraine The unpleasant taste of the nasal spray trickling down the back of my throat. Occasionally pretty bad fatigue but this is nothing compared to a migraine. I think it is a tremendous step in migraine cure. I can feel effects of the nasal spray (5mg) working within minutes. Amazing. Very occasionally it simply has not worked but 9/10 times it starts to bring relief extremely quickly F 60 8 years

 4  Frequent Migraines Very bad stomach ache, inability to concentrate, sleepiness, sadness, body feels "heavy" - like i'm made of lead, muscles ache - especially the legs. Zomig almost always gets rid of the migraine as long as i gauge the correct dose for the severity of migraine (anywhere from 2.5mg to 10mg for one migraine). However, sometimes I try to take less than I need in an effort to minimize side effects. F 40 9 years

 5  Cluster Migraine (Type 1) Slightly sleepy at times after taking. Fantastic drug. Works for me every time. F 61 5 years

 5  Migraine Burning/tingling of the face and scalp, crushing sensation of the head and chest, "hangover" symtoms for a full day afterwards like tiredness, confusion, absentmindedness. All side effects pale in comparison to a 3 day migraine. I have spells that last about three weeks during which I will suffer migraine almost every day, and then I will feel great for a few weeks and the cycle starts again. During the beginning of the cycle, one 2.5 pill does the trick, after a week or so I find that the one pill only works about half the time, I will take another pill 2 hours later. F 26 2 months

 5  migraine Sore throat, muscle/joint aches, fatigue, unsteadiness--sometimes dizziness/lightheadedness and nausea as well. I first tried the 2.5mg, but almost always needed 2 doses. The 5mg usually does it, but I can't really function well for a few hours after I take it. It works best if I can rest/sleep for a few hours after, and then I usually do fine although I sometimes feel unsteady or a little "off" for a while. Does a reliably good job with the migraines. F 24 3 years

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