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 5  Lose weight None I am a healthcare professional. I give out box after box of xenical. I have done masses of training on this medication, and I will tell you this for fact - THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL GET THE SIDE EFFECTS IS IF YOU DO NOT ADHERE TO THE INSTRUCTIONS! It partly disables an enzyme in your gut called lipase, which breaks down fat, so it cannot be broken down and absored. About 30% of your dietry fat will be expelled. There is physically no way you can get such explosive side effects if you adhere to the instructions - there would not be enough fat in your system for this to happen! So take a good hard look at what you have eaten, every little thing you added to food, and ask yourself again if you adhered to the fat allowance. M 27 3 days
3 daily 3X D

 5  Over-weight, High BP & Cholest. Less bowel movements??? I have really been watching my fat intake. Almost to the point of Hardly any at all. I did go to Outback Steak house 1 day...husband ordered cheese fries..I had not even 1 cup....Oh did this pill work! But I did that for a test. As long as you eat very low fat intake things should be pretty normal. My weight loss in 2 weeks has been approx 8-9 lbs. Ive tried everything....."I Hope this works" M 40 2 weeks

 5  Cholesterol, weight. Orange oily fluids released 4 hours after the fist time I took one pill! The pain in my wallet! So expensive. Combined with a healthier diet, less alcohol and brisk walking I dropped 15 pounds in 3 months. I will add that I take two anti-depressants, one mood-stabilizer, and have still been able to lose the weight whereas before taking Xenical, I could never have done that. M 42 75 days
 5  diabetic, obese, high choles None except when meals have a high fat content, then it's loose stools. Been taking it for just over 7 months now, following a low fat, low carb diet. Have lost just over 70lbs....BMI was 40.5 and is now 28.4 and dropping....:-)Was 249lbs now 179lbs. M 38 7 months

 5  obesity Oily, fatty stools, sudden and immediate urgency to Works well, lost 35+ pounds in a year. The annoying side effects actually provided incentive to remain on a healthy,low fat diet; the price paid the next day for cheating with a few slices of pizza, for example, just are not worth it, and any binge or visit to a Las Vegas buffet exacts a heavy price and possible clothing loss. After awhile, my eating habits and preferences changed thanks to the psychology provided by the gross-out factor, and I have not gained the weight back. That I believe is the M 45 1 years

 5  weight loss oily stools,less solid fecal matter,when I release some "air" sometimes it leaves my underwear stained the stain permeates my underwear leaving a brown circle on my pants It seems to work; THE COST IS TOO HIGH; M 50 30 days
 5  Weight Loss Oily stools, orange toilet pan, risky farts, mild stomach pain All in all this drug is sensational imo. I use it together with exercise and have lost about a stone in a month. For anyone taking Anti Depressants, it certainly works to counter any Weight gain from AD's which is what Ive been looking for for years. Side effects really can catch you out, but are well well worth it if being a porker gets you down!! M 32 40 days

 5  Weight loss No side effects really. Kept fat content low-have regular bowel movements orangy-Brown lost 24 lbs. in 10 weeks. I am having success on this medication. long term goal is to lose 125 lbs. over 2-year period M 52 10 weeks
 5  Weight loss Loose stools, more frequent and more urgent visits to the bathroom. Have seen excellent results - lost 7 kilos in the first month. Also started cycling twice a week which has helped. The side affects are only slight if you stick to low fat foods. M 33 5 weeks

 5  Fat blocker If you cook/make your own food, very little oil in pooh. But if you eat process food - lots of oil. Thai, Indian, Chinese also lots of oil !! It is amazing how much oil is in some foods. Butter on toast - no oil ? I only take one at dinner for a fat blocker. Also when I go out to restaurants. Also on holiday I take 3 a day. basically any time I eat out. I think these are the best pills to keep your weight down. M 46 2 years
1 1X D
 4  Weight Loss Headaches/Lethargy/rumbly guts You will only have oily stool if you are eating to much fat. But overall this has worked really well with me M 24 60 days

 4  over 400lbs orange poo, bad gas, cramps, teeth pain, great product, it really keeps you inline because if you stray you will fill your pants with the evil orange. Also i have found that fiber bars help and fish seems to help not get the cramps, Beef isnt my friend anymore and chicken isnt nice either M 30 11 days

 4  weight loss lethargy, itchy / sore anus, increased flatulence and the dreaded oily turd. Most of my weight problem stems from a) being a chef and eating all day and b) drinking too much alcohol. I've managed to get down to 88kg from 95kg in one month taking this drug, with only a modest adjustment to my diet. I'm finding the side effects amusing more than inconvienient but I guess thats alright for me being a bloke! I feel sorry for the ladies though... M 34 1 months
 4  obese for 25 years a bit of gas , no orange stools and only the odd fatty stool if you stick to a low fat diet which is what xenical is designed for you shouldnt get many side effects, it seems you only get bad side effects if you abuse the tablet and think you can eat the same old rubbish and lose weight! M 40 2 weeks

 4  obesity orange stools. If you take it with metamucil it traps the excess fat and you get almost no side effects. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=11443512&itool=iconabstr I am also only using 60mg/day, but I weigh alot, eat much of my calories at the end of the day and have a fast metabolism. I calculate that I block about 150-200 calories with that one capsule. M 27 2 weeks

 4  under active causing overweight all the usual but lost 70ibs in 8 months I have been off it for 3 years but am experiencing stomach problems which my GP has no idea how to cure after all types of tests with no cure to the daily discharge after opening bowels which is ruining my life.Immodium and other products only slightly help.Any ideas as I am getting depressed about it M 53 10 months
 4  Gain 18 kls after giving birth oily orange stool but it lower my cholesterol and i dont know i dont feel any pain because of uric acid. take it 3 X a day for the best effect M 29 2 weeks
120mg 3X D
 4  weight loss Wind and more oil than texas Very loose and im sticking to the low fat diet,orange oil all the time lots of accidents.Im using adult nappies to be on the safe side M 41 28 days
3X D

 4  Overweight Loose stool, orange oil, not much more gas, more frequent bowel movements So I've been on it for about 2 weeks. After a week I had the dreaded 'accident'. Went to fart, and it wasn't a fart. Not a pretty sight. Though I did have pizza and wings the night before. Xenical mainly teaches you to eat better. You eat like crap, and you suffer shortly after. I am trying to eat better. I've lost about 1 lb since I started. M 28 14 days
120 MG 2X D
 3  To lose Weight Fatty or oily stool, Uncontrolled & spontaneous bowel movements, Increased frequency of bowel movements, Unexplained rash, Headaches, Abdominal pain In my country, you don't need any prescription for this drug and you just go to pharmacy and buy it. First started in 2002 and same side effects i mentioned. Till 2006 i took 2 Xenical tablets before meals. It kept me no matter what i eat in same weight that time. But i decided not to use it later because of the warnings of some doctors. After stopping this medicine i started to gain weight and believe or not i put somehow 50 pounds in 3 years time. Then i decided to use Xenical once again, in fact it did not make me lose weight and side effects came back. Now over a year now, i use Xenical, and it don't make me lose weight, even gained few pounds. I think if u use for the time period, it helps to stay in same weight. But if you give a break later and restart this medicine, you don't lose weight at all. Side effects can occur as we all know and no need to mention especially within 1st & 2nd year and lessens afterwards, but oily thing never goes away. I think it works for not everyone but some and if you stop taking it, then never ever restart Xenical because it don't help at all. Somehow your body get used to this medicine and restarting it, don't make you lose weight at all. I understand now. All we need is to reorganize our diet and lose weight. Drugs and all medications is not the answer of weight loss. M 41 8 years
240 2X D

 3  Not yet Did anyone get Xenical online? Did anyone get Xenical online, if so what website did you use. I do not have a prescription plan to cover it. M

 3  140 kgs @ 24 yrs of age only 1. oily discharge with or without gas discharge, without any knowledge for 3 days after it had been a week of dosage, then i stopped taking xenical for 2 days. now again i have been taking xenical for a week and no oil is passing with the gas. does this mean that the medicine is not working anymore? only 1. oily discharge with or without gas discharge, without any knowledge for 3 days after it had been a week of dosage, then i stopped taking xenical for 2 days. now again i have been taking xenical for a week and no oil is passing with the gas. does this mean that the medicine is not working anymore? M 24 2 weeks

 3  lose weight some "treatment effects" - oily stools, sudden urgency I was already pretty good at sticking to a low fat diet, but I am amazed at how much fat and grease I am passing even when sticking to 45 G of fat for the whole day (no more than 15 at a meal). Hey - better out my behind than on my hips! The side effects are not as bad as they sound -- at least if you eat relatively low fat. M 51 2 weeks

 2  loose weight i have been taking it for a week and i have lost only two pounds of weight and, slight headache, oily stool, accident this morning:( i was little upset, i keep cleaning supplies for toilet because of the orange oily nasty thing, and i am thinking to quit it. M 32
1X D

 1  yes Common: oily stool, gassy and bloated feeling. Worst side effect: Severe palpitation and was admitted to emergency room. Heart rate jumped to 230 beats per minute, gasping for breath and all muscles were feeling numb, mouth begins to feel dry and urgency to urinate. Doctor gave me an IV adenosine and heart rate slowed down. Ended up in ICU for 2 nights. Diagnosis: Supra Ventricular Tachycahrdia. Under medication ( isoptin 80 mg 2x a day) M 36 1 years
30 mg 1X D

 1  overweight release of oily substance into underwear without warning.Very Very embarrising this has happend twice in a 9hr period.Scared to take it as job takes me a long way from a toilet. M 58 7 days

 5  Weight I have had the usual bowel movements with oily stool. I have good control so have not experienced any accidents. I experimented with this first week and have not changed my diet. Would you believe I have lost 2 lbs regardless. When I start going to the gym and cut some of the fat from my diet, weight will drop off of me. I cant barely wait. I know the side effects are unappealing and can actually be uncomfortable, but if you cut a good amount of fat from your diet, you cant go wrong. Yes, it is expensive, but since when has losing weight ever been easy or cheap? F 33 7 days

 5  Lose weight for daughter's wedding Constipated first couple days, then the usual oily stools (or worse!) with too much fat intake. Works for me. It keeps me from cheating on my diet. It's simple, if you eat too much fat you may not make it to the toilet in time. And it's not like you can eat fat and not take a pill to escape the side effects because it stays in your system for several days. You can still have a drink because alcohol is sugar, not fat. When I need something sweet I eat licorice which has no fat. F 54 4 months

 5  Weight loss after having a baby Orange stools, slight headaches I have been taking xenical for one week, alongside a relatively low fat diet and have lost (to my surprise) 3kg. I haven't been that carefull with the amount of fat I have eaten and have been caught out once. Towards the end of the week though I started to become a little constipated, has anyone else experienced this? I'm pleased with the product and hoping that the weight loss will continue :O) F 30 7 days

 5  obese teenager in the first couple of weeks i didnt get any side effects, i felt great and completely normal. yesterday was the first time that i had orange, oily stool. this can be explained though, because i ate kfc and didnt watch my points that day. it wasnt bad/painful though. i weighed 120kilos when starting xenical, honestly it has changed my life. i cant remember a time when i loved shopping, my body and clothing so much! i wore a size 24-26 for the past year, which is horrible as a teen in highschool. in just four weeks im now wearing size 18 jeans! big big big improvement, i cant believe it. i can now also fit into (the biggest size though) of normal clothes, not pluz size for once! i currenty weigh 112kgs. its great, i dont feel like a burden to myself, family or friends. its now october and ill probably stay on xenical until january, just to get over the xmas period. xenical is great, i havent had any side effects and it has boosted my fitness, confidence and ability to love myself.. email me if you wish for any other details. F 17 4 weeks
 5  overweight Initially had issue with wind but soon went with mint tea, after a week stopped having to use that. On whole not had other issues. on thyroxine, insulin and gliclazide aswell as bp pills and statins. blood glucose levels dropped almost immediately! No longer take glicklazide, dropped long acting insulin by third and insulin with meals by half. not been weighed recently but dropped from 18 to 14 jeans and lost almost 2" off waist. very pleased so far! F 48 7 weeks

 5  Obesity One incident of dark orange oil in my stool but that was because I had 2 slices of pizza that had 12g of fat EACH. So far this has been really good for me. I haven't actually weighed myself yet but I certainly feel smaller. A lot of people on here are saying that they're experiencing really bad side effects, but then they say they're eating about 12g of fat with every meal. It's no surprise if you're eating that much! The most I'll have in one meal is 7g. The pills work wonderfully but only if you cut down enough. F 18 6 days
120mg 3X D
 5  obesity terrible gas leading to divorce, pooping myself at the mall, oil in poop, 7 bowel movements per day, running to bathroom, staining of underwear, weight loss I have to wear diapers now. My spouse filed for divorce. More laundry with pre-treatment. I shit myself in the car at a drive through. My toilet is stained too. Can't quite make it to the toilet in time. F 35 1 years
120 mg 3X D

 5  To lose 6 stone gained in last 5 yr Headaches and oily poo. no major side effects, had no accidents as yet. Been on this for 23 days and lost 9lbs. So far so good. Has changed the choices I make with food now as do not want to experience nasty side affects. F 25 23 days

 5  obese only slight hunger pains due to less/healthier food consumed than previously this product is great! although expensive, ive seen results. i feel fine and normal in every way. just make sure you keep under the 30gram limit fat intake or you will pay in leakage and disgusting toilet habits. there isnt much help on the internet for a diet under 30grams so ill give you a typical day for me: four strawberries, a banana and a kiwi fruit for breakfast with a dollop of low fat yogurt on it - 2.5grams museli bar - 6grams steamed brocolli, carrot and potato with chicken - 12grams vita weats with vegemite - 3.5 grams grilled chicken breast with white rice and side salad - 6grams this can be varied accordingly. i find xenical great and im thankful for this product and my weight loss! F 17 1 weeks
 5  weight loss Fatty stools if eaten high fat meals, achy teeth First week, good results F 27 8 days

 5  overweight I am on Xenical since end of November. I lost 16kg. My weight was 94 kg at the begin.I eat healthy diet, and do a walking excersise 3 times a week.This pill is brilliant!!!! F 30 7 months

 5  to help me loose weigh Lot of gas in my stomach. A bit rash on my skin, But I think Is due to thefact that my body is expeling the fat. Nothing major. Firts of all I want to say, I exercise every day. 40 min on the bicycle, 45 to 1 hour running/walking with the dog and a bit of weigh and sit up. Is hard! Before start xenical I was 81kg. In 3 week`s time I lost 4 kg, the exercise and xenical together done the job. There is one problem only. Gas in my stomac. When I`m home is fine, but at work is really unconfortble, I need to run to the toilet every 30min and hope noone is there. If I don`t go it hurt. I know is not the solution, but is helping me alot. Once I reach my ideal wiegh I`m gonna stop xenical and keep going with the exercise. I`ve done soo many diet nothig really work, but since I change my life style (wich was really hard) I`m happy. God I was soo blind b4. I`m healthy now and I`m planning to have a child with my partner and is really imprtant for me to give a good example to my child. I don`t want him to think that be overweigh is ok. I would like to thanks the persnon that invent xenical. Good luck with your weigh loss to all of you. Melissa F 26 3 weeks

 5  To help me loose weight The only sideeffects I have experienced are the ones I have asked for by eating too much fatty foods which causes the horrible orange diarreah. I started off with "Alli" which in Norway has half the amount of orlistat in it. It worked fine so I asked my doctor for a prescription on Xenical.(Which has twice the amount of orlistad and half the prize) I have no sideeffects of the pill unless I eat too much fatty food. The pill helps me get consious about what I put in my mouth, and together it has made me loose 1 kg every week so far. I have tried every diet available before this without effect, but this pill har really helped med loose weight and made me more consious about my intake of food. F 46 2 months


 5  To Lose Weight I have been taking Xenical since late May and I before then my weight was 425lbs, now my current weight is 368lbs and I am just so blessed that this pill is working. I am really determined to lose the weight and this pill has been a great aid in doing so. Yes, I have the oily stool but you take the bitter with the sweet you know?~~~ I say to anyone who is serious about losing weight, this is a wonderful companion to your dedication and willpower because the pill wont work a miracle on it's own, you have got to change your habits. F 32 3 months

 5  very overweight. Very windy, urgent need to use toilet. I was prescribed these tablets by my GP last week, as I told him I find it very hard to lose weight on my own, I tend to binge eat regularly. Also,as a big help, they are free on prescription if you live in Wales, UK, as all prescribed medication is now. I also joined WW on the same day as I started them, so it gives me more motivation not to eat a high fat diet. I don't think the side effects would bother me too much, it's a small price to pay for the outcome. F 39 6 days
 5  obese 94kg,need to lose at least 25 bloating, diahorrea once It took 2 weeks for me to experience side effect-diahorrea,after i ate fatty meal-next morning. Just wanted to check if it works:) 1st week-no weight loss after 2 weeks - 2 kgs, and in 3rd week I lost 1 more kg, i eat helthy, and never felt better in my life/ F 28 21 days

 5  Due to obesity Still no side effects and nurse has confirmed today that this is a good thing. Bad side effects that most people are experiencing are due to them not following the plan. Well I got my weigh in today and it has been around 1 month since my first weigh in and I have lost 16lbs. This is massive and the nurse was extremley impressed. It proves you have to work hard to get your results and this is the result. You have to make the changes and stick to them. It doesn't work over night. F 31 26 days
120 1X D

 5  Obesity skin rush, oily discharge I've been taking Xenical last year and it WORKED perfect. Now I started again 3 times per day 120 mg since 1 month I loosed 11 kg. No diet No Sport and it still WORKS . F 36 1 months
120 mg 3X D
 5  over weight urgency bowel movement, orange oily stools ocassionaly and a bit thirsty havnt checked weight yet but i have more energy, less snacking get a good night sleep and just feel great F 38 1 weeks
3X D
 5  Kick start weight loss So far I've just suffered from wind. Only One episode of loose oily stools after having alcohol. Sticking to foods with around 3-8 grams of fat peer 100g of product. Weight loss in week one 5lbs. So far, so good. F 31 1 weeks
 5  lose weight as i didn't feel sexy Periods for 3-4 weeks and still going. I was just wandering if anyone else has experienced this problem at all or know anyone else that has. F 30 3 weeks
 5  obese bmi 32, high cholesterol gas, bright orange oil in stools the side effects are worth the benefits, have more energy, lost 3 lbs in one week. The medicine helps me to feel like I can finally lose the weight. I have been struggling for years on my own with diet and exercise but now that I have added xenical it finally feels like it is working. F 36 8 days

 5  I need to lose weight Oilly BM's, constant urination. Well, I have been on Xenical for 2 days now and today was the first BM. The day before I had to unrinate alot. Other then that I am good. My goal is to lose 76 pounds. I am 230, 5ft 6inches tall. I will keep you posted. F 27 2 days

 5  to lose weight very oily poo but thats about it and constipation i'm not going poo as often as I was when I was just excercising. bit worried about that Love it lost 6.5lb in 3 days. been losing 1.8lbs per a day so thats great. where can i buy it in the uk cheap email me angelinepieters@yahoo.co.uk F 21 2 weeks
 5  weight gain from antidepressants a bit of gas and more frequent BM'sg I lose a lb a week on xenical which I am very happy with, with very little effort. Have gained 20 lbs over 5 years and could not make any headway losing it.Between effexor and menopause it was difficult. I am down 8 lbs in about 9 weeks.Expensive but it makes me happy to go down every week.Try it. F 52 9 weeks

 5  diabetic, overweight, high choles None Been taking it for 5months now, following a low fat, low carb diet. Have lost just over 50lbs....BMI was 40.5 and now is 32.1 and dropping....:-) F 37 5 months

 5  Obese, BMI 40, diabetic, No major side effects except very gassy. Taking Xenical along with a low fat and low carb diet. Have lost 8kg (approx 20lb)in three weeks and that's given me a new lease in life! F 37 3 weeks

 5  obesity Orange, oily stools in the morning. Have only had one episode of passing oil when passing gas. I have watched what I eat since then and everything is fine. Have taken it for 3 weeks and have lost 9 pounds! This is great. F 34 3 weeks

 5  loosing weight other than the exiting of the oil,tiredness and back pain can 2 tablets work better than 1 tablet at each meal? F 31
120 mg 3X D
 5   i really wana try this product but i need an advice.i am really obsessed about my body and health..i am normal actually my bmi is 24 i am 168 cm and i weight 64 but i used to weigh 56 kg and i wana release this 8 kilos i have gained do you advice me ? F 19
1X D
 5  lose weight Some orange oil in the first couple of days Since starting I have also been sticking to weight watchers which means low fat. I have therefore had no bad effects and lost 5 pounds in the first week. My toilet habits have returned to normal and have seen no orange oil since day 4. I am now feel a little bloated but nothing major F 28 8 days
2X D
 5  to lose weight soiling,cramps I've now lost over 5 stone on these tablets.You get used to the side effects and wear a towel for extra protection.You soon learn quickly which foods to eat.I have noticed the past few weeks I've not had any orange oil when I really should of had some side effects(was naughty on holiday) anyone else found they stopped working over a long period? F 41 1 years
1X D
 5  to lose weight None, cause Im not a blithering idiot Sick to death of the people on here complaining about the side effect YOU chose to give yourself. Its like getting a gun, loading it, aiming it at your face, pulling the trigger....then saying woops! You know if you eat over 10 grams of fat per meal you will get side effect so don't crap on about the " no warning explosive side effect" YOU chose to have them when u ate fattening foods. This worked perfect for me, and I not a fat excuse maker anymore F 31 30 days
120 3X D
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