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 5  6kyphplasties drunk hit me 75MPH Rotted out teeth over $20,000 to try to save them(teeth) it didn't.! it is the only thing that stops my pain. F---in insurance as if Cancer was the only pain the reason cancer gets terminal is because it doesn't hurt usually until its advanced,then its the chemo&radiation that causes the majority of pain.The lobbyists want to make it hard to get &more profit if denied these suckers &I've never had a drug dealer say I got these suckers that wont get you high but if you stub your toe for a mere $55 for a 5 cent sucker I can hook u up. This product that costs 5 actual cents 2make & is 95% sugar. People we are getting scammed.What about a burn,MS, Lou Gerhigs,arthritis. Since when does this government have a right to dictate what is prescribed between me & my doctor who studied pain for 12 college years alone.The politicians are funded by big Pharma & they dont want to pay 4 it.The best way to do that is make it only 1 thing it will pay for it under think of how r Can you please help us fight these insurance companies & the government on the suckers? Why dont they make them like they were in 2002 where they weren't made of chalky, crumbly stuff they were make of real sucker material. I didn't have to go threw a whole days worth due to them crumbling in seconds. The LAST of my life savings is going to a billion dollar industry and thats not enough. Hello immigrating to Canada here I come.Medicine shouldn't be dictated by ability to pay can Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand etc all be wrong to get rid of these blood suckers insurance companies.I am paying the price for some jerk who wants to get high off of this pain that feels like someone hit me in the back with a bat while putting out a fire on my back. Also stabbing when I get back spasms. All this headache & heartache & scare tactics because some idiots probably 1 person put the patch in their mouth. I dont care if those opiate addicts die for screwing things up because Mommy didn't want to say no to Jr male or female and that created unbearable treatment by doctors & people who dont know me in pain and they are usually spoiled young & healthy. Id give anything to get my health back & never touch this medication. I have Sarcoidosis and Lupus due to TCE or trichlorolethyline in our well drinking and cooking and bathing water which gets more potent with steam.I was never sick before this chemical was in my body and I developed rashes and couldn't breathe F 56 12 years
400mcg 6X D
 1  Cancer pain Like most, my teeth are falling apart. I'm sick to my stomach to think of my future with "meth" teeth. I'm embarrassed to visit the dentist. They haven't a clue about Actiq and the problems it causes. I broke a tooth tonight but after reading everyone's stories I don't know if I should waste money on temporary repairs (crowns, root canals) when I should be saving up for implants. Of course, I live on disability so I don't know what to do. I loved Actiq before I knew about the damage it caused to teeth. I began taking it around 2003 before there were notices about related tooth decay. If anyone is aware of a law suit please post or email. F 45 8 years
1000 mcg 4X D
 1  Fibromylgia plan on getting dentures, I have lost most of my teeth. Unfortunately Medicare does not care if you have teeth or not! Apparently either does the manufacturer of Actiq, this should be a main warning! Also sugar went up to pre-diabetic, before actiq, I had low blood sugar. I stopped the medication. Enough damage has been done and that is only what I can see and read on a regular CBC. I took great care of my teeth on actiq and still lost them. I believe most people loose their teeth. I think Actiq should make this a main warning or start paying for dentures. If I had it to do over again, I would not start. It does not help that much. I go off, because I went from 70 to 140 on my sugar level, I do not want to add diabetic to my list of issues. F 52 7 years
200 3X D
 5  Adhesive capulitis in shoulder None and don't understand all the people that complain when they are taking it not what it was approved for and most are taking 2 to 3 times the strict recommended dosage of no more than 4 a day F 54 8 years
600 mcg

 5  clinic pain syndrome not much other than the teeth decay, root canals, ect, the up side was it was the only medicine that worked for me, for the break through pain I have, this all due to multiple surgeries,I think around 30 or so, for one problem or another, so always had this constant cronic pain, that for the most part can be unbearable. now at my wits end I'm through pain management x 12 some years now. Dr started me on percecets, but they don't help any, and still taking my Oxicontin. wish my insurance would pay for my actiq, would be cheaper than the hospital, which I know it's going to end up back to. is there anything out there that is around the same strength as my actiq, that I can take. I take Oxicontin 80 mgs,3 times a day for the past couple of years now. insurance just changed through husband's employment, so the new insurance no longer covers my actiq, So looks like I'm back to square one, prob and up in the ER Again on a weekly basis for pain control. tried everything else nothing helped like the actiq, and my Oxicontin combo, and even the Oxicontin insurance after may 1st is going to stop. F 43 8 years
 5  chronic back pain&stomach pain Lost teeth and can't afford new ones.it is the only medication that lets me live without severe pain and now no doctors want to prescribe it because of the ridiculous price and the fda won't approve for chronic back stomach pain and they don't care how much pain u are in they can provide a better quality of life pain is curable but they don't care about people who need it for chronic life changing pain can't work and missing out on my kids best years because of junkies who ruin it for people who need it to live and work and I would like to enjoy life and be able to sleep more then ten hours a week if it wasn't for my kids I wouldn't want to live for much it is sad I loose all my teeth and they went from less then a thousand a month to fifteen thousand a month just because of the fda won't approve for back pain and the clinical trials proved it is a safer and faster breakthrough medication that is a shame in the best country in the world I wish doctors would prescribe it and take their oath seriously there the doctors not insurance company's M 40 7 years
 4  Avascular necrosis and severe back I also lost my teeth, but it turned out okay. I always wanted braces and we couldn't afford it so now I have straight teeth now and a great smile. It was a lot of suffering though with the jaw pain and the extensive surgery I needed. Actiq works but I don't understand as an RN why they can't find a formulation besides the patch which I also wear, that will help a breakthrough dose of Actiq last longer than the pops. These pops are addictive but I have one of the best pain specialist in the country and he put me on a maintenance dose of Methadone that helps with that withdrawel feeling in between. The addiction is not addiction, it is a physical dependence when it comes to a person who legitamely needs pain medicine. I have severe Avascular Necrosis and had both hips replaced already. My back is basically collapsing from arthritis and degenerative disc disease as well. I finally accepted the fact that I need the narcotics as much as any diabetic needs insulin, to live a productive life. F 52 7 years
800 mcg 4X D

 5  Bilateral TotalJointReplacement TMJ I LOVE this medication because it has been the only medication that has really helped my severe chronic pain from my total joint replacement of my tmj. I also take avinza. From the first day that I started this medication I had NO idea that I would lose all of my teeth. It has been literally terrible on my quality of life. There should be a class action lawsuit because all most EVERYONE that has taken this drug has lost most or all of their teeth. Since my total joint replacement I cannot open very wide at all. I just had to have a total mouth extractions last Oct. and I have had terrible problems. One being that they (meaning the dentist) left me with literally NO ridge at all so I am unable to wear a bottom denture. Now I have to have implant surgery that my insurance will NOT pay for even though all of my doctors say it is medically necessary because my total joint replacment will fail since I have no proper support. My top denture is completely crooked and I have been in more extre If there are any attorneys who are considering a class action lawsuit please email me as I would be interested in getting on board. Although I am not sure that if you sue you would have to stop using the medication and Actiq has been the only pain med to really help my severe chronic pain. It is a very difficult situation and now since my insurance will not pay for my medically necessary implants I don't know where to turn. I cannot eat anything but very soft food and have lost my appetite and only eat 1 meal a day. It is usally oatmeal or applesauce or something along those lines. F 42 8 years
1600 MCG 7X D
 5  severe degenerative disc disease only side effect; I did eventually lose all my teeth except 5 on the bottom Actiq was the very best medication for pain relief without causing sleepiness and lethargy. I was able to care for my mother who had a terminal illness and live a productive lifestyle. I'd trade my teeth again for a quality life. They would not prescribe it for my mother for fear of her falling asleep with it in her mouth; gave her fentanyl patch instead, which I believe contributed to her respiratory failure. She was 79 yrs. old. F 62 6 years
400mcg 3X D
 4  cerv/lumb herniated discs; more I had to stop the Atiq several yrs ago, so I don't remember exactly how long I took it. I think it was 2-3 yrs. I also don't remember the dosage amount. It worked quite well, however, if I had known what it was doing to my teeth, I would NEVER have taken it. Worst thing I've ever done to my body. F 56
don't reme 6X D
 5  arachnoiditis,5 spinal surgeries I had perfect teeth, always from childhood til date seen dentists and kept great oral hygene. I began a couple of years ago with extensive decay to now 2 teeth and 16 drilled to the gum all of which will be extracted on or about March 1st. Dental Caries cause by Actiq has caused me to need a full mouth recunstruction after 60k of root canala,prostho to help save and oral surgeon as well as infections. Just yesterday my face blew up and I waqs rushed over and had two teeth removed and grafted to releive the serious infection. I have been hopitalized for c-diff colitis fro clindomyacin 3 times. I am at my wits end and now a full mouth recunstruction after all this work.I have been so sick physically and mentally and without our Government thinking out mouth is part of our bodies when it comes to medical coverage it is making people struggle even disbled with no where to go when these problems occurr except blogs like this for us to vent and know we are all not alone. I think we all need to get a class action started, I am sure any attorney would take this on as there are enough of us out there if anyone agrees or is interested respond here or to my email and put it on any site you see someone has to help us all get some help with our teeth and medical issues compromised from this as well. thank you F 48 6 days
600 mcg 4X D
 4  chronic pain from 5 back surgerys lost all my teeth this medicine does what it was designed to do, stop my breakthrough pain or at least tame it down to where i can tolerate it. M 49 5 years
400mcg 3X D

 5  Fibromyalgia Tooth decay & sleepiness I actually take 12/day, but the pull-down menu didn't offer that choice! This is a miracle drug for me! I tried just about every other pain medication out there, and few worked. The few that did work, I quickly built up a tolerance to and they quit working after 3 months to a year. I was mostly bedridden from Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in my right knee before using Duragesic patches (3 50mcg patches at once, change oldest patch each day) and Actiq. My husband's company switched from Express Scripts to Cigna, and now I'm having to fight to get my Fentanyl. We got my patches approved with just a preauthorization. But it's taking us forever to get the Actiq approved. I just pray that they eventually do approve it. I don't want to go back to being bedridden. For me, it's worth losing my teeth to get my life back. I have two young daughters who need me. F 44 3 years
800mcg 10X D
 5  Chronic Pain You WILL Loose ALL your Teeth eventually with Actiq. There is no question as to if it will happen. Rather it is when. The damage is slowly occurring from the first pop. But, we have the Correction. You CAN Now USE Your ACTIQ with NO Future Tooth Decay resulting from Actiq. We are the first and ONLY to develop a FIX to this issue. Contact us at www.DentalCorrections.com USE your Actiq for now on, with NO DECAY future resulting from your future Actiq use. Our new Program is 100% Success Rate! Now 25% Discount for Internet Purchases. www.DentalCorrections.com M 45 2 years
1600mcg 4X D
 1  RSD, disc herniations neck, pain Horrible teeth problems, lost most of my teeth, need bone grafting, trying bridgework now, tried fillings then crowns first, fentanyl seeped under crowns into bone and root, causing more damage. shame on actiq manufacturer for promoting off label usage and not advising of the severity of the teeth and bone structure damage that results no matter what precautions are taken. F 49 8 years
1600 mcg 8X D
 5  severe cronic back pain neck &low b Like just about all pain meds. DRY MOUTH is main one. if these other people would have read the inclosed drug info they would have read that BRUSHING YOUR TEETH more is necessary with sugar content of Actiq. Any dentist will tell you side effects of dry mouth: the decaying of teeth & gum disease!! drinking soda is the worst...but it worked for me. Dentists can also prescribe special toothpaste to help. The best side effect.....I was able to have somewhat of a more normal quality of life! So many meds. make you feel so tired, ACTIQ didn't for me. Can someone tell me why it's so expensive?????? The cost is just not right. The people that need it can't afford it. ACTIQ name brand works. It's the only one. The first generic to come out did not! Not at all. Pharmacists kept telling me they were the same. Who would you believe the person one it for years or someone that never used it! Most Insurance company's would then only pay for generic (which wasn't much cheaper) then they said unless you have a severe form of CANCER that they will not pay for it. It was the best pain regiment I had when ACTIQ was included. I told my Dr. that it made me feel like a real person again. I felt great! now I can"t have it. Why is it so expensive?????? F 50
800mg 4X D

 1  spinal surgery and constant pain Why is there no class action law suit on this drug??? Everyone I meet that has taken it has lost their teeth or half their teeth and my doctor will not even prescribe it any more because all his patients had tooth problems. I brushed before, after, it does not matter. This stuff just sits on your teeth and rots them away. THe company is now in trouble because none of the insurance companies are willing to pay for it anymore. So between the price and the rotting teeth the company has some real PR work to do. I think a big law firm should take them on. There are thousands of patients who have lost their teeth and this company could care less. Stay away from this drug at all costs. That is my best comment. F 45 5 days
1600 mcg 6X D

800MCG 6X D

 5  chronic breakthrough pain worked great back to a normal life again insurance stopped paying for actiq in 2009 now my quality of life went from 85%-10% cannot afford without insurance. insurance won't pay unless I have cancer, why did they pay it for 5 years? F 43 6 years
1200mcg 4X D

 1  Cronic back pain arachnoditis Complete decay of my teeth. There are no warnings about this terrible side affect. My dentist even noted that there was more decay on the right side of my mouth because I am right handed and I naturally place the drug on the right side of my mouth There is no question whatsoever that Actiq caused all of my tooth decay according to my dentist and other dentists that I have seen M 58 3 years
800 mcg 4X D
 4  Severe back pain-surgery/ sciatica the only side effect I've had are to my teeth-they do not warn you of the sugar content in this drug. I always use it on the right side of my mouth & all the bottom teeth on that side of my mouth now have cavities at the gum line. I just had to have a bridge made for a cost of over $3200 all because of this drug. We should all sue them to get our dental paid for-this is horrible. I'm disabled & don't have the money to pay for the rest of my teeth Besides the teeth the other problem is insurance. I will not be able to afford this drug much longer as I've had to pay out of pocket. Even though AARP Medicare D assured me 4 times they would pay for the drug no matter what my DX, once I signed up they refused to pay because I'm blessed not to have Cancer. What a rip off with these companies. This drug costs very little to manufacture, why does it sell for hundreds of dollars a box? What is wrong with this picture. The generic brand from Barr is just as expensive, basically, as the original- F 60 2 years
400 mg 3X AN
 4  Broken in half by car accident At first my stomach was up set, but that faded away. I was on this drug Actiq for 2 years, until I could not pay for it anymore. And, disability refused to pay for it. The drug was good the side effects now are devistating, making me home bound because like other's I no longer have teeth. I spent 5 years in braces, first 3 through Jr. High then when my wisdom teeth came in,they had to pull them and I had to spend 2 more years in braces and while I was just about done with my retainer at 16 I had a car accident where the car rolled 5 times and I went halfway out of the sunroof the car rolled over ontop of me, broke me in half, and rolled 2 more times. While in intensive care with a resperator and no retainer my teeth all spaced out so about 8 months again in braces. Now with Chronic pain, closed head injury, back broken in 7 places, and 33 corrective surgeries since. Actiq worked good compared to other pain med's. But, now I have 7 teeth left. I am so embarassed to go out. Who would wan If I knew then what I know now, I never would have taken it. At this time my next option is a Morphine pump or shotgun. I didn't go through all the pain of wearing head grear, the throbbing of the orthodic rubber bands. The stanless steal smile as a teenage girl. Actiq did work sure, but I really would like to actually EAT SOMETHING that is solid SOON. I have no molers, both gold crowns snaped off and my last 5 on the bottom in the front are not looking so good. So, they will be next. What the HECK is a person TO DO? I sure hope that the Manufacture and Disributor get to read some of these. Being Disabled is bad enough, but the medication they give you that is suppose to help make's all your teeth fall out, is a very-VERY BAD thing. I am in Tampa, FL is there anyone out there that can help. I get $599 a month, how am I suppose to pay for the dental surgeries, extractions then dentures? HELP! Any Pro-bono Dentist's around? F 50 2 years
 5  DDD, Cervical Radiculopathy, etc. 4 surface cavities plus 11 teeth with no enamel at the gumline (high risk for future cavities). These were my first cavities ever. I brush my teeth 3x/day & that's probably why I went 6 years with no problems, but now my teeth are a mess. It is not just the sugar, but also the citric acid in Actiq that supposedly contributed to them. I always put the medication on one side of my mouth -- that's where all the cavities were & most of the teeth with the stripped enamel. Works great for pain. Fentanyl is the only narcotic I'm not allergic to. Tried Duragesic, but even the lowest dose available caused an overdose. No other side effects besides the tooth decay. I've gone off it for a month or so at a time to manage tolerance & didn't have any issues. F 32 7 years


 4  Severe Back Injury 9herniated discs I have been on Morphine(200 mg. 4x daily) & Actiq-Fentynal(1600mcg. x 8 daily) for severe back pain since 2002. I have suffered with serious side effects - Respiratory Problems, bouts of unconsciousness & waking in middle of the night uncontrollably freezing with severe hallucinations. Also, mouth ulcers, tongue lesions, Dental Problems - losing 4 rear molars, having 4 or 5 root canals , multiple bonding's to repair crumbling teeth, and many, many cavities since 2005 . Just recently, I had a very painful root canal done which almost ruined my entire Christmas, only to have 1/2 of another tooth fall out in my hand a week later. That day (a few days ago) I seriously felt like I was losing my mind and realized that there must be something way more serious going on with my teeth than I had imagined. Miraculously, I happened to go on the Internet and read on a web site regarding Actiq and Tooth Decay Lawsuits. It gave me the answer to my constant horrible teeth problems that no Actiq does help with the excruciating back pain when Morphine is'nt enough, but they should have "worked out all the bugs" before they put it on the market & get chronic pain sufferers addicted to it. I would definitely like to see Cephalon punished for their GREED, keeping people in the dark about all the side effects. Getting some type of settlement to recoup my losses would definitely help give me some needed relief. I could buy some new teeth for starters and then get surgery done to fix my back so I could get off these evil suckers. Does anyone know of a Law Firm that is suing the makers of Actiq for all the EVIL side effects associated with Actiq use? Please Email me the information. M 45 5 years
 5  Chronic Back Pain Syndrome; RSD My ONLY side effect was the rotting, decay, breaking of, all my teeth that are in desperate need of extraction, to the average person this side effect is similar to photos of "meth mouth!" When first prescribed Actiq it contained NO dental warnings, approximately 1 year later the package insert was changed and included consulting and visiting your dentist. However the damage to my teeth had already been done. I'm in desperate need of dentures with no way to pay for them due to this medication. No physician, pharmacist, or dentist warned me of this problem. My dentist seems to be unaware of the problems it has caused to date. Next: I will find a caring dentist. Actiq allowed me to participate in my life; for the first time in over 5 years! The back pain and bilateral radioculpathy was so unbearable became totally bedridden for 5 years. Actiq afforded me the luxury of a pain tolerant life. (I controlled the pain, the pain no longer controlled me.) During my divorce proceedings I quickly learned that Medicare and Medicaid would not pay for this MIRACLE drug. I stop taking this medication because I lost the luxury of private health insurance during my divorce in 2004. I stopped Actiq cold turkey on my own without side effect or symptoms (pain came back with a vengeance). Was placed on 100mg MS Contin, 3x a day and 2 Narco 10mg 3x a day. I am bedridden again! I hope one day all clinicians will learn to be more sympathetic when treating their pain patients and realize they're not "drug seekers" attempting to get high. We need more medications like Actiq, and less governmental control and limitations over the usage of such wonderful medi F 48 2 years

 5  Chronic pain (degenerative joints) Lost all my teeth, constipation (mestinon provides relief along with otc stuff), hearing loss Actiq is a godsend for me as well. I couldn't even get out of bed before I started taking it. I was taking tons of morphine until I collapsed with respiratory failure, double pneumonia from loss of cough reflex. Actiq allowed me to live again. M 56 10 years
 5  Chiari pseudotumor cerebri ischemia Severe tooth decay while taking brand name Actiq is the worst! I was lucky enough to find a pharmacy that makes sugar free fentynal pops I get 1200 mcg 120 per month for 300! They actually work better for me then actiq. But after 5 yrs of brand name my teeth are shot & I'm only 36! I think the new formula did more damage with its sweettart texture! Swirling those against your teeth was bound to eat away at enammal! So my 5 is not for actiq but the ones my pharm. Is authorized to make. If you live in IL email me for info. I also take Mscontin 75 mg 3 times a day soma & a few other things. I can't use patch due to systemic lupus. Actiq was 5 yrs generic is 3 plus F 36 8 years
 1  D.D.D.neck and low back RA.fibromya I was on 1600mg pops 4 to6 times per day.My insurance quit paying for the medication and the dr.I had to detox cold turkey and almost died.Now one year after Iam off of them my beautiful teeth are falling out one by one.Iam sick about this and very depressed.anyone knowing a lawyer I can contact please email me @alyciaarebalo@msn.com thank you and God Bless everyone else this med f d up its a dirty rotten shame and I pray I can be compensated for yrs of the best dental care gone to hell over night. F 56 5 years
 1  failed back surgery it eat all the enmal off my teeth.lost all my teeth if your teeth matter to you do not take this actiq!!!!! M 39 2 years
 5  chronic facial/head pain bad constipation,but my doc recommended MiraLax powder,works wonders but take daily as long as you take daily meds. ask your doctor.can buy over counter. I take 1600 mcg x4 a day, insurance will allow no more. how do some of you take more? Also I have new ins., Aetna and I think they are going to cut me off.. Anyone with experience w/Aetna? F 48 4 years
 5  rheumatoid arthritis dry mouth This is an excellent medication for severe breakthrough pain. I have rheumatoid arthritis and use this for my severe pain mainly in the evenings. It works quickly and has been a wonderful medication for me. F 31 4 years

 5  DDD Spine collapsing 3X Surg/fusion First month was hard in summer getting used to slow breathing/then no side effects until 5+ yrs later teeth began to decay/breaking off. Though part my fault-poor dentist habits may have been controlled otherwise. Issues with coming out of anesthesia from surgery. I have such a tolerance-I wake up way too soon and am totally coherant within minutes while everyone around me is out cold. Nursing staff amazed. Euphoric when I'm very tired and sleep deprived. Weak cough reflex. All in como w/fentanyl patches-lethal dose. I see alot of the remarks about Actiq and wonder how many of these neg. issues are from a combination of the additional narcotics we are on. I don't believe Actiq on its own is causing all of these dependency problems. I have been taking Duragesic patches for nearly 7 years along with Actiq for break through. Quickly got up to lethal doeses @ 400mcg every 48rs and 1200mcg Actiq 6X a day and could easily raise both of those now to 500 & 1600 mcg's. Have been at current dose for 3 years. Took 5+ yrs b4 teeth became an issue, though I take care of them at home I also have not seen a dentist in over 18 years since I had perfect teeth and no known problems. Was wheelchair bound and could not stand/walk straight. Fentanyl has been an amazing drug after the full gamit of pills for years ending w/oxycontin 80mg and the 20+ useless epidural injections. Within 1 month I was walking and now living in a warmer climate can go 90% of the day pain free! However it is not a cure. My pain F 40 6 years
 5  18bone/jnt surgeries/100's of falls None to speak of.I was free enough of daily/nightly constant excruciating pain, to be in my yard this past summer first time in TWO years.I was cooking again and able to do most household chores.Always on a walker , slight ,very slight dizziness at first then no more. Insurance as of 1-1-08 will no longer allow it because I do not have breakthru cancer pain. I am again limited to bed and lounge chair.Drs. are helping me fight this w/ an appeal.Fingers spine ,knee areas,shoulders back to constant agony.Now buying Dilaudid (nausea) and wearing 2 Fntanyl patches ,12 and 25.Barely relief but insurance APPROVES this route. F 56 400 days

 5  IVC filter removal & TPA I couldn't feel a thing while they were doing the procedures. I was extremely nervous and even though I was wide awake and able to communicate with the doctors and nurses, I still didn't have any pain. F 24 5 days

 5  failed back fusion & severe pain!!! cold/hot sweats, and some teeth problems I've suffered ALL my life in pain. I've tried everything they can give for pain,(along with many muscle relaxants that didn't work) After a failed spinal fusion surgery that went HORRIBLY wrong I was left with pain from head to toe! Unless you deal with severe pain every second of the day you probably shouldn't be on this type of pain med! I Thank God I found a doctor that gave me this option. I take Avinza (1 a day)with my Actiq and I am finally able to tolerate the "left over pain." If you think this will erase all your pain it won't and shouldn't. Even with Actiq my pain is never less than a 6 (on scale 1-10). I'm tired of people judging others that suffer as I do. Believe me there are days I wish I would just die since I've had to live in so much pain ALL MY LIFE. There is no "perfect solution" for some of us so we weigh out the side-effects over "trying to deal with it". I take GREAT OFFENSE to being group into the "addicts" category, if F 40 2 years
 5  Abdominal Pain and swelling constipation Actiq is a miracle drug. I get severe abdominal pain and can't eat or drink for days due to swelling in my stomach. Instead of ending up in the hospital monthly I was given Actiq. I was finally able to eat again without pain. After being on the drug for a year the Oxford will not pay for Actiq. So now they will have 3x the bills to pay every month while I am in the hospital. Oh the drug is approved for me to take while in the hopspital! When will these insurance companies ever learn! F 29 1 years

 5  arachnoiditis/severe nerve pain none This has been the best drug fro breakthrough pain, much better than the patch, I am on Oxycontin 40 and actiq 800, and Aetna just decided to stop paying the 3,ooo bill, this is after I increased my month payments to 2,500/month. There was an article in the Wall Street journal that stated that the insurance companies were suing the manafactuer of Actiq because their salesman were "hawking the lollipops to neurologists and pain specialists and not just oncologists as it had an FDA approval for cancer pain. Physicians can prescribe a medication for a condition even if it was not FDA approved for that condition. I would put my nerve pain against any cancer pain any day. My pain radiates into my testicles and every morning I feel like I just came out of the OR without medication. Aetna is making this decision to save $$. Making Billions a year isn't enough. M 50 3 years

 4  Degenerative Disc Disease The Usual As I spend my 24 hours every day in pain, I am thankful I have meds to turn to, and it is MY RESPONCIBILITY to review meda and weigh the benefits vs the side effects. Please those of you considering suits....next time leave the meds alone and just commit sucide which is what my next option is. YOU ARE responcible for you and people like you will be the reason these meds will be even harder to get again....GET OVER IT. M 52 5 years

 5  back pain due to 3 level fusion None I've been taking Actiq for 5 years and it made a tremendous impact on my life. The previous pain meds I had taken didn't provide the relief of Actiq as quickly or as long, as well as didn't give me the mental buzz feeling. After using this medication without issue for 5 years, all the sudden Aetna isn't going to cover it unless you're a cancer patient. This reeks of a big insurance company trying to save money due to the popularity of Actiq. Instead, it's being presented as their team of doctors and consultants have determined what's best for the patient. It's amazing without ever seeing me, they know better than a Pain Managment doctor who specializes in treating patients who live in pain. Oh, but if you do get their approval, they'll allow 15 lozenges for 30 days. Why bother? Again, it's all about money rather than what's best for the patient, regardless of the amount of money paid monthly for premiums. M 46 5 years

 1  Migraines Severe constipation, personality changes, dependency Found to be a great pain reliever if taken in time. Better than ER visits every week. Had to go to rehab twice to get off it for good. Accupuncture & herbs & anti-seizure medication work better w/NO addiction/dependency. Visit MAGNUM website if you suffer w/migraines. F 40 2 years
 5  Migraine I had nausea and vomiting from the Actiq (on top of the nausea and vomiting from the migraine) until I learned to titrate the dose better. Slower dosing & removing the lozenge from my mouth after a minute of application and waiting a few minutes before using more has eliminated the opioid-induced nausea I used to get (unless it's tolerance that explains it). I was concerned about my teeth from the start so I always brush after Actiq as soon as I feel up to it. Actiq has been wonderful for my migraines. Nothing else had worked, and trips to the ER had been miserable experiences. The rapid time to onset of relief coincides perfectly with the time from my migraine aura's time of onset to the onset of pain. My migraines, averaging about a dozen times a year, used to make me non-functional for a couple days feeling like I was going to die in tremendous agony. Since Actiq, they are now just a tolerable headache through which I can function adequately. I can't benefit from oral meds because my migraine makes me vomit whatever I swallow (and I didn't respond to injectable Imitrex). Now, I can often even avoid vomiting from the migraine if I am cautious about the rate at which I absorb the fentanyl. 4 years
 1  migraine it help right away but I needed to take more very fast, very addicting, this drug was only approved by the FDA in 1998 for cancer patient and the company allows the representative to go to othher doctors office like sport medicine and medicine to peddle their drug for pain management, knowing very well that this drug is extremely addictive I had sever problem getting off the drug, develop severe abdominal pain, had abdominal surgery. This drug has totally messed up my life. I wished I had never taken it. It has 8o times the strengh of morphine, it should never be in the hands of people who have a life to live. It should only be given to terminal patient whom addiction is no longer a problem. This company is a joke. All they were after is making monies at the expense of the patients. The docs are not to blame, they found out too late that it was not what is was intented for. Shame on the pharmaceutical company. many people have dies from this drug, children thought this drug was a lolipop and died!! I think they should go to court and pay for what they have done to all the patients who have been administred this drug and who were not cancer patient. This is negligence at its worst!!!! M 42 35 days

 1  migrain pain even after neck fusion Took actiq after neck fusion & along with the durigesic fentynal patch around 1999. It was working great & every 4 hours, my migraine would come back & then the actiq would stop it. This continued until they changed the production of it from the US to the european method. For some reason, the actiq in the new formulation never did work. As soon as I used it, the migraine continued & continued without working at all. I have no idea why the new formulation changed the working of the fentanyl in the med but it no longer worked. Besided it not working, while using it, the new formulation was so rough that it rubbed sores on my cheek for the time I was trying to see if it was going to somehow start working. F 48 6 months

 5  anti and posti neck surgery none pain goes away .No tooth decay , No addiction 800 mcg bid lolipop stop complaining people about the drug .Cant deal with it change meds M 40 1 years

 4  9 compression fractured vertebrae constipation, sweat"flashes", and my upper teeth have $10,000. worth of damage to them. No decay on my lower teeth where I never put a stick. the only way to sleep when you have level 10 pain is to put one or two sticks in your mouth against the upper teeth (more natural placement) and let them sit and slowly dissolve for hours. I wasn't aware that they were made with confectioners sugar. My tooth damage happened below the gumline first so by the time the damage was discovered, it was bad. One tooth fell in half one day! I have had root canals and pulled teeth. I am only 41 years old, so I didn't want to go with dentures yet, but I am very interested if anyone has filed or heard of someone filing a lawsuit against Cephalon Inc. to try and get reimbursed for the dental damage. Please email me if you have any info. M 41 4 years
 1  Nerve Damage - 9 years Lost, broken teeth. Still affecting teeth after switching to Duragesic. Personality changes. Why the hell would they put sugar in something like this? I set up equipment at Pharmaceutical Trade Shows and have talked to the reps from Cephalon. They have two more formulas in the Pipe Line. One is like the instant disolve breathe sheets and the other is suger-free. Since switching to Duragesic, I'm doing better than ever. Between the patch and Vicoprofen, I can manage my pain with less problems. Everyone is different, so I won't pass judgement on some of the other comments seen here. I would suggest that people still taking Actiq wait until they are off the medication before giving an opinion. You don't realize how much the drug changes your personality until you are off of it. After 9 years of managing my pain and handicap, I can offer a pearl of wisdom. Accept your pain and your life the way it is now. You'll never get anywhere hoping to return to your former life. For most of us, there is no cure. Also, stop thinking that the drugs will take away all the pain, or M 45 14 months

 5  chronic pain and Fibromyalgia None thank God this is the best pain medicine that I take. I also have a infusion pump. I take 800mg, for pain that comes out of no where. F 53 3 years
 5  chronic pain and Fibromyalgia None thank God this is the best pain medicine that I take. I also have a infusion pump. I take 800mg, for pain that comes out of no where. F 53 3 years
 1  pain in back I had one side effect that will effect my life for ever,I lost 23 of my teeth.I don't smile ,I don't laugh,I don't go outside as I did before.People that you deal with every day,bank teller at the gas station,at the grocery store which every knows me ,well this is a small town ,so as you walk out your door, for a day of shopping the first thing i do "I put my head down"I look so ugly with no teeth,I did not deserve this torcher i go through every day of my life..I ask PLEASE PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!!!!!!!!! MRS.BRILLA F 30 3 years
 5  Chronic low back leg and nerve pain Occaisonal constipation which is manageable. I have had great results with this medication. I have been in pain from a back injury/surgery for almost 18 years. In reading the comments I noticed that the word addiction and addictive was used very frequently. I believe there is a major misunderstanding of this word. Within the chronic pain community as well as within the general public. Addiction is an aberrent psychological condition where one beleives they must have this drug and would do anything to obtain the drug. Dependency is when a persons body becomes dependent upon the drug and one will suffer physical withgraw sysmptoms should the drug be stopped abruptly. I am dependent on actiq just as I have been dependent on the morphine, oxycodin, and methodone that I have taken to control my pain. Remove the pain and I do not need these drugs. If you are addicted the pain is of no consequence. You require the drug to satisfy your addiction, not to control your pain. Far too many people are labled with the word addict when the real M 43 3 years

 5  3 lev spine fusion gone bad constipation, some sexual diffs imediatly after use, OK within a half'n hour or so. have read alot of bad stuff about Actiq here, but its been a godsend for me. Effect only lasts about a half hr for me, but I have an unusual tollerence for things. I wouldnt be much of a father if I didnt have my lollys to give me relief enough to spend some time with my kids. Bottom line, if you hurt bad enough you will take it. BTW, 4yrs now no cavities, and I chew tobacco too. M 39 4 years

 1  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Sure took away the pain but was very groggy in the betinning. I was started at the highest dose (1600mcg) at 12 pops per day. I've weened myself down to 6, 600mcg and 6 800mcgs but now my bod is saying 'WE'RE NOT GOING ANY LOWER' so I'm looking for REHAB. I've never searched out any other med unless I was in pain (including oxycontin) but this med I watch the clock and pray for the time to pass so I can take another. It's horrible!!! TRYING TO GET OFF THIS HORRIBLE MEDICINE IS A HELL LIKE NO OTHER. NO ONE, UNLESS THEY ARE LITERALLY DYING, SHOULD TAKE THIS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE MED. I'VE FOUND A PLACE IN FL FOR $600/DAY SEEMS TO BE MY BEST OPTION. AGAIN, NEVER EVER EVEN CONSIDER THIS MED. YOU'LL BE ADDICTED BY THE END OF YOUR FIRST BOX. F 42 2 years
 5  Narrowing spinal canal Used 1600 Micrograms as a means to control breakthrough pain. ACTIQ was the ONLY drug fast and powerful enough for the control of the breakthrough pain. My insurance company has refused to pay for it anymore, and I live in Hell! I have a hard problem understanding the "sugar" issue, and the teeth. ACTIQ uses a substitute sweetener that is approved by the Dental Association. M 58 6 days
 4  Failed Back Surg x5 On 260mg day MS Contin, 8-1600mcg Actiq for 3 years, controlled pain,but had twisted intestine, heart attack w/blockage which I couldnt detect due to Actiq,had 3 teeth removed, 4 crowns collapse, and need another 3 root canals. Used Phos-flor rinse 2x day and brushed 3-4 times day to no avail....Could not feel any dental pain until it was too late...dmicohen@gmail.com As the FDA states, probably should only be used in tertiary states of pallative care of cancer.... I was pleased with the level of pain relief and the versatility of the drug, but I'm now looking at at least a 5K dental bill dmicohen@gmail.com M 53 3 years
 1  Chronic Pain - (non-Cancer) SEVERE TOOTH DEDCAY..... Many gone - remainder MUST be pulled. Years of taking care of my teeth GONE! Caused CHEMICAL DEPRESSION! Weight gain! G.I. Problems. Urinary retention! Sure, took care of the pain, but at too high a cost. I was on an ever increasing dose of this drug (and other opioides)for over five years. I am working with a non-profit orq. to take this medicine OUT of pain management! Too easily abused. To detrimental to G.I tract and Teeth! By the time you notice you have a dental problem it is too late to correct! Already had 22 teeth extracted and the remainder of dental work must be surgically removed. Also WAS on Oxycontin, morphone (switched between two types), Skelaxin, Valium, Neurontin, and many many more! Went to Paihn ReHab.... NOT pain Management.... HUGE DIFFERNCE IN MY LIFE NOW THAT I AM OFF THESE MEDS.... However, NONE affected my body as BADLY as ACTIQ! This drug should ONLY be used in a HOSPICE Environment... NOT... repeat NOT...in pain management for those with Chronic Pain. M 48 6 years

 5  migraine euphoric high that led to minimum 12 hours of peace,relaxation, and PAIN RELIEF!! A little constipation too... For others who take this for migraine I cannot imagine you taking so many dosages!! I have suffered with chronic, intractable migraines for 3 years. I use 2 Norco 10/325 2-3x a week, and am "allowed" by my neuro ONE 800mcg Actiq per month...MAX!!! But I get six at one time. It is my "when all hell breaks loose med" and basically in place of a trip to the ER. Honestly that's all the pain meds I take, the rest of the time I tough it out and pray that the Relpax works and my kids are a little quiet that day. I know chronic migriane pain, it is hell and sometimes you wish you were dead, but I really think there are some stories of Actiq abuse here which have led to all the teeth falling out problems. I just had a dental visit, with x-rays, no problem at all. Do I wish I could take it more?? Absolutely!! But do I want to end up in rehad with a mouth like a crack whore?? Hell no!! Bottom line is I really believe there is something in everyone, whether it's psychol F 39 2 years
 1  PAIN LOST TEETH. No caries on tooth surfaces damage below gum line. Undetectable until it is too late to save teeth. Took exceptional care of teeth throughout life and while taking ACTIQ. Since teeth are gone cannot eat a diet rich in nutrients and fiber causing elevated cholesterol,bp ect. Rapidly exacerbating heart problems. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE. IT WILL KILL YOU. F 61 2 years

 1  PAIN LOST TEETH. No caries on tooth surfaces damage below gum line. Undetectable until it is too late to save teeth. Took exceptional care of teeth throughout life and while taking ACTIQ. Since teeth are gone cannot eat a diet rich in nutrients and fiber causing elevated cholesterol,bp ect. Rapidly exacerbating heart problems. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE. IT WILL KILL YOU. F 61 2 years

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