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 1  duragesic tylox With drawers worse than coming off duragesic r d tylox Just as bad r worse than duragesic F 55 8 months

 1  Opiate addiction Worse than getting off pills It's just trading one addiction for another M 25 1 years
 4  opiate abuse, fibromyalgia I was put on suboxone after around 5 years of opiate abuse starting with Vicodin for pain and ending up at 400-600 mg of oxy or 4+ bundles of snorted heroin a day. I went to inpatient rehab and was started on suboxone. At first I just wanted to do a short taper, but realized without something for my fibro pain I would end up right back where I started. I couldn't find a dr, and I relapsed for 3 months. When I finally found a doctor, I got on at 16 mg a day. I raised it to 20 because I still was having cravings. I still have cravings and probably always will, but with help from bluelight.org and suboxone.com, I was able to stay mostly clean and taper. I find it to help more at the lower doses. At 20 mg a day, I either felt sedated or restless. I have had trouble maintaining any kind of sleep schedule, even at 2 mg, but it's a lot better. The drug does not cause constipation for me, it actually makes me go shortly after I take it. I do think methadone would cover my cravings better, but ins covers my suboxone, and I don't have to start out chained to a clinic. The main side effect of suboxone is the drs who prescribe it. A lot of them are just in it for the money. If you have a light addiction, do yourself a favor, and just cold turkey it. If you must use suboxone, use a low dose. There are many reports from people who were hooked on a few Norcos/day and now have a much bigger monkey on their back. Even though you don't feel high, it is a potent narcotic. F 29 7 months
20 mg -> 2
 4  for pain and to get off opiates In the beginning i had the nodding and that was about 5 yrs ago , but now I've been getting so sleepy and I can't stay awake for very long, could it be the subs doing this ?? F 36 3 times
 5  opiate abuse Other than a mild lingering headache, exedrin es helps, I'm super lucky and am having a great experience with suboxone F 47 3 days
2mg x 3

 3  Pain, Opiate Addiction Lots of energy, didn't sleep well and lost 75lbs. No sex drive at all. This medication is far better than Methadone for addicts to stay clean off opiates and stay clean. No urges to do other drugs at all and you don't gain the weight that Methadone gives some people. It's been a difficult drug to take for me since I have anxiety issues and insomnia problems and this stuff keeps you awake if taken too late in the day. If you're going to take this stuff to get off opiates you only need a very small amount, 2mg or so and I wouldn't take for more than 2-3 days unless you plan on being on it for awhile. This medication is extremely difficult to get off of and I should know since I've done it all. If you are willing to taper off very slowly than maybe this is for you. Otherwise I've almost tried to commit suicide a few times in my mind when getting off of this and never has that problem with other opiates. Something very mental about the withdrawals from it. Very hard and I am in search of help as I write this to get under 2mg is so hard. Go super slow once you get under 4mg to taper. M 47 1.5 years
8mg 3X D

 1  roxy At first sub was like a miracle. Made me feel normal again When I was first tapered ..... Had a job and the withdrawal and lack of sleep made me seek another doctor. Did his program , followed all his rules. I wanted rid of this problem. Then.... Out of the blue after two years of seeing him was told because laws were becoming stricter , he could no longer see me. He gave me my last prescription and told me how to taper. Didn't work. I couldnt afford the other doctors in my area when the withdrawal got so bad I couldn't handle it. It wasn't a 3-5 day thing like foxy. I ended up where I started.... Buying off the street. A higher tolerance so roxy didn't help either. Then one day, I said f*** it all. I had lost my job, my boyfriend and was about to lose my home. I quit cold turkey. Now, 3 months later , I still don't feel normal. Normal , comes and goes. I have good days and then.... Bam. It's like, I have mild withdrawals, upset stomach, diarrhea, stuffy nose, can't sleep. Then it's gone as fast as it came my advise to anyone who wants or thinks suboxone is a good idea... Don't do it. I am 3 months clean and still have no energy. Withdrawal comes and goes. My moods are everywhere and I am just making myself stick it out hoping I didn't do permanent damage to myself. If I had KNOWN that the acute withdrawal would be almost a month and the lingering effects would still be happening, I would have been sick my 3-5 instead. May have been rougher, but when you can't sleep and feel normal as long as me, it looks like a much better option. F 29 3 years
8 mg 2X D
 1  mild withdraws hiccups, vomiting, nausea, cold sweats this drug is ridiculous, I am now certain it is a ploy by pharmaceutical companies to get people to purchase more of they're products. I have taken it once and now 17 hours I am still vomiting. I was a opiate addict for 1.5 years using somewhere around 120mg per day when I was done I sweated it out on the couch and was just fine. this time around I'm barely using and only for about three weeks. I took suboxone, and my experience is way worse than any opiate withdraws. If I were looking to get off opiates, I would seriously consider all other options before taking this. at best this is a good diet pill as I have violently, projectile vomited everything I have put in my body. M 33 1 days
7mg 1X D
 1  A gp told me I had tom
1X D

 5  lupus Its better than being a drug addict looking to rid yourself of pain. I'd rather put up with some mild side effects than the side effects that come with being a dope fiend. Those side effects ruin your lifestyle not just how you feel physically. Everyone is different. If you take any medication and it doesn't work for you then stop taking it. But don't have to tell other people that its a crummy drug because everyone is different. If you take a medication and you find it beneficial then keep taking it. This medication has helped me greatly, and I am happy to put up with some mild side effects. F 29 2 years

 3  250mg day Oxyaddiction Biggest complaints anxiety and depression extremely bad only took the with drawl away thats it feel like shit all the time dont wanna do a damming thing M 43 3 weeks

 4  When I was pregnant I developed DVT After having my child, I didn't want to be near percocets.. suboxone Dr. Prescribed 8mg much too high a dose for me. Made me vomit, feel spacey, derealization, insomnia.. went down to 4mgs and felt better almost instantaneously! F 24 4 months
 5  Opiate addiction This saved my life and stopped me doctor shopping and filling myself up with pain killers. I've been tapering down from 24mg over the last year and am now down to 4mg, I haven't suffered withdrawal doing this. But I've been a few days without my proper dose and the withdrawals are horrible, it's like your whole body is creeping and tickling in an uncomfortable way where it's impossible to keep still while induring it. I'd recommended this to anyone who is serious about getting off drugs. F 37 3 days
 4  chronic pain and opiate abuse Sweating, insomnia, anxiety., sometimes headaches, very hard to motivate but great for pain and stopping desire for opiates! F 41 10 days
16 mg daly

 1  To get off opiates It's harder to get off than opiates y'all are a bunch of lice end Drug Dealers that should choke on your profits and every Doctor prescribing it should get Life in prison without the possibility of Parole and they should drop a nuclear bomb on the place where it is maid ...anyone that takes this drug and try's to get off of it will fill the same way I do M 60 1 days
 3  Crazy Opiate Addiction Bad Taste, Lethargy, Fatigue, Lack of Motivation, Constipation, Weight Loss & extreme inconvenience (Doctors appointments, prescriptions, calling, hoping to not run out, etc..) - Fatigue, feeling sorry for yourself, low testosterone, muscle loss, etc.. Saved my career & and my life. Great for getting off of any opiate... You just have to read, research and take "your recovery" into your own hands. All these morons on this site and every other site are so fucked in the head, pitiful, co-dependent on other people helping them (including Doctors), broke and stupid, they don't have a clue why they're so fucked up and can't quit taking it. They believe every post they read from other idiots in the same situation. Do a little bit of research. It's not a miracle drug, it's a drug that does what it's supposed to do... Biggest tip I can give is to search on Google, but ignore the first 10-15 pages that come up.. Suboxone (like many other drugs, including Androgel, Viagra, etc) received government funding w/ commercials, advertising, etc.. Skip to the last pages on Google to get the read low-do.. Overall, great drug, helped me quit opiates and regain my life. Don't stay on Suboxone for 20 fuckin' years.. 1 year is fine.. 2 weeks is fine.. Just gotta have the willpower to quit Opiates. Bam. M 25 1.2 years
4mg 2X D
 3  Norco Addiction Bad nausea, grogginess and night sweats at start up. After that, extremely low testosterone, fatigue and flat personality. This drug got me off liver killing norcos with almost no withdrawal and zero cravings for two years. Not having cravings is a godsend but if you don't need maintenance get off quickly. The acute withdrawal lasted four weeks and is the worst I've suffered in my entire life, and I've withdrawn from benzos and light opiates many times. M 41 2 years
4mg 2X D

 5  severe pain killer addiction Moderate constipation. Absolutely no other side effects M 56 4 months
 1  pain Extreme exhaustion, heavy sweatting, irritable, very depressed, anxious, and after several weeks large spike in pain level. By the time I decided that this drug was wrong for me I was physically dependent on it. It is impossible to quit taking, the withdrawal is horrible and endless. I'm still tapering off 6 months later, with some months to go. The tapering is miserable. Biggest mistake of my life. Don't take this unles you have no other option!!! F 10 weeks
.5 mg 4X D

 5  opiate dependence (heroin) The main side effect I experienced was severe constipation. I had to use saline enemas and pericolace in order to move my bowels. I also have had problems with temperature regulation similar to what occurs during withdrawal. Aside from these facts, the medicine did help me stop shooting heroin. The thing I can't stand is that Suboxone blocks painkillers, so if I end up in the hospital in pain, I'm screwed...And the medicine is very difficult to get off of and causes withdrawal, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. F 25 2 years
8 mg TID

 5  IV opiate addiction Wonderful drug...after shooting up for years, I did a 3 day detox with Methadone. Shortly thereafter, I relapsed and heard about Sub. My initial detox I was given Subutex, I was sent home on 16 mg Suboxone. I tried shooting up after that, but felt absolutely no "high" as the Sub blocked it. I learned real fast it's a waste of time to use while on Sub. Eventually I weaned myself down to 4mg, and maintain that dose now. If you truly want to get clean this is the drug. It gives me absolutely no high, and the only time I have side effects is if I skip doses and start to withdraw. Another positive, it actually gives some pain relief, as I used to require pain meds for back problems. In my opinion, nobody should be using Methadone, this is much safer and effective. F 42 6 years
 3  Pain control- alternative to opiate Extreme fatigue. Extreme drowsiness, to the point I feel nausea from fighting the tiredness. Foggy feeling. Poor memory. Headaches. I hate the sides. M 49 10 weeks
8mg 3xday
 2  extreme opiate use EXTREME drowsiness, can keep eyes open. Falling asleep sitting, standing, driving, etc. Vomiting, confusion, depressed, head feels very foggy. Also, random pains and itchiness. Works perfectly as far as curbing cravings, but otherwise feel like I'm dying. I can't find info anywhere documenting my side effects; does anyone or has anyone felt this way? Will it go away? I just want to be off the pills for good and I'm panicking that these side effects will never go away!i need this medication. Afraid to take it, afraid to quit taking it..am I taking too much, too little...help! M 33 7 days
 5  Prescription opiate addiction No side effects Suboxone saved my life. I was addicted to prescription opiates for pain. It was a vicious merry go round I was on for thirty odd years and I thought I would die that way. Then one day I was introduced to Suboxone and my life changed from the first dose. No side effects ever! I have been so lucky. Also I am in Australia and Suboxone is free here. I pick up my doses every week and it costs me nothing. I hate to think where I would be now without Suboxone in my life. Also Sub. has a pain killing substance which helps with my chronic pain and that coupled with Topamax, I have never felt better. It has turned my life around. I plead with everyone to please give it a go, it is a wonder drug and who cares if you are swapping one drug for another, it has none of the horrid connotations of the opiates. My life is now 'normal'. F 60 4 years
24 1X D
 1  I am addicted 2 pain killers!!!! I was admit'd 2 a detox facility. I was given 4 doses of sub 4 2 days, 8 mg. I b'came very ill. I was throw'n up, n very very disoriented. The 3rd day of treatment I was n'formed that I had b'n given the wrong dose. I was only supposed 2 hve b'n given 4mg n'stead of 8mg. After n'form'n the doctor about the error that was made by the nurses, he n'form'd me that either thou he prescribed me 4mg it was ok 4 the nurses 2 give me 8mg. I jus don't c where there is any right n that. If the doctor prescribed me 4mg that's what I shld hve b'n given. I'm finally get'n my life back after not b'n able 2 eat 4 14 days. I no that the nurses n doctor was wrong!!!! Plz tell me what u think. Sign'd--- Wrongfully Medicated :):) F 40 10 days
4 mg
 5  Norco/Oxycodone dependence Slight day time sleepiness. Found if I take it morning and my SSRI (antidepressant) at night it lessens that. It's not a problem any longer. For those who say it's trading one addiction for another. Nonsense! I was to the point of seeing 2 Doctors to get pain meds from. Found out that's a nice felony in state where I am. Had no clue. Since Starting Suboxone therapy (was terrified to give up my beloved Oxys)... (had no choice. Got called out by one Dr. For seeing another. To say it was mortifying is understatement) I am not worried about ever weening from this drug. I will later, but if I did to live on this medicine I will. I am not doing stupid things like Dr. shopping, exhausting my brain by constantly fearing running out of pills, no longer isolate myself, slowly going back to work p/t. And doing well in a career I stopped when I was sleeping all day.,, When I was on Oxy I literally laid in bed all day, I am there. for my family again and mentally present. On Oxy, I thought I was always sick and tired and in pain. 3 weeks off those meds, and I feel like I'm 20 years younger. 'i don't feel good. Going to lay down' is no longer my go to phrase. Scariest and best step vie ever made in my life (for the lives of my loved ones as well)... If I'm on it forever I don't care. I am going about it in an honest clean way. Thank you for listening. F 36 3 weeks
12 mg 1X D

 3  6 years of using opiates.. I have been taking opiates for 6 years after 3 surgeries. I was prescribed narcotics and then I eventually got hooked on them. I have been to 3 diffrent rehabs but when I got out each time I would start back taking them again. So today 6/7/2012 I went to see a doctor to get me off of these pain pills. So he put me on Suboxone ( 8 milligrams/ 3 times a day) well I just took my 2nd dose of the buprenorphin pill and I have got severe sleepy and I am very nausiated . I got real weak and jittery. I hope that someone reads my post that maybe of some help to me. I want to get off of the percocets for for good and I want my life back just be normal again. Will these side effects go away ? I am praying so !! I spent $ 230.00 for my doctors visit today plus my suboxone prescription was $ 180.00 to get it filled. It is worth the money to me if this Suboxone treatment helps me. I just want to be normal again and off of the pain pills. If anyone out there reads this please reply. This is the first time I have tried the Suboxone treatment so I'm praying this helps me. I have put it in my head over and over that I can and will overcome this addictition. If someone reads this post please do reply. Any help, comments, etc; I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please do keep me in your prayers !! F 40 1 days
8 mgs.
 1   constipation,sweats,false personality change(you think you are doing great, but it's a false high) developed dependence. I am in my 22nd day of detoxing off this HORRIBLE substitute for opiate addiction. I am in HELL because I am an opiate/addict and the addiction switched from pain pills to Suboxone. I eventually asked for help to get off the Suboxone I ended up in the emergency room with pancreatitis. My doctor asked me if I wanted to taper off Suboxone or get medication that helps with the withdrawals. I chose not to taper (I didn't trust myself to taper as I loved this miracle drug). The withdrawals are severe little sleep chronic shaking lethargy depression, weakness, flu like symptoms, since they wld not allow xanex or valium, anxiety thru the roof! I also don't want to interact with anyone .Trust the people writing the worst about this drug replacing opiates. I too excelled in life with this drug only to find out it gave me enough of a high that I never was my REAL self, in my humble opinion it's a dependency trade off. I felt like I got back to my drug seeking behavior as could not be out of Suboxone. I believe you when you call Suboxone a miracle drug, yes it's short term use, great but the longer you are on it, the less the magic. Good luck to all of you suffering the excruciating withdrawals as I am, and wisdom to those who maintenance with it. F 53 4 years
2mg 3X D
 5  Addict, RSD/CRPS, lupus, other Constipation is miserable! At times had increased anxiety, which i have issues with. At first hard to transition due to the opiates I had been taking for chronic pain (much more than prescribed) I have been extremely happy with this medicine and it helps my pain very well. I had arthroscopy on knee 2 mo ago and my doc gave me same drug I had abused. At first it seemed work good and then remembered all the negative side effects with opiates. Especially how I isolated and was extremely irritable with children. I stopped taking, got rid of them and restarted suboxone, without abusing, thank god. It is awesome medication and I am lucky to still be taking it. So far doctor plans keep me on indefinitely. My worry would be detoxing from it.... I was given it last year also for 2 months and when switched to other pain med that was short acting it was not easy transition. I would recommend this for recovering addicts. Clears head without detox, helps with depression issues, helps for those who have chronic pain issues whether in recovery or not F 39 6 months
3 x day
 5  recovering ddict it has truly saved my life! no i never have experienced bad side effects..after it was my system a mnth or so i truly brgan to work on myself and recovery. it helped to clear my head and actually think. i give it a 2 thumbs up and would probably be dead if my family had not got me into the dr. i see F 29 3 years
 2  chronic pain/opiate dependence Horrible "idiocyncratic" and "highly unusual" (my doc's words) reaction to first and only dose--extreme sleepiness and dizziness, combined with extreme anxiety (I would stop breathing while falling asleep and then gasp for air--leading to no sleep for over a day despite extreme sleepiness), plus profuse vomiting (I think I threw up at least 2 dozen times over 36 hours) and bad headache. Aside from boards like this one describing personal experiences, I could not find information about extreme adverse reactions like mine online -- EXCEPT for case reports where people took benzos, drank alcohol, or otherwise did stuff totally contraindicated. I did none of those things -- and did everything according to the doctor's orders and the patient information on Suboxone -- and yet felt like I was going to die. I have chronic pain and depression, and my psychiatrist (I'm in treatment for depression) said Suboxone would be a way to control the pain without the neurotransmitter side effects of the oxycodone (1-3 tabs per day) that I have been taking for a couple of years. My depression is better but not completely resolved, and my psychiatrist thought my oxycodone use might be playing a role in that. By comparison, he said your brain cannot down-regulate your neurotransmitters in reaction to Suboxone treatment like it can with regular opiates. I don't know if there's any way to know whether you'll be in agony like me, versus helped like other patients, but this seems related to a horrible experience I had with Stadol spray once, which is also apparently a long-term opiate. I also have a bad "dystonic" reaction to Reglan and compazine (anti-nausea drugs). Also, I was very nauseous and tired with both my pregnancies throughout term and am motion-sensitive/get sick easily on rides, in cars, etc. My doc said the nausea area in the brain is close to the par F 40 1 days
2 mg 1X D

 5  heroin addiction Absolutely none! This drug saved my life! I have no cravings, feel great, have desire to be with people I love, and am optimistic of my future. I highly recommend this med for anyone who is addicted to heroin, your bank account will be full of money...sort of (the med is very pricey, but is less expensive than scoring every day). 5 out of 5 for me, great med. M 24 4 days
2mg 2X D

 1  To get off narcotic pain medications Side effects after long term use were extreme fatigue and throughout the use TERRIBLE constipation I was told this was so much better than methadone. My doctor prescribed it for almost 3 years without ever telling me the hell I would go through to get off of it. I went through 8 weeks of completely horrible withdrawals just to get to 2 more months of very bad withdrawals. I was literally unable to do anything and became suicidal. I was even told to start taking it again after I had been going through it for 8 weeks - but there was no way I would go back to that drug. I am now hooked on Xanax which I had to take to get through the withdrawals of suboxone. I did not sleep for 2 months and the panic attacks were awful. This is not the "miracle" cure for opiate addiction - it seemed like it at first but this is a very powerful drug and doctors should educate their patients first before prescribing it. I have been off it for 14 months now, but it took about 6 months to feel better. I would never take this drug again. F 43 3 years
8 2X D
 5  Drug addiction I think some sexual M 35 4 years
8 mg

 5  opiate addiction I love suboxone. Ive been using it almost a week now. Gave me my ife back. The wifey is happy again M 27 4 days

 3  opiate addiction I had leg jerks, hot flashes, insomia (if took it too close to night time) headaches, extremly bad mood swings, but this medication saved my life, it does work for the strongest of users, i can say when i take it i feel normal, like i have my life back, but if i dont have it, its the complete oppisite, im upset, angry, tired and moody, upset stomach, hot flashes, dizzy and horrible migranes. I honestly think you should only be on this medicine to get through withdraw, because like every drug your hooked after awhile, i have been on suboxone for over two years and im a mess without it, you shouldnt have to take anything to feel normal or get you through the day. F 27 2 years
 5  opiate/heroin addiction Constipation, sweating, itching, increased smoking cessation, supresses emotions somewhat, also causes some irritibility. When mixed w/ paxil get some brain zap type dizziness but that's correctable. Despite these, i love suboxone. It has truelly given me my life back! If withdraw slowly and properly you will be fine. I have weened from 18mg a day to 4mg a day (i cut the strips in half) am and pm i take a half. So far no withdrawl side effects whatsever. If you take as prescribed, ween down slowly, and work a good program this medicine will save your life! My hubby is also a recov addict in need of pain management and takes this for that reason which works very well for him to manage his pain as disabled vet. And yes the VA does dispense. Email with questions by all means. I was a heroin addict for over five years, was on mmt and would reccomend this to anyone trying to recover. My insurance does not cover the tri-monthly office visit but does cover the rx, i pay $15 every 3 momths plus $100 for office visit! So $115 every 3 months, is so much more doable than my dope habit. And i don't mind the taste at all its just orange! I love the success of this med so much i would take it if it tasted like poo! F 33 4 years
 1  Fiancé is after using drugs for yrs My fiancé has been on Suboxone for about 6 months and has been off of it for 3days bc we can't afford it at the moment since he recently lost his insurance. My question is how long does it take for someone to go thru withdrawals and be normal again? I honestly wish he wouldn't get anymore and get off them but I have never been a user so I'm not sure the pain he's feeling. He is always cold, legs hurt and he can't control them from shaking and jerking even in his sleep and he's having flu like symptoms. M 36 6 months

 2  Trying to get off pills I have gone through the withdrawals on oxy and methadone before and on Subs my withdrawals were way worse and way longer. I started out at a high dose 32mgs per day for 3 months and cut my dose down to 2mgs per day for over a month. Then tried to go cold turkey and I was in massive withdrawals my 3rd day. Then I called a help line and spoke with a guy named Gary. 1(888)290-3935. Gary told me the real story about Subs and it was really a bad thing to hear while I was sitting there feeling so, bad but it showed me the real picture about this drug. He really made me feel better after our conversation. If I was to do it again I would quit while on oxy or for that matter anything else besides subs. So, everyone knows I am 3 weeks clean and here are a few things that I thought about to get through it. My whole body hurt and I wanted to cut my legs off and at times I wanted to use so bad but I didn’t. I told myself this has controlled my life for 8 years and going through hell for 3-4 w Do not use this drug it is just to keep you on the rollercoaster. All the ups and downs and the need a pill to get through the day is not how you should live life... M 28 4 months
32 4X D
 5  Extreme drug addict Hard to bust. A nut but after 2 months sex is normal and it saved my career and gave me myself back I just hope it stays that way don't ever try methadone please! M 30 7 months
 5   Wanted to itch my nose off of my face, very loopy, vomitting F 19 1 days
8mg 1X D

 1  opiate addiction shaking sweating neausea rapid heat beat. insomnia, leg jerks When I was put on this med 3 years ago they never told me it was 30 times stonger in your brain than morphine. It was a miracle drug so i thought, I was told that by my doctor word for word. I have been of the suboxone for 5 days. I would take opiate withrawls times 2 over this. I have no clue how long this is going to last since its such a new drug and not alot of info about it. If you are thinking about taking this for addiction do not. You are only trading one for the other. In short suboxone was thought to be a wonder drug, its a wonder that there are no law suites YET. F 32 3 years
12 1X D
 1  opiate withdrawal Severe Constipation, Dizzy, Disorientation, Teeth Falling out, insomnia, no sex drive Good luck ever getting off this drug, the withdrawals are way worse than regular opiates. Forget sleeping normally, and if you need emergency pain control you are out of luck since this drug naloxone fills up the opiate receptor. I was hit by a car-nothing worked. Emergency rooms have no clue how to over ride this and dont want to risk OD'ing you on fentanyl. You may think you have your life back, hello you are still addicted to another opiate M 44 2 years
8mg 3X D
 3  Heroin Withdrawal Euphoric, constipation, when placing under tongue do not move, talk, drink fluids or anything for at least 20 minutes or you'll mess up the sublingual effects. Hard to withdrawal from Nothing opiate-like is easy to kick. I have used this medication not only to help withdrawal discomfort from short acting opites like oxycontin, heroin, diuladid but also from methadone at a dose of lower than 30mg. You have to wait until your into your withdrawal before taking or you will get very sick. Just wait as long as you can then you'll feel much better. It's expensive if you have no insurance but I find it much superior to methadone for withdrawal due to being able to get a months prescription immediately and not like a methadone clinic which you have to go to it everyday for 2 months before you can even get a weeks worth of carry homes. Now I would also say unles you want to be on methadone or suboxone for a long time and go through very difficult withdrawals that those 2 opiate therapy drugs should just be used for less than a week to get off short acting opiates and they work great that way. If you choose to get stable than taper very slowly if on it for a month or more or your withdrawals will be quite intense and drawn out. I much prefer suboxone to methadone. You don't gain weight, sweat like a pig and nod out. Of course everyones different but thats been my issues when starting out on methadone. If you are just wanting to get off short acting opiates it's a great drug if you, once again, only use for a week or even 2 days would be fine because of the long half-life. Being dependent on any drug sucks and being free of them all is the way life should be. Don't let your doctors try to tell you they M 44 1 months
8mg 1X D
 1  opiate relapse Severe constipation; addiction to sugar/chocolate/ice cream: no laughter This is a substitute bs drug that one can take for a while...but at the end ofthe day the opiate addiction is still there. Im on day 16 off Suboxone and it has been hell on earth. I have no energy and my mind is very much not okay. This drug is not the answer. Shoudve gone to DEtox when i repased. Drug stole my happy. The withdrawal off this mwdicine is 10 times harder than normal short acting opiates. Beware.thanks F 33 11 months
8mg 1X D

 4  Opiate addiction none at the right dose, when I take too much it makes me sleepy, constipated, and kills my sex drive. I think it is a great drug if you have an opiate problem and need to get off of them. It can give you your life back to a degree, although as long as you're on it you're still on a very powerful narcotic. You have to be ready to get off the opiates for it to work. If you don't need maintenance you can detox fairly quickly with it and this is probably the best way to use it. However some people such as my self can only clean up their act to a certain extent, for me a daily dose of sub gives me the ability to live a normal life again. I have detoxed off of subs a few times but ultimately relapsed and have just stayed on subs since then. Great drug if you're ready to get off opiates for good or stay on an opiate maintenance drug. The lower the dose the better, since it is very powerful at even the 1mg range. 1mg would probably knock out a person who has no opiate tolerance. Bottom line is yes you don't need as much as your doctor may prescribe you most of the time, but some people need a higher dose and need to stay on it for longer periods of time. I think it's the lesser of the two evils since it allows an opiate addicted person to balance out their life. M 32 9 months
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 5  addicted to Norco A little bit of sleepiness,nothing more. This is my second day at posting a blog and tomorrow will be my fourth day taking Suboxone.Once again, I've had no side effects other then a small amount of sleepiness. Maybe there will be more as I progress but I dont think so. I had been taking Trazadone prior to starting Sboxone for sleep issues so I believe thats playing a part. I've been reading alot of comments regarding the effects & also how much time they've been on the medication.I'm really not understand it! I have insurance so I only paid $25 for the Dr. visit & my insurance covered over half the price of the medicine. Also, I dont get WHY some people need to take or are advised to take this medicine as long as they've been told to take it for! My dr. told me that if all is well next Monday that hes going to start weaning me down. He said one should start weaning down as soon as the body can tolerate things & that the sooner one can get off the medicine the better. He stated that I should definitely be off in under a month. However, my dr. isn't one of those fly by the mill docs who get a kick out of prescribing people who are completely clueless about the drug to taking it for unecessarily long periods of time. Thats just plain sad for these dr.s to profit off of people in life threatening situations. If you have insurance, are SERIOUS about getting your life back, are WILLING to admit your life is unmanageable, find yourself a damn good dr. who is familiar with de F 37 3 days
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 5  addicted to Norco I'm on going on my 3rd day of detoxing with Suboxone and have had not ONE side effect. I had been addicted to Norco for about a year & a half. I was taking enough at one time to kill 3-4 people & really knew if I didn't put a stop to it I'd wind up dead eventually. So when my script was up I decided to & definitely with my husbands support to finally stop the cycle.I made some phone calls & was referred to a dr. at an Urgent Care facility nearby.$25 later I was put on an outpatient Suboxon regimen & on my way to recovery. As said, Im going on day 3 tomorrow & just cant wait to see what the future holds. I dont really have the "wanting" or craving for the Norco either. My Suboxon was only $40 due to my insurance but I realize so many people out there that dont have that privelege & i wish them all the best of luck! F 37 3 days
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 4  Heroin/methadone addiction MASSIVE constipation. Sleepy after taking it. Lack of sex drive. Lack of appetite. Lost 30lbs in 3 months. Tried detoxing off heroin using methadone. Was on MMT for 5 years, the last 2 1/2 detoxing. Could not get past 32mg's w/out ending up in the E.R.. Decided to try Suboxone. Started at 16mg's/day and weened myself down to 1.5 mg's/day, NOT following my drs' orders. I know enough that you should get off this as quick as possible, unless you use it as treatment, or you become very dependant, and w/drawals will last longer than needed. People need to know that you need to get to a VERY LOW dose, (less than 1mg/day), for w/drawals to be tolerable. Everyone trying to detox off this should learn about the "liquid taper" method. That's the only way to get your dose real low and accurate. I use an empty asprin bottle, crush up an 8mg pill, then add 8ml's of water to make a liquid, then use a childs med dropper to suck up what I need. This way I know I'm getting .5 mg's everytime I dose. It's WAY better than methadone detox, but if you can, detox off your DOC instead of either of these two drugs. The half-life is a real bitch to get use to. Plus the cost is insane. $350.00 just to see the dr., then almost $600.00/month for the script. Massive rip-off. So far, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being super sick, detoxing off Subs is a 5 or 6. Wish I would have just kept detoxing off heroin instead of going down these roads, but it does allow you to get your head straightened out. M 34 3 months
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 4  Opiate addiction I definitely agree with everyone who said they experience infrequent BMs, but usually that's just a part of opiate addiction anytime. It gives me energy but it also still causes nausea every now and then after three years. I'm still not used to the awful taste either so don't get your hopes up on that. Other than side effects, it's great. It definitely saved my life but it won't do it on its own. "Works if you work it" kinda thing. I'm sure we've all heard that -.^ F 23 3 years
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 5  oxys energy when taking the subox but not mucg energy when not taking sub this drug was amazing BUT sorry but doc DONT use this drug the right way. I was taking 8 - 80 mg oxy's/day and decided to use suboxone. I did 8mg/2 days, 6mg/3days, 4mg/3days, 2mg/week and no side effects or withdrawl. It only took three weeks. DO NOT USE THIS DRUG HOW YOUR DOCTOR WILL TELL YOU. DO NOT STAY ON IT FOR MONTHS AND OR YEARS. Methadone/suboxone clinics are horrible money making schemes. for every pill your doctor prescribes you they make a despensing fee off it, therefor the doctors will tell you you need to be on it for months or years because everyday they get make the fee! they want to keep you on as long as they can thats why they recomend 1/2 year treatment plans, and for methadone its even worse, its totally unecessary and all about the money. The reason you dont stay on sub for more thAN A month is because your body will gain a tolerence, and once your body has that tolerance you become addicted to it and when you decide to quit the subox you will withdrawl. If you are only on for a couple weeks or one month your body doesnt take that time to develope a dependance, and along with the constant weening, you dont experience anything. SO use subox as quickly as you can and dont listen to the methadone doctors or pharmacies because they want to make that $10 fee for everry pill you are perscribed. the methadone doctor here in T.O runs like 3 clinics here and three in peterborough and makes $25 000 a week of despensing fees......RIDICULOUS!!! DONT STAY ON FOR MON F 25 2 weeks
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 3  opiate tolerance from many surgerie Severe tiredness (slept 14-16 hrs a day), constipation, headache, stomachache, loss of taste in mouth, Tried to be proactive and switch to suboxone from diluadid 2mg every 4 hrs. I was having difficulty coming off the diluadid when it was cut in half. My pharmacist Uncle suggested to give suboxone a try. I didn't have an addiction to the medicine but a tolerance and just needed help to slowly decrease the medicine. I have had 4 surgeries in 4 years and have decreased myself off of percocet and hydrocodone on numberous occations but the diladid was too tough. I went on the suboxone for about 2 weeks but do not like it. I'm severly tired, constipated and feel that this medicine many not be for me. I spoke with my doctor and he is going to put me back on hydrocodone 10mg to ween myself. My dr and I have a great relationship and we have a trust over 4 years during my ordeal with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I hope to ween myself off of hydrocodone and feel better than this suboxone...yuke. M 33 2 weeks
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 5  pain management RSD None Allowed me to have my life back. I could not get out of bed and was intense pain even taking 90Mg of oxycontin. Now I just take the suboxone and have no pain whatsoever! F 53 2 years
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 5  Opiate dependence In the beginning: euphoria, immediate relief from opiate cravings/dependence withdrawal-free, dizziness all day, extreme nausea for first nine months, threw up a lot. Euphoria went away after first day or two and then just the other side-effects. But it got me off of opiate dependence. Also had insomnia, constipation, weight gain, sadness, over-emotional, food cravings, felt like a wet blanket thrown over me, foggy. But still a God-send. Now down to 1 to 2 MGs twice a day. Tapering down slowly. Experiencing extreme lethargy, tiredness, yawning and sleeping a lot. Happy and excited when i take it, sleepy and lifeless when i don't take it. But still no craving for other pain pills. So just going to keep tapering down. Better than being addicted to pain pills. Suboxone saved my life. Couldn't recommend it enough. Just want to get off it completely now. M 40 14 months
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 3  Oxycontin addiction Speedy feeling like an actual speedball. Lost weight quickly, not good I was already skinny enough. If I would have used this drug for 1 week then gotten off I woulda never had any withdrawals from the oxy's. But I started at 8mg and tapered gradually to 1mg over 3 months then cold turkey. Then 1 month off from work because the withdrawals are pretty darn close to methadone. Whats the point of substituting one drug for another. The only way I'd use this regularly is if you just cannot live without drugs but I would probably go with mmt. M 42 3 months
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 5  roxy and oxy addiction headches slight depression i am very happy with my decision to go on suboxen. i am sure i do not have to share with you the exacts of how bad my life was before (broke homeless, scared, ALL FOR PILLS. WTF???) i have been expeirencing bad headaches but totally worth it. i am concerned after reading some comments about coming off of suboxen. but my doc has me on a 2 year de tox plan and he stressed to me the only way i will get better is if i go to NA meetings. i guess by making myself find time to go to these meeting( full time job and single mom to a 6 month old) three times a week it makes the part of my brain that was messed up from the opiate addiction start working again. Obviously i have not been on the suboxen long so only time will tell. But i think everyone should try to attend some NA meetings it was truly amazing how good feel after listening and talking to other addicts. Especially because i now know that i am not alone. If anyone needs a friend or has any questions please email me:) GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE YOU CAN DO IT!!!! F 26 20 days
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 1  addiction severe constipation, gross taste, no personality or interest in anything, severe insomnia This drug is so much harder to get off than short acting opiates. It leaves you with bad depression and insomnia. There is no easy way to get off opiates, taper. DO NOT substitute this evil opiate for another. It will mess up your brain M 44 90 days
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 4  addiction Sex drive has gone down. Constipation. I don't see all the negative views on this medication like a lot of the others here in this post. I take a Viagra type med for sex if I need to, but the sex drive has come back considerably. As far as the constipation goes.. don't be afraid to keep a bottle of stool softeners at your bed stand. If I notice I have NOT gone in 2 days, I will take 3 softeners and that always does it. The Suboxone has such a long half life. You just cannot feel sick on this medication even if you miss an entire day. Once I had to take myself off of it for other reasons and I used Tramadol quite liberally after I felt my self coming off the Suboxone but I handled that fine, the ultram worked. Suboxone has HELPED ENTIRELY WITH DEPRESSION AND GAD (ANXIETY). It took my craving for oxy's away and for that I am soo grateful. For those who don't like keeping the pill in their mouth for that long try different things! The best way for super fast absorption is by crushing the pill into a fine powder and sliding the powder under your tongue. It melts in 2 minutes! This med is one med I Do recommend! Think of all the trouble you used to get into getting and doing drugs! Just try the medication it might SAVE your life! Any questions, feel free to contact me I left my email:) The best of luck to everyone! M 33 3 days
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