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 4  Quit smoking Very effective in diminishing craving; have noticed slow increase in time each day, before I need to take it. Exacerbated slight hand tremor, to point where whole arm shaking. And a marked loss of power to throw. Dr recommended back on to beta blocker, when shaking is bad. M 72 7 days
150mg 2X D
 5  Smoking cessation Slightly dry mouth, no other effects noticed by me, however adult daughter said I was "flat" and lacking ususal oomph.I should add that I did lose a little self confidence but only for about three weeks. After smoking for almost 50 years, and getting through 25-30 cigs per day, and after three previous failed attempts to quit(patches, Hypnosis, etc)this is in my view a wonder drug. I took 1 tab daily for 3 days, then 2 tabs daily, am and pm and smoked my last cigarette on the 7th day. I had absolutely no cravings from day one of stopping. My Dr. had prescribed 3 months of Zyban, I stopped taking it after 2. i am now 18 weeks smoke free and will never smoke again. I see people smoking and think they look weird and wonder why they do it!! My daughter says my oomph is back-I never knew it had gone!!. As far as I am concerned this is a wonder drug. F 66 2 months
cant recal 2X D

 5  Quit smoking Vivid dreams that were not at all unpleasant. A bit of dry month. I wish I had taken this before I stopped smoking. I quit cold turkey for two months after 40 years of smoking. I soon had a serious case of insomnia that led to major depression. After 10 days on this drug, I started sleeping OK, and was more or less functional. That's on 150 mg. That was enough to do the trick, so I didn't up it to 300. M 65 2 months
 2  To stop smoking I have stopped smoking but have been extremely depressed and feel like running away. I don't think this is missing the cigarettes as much as something in the drug itself. It is scary sometimes. Just really down and out from this but must quit smoking. F 65 4 weeks

 1  to quit smoking Experienced lack of sleep, waking every hour, quit after two weeks,started the treatment in November 2004, in March 2005 noticed hair loss, by April holes appeared all over scalp - Dr diagnosed Alopecia - no cure and not known why it occured! within 3 months I lost all the dark hairs on my head and only very fine white hairs remained, I am 65yrs old and did have greying temples, however, my hair has changed it's texture from a thick dark brown colour to snowy white and is very thin and fine in texture. I have not beeen stressed and can find no other reason than that Zyban caused this dramatic effect.Would be very interested if anyone out there has experienced the same problem. cliff.freeman@btconnect.com It may work for some but it did not work for me, I am a snowy white haired male now and my friends do not recognise me! M 65 2 weeks
 1  Stopping Smoking Agitation, memory loss, complete change of personality, angry and depressed most of the time. Constantly arguing with my husband, tired all the time. Nausea, loss of appetite. This is a dangerous drug. I have stopped taking it after only 5 days and will look for other ways to stop smoking. The possible seriousness of side effects are not properly explained. This drug should not be on the market!!! F 65 5 days
150mg 2X D
 4  to quit smoking shakiness - constant buzzing in my head - quit taking it after 5 weeks and still have the buzzing 8 months later F 64 35 days

 5  stop smoking I have been a smoker for 40 years. Struggling to quit for 20 years. I took Zyban 6 years ago and after 3 days had lost interest in smoking. Never smoked since. Cannot remember side effects they cannot have been that serious HOWEVER, I had a serious episode on the last day of the treatment. I became enraged at a neighbour who had been giving me a hard time for 5 years and I went in his garden and destroyed it, like the Incredible Hulk. Next thing I know, I wake up in bed with total memory loss of the last 20 minutes. I have a question. SInce I quit smoking with Zyban, (6 years) I have been a different person. No enthusiasm for life , no interest in doing anything. I used to be very active, I now spend my time reading and playing with computer. Not depressed, just going through the motions, without any real motivation. Is it possible that ZYban has permanently affected my brain? affecting the reward centres ? Anyone with the same experience, months after quitting with Zyban ? ALso a message to all of you who feel depressed. I have stopped smoking many times, cold turkey or with patches and everytime I would feel very angry. Within days I would hate my life and everyone in it and feel suicidal. It is the nicotine withdrawal. No Zyban. Talk to your GP. Get antidepression pills. Nicotine addiction is very serious and there are a lot of withdrawal side effects -physical and emotional. You are not being a sissy by getting help. F 63 60 days
1X D
 5  smoking chronic insomnia, increased appetite, vivid dreams. After smoking for 44 years, Zyban allowed me to give up smoking with no cravings at all.On day 36 and 10 days to go.Good thing I'm retired as I'm tired all the time- but it's well worth it! M 62 36 days

 1  stop smoking unable to sleep stomach problems I took Zyban 8 years ago - and I still have problems sleeping - so much so my Dr has prescribed a mild sleeping pill to enable me to have 5/6 hrs per night so I can still keep my job. F 62 14 days
2X D

 1  To quit smoking Stroke & Siezure Lost 5 years out of my life. Left me with a siezure disorder, panic disorder, double vision, heart problems and numberous other life-threatening disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Taking this pill is like playing Russian Roulet. F 62 9 days
 4  Stop Smoking After 16 days a nettle rash appears on chest and back, not too annoying and can live with it. Always a pill stuck in throat feeling, thats about all. I have actually managed for the first time ever to resist having a cigarette for several days and still don't need one. Used in conjunction with smaller patches it seems have the desired effect. I will now try weaning myself off both Zyban and patches M 61 16 days
 1  Quit smoking I had appearing a rash on my penis. It was literally raw. I went to my doctor and was treating me for some kind of burn . I figured out it was not external but internal. Once I stopped taking it, I began to heal. I even contacted the FDA to let then know of my adverse reaction to this drug. M 60 7 days

 1  quitting cigarettes Day 1 - Slight jumpiness during the day and at night trouble settling down. Day 2 - No desire to smoke. Had diahorrea. Could not sleep for hours. Day 3 - Diahorrea again. Began to twitch in bed again little sleep. Day 4 - Itchy anus, moderate rectal bleeding, again in bed very unpleasant twitching all night no sleep at all, spastic like twitching with arms and hands. After these experiences I stopped immediately. Can't imagine anyone accepting these side effects is it me that is allergic? I am not allergic to anything else and tolerate new things easily. Other meds include multi vitamins and slow release tramadol for pain. M 59 4 days
150 1X D
 1  Smoking cessation Extreme bouts of rage,awful,frightening feeling. I do not recommend this drug. I am quitting smoking without any meds...5 weeks without so far do not take this drug F 58 4 days
dont know 1X D

 5  Quite smoking Slept better than ever. Used to awake at 3:30 AM and stay up. Now I slep to the alarm. It's great and the only real side effect is waking up during the night with a hugh erection (honest). Have taken it for 11 month and feel it's a god sent to my not wanting to smoke. M 57 11 months

 3  quit smoking Have been feeling jittery, tinitus F 57 4 days
1 tab 1X D

 5  stop smoking Stomach pain,weird dreams.jittery.dizziness Haven't had the urge to smoke.Using patches alsoI am experiencing a very tender stomach.I guess that's 1 of the side effects I hope it's nothing else M 56 40 days
 5  Stop smoking Bizarre dreams, insomnia, constipation My third attempt to stop using Zyban. I'm fine while taking it but have always relapsed when I stop. This time the cravings and urge to smoke are much diminished so I'm hopeful it's third time lucky. M 56 28 days

 3  Quit Smoking Day 7. My prostate is acting up a little more than usual and I have to get up in the night to pass water 5 or 6 times instead of 1 or 2. When I smoke a cigarette now it's like drinking de-alcoholized beer. The smell, taste and other physical sensations are there but it's like something should be happening in my mind, but isn't. It appears that whatever mental effect I get from nicotene isn't happening. Very much like the first few months of total abstinence when I detoxed from over thirty years of alcohol and drug addiction. I mean after the physical part was over and the suppressed emotions started coming out. Trying to quit nicotene cold turkey brought horrible and chaotic blasts of suppressed emotions which caused depression and other negative "in the now" emotional reactions. Zyban is like that but much more gradual and more bearable. I've been through this kind of mental confusion 6 years ago and I know from experience that the emotions sort themselves out. M 56 7 days

 1  Quit smoking Nausea, bad stomach pains, back pain, sore throat,joint pain,exhaustion,bad heartburn,insomnia, unable to concentrate, no motivation to do anything at all. After two weeks on this drug I have no desire to smoke - or do anything else such as get up in the morning. It worked very well in removing the desire to smoke but I stopped taking it yesterday as the side effects became way too much to deal with. Now I feel like I've been thoroughly poisoned and run over by a truck. I suspect this is a potentially very dangerous drug and I note that it is banned in some countries. I would only use it as a last resort to kick a very heavy smoking habit. M 56 14 days
 1  Quit Smiking Up until the time I took Zyban to help quit smoking, I was 100% healthy. Right after taking Zyban I began to bloat. Although urinating is not difficult my bladder remains very full and I feel no urge to urinate until it is very very full. This condition has persisted for 4 years. Don't smoke anymore. M 56 14 days
 1  to stop smoking it caused a brain aneurism F 56 3 weeks

 5  Quit Smoking Poor quality sleep at night and felt tired during the day. I noticed I'd get very frustrate a lot easier than I normally would. I didn't really notice any other major side effects. I am surprised how easily I was able to quit smoking. I stopped smoking 12 days after I started taking Zyban. I had been smoking 3/4 pack per day for over 30 years. I am just now decreasing my dosage to stop taking the drug. I get strong cravings from time-to-time, but it is easy to direct my attention elsewhere. M 55 9 weeks

 5  to quit smoking Slight tremors, occasional insomnia. Everyone who's thinking of trying this drug, not everyone has awful side affects. Personally, I LOVE this medication. Better than Chantix, which made me nauseous. F 55 3 weeks

 5  Smoking Constantly feeling sick and dizzy, though not been sick. Cannot sleep, only get a few hours each night, so am also very tired. Fealt a bit jumpy and restless and have been a bit short with people and more ready to argue the toss etc. Cant get a hard on etc. Stopped smoking on day 8 without really noticing or thinking about it. Have not had any problems like wanting a cig so far after 4 weeks. Side effects are very real and could put some people off using this, but in my case I am glad I took it, though cannot wait for the doctor to say I dont need it any more. M 55 28 days
150 2X D
 3  To stop smoking Insomnia, anxiety, aching limbs, dry mouth, chest ache. Having been smoking for 40 years I have actually kicked the habit thanks to Zyban. M 55 9 weeks

 1  quit smoking Blurred vision, my depth perception was shot, my eyeballs felt like they were bulging out of my head. Couldn't eat, sleep, felt panicky and paranoid. I was afraid that I'd be stuck feeling like that for the rest of my life. It was a hellish week. It's been over 2 days since I stopped dosing and most of the residuals from the side effects are gone and I feel so much better, back to my old self. Whew! The thought of people under the influence of this drug out there driving is extremely disconcerting. F 55 1 weeks

 1  to quit smoking 9/06 Dorothy, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. I can't believe this stuff is legal. We'd be better off and definitely safer doing LSD to quit smoking! At least with that you know what you're getting. I don't know WTF this stuff is but it ain't good. Remember, they say it helps to break nicotine addiction but THEY DON'T KNOW WHY. If you're into finding out what a psychotic episode is like, keep dropping these babies. F 55 7 days

 1  To quit smoking Insomnia, constipation, depression, confusion, memory loss. I stopped taking Zyban after 10 days because of side effects. It is now 30 months on and I still suffer the side effects. I did not have these symptoms before Zyban. I quit cold turkey at 20 for 2 years: at 30 for 18 months: at 40 for 2 years and did not suffer these side effects. I believe I could have and should have quit without Zyban. My Doctor did not warn me of the side effects. I think Zyban should be banned. M 55 10 days

 1  quit smoking insomnia, major depression, anxiety attacks i cannot believe they are allowed to sell this stuff. It should not be allowed as a cure for smoking anything, including cigarettes, crack cocaine, speed etc. Those drugs pale in comparison to Zyban. This is by far the worst drug I've ever taken. If you sold it on the street you would be killed within a day. Stay away at all costs. M 55 6 days

 1  Quit smoking Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus). An extremely stiff neck (needed a massage to release tension). My face felt like it was sun burnt and skin peeled off. Hives on my neck and shoulders. De-personolised feeling....agitated, very depressed. Aching feet. Insomnia, nightmares...the list goes on!! On the positive side I think that taking the Zyban suppresed my cravings for a ciggie, and I felt ok for about the first 3 or 4 days, then I stepped up the dose to 2 x 150mg per day after a week, this is when the side effects really kicked in. I thought maybe it was just me reacting to this drug, but obviously not!! I stopped taking the Zyban after 3 weeks, as I felt so bad....this should be a happy time having kicked a 40 year habit, but I felt worse than before I quit. The good news is I have been ciggie free for a month now, and slowly feeling better in myself. I read on the net that it takes a week or more for the drug to clear itself from the body once stopped. I would be reluctant to recommend taking Zyban. M 55 3 weeks
150mg 2X D
 1  to stop smoking started out taking 1 pill (150mg) a day, no problem , day 2 noticed sleep disturbance day 3 3 hours of sleep day 4 increased to twice a day uncontrollable crying even woke up crying day 5 still crying....stopped taking Zyban would never take this drug again, hated the side effects F 55 5 days
150 1X D

 4  quit smoking Vivid, weird dreams, irritability and hostility/anger/agitation, sleep interruptions, strange thoughts, though not psychotic or destructive (disturbing because I can't control them), sadness (though this may be from missing cigarettes) This is my second time with Zyban (first time, 15 years ago). A 1.5-to-2-pack-a-day guy, I'm down to from 4 to 8 only at night. The pleasure receptors shut down, cigs taste weird, satisfaction and craving all but gone, yet I fear that I still won't totally stop while taking a very strong mind drug. I'll give it another week. Don't like the strange thoughts and the vivid dreams, although they have not been too unpleasant yet. M 54 2 weeks
 4  Quit smoking Day 15 and still taking the Zyban. Some of the side effects have gone but I think these were related to the nicotine withdrawl not the Zyban. The worst side effect for me has been a skin rash and not being able to sleep M 54 15 days
150 1X D

 3  To Quit Smoking Dry mouth, agitation, crying, hysteria, reduced depression Zyban helped me to stop smoking and lessened depression. I haven't had a cigarette in 3+ months. But lately I'm much more agitated, cry easily, and work myself into hysteria when life stress feels overwhelming. I am tapering down and will stop taking the drug next week. F 54 3 months

 1  Stop Smoking After having only taken 4 150mg tabs, on the second day, I was lying in bed that night and my chest was tight, I had tingling in my left arm and fingers and I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack. I was so sick, I nearly had my wife call an ambulance. I have stopped taking them and thrown them in the bin. I will have to try some other method of ceasing the smokes. This drug is DANGEROUS and should be banned. M 54 2 days

 1  to stop smoking spacey, stomach upset , sick at stomach every second of every day, felt like I was having a heart attack, rash, couldn't breathe, muscles jumping, go off into a trance,I got so sick I was lucky to make it to the bathroom, I would get this really weird feeling. This medication is awful. I wouldn't suggest anyone take it . It just about killed me . I took it for about 28 days . I knew it was causing me problems 5 days after I started it, but continued because the doctor insisted . So I hung on for 28 days and stopped. It made me so weak. I can't work or breathe or do anything much. I also was taking 3 other medications the doctor know about them and still gave me the Zyban. I found out later you aren't suppose to take Zyban with any of the medications I was taking. Now not one doctor will believe me when I say it was the Zyban. I know it was because I can tell you the exact day.They tell me they haven't heard of anyone who has had any side effects of Zyban. So tell your doctor. F 54 28 days

 4  to stop smoking Hot flushes. Think there could be hair loss. Dry mouth. F 53 56 days
150mg 2X D

 4  Stop smoking jittery, wide awake feeling, feeling of time slowing down. More vocal. I have used zyban before and quit smoking for 3 years. Went back to smoking when my mom passed away. Trying to quit again with zyban and have smoked 7 cigarettes in 5 days. Am positive that I can make it this time. The craving is gone and I only take zyban once a day. F 53 19 days

 2  Quit Smoking First day was a slight buzz that kept me from impulses, second day through the first week (150mg daily) no effect, or very mild. Second week (300mg) too intense, and very spaced out feeling. Had too stop over the next two days and it was a horrible withdrawal. My doctor office is littered with products (clocks, calendars, etc) from pharmaceutical companies and their salespeople are always in the waiting room. My doctor just gives out samples all the time and never really mentioned side effects. Don't take this without reading more. My doctor (a kid, really) is explaining to me basic anatomy I learned before she was born! M 53 16 days

 2  stop smoking, depression I can't sleep at all. My legs and arms are jerking around all night long...VERY frustrating. Time can be confusing...thinking 4 min. was 1/2 hour. Started taking 2 a day for 2 days. This is day three and I will only take one. Took it at 5:15am. I feel somewhat spacey all day, get really tired and can't sleep a wink. Thinking of stopping this drug before it messes me up. F 53 3 days

 1  To stop smoking Couldn't possibly start to describe all of the side effects but here are a few. Very thirsty all of the time, my mouth is so dry but drinks do not quench the thirst. Constipation and then chronic diarrhoea with unbearable stomach cramps. I can't sleep if I do it's for a maximum of 2 hours I clock watch all night, understandably I am exhausted. I cannot concentrate on anything, even driving which is a bad thing. That prompted me to look for this site as I mounted a kerb a couple of times and found myself weaving all over the road. I will either kill myself or someone else so no more. This is my elevnth day and yes I stopped smoking on day 2 but am definately not myself. I have no appetite and wretch when I try to eat which I know I have to just to try and get through the day. I will be buying patches tomorrow because at the moment I aren't sure what is the lesser of two evils! Cigarettes or Zyban.... F 53 11 days

 1  To quit smoking Felt like I was going to pass out, itchy rash, fast and irregular heartbeat, feeling like I am 'out of it', loss of appetite, dry mouth, feeling of dread like my life is going to end, sent my blood pressure through the rough, tightness around my head and chest pains!!!! WARNING - DO NOT TAKE ZYBAN..NOT ENOUGH KNOWN ABOUT THIS DRUG..doctor told me to come off them straight away, have been off them now for 5 weeks, still have side effects, having to go for 24hr ECG - shitting myself!!! I quite agree with the comment of 666 drug, it is evil. I just want my life back, cannot drive myself for fear of passing out behind the wheel. ENTER THE TWILIGHT ZONE AT YOUR PERIL!!!! F 53 21 days
 4  To give up smoking Very calm, although more ready to speak my mind instead of bottling it all up! Cigarettes tasted nasty after 10 days, although if they are there I still want to smoke them - otherwise really not bothered about them anymore. Itching started 3 days ago, more in the early evening when the heating is on. Not stopping me sleeping in fact getting best sleep for years. The itching is really troublesome, but I still would rather this than any mroe cigarettes, so I will go with it - using Eurax lotion. Itching seems to move around my body, one place one moment, another the next. Warning - make sure you leave 8 hours between pills - I made the mistake of taking 2 together the first time I doubled up - I felt absolutely awful and took 2 days to settle down again - entirely my fault for not reading the packet. Itch, itch, itch, itch, but no fags! F 52 17 days
 1  to quit smoking/antidepressant I spent last night in emergency with severe chest pains. This was the tenth day on the drug and my quit date. I was REally anxious and having panic attacks before taking Zyban which is why I needed the antidepressant part of the drug besides wanting to quit smoking) but everything got worse... I could not stop crying and could not think or speak properly for the last 5 days) so I stopped taking it since I found this site and had to go to emerg last night. Doctor did not warn me of possible side effects ... STUPID DOCTOR! Had I been aware of what this drug might do, I would have stopped it after 5 days instead of 10. I think it's dangerous. F 52 10 days

 5  Severe depression Brief dry mouth initial sleeplessness while dose was split between morning and evening. This ceased when changed to one dose per day. Slight tingling at back of tongue. I need to take dose early in morning, around 6am or I experience difficulty sleeping. Have noticed certain amount of emotional lability but this is minor and may be due to being able to feel again after being so flat. No decrease appetite. Gone off wine and beer. No pain or increase in dream intensity. Able to get up in morning and achieve tasks set for day. No longer napping during day. Concentration improved. Motivation improved. This drug certainly works well for me. Please note, most people will complain if dissatisfied and almost no one will compliment if they are happy with product. There are millions out there happy with zyban but can't be bothered to say so. I will monitor for any changes with longer term use. F 51 28 days
450 1X D
 5  to quit smoking Now that I am on two tabs a day I find I wake at about 3.am. and stare at the ceiling for a few hours. However, I feel this is a small price to pay for quitting smoking. I feel that as soon as I quit Zyban my sleep pattern will return to normal I have smoked for 35 years. Loved every ciggie I had..but it was time to quit. I feel a lot better. skin tone has improved and I dont smell of nicotine. I also feel that it was a huge monkey on my back which dictated my life...ie..where could I smoke the next cigarette..whose house would I be allowed to smoke in...who needs this kind of pressure.. F 51 1 months

 3  smoking Moderate to severe GI Tract problems--GERD, constipation, Flatulence, cramps,the Trots, fluid retention, bloating, (Large water weight gain)etc Bad taste, dry mouth, ringing ears,Stimulant effects, Insomnia, Spacey. Dull headache. Dry eyes. It Worked--I quit. 5 smokes/day for 2 weeks ...and then zippo since!! Urge to smoke killed in less than 20 days (cig Flavor killed).(150 mgs-2 weeks--then 200 mgs --then 300 mgs --now down to 150 mgs every other day.) Smell improved. Taste improved. Breathing great-never cough anymore. 10 days of heavy dark "Lung-gunk"--very little since. Very productive Jan-Feb at work. Slept 3-4 hrs / nite. ( 5 -7 is normal) Work horse feeling- No Procrastination--except for GI issues and bathroom. Slowing down a bit here in March. reducing dose to every other day. Trying to hold on for 5 more days..and then titrate down to once every 3 days, then 4 days, then 1x/week...then Zippo by April 15th. I tried the other (Vanceril) but GI side effects were worse !! I lasted 3 weeks on it. Zyban is very similar--just not as intense. I wanted to blow someone's head off on the Vanceril. Guts/GERD really baaaad on that Drug. Less so on Zyban. Good luck all !! Nebraska M 51 70 days

 3  Stop smoking Nausea, hives, shortness of breath Was admitted to hospital and treated for anaphylactic shock - given cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory tablets. Very jittery and anxious, body aches. Does take away desire to smoke, although I haven't stopped completely. F 51 4 weeks
300mg 2X D

 1  quit smoking Spontaneous profuse sweating from head and neck. Feelings of impending doom. Lack of sleep. M 51 2 days

 5  stop smoking slight dry mouth - any other side effects were due to withdrawal from nicotine. Absolutely brilliant. It made my quit so much easier. Perhaps the bad experiences people describe are due to the fact that they are withdrawing from nicotine? Just a thought? I would definately say give it a go! F 50 14 days

 2  Smoking Cessation After three days of one pill per day, I upped the dosage to two. On the evening of the fifth day I noticed restlessness and sleeplessness--as though I had overdosed on coffee. Last night (day six) was very unpleasant. I got about two hours sleep and couldn't stop thinking about a personal conflict I uncharacteristically embraced the day before. Today I took only one pill, but I still feel dry-mouthed, agitated, impatient, short-tempered, and--my wife assures me--I am behaving here and there like a real bastard. I haven't altered my smoking habits yet, but I have noticed that the cigarettes aren't as satisfying as they were before. I'll give this a few more days at one pill a day. If I still feel as crappy as I have the past several days, I'll dump Zyban. I think my MD should try this stuff before prescribing it to another patient; my pharmacist should try it, as well. I was told about the possibility of insomnia and the rare seizure--not that I would feel like I spent three days in a crack house. M 50 7 days

 1  smoking cessation sleep disturbances, waking every hour. Incredible hives, severe itchiness. Stopped taking after 1 week. Did not help at all - in fact I smoked more. F 50 5 days

 1  Major Depression Shocking - extremely labile emotionally, paranoid, ended up suicidal My brief intro to this drug was a disaster. It's Australia's only way of getting "Wellbutrin" which is commonly used as an AD in the USA. It was hugely expensive as not covered by Govt for depression - and I lasted 5 days before realised I would not survive the experience. Jealous of those it works for, though, as there are no sexual side effects - in fact, improves things in that department. Would never touch again. F 50 5 days
150mg 1X D

 1  to quit smoking lightheadedness, dry mouth, stupidity, lack of being able to function mentally for at least 2 weeks, got better but still low ability in thinking and concentrating but a slight antidepressant effect This has done nothing for my cravings. At least as far as I think. In fact for several weeks I smoked more than usual until I was just about choking from over smoking. Then I got mad at Zyban and mad at my cigarettes and shouted at them as if they were living entities. I'm 45 hrs nicotine free so far but don't think has anything to do with the Zyban and have been having strong cravings and been going through uncomfortable withdrawals. Last night was hell, not much sleep, chills and sweating and pain. But I'm hanging in there. F 50 4 weeks
 5  Depression lost 5 pounds so far. Not interested in food or wine (unusual for me LOL) day 4 a little light headed - felt high. Kinda nice. Not sleepy all the time like I was on citopam. Lots of energy. Feel Happy. I have tried Prozax, zoloft, effexor, celexa, couldn't stand the side effects. Zyban is a different animal...really working for me...AND I've lost a little weight! a nice bonus to having life and personality back. Works for me. F 49 2 weeks
150 mg 2X D
 5  To quit smoking The only side effect I've experienced is a bit of trouble sleeping and vivid dreams. Eliminates cravings. In eight days, I've gone from smoking a pack a day to 10 cigarettes a day. Zyban has given me the confidence to KNOW I will be able to quit. Wish I'd started on Zyban years ago. F 49 8 days

 4  nicotine addiction Had only mild side effects (dry mouth, constipation, slow thinking) in the beginning. Suddenly in week 6 started to feel giddy and nausea a feeling that climaxed together with acute anxiety, fear, crying etc. It was really scary and I had to be taken to hospital. Stopped taking drug immediately and am fine now. Zyban really did work for me as I had almost no cravings at all after more than 30 years of smoking. Never felt it so easy to stop. However, it is not known how this drug works and what it does to you. I would say try other non-drug methods first (such as the Allen Carr book recommended by other contributors)and only take Zyban if absolutely nothing else works. Watch out for delayed side effects such as I experienced after 5 weeks. Make sure that you have someone nearby to help you at all times should you have problems. F 49 6 weeks

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