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 3  Diabetes 2 Calf muscles (and foot) tire very quickly. This often leads to leg/foot cramps. Comparable to fatigue after a long workout. I have been taking Lipitor for about 4 yrs - the muscle tiring has become worse with time and now will 'act' up very soon even with a short slow walk. This has severely hampered my ability to excercise. I first thought this was a response to the diabetes but was recently made aware that Lipitor may be causing it. Lipitor did lower my chloesterol soon after starting it. It doesn't seem as effective now. I'm going to stop taking it because of the muscle fatigue/cramping - hopefully this condition will reverse. M 47 4 years

 3  high cholesterol none ldl is still too high. Dr. has added zetia and I will switch to vytorin in August and have the blood work in October so see if its working. Heart attack in 1991 and quadruple bypass in 2002. Started with 10mg in 2001 and increased to 40mg after the bypass surgery. F 64 4 years
 3  cholesterol high and risk for CHD I have been taken for approximately 4 yrs. I have some difficulty with digestive system and some muscle pain and joint pain. Lipitor did the job on my cholesterol both LDL and HDL. I have quit taken recently to see if it affects above problems. It probably is a trade off. I feel that the drug is too expensive. I do think that it will do what it is used for, but I think your body pays a price. Again I think it is a trade off. M 74 4 years
 3  LDL was 98 Doc wanted it lower (72) drive is knocked down including sex drive. After stent (LDL was 72) Doc increased my dose to 40MG. LDL is 44 and it lowered HDL. One size does not fit all, if you are 50 or over and your family has heart issues, this may help. CHANGE YOUR LIFE EAT LESS FAT (NO RED MEAT) and watch your diet, exercise. We goofed off until now and now do it for the kids. M 57 4 years
20 1X D
 3  High Cholesterol Was doing fine on it for years. I unfortunately was diagnosed with Colin cancer and had to start chemotherapy. The combo of chemo and Lipitor caused my liver enzymes to rise, muscle and joint stiffness as well as sore ribs. I have been off Lipitor for two days and find the muscle stiffness starting to subside. M 47 4 years
5 mg 1X D
 2  Elevated cholesterol Joint pain, back and shoulder pain, arm pain, numbness and tingling in the hands. Edema of hands and ankles. Blurred vision and memory loss. Arthritic type pain in all joints. I could barely get out of bed in the morning or walk up stairs. I was depressed that I realized that I felt better in the late afternoon and evening. I had been taking the Lipitor at night. Therefore, I knew that its effects were wearing off at that time. I've stopped it for 3 days and feel 100% better. Very scary drug. F 58 4 years

 2  high cholesterol I only took Lipitor a short time then was switched to Zocor Leg cramps, fatique, overall weak feeling. I quit taking the Statin drug 2 years ago. I went to American Heart lung ass. website and put in my 10 year risk factor. By dropping my total cholesterol from 259 down to 200 only reduced my risk factor by 1%. I showed this and other info to my Doctor and she understood and said it was my choice. I feel normal today and will never take these drugs again. Here is site to check your risk factor. http://www.fda.gov/opacom/backgrounders/problem.html Also I found out you should report side effects to FDA at. http://www.fda.gov/opacom/backgrounders/problem.html They estimate only 20% to 30% of drug side effects get reported. I encourage everyone to report their experiences with these drugs. (We have to the Doctors don't). These Statins are dangerous over perscribed drugs. M 70 4 years

 2  cholest I am female, age 55 and generally in good health. No smoking or drinking and work daily. Wt is 15 lbs more than it should be. Cholesterol has been high for years despite diet. Taking 40mg daily for 1 year, took 20mg previously. Lately I realized everything hurts. It crept up on me. I am an RN and still did not put it together until this week when I decided something is not right. When the aches and pains were mild I thought it was arthritis or too much activity. Stopped the Lipitor and the generalized aches and pains are fading after just 3 days. Will explore other options but these drugs have not been around long enough to confirm long term effects. Looking at this site, I will begin to ask my patients that are on statins about their history. F 55 4 years

 1  high cholesterol vertigo caused by cramping neck muscels,all the leg symptons noted on thi sight,arm and total muscel weakness, could not walk for three weeks,depression,excessive sleep reqmt,hair loss,memory (sht term)loss,loss of sex drv been off it 10 months,drs spent fortune 160 k looking for additional cause found none,i believe i know how to treat it and what other factors contributed to my severe reaction but it would take a book...still feeling a lot of the effects..but strong improvement since quit taking the poison M 74 4 years

 1  cholesterol loss of muscle, weakness, liver disfunction, exhaustion F 63 4 years

 1  High Cholesterol Trouble walking, hard to pick up feet and balance is off at times. Pain in muscles of both upper arms. Arms feel HEAVY and hands are tingling and somewhat numb. Have trouble holding on to things. I have been off Lipitor 1 year and 2 months. Have been to several specialists. I feel Lipitor has taken away my life. F 71 4 years

 1  High BP I took this drug for 2 years before onset of joint pain (knees)and painfull welts on bottom of feet (had to use cane to walk). Initially, my quack MD put me on anti-inflam. drugs. Subsequently, I quit the drug and the MD. All symptoms subsided completely. However, I had a milder reaction to Zocor; dizziness with Pravachol; now on Zetia (mild joint pain). I believe that Lipitor left me with permanent joint damage and would join any class-action lawsuit relating to this crumby drug Lipitor. M 61 4 years
 1  High Cholesterol dosage was increased from 10 to 20 mg and the tingling and numbness in my feet and shins escalated. I even went to a podiatrist because my toes ached and my feet hurt. I've tried simvastatin, provastatin, and lovastatin. Each time the side effects return. I can't even sleep at night because of the sensations of tingling in my legs and feet. No more statins for me. Does anyone else have the pain in their toes, feet and shins? F 62 4 years

 1  cholesterol jointaches,pains in legs,musclesoreness.feet pains,hips neck,backpain,fingers,toes,head,chest,ribs hurt.rashes,itches.have been on lipitor for4+yrs.i have type2 diabetes.had2 knee surguries.things have got worse instead of better.i am 54yrs old female and feel much older.ww F 54 4 years

 1  cholesterol jointaches,pains in legs,musclesoreness.feet pains,hips neck,backpain,fingers,toes,head,chest,ribs hurt.rashes,itches.have been on lipitor for4+yrs.i have type2 diabetes.had2 knee surguries.things have got worse instead of better.i am 54yrs old female and feel much older.ww ihave stopped taking this drug.i havent took it for 2days and am feeling better hope i continue too.also on capiten,glcotrol,toprol,lasix,&ultram. F 54 4 years

 1  elevated cholesterol Peripheral Neuropathy This side effect makes you feel like you are constantly wearing heavy socks and gloves. It also causes problems with balance - especially tring to walk heel to toe. M 46 4 years

 1  High Cholesterol & TriGlycerides I have been recently diagnosed with Possible Early Parkinson's symptoms. Lipitor is the only medication I have been taking. I had joint pains, light headedness(problem keeping balance),Tremors in Right hand, and my hand writting had deteriorated to the extent that I had problem signing cheques. Lipitor(10mg) was very helpful in reducing LDL and Tri-Glycerides, but becuase of the side effects I have stopped taking it for last month. I am now taking CQ-10(50mg)twice a day and Fish Oil (1200mg) once a day and improving. I would like to contact others who experienced Parkinson's symptoms with Lipitor. (Devu123@aol.com). M 59 4 years
 1  high cholesterol I have been taking this medication for more than 4 years for cholesterol. It has reduced the numbers, BUT I now have totally changed my way of life with general weakness, constant leg pain, and specifically terrible pain in my feet and ankles. The bottoms of my feet hurt to the point of where I can no longer walk comfortably, and have experienced loss of balance several times a day. It is making me feel like 75 instead of 50 and I researched the web and came to this site. I have been telling my MD about symptoms for months. Blood tests keep coming back normal. Doc says must be circulation. I feel like I'm wearing someone else's feet sometimes! Tingling toes to numb toes and sore ankles and legs. I finally get his attention and he tells me he's changing prescriptions to Mevacore (hello....it's the same thing)........After research I am quitting the medication and will give it a month to see what happens. Anyone put me onto some good information about withdrawals? Been reading some things I really don't like............. M 50 4 years
 1  my chloresterol was high +++ Lipitor reduced my readings to almost normal. At the same time I suffered from fibromyalgia. The pain all over my body got worse as time went on. I noticed that when I left my Lipitor at home when I was on vacation or other trip, that I began to feel better. My doctor told me there was a remote possibility that the Lipitor was agravating the fibromyalgia. I stopped taking Lipitor and feel so much better! But, it seems I buggered up my stomach from all the pain killers that I took. What to do next? Please be carefull with this drug and watch for all types of body pain, F 64 4 years
 1  high cholesterol On lipitor for 4 years. Reduced cholesterol levels to normal BUT since taking lipitor I've developed horrible pain in both shoulders and left knee. Sleeping has become extemely difficult due to pain. Have to sleep in a chair most nights. Orthopedist seems to think its normal aging (I'm only 55) and internist is skeptical that lipitor is the culprit. I have also noticed that I have short term memory loss and am easily fatigued. After reading the entries on this site I'm stopping the lipitor today and we'll see the result. M 55 4 years

 1  High Cholesterol After 4+ years I've now begun to experience joint pain and muscle weakness. M 54 4 years

 1  hyperlipidemia right hand tremor, affected gait--small steps, hunched over position, slowness in movement, I think lipitor therapy of 4+ yrs cauased parkinson's diagnosis. i wonder if there is a genetic component related to this--if some people with genetic variability suffered an interaction with statin (as the environmental agent) to produce this neurodegenerative disease. however rarely this occurs, given taht there are millions of people taking this class of drugs, if it is due to genetic variability, there could be enormous numbers of people suffering from neuro symptoms. i have heard from people who think their amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is due to statins, and from people who think their parkinson/s is due to statins. others have questioned the diagnosis of alzheimer's and the use of aa statin. given taht these 3 neurodegenerative diseases are thought to be due to the same underlying molecular pathology, it is not a far fetched question--do statins indue neurodegenerative diseases in susceptible individuals????? M 61 4 years
 1  high cholesterol I went from a vigorous woman who two years ago spent two weeks walking all over London and Paris, whose favorite hobby was hiking, etc., to a fragile, crippled crone who, for a while, was certain I belonged in a wheel chair, due to the effects of this horrible, killer medication after having hip replacement surgery. Every muscle from my waist down was effected, my legs became LEAD, my bladder all but quit working; blood began showing up in my urine, I had every test in the book, went to doctor after doctor, and no one recognized this medication as the problem, until I finally went to a neurologist for my back problems. I could not walk ten steps without the most excruciating pain and fatigue, all I ever wanted to do was to sleep or at least lay down. I lost all interest in everything, had no energy for anything but the most basics. I quit taking Lipitor, ON MY OWN, in August of 2001. I experienced a certain amount of immediate relief, and my bladder began working normally again, but still have horrible after-effects, and I don't know if they will ever go away. I feel the muscles in my legs will never regain their previous strength, I have constant back pain, I cannot walk a half a block without extreme muscle fatigue and pain in my thighs, calves and buttocks, and I still am experiencing malaise that was never present before. I consider myself lucky to be alive!! The more I hear, the more I think people need to be made aware of the dangerous side effects, particularly the effects surgery has on anyone taking Lipitor. This is one of the most dangerous medications on the market! F 62 4 years
 1  lower cholesterol severe muscle pain in left arm and neck and elbow,and prickling,numbness in hand. strange poisen-ivy like rash on chest and breast that would not go away UNTIL I stopped taking lipitor. I put up with this for 2 years until I realized the medication could have caused it and stopped - things cleared up IMMEDIATELY. would prefer to try Niacin - will NEVER take Lipitor again F 54 4 years
 1  Previous heart attack high cholest Severe back pain, muscle degenerating, can barely walk, extreme fatique,depression,major gastrointestinal problems, feel like an old man. Fever, sweats, chills. Insomnia,fitfull sleep. Neck pain,cracking sensations in my joints. All joints and muscles hurt. Have been going to Drs. trying to find out what is wrong. All tests comimg back negative except ck which is positive. They tell me I might have arthritis. Have been on this drug since the beginning before that Zocor. Am getting worse everyday. Nobody ever said anything about all these side affects. But have been complaining to my Dr. for a while now of terrible muscle pain and nothing was mentioned that it could be Lipitor. Been tested for everything from malaria to lupus. Was always physically fit and not overweight and maintained an active lifestyle but this has sapped every ounce of energy I have and can't do much of anything anymore. Have an appointment with my Dr. in a few days and I will be bringing a printout of this site. There are other people who are suffering just like me. Now I know what the hell is wrong and will be off Lipitor. My quaility of life has suffered too long on this garbage. Thank God I found this site. M 51 4 years

 1  high cholesterol/triglycerides I am amazed to find all the people who have experienced hip/knee/ankle pain, and back pain, after taking Lipitor. It never occured to me that the pain began around the time I started taking Lipitor, when I was 36. I started to feel 40 years older with all the pain I experienced. Stopped taking 2 days ago, hopefully will see improvement F 40 4 years

 1  High cholesterol muscle weakness in ankle, plantar muscle, back. I stopped lipitor right away when a friend told me that her supposedly 'fibromyalgia' disappeared when she stopped the drugs. Too many people with disabilitating symptoms taking lipitor or all the other cholesterol prescribed drugs. It did lower my cholesterol but I don't need to be cripple. Now I eat soaked oatmeal, 1 glass or dry red wine x4 weekly, watch my diet, walk 1/2 hour daily. It does lower my cholesterol from 300 to 175 I stopped it for 1 month my cholesterol went up again. I suggest people with high cholesterol to research more about all cholesterol lowering drugs. They all have the same formula with different names. Find alternatives like me...go natural. F 62 4 years
 1  High cholestorel I am left with chest pain, muscle weakness and spasms and I am up every 3 hrs drinking water. Drs. laugh when I say that I have Rhabdomyolosis - my Cpk or ck or whatever it is is fine... but no one cks the myoglobin or hemoglogin in urine. I'm desparate for a Dr. in Mn. that will do that. I don't know where to turn and get sicker and sicker. Am afraid my heart will go. The drug gets cholestorel down, but ruins your life F 63 4 years
 1  questionable ^ chol after bypass 75 yo mother-in-law has memory loss, hair loss, muscle spasms in left arm and legs, odd blood sugar pattern, sciatic pain which is not sciatica, periodic back and hip pain, gradual loss of feeling in toes, dizziness, vision problems, extreme tiredness, lack of appetite, and no enthusaism for life. She has had several TIAs and who knows what else she has experienced and not reported to us. Dr wanted to double dose to 40 mg. We took her totally off the drug and she is beginning to have return of feeling in her toes, no more muscle cramps at night or dizziness. Taking lipoic acid, vit C & mega dose of CoQ10 and will never take another statin. Higher cholesterol in those over 60 is now found to be PROTECTIVE particularly against stroke! F 75 4 years

 1  High Cholesterol I am a 61 year old male with a history of heart disease. I had a quadruple by-pass in 1987. I have not had any heart related issues since. My nurse practioner put me on Lipitor about 4 years ago. I have been experiencing pain in my right hip and right calf muscle for about 3 years. I have mentioned this on numerous office visits and was M 61 4 years
 1  high cholesterol recently wrote about my husband who was diagnosed with parkinson's--he stopped Lipitor 4 months ago, and began mega doses of coq10 -and other antioxidants and magnesium orotate- 4 weeks ago--memory problem has disappeared, tremor decreased to a minor we think my husband's symptoms of parkinson's was caused by/brought on by Lipitor's lowering of coq10 and interrupting many other metabolic pathways within the body including selenium production. time is required to determine if reversal of symptoms permanent. Have received letter about a case of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis dianosis changed to M 60 4 years

 1  For High Cholesterol/Triglicerides Blurred vision, dizziness, brain I will never, ever take Lipitor again. I have been on it for more than four years. I've taken myself off of it twice. Most recently, been taking 80 mg. for two weeks. Enough already! I can't tell you how I regained my sanity when I found this on the web. Do your own research - don't blindly follow doctors who just push pills without regard to long term damage. This is the number one prescribed medicine in the US right now, don't expect it to go away unless we stand against Pfizer and the FDA. M 43 4 years

 1   constant pain in right thigh, abdominal pain, intermittent pain throughout body, unable to walk more than 1/8 mile w/o excruciating pain in the leg, tingling of feet, elevated liver function wicked drug...wonder how much my doc was compensated by the drug company for prescribing it M 48 4 years
20 mg 1X D

 1  High Cholesterol/ Heart attack I have been taking Lipitor for 4 years and was part of the original study. And ever sinse then I have headache, muscle ache, diarrhea, indigestion, abdominal pain, back pain, eyesight has changed sinus problems, joint pain, leg cramps..every joint in my body is in pain some times the muscle and joints in my angles hurt so much I cant walk in four years time I have gone from an active agile person to an artritic old woman I have to take codine/4 every night just so I can go to sleep. I quit taking this medication 3 months ago and still have not gotten any better. In the four years Ive been taking this medication noone has every told me about this side effect. I even went to the doctor and told him of all the pain and he said it could be arthrites. F 44 4 years
 1  Cholesterol I have not clinically proved my theory "yet", but I strongly believe that taking Lipitor for 4 years ended up giving me Multiple Sclerosis. I am a 37 yr old male, I was diagnosed with MS two months ago. My cholesterol was it's highest at 212 when my GP prescribed the drug. My total cholesterol while on it got down to 130 ish. This is too low in my opinion and my body began attacking my CNS and now have to live with this. Again, this has not yet proven, nor have i gone down that road yet.... Big Pharma wants to promote the use of statins to treat MS, when I stopped taking mine (Jan 2010)that is when my symptoms became present?? I may have been the human rat in that theory. To make matters even worse, the therapy my neurologist wants to put me on, just so happens to be the same company that mfg.'s Lipitor....hmmm! M 37 4 years
10mg 1X D
 1  high cholesterol It either caused or gave me peripheral neuropathy in my hands, arms, feet and legs. And it damaged my liver. No one should ever take a statin. It should be taken off the market. F 67 4 years
?? 1X D

 1  mildly elevated total cholesterol developed parkinson's disease. discovered thru 23andme DNA profiling I possess a mutation in a gene, SLCO1B1, that codes a transport protein responsible for moving statins into the liver to be detoxified. Studies have noted patients with greatly incrased plasma statin levels (>134% and AUCs more than 400% ABOVE NORMAL) toxic levels indeed. The neurological damage I have suffered due to toxic levels of lipitor seems to be permanent. Nothing I have tried has reversed the extreme symptoms. in the beginning megadoses of coenzyme Q10 did help; that was 6 yrs ago. the deterioration continues. the slco1b1 mutation IS NOT rare, occurring in 26-34% of caucasian poulation, less in african am, and more in Asian pop. seems many individuals with the mutation(s) develop severe myalgias and myopathies, prompting discontinuance of the statin. for those of us who did not suffer the muscle dmaage, neurodegeneration is what occurs in my opinion. Am aware of 7 other indicviduals who feel they are sufferring same effects as I from a fat soluble statin M 66 4 years
10 mgm per 1X D

 1  hyperlipidemia as determined pharma M 66 4 years
10mg/day 1X D

 1  High Cholesterol Extended periods of low mood, loss of self-confidence, loss of interest in life etc. also brain fog & impaired memory Increased to 40mg/day in the last 6 months and then stopped taking it after reading of similiar symptoms on this website. After 2 weeks, the symptoms had gone and 8 weeks later they still have not returned. Won't be taking this anymore. M 48 4 years
40 1X D

 1  High cholesterol Did not help to lower my cholesterol, 55 put on 60 pounds. Will die on this medication - all my symptons on your site - hubby will get off as well (he's having eye problems). I have the rash on the forehead, insomnia (big time), sweats (so severe), difficulty breathing (huge athlete before all of this) - but no matter what I did - weight increased - huge bloating of stomach and difficulty breathing. Rashes on arms and legs as well. Tightness of throat at night (choking easily all the time - especially on crackers). Pravachol was the worst - or so I thought until I read all of this. My muscles have diminished greatly. Thanks 4 all of your input. (Also very aggitated and easily excited). F 4 years

 1  High Cholestrol After about 4 years of taking Lipitor I started experiencing severe leg cramping at night with the pain traveling to my buddocks and stomach as well. The pain was so bad I could not get out of the bed and had to crawl to get to the bathroom to take Advil for the pain. I asked my doctor what could have caused this and he said it was probably from the Lipitor. Recently I experienced extreme stomach pain that stretched to my side and back. The stomach pain came suddenly and it would come and go for a week before it became so bad I could not sleep. I had just gotten over a urinery tract infection and I thought it had returned but the symptoms were different. I still had the urge to urinate constantly but it would come and go and I would have no symptoms for a day then it would return again. I remembered reading the phamplet that comes with the prescription drugs and it mentioning some of symptoms that I was experiencing. I stopped taking the Lipitor for a day and I did not have any mor I think there should be a better alternative to lowering cholesterol than such a potent drug that can cause so many side effects. I don't want to be a case-study when they finally take this drug off the market. F 54 4 years

 1  high cholesterol stomach pain,dizzy spells,hairloss,fatigue,dry eyes, joint pain. When I stopped taking Lipitor,I was amazed at how much better I began to feel. While taking Lipitor I had stomach cramps every day. I was tired, and could not function normal. F 61 4 years
 1  To Lower Cholesterol 9/20/05. I've been taking cholesterol lowering meds for at least 10 years including Mevacor, Zocor, Lipitor and Zetia. My cholesterol went from 398 to 260 on 40 Lipitor. This year I was given 80 mgs of Lipitor and Zetia was added as well. Along with the increased dosage, came crippling pain in my back, neck and then just my left foot, severe pain in my neck to the point where I couldn't hold it up without an effort, increased sinus pain, high blood pressure, insomina, blurred thinking. So to "fix" all these problems, I was given lots of other meds and tons of physical therapy and exercise each day. All so I could have great numbers. Finally, I realized enough was enough, I called the nurse practitioner to say I was stopping Lipitor and she was not really happy to put it mildly. I know my cholesterol will always be high, but after 2 weeks off Lipitor, I feel better each day and know it's not "my age" causing the pain, high blood pressure, memory loss, dizzines F 58 4 years
 1  High Cholestrol I started experiencing severe leg cramping at night with the pain traveling to my buddocks and stomach as well. The pain was so bad I could not get out of the bed and had to crawl to get to the bathroom to take Advil. I asked my doctor what could have caused this and he said it was probably from the Lipitor. Recently I experienced extreme stomach pain that stretched to my side and back. The stomach pain came suddenly and it would come and go for a week before it became so bad I could not sleep. I had just gotten over a urinery tract infection (one of the side-effects) and I thought it had returned but the symptoms were different. I still had the urge to urinate constantly but it would come and go and I would have no symptoms for a day then it would return again. I remembered reading the phamplet that comes with the prescription drugs and it mentioning some of symptoms that I was experiencing. I stopped taking the Lipitor for a day and I did not have any more stomach pain or urgency I also had been experiencing lack of energy for quite some time and I attributed this to stress but after reading this website I feel it was due to the Lipitor also. I don't think I will take this drug anymore and since I read that taking vitamin C can help you with your cholesterol I think I will try this method instead. I think there should be a better alternative to lowering cholesterol than such a potent drug that can cause so many side effects. I don't want to be a case-study when they finally take this drug off the market. F 54 4 years

 1  high cloresterol fatigue and extremely high sleep requirement,pain and loss of support in calf musells, unable to walk,vertigo like attacks at night while in bed, loss of any sex drive(not complaining),ability to think ahead improving, add on to 11/8/2006 report, been off lipitor for about 27 days sleep requirement went from 14 hrs to 8 ,still some fatique leg support weak but able to walk general mussel weakness persists with mild improvement,vertigo decreased no attacks balance not as good as it use to be, hope some more of my energy returns, exercise sessions indicate a recovery to 29% from 5% relating to pre attack exercise levels M 73 4 years
 5  cholesterol I was on Lipitor for 3 years with no problems. Then I sated having hip/leg/foot pain and numbness. It finally go so bad that I could not sleep lying down. Also, bouts of nausia. I went off the lipitor and within 3 days the pains were going away, 10 days and all was well. It is a great med as long as you don't have the side effects. My MD says that it is soluble in fat and builds up in the muscle. He switched me to Crestor, similar med, but water soluble so it doesn't build up in your body as much. So far so good. F 43 3.5 years

 1  High Cholesterol Neuronal Apoptosis (Brain Cell Death) as evidenced on MRI scan, and confirmed by brain biopsy with electron microscopy, Mitochondrial DNA mutations, similar to that of MELAS, Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke-like episodes. Evidenced by Brain Biopsy w/ Electron Microscopy, as well as Serial Lactic Acid levels consitently well above normal range, as well as a Muscle Biopsy studied under Electron Microscopy. I was 34 years old when I was hospitalized for nearly 1 month, leaving me permanently and totally disabled. I was a critical care Registered Nurse for the prior 12 years. I loved my job and have only 1 regret, that I ever "educated" people on the dangers of High Cholesterol, and convinced them to take these poisons. Cholesterol has very little to do with heart disease, and ALL statins are toxic. See www.spacedoc.net A site by a former family physician/NASA flight surgeon, disabled by his use of Lipitor. If you want more proof, email me crandreww1999@yahoo.com I have a ton of it. I want to educate people as to the REAL cause of heart disease. M 42 3.5 years
10 1X D
 5  high cholesterol none M 74 3 years
20 mg 1X D

 5  high cholesterol None 10 mg lowered my cholesterol in the first 6 months. Continues to decrease with each blood test. Risk factor is down to 2.2 F 57 3 years

 5  Hi Cholesterol None Maybe I'm just lucky. I went from 80mg zocor to 40 then 80 mg lipitor all with no discernible side effects. Without statins my TC is around 300, with 80 mgm lipitor it is a consistent 140. Nothing else worked to bring it down and I nearly died with 99% blockage of the LAD before an angioplasty and going on statins. Both my grandfather and father dropped dead in their early sixties. For me, this is a wonder drug. M 70 3 years

 5  Hi Cholesterol This is the same poster as the previous posting. I notice a poster attributed Bell's palsy to lipitor. I too had Bell's, I went back and looked at my cholesterol chart and found I got Bell's before I started on lipitor. There seems to be a consistent occurence of muscle pain and/or liver problems but I wonder how many other problems are not really attributable to lipitor eg see my Bell's palsy. Also I get night muscle cramps but I have had occasional muscle cramps at night since I was a child, Maybe my memory isn't as good as it was but I'm 70 and I still passed one of the hardest bar exams in the country less than 2 years ago. However I don't doubt that some unlucky people are having bad side effects, I just wonder about some of the more esoteric ones. M 70 3 years

 5  cholesteral none -blood tests every 6 months to monitor possible side effects. after 3 years, nothing to report so far M 56 3 years

 5  High Cholesterol 251 None that I know of. I am concerned that it aggrivates my Rhinitis and swells the nasal passages. After taking Litpitor (10mg) I started on Nasonex. I stopped taking it about a month ago to see if I can breathe better. Lowered CHol from 251 to 171 with only 10mg. M 41 3 years

 5  High Cholestrol none It dropped my cholestrol down fast.My liver tests are good.I take 20mg a night.Cholestrol runs about 200. F 50 3 years

 5  heart attack and high cholesterol None. I have taken 80 mg per day for three years, and have had no side effects and my LDL typically measures between 40 and 45. This drug -- when combined with lifestyle changes -- certainly works well. M 43 3 years

 4  high cholesterol. none. but soon as i started it the staticy feeling in my abdomin stopped and the hot feelings i usually suffered from when that static would start had ceased with it. i feel much better. it drove my cholesterol down to almost perfect levels. of course if you behave with your diet. AND if the medication doesn't make you sick. if you feel better taking it you've hit the jack pot. i've heard so many who suffer bad cramps and chest pains with this medication. i've lucked out. though i've had unsuccessful endeavors with another medication pertaining to triglycerides... but lipitor has actually made me feel much better from a problem i've suffered feeling as a child... abdominal irritation or a sensation that feels like electricity zapping around my midsection and used to make me feel hot and irritable. soon as i took lipitor that all stopped. i'm very happy something helped that. i was tired of feeling "strange" when it came to my gut. :D F 37 3 years
 4  high LDL and triglycerides None for three years, then bam! Toes became so painful I couldn't stand it, as did leg neuropathy. Lipitor made my cholesterol numbers improve greatly for three years. But alas, the side effects finally showed up with a vengeance, and I can no longer take Lipitor. M 61 3 years

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