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 4  high Cholorestral F 82

 1  colesterol tired-weak-pains all over body-groggy-light headed all these statin drugs are death in a bottle. they are the perfect med as they will cause the poor dumb patient to spend huge sums of money on tests-pain killers and other statins till they will one day they will just give up and lay down and die-BROKE-what a well laid plan by big pharma and covered by the criminal FDA food and drug syndicate. F 65 3 days

 5  high blood pressure / heart attack None whatsoever. I'm taking 80 mg's a day which is the maximum dose and it brought my cholesterol levels comfortably back into the safe numbers. M 54 2 years

 1  cholestrol Weak muscles. Achey like when you have a very high fever, only without the fever. Elevated white blood cell count (very high), but liver emzymes were normal I was on lowest dose. My LDL started at 90, but MD insisted that because I am diabetic, I should be on lipitor and try to get below 70. Lipitor knocked it down to 25. I do not know if the problems were due to Lipitor, or having LDL down to 25. I asked MD he stated "They (whomever they are), have not established a low threshold for what is safe". I stated that just because it has not been proven in a lab, does not mean it is not true. I went off the meds, and am now in search of a new MD, as I have felt worse under this DR care than ever before in my life. F 50 45 days

 1  high cholesterol Deep depression, insomnia, joint stiffness in hands and feet, inability to think clearly to the point I thought I would have to quit my job. This drug dramatically lowered my cholesterol but ruined my quality of life. After repeated visits to my doctor complaining of these debilitating symptoms he finally made the connection and took me off. Within 3 days, I started to feel like myself again. Cholesterol plays an important role in brain and nerve function and is essential to our good overall health. Do your research. Stripping your body of it can be devastating. I would much rather take my chances with a slightly elevated level than go through that again. Horrible. Pfizer should be ashamed of themselves for not clearly stating the possibility of these side effects. F 56 6 months

 1  yes tremors and tingles although the body F 62 14 years

 5  high ldl none cut high cholestorel from 278 to 134 M 72

 4  colesteral at 206 M.I. 4 by-passes cramping in calf at night bad enough to wake from deep sleep screaming. M 49 3 days

 1  high cholesterol muscle pain, stiffness/pain in hands that kept me awake at night and limited my ability to perform routine tasks such as type, trouble with walking/balance neck, and shoulder pain. They should rename this "disability in a bottle"! F 51 4 days

 2  High cholesterol and triglycerides Took this drug for about 6 months. Did the trick on lowering what is was supposed to, but I suffered extreme depression. Not worth the suicidal thoughts, so I quit taking it. F 60 6 months

 1   Severe plantar faciitis; debillitating leg pain; severe leg muscle weakness; hand weakness (constantly dropping things); palpitations; tachycardia; irrecular heartbeat; throat tightness; difficulty/shallow breathing; fatigue Began on 20 mg, ended on 40 mg. Taking Lipitor might very well be the biggest mistake of my life. F 40 10 years
 1  High Cholesterol and Triglycerides Stabbing pain between shoulder blades, I am 52 and feel 82, no energy, muscle tone depletion, strength depletion, numbness in upper legs from knee to thigh, pain and numbness in left foot, left foot larger than right now by one size, pain in feet, need special shoes just to walk now, I feel like I will not be alive next year. I've been on this for 5 years, and am going to quit after finding this website. Doctors did nothing for me. They have no idea what this drug does to people! Time to exercise, eat healthy food, and get OFF this stuff. Thank you everyone for taking the time to post, and helping me understand what was happening. Hate this stuff. Crestor just as bad. F 52 5 years

 1  high cholesterol muscle cramps all over, depression and irritable, tired Statins may or may not help with circulatory problems, but they definitely cause other severe problems. I will not take any statins again. M 43 6 months

 4  High cholesterol No side effect noticed Lipitor lowered my cholesterol M 83 15 years

 4  high cholesterol leg cramps at 40mg......went away at 20mg......ldl stayed lower.....just reduce your dosage to retain benifits and stop side effects M 46 16 years

 2  High Cholestorol Very slowly, over many years, I've developed debilitating muscle pains, horrible fatigue, tingling in my arms, legs and fingers; I've gone to the doctor for 5 years, at least, trying to find out what is wrong with me. I JUST turned 40 years old and should not feel like this. Out of nowhere, I heard about CoQ10 depletion and just started the supplement today. I was never told ANY of these symptoms could relate to the Lipitor - in fact, I specifically asked if any of my medications could be causing these problems. F 40 6 years

 1  hyperlipidemia Kidney failure, difficulty swallowing, persistent pain in calf and knee, short term memory loss, peripheral neuropathy, constipation, sleep disturbance, mood change, rage I took 80mg of Lipitor for 8 years. My symptoms got so bad that I had to stop working. Recently I was diagnosed with kidney failure and also put on zetia. I immediately started to feel even worse, but took the drug for a year until my symptoms got to be unbearable. My doctor dismissed the leg pain and said that kidney failure was unrelated. Do not take statins! They will rob you of your mind and ruin your health. The medical community will try to convince you that you'll live longer and avoid heart attacks by taking this. Read the facts. I stopped all statins and am starting to see improvement in swallowing. Leg pain is gone. My memory is getting better. I'll never recover from the kidney failure, will need dialysis or transplant. Will explore alternative natural remedies. M 58 8 years

 1  High Cholesterol Trouble walking, hard to pick up feet and balance is off at times. Pain in muscles of both upper arms. Arms feel HEAVY and hands are tingling and somewhat numb. Have trouble holding on to things. I have been off Lipitor 1 year and 2 months. Have been to several specialists. I feel Lipitor has taken away my life. F 71 4 years

 1  preventative as had a stent Swollen , burning feet and ankles. The ball of the foot would feel as if it was inflamed. Constant pins and needles in the ball of the foot and the toes and occasionally would get very painful pins and needles over entire foot. Had to remove socks and elevate legs to get relief from swelling. Quit taking Lipitor and within three days swelling stopped, foot and ankle skin flaked off like dermatitis and slowly over the next 4 weeks the symptoms reduced except for an occasional flareup. Still have minor problems after 4 weeks but it is 80% back to normal M 57 18 months

 3  LDL > 300 Tri> 900 First - WOW! Second - okay I just started taking Lipitor yesterday - one dose in. 20mg dose and will try for two months, if something happens sooner I'll stop before the two months are up. What I am reading is that most doctors are NOT prescribing conservative dosages - maybe take that back to them the next appointment? Eh? My first night - the soundest sleep in over four years! without pain killers for the constant trigeminal neuralgis (a side benefit to be sure). Not happy about the idea of statins - strange psychic events when my mother was taking them (Zocor) - too strange to repeat in a public forum. So I am here looking for information about the side effects - anecdotally presented - as the web site for Lipitor does not have the information that would typically come on the "drug sheet". If anyone knows of a site that has the real skinny on Lipitor's effects - please pass it along. Much appreciated! F 56 1 days
 1  for blood presure My elder brother, who has expired 15 days back in the age of 54 years, was put on the same medicine for blood pressure in the age of 45 years which definitely resulted into causing him ALS in the last three years before his tragic death without any cure.He developed the symptoms like stiffness in whole body, loss of balance, no power to standup himself, loss of weight, acute weakness in the muscles of whole body and their dilution in size, constipitation, no control over urination and in the last 20 days before the death, he suffered with loss of vocal sound, choking the throat, looseness in the body structure, complete stopage of easing out and lungs detoriation like less intake of oxigen leading to his painful death in the last time. I strongly feel the lipitor had the crucial side effect upon my brother causing him to suffer with ALS for which there is reportedly no cure in Allopathy , while therefore i put my brother on Homeopathitic treatment which at least avoided the bad effect Please avoid the allopathic treatment and follow the Yoga-sustem or regular phyical exercise to prevent the diseases. M 54 7 years
 2  high cholesterol I only took Lipitor a short time then was switched to Zocor Leg cramps, fatique, overall weak feeling. I quit taking the Statin drug 2 years ago. I went to American Heart lung ass. website and put in my 10 year risk factor. By dropping my total cholesterol from 259 down to 200 only reduced my risk factor by 1%. I showed this and other info to my Doctor and she understood and said it was my choice. I feel normal today and will never take these drugs again. Here is site to check your risk factor. http://www.fda.gov/opacom/backgrounders/problem.html Also I found out you should report side effects to FDA at. http://www.fda.gov/opacom/backgrounders/problem.html They estimate only 20% to 30% of drug side effects get reported. I encourage everyone to report their experiences with these drugs. (We have to the Doctors don't). These Statins are dangerous over perscribed drugs. M 70 4 years

 5  high cholesterol None Taking 40mg daily for several years. Cholesterol much lower,HDL higher,LDL below 100 and lower triglycerides M 65 10 years

 1  High cholestoral Caused extreme pain in back an legs. F 63 3 weeks

 1  Reduce LDL and Cholesterol I started to take 20 mg lipitor in August 2006, after 6 months, I reduced to take 10 mg, and after another 6 months, I reduced the lipitor intake to 5 mg. During all these 18 months, my LDL and cholesterol in 70s and 120s and I did not feel much side effects. When I incresed lipitor from 5 mg to 10 mg about 3 months ago, I started to experience the following side-effects started at different time: loss body balance, joint pain, muscle aches, weak legs, and some memory loss. About 2 months ago while I first told my doctor I lost some body balance and it might be due to lipitor buy my doctor told me the side effect was most likely by some other reason(s). During my second visiting him, he told me my blood test CK is 90 and my muscle should be OK. Then I continued to take 10 mg lipitor, but I felt more on muscle and joint pain and I started to feel I lost some memory. Therefore, I deeply believed that I had side effects by taking lipitor. After about a week to 10 day without lipitor, I got my memory back to nomal level and my body balance is getting better. During my third doctor visit, my doctor finally believed that I got bad side effects and he told me it would take months for recovery. Now my doctor wants me to take B3 or Niaspan instead of lipitor. M 68 18 months

 1  High cholesterol (344) Joint pain, SEVERE muscle pain - especially in lower calfs of both legs. Some mornings I had a hard time walking. Didn't lower cholesterol much. Be Very Very Careful using this drug and other statins. This bad stuff sneaks up on you and - BAM - you could be in BIG trouble! Was on this and then Zocor for a total of 3 months. When I thought I was having a heart attack they admitted me to emergency room and overnight stay. No real heart problems - but weak heart muscle - likely cause of Lipitor. Lower legs have been hurting for over one year since I stopped taking meds. Doctors just conducted biopsy of leg muscle because it is inflamed and waiting for results. Likely not good. Also much fatigue then - and now. DO NOT TAKE STATINS - and if you do I hear the CQ10 is a good protector for some of the muscle damage that the statins can cause. Too late for me, I think, as the damage is done and permanent. M 47 3 months
 1  familial high cholesterol Terrible charlie horses, cramping, my neck glands hurt. My mother was began to have symptoms of als shortly after her lipitor dose was increased. She wasn't formally diagnosed for a year and a half after that. I lost my mother on January 12, 2008. I want to know if lipitor is connected to als. My husband was on it for less than 6 months and he noticed leg pains, neck glands hurt, trouble swallowing and more. F 53 2 years
 1  to lower cholesterol SUDDENLY one morning as I arose from a chair I received a sudden severe pain close to my the crotch area.Could barely move. Then the other side became painful.I crawled up and down stairs and could barely walk;had to use a cane.AND I had been healthy and active prior to Lipitor. Enlarged liver was the result of a blood test.Was taken off Lipitor, immediately, pain lessened, but muscles had become weak and stressed.Given 18 sessions of physical therapy, before body returned to comfortable gait.Pain free ever since. Cannot take any statins ever again. Was put on Zetia, taken off recently,1 1/2 year later. F 1 years

 5  high cholesterol No problems with this drug F 60 5 years

 5  Congestive Heart Failure/Renal Fail none My doctor switched me from Pravachol to Lipitor almost a year ago because of a study that was done in CHF patients and when Lipitor was used, hospitalizations were cut almost in half. Normally I have to go into the hospital a minimum of 2 times a year. Since I started taking Lipitor, I have not been in the hospital even once! Also, he also told me that Lipitor was better for my kidneys than the statins. M 82 300 days

 1  high cholestrol I had flu-like symptoms and my legs just ached. They hurt from my ankles to my hips and on certain days I could hardly walk. The sad part is that I am only 47 years old. F 47 6 months

 1  cholesterol At first I had muscle pain, but that faded out. Next effect was short term memory: I would gas up, then try to pay without hanging up the pump. When I not only paid someone's bill but also drove off WITHOUT HANGING UP THE PUMP, I stopped taking the drug. While it did lower my Cholesterol numbers (as did Simvastatin afterwards), I'm not sure it was worth it. Especially when I forget something important to my job and which I should have overlearned from years of gassing up cars. Memory is one of the things that cholesterol is used for making, and to me anything that cuts it off is best avoided. M 42 3 months

 4  high cholesterol mostly i suffer restless leg syndrom 30 min. into taking it. otherwise, first dose i felt better. be careful if you're on lipitor and your doctor begins to try and put you on medications for high triglycerides. i was put on tricor and it was extraordinarily horrible. side effects you can't believe. we summerized it as a conflict between the lipitor and tricor. if you must take another med for triglycerides and you begin to feel flu like, cramps in chest, legs, rashes appear, sleep very heavily, sleep alot or feel fatigued consider keeping tabs and if the side effects don't improve or there's more added in 2 weeks time, discontinue doseage. side effects may increase IE: gums swelling, visual anomalies, numbness in muscles, sore throat, soreness in mucous membrane areas... 38 4 years
 1  cholesterol muscle pain/inability to walk with left foot pain. Memory loss. overall loss of muscle tone. Unable to control weight. Try to get a cardiologist to listen to you regarding symptoms. Called Pfizer and talked with nurse there and she recommended I let my doctor know about symptoms. She explained that drug was mfg in USA. My concern was that maybe some of the drug was mfg outside of USA, like maybe China and that a portion of the formula was causing problems. But in general the whole formula is poison so far as I am concerned. Thank God for this website. Am seeing new GP this week, and if he doesn't take me off Lipitor, am going to do it myself. Will take my chances rather than live this "hell" any longer.Have been on Lipitor for 6 years too long. F 66 6 years
 3  high cholesterol M 1 years

 1  cholesterol loss of muscle, weakness, liver disfunction, exhaustion F 63 4 years

 1  high cholesterol extreme muscle pain avoid this drug...do your research... F 50 1 years

 1  High cholesterol Sudden knee pain 2 week into it, horriable crippeling pain hit both knees at same moment, progressed to odd painful, lumpy swelling on both feet in same place on each and a sudden horriable grabbing pain in one ankle, gas, indigestion, acid reflux, no energy, confusion, stumbeling, vertigo, memory loss, frequent sudden urges to go pee that came out with a force that sprayed everywhere.(Off of it I now have to force it out). Getting off cleared most up but woke up every morning with horriable pain in a different joint making it useless until it passed days later and suddenly landed in right shoulder. MRI shows arthritis, tendonitis and burscitis when there was never any problems in that shoulder before. Been suffering with that for almost a year. Sudden grabbing pain in ankle comes and goes..HORRIABLE pain that almost throws me down. Have days where confusion comes back also. Also my last colonscopy turned up 5 precancerous polyups. Before statin drugs, I never had a one of them, 5 year This medicine is posion! We do not know if the damage it does to us is permenant or not. I feel like I have been cheated out of growing old naturally and will question every ailmant I have from now on as natural or statin induced. In my whole life, I didn't see a doctor as much as I have since I started Lipitor drugs and since I have been off of it. The doctor always brushed off my complaints or would write me a RX for another dangerous drug! WHEN are doctors going to listen to the people are paying him to treat them and quit believing those who PROFIT from the sale of their drugs they push on unsuspecting people. (What happened to "DO NO HARM?").They have killed my faith in drugs, doctors and the FDA. DOCTORS! WAKE UP!! THEY ARE MAKING YOU LOOK LIKE FOOLS AND IDIOTS that can be bought for a free lunch or a plate of cookies! I also say, get those darn drug ads OFF of TV! F 61 6 years

 1  heart attack extreme constant pain, legs, hips, fuzzy headed, muscle loss, possible permanent damage. I am totally convinced this stuff is dangerous, it does lower cholesterol, but to what end? Found more natural fix which is more effective, excellent results, better quality of life, and better health overall. Blood test was 8.06 total, now 3.05 without using Lipitor! Had around 25 angina attacks per week, now 0. Was totally disabled, now active. M 50 15 days
 1  doctor wanted my LDL lowered. Indigestion - never had it before and stopped when I stopped taking the statin. Chest pains waking me up at night - never had it before and stopped when I stopped taking the statin. Neuropothy in right hand & arm - never had it before and stopped when I stopped taking the statin. I believe it is totally unnecessary for healthy people. We NEED cholesterol. In trying to reduce it, statins stop a whole cascade of addditional enzymes and proteins that are absolutely necessary for healthy bodies. It took three years of statins (2 on Zocor then 1 one on Lipitor) at 40mg per day to finally cause the above reactions to the destruction the stains were doing to my body. M 59 3 years
 3  cholesterol severe pain in buttocks and left leg Sciatica like symptoms I don't know if it helped anything. Felt no difference except sudden onset of pain after one month. Couldn't sleep. F 69 1 months

 1  high choleserol within 2 hours started having heart attack symptoms Had to go to ER. I was in ER within 3 hours of taking 1st pill. It was scary trying to make sure I had proper observation and not over-reaction because of the symptoms. I had to slow people down several times. Now convinced it would have had serious health risks for me had I even tried taking a second pill the next day or even continuing taking them. It took a while (months) before I started to feel normal again. M 47 1 times

 5  High cholesterol, by-pass, angiop. Most of the side effects everyone else has: weak legs, muscle and back soreness, ears ringing, feel bad, all usually in the mornings. However, it lowered my cholesterol, tryglycerides, and blood pressure, along with a lot of exercising. I had by-pass surgery in 1986, angioplasty in the mid 90's, started on Zocor, then my doctor switched me to Lipitor and have not had to have either since I started on the statins. (started with 20mg. then 40mg., and now 80mg.) Its not perfect, but it keeps me alive. I am now 65 and I thank God every single day for my doctor and my medicine. I just gut it up and make my self jog a mile and walk a mile 4-5 times a week, pain or no pain. I have lived to see my grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Life is good. Think positive! M 65 12 years

 5  heart attack and high cholesterol None. I have taken 80 mg per day for three years, and have had no side effects and my LDL typically measures between 40 and 45. This drug -- when combined with lifestyle changes -- certainly works well. M 43 3 years

 1  High Cholesterol Read the following Business Week article businessweek.com magazine/content/08_04/b4068052092994.htm M 37 10 days

 1  high cholesterol fluids pooling in my lower extremeties - especially my feet, general muscle soreness I take several meds for rheumatoid arthritis and none of these medications have affected me in this way. My rheumatology office suggested I check with my PCP immidiately. F 58 4 weeks
 1  high cholesterol hair loss, weight gain, muscle pain After suffering form real bad side effects (hair loss, weight gain, blurred vision) I decided to stop all the chemicals. I am fed up with all those medications which ALL induce side effects, for which your doctor will prescribe more and more medications. That is when hell starts. My hair was falling off, I could not lose weight even exercising and eating healthy food. When I stopped Lipitor, my hair stopped falling immediately and I lost 4 lbs the 1st week, without doing anything different. You completely destroy your metabolism absorbing chemicals. Now I stopped all that and I am going the NATURAL way with good results. I recommend acupuncture, homeopathy, natural supplements (I highly recommend Apple Cider Vinegar and raw honey, those made my blood pressure go down by 30 points!), good nutrition and exercise are much better and you will not enrich those pharmaceutical companies which are after your money, just trying to erase the symptoms but NOT the cause. Take charge! It is time F 53 9 days

 1  High Cholestoral Weakness in both legs, hip pain, knee pain, feet and ankle pain.Lower back pain. Muscle weakness from the pevis down to my toes! Could not stand comfortably for 5 minutes. Started seeing a chiropractor for relief-did not work. Stopped taking Lipitor 40 ml. and side effects started to go away after 5 days. Have some lingering aches in legs. F 44 6 weeks

 3  To lower cholestrol On 10 mg. didnt seem to have any side effects and my cholestrol went from 256 to 190 in 30 days-I was amazed but then after another month my cholestrol went back up to 235 and my doctor decided to bump up my dose to 20 mg. thats when the severe muscle pain started and very debillitating-I went to a rheumotogologist thinking it was lupus or fibromalgyia as i felt like I always had the flu and she took a blood test and said I had muscle damage from the Lipitor. Do the benefits outweigh the severe side effects-Pfizer says it's rare but serious side effects-I know many people that have had the same problem with muscle damage so I would not consider the side effect to be "rare" and now since I'm off the drug wonder how much permanent damage to my muscles is their due to this awful drug F 48 120 days
 2  High Cholestoral Depressions, lack of energy Side effects seemed to sneak up on me, it wasn't until I ran out and stopped taking it that I discovered how much better I felt. I know several others that take Lipitor without these effects. M 49 10 years

 1  high cholesterol Acid Reflux, stomach pain, muscle pain, trouble with liver count I took this drug and it did the job - lowered my cholesterol - at first. But then the other stuff started. At first indigestion all the time, stomach pain, muscle aches - Dr was testing my count for liver problems - suddenly count was so high it put me in the hospital, yellow skin, eyes, urine dark brown. Scary. Ran all kinds of tests - surprise - can't take Statin drugs. Personally I don't think they are worth it after that scary experience! F 67 8 months

 1  Chlosterol In decreasing order of severity: Extreme vertigo, short term memory loss, tendonitisis in heels, calf leg cramps, muscle loss, severe tintitinitis (ringing in ears) On Lipitor for 4 months. Switched to Vitorin for six months with decreased side effects, Chlosterol dropped from 220 to 90 but now side effects are worsening, particularly heel tendon bruising and muscle loss. See http://www.spacedoc.net/rest_of_my_story.html for articles on side effects. Be aware and monitor side effects. Red Yeast is a statin. My allopathic docs are both taking most folks off statins and recommending slo-naicin and coenzyme Q10 with blood tests every three to six months to see if colesterol remains down. M 65 4 months

 5  High Cholestrol none It dropped my cholestrol down fast.My liver tests are good.I take 20mg a night.Cholestrol runs about 200. F 50 3 years

 1  high cholesterol hair fell out, insomnia, areas of fat under the skin became sore to the touch, last straw was ringing in the ears. I took 10mg of Lipitor daily for about 5 months. It did a fantastic job of lowering my cholesterol, and improving the good/bad ratio. Eventually, the insomnia, and the ringing in the ears (tinnitus) caused me to stop it. After 2 months on nothing I tried 5mg of Crestor (one dose), and had to lie in bed with a heating pad on my legs for the aching it caused (like the flu). I know many people who tolerate statin drugs without a problem, but for me, it's just not worth the side effects. I won't try again. F 59 5 months

 2  high cholesterol I've been on it for 18 months and only after 15 months the muscle pain started - particularly in the glutes, calves and thighs but also in the back and neck. A general feeling of weakness. Difficulty getting up out of a chair. I've also had palpitations but don't know if that could be the cause. Also a hard to describe feeling like a very inner mild panic attack which only lasts a minute or two and is helped by deep breathing. Abdominal rash for the last 6 months - I thought it was shingles but the doctor said no and prescribed an ointment. I have had high blood pressure for the last three months too but am not sure if Lipitor could be the cause. F 57 18 months

 1  Cholesterol Stroke like symptoms. Numbness and tingling on left side of face and left arm. Also effected my equilibrium. My cholesterol was at 190 just before a heart attack.I was put on 80mg of Lipitor and within 1 week of leaving the hospital I had stroke like symptoms and my doctor immediately stopped the Lipitor.Within a few days of stopping Lipitor,my equilibrium returned to normal and stroke like symptoms cleared up. M 68 2 weeks

 3  High LDl Muscle and joint aches in arms, elbows, and calves. Felt worse when woke up. I'm 53 and it made me feel 83. Lots of gas. Been taking for 7 years. Symptoms appeared first last yr - early 06 - stopped taking for two months, restarted and symptoms came back summer of 07. Dosage for past 2 yrs has been 40 mg once a day. M 53 7 years

 2  Cholesterol My doctor has started me out on 80mg a day of lipitor. I have only been taking it for a little over a week. I started feeling sick to my stomach about two days ago, and I have been feeling very fatigued. My head has been twitching and today I noticed hand tremors. Also feel like I am in a fog. Have not had blood results yet to determine if it has lowered my cholesterol or not. M 28 9 days

 1  High Cholesterol Muscle pain, depression, dizziness (fainting spells), hair loss, panic attacks. My doctor kept changing the dosage, tried Mevacor and Gemfibrozil, as well. This went on much too long, mostly due to my inability to make decisions due to statin's brain-draining effects. After nearly committing suicide due to statin-induced depression, I stopped all statin meds. My depression lifted quickly, panic attacks stopped, my hair started growing back. Web searches turned up information indicating that women probably shouldn't be taking statins, especially older women. I'm lucky to be alive and will do everything I can to spread the word about this killer drug. F 60 14 months

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