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 5  Depression On 300mg: crazy dreams, periods of night sweats, constipation, decreased short term memory, decreased attentiveness. Withdrawl over 12 weeks: diarrehea (slowly settling down), headaches immediately after dose decrease, for a few days (gone now). Nails have gone hard. Minor emotional periods (sad, angry) for only a few days each. Been 3 weeks off and have had pretty bad joint pain for last week. Yes I had some minor side effects but my quality of life was vastly improved while I was on this medication. I was very happy in how it dealt with my depression. Without taking it I would have not been able to achieve the things I have personally or professionally. F 29 7 years

 5  Severe depression, anxiety The only side effect I have is occasional tremors, mostly in my hands. This occurs almost exclusively when I am over-tired. Effexor gave me back my life. I had been on just about every antidepressant out there and none worked. I couldn't leave my house due to anxiety and sometimes couldn't even leave my bedroom. I wouldn't bathe, brush my teeth or wash my hair. I thought about suicide nearly every day. I wasn't living; I was just existing. F 49 4 years

 5  major depressive disorder- unipolar echymosis, sweating and possibly a bowel condition as yet unidentified as a side effect although effexor xr has helped me a great deal, I have not been able to discontinue it and have been on a steadily rsing dose since 1997 and am now taking 450mg daily. F 51 7 years
 5  Severe Anxiety/Depression Eyes dialated, Sweating, Nausea, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Weight loss-40 lbs in less than 2 months, Tremors. I almost lost everyone in my life that I loved and cared for simply because I let the pain of depression eat away at me and my relationships with others. This medicine's side effects are not as bad as living a life filled with doubt. I can still have emotions and feelings but not in the roller coaster effect that I once lived with. Therapy along side of this medication have not only changed my life but saved it. However missing a dose can bring on a huge change immediately...along with severe nausea, sweating and dizziness. F 24 2 months

 5  severe depression When I first began the medication, I was very dizzy and sick to my stomach. This lasted for one week. These side effects subsided and I've been successfully taking the medication for six months. I believe that this medication saved my life. F 47 6 months

 5  Combo anxiety/depression increased sweating, slight reduction of libido After two apathy-producing, weight-gaining rounds of Zoloft, I was intoduced to Effexor. I felt immediate relief from anxiety without sedation. This med lets me feel like me and function like normal. I started at 150mg. and increased to 300mg a year ago. Have not needed a dosage increase since. F 42 2 years

 5  Panic Disorder Occasional night sweats and increased sweating. Lightheadedness, if I forgot to take it. Effexor is terrible to get off of - but does its job for controlling panic and anxiety. Wonderful drug! F 28 3 years

 5  Anxiety and Depression The only side effects I experienced were mild insomnia and extreme shakiness for the first 3 days. I was never one to take any kind of drugs. I would only take aspirin as a last resort. But I have to say that taking the Effexor has made me feel so much better. I read all the side effects and was reluctant to start it, but knew that I needed to take something in order to function in life. I am currently on 75 mgs per day and it has made a huge difference. My advice to anyone considering taking the drug is don't stress out when reading the side effects. All drugs effect people differently. Give it a chance. It took about 14 days for the drug to kick in. The side effects did go away after about 4 days and when I increased my dose from 37.5 mgs to 75 mgs I didn't have any side effects. My Dr. prescribed xanax for me to take along with the effexor for the first week which actually eliminated the shakiness and nervousness immediately. I only had to take the xanax for the first three days on the Effexor. I suggest that if you decide to take the Effexor, having the xanax on hand for the first few days will help. I have not had to increase my dosage as of yet. I'm hoping to be able to stay on the 75 mgs for as long as possible. Reading about the withdrawals is a little scarey, but like I said, all people are affected differently by different drugs, so I will cross that bridge if and when I get to it. Effexor has made a huge difference in my life and when and if I have to come off it, if I experience any withdrawals, well, so be it. It would be a small price to pay for being able to enjoy life. F 40 5 weeks
 5  panic attacks and depression i gained 40lbs in a very short period of time,night sweats,muscle spasms every night but i no longer have any panic attacks and the anger and rage i use to have, my mood is alot better F 32 9 months

 5  major depression major lack of energy, lowered libido, 25 lb weight gain, ravenously hungry at times but not all the time, when dozing off to sleep, my leg, arm or shoulder & arm will feel like a small electrical jolt shoots through one of them and will actually jerk and sometimes wake me up. The electrical jolt is actually rather pleasant. How do I know whether the lower libido is a side effect of the drug or a side effect of getting old. All I know is that I used to want sex all day long when with my husband but now, I think about it but am just too tired to initiate anything. I know I have to be on this drug or I have dreams that couldn't be described as nightmares but I wake up feeling really scared and hopeless and see no reason to live. It's a very dark place and if I have to I will take drugs the rest of my life to prevent this dark place. F 54 2 years
 5  Depression Absolute living hell!!!!!!!! I weaned down from 300mg daily over a period of 8 weeks. It has been nearly a week and I am struggling. I have constant diahorrea and headaches. It feels like an alien (or at times many aliens) are living in my head. I have a loss of appetite and stomach cramps. I feel confusion, disorientation and light headedness for most of the day. It is a relief to lie down at night. It is impossible to describe to anyone who has not been through it the sheer hell of this kind of withdrawl. I have had zero sex drive whilst being on the drug although I had a very low drive prior to going on the drug which was part of my history of depression anyway. I have 2 children and it is my responsibilities towards them which keep me going throughout this hell. It would be so easy to go back on the medication but I feel that this hell surely will end soon and I am willing to fight it out. Reading everyone else's responses has reassured me that these side effects are consistent with the drug and has given me that added strength to battle through the hell. I have to tell myself how depressed I was prior to taking it and remind myself of how much progress I have made since taking effexor-er. Hopefully 2-3 weeks of hell is a small price to pay for the positive benefits I have had whilst being on the drug. F 44 2 days

 5  Severe depression & anxiety I took 150 mg of Effexor XR for almost two years. I had blurry vision from time to time. My sex drive was still there, but the sensations were less. Effexor XR helped me put my life back on track. Mixing it with alcohol makes it less effective. I had withdrawal effects the days after partying, which included extreme tiredness, irritability, diahrrea, not being able to work (I would go to work, but was not as productive), depression, and panic attacks. I did a lot of research about the withdrawal effects and was afraid to taper off. However, I am tapering off effexor xr very successfully, 37.5 per week. I am exercising, eating better, not drinking alcohol, and I am dealing with issues by facing them rather than escaping from them. It is imperative that when tapering off of effexor xr to have a solid support system. People who you can trust and talk to when you feel depressed and anxious. The important thing is to taper slowly and to exercise, eat right, and stay away from alcohol. You can do it. Hang in there and taper off slowly. It is working for me. I am down to 75 mg and will be down to 37.5 in a few days and then down to 0 mg the following week. F 42 2 years

 5  Social Anxiety/Depression There are only two side effects I've encountered when on the medication. The first one was only for the first two days on a dose of 150mg. About a half hour/hour after taking my first dose I became extremly nausious and almost vomited. This went away quickly. The other side effect is sexual. I have no sexual urges at all. I have been on this medication for almost a year now and it has not gotten better whatsoever. The good obviously outway the bad or I wouldn't still be on it. I'm not saying that sex wasn't a part of my life before, but I can walk into a room of friends and have a conversation with them without freaking out. I am not a hermit anymore. I have a life. It's a huge improvement. I would recommend this medication to anyone that has problems like mine. F 23 1 years

 5  Depression & Anxiety During the first 2 weeks of taking it, my contacts felt like they didn't fit and I had blurred vision. The only side effect now is lack of orgasm, but I still have the desire for sex. This drug is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I had experienced depression and severe anxiety attacks since the age of 12. I didn't seek treatment until I was 34! I tried Celexa and Lexapro and had horrible side effects (headaches, dizziness and extreme tiredness)Then I tried Effexor and it has given me my life back. I feel like a black cloud has been lifted off of me. I would have never attempted to go to a sporting event, concert or any place where there were crowds until now! I am truly enjoying my life for the first time in 24 years!! F 36 8 months

 5  depression, gad rise in blood pressure Changed my life for the better F 52 3 years
 5  major depression, generalized anxie night sweats, fatigue, modest weight gain I'd tried many other AD meds in the past (SSRI's, tricyclics, Wellbutrin), none of which helped and caused many side effects. EffexorXR at 75 mg has really made a big difference in my outlook. I'm d/c now in springtime (my depression is always worse in winter) by incremental withdrawal of 3 beads daily from the capsule. While I've gotten some return of depression and irritability, I'm able to exercise more and am taking off the few pounds gained. I'm nearly drug-free (10 days to go of a 2-month taper) and am glad I've gone down so gradually. F 52 2.5 years

 5  depression dry mouth, other then that nothing else F 40 3 years

 5  clinical depression Weight gain...@ 30 lbs. If I forget to take my pills (I take 600 mg/day), the withdrawal symtoms begin that same night with horrible, vivid nightmares...and an extremely wierd expanding-contracting feeling accompanied by psychadelic, kalidescope-like images-quite colorful and interesting if you can view it for it what it is...without being totally freaked by it...which I was the first few times it happened... This drug has helped so much--for a long time (two-three years), I tried several different drugs...the depression was bad...I had always been very UP...very outgoing...very HAPPY...an unexpected hysterectomy (e.g., no more hormones) sent me spiraling into depression...I felt this constant greyness...encompassed by a life-sucking cloud that left me anti-social, so depressed that I wouldn't get out of bed...called in sick for days...couldn't talk to people I didn't know, and had a very difficult time talking to people I DID know. I developed a kind of stutter when I found myself forced to deal with people. My husband stuck it out with me...and my doctor kept working with me and we tried everything...the effexor xr has helped and over the last three years, the dosage has increased to 600 mg...a very large dose, but I can function and I can concentrate...and I am living life again...I am trying to deal with the weight gain now that I am a functioning human being again... F 48 3 years

 5  Severe depression Initially, I had some weight loss (a positive!), nervousness/anxiety, and blurred vision. Now, the worst side effects for me are insomnia, hot flashes, and excessive sweating. My doctor added Remeron to help me sleep, but it really didn’t seem to do the job. We tried Trazodone instead and it worked…however, I developed 24/7 hyper-sexual arousal (yes, I know…it doesn’t sound like a problem, but believe me--without going into too much detail--it can be). I found out that it was related to the Trazodone. Now, I take Ambien and that seems to do the trick. I also had problems with daytime sleepiness and later ADD-type symptoms. We added Adderall, which caused heart palpitations. While, my internist and psychiatrist kept trying to add meds to quell the symptoms, I did my own research and discovered that the sleepiness and ADD were not just because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I have sleep apnea, which means that I don’t get quality sleep if I don’t use my CPAP machine…and I hadn’t used it in several months. Light bulb! I now use that lovely positive airflow machine every night and have no more problems with daytime sleepiness, ADD, and palpitations! Other side effects for me are dry mouth, constipation, and vivid dreams (which are kind of cool, when you take time to decode them). If I miss one day of taking my 300mg of EffexorXR, I suffer night sweats, headaches, nightmares, and confusion. I am very happy with EffexorXR. When I started taking antidepressants about 10 years ago, I was prescribed Norpramin, which was awful! I had horrible anxiety attacks. I took Prozac for a few years, but I found that it made me feel like a zombie…no emotions at all and an extremely low sex drive. I switched doctors and my internist prescribed Wellbutrin, which didn’t work for me…more anxiety attacks. I finally found a great psychiatrist, who prescribed Effexor and later EffexorXR. I take 300mg each morning. My depression has decreased, I’m able to function normally, and I can still feel all my emotions. Sure, I have some side effects, but those I can live with. Not being able to get out of bed, crying, feeling hopeless, etc…not so much. My psychiatrist also referred me to a fantastic psychologist. I’ve seen her for almost 3 years now and feel like I’ve made a lot of progress. F 41 3.5 years
 5  depression and anxiety The first few days I was kind of spacey, shakey, and the anxiety actually increased. Had a TREMENDOUS amount of energy. Slight problem with insomnia. Severe constipation. (Cured with prune juice). Began on starter pack (37.5 mg for 7 days, then increase to 75 mg). Was worried about taking the 75 mg due to initial side effects, but turns out side effects did not increase with dosage. Side effects almost gone except for yawning, stiffness in neck (not bothersome), and change in orgasm. I can actually achieve Effexor XR has been a miracle drug for me. I was in a deep depression, and had begun to entertain thoughts of suicide. I have sustained energy now. I can work all day, come home, and have the energy to play with my children. I felt better a week into starting this drug. I had almost stopped taking it due to the side effects after the first few days, but am really glad I didn't. I feel and act like I used to. Everyone I know has commented on the change in my attitude, performance at work, and the return of my sense of humor. I can focus mentally, stress levels have dropped, everything is better. Except sex drive. That went to hell in a handbasket. But, after I get started, it seems to come back. Overall, I would definantly recommend this drug to someone in a similar spot that I was. I have read about the horrors of withdrawl, though, and that scares me. I hope someone has figured out a tolerable way to w/d from this drug by the time I need to go off of it. F 32 30 days

 5  depression & anxiety constipation F 40 120 days

 5  Major Depression jaw tensing hot flashes minor calf cramping the urdge to grind teeth unable to have an orgasm the side effects are already fading and i feel really good. better than i have in years. It was a really hard decision for me to turn to medication after years of on and off therapy but I'm really glad I did. F 27 3 weeks

 5  aniety attacks ,panic no sex drive,this is how I feel now. calmer,not worried about everything,don't let things bother me like before.I used to be a worry wart,very hyper,always doing something. one day i was driving and I thought I was having a heart attack I could not leave my house for four months ,or drive ,I drive for my job.All I did was take the pills,drink ginger ale,eat crackers.I could not even ride in a car.The most terrible time of my life.So I think these pills have helped me.But now I have to increase the amount,I'm getting the same feelings again. F 48 9 months

 5  Major depression Insomnia, difficulty reaching orgasm and decreased sensation. Postural hypotension (low blood pressure when standing or sitting), headaches and irritability after missing one dose. I started this after Serzone stopped working for me. Worked very well for anxiety, but tough to miss a dose. Eventually switched to Wellbutrin because of the sexual side effects. I've been tapering for five weeks now and it wasn't as bad as I expected, but the low blood pressure and dizziness are no fun. F 29 2 years

 5  ADD No side effects. Takes the lowest dosage available. 3.7?? This medication keeps my daughter calm in the evenings. She has ADD and takes med's in the morning but they wear off by the evening and if she has to do anything, she is miserable. This works great for her. F 11 1 years

 5  depression I have been taking Effexor XR 150 mg. for 5 months and at times feel kind of drowsy. It has changed my life. I am so pleased my doctor recommended this drug. Everything in my life is better now. I feel I must have unknowingly beeen depressed for years. F 48 5 months
 5  recurrent major depressive disorder nothing but good things--more energy, less crying, can sleep a normal 8 hour night and feel rested (I used to sleep 15 hours or more if I could.) I have been depressed since I was a child, and have been able to cope with it unless I experience stress or changes in my life--at those times despair and anxiety would take over my life. I have tried 5 or 6 different antidepressants with no success. After I had a baby this spring, I experienced a horrible episode of Postpartum Depression. After trying Zoloft and Welllbutrin (on doctor's orders--I had no faith in these drugs anymore, but was told that I would be hospitalized if I did not accept treatment.), I was finally put on Effexor a month ago, and started feeling better within days. I really feel like this drug is a miracle. I had resigned myself to a life of hidden tears and forced smiles, but thanks to this drug, I can look at my husband and child again and think, F 22 1 months

 5  Depression I had none until I increased my dose past 75mg, then I was too tired and sleepy. At 75mg I have F 32 2 weeks

 5  depression I was very tired and sick for the first two weeks. I had to take it at night so I could function at work during the day. After the two weeks, I felt fine and started taking it in the morning as prescribed. I experienced a great deal of weight gain. Other than the weight gain I experienced, I felt great - better than I have in years. F 40 6 months

 5  Panic Disorder None. It completely stopped my panic attacks and obsessive thinking - on 75mg - for two years! Thought I was cured so my Dr. F 28 2 years

 5  anxiety/panic attacks some weight gain and high blood pressure. Do not mix with caffiene or high sugar products-heart racing occurs This medication has allowed me to resume my life. I wasn't going out with friends or any other social events afraid that an anxiety attack would occur. I don't even feel like I'm on medication,unlike my previous experience with Paxil and Prozac. I feel free again, I'm my old self. It's so nice to enjoy the things that people my age group do. I lost out on about 3yrs before I found this drug. No more making excuses to everyone about why I can't make it out. I'm still on Effexor xr 225 a day for the last 8 months and a Xanex here and there if I'm flying or something. I've had a very positive experience. F 30 8 months
 5  clinical depression slight anxiety increase, night sweats F 26 7 months

 5  social anxiety disorder, depression slight weight loss, minor dizziness at times (that goes away) After taking effexor for about 3 weeks, I noticed that I enjoyed being around people more. I started conversations more, gave an inservice at work, things I never used to do. I have also been feeling very happy, never depressed. I have been on effexor for almost 2 months and have not had one depressed moment (probably because I feel better). F 24 2 months
 5  bi polar disorder None F 39 3 months

 5  Depression Extream sweating, Jaw clenching,Insomnia, Teeth grinding, VERY BAD sexual dysfunction. I was taking 150 mg of Effexor XR, It worked wonderfully for the depression, but the sexual dysfunction is what made me ask to go off. I am now weaning off the effexor and going on Wellbutrin SR, If I wasn't married I would have stayed on the effexor. I was unable to have an orgasm, and had NO desire to have sex. The other side effects didn't bother me as much as this one. F 31 1 months

 5  lupus, depression & neuropathy No side effects on 150mg used it for severalyears. But when I tried to cut back on it: unable to function, severe dizziness, confusion it was terrible. Back on it and stable again. i think the effexor has made positive effects on stablizing the neuropathy. I will continue to use it b/c the changes I went through to get off of it was not worth it. F 46 4 years
 5  Panic Attacks, Anxiety Teeth grinding, minor weight gain, no desire for sex, minor spasms. The drug help me out with controlling the panic attacks and anxiety and is well worth taking if you can live with the side effects. I have no desire for sex or intimacy with my husband. The dosage I am taking is 150mg. As I increased the dosage over the years, these feelings increased. With the sexual side effects I do not feel complete and will look for alternative medications. F 45 3 years

 5  Extreme drepression and anxiety This med is great (I take 300mg a day), although I hallucinate, have mucsle spasms at night and my tremors are uncontrolable. But I would rather have those symptoms then to have my drepression and anxiety attacks back. Extreme depression came on after an unexpected pregnancy. I also take wellbutrin sr (400mg) F 24 1 years
 5  depression gas, sweating, weight loss F 37 8 months

 5  PTSD depression no seriously noticeable side effects at 300 mg daily several years. could miss a dose or two and no problem. but 4 days without suddenly and i'm all over these boards looking for withdrawal symptoms! only problem i can isolate during normal usage is blurred vision. others like insomnia, no libido, and sweats appeared prior, with menopause. took Concerta with it 4 months then discontinued for overstimulation/insomnia. also discontinued hormone replacement therapy. very hard to separate all these things out but generally I loved my EffexorXR at $187/month. did I mention the poverty side effect? Preferred Prozac, felt clean and words were at the tip of my tongue. But on second later use it didn't work at 20 mg, so tried Wellbutrin - a very very dangerous disaster for me and quickly stopped it. Started Effexor two years later and Dr. warned if stopped it might not work again. Feel like it's time to try, tho - at 1:30 a.m. haha. F 55 3 years


 5  Depression Only night sweats. I have IBS and have been symptom free for many years and it didn't interfere with that all. F 26 4 years

 5  Depression and Anxiety Dry mouth, weight loss!! grinding teeth, Headache for the first two days, no appetite, calmness I have had a great experience on Effexor XR so far! I am taking 75mg and I feel so awake and have more energy! It feels like someone turned the light on. I can easily cope with my stressful life more effectively and have no more anxiety at night. I am scared about coming off this med but for now I am going to enjoy my new life! F 33 3 weeks

 5  depression, panic attacks, social a I started 2 years ago for depression, panic attacks and social anxiety. The first week was hell. I felt like I was on speed, but after my body adjusted it gave me my life back. I stopped over analyzing everything, I was able to go out without thinking everyone was looking at me, and I was able to get out of bed willingly every day. I truly felt "normal". After 2 years, I decided that I would like to give life without meds a try, BIG MISTAKE!!! I weaned slowly from 150mg to 75 to 37.5 and off. I feel nauseous alot and my depression and social anxiety has returned almost 100%. I'm thinking seriously about going back on, but after reading some of your comments, I'm a bit scared. I'll talk to my Dr. and try to do some research. Has anyone gone off Effexor and then gone back on? F 36 2 years

 5  Trauma related Depression I do not know of any side effects at all. All I know is when I started Effexor I was like night and day. Sometimes no matter how strong a person one thinks they are along the way something breaks down. That is what happened to me. I am currently on 225 mg a day. It took every ounce of my being to try each day to get my feet from the bed to the floor. I knew I was in trouble so I called my doctor. He tried me on Wellbutrin...didn't work after 2 weeks I went back and he put me on Effexor XR. I was and am a new woman. I have no sexual problems, no nightmares basically no problems at all. This medication literally saved me I feel so whole within myself and I am truly very happy with life. F 49 6 days
 5  Severe Deppression Upset stomach, clenched jaw, Feeling drunk when I wake during the night, (I take at bedtime) No feelings sad,happy,nothing. I have been on for almost a week and I love this! I went from being deppressed all the time, hating to wake up everyday to being able to do things again! I have 5 kids and have been coming home from work and playing with them when before I felt like doing nothing! Lots of energy, decreased appetite I feel full faster, and Im overweight so thats great, I read about the sex thing, who thinks about sex when their deppressed anyway? So I could care less. I love not feeling sad or happy. My emotions controlled every part of my life and now I can live. I am really scared of the withdrawel stuff if I ever have to come off, but for now this is great. I dont sleep well at all, never have so I dont know if the drug is adding to it or not. I am just glad im not deppressed anymore. My mother committed suicide when I was 15, and I was so scared I may do the same, even worse knowing what it would do to my kids, but so far this is great! I hope it stays like this. I am on 75 mg now and after the 7th F 28 6 days
 5  Insomnia/Fatigue d/t dysthymia Vivid dreams in first week. Tremendous and wonderful except for the part about my health insurance not covering it. F 50 2 months

 5  Depression Delayed orgasm (not a bad thing, just requires patience); sweating (could be menopause, too); yawning; vivid dreams. If I miss a dose, I get twitchy (dizzy, numbness or tingly sensation) and have vivid nightmares (and that's only a few hours off the med). *I had some nausea the first week or so, but it passed* This is the first anti-depressant I have taken after a life-time of depression, including several suicide attempts when I was younger. I resisted medication because I didn't want to feel "doped up." I can't believe the difference Effexor has made! I had the "hunkering down" sort of depression; this drug (and I assume the therapy, too) has given me the life I wanted. I do worry about withdrawal symptoms, though, because missing a dose produces some nasty symptoms. F 46 1.5 years


 5  Anxiety I noticed that when I miss a dose or don't take it at my regular time schedule in the morning, I feel 'vibrations' which is not horrible, it's more annoying than anything. I've loved Effexor up until recently when I realized that I gained 45 pounds back since the weight loss surgery in 2000. I had gastric bypass in 2000. After the surgery I noticed that Zoloft caused a burning in my stomache so I stopped taking it. I tried Celexa and it made me very very sleepy right away and I couldn't stand it, so I quit taking that. My doctor wanted me to try Effexor XR. I started taking it on Sunday and by Wednesday I noticed that it was taking care of my anxiety/anxiousnes BIG TIME!! I am going to head to my doctor this week and see if he'll prescribe Wellbutrin for me. I'm hoping I'll have one of the good side effects such as weight loss/increased metabolism. F 49 4 years

 5  Depression Going on the medication, only a slight feeling of visual, electrical sensation at the start and each time dose was increased; Coming off the drug, horrible side effects -- nausea, sudden bouts of rage. I thought I had rage like everyone else, but realized that I never felt true rage until I was going off Effexor and experienced it as a side effect. The bouts would come quickly and would be virtually uncontrollable. I was tapering off the drug over four weeks and this side effect didn't happen until the very last week. If I ever need to take it again, my doctor will prescribe Ativan or Xanax to help that side effect as I taper off. F 41 2 years

 5  depression, panic attacks very sleepy the first week and the first week of increased dose. Freaky dreams for a few months after starting it. Blood pressure has shot up, but I'm not sure if it's related. It has worked wonderfully for my panic attacks. I haven't had one since I started taking it. F 26 8 months

 5  Depression Elevated blood pressure. Woozy feeling when I miss dosing It took a LARGE daily dose to work for me, 300mg! But I will NEVER give it up. It changed my life. I still get blue moods, but am able to focus and work through them. F 41 8 years

 5  depression No noticeable side effects Effexor is a miracle drug! Before it was prescribed to me, I was crying and staying in bed almost the whole day. The Effexor made me feel like my old self again. And crying is actually difficult. I wouldn't recommend it to actors who have scenes requiring tears. Just kidding, but I'm serious. I still have emotions, but they're under control. I don't find Effexor to be habit-forming at all. I can't rave enough about this medication. It allowed me to regain respect from my friends, boss and coworkers. F 61 4 months

 5  clinical depression (suicidal) alert, overload of thoughts while im trying to talk, seeping breast milk ( im not preggers), loss of appetite, jaw clenching, fidgeting. i am alive again although i know im addicted to this drug. i am on 300mg. had to keep upping the doses with celapram and lexapro. apart from side effects i feel great. i forgot what laughing felt like. F 21 1 years

 5  Clinical Depression Strange electrical shock sensation in my head. I'm suprised no one else had reported this - it's very prominant and occurs every hour or so during the day. Night sweats. Increase in blood pressure. Slight hand tremmors. Lack of inhibition leading to high risk financial decisions and over-confidence in work setting. I had to go off of Effexor when I lost my health insurace after taking 300mg a day for three years. I loved being on the medication and was cured of life long clinical depression. When I went off I became more depressed than ever before, I think because I now know how it feels to be happy. I am going back on Effexor this week after 1.5 years without. I am cautious because although Effexor made me feel confident and uninhibited it eliminated any self doubt, a small amount of which I now realize serves an important funtion in life. I will closly monitor my ability to self evaluate and make reaonable decisions this time. When I was last on this drug, allot of risky financial mistakes and overconficence at work led to becomming unemployed and broke. I was so overconfident at work people started plotting to take me down; scarey but true. Decision making is difficult for the clinically depressed because of debilitating self doubt, however Effexor does not instantly make you a good dec F 46 3 years

 5  depression Going on it the side effects only lasted about a week. I had 2 nights where I just couldn't sleep, was slightly nautious and my pupils were MASSIVE! But all in all it wasn't too bad. I was worried about coming off it so I timed it so I had a week booked off work for it. The main side effect was being light headed, like a permanent head rush. Again, it was bearable. If anyone has any reservations, I would say try it. For me it was fantastic. It helped me get through a tough stage in my life. I'm off it about a month now and have come out the other side smiling!!! F 27 1 years

 5  Depression, anxiety weight gain Although I have gained weight with this drug, I finally feel like myself again- and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever feel normal again. My anxiety has decreased as has the depression. I take 150 mg. each morning. F 31 2 years

 5  Depression, anxiety, PTSD Moderate headaches, increased brain activity, tingling first time I took it. Effexor "woke up" my brain. I had NO activity, I could think but things were numb and fuzzy. The drug has given me alot of energy, relieved some of the depression, has decreased my appetite and thanks to Effexor I can work full-time without sabotaging my job due to depression and anxiety! Finally the possibility of long-term employment. F 44 6 days
 5  Anxiety/Depression A few minor side effects for the first couple of weeks (insomnia, headache, edgy), but those passed. At this point, I still get a little sleepy from it, but nothing major. This medication has given me my life back. I had gotten so bad with my anxiety and depression that I didn't even want to leave my house. I cried a lot, was unproductive, and generally felt miserable. Now, I have a lot more energy, am productive at work, and a happy person. I feel like me again. F 36 3 months

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