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 5  constipation and diarrhea None I have had ulcerative colitis for over 25 years, with all the accompanying diarrhea and constipation. This is the first time in many years that I have been like a normal person. I can go places without worry. Miralax is a miracle!! F 82

 4  Idopathic Chronic Constipation Some bloating and gas pains. Effectivness seems to be diminishing the longer I use it. Initially could skip the dose for 2-3 days after two dosage days. Now have to take it every day. Resulting bowel movements are ribbony and messy. Was able to firm up bowel output by also taking one or two teaspoons of Psylium in water during the day. Miralax is most effective on me when taken in the morning. M 80 60 days

 3  Chronic constipation At first some rumbling in the tummy and sometimes hard to get to the bathroom in time, but I don't complain about that after my 79 years of little action from the intestines. I have been taking Miralax for about two years and it was a godsend after years and years of trouble with constipation. Now it doesn't seem to work nearly as well. I wonder if they have changed the formula or is it` just me. I hope someone can answer if they have changed the makeup of Miralax or not. F 79 2 years
 1  preparation for a colonoscopy I had shaking and chills. My heart raced. I lost all bowel control and spewed forth quarts, seemed like gallons, of nasty yellow liquid every few minutes over a period of about 5 hours. As I sat on the pot, I kept fading in and out of consciousness. As my doctor ordered, I took eight 8 ounce glasses of liquid with a capful of Miralax in each, one every 20 minutes. The effects started after I had taken them all, making it impossible to do anything at that point but tough it out. I thought of going to the emergency room, but the lack of bowel control made this seem impossible. F 79

 1  capsulendoscopypreparation severe stomach cramps, black stools, fainting I ;am 78 years old. This medication, Miralax, is too harsh, too rapidly acting, caused nausea, vomiting, fainting. The doctor was not all sympathetic to these symptoms. What can be done to alleviate these severe symptoms? Commom sense, as a retired nurse practictioner, tells me this is either too harsh, or too high a dosage for my age of 78 years. F 78 1 times
238mg. 1X O
 4  Chronic Constipation Miralax helped me. Stopped taking Diltiazem for Hypertension about five months ago. This fixed my Constipation prob. Havn`t taken Miralax at all for months. Couldn`t hardly believe this. New Life. M 77 3 years

 5  Chronic constipation None I've had chronic constipation for 10 years. I've tried everything over the counter stool softeners and medications. My daughter who is a nurse came to visit me last month and I was terribly constipated, she recommended Miralax and I started on it that day and in 4 days I started going regular and have been regular every day since. I've never had a laxative that worked like this. F 76 1 months
30MG 1X D
 1  Constipation Activia had worked wonderfully as a regulator for me for some time, but I was headed for Europe and my Dr. had me substitute it for Miralax because the Activia required refrigeration and miralax didn't. I took ONE dose of miralax with prune juice and within about 2 hours, I had a terrible reaction - for about 2 days I had what I would call a "colon cleansing", felt terrible and couldn't take the trip to Europe. I am disgusted with this product. I am just so thankful that I didn't get on the plane before taking Miralax or I would have spent the entire 7 hour flight in the bathroom - I wouldn't recommend this product ever. F 76 1 days
17G 1X D

 5  bowel resection after perforation No side effects For all of my life I had been as regular as clockwork...once a day, every morning. After a perforation during my first (botched) colonoscopy exam I required a bowel resection and started using Miralax. One cap every day. As the years went by I have been able to reduce this dosage down to 1/2 cap daily and currently 1/2 cap only a few times a week. My specialist (NOT the surgeon!) said I could use this product for as long as needed. Saved my (quality of) life F 75 5 years
1/2 cap 3X W

 5  Chronic constipation + post surgery After constipation issues all my life, it was a relief to have predictable bowel movements. However, in the last 8 mo. I've had two uncontrollable, explosive "happenings". I've never thought about lowering the dosage, I'll consult with my MD. Just grateful something works. I've always been a water drinker, so that wasn't the issue re: constipation. I think IBS, Crohns, and lifestyle were more the problem. F 75 18 years

 2  colonoscopy prep My colonoscopy prep consisted of 10 oz magnesium citrate, then, 8.3 oz Miralax in 64 oz Gatorade and 4 dulcolax tablets. Prep worked well. Colonoscopy went well with removal of 2 non cancerous polyps. Within 4 hours post procedure I experienced severe abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting. Went immediately to emergency room and was diagnosed with bacterial colitus. Prescribed drugs Metro... and Cipro... to take for 10 days. For next week, experienced extreme weakness, loss of appetite, dark urine. Stools continued loose but not watery. 15 days later my colon is still not operating properly, not removing water sufficiently and lacking any natural e coli, killed by drugs. My gastro dr. opined that he could not identify the cause of my "toxic shock" experience. He stated that the Miralax might have caused the problem. Don't know that I believe him, could have been bacteria introduced by the colonoscopy equipment. M 75 1 days
8.3 oz 1X D

 5  Chronic constipation Zero side effects, I feel exactly as I did before using it minus the constipation. I plan and hope to be able to use it until the day I die. M 74 2 weeks
17 grams 1X D
 5  diverticulosis None one of the most effective medications with the least side effects that i have ever taken. M 74
1 capful 1X D
 4  CC I take a OTC stool softener twice daily along with Miralax. This seems to help me. M 74 3 months

 5  rectole and constipation little gas and bloating at start have worked out dosage to just once now every other night with hot tea. Have painless,smooth bowel movement every morning right after breakfast. This after 35 yrs of acute constipation to the pont where I had vaginal bleeding from straining. I have recommended it to two of my daughters and one of their mothers-in-law since I started using it and they think it is amazing. Do wish it was generic as it is pricey for retirees F 73 2 months

 4  Constipation I have been using Miralx for over two years now because I have a redundant colon which causes constipation. Miralax works fine for the constipation but I cough all the time. I continue to take it because it does work and I overlook the coughing even though at times I cough a lot. F 73 900 days

 5  Chronic constipation None At age 72, with chronic constipation since chidhood, I've tried everything with poor results. My gastroentereologist recommended me Miralax for daily use. The first week I started with one capful a day and it took 4 days to have effect. Increasing dosage was bad. When I went back to one capful a day, I became a regular with a normal movement every two days and was even able to reduce a little the dosage. It's the first medication that has worked for me in my whole long life!!! F 72 4 months
1X D

 3  constipation, diverticulosis my pharmacist says that taking in the morning is so that you don't have disturbed sleep, but you can take it at the best time for you. Glycolax is the generic, made by the same company, & it is still on prescription. F 71 4 days

 5  IBS, chronic constipation. No side effects whatsoever and my only small complaint would be that it seems to cause the stools to have a very strong odor. Since childhood I have had IBS, but it wasn't until I was 60 that I discovered it was due to lactose intollerance and by then a lot of damage had been done to the lower GI, resulting in severe diverticulitis, constipation, and very difficult bowel movements. In fact, the force needed to empty the rectum resulted in a pelvic floor collapse. By the time I was 70 I was at my wit's end. Like others, I had taken a fiber supplement, drunk lots water, and complained to Drs. who really do believe fiber is a cure-all but, as I found out, it can be very constipating. I ended up with an excrutiating fissure, and severe internal hemorrhoids. To his great credit, an Urgent Care doctor recommended Miralax, and now, seven months later, the fissure has healed, the hemorrhoids are calm, and I am gradually relaxing at the need to have a bowel movement for the first time in so, so many years. Miralax has been wonderful for me, and I appreciate and relate so much to all the others who have shared their st F 70 7 months

 5  constipation entire life none I am concerned about long time use F 68 3 years

 5  Colon rupture from Diverticulosis Leaking at times I started taking metamucil after I had a rupture of the colon. Metamucil caused my stool to be dry and diminished in size. I stopped the metamucil and started the miralax and I have had wonderful results. I am able to have a bowel movement every morning after taking the miralax, {with out straining,} and maybe a small movement later in the day. I have had some leakage but after adjusting the dose of miralax, that has stopped. I am so glad that I started this medication. I now face a partial colonectomy in a few weeks. F 68 3 months
30mg 1X D

 5  CHRONIC CONSTIPATION The only side effects I've detected is a peculiar odor, but what are we talking about? It stinks anyway. Then there's an occasional episode of watery results, but that's better than the other problem and easily fixed by skipping a dose. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. Without MIRALAX I feel terrible but a daily dose soon gets me right. I've been told by doctors & pharmacists "there's no problem with a permanent daily dose". Others say "drink more water and eat fiber". That hasn't worked for me, but adds confusion. I've stopped Miralax from times-to-time in fear of becoming dependent; then resume it after a few days. This on and off routine is two yeas old. I think I'll let go of the fear and take it every day. Life's a lot better with it. M 68 14 days
1X D
 1  constipation Intestinal bleeding like prostate cancer M 68 2 days
1X D
 5  dryness of colon; immotility Perhaps increased dryness elsewhere (lungs, eyes, nose). Try this to "even out" the action of PEG. Thoroughly dissolve 1/2 dose of PEG in 10 oz. of water. THEN stir in 1/2 dose of a psyllium product ("Metamucil"). Flavored takes away any "plastic" taste of the PEG to boot. Take 1-2 times a day. This gives me more predictable, gentle action than PEG alone. MAY help with gas after a while, too. Note I said ONE HALF dose psyllium. Good luck, fellow sufferers. M 67 2 years
9 gm 1X D

 5  Constipation None Has anyone been advised about the danger of or experienced electrolyte depletion because of constant use of Miralax? I was warned by my physician of this possiblilty but felt the result of using Miralax was worth the risk. I have experienced an increase in PVCs but can't necessarily correlate the increase with Miralax use. M 67 5 months
1/3 cap 1X D
 4  IBS with constipation Gas with the generic. I eat a high fiber diet, take a fiber supplement 2-3 times a day, and drink 8 glasses of water daily. Also exercise daily. Still had chronic constipation with pain and bleeding hemmorhoids. Have had problems since I was a baby. Now my medication for high cholesterol aggravates the problem. The gastroenterologist prescribed Miralax, she said there are no side effects and it was safe for long term usage. It has helped me tremendously. I am interested to read about the problems with wheat. That may be contributing in my case. I know the dairy products do and avoid them. F 67 4 years
 2  colonoscopy prep Felt sick to stomach all afternoon the day I took it. Continue to have irritated stomach 5 hours after procedure. General cooments are that this is an easier prep than those of past years- but no so for me. F 67 1 days
1X D

 5  constipation after bowel resection None! After 10 years of severe constipation and partial small bowel obstructions, my GI doc put me on Miralax. Within a day it started to work and I am now very regular - 2x per day. This drug has changed my life in very positive ways and I recommend it to anyone with a severe constipation problem. M 66 1 months
1 cap full 1X D

 5  constipation after liver transplant none I could not function without it. I was able to keep working and just retired last month. I cannot say enough good things about it. As far as long term, I have been taking it since November of 2003, 6 years and counting. I take it every evening. M 66 6 years
 5  chronic constipation None I swear by it.....have had no side effects whatsoever F 66 8 years

 4  chronic constipation due to meds sometimes gas I have had a constipation problem since childhood.This has been very helpful. Now that I have to take certain medications constipation has been worse. I just find it difficult to get appropriate dose and if I skip a dose it does not work right away. Sometimes go too much and other times small BMs. However, no taste and can mix with almost any liquid. Certainly better than constipation. Other than occasional gas no major side effects. I am in the health field and would recommend. Just realize that we are all individuals and dosages and side effects may vary. M 66
1X D

 5  colitis I have to take this med when I first get up before I eat or it will cause cramping. I've also learned not to be careless about measuring the 17 gms or I will get dirrahea. I take it once a day. I for one am grateful for it because I can't take fiber supplements due to an allergy to wheat. I was in a lot of pain, enough to make me break out in cold sweats and vomit. now I'm regular and I don't have to hurt. F 65 2 years
 4  constipation due to B/P meds Some gas at times Have been satisfied with this product. I have noticed that I am having fluid retention that I've NEVER had before in ankles, legs & hands. Has anyone else had this problem? I hope it isn't the Miralax because it is helping so much with constipation. Please post an answer concerning this. F 65 3 months

 4  constipsation Doc said hemmoroids would get better. Gradually they have gotten much worse. They used to be a minor nuisance. If you have any comments on this, please post. Really works well for me at 1/3 the rec dosage. If not for the hemmoroids getting worse, life would be excellent. M 65 1 days
1/3 rec 1X D
 4  constipation was taking Zelnorm util it was removed from sale. M 65 30 days

 3  Colonoscopy prep Mix bottle with 2 quarts PowerAde. Went down easier than GoLYTELY or Fleet Phospho-soda. Half of it came up after the last glass. Other two didn't make me sick. M 65 1 times
8.3 oz 1X D

 1  chronic constipation alternating bowel movements, often with little warning, and sometimes without stool but with expulsion of large quantities of bloody mucus, abdominal pain, bloating, gas. Symptoms continued for over a week after I stopped taking it. I started on Amitiza instead, first the 8 mg dose twice daily, and then 24 mg dose twice daily. It did nothing -- did not relieve my constipation at all. This was a nightmare. I took the Walgreen's version, called SmoothLax, but it contained only polyethylene glycol 3350 in "original prescription strength." F 65 7 days
17 g 1X D
 5  IBS Miralax has been miraculous for easy my constant constipation. It works unlike any other laxative. There are no cramps or sudden urges or embarrassing need to get to the rest room. However, I have noticed a change in the past six months. I have been getting gas and bloating and air in my stomach. I have never experienced this before. I think that the manufacturer has changed the formula. It is not a prescription, so there would be no announcement that the ingredients have changed. I am sure something has changed. I still continue to take Miralax because nothing else works as well. F 64 8 years
30MB 1X D
 5  chronic constipation Took a couple of days to start working. Really smelly gas just before bowel movement, and really soft stools. Bad hemeroids so hard to clean rectal area. I've been taking this for over three years, following a colonoscopy and recommended by my gastroenterologist. After years of constipation, this has been a Godsend. I used to take six stool softeners, metamucil, rutin, and was still constipated half the time. Would go days without a movement. I'll gladly put up with a little messiness for regular bowels. F 64 3 years

 5  Constipation or hard stool Exactly none M 64 3 days
1 capful

 2  colonoscopy prep Post colonoscopy diarrhea This stuff wiped out my colon just fine, a little too well. Three days past colonoscopy, still have loose stool and liquid stool and worried it will never stop and go back to normal. F 64 1 days
238 mg 1X O
 1  constipation No change,will never take this medicine again. F 64
packet 1X D

 5  Constipation and bowel pain F 63
capful 1X D

 5  Chronic constipation None My doctor recommended Miralax as a last resort, since stool softeners, drinking additional water and watching my diet did not help. Began working after 4 days with multiple, soft but not loose stools, then cut back to movements once or twice a day only. I take it every morning, a full capful, and have experienced absolutely no side-effects. My stools are "comfortable" now and reasonably "regular," which is an outstanding improvement for me. To the person concerned over taking it once a week, my experience would indicate that daily use does not "overdo" it. Everyone's system is different, however, so you may need to "experiment" to determine your specific optimum usage. F 63 1 months
 5  constipation/diverticulitis None After years of severe abdominal pain attacks, I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. When I had these attacks, I would try all kinds of fiber supplements to move matter through my system. Each had side effects - UNTIL, prior to surgery, the surgeon recommended Miralax, along with eliminating all seeds & nuts from my diet. She said that Miralax is gentle & has no side effects, which has proven absolutely true for me. It feels wonderful to have my system working normally again, and because of Miralax & eliminating seeds & nuts from my diet, I've been spared surgery! F 63 1 years

 4  Constipation Rash on arms, chest. Couldn't figure out why since diet had not changed and there were no new environmental exposures to make me itch. I take no other medications. I'm healthy, with a healthy diet and I run 3 miles almost everyday. Bumps starting getting larger & itching more. I went online and found that others had had a rash/hives itching from Miralax. So yes, it works great but beware! The rash only developed after using Miralax as prescribed 1 x daily (on & off, but most days) for about a year. Perhaps it's possible to develop an adverse reaction from long-term use! F 63 1 years

 4  constipation Yes at first stool had very bad smell. After stool got out...;took about a month...the smell left. I feel it must have been old stool inside. But what are the LONG TERM problems with it? I hope none as it works.... F 63 3 months
34mg 1X D
 3  chronic constipation explosive diarrhea, esophogeal burning, gas, food backing up into my throat prescribed by the doctor who did my colonoscopy, and it was a miracle for me for almost 3 years, but suddenly I feel like my entire GI track is in revolt. Internist thinks it could be the Miralax. I have stopped using it, and am hoping everything will calm down in few days. I have been struggling with the gas, burning and diarrhea for 3 weeks. I know the constipation will also return, but if I can go back to it, I will go back to half doses more like every other day. I am still not sure this is the result of the Miralax, x-rays and blood tests came back normal I am still wondering if this is not a viral infection of some kind. F 63 3 years

 1  colonoscopy prep Terrible nausea for about 10 hours. Worst prep ever experienced. Husband experienced the same thing about a year ago. If this is the only prep method gastroenterologists have to offer, the colonoscopy rate will drop. I'd rather be water-boarded. Never again. This product should not be allowed to be used for this purpose which, as far as I can determine, is off-label. F 63 1 days

 1  Doctor recommended for constiption After one dosage I started to break out within hours and within 4-6 hours I had a severe rash all over my body. My doctor gave me samples of Miralax and told it was very safe to take. After I broke out I searched the web for more information and found out that patients taken medictions that contained the active ingredient poylethlene gylcol should not use Miralax. I am taking 4 medication with this ingredient. F 63 1 days
1 packet 1X D
 5  constipation due to anti-dpressants none I am 62 and never had trouble with constipation my whole life until last year. I always had one or more BMs a day until I was put on Zoloft and Wellbutrin, which resulted in constipation. Now whenever I go 2 days without a BM I take Miaralax (1 dose AM and 1 dose PM) which always corrects the problem in a day or at most 2. Best part is no diarrhea or watery BM, which can be embarrasing and keep you home from work.This stuff is GREAT. One curious thing: Miralax has absolutely no taste or smell (as the vast majority of the posters on this board will attest). Why are some people complaining of an unpleasant taste? Are they sure they're taking Miralax and not something else? M 62 10 months
one capful 1X AN
 5  Constipation None I am really enjoying the benefits of Miralax. (I call it Miracle Lax) About 17 years ago, I wound up in the Emergency Room of our local hospital with severe abdominal pain - Yes, it was constipation. I thought it was a fluke because I did have daily BM's, but apparently the "volume" wasn't there. Over the years, I've taken Mag Citrate, Citrucel, stool softeners and Metamucil. All of them worked sometime, but never with any degree of consistency. It took 7-10 days before MiraLax "kicked in" with any degree of regularity. I was initially concerned because many people at this site reported seeing the benefits in a few days. The prescription meds that I take really cause a constipation issue, so I really needed to address the constipation. It was more than "just discomfort". It has been GREAT for me - I'd recommend it to a friend. M 62 1 months

 5  Severe Chronic Constipation None O.K. I've only taken one dose of this stuff, but I felt compelled to write a review. I recently swithched medication for overactive bladder, thinking this one would not cause severe constipation. No such luck!! I tried my usually regimen of very high fiber and lots of water, and after three days on the new medication, I only had two real small bowel movements. So, I knew I had to be really "full of it," even though I did not feel terribly constipated. My wife has been taking Miralax ever since you could buy it over the counter, so she insisted that I try it. The morning after my one dose (this morning) I felt a real gentle urge at what used to be my "usual" time. I sat on the toilet not expecting much, but I could not believe what relief I got. In fact, I was afraid I was going to have to break up the stools with a stick to get them to flush, but they finally all flushed after three attempts. My bowel movement was very natural and comfortable as well. Anyway, I'm already a true believer, but I'll post another review in 3-4 weeks. M 62 1 days

 5  Constipation Just take one normal dose of 17 grams and drink lots of fluids. No side effects. F 62 2 months

 3  Constipation Sphincter swelling. It seemed I frequently felt like "I had to go" - but I didn't. The stool, while formed, had a high water content which made it difficult "to clean myslf". This is my second posting. I initially thought of this as "Miracle Lax" because it made my BM's much more "regular". However, about 7 weeks after starting MiraLax, I again became constipated and had to resort to 2/3 of a bottle of Mag Citrate. (Tastes bad - works good). I am now back on a regimen of Metamucil, stool softener and mineral oil. In summary, I believe MiraLax to be a great product - but not for me. I am not sorry I tried it. It is extremely easy to use. M 62 6 weeks

 1  chronic constipation mild headache since first day if the name is short for miracle laxative, you have it right... it's a miracle that it can be taken for 6 days and NOT work at all. absolutely, not at all. wasted my $7 F 62 6 days

 1  Colonoscopy Prep Vomitting, dizziness, shaking, headache, heart racing. I would never take this again. I had to cancel my colonoscopy the next morning because I vomitted all night and never had a bowel movement. Its been 2 days and my stomach is still rolling and still have nausea. I also have a lot of flatulence. The only good thing, I have lost weight from not eating for 3 days. But I'm weak and still haven't had a bowel movement. Never again !!! F 62 1 days
 3  constipation At first Miralax was wonderful with easy bm's. After about 2 months I noticed my ankles starting to swell for the first time ever. I stopped the Miralax and the problem went away. My gastro's physician assistant said it was not related and I could take Miralax for as long as I needed. I started it again and my ankles swelled again. I've had two cardiac tests at my doctor to eliminate the possibility that the ankle swelling was heart related. My tests showed no heart involvement. I was relieved to find on this board someone else having the same problem. I started Miralax again about 2 weeks ago while I was travelling for a week. I stopped it last week and now I am still waiting for the swelling to stop. I thought it was really great when I started it and am disappointed at the side effects. F 61 60 days
1 capful 1X D

 5  IBS with constipation occasional uncontrollable bm I LOVE this, which I take 17 grams with water along with daily fiber caplets, but the timing of when it works is a bit unpredictable doc didn't suggest a time to take it, does anyone find it works best to take in a.m., p.m., with meal? M 60 3 months

 5  Less time in bathroom None It's a great product and my wife an RN works in a GI unit said that doctors have been telling patients to take it "forever" as a stool softner, especially now that it is OTC. Before starting it, I would be regular (three times a day) but BM had some pain and straining even with a relatively soft BM. Fiber supplements and more water made no difference. Nor did conventional stool softeners with docuate sodium (which also contains some version of e-glycol). I take a half a cap of Miralax in the evening and my system just runs more smoothy. I do not go more often but can go more quickly and with less pain before and straining. If my system slows down, I take a full capful for a few days. It produces more consitently soft BMs without any diaharea or anything like it in my case. M 60 6 months

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