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 5  transitory codeine constipation some abdominal cramping, but I cannot definitely attribute it to this medicine I've used various formulations of polyethylene glycol (but not specifically Miralax) for colonostomy and surgical prep over the years. At the high doses prescribed for these things, it goes through you like Sherman through Georgia. Really cleans you out. And that's what it is supposed to do. Recently though, I had a tooth extracted and the dentist gave me generic Tylenol 3's. The codeine locked me up pretty badly and I was in a lot of discomfort. I'm also fairly recent (6 months) post-prostatectomy and everything down there still feels kinda weird and I was afraid to strain too much for fear of breaking something loose (which my doctor said was all but impossible, but talk is cheap, he didn't have the surgery, I did..) Anyway, I found this low-dose over the counter PEG (one glass a day) called Dulcolax Balance. It doesn't taste bad at all and in 36 hours, I was back and regular. Good stuff. It (and a lot of fluids) solved my problem. M 58 1 days

 5  constipation after liver transplant none I could not function without it. I was able to keep working and just retired last month. I cannot say enough good things about it. As far as long term, I have been taking it since November of 2003, 6 years and counting. I take it every evening. M 66 6 years
 5  constipation due to anti-dpressants none I am 62 and never had trouble with constipation my whole life until last year. I always had one or more BMs a day until I was put on Zoloft and Wellbutrin, which resulted in constipation. Now whenever I go 2 days without a BM I take Miaralax (1 dose AM and 1 dose PM) which always corrects the problem in a day or at most 2. Best part is no diarrhea or watery BM, which can be embarrasing and keep you home from work.This stuff is GREAT. One curious thing: Miralax has absolutely no taste or smell (as the vast majority of the posters on this board will attest). Why are some people complaining of an unpleasant taste? Are they sure they're taking Miralax and not something else? M 62 10 months
one capful 1X AN
 5  Constipation; extremly hard BM The dr prescribed this for my 2 year old son who has had hard bowel movements since birth and became so backed up we had to have a enemia done in the urgent care to offer him relief. I have been giving him half a cap of this in his bottle each morning and it has helped tremendously. He is more regular and does not have pain with bowel movements. He eats alot better and is in a much better mood. When we go a few days without mirlax he has trouble again but I am trying to wean him off M 2 3 months
10 g 1X D
 5  long term constipation None Back in '07 I had a colostomy due to a emergency colon surgery. after 5 months they performed a reversal to put everything back in it's place and remove the colostomy. since then I've had chronic constipation I guess due to the removal of part of my colon and the lack of water being absorbed into my stool. Miralax was used to clean out my colon prior to my surgery. after further research I started using this daily. since then I have not needed to use any other medications, enemas etc. Miralax is a miracle medicine for me anyway. I mix it in my coffee every morning and by the next day 15 minutes after I get up I have a bowel movement and then maybe one or two more during the late morning with full control. Best part is that Miralax is NOT habit forming because it does not work with your muscles. It works by pulling water into your stool to soften it up. M 52 9 months
1X D

 5  Lifetime BM Problems First couple of weeks, excess gas This has been a lifesaver for me. Lifetime of hard BM going maybe once a week spending up to 45 minutes in the bathroom. Now it's every day spending less than 10 minutes. ER Physician recommended it after I had bad constipation after back surgery. My family doctor said it's safe for everyday use. Wish this was around years ago. M 45 2 years
1 capful 1X D

 5  Neck, Back surg. Spine cord dam. After injury to spine, medications were thought to slow or stop bowel. After colanoscopy and very old Dr. telling me Miralax daily would be my only help. It have allowed me to function and stop taking RX meds used in lab test to work bowel. Being regular stopped gallblader flareup and I have lost 35 lbs. I wish the family dr would have suggested this years back. Would have saved me pain and suffering. Dr's had me thinking my fix would be a bag or other to live. Spine damage was hampering my bowel working. A cap or two daily and I work like 17 again. M 47 2 years
30mg 1X D

 5  Chronic constipation Zero side effects, I feel exactly as I did before using it minus the constipation. I plan and hope to be able to use it until the day I die. M 74 2 weeks
17 grams 1X D
 5  Chronic Colonic Pseudo Obstruction Bloating and increased urination This is an update to a report submitted 11/22/09. I had previously been taking Miralax upon awakening; but have now switched to taking my daily dose in the evening. This product causes temporary diarrhea and bloating, relieved by administration of a dilute Fleet enema. It also causes increased urination, which became a challenge when driving to work. My daily weekday regimen (with the full knowledge of my family physician and gastroenterologist) now usually consists of 1-2 glasses of warm water and a dilute Fleet or 1500 mL enema - followed by 20 or more minutes of exercising to cover a minimum of 2 miles - each morning. On Saturday and/or Sunday, I start the morning with a dose of Miralax (after first drinking a bottle of Magnesium Citrate every other or third weekend); followed 1 to 2 hours later by a series of enemas, and lastly my exercise routine. Exercising has been found to increase the peristalsis, making the laxatives and enemas more effective; besides exerting a positive impact on the cardiovascular system (blood pressure, etc). The regimen, though time-consuming and not common for distance runners (who often seem to have just the opposite concerns when they compete), enabled me to complete (in under 2 1/2 hours) my first half marathon in May 2010. This product has enabled me to live a close to "normal" life and possibly prevented removal of my colon. M 55 7 years
17 g 1X D
 5  Chronic constipation None. A very affective and mild treatment for chronic constipation. I've tried generic brands but find them gritty and don't dissolve as well as Miralax. M 55 5 years
1 capfull 1X D

 5  colonoscopy prep for 11 year old The gastro's directions said to mix a whole container of miralax (14 day supply) with 64 oz of gatorade, drink. It didn't say drink it all at once, over two hours, etc. Per everything else I read, I had my son drink 8 oz every 30 minutes, after two hours he felt bloated, but then it started to work, he started to use the bathroom, and he felt fine. He stayed in the bathroom with a portable dvd player on a table, watched a movie while he used the bathroom, and I when things slowed down I had him drink about about 16 more oz, for a total of 48 oz. Worked great. Except for the first bloating feeling until he started to go there were no problems and no side effects. M 11
1X D

 5  diverticulosis None one of the most effective medications with the least side effects that i have ever taken. M 74
1 capful 1X D
 5  constipation after bowel resection None! After 10 years of severe constipation and partial small bowel obstructions, my GI doc put me on Miralax. Within a day it started to work and I am now very regular - 2x per day. This drug has changed my life in very positive ways and I recommend it to anyone with a severe constipation problem. M 66 1 months
1 cap full 1X D

 5  Constipation None Has anyone been advised about the danger of or experienced electrolyte depletion because of constant use of Miralax? I was warned by my physician of this possiblilty but felt the result of using Miralax was worth the risk. I have experienced an increase in PVCs but can't necessarily correlate the increase with Miralax use. M 67 5 months
1/3 cap 1X D
 5  CHRONIC CONSTIPATION The only side effects I've detected is a peculiar odor, but what are we talking about? It stinks anyway. Then there's an occasional episode of watery results, but that's better than the other problem and easily fixed by skipping a dose. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. Without MIRALAX I feel terrible but a daily dose soon gets me right. I've been told by doctors & pharmacists "there's no problem with a permanent daily dose". Others say "drink more water and eat fiber". That hasn't worked for me, but adds confusion. I've stopped Miralax from times-to-time in fear of becoming dependent; then resume it after a few days. This on and off routine is two yeas old. I think I'll let go of the fear and take it every day. Life's a lot better with it. M 68 14 days
1X D
 5  dryness of colon; immotility Perhaps increased dryness elsewhere (lungs, eyes, nose). Try this to "even out" the action of PEG. Thoroughly dissolve 1/2 dose of PEG in 10 oz. of water. THEN stir in 1/2 dose of a psyllium product ("Metamucil"). Flavored takes away any "plastic" taste of the PEG to boot. Take 1-2 times a day. This gives me more predictable, gentle action than PEG alone. MAY help with gas after a while, too. Note I said ONE HALF dose psyllium. Good luck, fellow sufferers. M 67 2 years
9 gm 1X D

 5  SEVERE internal hemorrhoid Some extra gas generation (not severe) I had been prescribed steroids and multiple prescription medications that helped a bit (none actually as good as Prep H suppositorys - which are pretty good). None did the trick for more than a week or two, when I was soon again in MISERY (really - I cannot express it strongly enough). As a last ditch effort before surgery (apparently UGLY), my doctor suggested 17 g Miralax be combined with my daily metamucil (2-3 tbsp) routine, and that I should drink at least 8 x 8 oz glasses of water per day (I live at high altitude). For three months now (the longest I have gone in years) I am problem free completely - like a kid again. I do notice some extra gasiness (overnight usually only), but none of the neurological things others cite. So far I have to say this is a miracle as my quality of life has moved from awful to excellent. M 50 3 months
17 g 1X D

 5  Chronic Constipation Have some gas and some time some mild anal pain I was actually compacted. Miralax has made it easy to have a BM on a daily basis. I have never been able to do that my whole life. It never mattered how much water I drank or vegetables I ate, or even prunes, but Miralax, I now have a BM daily. M 45 5 years
1 cap full 1X D
 5  painmeds constipation 8 days Some bloating and gas, but Not to bad M 34 2 days

 5  Pain med constipation Frequent bowel movements(exactly what its supposed to do) i take it bc i take 24/7 hydrocodone for my pain M 17 1 months

 5  Severe constipation from pain meds The only effects I experienced were smooth, regular, and painless bowel movements. What a relief it is to be able to have a normal satisfying bowel movement that doesn't tear the flesh off my butt hole. A life without feeling all backed up in G.I. standstill. M 38 2 days

 5  chronic constipation occasional diarrhea It works -- 17 grams daily, mixed into any liquid results in soft stools on a regular basis. I have reduced motility due to bowel resection, plus constipation from the narcotic pain relievers I'm taking to control rectal pain. A very hellish cycle, but Miralax keeps me from screaming. M 58 6 months

 5  18 mo son with constipation Occasional loose stools I was giving my son milk of magnesia, which was working when taken consistently, but I heard that he may grow dependent on it. By my neighbor's recommendation (she's a pediatric nurse), I started giving my son MiraLAX, and it's been working wonderfully. I give him 1 to 1.5 teaspoon in orange juice first thing every morning. M 1 2 months

 5  Chronic Constipation Only side effect has been several bowel movements some days, which is much better than than severe pain my son was in when suffering with constipation. This prescription has as been our miracle! M 3 2 years

 5  Prep for colonoscopy Surprising none at all I was prescribed Miralax as a prep for my colonoscopy. I was instructed to mix 17 grams with juice, gatoraide, or clear soda. I had to drink fifteen 8 ounce glasses. I was told to drink them every 10 to 15 minutes. I spread them from 20 to 25 minutes because I was getting full. I suffer from reflux and was sure I would vomit from this. I was wrong. I mixed it with lemonaide flavored gatoraide and switced to ginger ale here and there. THIS PRODUCT IS TASTELESS AND DID NOT GET ME SICK! Needless to say, I was in the bathroom for the day,just a few minutes each time, and some of the night (due to the added pills). I was so happy that this product wasn't vile like all the stories I have heard about other products. In 5 years from now when I repeat this procedure, I will use Miralax again. I thought this commentary would be useful because after reading this website, I noticed nobody commented about using this as a prep. Good luck to you all. M 41 6 days

 5   My 11 year old son has Autism and is unable to tell us how he is feeling. It has always worked great until one time we got the generic form of Miralax. At that time he became so bloated. He was crying and was unable to hold his bms as well as before, yet lowering the dose didnt help. When we went back the regular Mirlax he seemed to get back to himself. I ask the doctor about it. he said it should all work the same. Just recently he recevied the generic again. It was just as the time before. Anyone else have this happen? Wondering what the long term effects could be M 3 days

 5  constipattion-25 years! None Truly a miracle for me..the 1st time in many, many years I am truly regular M 52 12 days

 5  chronic constipation About a month ago I was told that the manufacture of miralax was no longer making it. I was worried because as I wrote before my son with Autism was having problems with the generic. Today I saw an add on tv saying that Miralax was now sold over the counter. I hope it is exactly the same as before. Does anyone know? This is great if it its! M 11 3 years

 5  chronic constipation due to opiods in the 2 1/2 years of taking Miralax I have never noticed any side effects. I've had irritable bowel syndrome for most of my life, doctors always told me to drink more water, eat more fiber, take OTC laxatives if I didn't have a bm for 3 days. I had tried every OTC laxative and always had bloating & gas pains and many times had to take the OTC a 2nd and 3rd day before I had any relief, and the relief wasn't pleasant. After finally having a bm, I would be weak for a day. 15 years ago I had to have back surgery that helped with one problem but I was left with chronic back and leg pain. I will be on opiods the rest of my life, and thought I would be constipated forever. About 2 1/2 years ago my doctor gave me a sample of Miralax, I was skeptical but willing to try. After the 3rd day of taking Miralax mixed with anything I wanted, I had the best bm I had in years, it was just like a normal person. I thought maybe this was just a fluke, I had my daily dose of Miralax and was surprised the next day I had another normal bm, and this continued every day. Ab M 54 2 years

 5  constipation diarrhea my doctor told me to M 41 3 weeks

 5  Constipation Not at all, it is great medication, I am taking it for the past 3 years Without taking Miralax, I used to have a very hard time and even bleeding. Bleeding stopped magically after Dr. T in Stanford suggested I take 2 X 17g per day. I am afraid for long term effect, but it is better than bleeding and staying in the washroom 2 hours! M 37 3 years
 5  IBS with constipation occasional uncontrollable bm I LOVE this, which I take 17 grams with water along with daily fiber caplets, but the timing of when it works is a bit unpredictable doc didn't suggest a time to take it, does anyone find it works best to take in a.m., p.m., with meal? M 60 3 months

 5  Encopresis My 6 year old was suffering multiple daily soiling accidents. We started him on the GENERIC miralax because this is the only one you can still get with a prescription and insurance coverage. The results have been fantastic. I am a Registered Nurse and have been using Miralax on my patients for quite awhile now. There have been no problems regarding long term use and many people will continue using this product throughout their life. I am comfortable as a nurse giving this product to my young child and my patients. M 6
 5  Constipation None I am really enjoying the benefits of Miralax. (I call it Miracle Lax) About 17 years ago, I wound up in the Emergency Room of our local hospital with severe abdominal pain - Yes, it was constipation. I thought it was a fluke because I did have daily BM's, but apparently the "volume" wasn't there. Over the years, I've taken Mag Citrate, Citrucel, stool softeners and Metamucil. All of them worked sometime, but never with any degree of consistency. It took 7-10 days before MiraLax "kicked in" with any degree of regularity. I was initially concerned because many people at this site reported seeing the benefits in a few days. The prescription meds that I take really cause a constipation issue, so I really needed to address the constipation. It was more than "just discomfort". It has been GREAT for me - I'd recommend it to a friend. M 62 1 months

 5  Less time in bathroom None It's a great product and my wife an RN works in a GI unit said that doctors have been telling patients to take it "forever" as a stool softner, especially now that it is OTC. Before starting it, I would be regular (three times a day) but BM had some pain and straining even with a relatively soft BM. Fiber supplements and more water made no difference. Nor did conventional stool softeners with docuate sodium (which also contains some version of e-glycol). I take a half a cap of Miralax in the evening and my system just runs more smoothy. I do not go more often but can go more quickly and with less pain before and straining. If my system slows down, I take a full capful for a few days. It produces more consitently soft BMs without any diaharea or anything like it in my case. M 60 6 months

 5  constipation gas I have been taking it now for about 10 years so far no side effects. M 10 years

 5  Constipation/Withholding Sometimes gas/abdominal discomfort I finally had to take my son to a Pediatric GI b/c of his severe constipation. This has been a Godsend! I was having a terrible time with other laxatives and this completely helped him! Only downside is if we forget to give him a dose for a day or two, he starts having harder stools. Trying to decrease dosing amount slightly since he's currently taking the full dosage of 17g. M 3 4 months

 5  constipation/anal fissure Almost none. This medicine helps. I had a chronic anal fissure for which I had to go through a surgery. While Miralax could not cure the fissure, it is helping me to keep the stool soft so that there there is no future recurrence of fissure. I take a little over half the recommended dose (about 10g I think). I do drink about 3 liter of water every day, eat enough fiber from natural food and exercise 3 times per week. So far so good and I plan to continue Miralax for the rest of my life and my colorectal specialist is fine with that. M 36 15 months

 5  Constipation None After being on a medication that has caused me constipation symptoms for almost a year, my doctor suggested Miralax. One week of use and I was back to having normal bowel movements. I have now cut the dosage to 1/2 and it's still working great. I highly recommend it. M 55 21 days

 5  IBS C&D, Hemorrhoids Minor gas issues. I've had IBS for quite a few years and also recently got hemorrhoids. IBS had me constipated for 3 to 4 days then I'd have a large amount of diarrhea which would constantly cause my hemorrhoids to flare. After suffereing for a while my doctor recommended this and it's been great. My issue with IBS has almost disappeared and when it does happen the symptoms and cramping aren't as severe as they used to be. It has given me my life back. I don't get flare ups anymore unless I stop taking it for too long. M 24 5 months

 5  Constipation! NO SIDE EFFECTS. I was at the ER last night with extreme constipation (and all the joy that can bring) My "belly" was so distended I thought it may rip open...seriously. After x-rays and being poked and listened to and a multitude of questions the ER DoC said "MIRILAX" I had this product in my hands several times over the past 2 weeks but thought "Oh it's just the same old powder in a different package." Wow was I wrong! I got home at midnight took the first dose and hoped it would do anything to help me. Well it did! 13 hours later: BINGO! I moved...and those of you who have ever suffered with this know the joy that follows that time of evacution! 6 hours after that another even more profound experience of victory upon the throne! I havw had 2 doses and ZERO negative effects. Stool is a little lose but really who cares it's not like I am going for the gold medal in figure skating! And I might add there are no control problem...just the normal urge and zipity-d M 52 2 days

 5  IBS NONe!!!! I am so happy that I can go to work and not be doubled over in pain...I am taking 2 doses (capfuls) per day and can finally feel that my intestines are not going to split open! I have lost my 3 month pregnant looking stomach in just 1 week and can start modeling again! M 53 7 days

 5  Chronic Constipation I have experienced no side effects, except possibly a tad of dehydration, which is easily countered by increasing water intake. Miralax really does the trick. After years and years of chronic constipation, Miralax has been a huge relief. It isn't a laxative in the sense that it makes you have to go, it simply makes 'going' a whole lot less painful, as it only softens stool. I highly recommend this product to anybody who suffers from constipation, as it certainly lives up to its name. M 15 2 weeks

 5  Severe Chronic Constipation None O.K. I've only taken one dose of this stuff, but I felt compelled to write a review. I recently swithched medication for overactive bladder, thinking this one would not cause severe constipation. No such luck!! I tried my usually regimen of very high fiber and lots of water, and after three days on the new medication, I only had two real small bowel movements. So, I knew I had to be really "full of it," even though I did not feel terribly constipated. My wife has been taking Miralax ever since you could buy it over the counter, so she insisted that I try it. The morning after my one dose (this morning) I felt a real gentle urge at what used to be my "usual" time. I sat on the toilet not expecting much, but I could not believe what relief I got. In fact, I was afraid I was going to have to break up the stools with a stick to get them to flush, but they finally all flushed after three attempts. My bowel movement was very natural and comfortable as well. Anyway, I'm already a true believer, but I'll post another review in 3-4 weeks. M 62 1 days

 5  Chronic Constipation No side effects yet. I started my son on this when he was two. He had chronic constipation and would cry everytime he had to poop. It was horrible. After repeated trips to his physician and changes in his diet and finally changing physicians, Miralax was a Miracle. I wish his first doctor would have mentioned this much sooner, as his constipation started at 8 mos. He's still on it and I give it to him every other morning, mixed in juice or milk. M 4 2 years

 5  Encopresis My 6 year old son has suffered from chronic constipation since birth. He has been on Miralax since June and he hasn't had any accidents. I don't know if he'll be on this is temporary or if he'll have to be on it permanently, but I do know it's helped him a lot and has boost his self-esteem. M 6 2 months

 5  Constipation Itchy small bumpy rash in the middle of my back Takes a few days to work. I give it two days and then if I have no results I take another dose. Usually within a day or two I am able to empty out. Does anyone know if it's safe to take once a week on a regular basis? M 20

 5  Chronic Colonic Pseudo Obstruction Bloating and increased urination I have been taking Miralax (single dose on a daily basis) since 2003. I take it upon awakening and then follow up with an enema (usually a dilute Fleet enema during the week, and a larger enema on weekends or before travelling), since my GI doctor diagnosed my condition as caused by slow colon motility (due in part to life-saving abdominal surgery -treatment of volvulus which resulted in temporary colostomy - performed in 1981). When first prescribed by my GI Specialist, I found Miralax to be a good laxative; but noted that it also caused extensive and uncomfortable bloating. My GI Specialist suggested that those side effects might be offset by an enema. As I write this in November 2009 (after a visit to my GI Specialist in Sept 2009) - Miralax (along with 2-3 additional glasses of water), followed up with an enema, than by 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (which increases peristalsis) has dramatically improved my quality of life. The above comments have been shared with doctors, nurses, paramedics, PA's and other medical professionals; who all concur with my strict daily regimen. This regimen (according to my GI Specialist) has prevented the need for decompression or to remove my colon. M 55 6 years

 5  Constipation No side effects except "skinny" stool. For those of you who are interested, Costco sells the big bottle of Miralax in a 2-pack at a lower price than the other stores, including Walmart. If you use their coupon mailer, it's even cheaper. M 60 5 years
 5  Constipation or hard stool Exactly none M 64 3 days
1 capful

 4  Constapation Stomach Rumbling. Bad Gas. M 7 days

 4  Anal fissure None I've had painful and bloody bowel movements for the past few months, and it finally ocurred to me that this started at the same time I started taking Effexor for depression. My doctor suggested Miralax, and so far it has provided some relief. No complaints. M 28 2 days

 4  Chronic Constipation Miralax helped me. Stopped taking Diltiazem for Hypertension about five months ago. This fixed my Constipation prob. Havn`t taken Miralax at all for months. Couldn`t hardly believe this. New Life. M 77 3 years

 4   M 5 1 days

 4  Colon Prep Gas and mild bloating I mixed it with lemon/lime PowerAde (~ 64oz) and had no trouble finishing the bottle. It worked and I highly recommend it for a colon prep M 56 1 days

 4  8 Year Old Son Cronic Constipation none to speak of... yet. My son is 8 yrs old. He has been diagnosed with a lazy colon. We went through celiac treatment and the possibilities of Hirschprungs disease. He has been on a daily dose of Miralax (17grams), Fletchers (2 teaspoons), and one tablet of Prevacid (15 MG Solutab). He has had chronic constipation since he was 3 months old. He is not showing signs of improvement. Today he had a BM after a stretch of 12 days. It is extremely painful to see him go through this cycle. Can anyone tell me if he will out grow this condition? Rick M 8 5 years
 4  anal fissure treatment Itchy rash (small hives?)on back, neck and shoulders. This was actually the Paddock Labs Polyethylene Glycol 3350. Other than the rash/hives, this worked well. I had to stop using it because of this side effect which showed up after wto weeks of daily use (17gr/day). I can't think of anything else that may have caused this. M 49 2 weeks

 4  colonoscopy prep minor bloating, and diarrhea but thats the point of taking it to cleanse bowel was easy to drink with lemon lime gatorade, the magnesiun citrade the next morning was hands down the worst part M 34 1 times

 4  Hard Stools REALLY stinky farts; pooping more than once a day Does soften the stools.... M 55 10 months

 4  Lifer on Pain Meds/Constipation Loose ribboning stool I was put on this after an impaction, Started with VERY loose stool then adjusted dose to half a cap. Sometimes get periods of a week or so with no movement, then a lot of loose thin stool till cleared out. Then can start over the same cycle again. Have had to aid with Dulcolax occasionally. Unusual stuff M 47 3 days

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