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 1  no bowel movements for 2-3weeks at a time At fits it helped. I wasn't going for 2 weeks. I was bleeding rectally had colonoscopy removed polyups dr said miralax was safe for everyday. 1yr layer have breast cancer needed another colonoscopy still bleeding different dr said double dose it's ok! Now if i don't take it for one day my stomach cramps are so bad i can't get out of bed and i start taking it again it takes 3 days to work and more blood is coming out of me. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT FOR MORE THAN A FEW WEEKS DRINK ALOT OF WATER IS HEALTHIER! MY PRIMARY CARE PHYS. HAD TO MOVE AND NEW DR DOES NOTHING FOR ME SHE'S THERE TO GET PAID! NOT ALL DRS ARE LIKE THIS BUT****BEWARE**** OF THE MIRALAX Read above! ALSO STOMACH PAIN. I CAN'T GO WITHOUT IT. AND MY STOMACH IS SO BLOATED MY JEANS WON'T ZIP AND NO IT'S NOT WEIGHT AND THIS IS NOT FUNNY***DO NOT TAKE THAN TWO WEEKS PLEASE FOR YOUR HEALTH**** IF ANYONE KNOWS A GOOD ADVOCATE TO HELP ME FIND A DOCTORS BLESS YOU*** I AM IN REMISSION BREAST CANCER POLYUPS REMOVED RECTAL BLEEDING HACKED UP FOR SURGERY BACK SURGERY THAT CAUSED ARTHRITIS IN BACK! THANK YOU F 50 4 years
 1  Constipation Pediatrician prescribed 1 capful 3 times daily for 2 days, followed by 2 times daily for 6 WEEKS!! Day 1 had 2 small watery stools. Increased nausea, mild stomach pain. By end of day 2 was having severe abdominal cramping & lower back pain, hurt to breathe, nauseous, couldn't eat, overall sick. Visit to ER & was advised dosage was EXTREMELY HIGH FOR 14 YR OLD -stop immediately! CT scan revealed completely "cleaned out". Would not recommend using this F 14 2 days
3x day

 4   M 5 1 days

 1  Post surgery constipation While it did work for it's intended purpose, I also broke out in an unbelievable case of hives. I've never been allergic to anything in my entire life. F 39 3 days
1X D

 1  constipation and colon cleanse nausea, headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, itching, esophagitis and a lower unknown severe abdominal pain in that order from beginning of 1st day to 3rd wk cleanout. Child was fine except for constipation before taking miralax. Followed Drs orders and now has much worse problems than before we started it. Keep asking about allergic reaction to miralax but docs have bought in hook line and sinker - keep poo pooing that idea. I say maybe good for some but test before using large doses. M 11 21 days
17g-100g 1X D

 5  Severe constipation,gas,pain. Some gas,nausea,flushing,also diarrhea. But it's helped me a lot too. I am going to go to every other day for a while to see if it gets better. My doc has wanted me to take this for years,wish I'd done it sooner. F 54 10 days
Cap full

 1  constipation Nauseous, full of gas, overall sick feeling I will never take it again F 42 4 days

 4  Constipation Miralax helps constipation but you have to wait until it's digested properly but in the middle of the night it gives me so manny stomach pains vomiting , chest pain I had to drink green tea to feel better I only take this when I really can't go to the bathroom other wise it's not worth taken if it gives you these kind of side effects F 19 1 days

 2  Constipation Diarrhea and nausea in the middle of the night. Stopped taking it and still super constipated. F 17 3 days
 1  Constipation Facial tics slowly starting with occasional blinking. Our pediatrician prescribed Miralax for our 1 1/2 year old to treat his severe constipation due to feeding issues and hydrocephalus. Within a few weeks, we noticed forced blinking or tics. The minute I decided to stop it in case it was being caused by the Miralax, the tics went away. He had an EEG to rule out seizures and there were none present. He has never had another tic since I stopped the Miralax M 1 3 weeks
Least amt 1X D
 1  was given for mild constapation 3 days
once day
 5  Chronic constipation None I reduced the recommended dosage to just 1 teaspoon a day. Works great with no side effects, although I am concerned about potential long range effects. Quit taking it for 1 month and was so constipated I went back on Miralax and within 3 days was back to normal. Tried more expensive probiotics but they didn't work as well for me. F 60 1 years
1 teaspoon 1X D

 4  Constapation Stomach Rumbling. Bad Gas. M 7 days

 5  Constipation Just take one normal dose of 17 grams and drink lots of fluids. No side effects. F 62 2 months

 1  Constipation Shaky, chest tightness, rapid heart beat, trouble swallowing, nausea, dry mouth, malaise, weakness arms and legs.I will never take Miralax again! F 47 1 days

 5  Constipation or hard stool Exactly none M 64 3 days
1 capful

 4  Severe constipation Hypernatremia F 54 10 days

 4  Impaction from prenatal vitamins Went to dr because I was impacted they suggested miralax it did work within 5 hours. Took miralax about a week later 4 days in a row with no movement to prevent another impaction and I thought I was going into preterm labor. The most awful cramps I've ever experienced. Also the gas is awful. I think I will just take two colace pils a day and stay away from miralax. F 28 1 weeks
As needed

 5  Chronic constipation I ended up at a specialist, after several ER visits due to severe abdominal pain (it was so debilitating, I had stopped enjoying life for 6 months, and dropped about 20 lbs...thought I had cancer!) She diagnosed chronic constipation. The solution was 1/2 cap of Miralax twice per day. It initially took 3 days to work, but now, I have a BM every day, or every 2 days. No strain, no stress....just smooth. Be careful though...when you feel the urge to go, you have to go right away. You just get an uncomfortable feeling... Has changed my life for the better F 51 10 months
15 MG 2X D

 4  Colonoscopy Prep Probably within a 1/2 hr of taking my first dose, I had an awful sore throat and ear ache - it's now the following day from my procedure and my throat is killing me on one side only. Tylenol does help but it's still there. Drink slowly. I made the mistake of trying to get it down fast with my first dose and threw it back up immediately. The second dose I took my time and didn't have that feeling until the last sip. F 49 1 days
2X D
 4  constipation Yes at first stool had very bad smell. After stool got out...;took about a month...the smell left. I feel it must have been old stool inside. But what are the LONG TERM problems with it? I hope none as it works.... F 63 3 months
34mg 1X D
 4  I take a lothat causes constipation I have not experienced any side effects F 51 3 months
17 grams
 2  chronic constipation I took one dose and my throat and chest started burning. Kept taking it thinking it was not the Miralax, but after almost two weeks my throat is burning so badly I had to stop taking it. F 59 2 weeks
1 capful

 3  Constipation Downright awful smelling gas. If I was not already single I would be after the side effects of this. No one should be exposed to this sort of bad smell, not even me. Bowl movements are a bit more active, but nothing that makes me say "wow, that was great". Unfortunately, I am farting pretty much all day. I'm hoping that in another few days it will settle down, if not I will stop all together. It's just not fair to those around me. F 47 1 weeks
1 capful 2X D
 4  Constipation Bloating and pain the first 3 days. Then I felt great after. F 22 7 days

 5  constipation No side effects. Took 4 days to work, but since then I have had a pain free BM every day, whereas I used to have 1 painful one a week. F 44 1 months
1 capful

 1  Stool softener for pre surgery Severe bloating severe cramping and moderate gas. I had severe pain. F 44 3 days

 3  IBS Leg Cramps that were so painful; almost couldn't walk and had trouble sleeping I will find another solution for my stomach problems. This is not worth the pain. F 57 5 days
capful 1X D
 1  to soften stool i had severe abdominal pain, and bloating. i couldn't lie down i had to walk around took two Tylenol to ease the pain i had. i will never take this again and i had advice people not to take, because i dont want anyone to experience the crucial pain i felt. M 26
17g 1X D

 3  constipation I was constipated after passing kidney stones & taking pains pills that dried me up. I took miralax (one dose) and with in the hour I was holding my knees in horrible agonizing pain. It helped me pass a bowel movement but the pain was not worth it. As of 6 o'clock nearly 5 hours after taking it I'm still in mild pain and feeling sick. F 28 1 days
17 grams
 1  Constipation Felt shaky, nausea, severe gas and bloating. Felt very sick. F 36 4 weeks
30 mg

 1  Chronic Constipation Severe gas and bloating This did not move my bowels at all. It just sat in my tummy and left me with a bloated feeling. I will not purchase again. Completely useless for me. I ended up having to take some strong senna tea which worked. F 43 5 days
17 mg 3X D
 2  IBS As a stool softener to prevent the alternating bouts of constipation & diarrhea that come with my IBS, Miralax works far better & more reliably than any other preparation I've tried. I would be insanely happy with it & continue taking it except for the longer I'm on it I find myself having terrible headaches & EXCRUCIATING muscle aches, twitching & spasms. I'm 100% certain it's from the Miralax as I stopped taking it for several days & the problems went away...and came right back the moment I re-started the Miralax. As well as it had been working for me, I still would recommend people to try it since not everyone seems to have "issues" with it, but I would caution them that it CAN have major drawbacks/side effects for some. F 44 4 months
17 gm

 3  If I missed two days of regularity I thought I found a cure for an occasional problem, but something changed. It does take longer to work and if it takes too long nausea kicks in high gear, then heartburn it's so bad I'd rather be constipated. Up all night:( F 40 2 days
1 cap 1X D
 4  Hormone-related Constipation Bloating, tremors, dehydration, but nothing major It took about a day to start working, but it wasn't a painful experience for the most part. I recommend taking half the cap at first, or in less severe situations. Also, make sure to drink enough water while taking it, because you'll feel nauseous if you don't. F 15 4 days
8.5 G 1X D

 1  child chronic constipation lethargy, headaches, tremors in his hands, dehydration, fits of anger, tired but couldn't sleep.. I will never give this to my child again! He was on it for over 4 yrs and it made everything worse. It didn't even really work well to begin with and the Dr.'s kept telling us to up his dosage--at one time he was taking 3x the adult dose... just ridiculous and makes me so angry! We are now using a few natural things---the results are better with no side effects.... F 8 4 years
17g 2X D
 1  my 8 yr olds severe constipation Severe burning pain every time he had a bowel movement. I have replaced it with fish oil and everything is much better M 8 1 months
18mg 2xday
 1  IBS- C I broke out in a rash in my nostril area... very weird! I also felt horrible, like I was coming down with the flu, and I was very weak and shaky. It took three doses over about a week or so for me to connect the symptoms. I ended up going to the ER I felt so bad the third time. F 58 3 days
1X D
 5  IBS-C Diarrhea, excessive bowel sounds/movement, smelly gas. Only if I take it too often. I've been on miralax since before it was over the counter, and with my chronic constipation it's been a real help in preventing the ups and downs I have every month, especially since the Vicodin I'm on for menstrual cramps creates even worse constipation. It's the best softener/laxative i've ever tried, and i've tried many over the last 20 years. I find that I can't take it too often or I feel like I'm going too often so I only take it as needed rather than every single day. F 20 6 years
7g 1X D
 5  constipation None I've been taking miralax for a year. F 48
17 mg 1X D

 3  bowel movement issues Gas& cramping during exercise F 17 2 months
reg. dose
 5  chronic constipation ( g 1 days

 5  Chronic Constipation NONE Before Miralax I had a very hard time going to the restroom. Weeks would go by and I wouldn't be able to go. Tired every product available for constipation. Ended up in the ER with terrible pains from being bound up. Dr. put me on Miralax. I have not had any problems since and I am very happy that I finally have something that will help my constipation for good. F 43 3 years
1X D

 5  Constipation No side effects at low dose for a 1 yr. 8 mos. toddler. Toddler was constipated and would shake, quiver, and cry to pass a stool. 1 teaspoon was mixed into each bottle of milk she was drinking throughout the day. On the first day she did not go. On the second day she passed a small stool. On the third day she went 4 times, the first three with small amounts of pasty poop, and one very very large blowout dirty diaper. No effort, no pain, just a lot of poop. I would ease into this medicine, even if you are an adult. F 1 5 days
1 teaspoon 3X D
 4  CHRONIC CONSTIPATION My GI DR suggested I take everyday.. it does work and you have a normal movement BUt the urge to go strikes very quickly! F 38 3 years
30mg 1X D
 1  Constipation due to medication I was intructed to take this by my doctor, but now am scared to take it due to these comments! maybe I'll try half or quarter of the dose at first.. ugh F 23 1 days
17G 1X D

 3  constipation, abdominal cramping Lots of foul smelling gas with frequent need to use toilet. Lots of small/thin stools. Successful in relieving constipation but side effects keep me from using this frequently. F 44 5 days
17 grams 1X D
 5  Pain med constipation Frequent bowel movements(exactly what its supposed to do) i take it bc i take 24/7 hydrocodone for my pain M 17 1 months

 1  colon prep After 1 hour, severe gas, bloating, nausea, dizziness, headache, and increase in BP. After 5 hours I just gave up trying to finish, every sip started it all over again. Next morning I'm still belching. M 51 1 days
8.3oz 1X D

 1  Colonoscopy prep Did not get all the stool out have to have the procedure again with go lightly M 60 1 days
238 mg 1X D

 5  Irritable Bowel Syndrome Not really any side effects. If you are really constipated, you will feel uncomfortable after taking it because it's starting to work and get you to poop. It does the job, even if it is uncomfortable because I am so constipated. F 16 1 days
17 mg

 4  Constipation Occasion diarrhea or burning sensation when trying to go. I only take Miralax when I am feeling stuffed up I do not take it on a regular basis although I probably should. F 13 3 days
1/2 Cap 1X D
 3  Test Prep Does the job but I'm done taking it and now I feel like I'm being burned from the inside out. Awful feeling. F 15 2 days
2 cap full

 5  Constipation None. I recommend taking a smaller dose than recommended when starting off, or diarrhea can be an issue. F 19 3 years
1/2 capful

 1  Constipation 28 year old female, 125 pounds. Took half a cap full and one day later experienced severe nausea, bloating, severe dihareea, and vomited multiple times. Do not recommend.... Very harsh chemicals on your body F 28 1 days

 2  bowel prep severe nausea, weakness, restless, headache one hour after drinking miralax mixed with gatorade, I had severe nausea, headache, weakness and could not sleep all night. M 59 1 days
340 1X D

 5  bleeding from constipation F 15 3 days
cape full

 5  painmeds constipation 8 days Some bloating and gas, but Not to bad M 34 2 days

 5   I haven't experienced any side effects I suffer from internal hemorroids and bad constipation so going to the bathroom is zero fun! I tried TONS of different products and they all gave me side effects or really bad cramps. I started taking Miralax and constipation goes away while I'm taking it. I try to have small breaks in between to avoid my body from getting used to it, but it works wonders for me.. F 26 6 months
1 cap 1X D
 2  colonoscopy prep Post colonoscopy diarrhea This stuff wiped out my colon just fine, a little too well. Three days past colonoscopy, still have loose stool and liquid stool and worried it will never stop and go back to normal. F 64 1 days
238 mg 1X O
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