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 4  Medical Abortion Very painful, heavy bleeding, blood pressure dropped low. Having said said that it was over quickly I was tired for a day or two. Would do it again if I had to. Feel my doctor could have told me how quickly the pain came on and how bad it would be but over in a few hours. I wasnt goingto tell my husband but I am glad I did as for a few hours it was bad. M 40 1 days
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 4  Abortion None. I was satisifed with how well it worked, but waiting two weeks for my follow-up apptmt. to find out if it was complete was excrutiating. Only do this if you can take the wait. Surgery was too scarey for me so if I had to I would go this route again, but I think it works best really early in pregnancy. I was only about 3 weeks preg. Also, please don't do a home preg to see if it worked. You'll drive yourself crazy. My test said positive almost two weeks after taking Mifeprex, although I wasn't preg anymore. My doc said the hormones can hang around for a while so let your doc tell you if you're still pregnant. It will keep you off the emotional rollercoaster. M 36

 5  Unplanned pregnancy First off, I want to Start by stating that this is a excellent choice for a woman who is doing this for the first time, it basically causes you to have a miscarriage. Day one: I went to a clinic my doctor referred me to, and there they had me fill out paperwork regarding the experience/ consent form. Then I waited in the waiting for a moment(horrified ofcourse) I was called in by the nurse into the room where they gave me a ultrasound. Using a probe. It determined I was 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. They were able to see on the screen there was a embryo present. I went back into the waiting room, later I was called in to do a blood test to determine my blood type. Then back into the waiting where then a counselor called me in to a office where she had a personal talk about my decision. She asked me over and over again if I was 100% sure about the medical abortion, I assured her that I have never done this before, and that I was to scared to do the surgical. She went over the facts about the pill. Afterwards I went back into the waiting room where I waited 2 hrs. The nurse called my name, I went In to a room where the doctor gave me a pelvic exam to make sure my uterus and everything else is in place. It only took 5 mins. They gave me the first pill to take In the office with ginger ale. The doctor reminded me that cramping may occur instantly or hours later, or maybe after you take the other set of pills the day after. I was sent home. Didn't feel much pain, but was very nausea F 23 1 days

 5  Medical abortion I did not experience any symptoms until I took the 4 abortion pills roughly 26 hours later. Within the hour I experienced moderate cramping that came in waves and lasted only a few minutes at a time. I passed the sac no more than 2 hours later and the cramping stopped altogether shortly after that. The bleeding also slowed but was never really heavy to begin with. I know everyone's body reacts differently but for me this was virtually painless and I would recommend it to anyone. F 24 1 days
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 5  Abortion I was told I was about 5 weeks 4 days (based on missed period) pregnant. I believe I was only 3 weeks 5 days pregnant (based on possible conception date) . My sac measured 7 or 8 mm not exactly sure. I took the mifeprex in the drs office felt nothing. No bleeding or anything. 2 days later i went back and the dr inserted 2 tabs of misoprostol (sp?) vaginally. I was told to take 2 more of the same pills by mouth 2 hours later. About an hour before I had the pills placed vaginally i had taken 4 200 mg ibuprophen pills. I felt slight cramping and bleeding about 2 hours after receiving the misoprostol vaginally. It started with the sac passing then bleeding fresh bright red blood. After 2 hours I took 2 more misoprostol pills orally. Just swollowed like normal pills. Then after everything i just bled like a light period. Not even filling my pads all the way. I was worried that i wasnt bleeding enough. I kept taking the ibuprophen every 3 hours id take 3 then the 4th hour id take one more. I didnt want to feel anything !! I also took 1 vicodin which did nothing. I went to sleep after this. The next few weeks i bled like a normal period then i had some spotting. It was a natural experience. Now. Im a Catholic. Grew up Catholic my whole life. Even in pro life clubs and went to the marches yearly in DC. You dont know what its like until you are in a certain situation. You can never judge anyone. I feel stupid for ever wanting these rights to be taken away. I think that every woman sho F 24 1 days
 5  abortion My doctor prescribed mifeprex to take for the first dosage, and 4 pills of cytotec to take the following day. I took the mifeprex at 4pm, and felt nothing whatsoever. The following evening, at about 10pm I was watching TV on the couch and felt a gush of blood leak out into the pad. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, and immediately started bleeding heavily. There was still no pain, but it was obvious that the abortion was in progress as I could feel the blood clots falling into the toilet. This continued for about 2 hours and then slowed considerably. The next morning, there was still no pain, and one last clot (which appeared to be the grey/white gestational sac) fell into the toilet. This same day at 4pm (48 hrs after mifeprex) I took the 4 pills of cytotec orally and let them dissolve. About 30 minutes later severe cramping begun, but not more than a heavy crampy period. The cramping lasted until about 11pm that night. Bleeding was only moderate during this whole evening, I assume because I had already aborted the day before. My experience with this procedure was an overall 100% satisfaction. I was 6 weeks and 4 days upon taking this medication. F 26 1 days
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 5  Unwanted pregnancy I was definitely nervous before going through with this method but, I am happy to say that is was so much easier than I anticipated. I took the first pill at the clinic I decided to go to. I was told I was 7 weeks and 1 day along. I didn't feel any side effects at all except for how I was already feeling (fatigue and nausea) due to the pregnancy anyways. The next day at 3:30 pm I took the 4 mifeprex pills (2 in each cheek for 30 mins to dissolve) as told. I was pleasently surprised that they did not taste like anything so it made it much easier. After the 30 minutes I drank some water to swallow what was left and immediately threw up. I think it was due to the consistency of the pills. About 2 hours later I felt a gush into the pad. I bleed heavily for about the next 4 to 5 hours. The most uncomfortable thing of the whole ordeal was everytime I sat on the toilet large amounts of bloodclots gushed out which freaked me out feeling. My cramps were minimal, I had taken the pain killers beforehand which definitely mustve helped. At about 11:30 pm the bleeding almost completely stopped and was like a light period. Next day I felt kind of tired from being up late but very relieved and much better. This is a great choice for anyone wanting to do this in the privacy of their home and very worth it. F 24 1 days
 5  Medical Abortion Vomiting, Severe Cramps, Uncontrollable Shaking I felt nauseated after I took the first pill at the Dr.s office and was very reluctant to take the other 4 pills because of everything I read about the drug. 24 hrs later I took the 4 pills in my cheeks and waited. About 1 hr later the Cramping started. I cannot take Vicodin because it makes me sick so I asked the dr. to prescribe me something else so he gave me Tylenol 3 with Codeine. This was the worst mistake. The tylenol kept wearing off during the whole ordeal which lasted 12 hours and was very painful for me. I couldnt stop shaking and during the most painful moments I was walking around my living room in circles crying because the pain was so bad. I also was breathing just like I was in labor. It was terrible. Throughout the whole ordeal, I bled very little and at about the 4th hour the sac came out but I was still in pain and had severe cramping for the next 8 hours. I finally was able to fall asleep and the next day I just felt really sore. Overall, Im glad that it is over and it worked.The only advice I can give is take the strong pain pills. I feel like it would've been a more tolerable experience if I would've just listened to the Dr in the first place with the Vicodin. F 27
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 5  Medical Abortion Felt weak. Heavy, heavy , heavy bleeding At 5 weeks I took the one pill on a Friday then on Saturday exactly 24 hours after taking the first pill I took the remaining 4. Two on each side of the cheek and let it stay for 30 minutes then swallow the rest. I waited an hour then took some percocet and I felt no pain. The bleeding and bloodclots however where alot. It is day 6 and I am still bleeding but not as heavy. Other than the heavy bleeding this is way better then going to the clinic and having it sucked out. It cost more but it is worth it and especially in the comfort of my own home and help. F 31 2 days
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 5  unwanted pregnancy in its 7th week Slight to moderate cramping which lasted for about an hour and a half. I was expecting the worst after all the horror stories I read online about Mifeprex but it turned out that I had stressed over nothing and the procedure was surprisingly not only tolerable but rather painless. I took two different strong painkillers half an hour before inserting the two misoprostol tablets vaginally, and experienced some slight cramping (I've had sharper and more painful menstrual cramps in past periods) which I napped through. When I woke up, I ate some breakfast and then over the course of the next two hours, I expelled a bunch of blood and clots with each trip to the toilet. The bleeding seemed excessive at first and came in big gushes at a time but according to the nurse I talked to it's normal. The bleeding tapered off significantly by the afternoon. I was so relieved afterwards how smoothly things went and was glad that my doctor talked me into this instead of the surgery. F 27 3 days

 5  early pregnancy termination minimal nausea and fatigue with the Mifiprex, moderate, but not intolerable cramping with the misoprostol I was very nervous about taking the misoprostol based on ratings here and other sites. Here is my experience: 5 pm- took Iburofen 800mg, 6 pm- took Percocet and Zofran (nausea), 7 pm- took misoprostol, allowing to dissolve in cheeks for 45 min, 8pm- mild bleeding, 10 pm-2 am- able to sleep, mod cramping, (feeling like I had the breath knocked out of me, in a way) took 2 more Percocet and 800 mg IBP. 9 am- cramping done, still had some bleeding with clots, but not painful. Much less traumatic than I expected, very little pain. I feel tired today, but am able to be up and about. F 37 1 days
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 5  abortion i guess everyone is different, but i had very little pain form this. it was like a heavy period to me. i was 6 weeks 3 days. i had a little nausea the morning after taking the dose at the office, then on the 3rd day did the 4 pills vaginally to dissolve. about an hour later i had some mild cramping and passed blood clots for a few hours but that as well as the crampling stopped with in about 5 or 6 hours. it is now day 5 and i still have some light bleeding but i feel good. i was very thankful that i was about to have a medical abortion instead of surgical. do what is right for you. dont believe all the horror stories online. just talk to your doctor and i am sure they can let you talk with some REAL people who have taken it. good luck to all. i know it is scary but you will make it thru everything. F 32
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 5  abortion almost none. biggest worry was throwing up which i experienced a couple times a day. only very mild cramping and very brief bleeding and passing of bloodclots. didnt even take the prescription pain meds, just 2 advil and still felt alright. F 19
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 5  Pregnancy Termination I took Mifeprex on day 1, on day 3 I was instructed to place the 4 remaining pills in my mouth on the inside of my cheeks where they would dissolve for a half hour, then I swallowed what was left of the pills. After washing the pills down with water, I threw up violently all of the water and my body insisted I keep throwing up when there was nothing left to give (due to nausea in the first place). About 30mins later I started to experience the worst pain I have ever felt in my lower stomach and staggered hunched over to the bathroom where I immediately started to bleed in the toilet. I waited on the toilet for as long as my body would allow me to sit upright and flushed without looking. I was sweating heavily but was freezing at the same time so I wrapped myself in a towel. Back in bed, I could not get comfortable. I tried turning on each of my sides in a fetal position and nothing helped so I frequently changed positions, wincing in pain, and squeezed the covers around me tight. !!!PLEASE READ FIRST!!! MY PHYSICAL CONDITION LEADING UP TO MIFEPREX: During my 6th week of pregnancy I was very nauseous everyday. I had only been able to eat small portions of blan foods such as pretzels and was drinking chicken broth and water the week prior to taking Mifeprex. Still, I think my body was very weak and dehydrated which may or may not have contributed to the side effects. I strongly suggest gatorade and pretzels or crackers, they were my only comfort during this process. Also get at least two days off from work during the bleeding. With as much pain and discomfort I experienced, I do not regret my decision for taking Mifeprex and would recommend it to others. It was difficult but I felt 100 percent better in the following days. F 23 3 days
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 5  pregnancy termination Four weeks pregnant: One strong contraction with a gush of blood accompanied by diarrhea. No other problems. This review written 31 hours after taking misoprostol. After all the terror I suffered preparing for this ordeal (my first experience with birth control failure, religious upbringing, etc) I'm so happy. Day one I took the Mifeprex in a clinic. I asked for pain and anxiety meds. I felt great for the next two days, no side effects. After ~52 hours, I took a Vicodin, waited 30 minutes, placed the misoprostol between my cheeks and gums. One note - I only weigh 100 pounds so I took the liberty of reducing the dose from 4 to 3 pills without consulting a clinician. I was afraid of the severe pain I've heard of others experiencing. The 3 pills took an hour and a half to dissolve, which I didn't expect, therefore waited that long to take a 600 mg ibuprofen chaser. Even after that, I felt only minor lower abdominal cramps, and was so comfortable I got hungry on hour three and went out to dinner. Luckily I wore a pad because as soon as I began to eat I had to run to the bathroom as it felt like I had diarrhea. For about 10 seconds on the toilet I worried because it was really bad cramping, but it went away as fast as it came. I went home (finished my food!)waited for anything bad to happen, but there was just bleeding when I sat on the toilet. At about 11 hours, I woke up and took 2 Advil for minor cramping, and went back to sleep. I then got up and went to work this morning like a normal day. Have had clots and thick bloody discharge when I pee but minor spotting on the maxi pad, no pain. Feeling emotionally better than I have in 2 weeks. F 38 1 days
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 5  Abortion After the Mifeprex, I felt nothing until about 17 hrs later. Then, heavy bleeding began, but it was painless. At 7 wks, 3 days. I took a Vicodin and over-the-counter nausea medication at 7:45pm after eating a full dinner. At 8:35pm, I placed the 4 cytotec pills in my cheeks and spit them out at 9:05pm. Felt nothing until 9:25 when I felt moderate cramping and ran to the bathroom to throw up. Lost my dinner. The cramping got stronger and was painful, but bearable. Some light diarrhea and fever-like chills/sweating followed that was short-lived. I heated a water bottle for my abdomen, was drinking lots of water to replenish, and curled up with the bottle in bed around 10:30 and was able to sleep. The cramps had lessened. I woke up at 1:45am with heavy bleeding, clotting and mild to moderate cramping and sweating again. I took 1 more Vicodin, drankna bunch of water and went back to sleep for hours. I woke up with no cramps or nausea, just bleeding. Is this an unpleasant experience? Yes. Was it bearable? Absolutely, and it was completely over after a few hours. There is no more "humane" way to have an abortion. Abortion is inducing early labor and expelling a fetus. That being said, I'd recommend this process to a woman considering abortion and would tell her that she will be fine in no time. F 27 1 days
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 5  Medical Abortion I took Mifeprex on a Thursday afternoon. By Friday afternoon I was very nauseated but was able to work through it all. About 30 minutes before I took the misoprostol I did throw up but I think it was from me taking my antibiotics on an empty stomach. After putting the Misoprostol in my cheeks I was hit with another wave of vomiting and barely kept the misoprostol in my cheeks. After throwing up about a dozen times I was fine and went and laid on the couch with a heating pad. I fell asleep for about 2 hours and woke up with some moderate cramping and had a mild urge to push. I did and passed the sac. I am only about 6 weeks along and the sac was the size of a golf ball. It was pretty obvious it was the sac as it was a light gray color and very different than the other clots. I've continued to have mild cramping but nothing unbearable. I've only needed to take pain meds once. I pass a lot of clots when on the toilet but barely any on the pad. This was by far a better option than surgical and much less painful. Well worth the additional price! F 28 3 days

 5  Medical abortion Cramping, gas, nausea and vomiting, HEAVY bleeding. F 20 1 days

 5  abortion i was given the drug at the abortion clinic. everything was fine. however i took it on an empty stomach and kinda felt dizzy after. then i took misoprostol 4 total inside of my cheeks. let it dissolve inside of my mouth. after an hour of taking it i threw it up. was real scared that it wouldnt work but it did. all of a sudden i got really bad shakes and HORRIBLE abdominal cramps as well as sharp back pains. it felt like contractions. i delivered a child before and know how it feels. the pain felt unbearable!!! i took 2 ibuprofens and it did NOTHING for me! i continued to toss and turn in my bed. then the bleeding came...it was really really heavy. i soaked in 2 pads in an hour. looked thick and buncha blood clots came out. i laid back down and put a warm pad on my belly. then the pain came back even worse then before. i felt a strong urge to push. ran back to the bathroom and as soon as i sat down something heavy came out of me. i got up and seen the baby sack. it was as big as an actual egg. everything on the inside of it was see through. i hunched over the toilet and cried. this is not for the faint of heart...it took me by surprise. after i put myself together i laid back down and the pain stopped within the next hour, after that light bleeding of blood clots but not like before. overall the drug did what i needed it to do... F 27 1 days
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 5  unwanted pregnancy slight cramping (no worse than normal menstrual cramping), very little stomach discomfort. I went to the Houstons womens clinic and recieved ru486 after only a little research. when I came home I thought i would take a look at what other people thought of this drug and after reading just a few comments i was so frightened. People wrote of horrifying experiences and i was so nervous about the rest of the medication i had left to take over the next few days. But i made myself calm down to ensure that i didnt experience anything psycosamatic and i finished the drugs with no pain and very little discomfort. I am so pleased with the effects of this drug. I am beginning to believe that the only people that write on these bulletins are those who want to scare you away from abortion. F 19 4 days

 5   The pain medication (vicodin) gave me an upset stomach and made me tired but that was it. I had no side effects with the mifeprex its self. The cramping was no worse than a normal period for me, probably because of the vicodin. The "women" on here that say it was horrible and very painful are trying to scare you away from abortion. It's hard to find real patient experiences on the internet, this was the only one I could find. After reading these comments I was hesitant, just as the person below me. I went to the clinic. The procedures were easy and painless. The worst part was having a vaginal sonogram because the doctor couldn't see the pregnancy with a regular sonogram and it was only slightly uncomfortable for a couple seconds. You take the cytotec vaginally 3 days after your visit to the clinic at home and it does require you to lay down and not get up for 8 hours. My cramping started about an hour after I took it and I started to bleed 4 or 5 hours later. The cramps are mild to slightly painful and the pain medication helps a lot. I suggest clearing out your schedule the day after and having someone to help you that you trust. I was terrified of a surgical abortion and decided to try this is an F 19 4 days

 5  early pregnancy termination 5 weeks I had zero side effects from the mifeprex(the first pill taken orally) 24 hours later I dissolved the 4 other pills in my cheeks. Different clinics use different procedures. Some give you 4 pills(Cytotek) that you insert vaginally. I had to dissolved them in my cheeks for half an hour. That itself wasn't too pleasant, they tasted horrible. Before the pills were even entirely dissolved I began to feel cramping in my stomach. This cramping became severe within about 2 hours. I had a prescription of 4 tylenol with codeine pills. That was all for the pain. Even with the codeine the pain was excruciating. Enough to keep me moaning and I had bouts of crying that I endured. Maybe after about 5 hours I began to feel better. Then I just slept. It took a lot out of me, however it worked. I had morning sickness before taking the pills,,,within about a day or two after, I felt like a million bucks. Besides the bleeding, that did last for about two weeks. Started out with a lot of F 29 2 days
 5  unplanned pregnancy The side effects.. I went to the Dr's they did blood work, urine test and then ultrasound (all within 30 minutes) and found out I was exactly 6 wks 5 days pregnant. Dr. gave me the mifeprex pill to take orally which i did. Then handed me a small bag with the 4 misoprostol tablets and told me to insert vaginally within 72 hours. Side effects w/just the oral mifefprex were nausea and sluggishness but not enough to miss work or be in pain. I noticed a slight brownish discharge about a day after taking the oral pill but had no cramping until after inserting the 4 vaginal tablets I waited to insert the vaginal tab's because I went out of town so I waited almost 2 days after taking the oral mifeprex.The Dr. told me not to wait too long after because the abortion may not work...Woke up at 3am took Tylenlo 3 and waited... 4am, inserted the vaginal tablets and just went back to sleep, woke up at 8am and got up to use the bathroom and was already heavily bleeding with clotting. I did take the Tylenol 3 before inserting the tabs but the cramps were pretty strong..The really bad cramps lasted from about 8am to 1pm that day. Had to use a pad for the next 5 days because of heavy bleeding. I only took 3 more Tylenol 3 pills throughout the 5 days and mixed it up with ibuprofen and then midol. About day 4 I noticed some heavy cramps and pain in the abdomen but also discharged more clots with may have been the last of the embryo. It's now day 6 and I am almost done with the bleeding and cramps. I'm going in to get an IUD asap. F 37 6 days

 5  6 weeks pregnant / medical abortion I took the first pill of mifeprex in planned parenthood ct on day one felt pretty nauseous. then four others at home in cheek n gum two each side abiut 34 hrs later.. I was prepared for the worst after reading so many frightening outcomes but after disolving the four pills at 1115pm I felt nauseated so I laid down around 11:40pm. fell aslp and woke up at 2 am my husband asked if I was ok I said yes nothing is happening I feel fine I figured it didn't work. so I went back to bed and woke again at 440 had to pee still no pain no cramping nothing. I did have a bloody pad on and after peeing I felt a gush of blood than a good size clot came out and then I had cramping and it was over. no side effects just slight nauseous. I was so worked up and terrified to take the remaining four pills I was crying and ill over the whole thing. I am a mother of four this was a big accident but I feel ok. not all that much bleeding either. just do it and you will have your own experience. everyone is diff but id say try not to work yourself up by reading everyone elses experience on here. you are promted to seek medical help right away if you have certain issues. you will be ok as most have. thank you F 32 1 days

 5  6 weeks pregnant Took the first pill at the clinic , no side effects at all. Next day inserted the 4 other pills vaginally but about an hour before I did that I took 3 Tylenol 3. Which helped the pain a lot. After insertion about and hour later I started to bleed then about an hour 30 later the sac came out. The pain is about a 1 on a scale of 1-10. F 21 1 days

 5  3 weeks pregnant I took 1 tab orally. Then 4 buccal 2 days later....... had light bleeding for about 10 hours..... medium cramps. But definitely tolerable. F 31 1 days

 5  6-7 weeks pregnant For anyone taking Mifeprex, 800mg of Ibuprofen will not help you with these types of cramps. The cramps are very strong labor cramps. You need to take another strong type of medication with it and you will be fine. Be somewhere comfortable and make sure you are on a full tummy. People do not understand that Ibuprofen alone will do nothing for you. Put on a maxipad. Take some STRONG medicine. And sleep it all away! I had a good experience, I was knocked out the whole time and I did not go through any of those horrible stories I have read. I did have 1 huge clot when I woke up. It will not be as fast as the surgical, but it is much less invasive in my opinion. I took it a couple of days ago and now I am having what feels like a regular period. I have not gone to the follow up yet. All i want to say is Dont be scared, girls. And I wish all of you the best. This is what worked for me. F 19 1 days
4 pills 1X O

 4  termination of a 4 week pregnancy From the mifeprex alone, I honestly didn't feel much different - just a growing dread of taking the misoprostol to complete the process. I admit I was terrified of having a bad experience like most of what I've read here, esp the one comparing it to the surgical procedure and how the pill isn't "worth it". I'm glad i tried out the pill option, really. It went like clockwork and the pain was completely manageable with my lortab prescription and anti-nausea pills. No diarrhea, never vomited, and my cramps were of moderate to heavy period strength. I sat on the toilet after I'd been bleeding lightly for an hour (this was 4 hours after taking misoprostol) and passed what I think was the gestational sac and placenta. Every few hours after this, I would drop clots that seemed large but not painful or suspicious and so on until I fell asleep for the night. That's it. My bleeding basically stopped the day after. Now, on that next day, I would try to keep in mind how traumatic in comparison to aspiration abortion, the pain here was NOTHING! my experience with the surgical procedure was not as easy as some like to describe, but then my recent trial with the medical abortion was a walk in the park compared to some womens' horror stories. i prepared myself for the worst mentally and physically, but was relieved with how easily the process took care of itself. i'm grateful to have had the comfort of my home and partner to guide me through the emotional part of it. the absolute worst moment in all this was seeing what my body passed into the toilet and the thought processes that followed. in that respect, i wish that the US handled medical abortion the same as in the UK - with women undergoing their "miscarriages" in a hospital setting and then sent home to recover. it seems a little more humane in terms of tissue disposal and monitoring of all the side effects that can occur just after taking the misoprostol. Don't be scared to try this because of the more intense and negative experiences you find researching online. Not to discredit what these women went through, but if you're in the category of those who have this pill option, don't put yourself through a surgical procedure if you can avoid that type of invasion and (very different kind of) pain. F 20 1 days

 4  terminate early pregnancy Cramps, tired, out of commission for a day I missed my period and went to the doc the next day. Much less traumatic than I thought it would be. F 22

 4  Medical Abortion After taking the first pill, I had no side affects. I was actually worried that I was feeling too good. I was afraid the medication wouldn't work. After dissolving the four pills in my cheeks two days later, I had no doubts it was working. I was surprised by the intense pain of the cramping. I think it was the worst pain I've experienced, although, needed. They started slow at first, and then intensified for about two hours until I passed the tissue. I was given vicodin, which I took before hand, but I don't think I gave it enough time to kick in. Also, eat before you take the second set of pills!! I was horribly sick, and vomiting nonstop because they had upset my stomach.But, it is more private than a surgical abortion, and they highly recommended it because I was only 4 weeks pregnant. Overall, I think it was a better alternative and I'm still happy with my decision. F 19 3 days

 4  unwanted pregnancy This is the second medical abortion ive had and this one is the worst. Idk why everyone else had them melt in their mouths i had to insert mine vaginally after takibg one ib the drs office. I woke up from a dead sleep 3hours after placong the pills internally covered in blood and in so much pain even laying in a ball didnt help. I chose this option again cause thr first time it was like nothing. I would recommend this deffinately but make sure u drink lots of water as for me i threw up the entire 24 hours before internally placing the pills. And take ur pain pills as directed as well goodluck. F 20 1 days

 4  abortion The first hour or two after taking the four pills I had HORRIBLE cramping. I normally have high pain tolerance, I experienced kidney stones & all that was to me was uncomfortable, but these cramps were really bad. After the hour or two of cramping, it died down to regular period cramps. Every hour I would apply heat to my abdomen which helped a lot. The pain meds didn't really do anything for me but make me sick. It's been 7 days since I took the last 4 pills & I still have heavy bleeding & clotting but overall, it was SO worth it. I would recommend it to anyone in a situation like this. F 19 2 days
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 4  unwanted pregnancy severe cramping, vomiting, dizziness, brief loss of consciousness after standing up too quickly (MEDS: mifeprex/misoprostol, phenergen, percocet, xanax) I do not regret choosing a medical abortion over a surgical one. I will avoid an abortion clinic entrusting a doctor I've never met with my future fertility at all costs. However, my cramping was very severe. I have a high pain tolerance, and Percocet did not even begin to take the edge off the pain I experienced. Almost as unbearable as the cramping were the muscle aches in my legs. For me, it lasted somewhere between 4-6 hours. I continued to bleed for several weeks thereafter, but did not have any cramping. I have mild to moderate cramping during my periods, but did have stronger cramps when I was younger. Please note that I am in no way trying to scare anyone. This was my personal experience, and I would not hesitate to do it again. I just find it incredibly insulting that some of you would imply an experience like mine is somehow invalid based upon your experience alone. Unlike any other medical treatments, mifeprex/misoprostol is always administered as a one size fits all dosage. I suspect I am much more sensitive to the drug than most. If I had to do it again, I probably would not take all 4 misoprostol at once, due to my reaction to the drug. F 29
1X D

 4  To end an 8 week, 6 day pregnancy Hardly any cramping but unpredictable blood flow for 2 weeks now I was expecting the worst side effects per the clinician at Planned Parenthood - not from online sources. After taking the first pill at the clinic I felt nothing the rest of the day. After 24 hours I placed the 4 pills between my teeth and cheeks as instructed and waited. This wasn't a horrible ordeal. After 2 hours I thought it didn't work because I still felt nothing THEN came the gush. The passing of the "lemon sized clot" (as predicted by PPH) was a little shocking as was seeing all of the matter pass but from then on the bleeding was off and on. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks and the bleeding hasn't stopped but I guess that's expected. The only bad part of this experience (physically) is the unpredictable flow - today alone I had to change my tampon 20 minutes after insertion then nothing the rest of the day. I have had very little cramping - maybe a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale - and no headaches, nausea or vomiting... Everyone is different. I wouldn't base how u decide to term your pregnancy on other people's experiences. I do wonder if the women that had horrible cramps with using Mifeprex, have bad cramps regularly with their period. I very rarely ever have cramps. F 30
1X D

 4  Medical abortion, 5 weeks & 4 days Very painful for 3 hours Another story focusing on the pain- not meant to repel women from choosing this method, but to advocate for having physical and emotional support nearby, just as you might for normal labor. I was 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant on ‘day 1’. I took the Mifeprex at the doctor's office, and inserted 4 tablets of Misoprostol (vaginally) 15 hours later (within the 12-48 hour recommended window). For 1-2 hours after inserting the Misoprostol there was not much action (light cramping). Then it began- nausea, severe uterine pain on par with labor contractions, diarrhea and vomiting. I took 1 vicodin but likely vomited it before full absorbtion. This phase lasted for 3 hours. The passing of blood and clumps was expected, the high level of pain was not- it was on par with childbirth. I had no idea that this would be the case. After those 3 grueling hours I reverted to cramps (as strong as my most painful period, but manageable with a hot water bottle and 2-3 tylenol) and continued bleeding for several days. Ultimately, I feel satisfied to have chosen the medical vs. surgical version, but if I had to do this over again I’d have a midwife present. Next time someone sends me home with ‘just-in-case’ bottle of narcotics, I won’t be so naïve! F 32 1 days
200 mg 1X O

 3  Medical Abortion Vomiting, Sever cramping and contractions, chills, sweats, 10/10 pain I went to the sketchiest abortion clinic in the world and was given 1 pill in office and instructed to let the other 3 pills dissolve in my cheek 2 days later. Those were literally my only instructions. No pain medication. No antibiotic. Told it would be like a period. I was 5 weeks along. So on the day I was instructed to take the remaining three pills, I started bleeding slightly right before I took them, was able to take 3 of my friend's leftover vicodin (5's) and then took all three pills, let them dissolve one at a time, all were ingested within 5 minutes. Walked into my kitchen to heat up my cornbag expecting cramping, but not to the severity that they were. Within 5 minutes of standing in my kitchen, I my uterus began cramping and I rushed to my room to lay down. I got really sweaty and achey, and I rushed to the bathroom and dry heaved and vomited 8 times. Then, I experienced literally the most excruciating pain I've ever felt in my entire life. I was laying on the tile floor and uncontrollably moaning and yelling and sobbing and kicking my legs and just putting my hands on the tub side because it was cold. I was dripping sweat and could feel my body going through contractions. I don't know if I took them too fast or what, but I read as much as I could online and saw nothing like what I was experiencing. After an hour of agony, I was able to get to my bed and just cry out of panic for an hour. But after that, the pain dulled to a 4/10 and really only exceeded F 20
1X D

 3  abortion This was incredibly painful (as bad as, if not worse than natural childbirth - which I have had two). It is not any cheaper nor easier to go this route. Now 10 months later I have endometrio cells outside of my uterus (possibly endometriosis) which can be from surgery or childbirth (need to go in for futher testing) - I bet it is from this procedure. Do not take this option lightly - if you can have a surgical procedure done by a reputable hospitable I would do so. I also experienced blood "gushes" a couple of days after the procedure - thank goodness I was at home - I went back to Planned Parenhood - thought I was hemorrhaging. F 42 1 days

 3  termination of 5 week pregnancy I went to Planned Parenthood, where I was examined, supplied with the abortion pills, RU-486 or, also called as Mifepristone, and a few mild pain killers, and, then, send home with instruction to take the pills by myself. After taking them, I was suffering prolonged, severe and disabling pain. I was crying, moaning from pain for 2 hours, then, just lying down. I had been just lying down for 6 more hours in such severe pain that I wasn't able to move my body, lift my head, and call for help. In 10 hours, when I was able to hardly move, I called emergency of Planned Parenthoodand and told about my pain, on which I was told that they couldn't help me, it was a part of a procedure, and I just gotta take it. I couldn't take any effective painkillers because the clinics wouldn't let this medicine out. There's no excuse for women to suffer unnecesary pain in these modern times. Women pay from 400$-700$ dollars for pills and deserve better treatment. I'm satisfied with the medicine but I'm not satisfied with the procedure, and I claim that this practice is violation of humans' rights in the US, and something should be done about it. F 20 1 times

 3  termination of 5 weeks pregnancy I went to Planned Parenthood, where I was examined, supplied with the abortion pills, RU-486 or, also called as Mifepristone, and a few mild pain killers, and, then, send home with instruction to take the pills by myself. After taking them, I was suffering prolonged, severe and disabling pain. I was crying, moaning from pain for 2 hours, then, just lying down. I had been just lying down for 6 more hours in such severe pain that I wasn't able to move my body, lift my head, and call for help. In 10 hours, when I was able to hardly move, I called emergency of Planned Parenthoodand and told about my pain, on which I was told that they couldn't help me, it was a part of a procedure, and I just gotta take it. I couldn't take any effective painkillers because the clinics wouldn't let this medicine out. There's no excuse for women to suffer unnecesary pain in these modern times. Women pay from 400$-700$ dollars for pills and deserve better treatment. I'm satisfied with the medicine but I'm not satisfied with the procedure, and I claim that this practice is violation of humans' rights in the US, and something should be done about it. F 20 1 times

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