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 1  Mom took it for high blood pressure My mother developed a mass in the neck just six months after starting the diovan, which turned out to be cancer. Prior to starting Diovan, I read that there was a "small" chance that Diovan could cause cancer. Well sure enough, that "small" chance happened to my mom in early 2012. By October 2012, despite beating the cancer, she died from complications caused my the effects of cancer treatment. I subsequently started a website that I hope can raise more awareness about the dangers of prescription drugs. www.couponsforacause.org. F 62 1.5 years
1X D
 5  High blood pressure none whatsoever guess I am the lucky one in the group F 60 1 years

 5  high blood pressure Taking 160 mg daily at night. Only side effect has been sporadic numbness/tingling in arms and hands at night, sufficient to wake me up with pain. No weight gain/hair loss, both of which I am prone to and have experienced with other BP medications. In fact, I've lost 20 lbs at Weight Watchers while on this medication. My starting blood pressure varied wildly -- often 150+/100. Now it still varies a lot, but in general stays about 133/75, lower in the summer. I can live with the annoying side effect of having my arms and hands fall asleep at night. This is the 5th or 6th BP medication I've been on and the side effects of all others have been much worse/intolerable. Atacand was the worst -- felt like I was going to commit suicide. Toprol caused immediate weight gain & fatigue. Diuretics made me extremely fatigued and gave me migraines. Cozaar didn't do a thing to lower BP. Diovan is a blessing for me. I do realize that prescription medications effect each of us differently, so I am lucky I found something that can address my high blood pressure successfully and still allows me to function. By the way, I've also started yoga which helps a lot. F 58 1 years

 4  blood pressure None M 68 1 years

 4   None F 48 1 years

 4  Hypertension None F 48 1 years

 4  high blood pressure M 57 1 years

 4  high blood pressure anxiety, dizzy with grey outs, light headed, slight nausea took 160/12.5 Diovan HCT worked way to well, lowered dose to 80/12.5 last 30 months, blood pressure has lowered effectively but the side affects are taking their toll. Taken in combination with Atenolol 50mg daily. Started taking the Diovan at night with hopes to sleep through side affects. M 48 1 years

 4  HP Dry mouth, eyes hurt alot and I get a sharp pain from my left ear to my head then my hands get tense, I am taking Diovan 320mg for about now 1yr now and I have gain weight, bloating, back pains and very tense. My BP is being kept about as normal as I can but my weight gain is a problem. I know I have gained about 30+ pounds in a year. I am going to the Doctor on April 20th to see if there is something else, I want to check about some red spots. Diovan is good I think 320mg is too much and is causing me problems sexualy and emotional. My last doctor told me that and erection will not stay long because the drug cause's your blood not to flow, and when u have an erection ur BP goes up. So that is why, I am not satisfied with this at all. Especially being only 32 and I have always enjoyed my sexual life. Any sugestions. M 32 1 years
 4  hypertension The 80 mg has worked fine for me with no side effects except occasional vivid dreams. My BP has stabilized at 140/90 and for me that is just fine. I don't accept that one set of numbers is 'normal' for everybody. M 69 1 years
 3  High blood pressure Have taken Divoan Hct for about one year. Only drug tried to not have major side effects (Toporol, Benicar) and seems to lower BP. 160/25mg has lowered BP from 140-155/80 to 125-135/75. However, have recently been quite 'foggy headed' Occasional fatigue which might be associated with the drug. Being 'foggy headed' over the last month has me a bit concerned. I've noticed this comment in other reviews. Also haven't slept as well as I use to before Divoan. M 40 1 years
 3  High Blood Pressure Was taking 160mg once per day with what I thought were few if any side affects. Doctor increased to another 160mg at the end of the day. I have since been feeling terrible. I have severe ringing in the ears, feeling nauseated all the time, vision is very blurry all the time. I will be cutting back my 2nd dose of 160mg and see if this makes a difference. I had a heart attack on 3/9/06. Had 4 stents put in and was put on several medications: betablockers, Vytorin, a Triton Study drug, Diovan, Norvasc, protonix, anxiety pill, nauseated pill and aspirin. Needless to say, I had all kinds of side affects and little by little, I started getting off of them. I got off all the medications, except for the diovan and norvasc and the triton study drug which is like plavix. Most of the side affects had dissapeared except now when I was added the extra 160mg of diovan. These last two months since my heart attack has been hell and I blame a good deal of this on the medications. I have had great success in cardiac rehab and have been losing weight. I do not smoke or drink. If there are alternatives to these drugs, I will find them and take my chances with them instead of something that pharmacies are pushing toward doctors to give patients.... M 54 1 years

 3  hypertension I was prescribed diovan a year ago after my BP readings being in the 140/85-90 range. I have a three year old son and was terrified that I would die of a heart attack and not be here for him so I was prescribed this medication. Within the first few months I noticed a change in my walk and I now walk with a slight limp with heaviness in my legs. This is really scary for me. My left hand is also weaker and I also have memory loss. It takes me forever to formulate a thought and when I do my speech is slightly slurred. I get anxious at time and for someone who loves to exercise and walk, I'm looking for the nearest bus stop because myrhs ate so heavy and I'm so tired. I want to hey off this medication but I'm state because I don't want to have a stroke or heart attack. I had no idea that someone would prescribe such poison to put into your body. F 31 1 years
 3  high blood pressure I have had tinnitus for 38 years. Recently it increased substantially and after reading the side effects and finding that other patients may have had the same reaction, I asked my doctor to put me on something else. I'm on adalat now, but its been 2 weeks and the ringing has not subsided. I don't know if the drug is to blame. My blood pressure is erratic at times. My best medicine always seems to be exercise M 59 1 years

 3  HBP good for about a year then impotence hair loss deep muscle pain Felt like a zombie from dawn of the dead Dr says side effects are in my head.Wrong i know my body and will stop this poison immediatley M 48 1 years

 2  Hypertension I have been on Diovan for about 1 yr.Since starting it, I have gained 25 lbs. which don't want to come off. I asked my doctor, but he said it wasn't from the Diovan. I am also very tired all the time and have very bad leg cramps. After reading all these comments, I strongly feel that my first instinct was right and that my symtoms are from the Diovan. I am going to ask my doctor to switch me to another med. I don't recommend this medication and think it should probably be taken off the market. F 60 1 years

 2  High Blood Pressure Always have been a thin person... gained 8-10 lbs in about a two month period. Avid runner, very healthy eater, only 38 yrs old. This drug zapped my energy and depressed my mood too. My Dr admitted to the mood issue but couldn't say yes or no about the weight gain. Checked thyroid and another blood test to rule other things out regarding the weight gain. I took it for one year and broke down crying in his office because my quality of life was gone. I did not have joint pain like most report here. I've been on Tekturna for 3 weeks and have lost 5 pounds without changing a thing. I'm also not dizzy and I feel alive inside again... not lethargic and I am sleeping really well at night. I was afraid to ask and lived with it for a year! All I had to do is talk to my doctor honestly about it and things are much better. If you don't like Diovan ask for something else... there are tons of other HBP meds out there! F 38 1 years

 2  HBP After about 10 months of taking Diovan once daily, I began to have severe intestinal bloating, gas and diarrhea. I have also experienced lightheadedness and extreme fatigue. I noticed that my legs are very heavy and have cramping especially in the calf muscles. I now have joint pain in my wrists and ankles as well. Initially I thought I may have picked up some sort of bug, but apparenty it's the medication as it's the only medication I am taking. I will be seeing my doctor to get to the bottom of this as this has been going on for the past 2 months. Initially, Diovan did lower my blood pressure to a normal level, 120/70, after I was diagnosed and hospitalized for HBP which was 230/110. I am athletic and have a very good diet. At 46 years of age and 6 feet tall, my weight has been a constant 190lbs. I did inherit HBP from my Father's side who had developed this condition around 45 years of age. My younger sister also developed this condition. I've come to realize that exercise and a good diet is not enough, and I do need some sort of medication to control this condition. M 46 1 years

 2  High Blood Pressure I experienced back pain, hip pain, leg cramps (charlie horse-especially at night), achy legs, muscle fatigue (especially legs), riging in ears, swilling in ankles (slight), unsteady walk, sensitivive to heat, and stiffness in knees. I tried for one year to take this medicine. I adjusted the dosage down and still had these symptoms. It got to the point that I could no longer stand it so I got off this drug and it took three weeks for all the symptoms to go away. I now feel like a new man and I will never take this medicine again. I am taking Toprol and HCT also to control my blood pressure and Diovan was added to try to get my blood pressure a little lower. With Diovan my blood pressure was about 120/72 and with just my toprol and hct it is now around 136/78. Diovan did a good job of lowering my BP but for me the side effects were too great. M 70 1 years
80 2X D

 2  high blood pressure Lethargic, headaches, loss of hair, ED WHen the doctor changed me from an ACE(Lotrel) to the ARB DIovan because I had a SLIGHT dry cough on the ACE ( which had been working fine for years BTW.. I felt like total crap! I called him adn said this drug is making me sick! HE said NO WAY keep taking it or you will suffer many complications from your diabetes (caused by ZYPREXA - warning to all) and HBP so I listened and have been taking it for a year. I have now taken myself off of this drug myself. I am feeling better and better as the days go by. I am watching my blood pressure and don't give a flying SH&T what the doctor says about it anymore. I a mtired of feeling sick to my stomach and tired and losing my hair. There is no telling what else it is doing to me. M 48 1 years
320 MG 1X D

 2  hypertension body weakness, loss of motivation M 44 1 years
320 1X D

 2  HBP Extreme lethargy, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, heart/chest pains, joint pain, blurred vision, anxiety, restless sleep, heart palpitations I started feeling worse and worse on this drug over time and kept going back to my doctor and feeling him how I felt, his response was "you are stressed". I finally came to the point where I had frequent chest pain and confusion, extreme fatigue and went to the emergency room. Every time the doctors said i had a healthy heart and I was experiencing stress, etc. One doctor said I was low in potassium but it was no big deal. Another told me to stop taking the medicine immediately. I did and things got a little better but not by much. Finally found a really good doctor who immediately figured out that I needed potassium ASAP, the day I took the first pill, what a huge difference it made. I felt so much better, and after reading about potassium deficiency, all the symptoms of it are almost identical to what I was going through. My tiredness is gone, the dizziness, the anxiety, blurred vision, I feel much better now. Apparently the drug, because it is a diuretic, washed out the potassium out of my body. I no longer go see the doctor that told me stress was causing all of this. Also my blood pressure is normal as I am eating more healthy. F 40 1 years
160 mg 1X D

 2  high blood pressure Lower back pain, insomnia,fatigue, increased anxiety. Stopped taking for several months, then recently restarted. Anxiety level started to increase. M 1 years

 2  HBP Extreme Fatigue suddenly at times, weight gain, brain-fog,thinning hair on top Does lower blood pressure F 60 1 years

 2  blood presure problems This is one bad medication!iv had nothing but problems on this one!my vision is blurred & effected, short memory loss!joints hurt and ache!upper body aches and pains chest area, shoulder pains,upper and lower back pains,right ear ringing!,neck pains hair is falling out by the handsfull!-itching off and on! loss of any power,just worn out feeling and tired all the time! swear this one acts like a choelst medication! cant think right dont feel right on it ! im getting off this crap asap! its not worth going threw this anymore! time to go natural and find a way without chemicals distroying my body! I have been takeing res Q 1250 fishoil pills for about 4months now with normal b.p meds-cholest last tested is normal level both good and bad, b.p dropped by 8points already! only problem now is the b.p meds toprol xl and diovan are effecting the fishoil like im alergic to it,Im sick from taking it - already diovan has made me allergic to all dairy products and a few other foods! it effects the nervious system and stomach changes everything within the body ( I feel) im getting away from this drug first! its Nastybad! where is there a good doctor, that knows drugs and bodys! and wont take short cutts and guess ! If I keep on this crap, I know I wont last long! chemicals are no good for the body! time to walk away, and try something new and diffrent! its like they say! DRUGS KILL !! DONT DO DRUGS ! THE SIGNS ARE THERE .. YA KNOW M 46 1 years
 1  hypertension Very bad side effects. Similar to every one else listed on this site. SWITCHED TO ATACAND 10 MONTHS AGO & IN A FEW WEEKS SIDE EFFECTS WENT AWAY. BEEN MUCH BETTER EVER SINCE. SWITCH TO ATACAND IT WORKS. DIOVAN SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET. M 45 1 years
80 -320 mg 1X D
 1  Blood Pressure Lethargy, joint pain, light headediness, general malaise. Abdominal bloating and pain. I was led to believe these symptoms were related to my general physical condition and age, although I have no other major health issues and believe I am am in decent shape. Stopped taking Diovan four days ago and almost every symptom disappeared. My blood pressure reading did jump up, but I felt better and more energetic than I have in over a year. Because of the blood presure increase I took a Diovan tab and the symptoms all returned. I am going to seek the advice of a new cardiologist and hopefully get on one of the medicines suggested by others on this site. M 61 1 years
40 mg 1X D

 1  HTN I started Diovan on a lower dose in July 2010 in March 2011 my dose was increased to 320. I have gained 30 lbs since starting this drug, also have muscle pain, & feel tired all ofnthe time. I never connected the 2 until I accidentally took 650mg last night. So I looked up the onset & peak of the med. At 2am, after double my regular dose, my bp was 137/100. Before the double dose my bp was 117/78. I could not believe it. This med peaks at 6 hours & keeps lasting for 24. At 0630 my bp was 126/99. I took my beta blocker & went back to sleep at 10am my pressure was 107/72. After reading the other comments, I am now connecting the dots. if your doctor wants to give you this drug monitor closely for side effects! F 45 1 years
320 1X D
 1  Hypertension Body pains, body pains, body pains. Knees, shoulders, right flank pain. Some of my minor aches seemed as though they were enhanced by the Diovan. Tired, tired tired! Just did not want to get up sometimes. The only reason I did get up was that I had to go to work. Not a good drug. I will say it did lower my BP. M 49 1 years
320 1X D
 1  high BP head pressure,dizziness,fatigue,tennis elbow-both elbows,hip and joint pains, weight gain that will not come off,blurred vision Have been taking it about 1 yr., didn't know this was from drug and of course doctor denies it yet nothing else can be found. Everything started when drug was started. I will definitely stop this drug. We can't all be wrong or imagining these symptoms. F 53 1 years

 1  hypertension Drug lowered my blood pressure with no apparent side effects until about a year later. On a routine insurance exam, my GGT liver enzimes were high. Diovan was my only medication. After changing medication to Lotensin, my GGT slowly ( six months) returned to normal. M 58 1 years

 1  High blood pressure Gain 40 pounds in 1 year. Started with 80 mg and went to 160 mg. I had already Adalat XL.Doesn't really control high blood pressure. Doctor want me to go to 320 mg. I am tired all the time and starting being depressed.I have problem sleeping at night . All that started when I first took diovan and more I am taking , more side effects are strong. I am looking for another medication but am really happy to see that I am not the only one having those side effects. F 52 1 years
 1  High Blood Pressure Severe Aches & Pains all over - chest pain, heart palipitations, found like I was 100 years old - everything hurt, Dr. switched me from this to Avapro same thing no improvement - started having burning all over like a sunburn inside out - then went to another Ramapril - couldn't go to work I was in so much agony woke up with severe hip pain thought I had appendicitis. Now off all BP medicines - on no salt no caffeine diet and vitamins since September & am still experiencing side effects sometimes but feel 100% better! If the Dr. tells you the symptoms are not from this medicine don't believe him - get him to take you off or get a new doctor. F 47 1 years

 1  h.b.p Headaches! lazy tired feeling, lightheaded, dizzyness and spells! blurred visison, eyes messed up due to this drug! ringing in ears tentinitus! dry mouth, cramps everywhere very bad! chest pains ! throat closing on its own! nose runs ,sore in nose! pimples on scalp! HAIR LOSS AND THINNING HAIR !! BALDNESS CAN HAPPEN AND HIVES!!!! How can Anyone anywhere take this DRug Diovan! Doctors love it ! and push it on us! what liers they are!! this chemical nightmare drug causes more Harm than good!its not worth taking! im reading all the peoples reports on this drug WOW!!blows my Mind! Yet the FDA wont do anything about it ? It should be taken off the Market! its Pure trash to take ! M 78 1 years

 1  b.p reasons throat closing up-dizzyness real bad!-cramps and upper back pains some chest pains- vision blurred and going bad- eyes swell up and go dry when waking up- hair loss and spots of thinng hair -sore inside nose- running nose- drewling - trapped gas problems- belly bloating - gas both ends go wild- puke feeling- ears ringing loud no get up and go anymore- tired all the time - lazy feeling -sick feeling -memory loss - itching on arms and neck and chest at times! simple you want to feel like poop! this is the drug to take. its on the Pooplist No#2 for bad pills to take If your kind Doctor hands you this pill to take PLEASE REFUSE IT ! or ask a person on this site who took it! im sure they will tell you all about this wonderfull drug. F 34 1 years

 1  HBP I experience weight gain, dizziness, memory haze, fatigue, depression, very bloated. Talked with Dr and he switched me to Tekturna and all of those things are gone. I feel much better! F 39 1 years

 1  hypertension Extreme fatigue,dizziness,ringing in ears,muscle cramps,depression,extreme weakness/washed out feeling when I first wake up in the morning,palpitations,headache, wheezing,shortness of breath upon exertion.I have never felt so bad in all my life.I stopped the medicine two days ago and I'm feeling a bit better already. I took this medicine for one miserable year.The medicine made me much sicker then hypertension ever did. F 63 1 years

 1  HBP Killer leg spasms,also in both arms If I walkedd, move my body in various directions I would trigger a spasm somewhere on my body. The Pain was terrible and this happen every 30 min, dizziness, Night sweats, coughs, headaches, weight gain 20-25lbs with no change in eating habit, I knew something was wrong, cold legs and feet. Cripple feet and fingers. Blurryness, dry mouth,weakness all day. Is this what I would have to take to reduce HBP, NO THANKS, I'm going natural with nature foods and Herbs. Yes I have BP of 200/120 176/l00. I keep good watch because I know the dangers of HBP. Diovan has a NO LIFE, MY LIFE style it's like you're already dead. I can't take it. Take this pill off the market. I want to sue, because my DR should have told me the risk, so that I could make an educated choice. I never knew what was wrong. DR's They even told me you must be stressed, My life was great before this even with High Blood pressure. I wish everyone of us that suffered from this drug could get together and address these concerns. If you're interested email j3sus411@yahoo.com /SUBJECT HBP DIOVAN To get better, we have to die or have a terrible life style in exchange. I watched my children cry when my pain was going on. It has effected my family life too. This has got to STOP. F 53 1 years
 1  HBP Hair loss, weight gain, dizziness, ed, heart flutters, insomnia and on and on. I discontinued use of Diovan about two years ago. Lousy drug. Just thought I would share that I have no side effects on Atacand--also an ARB. You may want to talk to your doctor about it. M 53 1 years

 1  High Blood Pressure Weight gain, was 150 lbs jumped up to 210 lbs after taking Diovan 320 for 1 year. Joint pain, bloating, ED, head aces, blurred vision, ringing in ears, flu like symptoms Blood pressure goes up and down, but never gets to the normal range, from 160/100 up to 220/110. This stuff makes me sick. Stopping it now no matter what doc says, maybe I will be able to get it hard again!! M 59 1 years
 1  BP Vivid dreams. M 47 1 years

 5  hbp+kidneys none as far as i can tell/i am still taking it. I was told it is great for your kidneys. M 49 36 months
320 1X D

 3  Borderline hypertension Lethargy, dry mouth, dry eyes, restlessness, increasing sense of anxiety, gout, increased joint pain Started taking 80mg 21 months ago. Switched briefly to Avalide because Diovan wasn't in my PPO formulary but had to switch back because of severe constipation caused by Avalide. Even at 5'9" and 245 lbs, I've always been active and eager to take on more projects. Since being on Diovan, I hardly get through the day unless I am kept very busy. I crash in the evening and don't feel like doing anything. When the weekend comes, all I want to do is rest. At the same time, I can't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time and frequently move from one bed to another or the sofa to get back to sleep. Even with only a sheet to cover me, temperature of 70 degrees and a bedside fan blowing on me, I wake up hot and uncomfortable. I finally quit taking the stuff yesterday and am monitoring my BP to see what happens. In the six months prior to my HBP, my weight had climbed to 270 lbs. Once diagnosed, I dropped back down to 245 and started restricting my intake of carbs and especially sug M 60 21 months

 1  Diabetic - used as kidney protector SEVERE constant joint pain in right shoulder making it impossible to sleep at night, restricted movement of right shoulder, noticed other joint pain in jaw, left knee & slowly the left shoulder begins to ache now. Noticed hair loss. Weight gain. I've had Type 1 Diabetes for 35 years. Was perscribed Diovan (not because I had high blood pressure) because it is suppose to protect the kidneys of diabetic patients. I will stop taking Diovan now. Question: For those who had joint pain / muscel pain AND stopped taking Diovan, did these adverse side effects stop ? F 46 19 months
80mg 1X D
 2  High B/P Initially did not really notice any side effects,at least none that were associated with this drug. Began having dizzy spells,and severe ringing in the ears.Was sent for brain scan etc etc all were negative. Dizzy spells decreased over time but the ear ringing continues. After about a year I noticed My energy level and "drive" had decreased drastically, and felt fatigued all the time.DR.denied that it could have anything to do with the med. After finding this website have noticed lots of other common side effects I was having but just considered age related, severe joint pain,(one elbow surgery 3 weeks ago). Not sure how many of these maladies are related but sure seems like a lot of coincidences. Controls the b/p well.Please email if you have had the ear ringiing problem. M 43 18 months
 2  high blood pressure It seemed to be a cumulative effect, since I have been on 160 mg. Diovan for 18 months. I found myself extremely fatigued, had to have naps in the afternoon and evening to get through the day. Also had difficulty concentrating and focusing on a job at hand. The 160mg. Diovan only lowered my BP to the 150's. When I added 1250 mg. of garlic a day, it brought it down 10 points. A second garlic brought it down another 10, and a third another 10, till my BP was in the 130's. I have now quit the Diovan and am amazed at how awake I feel. I am working with a naturopathic doctor to find a non-drug method of addressing the high BP. ANY lifestyle change that lowers my BP is worth it rather than being reduced to constant fatigue and stupidity by a medication! F 59 18 months
 1  High Blood Presssure Stomach ailment, heart burn, severe low back pain, legs ache, tired, no sex drive, weight gain. F 59 18 months
160mg 1X D

 1  Doctors Orders on 1/18/08, BP 158/122/110, I was taking Toprol-XL 100 mg & TriCor 145mg; I came back from a Trip outside of Alaska and gain 50# Fluids. My Cardiologist of 11 years, switch me to 80 mg Diovan & 20 mg Coreg CR Felt OK. 6/23/08, BP 144/86/100, increased to Diovan HCT 25mg-160mg & 40 mg Coreg CR. 10/1/08, BP 164/106/84, increased to Diovan HCT 320 mg & 40 mg Coreg CR. I started to Feeling Stress-out and Depress Could not sleep & Memory loss, effected my HIgh-Stress workload. Stop Taking Meds Diovan & Coreg CR & Lipitor, Felt much better. 11/11/08, BP 140/90/70 (Note: no meds for weeks), Doctor denies my complants about Meds & Problems, Tells me to Continue to take all 11 meds, increased Diovan HTC 320 mg / 12.5mg & Coreg CR 40 mg. I stopped taking Diovan HCT & Coreg CR. Had no Problems Until 2/1/09, 2 Degrees outside in and out of house (Anchorage,AK) came down with Cold, started having poor Sleeping habits and mild Edema in legs. Couch-Rest low I believe Diovan is not for Me and can do additional harm to my Body other organs, and even death. We all die some day but why chance it with pills if they are not monitor by the Doctor's & Nurse's you trust in to help you control you body weakness. I have no insurance since Blue Cross / Blue Shield drop me in 1998. I can not afford $10K weekend Hospital stays, nor the Future $150 - 320 K Triple By-pass / Pig-valve the Doctor wants me to have. Three years ago was told to have a ICD implant $30 K Defiberator, we know what happen with them too they were recalled and just last month they found the wire break over time. M 52 16 months
 3  High Blood Pressure I started on Diovan about 15 months ago. I had tried several other meds for High Blood Pressure. I tolerated the side effects of this one best. It took me a few weeks, but I got used to it. After the first year my doctor doubled my dose from 80 mg. to 160. I exercise 5 days a week and eat a pretty good diet. I have gained weight in the last 2 months and have also experienced the low back and side pain ( I thought it might be my gallbladder). I get the afternoon stomach bloating. I think I need to dose back down to 80 mg. Thanks for the info from everyone, it has really helped me. I might have to try Noni juice. F 46 15 months

 3  high blood pressure definitely WEIGHT GAIN; have always been slender and since on diovan put on weight fast without eating more!!! I'm glad I read this site and found out that it was Diovan causing my weight gain. I will call dr. and ask about changing to another BP med. F 46 15 months

 2  HBP In retrospect, I now realize the fatigue I have been experiencing from the start of taking this drug and didn't pay attention because I was so elated over the fact it lowered my pressure. I also have a history of drug sensitivity and was in denial, I wanted this to work out. Well, 7.5 months into taking diovan the weirdest symptoms began and haven't stopped and I have been suffering with them for about 7 months since the onset. I immediately stopped all meds except the Diovan, thinking it couldn't be that because the symptoms didn't start when I began the drug. I had started taking a statin drug a few months before and blamed that, but nothing reversed when that drug was stopped. Here are my symptoms: non-stop rushes of painful tingling through first, my legs and then upper body, intermittent anxiety, pain everywhere especially in my joints, hands, toes, arms, shoulders, hips, and back (bone pain and muscle pain), muscle weakness and fatigue. Burning skin sensations on my shins, top I was given Diovan to replace another drug which was not lowering my pressure enough and causing hair loss. The hairloss stopped but I didn't bargain on what was to come if it is the Diovan that is causing my health to deteriorate. Four Neurologists (a battery of tests), and a Rheumatologist later(fibromyalgia???), it is still not really clear what is causing my symptoms but I think and hope it's the Diovan. There is no other explanation. My Physician has taken me off for short term at my insistence to see if the symptoms reverse. If they don't, I am in trouble. If anyone has like experiences with this drug, please write. F 55 15 months
 2  high blood pressure very tired first couple months, within the last 4 months, have been increasingly noticing heart palpatations, stomach burning even with food, dizziness & tingling in legs & hands. I am thinking of just quitting & see if I can manage BP on my own. My parents are on Loppressor & seem to like it. My BP is due to extreme busy-ness & minor "crisis" situations that I may over react to. It seemed to work at first ( I was up to about 180 over 100) but then it wnet to pretty much normal. I am now up to about 138 over 88 average. I have no other health problems, normal weight, exercise, etc. Doc started me on 160 mg instead of 80. F 45 15 months

 1  hypertension headaches, lack of mental clarity, anxiety, poor outlook on life, muscle and joint aches I was switched to Diovan by recommendaton of my health insurance coverage due to cost. gradual onset of these symtoms worsened over the timefreme I was on the medication. I did not realize it was Diovan until I found this websight and decided to take myself off of the medication. I went about 10 days with no hypertension medication and all of the symtoms I mentioned reversed themselves and disappeared within days with the exception of the muscle and joint aches which are still present but much abated. My doctor put me on Losartan 50mg once daily and so far, so good. I am in agreement with the majority of respondants on this board that Diovan is a junk drug that needs to have its FDA approval revoked. M 43 15 months
160mg 1X D
 5  High BP Absolutly none of the side effects mentions on this site. Found medication to be as described. It has reduced my BP daramatically and I live a full and actvie life. Well Done M 53 12 months

 4  hypertension M 44 12 months

 2  BP Dizzy, Fatigue, insomnia, cant think, Weight gain, this is a bad drug! M 55 12 months

80-320mg 1X D

 1  HBP Extreme fatigue, dizzy, depressed, fuzzy head, general feeing of being unwell for 12 months. So glad I foubd this site, I feel like I can do something about this now, never thought for a minute that side effects of drugs could make you feel worse then the HBP. F 38 12 months

 3  Moderate High Blood Pressue I used to take Lisinopril, but switched due to the awful cough it caused. I have been on Diovan 80 mg for 11 months. Like everyone else, I seemed to have gained weight around the middle. I exercise 5 times a week and have not changed my diet since taking the medication. Lately, there has been joint pain in my legs. Lack of sex drive. The constant rining in my left ear in unbearable. I have been to the ENT, They cannot find anything wrong. Suggeted it was in my head. Diovan works well to regulate the blood pressure. Need to discuss alternatives with doctor. Not sure if all of the side effects are worth it. M 44 11 months

 3  High Blood Pressure I am taking Diovan with Norvasc and initially experienced no side effects for the first 8 months. After that, I started experiencing severe abdominal pains and severe bloating due to intestinal gas, about 20 minutes after a meal. I also have heaviness in my calf muscles with a tired achy feeling. I've also noticed pain in both ankles and both wrists. I am a physically active person, but for the past few months, I've been pushing myself just to get through the day. I'm going to my doctor to see if he can lower or change the dose. It seems by reading other patient's comments, that my side effects are similiar to those taking Diovan, and probably not the Norvasc. M 46 11 months

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