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 2  hypertension Diagnosed with fibromyalgia after starting it. Years of muscle pain. Every treatment known for fibro. Gained 50#.still cant believe I suffered all those years. Life changing. Off 3 weeks and feeling much better. Symptoms included muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, edema. No longer taking Ambien for sleep. Be persistent with your providers about your symptoms. F 59 10 years

 1  bp Taking it at bedtime. Terrible headaches with bad eye pain. Like my eyes are going to explode. Fall asleep easy but wake couple hours later and cant go back to sleep. Tired all day. Back pain memory loss and hair loss. Going to see my cardiologist soon. Pills may keep you going but the side effects ruin the quality of life F 64 1 days

 1  High Blood Pressure Did an controls the blood pressure BUT it causes so many side effects as listed in other posts. This requires many additional meds due to side effects. Insomnia and low energy are most debilitating. Dr continues to say it can't be causing the problems. The comments on this site finally validate my concerns. I am trying half dosage for a while F 67 8 years
 2  Dr. recomended Trouble swallowing, dry eyes, mouth and skin I did not notice the side effects at half the strength. But I still had High Blood Pressure. The increase dosage does not seem to matter that much. F 71 3 days
320 mg 1X D
 1  High Blood Pressure F 67 8 years

 2  Bp I started taking Diovan a year ago. For the first few months I had no problems or side effects. Around the 6th month mark, I started to feel like pure crap. I developed dizziness, couldn't concentrate, ear and neck pain. My left arm was very weak. My legs were wobbley. My skin also began to itch with little rashes. Just overall felt like crap. I wasn't myself anymore. I will never take this drug again or anything in its class! Stay away from this drug. The side effects definitely out weigh what it's meant to work for. F 42 365 days
80mg 1X D

 1  hypertension blood pressure extremely elevated, ears stopping up as they do with sinus infection, burping F 56 4 days
20 mg 1X D

 1  High bp due to kidney disease Fatigue, lethargic, bloating, gas, weight gain, numbness in hands... It took a long time before I realized what was bringing me down. Could not figure out why I was so tired all the time. People told me I was just getting old. Thanks jerks. Was normally extremely active and now had to constantly will myself to get out there and do stuff. Gained about 7 lbs, mainly belly fat that i just couldn't shake (well, it shook).Thought I was allergic to something in my diet - hence the gas. My boyfriend thought it was hilarious that I farted in my sleep. Went to a chirpractor thinking my back was causing my hands to go numb. Anyway, finally figured out it was the stupid drug. Have been off it a month and am back to normal. So much energy, no gas (sorry bf), weight normal, hands not numb. Blood pressure is high again though so am going to try perindopril now. Boo. F 43 365 days
80mg/day 1X D

 1  high bp I dont know where to start,I complained to my dr for years something was,5 yrs.ago he raised my dosage to 320 once aday I have just about lost my mind,confused atomach ach,blurriness head hurting,insomnia ao bad,anxetiy so bad it felt like my neck waz being drove up into my skull,my ligimits in my shoulder was coming apart, it felt like something was living an crawling in my sinusis an I would wake up an my nose would piur for hours my brincutis an breathinv was crazy. an the whole for years everytime I would complain about one or the other all he would is put me on another med,I finally changed docs. went an had multible test an mri,done could find nothinv wronv an after that I made him against his will, cause he said diovan was one of the mildest hp meds there was,I went on anothed within days things atarted changing an I am 90% back to feel so good,I still have trouble with my head the right side hurting an getting confused but I dont feel stuck in the same day or month any more, I feel like I have almost lived an relived the same day fir the last 5 or 6 years, I can't explain it but it was like my mind could nit forget its like I relive everyday, for the past 5 ir so years everyday in my mind even thiugh I was still living another day, I can't explain it,an still mentally I think its harmed me an I dont know what or who to see about it,please uf anybody can tell me any info,about what or who to see about this please email me, dover2098@hotmail.com thank you, please excuss M 52 9 years
 1  Hypertension I see all the side effects people have commented about and I have many of the same issues. I'm not absolutely positive that it is caused by diovan but after seeing this I'm 85% sure that it's a real possibility. I feel there isn't much use to talk with my doctor right away until I can prove it because I'm certain I will hear its not the medication and why after all this time has it taken so long to have these symptoms. There (not recommended) I'm going to stop the diovan for now and see if the side effects dissipate. I will control my blood pressure naturally for now doing my best. Anything is better than what is happening to me now for the last few years. The issues I've been experiencing are extreme neuropathy with foot pain to the point I can't wear socks and shoes without having severe pain wich lingers on throughout the whole night after a short period of wearing then and some walking, eye/vision issues. The most important of any and there are a couple more is the neuropathy. The pain never goes away in my feet, toes especially, its there 24/7 and have alotbof trouble walking (i use a cane) and when I do walk it's not far at all. They had much difficulty giving me a diagnosis of pheriphial neuropathy because there was no good reason for me to have it. Therefore another reason for me to believe the diovan is the cause. Excuse how long this is but there is so much more I could say about this. This is the worst most devestating thing I've ever physically experienced and I' F 51 5 years
80 MG
 1  Heart attack severe fatigue, leg muscle pain, joint pain, weight gain, extreme LOW blood pressure, vision issues, nervousness, anxiety ,depression, shortness of breath I had a heart attack from blocked artery, not high blood pressure as my pressure was always in normal range. I was given this drug in combination with other drugs to help my heart work not so hard. As a result of this drug, I was given pain killers to ease the side effects which lowered my blood pressure further. My blood pressure has become so low at times Ive ended up in the hospital for more tests than I can count. Each time results are the same, they cant find anything wrong other than cardiac enzymes are out of whack. Dr takes me off the drug for a few months, and then puts me back on it when blood pressure starts to rise because he claims I need it to go with the others as more than 35% of my heart is "dead"(I have an implanted defibrillator/pace maker) My Dr knew right away after 1st hospital stay which drug was wreaking havoc, but there is no other class of drugs like it out there that can do what it does to help my heart. F 50 1.5 years
40 1X D

 1  Hypertension Several My Doctor switched me to Isradipine from Diovan two weeks ago.My numbness in toes and feet is now reduced by about 75%.The sexual issues are disappearing too.In my humble opinion,Diovan is a terrible drug and should be banned.I'm frightened by what it did to my body that I don't know about versus what I did know such as peripheral neuropathy and impotence. M 66 9 years
160 1X D

 1  Hypertension A lot Glad I found this site.Thought I was the only one with serious side effects.My Doctor doesn't think Diovan is causing my neuropathy,fatigue,sexual issues,etc.Well,now I discover from other people posting here they have similar problems.I find Diovan creates a new medical problem about every 2 years I keep taking it.I'm beginning to think if you take Diovan long enough it will kill you. M 71 10 years
160 1X D

 4   Joint pain, dyspnea, congestion. M 53 3 months

 1  Hypertension Many The first year Diovan worked great without any side effects.Then side effects came on so gradually it took a long time to figure out it was caused by Diovan.Muscle aches,tendinitis,gout type issues,sexual issues,extreme fatigue,and finally numbness in toes.Diovan helped the BP numbers but obviously it attacks and destroys other bodily processes.What you then have is a choice of better BP numbers OR have your body slowly be ruined by this medicine. M 68 8 years
160 1X D

 1  to control high blood pressure 1 days

 1  High blood pressure Stay away from this medication! I took 160mg once a day and then twice a day x2 yrs for blood pressure spikes. I have seen numerous md's and spent unbelievable amount of time and money over the past 6+ years on hospital ER, MD visits and testing. Also have major sinusitis issues which I forgot to mention under side effects. This med will make and keep you sick with multiple symptoms. F 63
160 mg 1X D

 1  Hypertension Numerous side effects Been taking Diovan for 8 years.Each year Diovan has caused an additional serious side effect.Year 1,sexual issues.Year 2,peripheral neuropathy in toes.Year 3,gout type symptons.Year 4,hypothyroid.Year 5,low blood sodium.Year 6,eye floaters.Year 7-muscle and tendon irritations.Year 8-TMJ.It keeps the BP numbers looking good but it is destroying other bodily functions.I've tried about 15 other BP meds and so far Diovan is the best for keeping BP ok.But I wonder what bodily function it will attack in the future.The basic choice I have is go off Diovan and have hypertension vs. having Diovan keep destroying other body functions. M 68 7 years
160 1X D

 1  blood pressure immediate sore throat and hoarseness, severe nasal congestion and cough, leg and neck pain took myself off it and am now three weeks out and still having leg cramping and occasional fits of coughing: doc says it couldn't have been the meds but not convinced myself since symptoms began to subside within a couple of days...would not advise anyone to take this medication! F 54 5 days
80 mg 1X D

 1  HBP I originally was taking Exforge which is a combination of Divan/Valsartan and Amlodipine. The symptoms were so mild I didn't pick up on them; anxiety, stomach gases, bloating, gaining weight when on weight loss program, fatigue. My dr switched me from the Exforge to Divan 6 months ago. At the end of February everything went downhill from there, I was having problems breathing, horrible stomach pain with really bad gas and bloating, dizziness, head in a fog, so nervous and started having panic attacks, tingling in my arms, fingers, feet, tongue and head with numbing too! These panic nervousness started lasting all day. I couldn't sleep. I went to my dr and he didn't believe it's the Divan even after I showed him all the adverse symptoms. He did take me off of it but only because my sodium was low which is another symptom. He was trying to convince me that the panic attacks was me. I have never been a nervous person. This has been a horrible and frightening experience. So scared. I refuse to get on any HBP med. I and going to do it the healthy way, lose weight eat right make sure my electrolytes are in balance. My BP has been 136/85. Ever since I stopped taking the medication the symptoms are diminishing thank god. Each day I get a little better. This is a horrible drug the side effects are debilitating. No more for me!! F 49 6 months

 1  For blood pressure Muscle ache, rapid heart beat, wait gain, hair loss, coughing, sinusitis, soar throat and mood swings. M 42 1 days
 1  cardiologist Chest tightness,chest pain,eye swollen,shortage and difficulty of breath, palpitation, joint pain, shoulder pain,muscle pain,headeach,legs weakness,throat tightness,anxiety attack coz spike of blood pressure... I had try almost all group of hypertension medicine,and done alot of test all is normal.i already stop taking medicine almost 3 months but side effect still in my body..how longs does this system out of my body? M 35 45 days
80 1X D
 4  High blood pressure After ten or more years under this drug I start suffering for Tinnitus , lightheadeness, tachicardia, severe hair loss skin rash and insomnia among others simptons F 62 10 years
 1  Lower Blood Pressure Joint swelling, unbearable pain, gout, crippling foot pain, weight gain, horrible urine odor, skin rash, general swelling in lower extremities M 65 2 years
 1  Hypertension Impotence Diovan controls my bp.But for the last 5 years it has caused increasing problems with sexual issues.Doctors say it doesn't.I say it does for me.Time to switch back to an ACE drug and see if the cough starts. M 67 6 years
160 1X D
360 1X D
 1  Mom took it for high blood pressure My mother developed a mass in the neck just six months after starting the diovan, which turned out to be cancer. Prior to starting Diovan, I read that there was a "small" chance that Diovan could cause cancer. Well sure enough, that "small" chance happened to my mom in early 2012. By October 2012, despite beating the cancer, she died from complications caused my the effects of cancer treatment. I subsequently started a website that I hope can raise more awareness about the dangers of prescription drugs. www.couponsforacause.org. F 62 1.5 years
1X D
 1  hypertension insomnisa depression, anxiety, swelling in ankles, joint pain all over body, extreme back pain, major colitis, bladder infection, constant fulshing of face Valsartan, ex-forge and all forms of diovan are dangerous drugs - the side effects are insufferable - i do not recommend this drug and don't know why doctors and pharmacists are pushing his drugb unless they are receiving kickbacks from big pharma F 57 6 months
160mg 1X D
 3  High BP Dizziness, lightheaded, nausea, difficult to concentrate, neck pain, anxiety, Works well to lower the BP M 43 10 years
40 mg 1X D

 1  Internal physician/hypertension I have been try 14 types of medicine,but no one my body can adapt, can't tolerate with the side effect and allergic such as: giddy with spinning sensation,blurred vision,headeach,ears discomfort,flushing:face,ears,neck,shoulder,with pins sensation,chest tightness,heavy,sharp pain,difficulty and shortage of breathnesss, hands and feets cold and numbness,body shaky,cold and pins. I had stopped medicine almost Moreno than 1 month but side effect still in my body ,can everyone tell me how's long does this side effect out of my body, now thinking of commit sucide or waiting to be stroke,all doctor can't be trusted tell them about my problem they won't listen, M 35 1 months
 2  For high blood pressure Multiple joint pains, leg cramping and skin rashes. Irritable sleep patterns. F 50 10 years

 5  high blood pressure I have not experienced any side effects M 16 4 months
 1  high blood pressure Weight gain...rash..gout...tremours. .. F 52 10 years
360 mg
 1  hypertension I notice I have gained weight even though I have been on a weight loss program and have heard of other people with this same problem. Perhaps some of the problems with Diovan result in faulty studies by inside people who lied about its effectiveness and with conflicts of interest. "Following a long series of accusations, retractions, and the resignation of a prominent professor, it now is clear that data from a large Japanese study of valsartan (Diovan, Novartis) was fabricated. Recently, officials at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine said that “had patient records been used in their entirety,” the Kyoto Heart Study “would have had a different conclusion,” reported AFB. In 2009 the Kyoto Heart Study investigators, including the chief investigator, Hiroaki Matsubara, reported that treatment with valsartan resulted in significant cardiovascular benefits independent of the drug’s blood-pressure lowering effect. Now officials at the university say the drug had no such effect. Norihisa Tamura, Japan’s health minister, said data had been “fabricated and falsified.” (Cardiobrief) F 75 60 days
320/`12 1X D
 1  from cardiologist Dufficulty breath,chest sharp pain,chest burn,chest heavy,joint pain,dizzy and vertigo,palpitation,tremor,nausea,insomia ,headeach,eyes pain..... M 35 1 days
160 1X D

 1  Hypertension Horrible drug, severe muscle pain, dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, depression,panic attacks, shoulder and neck pain, tinnitus, swollen feet, sinus headaches, intolerance to the sun and heat. Low blood pressure, brain fog, numbness in feet and hands at times. Listen everyone this drug is an ARB and has a black box warning. It can cause serious problems to your health. Worse than those that I experienced, believe it or not.. Read the Wall Street Journal front page article dated May 31, 2013. It talks about ARB's and specifically mentions Diovan and the need for the FDA to remove these drugs from sale to patients. Supposedly the FDA is dragging it's heels. Please get a copy of this article, I will never take any drug in this class again. I can only hope no permanent damage was done to myself or anyone else. Consider writing the FDA . I know I am going to. Oh, ,If your doctor won't give you another class of hypertension drugs, switch doctors. This drug will control blood pressure but at what price? F 57 5 years

 1  For High Blood pressure and to redu Swollen legs and feet, burning sensation up and down inside of legs. Since I began taking Diovan 2 months ago my legs are so swollen by mid-day that it hurts to bend at the knees and I keep getting a burning pain sensation along the whole inside of my legs from ankle up to and including my thigh when I am walking or standing. F 65 2 months
80 mg 1X D

 1  Other blood pressure medicine was n After 3 days of taking, as a medication change, had a severe blood pressure drop resulting in a ride to the hospital for every test known, all other systems ok, be careful of this drug, I was lucky as a stroke was not induced but was told this drug could have initiated. Now trying to get this drug out ASAP , IMO ask about other options, this has been an awful experience. M 49 3 days

 4  Switched from Toprol XL The only side effect I have noticed is I am out cold one hour after taking Diovan. So, I take it at bedtime. I switched to Diovan, because I had been taking Toprol XL for over ten years. Toprol was not working for me. All of the side effects I am reading people post about Diovan were happening to me on Toprol. So far, the only side effect from Diovan is extreme exhaustion about one hour after taking the pill. So, I take the pill at bedtime. With Toprol XL, I was physically wiped out all day long. With Diovan, I sleep off the exhaustion and then actually have more energy throughout the day than I ever did while on Toprol XL. I believe some people do better with beta blockers (Toprol XL) and some people do better with ACE inhibitors (Diovan). Apparently, I am an ACE inhibitor person. So far, so good on this BP med. MUCH better than on Toprol XL. F 42 7 days
1/2 of 120 1X D
 1  High Blood pressure,aortic aneurysm Never felt sensations before taking this drug such as: Total loss of libido, apathy, depression, tingling of back and shoulder blade area, memory loss, drug is no longer working, when taken it does the paradoxical opposite effect, it actually raises the blood pressure even in the maximum dose taken Horrible side effects from Diovan. ( it was regular Diovan, not the iovan HCT with a water pill ) AT first for the first two years it did control my blood pressure, however I had never before felt experienced side effects: Never felt sensations before taking this drug such as: Total loss of libido, apathy, depression, tingling of back and shoulder blade area, memory loss, drug is no longer working, when taken it does the paradoxical opposite effect, it actually raises the blood pressure even in the maximum dose taken. After taking 320 mg to the nurses avice when BP was up to 170 /98 espite the mornign 160 mg, I had to take another 160 mg ( as nurse said ) and my BP went up even furhter to 167/111 from the total dose. Tingling in chest, throbbig neck carotid artery, medication stoppe working and even on the max dose now I feel I could have a stroke at any hour. Also approximately the time I started takign this medicine an adreanl tumor started forming, that grows 1 mm on my left adrenal now. Based on the rate of the tumor, backdating in time assuming that the tumor always grew 1mm month, then it starte growing when I started taking Diovan. If you have any paradoxical effect from this medicine after being on it for a while I woul suggest to test adrenals to see if med had a side effects on the adrenals. Adrenals regulare the blood pressure.... F 43 3.5 years
160 mg 2X D
 1  High Blood Pressure All side affects are to the extreme. Dry mouth, joint pain, trouble focusing, blurred vision, fatigue, dry cough to the point of not being able to breath. Neck pain on right side. Not able to walk straight seemingly very weak on the whole right side of the body. I cannot believe Dr.s and Drug companies are pushing this dangerous drug. Where is the FDA on this? I took Accupril for ten years and started having bad side affects and the Dr. put me on this Diovan. One bad drug to another. I discontinued any BP meds. Ive been off the Diovan for a week and am still experiencing many of the side affects. Although, I am feeling better. Does anyone know how long it takes to get this out of your system? I DO NOT recommend this medication to anyone. It is really scary. I foresee a class action suit in the future. So drug companies if your reading this, quit manufacturing crap like this and poisoning people. F 54 2 months
320 MG 1X D

 1  bp Hairloss and tingling in forhead also E.D M 45 6 months
 2  High blood Pressure Dizziness, confusion, light headed ness, shortness of breath, muscle pain, and numbness or tingling in my hands. Went to the ER today, they said I had symptoms of a heart attack, my blood pressure was very high, 178/110. I was released, they said I had vertigo and follow up with my primary, but to continue taking my meds, but I am to frightened after today's experience not sure what to do F 46 5 days
40 MG 2X D
 1  High blood pressure Nausea,numbness in toes,hands and fingers hurt,light headed,fatigue,lower sex drive,sinus problem,I could go on but my fingers hurt. F 53 7 days
160 mg

 1  hypertension Unsafe Drug For Me Thank goodness for this website.I thought I was the only person with adverse reactions to this drug.My Doctors tell me it's all in my head.Diovan makes my bp numbers normal.Buy the side effects are horrible.Numbness in toes,sexual problems,constant muscle pain,etc.Other people have success on this drug. Many others don't.I just can't endure these negative effects anymore.And these side effects came on gradually. M 70 9 years
160 1X D

 5  High blood pessure None I have had excellent results with Diovan. No side effects that I can tell, and I've been using it for at least 8 years. It works great. F 64 8 years
160 mg 1X D

 1  High blood pressure Extreme light headedness, fatigue This is a terrible drug! I went off it 3 days ago because I can't think anymore (too light headed). STILL dizzy. Very scared F 62 3 months
80 mg 1X D

 1  Hypertension The worst drug I've ever taken Diovan controlled my blood pressure better than any other of the 15 meds I've taken.But the medical side effects are life changing.I had one medical issue when I started Diovan,blood pressure.Now,I have 8 more.Underthyroid,blood sugar,peripheral neuropathy,gout,tendinitis,sinus ,muscle dysfunction,amd impotence.Not a good trade,exchanging one med problem and inheriting 8 more that I never had before Diovan.I truly wish every Novartis company exec/cheminst who invented Diovan were forced to take it for 5 years. M 68 6 years
160 1X D

 1  HBP Hair falling out, severe back, joint pain, headaches.Problems standing too long.Severe neck and shoulder pain.High pulse and very fast heart palpitations even made me pass out twice. When I first started to take Diovan it seemed to pretty good with kepping my BP low then shortly after I had very bad headaces everyday.I then started with the pain in my neck and the longer I was on Diovan the worst my side effects got.My hair was falling out just a little at first,but, the longer I have been on it,the worst it has got.Thank you all for your comments! I just read these post 4 days ago,then stopped taking it right away.My pulse is back to normal,my BP is staying about 130/78.I have also already noticed an improvement in my back,neck and shoulders. F 50 3 years
320 1X D

 5  high blood pressure Some vision. Higher the dose, greater the blurred vision F 58 6 years
 1  Hypertension Erectile Dysfunction Started Diovan 160 5 years ago.No problems first year.Then had intermittent erectile dysfunction problems for several weeks.Now after 5 years I'm totally impotent.Stopped Diovan for five days,replaced with Benazepriel 20.No sex problems.Wife was amazed.But Benazepriel 20 didn't control blood pressure like Diovan did.When you read about Diovan and other ARB drugs you're told they improve sex problems.In my case,that's absolute BS. M 67 5 years
160 1X D

 2  HBP Stomach upset, gas burping constantly Anxiety increased depression lethargy insomnia hip and joint pain shall I go on? I have gone on & off this med several xs. before this I was on lisnipril and ended up getting the "cough", so went to diovan. HAve never put together the SE I was experiancng with this med until yesterday. My doc added to the diovan 80mgs 12.5 HCTZ...1st night I woke up with feeling like my skin was on fire and could not sleep. 2nd night same thing. I have been taking prilosec for a week now because my stomach has been bothering me SO bad started that the same day I was changed to diovan with HCTZ. I am convinced that diovan is slowly killing me & btw...never did get my BP down as well as it should (thats why Dr added the HCTZ. When I take L-theanine my pressure drops to 110/70's and no side effects with that. So as of yesterday no more Diovan......Its not for me F 54 2 years
80mg 1X D
 1  High Bloos P. Very bad joint pain, Muscle pain Cold all the time. I don't care if I get up in the morning any more. Ears ringing really bad. Just started getting sick to my stom. 2 days ago. F 63 3 months
160 1X D

 1  Hypertension Numerous side effects but it did control blood pressure Started Diovan 5 years ago.It controls my blood pressure.But the side effects are horrendous.In the 5 years on Diovan,the following have occurred(some are permanent,others were temporary).Low thyroid,high cholesterol,high triglycerides,high normal blood sugar,gout,sexual dysfunction,tendinitis,sinus problems.With each condition,the involved doctors say it can't be caused by Diovan. Each doctor wanted to prescribe drugs for the problem,but I refused.If I followed their advice,I'd now be on 8 more prescriptions.No thanks.Finally told the cardiologist I threw the Diovan away.Now taking Benazepril 20mg for several weeks.No side effects yet,but I'm skeptical.In my case,Diovan made an energetic,physically active guy into a depressed,moody individual.Novartis makes Diovan.Their sales each year are about $6 billion.Thanks Novartis for ruining my life for 5 stinking years. M 66 5 years
160 1X D

 1  blood pressure Very bad muscle and joint pain F 55 2 months
320 1X D

 2  hypertension nausea,feeling so tired, sob, tired, foggy, palipations, insomnia, muscles hurting all over, anxiety,panic attacks,general feeling not well after the pill kicks in, aprox 1-2hours after dose i dont like the feeling taking this drug..think it is antagonizing my bp with side effects..will be talking to cardiologist since side effects have increased.. now insomnia..palipations ..anxiety at night and cant sleep..until i take my dose of coreg in early am to counter act the side effects...or take a xanax(i do not tolerate meds well with dx of fibromyalgia ) F 52 3 days
160 2X D
 1  Hypertension Nonstop upper-respiratory flu symptoms; severe, persistent diarrhea Symptoms began almost immediately but were not discovered right away since they mimicked other conditions M 71 75 days
32 mg 1X D

 1  high blood pressure dizziness, weight gain, anxiety, depression. I hate it. I want to just quit cold turkey. The doctors are all full of "well, you will have a stroke if you do quit". I have white coat syndrome, so I monitor it daily. If anyone has quit it "cold turkey" and had success, please let me know how you did it! M 56 7 years
160 1X D
 1  To lower BP & protect kidneys Total insomnia leading to collapse, persistent nausea, abdominal cramping & pain, hip pain, blurred vision, vacant mind, borderline panic/psychotic feelings, whole body tension, feeling of impending doom, depression setting in, BP unaltered or increased, and many more things unable to list mainly because the major side effects so horribly overshadowed the smaller things like hair loss, rise in irritability, etc. I have autoimmune kidney disease & my competent nephrologist Rxed this because he wanted to reduce my BP a little & reduce the amount of protein I lose in my urine, which over time causes damage to kidneys & raises BP further. I had been on Lisinopril about six years, and could not tolerate side effects of increasing dosage of that. So he thought Diovan, being a different class of drug might work. Beginning @ 160 2x day, side effects rapidly made him cut dose by half after about a week. But the longer I took it, the worse things got. After five days of being almost totally unable to sleep, my body crashed into involuntary jerking of muscles with intense nausea & feeling I might die. When 6 mg of melatonin failed to produce sleep, I knew it was the meds. My Dr told me to stop them immediately & wants a work up to see if lasting damage has been done. He switched me to Tekturna, very low dose, which is a direct renin inhibitor (different class). Has side effects, but nothing like the Diovan. I'm sleeping well, all symptoms of Diovan leaving my system & it's a whole new life! It's working better on my BP too. I hope this new med is worth all the hell I went through on Diovan---I never imagined an evil drug like Diovan existed. I just pray my brief experience with it doesn't yet prove to shorten my life with lasting harm. F 53 3 weeks
160 mg 2X D

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