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 2  insomnia/bipolar II 10 lbs weight gain within six weeks on a dosage of 50mg. Had nightmares which I physically and verbally acted out (on my husband). Increased heart rate up to 120 resting. One night I started to have signs of ketoacidosis. My blood sugar was 228 and I was spilling sugar in the urine (I was not diabetic before). I became very thirsty and felt like I had to breathe very deeply. I immediately discontinued the medication and my blood sugar went down. I slept well the first couple weeks on Seroquel although I was "high" the first day. Eventually my sleep became very disturbed and I felt more fatigued than before. When I had the high blood sugar incident I was told that Seroquel could not have caused it by several health professionals and I must have eaten too much that night. That is an outright irresponsible thing to say when their web site admits freely to this side effect. Since then a nurse admitted to me that she has seen several cases of pancreatitis on this med. There is no benefit to taking a drug that doesn't help my bipolar, my sleep, and causes diabetes. Always educate yourself about side effects because you can't be guaranteed that your doctor has. F 35 42 days

 5  Insomnia & anxiety with depression A little tired in the morning, but that went away after the first week or so. I've been clinically depressed for years. I'm taking 50 mg of Prozac, and developed insomnia after several years---no trouble falling asleep, then wake up at 2 am and never get back to sleep. Was exhausted all the time. New doctor added 25 mg of Seroquel at bedtime, and it has worked beautifully--I get a full night's sleep. Sometimes I'm a little groggy in the am, but once I'm up and about it's gone. My mind is clearer, my bad moods are gone. I think it's a great supplement to Prozac for depression and insomnia. F 50 43 days

 2  Insomnia & Depression After taking Seroquel for 30 days in alcohol/drug inpatient treatment program, I returned home with a script to take 100mg, a fairly small dose, around 9pm each night to help with sleeplessness. It is day 44 and after taking it every night, I began experiencing muscle cramps in my shoulders and arms, so painful that I wouldn't be able to sleep and couldn't even lay down. I have also been taking Suboxone, a wonder drug for addicts recovering from opiate addiction. I have weened myself off Suboxone completely, with doctor's assistance, and figured the cramping was from that. Now I have not taken the Seroquel for 4 nights, have not slept in 4 nights, and am at my wit's end. I don't know what to do. I'm a mess. Anyone experienced this as a side effect, and if so, what did you do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. F 23 44 days
 2  Insomnia & Depression After taking Seroquel for 30 days in alcohol/drug inpatient treatment program, I returned home with a script to take 100mg, a fairly small dose, around 9pm each night to help with sleeplessness. It is day 44 and after taking it every night, I began experiencing muscle cramps in my shoulders and arms, so painful that I wouldn't be able to sleep and couldn't even lay down. I have also been taking Suboxone, a wonder drug for addicts recovering from opiate addiction. I have weened myself off Suboxone completely, with doctor's assistance, and figured the cramping was from that. Now I have not taken the Seroquel for 4 nights, have not slept in 4 nights, and am at my wit's end. I don't know what to do. I'm a mess. Anyone experienced this as a side effect, and if so, what did you do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. F 23 44 days
 5  Psychosis and Mania somnolence, dry mouth, slurred speech, problems with walking correctly/balance. Some difficulty with sleep. Problems with urine retention. Zombie like state. Difficulty concentrating. Seroquel has restored my life to me. I no longer experience mind riveting paranoia. I am much more relaxed. I live in the moment, I do not seem to worry about tomorrow as much as I did before. Overall my life has been restored to me, as I am much more affectionate to family, I have slowed down from mania and feel happier about my self. Please email me if you have any questions. M 52 45 days
 5  Hormonally driven mood swings Only dry mouth and perhaps a little grogginess in the morning. That goes away very quickly. I am 50, in very good health, very fit and starting to go through my changes. For the past year I have felt out of control. Every month, regardless of whether I get my period I feel out of control, depressed, anxious and unable to get a grip on things. I have tried a number of meds that have made me feel toxic as I am sensitive to medication. I take the lowest dosage of Seroquel and cannot believe the difference. Within 2-3 days I felt like myself again - clear, even, strong and with the ability to sort everything out just fine. I felt jumbled and had a constant knot in my stomach before Seroquel. I hate the fact that I need meds for anything but this has been a Godsend!!! F 50 45 days

 4  bipolar - episode of mania Drowsiness, difficulty focusing, no motivation, can't stop eating It does seem to work it brought me back to earth. That having been said I'm going to stop taking it the side effects are too much especially the lack of motivation and drowsiness. It's a real effort to accomplish anything significant which is a bit of a problem. M 32 45 days
100 1X D

 4  Anxiety, Depression Headache, Nighmares I love taking this drug as it will take away all my worries and put me to sleep no matter what. Initial dose was 125 mg but I self weaninf my self and want to try the minimum dose that will put me to sleep. I have started goin to gym. I want to spend more time in gym and reduce this dose prgressively. Today I am going to try 50 mg and see if I could still sleep. F 41 45 days
75 mg 1X D

 1  inappropriate bipolar diagnosis severe constipation, jittery feeling, very dry eyes and mouth/throat I was prescribed 600 mg per day just because of one manic session - which is way too much esp. considering my weight, 100 lbs. I have never had a problem with constipation, but it was so severe it took a lot to get back on track. Be careful about taking this medication especially if you already are susceptible to sinus or eye problems (my eyes still seem effected). Also, it is bad for anyone with restless leg syndrome or other preexisting conditions. It did help me sleep but that is all, otherwise it made me feel jittery and unstable. F 52 45 days

 5  insomnia sleepiness, other than that, nothing no weight gain, in fact I'm losing weight on 200 mg/bedtime F 52 60 days

 5  BP Tired, a little weight gain and dry mouth. WORKS GREAT for anxiety and my mood swings. At first was taking too low of dose just tired but still felt a little edgy and now got to recommended dose of 300mg 1x at night and I have backed it up an hour if felt groggy in the AM the day before. Great trade off too get my life back. M 40 60 days

 5  Psychosis Zombie Like state. Seems somehow to help me reintegrate myself into society. I was in complete withdrawal from people and totally paranoid. Seroquel, was started off light dose and now its 300mg per day. Seems to work and is so beneficial enabling human interactions. Very satisfied. M 52 60 days
 5  bipolar2 w/depression small amount of weight loss but nothing else. maybe? some grogginess in the morning but 1 cup of coffee fixes this. highly recommend a small dose. One 24 mg dose for sleep saved me from a winter bout w/ depression, anxiety and mania. Currently on effexor and lamictal then had troubles sleeping and depression mixed w/ a manic anxiety. Took 24 mg for sleep and felt like a new person in the morning. More positive and relaxed. Currently taking only 12 mg ( I split the pill) and I can fall asleep in about 15 minutes. Reminds me of Zyprexa--but without the weight gain. It makes me more aware so I don't eat as much and eat healthier. Seems to have curbed my cravings, esp for sweets. Maybe because I am on such a small dose? F 43 60 days
24mg 1X D
 4  PTSD/Depression Same as everyone...weird dreams, groggy for about an hour in the morning and some weight gain. No loss of hair--I'll have to watch that one. One weird one that I would be interested in hearing is not just blurry vision, but sever double vision for about two or three hours in the morning. Also get some nice cases of "Jimmy Legs" at night for a few hours sometimes where they both twitch and kind of freaked out. Lastly the urination thing is a pain...at first I thought it was enlarged prostate but in reading here its likely the seroquel. It hits me at weird times, but in the middle of the night is the worst as I have to literally feel my way in the dark to the bathroom holding onto the walls. I am very sensitive to medication, so I guess I have every symptom that you can have with this. I take 200mg a night and am lowering it to 100mg. I take Lamictal with it too so the interaction may be what is doing all of this M 41 60 days

 4  Sleep - Bipolar Mixed I have an insatiable appetite and am gaining weight (argh), My speach slurrs pretty badly if I don't get 8 hrs sleep I take 300 mg at bedtime - sleep in 20 minutes; I really do not like the weight gain and possibly will go off for that reason. I finally lost 10 pounds after going off depabloat. I need to lose 10 more. I don't need this now. I also did not realize that this is prescribed for Manic episodes. This may be a good thing. I will ask my barometer (my husband). I have been sleeping through the night which is something new for me. F 49 60 days

 4  PTSD, Insomnia, possible bipolar WEIGHT GAIN I was completely unstable, within 1 week I saw MAJOR improvements: concentration, ability to sleep F 30 60 days
2X D

 3  bipolar i think hungry and tired about an hour after taking. some heart burn i have a history of drug addiction ,,,,been clean close to 5yrs no drugs or alcohol ,,nothing im on 100mg at bedtime seems to be helping ? focus less mood swings not so hyper ??dr wants to add depakote dont know if i should???bad effects scare me just not sure??? M 35 60 days

 1  depression A.R.D.S. doctor told my husband I had a 60% chance of living seroquel caused a lung infection then blood clots form.....next went into surgery , heart stopped 3 times they broke a rib doing cpr.,,,,,,,then i had a stroke AGH! F 48 60 days
 1  sleep disorder/misdiagnosed bi bola akathisia (look it up...very unpleasant) had to take vistaril to stop it....still having effects after 300mg finally off of the stuff....it was horrible F 38 60 days

 1  Bipolar See Additional Comments regarding NY TIME ARTICLE posted JULY 28, 2011 July 28, 2011, 5:50 PM AstraZeneca Settles Most Seroquel Suits By DUFF WILSON The British drug maker AstraZeneca has settled in principle nearly all of the American product liability lawsuits over Seroquel, its blockbuster antipsychotic drug, the company said in a quarterly earnings report on Thursday. All but 250 of the 28,700 cases have been settled, most with written agreements, AstraZeneca said in the securities filing. It had previously reported settling most of those cases, but the new filing showed how far the company has whittled away at the remaining product liability litigation. Last quarter, it had reported 2,600 outstanding cases. Most of the plaintiffs argued that they had been misled about the risks of diabetes and weight gain caused by Seroquel, the company’s second-best-selling product with $5.3 billion in worldwide sales last year, behind the cholesterol drug Crestor. In the filing on Thursday, AstraZeneca said it added $55 million last quarter to the previously reported $592 million set-aside, for a total of $647 million to settle the litigation. “Is it a good move?” said Les Funtleyder, health care analyst for Miller Tabak. “Yes, anytime you can settle these suits, it’s good.” The set-aside includes the $68.5 million that the drug maker agreed to pay in March to 37 states, settling charges that it had illegally marketed Seroquel. AstraZeneca also had to pay $520 million last year to settle federal inv F 43 60 days
150 1X D

 2  Manic like symptoms Helped me sleep for one night, then it induced euphoria, wild hallucinations and complete insomnia. Started on 100mgs and was upped to 800mg over a few weeks, by the end I was in a state of perpetual withdrawal even when I took it, combined with lsd like hallucinations which I really enjoyed too much. The last night I took it I had eaten powdered laundry detergent and passed out on the floor, I don't remember doing that but the evidence was encrusted on my face and in my nose. Withdrawal was a 6 week ordeal it was not fun, but nothing in comparison with SSRI withdrawal. 2 years earlier Paxil kicked off my psychotic symptoms about 30 minutes after the first pill and it has been permanent ever since, for something that was just suppose to take the edge off with no risk of side effects it has cost me everything. M 35 75 days
800mg 1X D

 1  Bipolar w/anxiety - rapid cycling Nightmares and restless hallucinogenic states almost every night, uncomfortably dry eyes, mouth and throat, headaches twice (or more) daily, extreme numbness and pains in outer extremities (feet, legs , hands and arms), Rapid weight gain - I could go on with my list of side effects but these were enough to make stop taking Seroquel. Seroquel XR 50mg once daily for 90 days did not produce any results and the side effects I experienced were horrendous. TALK to your Doctor. M 44 88 days

 5  schizo-affective disorder dry mouth. morning sleepiness. I love this drug. I take 75mg of seroquel with risperdal, gabapentin and effexor. It has given me sleep and serenity. It has been years since I was able to go to bed and feel assured that I would fall asleep and stay asleep. I am calm during the day and social skills have improved. Less anxiety around people. Fewer hallucinations. F 47 90 days

 4  insomnia/depression/anxiety I take seroquel mainly for insomnia, I only take 25mg per night and that works great for me. I take 75mg of effexor per day too, in combination with 1.5 mg of clonazepam per day I am a far better person now. I am happy go lucky getting my sleep, not suffering with anxiety and am able to deal better with my life. You can get a little groggy in the morning, just make sure you leave 1o hrs aside for sleeping, this covers the hour you feel groggy in the morning. F 42 90 days

 3  Bipolar II Confusion, memory loss, spike in blood pressure M 57 90 days

 2  biplor 2 disorder The dreams were too horrific to tolerate. I gained 10 pounds in 3 months. All I wanted to eat were sweets and this is not normal for me. People found me calmer but it was because I was depressed. I'll just go back to being bipolar. I have a job that I've had for 23 years; my children are happy and well-adjusted; and I've been married for 28 years. I think I'll just have to be happy with that. F 47 90 days
100 mg 1X D

 1  major depression Painful lower abdominal bloating, irritated stomach, weight gain, fast heart palpitations, memory loss This drug does assist me with depression, but overall when you assess the overall benefit, considerting all of the side effects that I am experiencing, the benefit does not outweight the severe side effects. F 52 90 days
50 1X D
 1  Neurologist wanted to cure stutter I have a severe stutter. The Neurologist kept on increasing the dosage until I entered a drooling vegetative state and could no longer speak at all. Typing became impossible as letter sequences became corrupted. Became suicidal. Slept 18 hours a day. If you can help it, do not have a quack try this on you. Keep it for your Altzheimer days. M 47 90 days
 2  Bipolar -Mixed initially very calm, quiet inside later i was so grogged out i couldn,t function. Always hungry. Can,t get out of bed in the morning F 40 98 days

 5  Bi-Polar Not sure that I have had any other then having a hard time waking up. I had a real hard time sleeping at night. Went to sleep fine but always woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. Ended up waking the wife up and she got all crabby with me. Started taking the Seroquel and now I can sleep all night and my wife is happy because I'm now not talking all night to her. I'm taking too many medications so I told the wife that I was thinking about going off of Seroquel. Her first question was can I increase my life insurance. Then she called back and said 'honey, I've been thinking about getting a hand-gun permit. YOUR NOT GOING OF THE SEROQUEL. So much for me being the man of the house. M 55 150 days
 3  was told to facial blemishes has a calming effect M 56 180 days

 1  no good reason It has no known mechanism of action, except that it is a 'dirty drug', binding to over a dozen different receptor subtypes in the brain. I experienced 'rhabdomyolysis', a common (look in the clinical literature) and horrifying side effect (skeletal muscle paralysis). The clinical trials show no significant effect on mania or depression. I would avoid this drug at all costs. M 54 180 days

 4  schizoaffective disorder SEDATION,,,feeling of worthlessness, sleepiness, drowsy This is very sedative drug. it helps me to sleep well. and it really reduce the symptoms of biploar/schizophreni,,, i think it is the best atypical antipsychotic drugs.. M 22 300 days

 5  post traumatic stress & anxiety Craving for sugar resulting in 14lb weight gain and after a year of taking it, my cholesterol has been found to be high. Seroquel was my saviour during a very difficult time. It gave me a break from my constant anxiety aswell as a break from my overactive mind. It helped me to keep calm like no other medication has. I would recommend it for temporary use but not long term. I did feel like a zombie but would rather that than suicidal. I came off gradually because of the weight gain and high cholesterol. Had a rash initially and itching all over aswell as a few sleepless nights but 2 months down the line, I'm not doing too bad although I haven't lost a pound in weight even though I have halved my calories. Can't help but wonder if Seroquel has changed my metabolism permanently. F 41 365 days

 2  Bipolar disorder Very vivid dreams which create tremendous anxiety in the morning. My hair is now falling out at a very rapid rate. The anxiety from going bald is almost debilitating. This drug is scaring me. I want to get off of it. I have very little motivation and thoughts of suicide. I'm extremely depressed. This drug helps you sleep but the side effects are devastating. I've been on it for about a year now. My nightmares are vivid and make the mornings scary. Makes you groggy in the A.M. as well. My doctor wanted me to take 100 mg. three times a day. I couldn't even move at that point I was so sedated. Now, I've tapered to 50 mg. at night, but my hair comes out in clumps every time I comb or wash it. This has increased my anxiety tremendously. I feel like I am falling apart. These doctors have no idea what experiencing these side effects is like. They read what the drug companies print and subscribe accordingly. I am very sorry I started taking this medication. The first night I tried going without it, I didn't get one minute of sleep. Now, I think my body is addicted to it. I do not want to go bald so I'm going to try and go cold turkey here. F 51 365 days
 1  depression This is a dangerous medication. It is very addictive. I stopped taking it with my doctors consent and developed severe side effects of headaches and nausea. My appetite was beyond anything reasonable. I gained substantial weight, however as soon as one day upon quitting, my appetite was gone. However, I find that I am ADDICTED to it and don't know what to do, because upon quitting it, the side effects from quitting it were far worse then the excessive weight gain. Moreover, as soon as I started back up, my muscle cramps commenced and my arthritis problems, which seemed to disappear when I stopped it, returned almost immediately. I'm damned if I take it and damned in trying to quit it. My doctor tried another medication when he took me off it, but it's addiction properties kicked in and I couldn't get out of bed, having severe headaches and nausea. It should never have been prescribed, but I'm boxed into a corner now and don't know what to do? I know that this medication may indeed work for others, but I would try anything else, before taking it. M 64 365 days
300mg 1X D
 5  Unipolar Disorder My foot flips like thumper the rabbit on the movie "Bambi" about 30 minutes after I take it. It takes 3 hours to ejaculate. I`m tired, but I don`t give a shit. I feel high as hell and I get the muchies for Life cereal, but atleast I don`t feel like stabbing the neighbor`s dog anymore. Seroquel is an awesome drug! Great job scientists! M 29 420 days
 5  schyzofrenia paranoides I have any side effects, I am feeling very well, my mood is fine, I can work as an assistant, I can go to the fittness, I can cook, I have a boyfriend and goog sexual live, I can watch TV, read books. I am not sleeply, I don´t have weight problems. I am verry happy. I take 900mg by day. I am feeling very well. Before that I take Zypprexa, Risperdal, Solian, Sulpiryd, Fluanxol, Haluperidol. But I had side effects and many other problems. I can´t work, cook, excercise, I don´t have ani friends. I was in very bad situation, I staied at the bed all day. F 26 450 days
 2  Bipolar disorder Very sleepy, and "out-of-it", and it did not really help my condition. Now, about 1 1/2 years later, I have learned I have a pituitary tumor (hopefully benign though not yet determined) that is causing excessive prolactin in my blood, and stopping my periods. Is it related to the Seroquel, which I stopped taking in 2/07? Don't know but it is suspect. F 17 500 days

 5  BP1, Depression, insomnia I take 400 at night to start off. i've only been on it a week or so. just drowsiness in the morning a bit, but easy to deal with if i get 7-8 hrs sleep. i would like to know about dieting and seroquel. i take Wellbutrin XL450, lamictal 300 and now seroquel 400. i read another post from someone who said a diet pill program was working, and i'm just wondering if any one else has input? please email me. F 25 1 weeks
 4  Anxiety; Panic Attacks; Depression drowsiness a couple of hours after injestion. 25 mg for 1 week so far....helps a lot with sleep and I awaken without that sluggish feeling + I don't oversleep. F 42 1 weeks

 3  Sleep Drowsiness, emotionless, not caring about anything, anger/agitation. At first I started at 100 mg at night, but couldnt wake up in the morning for work. Then went to 50mg, still had trouble waking up. Now am taking 25 mg, and am ok with getting up, however, I am very stolid and emotionless throughout the day. I don't care about much and at night before I take my dose, I feel really pissed off...? The anger/agitation I feel is annoying, but I hope that it will wear off, as I have only been taking it a week or so. M 26 1 weeks

 3  bipolar 2 At first, I had unexpected rushes of dizziness and I couldn't stay balanced. I wouldn't be able to move my head much at all, otherwise I would get a headache. I will continue to take it until my doctor and I decide if I need to stop. The side effects from first taking it are slowly going away, and I am pleased with the medication so far. F 21 1 weeks

 3  Insomnia High as a kite felt like I was in lala land, couldn't for the life of me get out of bed and stayed in there for 48 hours. Short term memory loss where I'd forget what I was doing or what I had did. I'd stand there at times and stare in to space for a while for the life of me I didn't know what I was doing. Hangover felt like I'd been drinking copious amounts of alcohol and with that came nausea. Becoming a bit to slow in my movements like when I was driving. I refuse to take this drug,fortunately the drug I'm taking hasn't given me insomnia again, yet. I already have some side effects from other drugs I'm taking and don't need anymore. I was wondering how I'm going to function in a job, the medication I'm taking now isn't that great for long term memory and to make things worse seroquel is bad for my short term memory. I was saying to myself that I'd get fired in the state I was in. Took 1 50 mg tablet first then went down to 25 mg because I felt like I was high on drugs, nice feeling but I can't live like that forever and 25 mg didn't put me to sleep. Not going back on it either going to tell the doctor that when I see her, there's got to be a better option. F 33 1 weeks
50mg 1X D

 3  Bipolar disorder Constant headaches. It is awesome at making one sleepy M 39 1 weeks

 2  bipolar II, OCD, insomnia This drug is a tranquilizer. My friend later told me it is known as a zombie drug--I definitely felt "drugged." Yes, it was great to exchange racing thoughts that kept me from falling asleep for blacking out into a stupor, but not for 20 hours straight! I would sleep that long, and I have kids to take care of and work to do. The doctor said the side effects get better at larger doses! So when I took 25 mg I increased to 50 mg but things only got worse. This is the most sedating drug I have ever encountered. I know one is supposed to commit to it for a longer period to let the body acclimate, but the sacrifice in functioning was just too great. I felt terrible. F 35 1 weeks

 2  Anxiety/depression Dry mouth (not a big deal), Zombification (not a huge deal), Anger/rage/ lashing out (very big deal) This medication put me in a very dangerous state of mind though not at its peak in my blood, rather in the morning after having taken it multiple times through the prior day. I assess my rage side effect as being some type of withdrawal from Seroquel as opposed to a direct effect of the drug. This happened only this morning and I have yet to speak with my DR. Fortunately, I am writing this from home and not from a prison cell. I would recommend people pay close attention to their moods and self control while getting used to this medication. M 40 1 weeks
 2  Bipolar II Hypertension, racing heart, dizziness, inability to stand-up, weight gain This medicine was not meant for me. It is trial and error when it comes to finding the right medication. With the several different medicines in this class, Geodon has proven most effective for me. M 21 1 weeks

 1  anxiety This has to be the worst drug I have ever taken.After the 1st dose,major panic attacks hit ,one after the other.I felt like I was about to jump out of my skin.Could not calm down major shakiness and fear so disabling I was in fear for my life.I will never take this drug ever again,and would advise anyone else not to take it.Couldn't eat for a week,stomach upset,and so much fear its indescribable.Never taken an acid trip but my reaction to this med could not have been worse than a bad trip.Extremely scary. I dont see how this drug does anyone any good,it has been the worst med experience of my life,please dont take this drug,to make someone feel like this,it cannot be good for you.Several times I felt almost on the verge of a seizure or as if something was going to explode,either my brain or my heart.I highly recommend not taking this drug. F 33 1 weeks
 1  Severe depression I quit taking this over a month ago. I still have involuntary movements, jerking, memory loss, lightheadness. I cannot pour a drink into a cup without making a mess. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TAKING THIS. WORST THING I HAVE EVER TAKEN F 34 1 weeks

 1  Bipolar 1 Had a horrible paranoid/suicidal reaction to this med within just a few days. Will never take it again. F 29 1 weeks
25 mg 1X D

 1  Anxiety Increased sleep, daytime drowsiness, difficulty driving. The most common side effect for me that I noticed was sedation. My doctor recommended me to take this along with prozac. I am on 100mg of Seroquel for anxiety. Its way to much. I don't enjoy life anymore, sleep way to much and am feeling hungry(eating more) during the day when I'm actually trying to lose weight. This is NOT a good medication if you are trying to LOSE weight. I would not recommend this medication if you are trying to lose weight. There are others out there. I've been on nearly all SSRI's, SNRI's, and Benzos. Sweroquel is not the drug of choice if your looking for something to help with anxiety/depression. I feel more paranoid on this medication also. Dont start it if you dont have to!!! Educate yourself. M 27 1 weeks

 1  Bi-polar II DON'T TAKE!!! Anger, agitation, 2-3 hour crying spells like I've never had before. You will turn into someone else. Not cool. Seroquel made me psychotic (ironically), and that's on the lowest dose! Please hear me out as I have a MA in Psych. and I am like you, off the bell-curve with supposed "Bipolar II". I've given this drug 3 chances the last 6 mo., & have not been able to take it. After drowsiness wears off, agitated in bed, angry, have 2-3 hour crying spells, and this last time at 3:30 a.m., had to get out of bed and hit my pillow against the wall because of anger and agitation. This is not like me!! My Bi-polar symptoms are quite different than this. I have never done this before and it happens when I take seroquel. People, please be careful! Be yourselves without taking drugs. Just because we don't conform to the norm in society doesn't mean we are not healthy or that we need fixed. There are no medical tests to prove "mental disorder". Be your creative unique selves w/out thinking you need to be a 9-5 M-F person. I'm done with pcyhiatric meds. Interesting how anti-depressant F 33 1 weeks

 5  Bipolar Excessive sleeping. Nasal congestion 90 mins after taking it. Some carbohydrate cravings but they are manageable compared to some other meds. The ONLY thing that has worked for my bipolar. Within 2 days (and at only 100mg heading up to 400mg) I was taken out of a horrible mixed state. I feel like my old self, although admittedly a bit sleepier & dopier. The tradeoff is so worth it. I didn't feel safe before. I'm hoping that the side effects will go away with time as most people find. F 37 2 weeks

 5  prenisone anxiety drowsiness and vivid nightmares when on 25mg.when on one tab. twice a day. very effective as it calmed the anger associated with taking a high dose of prednisone for multiple sclerosis.i would not take this any longer than 2 weeks because the nightmares are very annoying.this is just to be used for 30 days maximum in my situation.as the prednisone is tapered off,the need for seroquel decreases M 58 2 weeks
 5  Insomnia Had to stop taking it when hubby works. I don't wake up when the baby cries. I sleep right through everything. Fire Engines and police outside apartment building one night and I NEVER heard them. F 27 2 weeks

 5  Sleep problems, mood swings At first, experienced agitation and very zombie-like throughout the day. Was also hard to wake up for work. Now I don't really get any side effects at all. I LOVE this medication, it is the best Ive ever taken. My moods have stabilized and I am very positive and upbeat all day long. I sleep very very well and have hardly any side effects. all side effects went away after taking it for a week or so. I recommend it! M 26 2 weeks

 5  PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Minor weight loss, some imbalance, odd vision effects, vivid dreams, very sleepy, occasional tics This drug has made me feel like I am myself for the first time in years. I experienced minor weight loss, like 3 pounds, maybe I will gain weight I don't know, I don't really mind. It gives me the most vivid dreams which I enjoy, though they are strange. I usually remember them very clearly. It leaves me very sleepy, though. F 17 2 weeks
150 1X D

 5  Anxiety, depression None This medication has not given me any side effects that I have read and heard of. I have neen on Seroquel for about 2 weeks and change. This medication (seroquel 50mg) has helped a whole lot. I take it right after work and it does take a while before kicking in but I am able to function and go to sleep at night. I am glad that I dont have bad side effects I wake up the next day ready to work with out any complications. I have been trying to find some kind of help for years now. I have taken Zoloft and Xanax but nothing. Just recently my doctor gave me Ambien to sleep at night but my anxiety was still the same and my depression. I am currently on pristig and Seroquel and I love it. F 29 2 weeks
50mg 1X D

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