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 5  Panic Disorder/Anxiety Dry Mouth, Sleepiness, memory is effected badly, I burned my hand because of it, don't do anything dangerous on the drug, even driving until you get used to it. This is pretty much an excellent drug. I've never gone passed 50mgs, I don't know how some people can go that high as it knocks me flat on my ass. Even 10 mgs will put me to sleep. I had problems with panic attacks and obsessive thinking, this drug will shut down invasive thoughts and allow me to enjoy life around me. I've been off and on the drug. Worst part about leaving the drug is you're guaranteed insomnia and it'll be hard to find anything to replace it. M 27 3 years
 5  Bi Polar / Sleep Minor weight gain, This medication has really worked well, it allows me to sleep through the night and keep my mind from racing allowing me to better focus on what I am doing. I would highly recommend that you at least try this medication. M 43 2 years
400mg 1X D

 5  Severe anxiety I ended up fat and diabetic, and there's good reason to believe Seroquel had something to do with it. This drug saved my life. It has some horrible side effects, but thanks to Seroquel I can sleep and I can engage in reasonable conversation. I wouldn't recommend this for everyone. According to my doctor the biochemical basis for my anxiety is a bit unusual so I don't respond at all to the antidepressants that usually help with anxiety. But if you're having no luck at all with conventional anti anxiety medication give this a shot. M 44 4 years
400 1X D
 5  Sleep / Bipolar Depression If I don't sleep at least 8 hours, I'm a little groggy in the morning. On those occasions, a 12 oz. can of Mountain Dew (which contains about 1/3 the caffeine of a regular cup of brewed coffee) generally does the trick. Otherwise, I have not noticed any other side effects and have not experienced any weight gain at doses of 12.5 to 50 mg. When reading someone else's experience with ANY drug, ALWAYS remember that your experience may be different. Try something until it's clear that it's not right for you. The drug you refuse might be the one that'll save your life! I have been taking 12.5 mg of Seroquel predominantly for sleep. I absolutely LOVE how it puts me out/down in about an hour and helps me sleep through the night. At higher doses (25 or 50 mg), I am too groggy the next day. When I'm hypomanic, its ability to keep me down through the night is reduced. On those rare occasions, I increase my dose to 25 mg and that helps. M 50 9 months
12.5 mg 1X D

 5  OCD/High Anxiety none I took this drug off label (its meant for bipolar/major depression) at the recommendation of my prescribing psychiatrist. The first few days I had trouble waking up and felt groggy all day, but once I got used to it I felt great. It is the only thing that has been able to calm the racing thoughts that were keeping me up all night. I only stopped taking it because I'm trying to get pregnant, and when I did stop I had no withdrawal symptoms (though I did have to ween off instead of stopping cold). M 28 1 years
50 mg 1X D

 5  insomnia, bipolar,anxiety, depressi restless legs, back pain, neck pain, joint stiffness, weight gain, dry mouth, loss of sex drive, forget what i am saying, trouble concentrating, nasal congestion, constipation, heart burn, red eyes, this has been a wonder drug for me although all the side effects can make you not wabt to take it. it's risk vs. benefit and i will take this drug for the rest of my life reguardless of the side effects because i cannot function or sleep without it. oh! if you are going to have sex, do it before you take your seroque. M 19 3 years
150 x2 600 1X D
 5  insomnia, OCD, anxiety. dry mouth, nothin' else. it is a wonderful antipsychotic to calm your mind, allow u to sleep like a baby and to reduce symptoms of anxiety. be warning to take it before driving, having sex, having exams or excessive work. for the first time, i do not shit an antipsychotic for akathisia or weight gain. M 24 7 days
50 mg 2X D

 5  bipolar disorder/insomnia/anxiety slightly more sleep, and heartburn this drug has been my savior for me atleast( i know different people handle drugs differently) gets me to sleep good i'll take and extra hour or so of sleep a day over no more than 1~3 hours per day ^.^ and as for the heartburn well it didnt start till i started taking it would probably go away if i stopped drinking mt. dew so much, has completely eliminated my insomnia, my moods are much more stable now and my life has become very carefree and happy since i started seroquel. also taken along with 150mg a day of effexor xr that i take for depression. M 28 5 months
200mg 2X D
 5  Bipolar Depression/Sleep It causes my nose and sinuses to close up tighter than a drum, sometimes creating an alarming sensation of choking or suffocating. I think it also causes swelling of the prostate, making it difficult to pee when you want to. I generally have been pleased with SEROQUEL. Starting in my middle-age, I have been plagued with insomnia... racing thoughts very much a part of that. I had tried "baby" sleep aids like RESTORIL and AMBIEN, but they were just pi$$-in-the-ocean: Basically I am like an elephant in the wild who needs to be brought down with a dart of elephant tranquilizer! So I needed a more "heavy duty" sleep aid like SEROQUEL. A relative of mine takes about 700mg daily for schizo-affective disorder... There is no way in hell I could take a dosage like that, because 100mg alone is enough to knock me out cold for hours, swell up my nasal passages completely and dry up my mouth. SEROQUEL does indeed allow me to sleep like a baby for about 8--12 hours, and get plenty of refreshing REM sleep, too. In fact, it is the first good sleep I have had in all my adult years. I am just naturally "wired" by nature, and SEROQUEL eases that. Interestingly, once you awaken, you are not groggy at all... 10 minutes, say, for the fog to lift... and you're good. I have in fact, gained much weight since I've been on psych meds (ten years now) and have developed Type 2 Diabetes as well... but I attribute these developments more to DEPAKOTE... which I'll "diss" on a different page... As a diabetic, I probably should not be taking a drug which metabolizes in the liver (as SEROQUEL does)... It would be prefe M 47 5 years
100mg 1X D
 5  Bi Polar It's odd but my side effects are opposite of most other peoples posts.In fact the side effects are almost none existent. Dry mouth, a bit groggy getting up. This med is working perfectly for me and its almost like a miracle drug for me. It allows me to sleep, but not too much and keeps me at a fairly normal state of being all day. I havn't gained weight or felt like I was out of phase which is what Zyprexa did. I have tried several meds before the most effective being Zyprexa(Olanzapine) The side effects on that were brutal. Seroquel is 10 times more effective for me. I just checked my blood pressure and it has dropped quite a bit since the last time i checked before taking Seroquel. Another side effect which is beneficial for me is it reduces the craving for alchohol. I'm in sales and it has diminished my motivation somewhat. Sex drive is down a bit but frankly I was over sexed before.All in all the benefits far out way the negatives. M 46 2 months
50 1X D
 5  bi-polar, anxiety, depression Weight gain, higher sugar Been the best thing for me. Yes, I experienced weight gain, but I take into account that it's made my bi-polar managable, so willing to put up with the side effects. I sleep at night now, and my moods have stabalized. It was the best thing I could have done, it's working well for me. M 51 2 years
300 1X D

 5  Anxiety and Depression I started at 50mg and the first couple of nights it really knocks you out. Make sure you have plenty of time to sleep or you'll be dragging in the morning. After a few nights, I became used it. It barely makes me sleep at all now. Seroquel was a life-saver for me. I was extremely anxious and depressed and the docs had tried pristiq, cymbalta, and some other ssri. All of them killed my sex drive and made me feel a bit like a robot. They switched me to wellbutrin (450mg), which allowed me to focus more, which then allowed me to work more easily which was part the of the cause of my anxiety, but I was still very very anxious and depressed about it. After being put on Seroquel, I felt throttled down to just the right speed. Some days I'm fine, other days I experience normal anxiety, like anyone, but I never feel like it's the end of the world and I'm no longer depressed at all. M 35 5 months
150 1X D
 5  bipolar One hour after taking seroquel my nose completely plugs up. it's so bad i need to use a 12 hour nasal decongestant so as i can sleep without breathing through my mouth all night. Other then that, i love this medication. M 57 3 years
300 1X D
 5  schizophrenia at the beginning was very sleepy couldnt stay awake had major weight gain, from 8 stone to 16 stone literally doubled in size. after the first month or so and after reaching the correct dosage for me i have never felt better. no talking therapy could have ever helped me even half of how much my meds have worked. relapse free in 2 years once they put me on my other meds as well i have completely changed and am so glad for the change. the other meds, seroxat and depokote, another 2 supposedly problematic meds. but they HAVE worked for me, just gotta ride out the beginning! M 27 3 years
900 1X D

 5  Depression add-on and for OCD Causes strong (and MUCH appreciated) sleepiness, perfect for taking at nighttime. And I sleep all night now! No Ambien, Benadryl, or Lunesta needed! Also awesome exciting dreams!! Also Dry mouth (no biggie at all). Strange seeing all the negative comments on this drug. If it is well-tolerated (like for myself) then there is no other drug that treats so many symptoms. Life is fine and dandy with Seroquel XR. And many thanks to Asta-Zeneca for giving it to me for free! M 36 2 years
600 1X D

 5  Insomnia/bipolar Drowsiness, constipation, weight gain, upset stomach, OCCASIONAL somnolence I've had terrible insomnia since i was 13, I'd sleep about 12 hours a week. I'm now sleeping a good 8-10 hours a night which greatly helps symptoms of my bipolar disorder. A great drug to level you out. M 22 1 months
50mg 1X D

 5  depression and anxiety sleepy for 8 hours after taking and harder to get out of bed; hand/finger will twitch periodically for a few hours after taking has made a big difference through a difficult time -- reduced anxiety by 80% and depression by 60% -- results started a day after starting on it. taking an hour before bedtime virtually ensures a good night sleep. i'm able to supplement my nightly dose with 25 to 50mg during the day on bad days with immediate relief, although will feel sleepy. taking generic instead of brand name extended relief because of the high cost. but seems to work just as well for me. M 49 6 months
100mg 1X D
 5  situational stress and bad sleeping sleepiness seroquel is best of the worst. at least it works well for me, thought it was clear overmedication and it sucked me into a life-long psychiatric patient. you cannot withdraw this drug easily/safely unlike some other meds (relora?/nmda antagonist? + beta agonist etc). M 32 4 years
400 1X D

 5  Bipolar I also take 25 mg of Seroquel during the day up to 4 times per day for severe anxiety and dangerous intrusive thoughts. This has been a miracle drug for me. No hallucinations, visual, auditory or olfactory. Much more stable in moods. When I have had issues with my bipolar gradual increases in dosage have helped. M 48 15 months
300mg 1X D

 5  Insomnia No side effects. The doctor prescribed this medication for me to help me sleep after other methods and drugs failed. I don't have a problem falling asleep but I have a problem staying asleep because I have a very active mind. I started out with 25 MG taken at bedtime but the doctor had to increase the dose every few weeks as my body got used to the medication. My maintenance dose finally came out to 300 MG and I have been taking this for 7 years now. I do feel groggy in the morning especially when I don't get my 8 hours of sleep but it's a small price to pay for restful sleep. I did find that taking the medication on a full stomach lessens the sedating effect of the drug. I am a bit worried about getting tardive dyskinesia in the future though the chances are slim as this is an atypical antipsychotic. Nevertheless, the risk is worth it. M 47 7 years
300 MG 1X D

 5  mood stabilizer bipolar II at first it was horrible, i was a zombie the next day and 30 minutes after taking it I felt like jello. Increased Anxiety, panic and lethargy....but i stuck with it... IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE if you are looking for a med that will level you out and help your mood disorder this is it, but you have to stick with it. Give it a chance. I can't begin to explain what it does my irritability and moodswings I have researched and its dosage if used for different purposes...here it is in a nutshell 25mg-150mg sleep aid 200mg-600mg mood stabilizer 650mg-1250mg bat shit crazy M 27 8 months
300 1X D

 5  LOTS OF REASONS Not Too sure on too medications and am happy to and extent....mostly dry mouth, needing sleep, muscle twitches, MAJOR WEIGHT GAIN, breathing is hard good drug like i say it might be this one or the wellbrutrin but I have no more depression i think...not sure..at least dont want to die...and i am not angry anymore so thats good, although occasionly i would like to get mad to kick some bullies ass! M 16 4 years

 5  BiPolar II, Anxiety, Insomnia I practically couldn't get out of bed for the first month. Some muscle twitches, blurred vision, minor memory problems intially. Weight gain - but that problem was solved through exercise. Very effective for mania and anxiety. I didn't realize how it would help the insomnia. Good stuff. M 36 1 years
 5  BiPolar I / Mild Aspergers Better sleep. The first time I took this drug I made the mistake to take it immediately, it knocked me on my ass and my 25 minute drive home was difficult. I've found that its best to take at night and you might be asleep within an hour. My moods don't swing nearly as much and I can hold a job better. I might be psychologically addicted to it already because I awake agitated when I sleep without it. This drug is very good at calming. I've only experienced normal 20mg dose.

In comparison to Zyprexa, which I took religeously for 2 years a few years back: Seroquel is a better (more moderate) dose for me. I still have access to the full range of natural emotions where when on Zyprexa I was just constantly in a state of void and not at full productivity.

I compliment these meds with vitamins B complex (anti-depressant), C,Garlic(heart) & fish oil (mood swings (hard to judge its effectiveness)), and marijuana. I believe I function well under marijuana (when on zyprexa I often felt like additionally smoking weed would inflict physical pain on my brain). Due to the nature of Seroquel putting you to sleep, its not wise to drink alcohol after dose. Unless you like being the guy asleep in the pu

M 26 6 months

 5  Bipolar 2, racing, primary insomnia At 25mg (past 9 months) causes high quality sleep which is a desired side-effect; at 50mg (past one week) frequent urination With the insomnia cured at 25mg this has been nothing short of a God-send. Moving to 50mg elevated previously flat mood upon waking. Also take Lamictal 100mg. M 30 9 months

 5  Bipolar 1 w/Psychosis Weight gain (120lb. In 2.5 years), tremors This medication was a lifesaver!!! I was lithium for 3 years before seroquel as well as other anti psychotic and anti depression drugs that made me extremely ill, this other drugs also made me feel useless and it bothered my ability to study, this was a major problem due to my college class schedule. M 26 2.5 years
 5  Psychosis Zombie Like state. Seems somehow to help me reintegrate myself into society. I was in complete withdrawal from people and totally paranoid. Seroquel, was started off light dose and now its 300mg per day. Seems to work and is so beneficial enabling human interactions. Very satisfied. M 52 60 days
 5  sleep aid after about 3 weeks of use I developed a higher level of anger and hostility towards everyone around me,same thing happened with zoloft. after an entire 38 years of my life trying to actually be able to sleep like a normal person is able to , this is the first drug that actually works. After my doctor gave it to me I was terrified to take it as I dont have schitzo. Finally after sleeping about 10 hours a week I tried it. ITS A MIRACLE only 25-50 mg. puts me out like nothing iv ever tried. everyday use makes me crabby as hell though so Im using it 2 or 3 times a week and Im now fully rested and happy. M 38 2 months

 5  Icouldn't sleep prior to Seroquel. I experienced no side effects. Seroquel has been a Godsend. I can sleep all night every night. I wake with very little or no feeling of being hung over. Prior to this med, I couldn't sleep for days, and could only fall asleep by passing out from exhaustion. Then the same horrible experience would occur again and again. I probably have a screwed up suprachiasmatic nucleus. MAN it makes me feel smart to say that. I think I'll say it again. Suprachiasmatic nucleus. WOW! Anyway, kudos to the makers of this med. Can you repay my student loans? M 44 3 years
 5  Psychosis and Mania somnolence, dry mouth, slurred speech, problems with walking correctly/balance. Some difficulty with sleep. Problems with urine retention. Zombie like state. Difficulty concentrating. Seroquel has restored my life to me. I no longer experience mind riveting paranoia. I am much more relaxed. I live in the moment, I do not seem to worry about tomorrow as much as I did before. Overall my life has been restored to me, as I am much more affectionate to family, I have slowed down from mania and feel happier about my self. Please email me if you have any questions. M 52 45 days
 5  Bi-Polar Weight gain. Have been on Seroquel for over one year. Gained 45lbs. But with diet and excercise I have lost 35lbs. and still losing. Life saver for me. This med is the best I have taken. I took Effexor XR 150mg for three years but my Doctor at the time misdiagnosed me. My new Doctor has me on Trileptal 300mg, Lamictal 100mg, Seroquel 600mg and Klonopin 1mg. I have never felt better. M 43 1 years
 5  ocd/ bdd/ bpd Weight gain (no problem for me as I was very underweight; I actually like the fact I've put on 1 1/2 stone). I take it at night because of extreme tiredness (like being stoned). I crave sweet things after having taken it. Muscle twitches before sleep. Vivid, strange dreams. I love seroquel. I take 100mg as well as 40 mg prozac and they've KILLED my ocd and bdd. I don't remember feeling so happy: I enjoy my life now and before wanted to kill myself. These drugs worked will for me. M 28 4 weeks

 5  Bipolar, Anxiety, Insomnia Dry Mouth, Rebound effect if I do not take at least a small dose the next day. I took Zyprexa for many years, and I cannot say it helped all that much, but if I missed my bedtime dose for any reason , I could not sleep. I stopped the Zyrexa over two years ago and still had really bad insomnia. Seroquel has taken care of that, and I actually have dreams at night again - good dreams, not the nightmares I get from the benzos or Lunesta ! M 49 3 months
 5  Unipolar Disorder My foot flips like thumper the rabbit on the movie "Bambi" about 30 minutes after I take it. It takes 3 hours to ejaculate. I`m tired, but I don`t give a shit. I feel high as hell and I get the muchies for Life cereal, but atleast I don`t feel like stabbing the neighbor`s dog anymore. Seroquel is an awesome drug! Great job scientists! M 29 420 days
 5  Schizophrenia Sleepiness, Dry mouth. This drug works better for me than Risperdal or Largactil and with less side effects. I take 450mg a day. I have problems with speech, memory and thinking, There's been a lot of improvement. It's helped with anxiety but the attacks haven't stopped altogether. It also helps with insomnia. M 17 6 months

 5  Bi-Polar II / Anxiety Only on 75mg/day - feel bloated, gained a few pounds, but I think the weight gain has Plateaued. Felt my metabolism shift into low-gear when I first started taking it. Been on it for about a month, if I gain anymore, I will cut back even more than the 100mg/day the doctor initially prescribed. More diet and excercise will be the rule for the time being - we'll see I can't say how much this medication has brought me back down to earth. I'm also on 100mg Lamicatal. Lamictal took me out of depression - but also took me too high. (especially with coffee...turned me into the great corn-holio). Seroqel "quelled" the racing thoughts and gave me a good nights sleep. Why does there always have to be a trade-off with medications? You either do well physically without, but suffer mentally - or you take the meds, feel well menatally, but pudge out! If these med-researchers ever figure out the metabolism/weight gain/endocrine problems, they would hit the jack-pot!!! GET IT RIGHT DOCS...but still...Seroquel is a mental life saver for me. M 30 days

 5  gifted I heard that president Bush's airforce one pilot takes seroquel. It really help's him fly the world's most important man safely, across the globe. He keeps it in his side pocket, and as soon as he's stat's seeing things he pops a few hundred mg's. Definitely a wicked drug, I'd reccomend it for the entire human race. If everyone took it, there'd be no wars because everyone would be sleeping or eatting all the time. I think scientists should try to geneticaly engineer this molecule into the human body permanently. It makes average people feel like their alive for once in their life. Take it before dinner, take it while with friends, and give some to the kids. You know serouqel will only make them better, and never worse. Props to astrazeneca and teh monkies which got the first chance to test it out. M 19

 5  Very bad insomnia A weight gain of 7 pounds was noticed over a period of 7 months. Yes, I do exercise and try my best to eat healthy and that is probably why the weight gain is not much. Seroquel WILL make you hungry. I have come to this fact due to the cravings I received just after starting this pill. But you know, if I can maintain my weight with some extra effort of exercising, then I will continue to take this med . The sleep I get from this med is outstanding. I have noticed that if I mis a does then I will have a very bad following day as I was up all night! M 33 7 months

 5  Insomnia Slight dizziness in the morning, if i am not able to get 8 full hours of sleep. I also experience vivid dreams - but this is okay, kinda like this effect. :) I was prescribed seroquel mainly to counter the side effects of zoloft or xanax xr which is insomnia. When i started taking these two drugs, i would wake up around 3 or 4 am and very anxious and restless. The moment i took seroquel, i am able to sleep well without disturbances. M 23

 5  sleep sleep 18 hours a day its the best if you need sleep M 18 18 years
 5  paranoid schizophrenia when i was first put on it i slept a lot but now it helps me get a good nights sleep. it had and has less side effects than any of the anti-psychotics i've been put on in 3 years i went from an aggressive vitriolic drug addicted self mutilating misfit to having long term employment and a stable relationship. (i'm on effexor too) M 24 3.5 years

 5  Bi-Polar Not sure that I have had any other then having a hard time waking up. I had a real hard time sleeping at night. Went to sleep fine but always woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. Ended up waking the wife up and she got all crabby with me. Started taking the Seroquel and now I can sleep all night and my wife is happy because I'm now not talking all night to her. I'm taking too many medications so I told the wife that I was thinking about going off of Seroquel. Her first question was can I increase my life insurance. Then she called back and said 'honey, I've been thinking about getting a hand-gun permit. YOUR NOT GOING OF THE SEROQUEL. So much for me being the man of the house. M 55 150 days
 5  PTSD paranoid personality insomnia some nightmares long sleep times I slept around 2 hrs a night before seroquel and was extremely paranoid After seroquel 10 hrs a night sleep and gradual lowering but not completely of paranoia M 39

 5  BP Tired, a little weight gain and dry mouth. WORKS GREAT for anxiety and my mood swings. At first was taking too low of dose just tired but still felt a little edgy and now got to recommended dose of 300mg 1x at night and I have backed it up an hour if felt groggy in the AM the day before. Great trade off too get my life back. M 40 60 days

 5  anxiety, insomnia, depression Initial daytime drowsiness that resolved after a week or so. Have had to titrate up a couple of times, but am still at only 250mg. no weight gain!!! M 40 3 years

 5  bipolar Extreme drowsiness when first prescribed. After it gets into your system, you will feel ok. Take only when you can devote sleep time to it though. i.e don't take it, and then go driving afterward. It eventually doesn't knock you out right off the bat, but there is weight gain. Workout and watch what you eat. M 25 10 months

 5  Schizo Affect Sometimes when the medicine is kicking in and I try to stay awake (at the computer TV etc...) I experience hallucinations and lathargy. I feel punch drunk etc... I take 1000mg (Heavy Duty Dose) at bedtime or thereabouts. I do this to avoid the sleepiness and knee tremors if taken during my daytime hours. For the most part I wake up sleepy sometimes I feel blunted in my awareness and emotions. Other than that this med has been much better than Zyprexa, Risperdol and definatley better than Navaine (Spelling?). I have also experienced weight gain on Seroquel. I have at times due to the responsibilities of my life had to take lesser doses to be able to wake up earlier. I do not advocate this as my blood level has slipped too low on different ocassions and I started to experience full blown symptoms of Schizo. I take Nuerontin and Attivan as well. My doc is trying to ween me off those currently. M 35 6 years
 5  schizophrenia Side effects can be poor quality of sleep, grogginess and irritability througout the day. There is also occasionally a sense of being "Frozen"..not sure how to descibe that.. it's like the energies build up in the head like a mental constipation, to become a palpible pressure. the only real solution is emotional reckoning which has to be found some time or another, or you become a very pitiable thing after a while. I have grown to like this drug after i decided to start working again. It serves its purpose, helps me to be functional and be acceptably social in the work environment without ever freaking out. that latter is an important part of keeping your job and not offending others. i don't overweat so weight gain has never been a problem with this drug. M 38 3 years

 5  Bipolar 1 w/ pychosis A slight hangover in the morning and some weight gain. it helps in alot of ways. with my depression and with my hatefull actions. makes me mellow! M 50 4 months

 5  Sleep problems, mood swings At first, experienced agitation and very zombie-like throughout the day. Was also hard to wake up for work. Now I don't really get any side effects at all. I LOVE this medication, it is the best Ive ever taken. My moods have stabilized and I am very positive and upbeat all day long. I sleep very very well and have hardly any side effects. all side effects went away after taking it for a week or so. I recommend it! M 26 2 weeks

 5  Paranoid Ideation Drowsiness, muscle twitching, anxiety when it wore off This is the shit! It ROCKS for sleep - I can sleep eight hours a night no problem. M 58 14 days

 5  Paranoid Ideation Drowsiness, muscle twitching, anxiety when it wore off, constipation. This is the shit! It ROCKS for sleep - I can sleep eight hours a night no problem. Makes the boogyman go away, too. I take 100 mg at night before bed and I sleep like a log for 8 - 9 hours. Sometime I'm a little zombied-out when I wake up, but that's what coffee's for. M 58 14 days

 5  IBS caused Anxiety & Insomnia Still taking seroquel @ 50 mg at nighttime. Sleep very well, Anxiety eased but restless leg a problem at nightime. Taking Meripex to ease the restless leg. Could not tolerate other Anti-Anxiety drugs. Seroquel used as an off-Label use for Anxiety & Insomnia helped a great deal. M 51 3 months

 5  Bipolar II Drowsiness would be the biggest side effect, but if you take all your dose at bedtime, problem solved. For an antipsychotic, its very good side-effects wise. My body accepted it well. Seroquel helps me sleep, controls anxiety and racing thoughts. Take 150mg at bedtime. So far it has been very efficient. Pretty good drug, really. It didn't zone me out like zyprexa or risperdal did. M 26 3 years
 5  IBS Induced Insomnia/anxiety Slight nausea first week. Otherwise no notable side effects except for the desired sleep aid effect Perscribed for an off label use. Helped a great deal. Slept well after 1 st dose. Took qbout 4 days to achieve a full 8 ot more hours sleep. Anxiety eased up also M 51 2 months

 5  insomnia stress high blood pressure Rapid heart beat(only first dose), alittle nausea(first week), daytime tiredness. Does lower blood pressure(prescribe for that too). Death in the family, Teenager leaving home, over-worked, overstressed, and really poor diet! Also, four times the normal coffee consumption. I used to say, M 45 3 months
 5  prednisone induced psychosis makes my head hurt and within half an hour I'm asleep Placed on Seroquel after a BAD reaction to prednisone took about 5 days to start feeling better. Have been on it for 2 months and will soon begin to taper off M 38 2 months

 5  insomnia mainly, also for anxiety Somnolence is virtually the only serious side effect I had. But since I use it as a sleeping aid, its not really a side effect for me. It works great on anxiety during the day too - take it at bedtime. I feel rested in the morning. No shakes, no spacey feelings, no major libido problems with it at 150mg/day. This is good given its an antipsychotic. Other ones I tried had way more side effects. M 25 2 years

 5  Mayjor depression bipolar schiz Ins First time i took em i liked it. Made me feel dizy like i was high. sex drive is down. i as well noticed that it dont have much energy. But i tend to get up and take a jog. Thats why people are getting fat off it.. Because they sleep to much on it. Im 174 and i tend to keep it low. My depression and mood swings are finnaly going away. At times i feel there not working so i think imma get a higher dose. There good... i really like them. Just a reminder, if you dont want to gain weight just get up and go for a walk/jog. dont be such a bum. I love to help people, as well helps me with my problems. ok im a bit drugged now M 18 20 days
 5  schizophrenic Very sleepy for the first month. Since then no side effects of any type. Thanks to Seroquel I've been stable and symptom free for five years now. M 32 6 years

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