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 1  Depression, bipolar Tremors, loss of voluntary muscle control, night sweats, anxiety, extreme terror, inability to control thoughts. I strongly suggest avoiding this medication! I am still having frightening flashbacks to times when I was on the drug (which was more than a year ago). M 26 3 months
 1  insomnia suicidal thoughts, depression, fast heart beat, extreme grogginess, felt like a zombie Seroquel is a terrible drug. F 26 5 days

 1  Couldn't sleep Suicidal thoughts...I could not stop thinking about killing myself...Depression. Extreme fatigue. My doctor gave me this as a sleep aid. I had no idea a drug could make you want to kill yourself. If someone told me, I wouldn't even believe them. But that's what happened with me. I am really lucky I didn't. I see other comments saying they were prescribed this FOR depression. I find that odd: this drug actually MADE me depressed. I would be very hesitant about using this drug. I would never let anyone in my family take it. I can't believe something like this is FDA approved. F 26

 5  Bipolar 2 / Insomnia Extreme drowsiness the first few days. Increase in hunger. Dizziness from overheating. Seroquel has been a life saver for me. I was never able to get sufficient sleep on any other drug. I used to have major anxiety, but since taking seroquel, have not had to take anxiety medication. I no longer live on a roller coaster of ups and downs. Just because some people have bad experiences with a certain drug, does not mean that you will have those side effects as well. EVERY drug has side effects that affect people in varying degrees. F 27 7 months
 5  PTSD drowsiness, loss of appetite. I am satisfied with Seroquel, I think it great. I've been on it for almost a year, although it killed my appetite and I lost around 4 stone. Anyways its the best drug I tried so far. M 27 1 years

 5  Insomnia Had to stop taking it when hubby works. I don't wake up when the baby cries. I sleep right through everything. Fire Engines and police outside apartment building one night and I NEVER heard them. F 27 2 weeks

 5  bipolar mania weight gain, constipation, some hair loss, increased libido Thanks to Seroquel I can sleep again like a normal person, which in itself prevents any mania sympstoms from escalating into psychosis. It gives me the munchies after 1-2 hours of taking it so I have gained some weight, however it is something that can be controlled with exercise and a diet free from junk food; the same applies to the constipation. I think the 'munchies' are worse with higher doses so it is important for the doctor to give the lowest effective dose. I am taking 75mg before bedtime and I am happy. I can still think clearly and I am not as irritable as before. For people experiencing severe side effects I believe that lowering the dosage can help. F 27 2 months
 5  psychosis/mood disorder weight gain and thats it!! If on 400mg sleep alot but below that nothing other than the dreaded weight gain!! This med did give me my life back. I find it brilliant for my illness and i can now work and do things like a "normal person" If the weight gain wasnt there I would be happy to stay on this drug for the rest of my life however i have had to except the weight gain and try to eat better etc as this drug suits me so well F 27 2 years

 5  bipolar with psychosis, insomnia weight gain I love this med. I hate the weight gain, but it has helped with depression, mania, psychosis, insomnia. My tics are gone, but they are transient so hard to say. I just wish I could do something about the weight (25 lbs in 3 months). F 27 3 months
 5  Bipolar I Psycosis I gained a very small amount of weight in the begining then shaved it off later. I was tired at first but now i'm on 900mg a day 300 in mor. 600 at night. and I'm fully functioning. Exercise has played a large role on the sleepyness. And I wouldn't recomend my dose to anyone. F 27 1 years

 5  schizophrenia at the beginning was very sleepy couldnt stay awake had major weight gain, from 8 stone to 16 stone literally doubled in size. after the first month or so and after reaching the correct dosage for me i have never felt better. no talking therapy could have ever helped me even half of how much my meds have worked. relapse free in 2 years once they put me on my other meds as well i have completely changed and am so glad for the change. the other meds, seroxat and depokote, another 2 supposedly problematic meds. but they HAVE worked for me, just gotta ride out the beginning! M 27 3 years
900 1X D

 5  insomnia/racing mind 20 minutes after I take it and am half asleep I get up to eat cereal because I feel like I'm "starving". Slowly feel like memory is an issue (given I have been on it for 7 going on 8 yrs) Honestly, I love Seroquel. I was given 100mg, BUT I cut them into 25mg. Sleep great! ... but I do need to get in like 9 hrs. I have have quit taking them for a month before because I ran out and it was tough but this time I am quitting because it truly does leave long term effects to your memory, and in no way want to have Alzheimer's or Parkinsons or dimensia. I am getting injections of super B complex, eating and juicing organic, I take my Klonopin as needed for anxiety and am going to talk to my doctor about going on a low dose anti-depressant. Best of luck to everyone! and feel free to contact me, I have been on every medication under the sun!!! F 27 7 years
25mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar I Increases appetite about 20-30 after taking it. Sedated feeling. Weight gain. When I was first started on seroquel in 2007 at 600mg 1x/day, I was Extremely manic which included having delusions and hallucinations. It took some time for it to kick in. I remember still having delusions when first starting the medication. For some reason though I kept taking it even though I've always hated taking psych meds and have stopped and started them soo many times. In about a month is when I started to become "normal" again. After the delusions and mania stopped I felt very lethargic and depressed since I was on such a high dose. Long story short, over the past 5-6 years, my dose has been decreased to 50mg, which is what I am taking now. This med has been a lifesaver for me and although it sucked putting weight on, it's better then being mentally sick. Also take lamictal 200mg/day, wellbutrin 75mg 2x/day, vistaril 25mg prn anxiety. I feel very lucky to have found a combination of meds that keep me even-keeled. It is a long process with trying to find what works for you but when you find the right meds, it makes all the difference! F 27 6 years
 5  Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Unlike other "reviews" I've read, I actually lost weight on Seroquel. I take it combined with 400mg of Wellbutrin XL every day and I lost 6 lbs. The drug definitely has helped even out my depressive cycles, but it has made me extremely apathetic to things (i.e. money problems, relationship issues, family issues, work) and has also effected my short-term memory. I cannot remember names of places I've been (restaurants, etc) and occasionally have a hard time with speech (recalling words). I think seroquel definitely helped save my life- literally, but now that I'm back on my feet I really want to get off of it! F 27 1 years
50mg 1X D
 5  Panic Disorder/Anxiety Dry Mouth, Sleepiness, memory is effected badly, I burned my hand because of it, don't do anything dangerous on the drug, even driving until you get used to it. This is pretty much an excellent drug. I've never gone passed 50mgs, I don't know how some people can go that high as it knocks me flat on my ass. Even 10 mgs will put me to sleep. I had problems with panic attacks and obsessive thinking, this drug will shut down invasive thoughts and allow me to enjoy life around me. I've been off and on the drug. Worst part about leaving the drug is you're guaranteed insomnia and it'll be hard to find anything to replace it. M 27 3 years
 5  Bipolar I Sleepy, hangover, foggy feeling. I was prescribed Seroquel years ago to help stabilize my mood, but I ended up taking it PRN for sleep when I didn't have to work the next day (hangover effect was wicked). A couple years ago I added it to my mood stabilizer during a particularly nasty manic episode & I LOVE it. It works wonders. I sleep like a baby every night. After the hangover side effect wore off, I know I'll get 7 hours of sleep every night (important for stability). I haven't had a bipolar episode in over a year & I think it has a great deal to do with seroquel(plus my tegretol & intermittant prozac...and staying med complaint for once in my life). Depending on where my mood is going, I take between 200-400mg nightly. I do have to stop using it for 1 & 1/2 months a year due to being on call for work b/c I will not wake up if I have taken it. I have a constant headache for that time & I can't sleep well. Otherwise, I love it. F 27 4 years

 5  Bipolar Slight hypotension at times. Sleepiness in the morning if I don't get my 8 hours sleep. (Nothing my coffee addiction doesn't fix.) I gained like mad on other drugs but luckily this one "fits" my metabolism and chemical makeup fine. My eating habits have returned to normal and no more of the horrible cravings I had with other drugs. I definately feel the most stable I've felt in the 9 years I've been managing it. I am on the lowest possible dosage as well with control to up if needed but I've never felt the need to manage more than it is already. I was next in line for Lithium when I refused, found a new doctor, and found this. Keeping my senses open for any lapses but for now things are wonderfully stable. Anybody up for taking over the world? (*SMILE* Just kidding!) F 27 6 months

 5  severe PMS, anxiety No unpleasant side effects. Knocks me out at night. Works wonders for me. Really helps with obsessive thoughs and I think it helped my depression too. F 27 3 years

 5  mood stabilizer bipolar II at first it was horrible, i was a zombie the next day and 30 minutes after taking it I felt like jello. Increased Anxiety, panic and lethargy....but i stuck with it... IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE if you are looking for a med that will level you out and help your mood disorder this is it, but you have to stick with it. Give it a chance. I can't begin to explain what it does my irritability and moodswings I have researched and its dosage if used for different purposes...here it is in a nutshell 25mg-150mg sleep aid 200mg-600mg mood stabilizer 650mg-1250mg bat shit crazy M 27 8 months
300 1X D

 4  anxiety, OCD Sleepiness, but it's a good thing. A dazed, hung-over feeling the next day. I only take it as-needed for anxiety/OCD symptoms (in addition to my regular meds) and I think it's awesome. 12.5 or 25 mg at night leaves me feeling calm, mildly euphoric, and pleasantly sleepy. I try not to take it more than once or twice a week because I fear becoming addicted to it and unable to sleep without it. F 27 6 months

 4  sleep/anxiety/panic sleepiness, hunger, could eat a horse. Slowed thoughts down tho I like seroquel. I'm currently on zyprexa and I want to switch back. Seroquel always made me feel chill and relaxed without a lot of side effects. You'll probably feel groggy into the next day tho. M 27 5 years
25-75mg 1X D
 4  Insomnia Dry mouth, pounding heart in the middle of the night, sore/raw throat in the morning with a strong thirst My doctor prescribed me this for insomnia because he said it has certain off-label uses. The first night I took it, I fell asleep quickly and woke up hours later with a pounding heart. It wasn't enough to make me call 911 or anything, just a little scary. I laid back down and fell right back to sleep with no problem. In the morning, my mouth felt incredibly dry and my throat was raw, like I'd slept with a powerful fan pointed at me. I was also so parched that I had to run for a glass of water right away. I asked my doctor about this, specifically the pounding heart, and he says it is known to do that sometimes but he wouldn't be concerned. With continued use, all of these side effects other than the pounding heart upon waking in the middle of the night disappeared. I would only notice it when I would wake up, but if I went right back to sleep, I was fine. I stopped taking it after a month because I wanted to try something that didn't have this side effect, even though it wasn't unbearable. I figured why not try to find one that has no side effects at all. Anyway, I recommend it for those who have trouble sleeping. M 27 1 months
25 MG 1X D
 4  manic-depression Weight gain and impossible to lose (all around the middle), increased OCD symptoms greatly. 150 mg. Needed to increase dosage 5 times in 8 months because my mood dropped. It was the best thing to ever happen to my mood. I gained 30lbs, which I hate but I was underweight to begin. At first the benefits to my mood outweighed the side effects. Then the OCD became unbearable and am utterly frustrated with the weight. With the addition of zoloft it may have been okay. I will definately go back to it if I have issues with lamictal F 27 8 months

 4  Racing thoughts/Insomnia WEIGHT GAIN!!! I gained twenty pounds in a year due to eating cookies from the munchies this med produces! Drowsiness through the next day. I wish I had known about the weight gain side effect. I have been craving a LOT more sugar since I've been on seroquel. I only take 12.5mg a night, but the risk of diabetes from seroquel still worries me. my new doctor told me i shouldnt be on it because I dont have bipolar, and instead to try ambien. i remember trying it before and felt dizzy and cried, so i want to stick with seroquel. maybe only every other night or so, to see if the weight can be lost! F 27 1.5 years

 4   jerking movement off my jaw, drowsiness this stuff cured my drug induced psychosis, but i wonder if ill ever be able to live without this stuff. Its a pain to get off these types of psychiatric drugs. M 27 6 years

 4  Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety A little drowsy in the morning I LOVE THIS MED!! I never realized what quality sleep felt like until I tried Seroquel. I take 12.5mg before bed and I have never felt better. It also helps with my anxiety, depression and alcohol cravings. And, as an added bonus, I am actually loosing weight!! I have so much more energy so I started running daily with my dogs. They are happier now too:) F 27 1 months

 4  insomia none I like it but im only on 50 mg now but at my nest visit i will increase it to 100 mg F 27 3 months
 4  Bi-Polar Sore Lymph nodes, irritation, severe drowsiness, Extreme Dry Mouth, Headaches. I like Seroquel, I have extreme episodes and thee help me to rationalize my thoughts. Most the time I sleep for about 10 hours and wake up out of the madness. It is a very strong drug, but a controlled dosage will fix this. M 27 5 days

 4  depression, panic disorder 30 lb weight gain, fatigue, extreme thirst, frequent urination, I sweat a lot, sometimes it's hard to wake up in the morning. Despite having many of the diabetic symptoms sometimes reported with this drug my fasting blood sugar is normal. So I am not sure what is going on, but I am pretty sure it's this drug. I like it because it keeps me very calm, and happy, along with the Zoloft and Remeron I also take. I feel emotionally "normal." I take 100mg at bedtime and I think that's too much now that I am stable again so I am going to titrate to 50mg. I require a lot of coffee to keep me going during the day and despite doing 1hr of cardio a day and eating a low fat low sugar diet my weight remains high. So I ask myself: fat and happy or thin and crazy? Hmmmmmm... I have gained 30lbs since 12/06 and I know that cannot ALL be my fault! It's kinda bad when you have to choose between your mental and physical health. It is a tough choice to make. F 27 5 months

 4  drug induced psychosis initially fatigued fatigue wore off quickly and anxiety dropped M 27 5 weeks

 4  Bi-polar constantly lethargic, sleeping upto 12 hours a day Has helped my mania tremendously. Just not sure how to stop sleeping so much. F 27 2 months
 3  Psychosis Stuffy nose, sinus-like. Emotional block. Mental block. Stiffness. Sleep forever. Slows down thought processes. Very dumbening. Erases inspiration. Indiscriminate effects, it blocks both psychotic and normal thoughts alike. It has a chemical holocaust effect, and totally obliterates the mind. F 27 11 days
 3  Psychosis Stuffy nose, sinus-like. Emotional block. Mental block. Stiffness. Sleep forever. Slows down thought processes. Very dumbening. Erases inspiration. Indiscriminate effects, it blocks both psychotic and normal thoughts alike. It has a chemical holocaust effect, and totally obliterates the mind. F 27 11 days
 3  Psychosis Stuffy nose, sinus-like. Emotional block. Mental block. Stiffness. Sleep forever. Slows down thought processes. Very dumbening. Erases inspiration. Indiscriminate effects, it blocks both psychotic and normal thoughts alike. It has a chemical holocaust effect, and totally obliterates the mind. F 27 11 days
 3  Psychosis Stuffy nose, sinus-like. Emotional block. Mental block. Stiffness. Sleep forever. Slows down thought processes. Very dumbening. Erases inspiration. Indiscriminate effects, it blocks both psychotic and normal thoughts alike. It has a chemical holocaust effect, and totally obliterates the mind. F 27 11 days
 3  manic\depressive - losing sleep I've been diagnosed w/ OCD since I was 14. A couple of years ago this diagnosis was changed to bipolar as I was having depressive and manic episodes, sometimes getting only 3-4 hrs of sleep a night for about a month- racing thoughts. Well, my doc put me on zyprexa and that helped but I gained about 30lbs. Then I switched to seroquel and started working out and I got my weight back down. About 8 months later, however, I had to go to the emergency room for dehydration (blood pressure or something dropped 40 pts when I would stand up). dr said it was due to postural hypotension. since then my nights have been bad. 30 minutes after taking it at night I would have trouble w/ shortness of breath and heart racing. Couldnt go to sleep until side effects subsided. I was up to 600mg but have since tapered off to 300mg but now I'm going to try phasing off. It worked for me for a while but these current symptoms are frightening. I dont know if I share similar experiences as other long t Just guage it for yourself M 27 2 years

 3  bi polar II and depression get sleepy within an hour of taking it, but can stay up if i want. headaches at first, but they have subsided after about a week. so far so good...it is seeming to help with mood, focus, regular sleep pattern, depression etc. i am concerned about its long term usage and plan on talking to my dr about it. i don't get the over eating problem that i am reading in many of the comments...my appetite has remained normal. i'm curious to see how i feel in another month of taking it. but as of now, i am starting to feel much better with each day that i'm on it. i rarely get side effects from RX drugs...dunno why. M 27 20 days

 3  Severe Insomnia Headache, nausea, decreased appetite, anxiety. I have only been on Seroquel for 2 weeks and it has greatly improved my sleep. Previously I would wake various times throughout the night but now sleep right through about 6-7 hours (could sleep more if I did not have to get up for work). Although I have been experiencing nausea in the mornings and some anxiety. Headaches have also been an issue. These side effects are nothing in comparision to not sleeping for 3 consecutive days and am so far pleased with the effects. I was initally worried about weight gain,but have noticed that when I take it at night (50-75 mg), I don't feel the urge to eat as I have with some other drugs (remeron) and fall asleep quite quickly. I am taking this in combination with temazepam which I am slowly wiening off of (terribly addictive drug with scary withdrawal symptoms). F 27 2 weeks

 3  Diagnosed schizophrenic - voices vision, poor cognition, disconesia - uncontrollable facial muscle spasms and tounge balling up, can become permanent. sleep my life away. after i take it its like ive smoked some hydro skunk bud from indonesia. my friends ask for it to sell on the street. its street name is ''serable palsy'' they snort it. enough said. this drug sucks, all anti psychotics suck. ive had them all. the drug companys are making tons of money on these things. a 3 cent pill can go for $300 bucks. its greed baby. also your beautiful and amazing and you may be psychic, i mena psychotic but its ok because you can make it as an artist or a rocker. just kidding. im in mental health as a job. thats mental health./ f--- illness M 27 5 years
1X D

 3  rest symptoms after psychosis I take 100mg morning, 100mg night which is considered a very low dose here.(they only prescirbes it for psychosis and bipolar) Very rapid heart rate after each dose, must lay down. Dizziness, very weak and strange feeling in my arms and legs when i wake up. Weight gain! 52->65kg in one month. High blood sugar. jerks in arms and legs. very hard to explain depressive feelings in body. This med has helped a bit with my very svere anixety and my over-sensitve senses. It also helped me come off years use of benzo(the worst drugs that exist!) and sleep pills (not without a very hard fight though). I thought they were ok for me, but now they have caused high blood sugar and the rapid heart problems seems to get worse every month. I have started to taper and prays it will turn out okey. I feel i cannot trust drug companies anymore. In my country they write that most of the side effects applys to 0.1%-10% when they apparently are lot mor common!! M 27 9 months

 2  Situational anxiety Dying Seroquel can cause breathing problems which can be serious. One should really avoid starting to take medicines like seroquel as they reduce life-expectancy and people can get serious (deadly) side-effects from them, especially if medications are withdrawn. Monitor your blood glucose (+ cortisol). Some of these sites might be useful. seroquelwithdrawal.blogspot.fi/ nonpsychiatry.wordpress.com/ M 27 5 years
400 1X D

 2  bipolar 2, anxiety zombie-like at times, increased need and duration of sleep I didn't take this long enough to probably give much of a testimony, however the first couple of days I took it helped me sleep and I woke up feeling rested. After about a week it didn't knock me out I would still be up later than I wanted to but then I would sleep in too late and be really out of it and anti-social. F 27 2 weeks

 2  Anxiety Attacks, Obsessive Thinking Increased panic attacks to the point of 911 calls because I felt as if I was dying, Increased OCD, Total Change in my "normal" personality, no motivation what-so-ever, Lack of Energy, Lack of excitement, times with lack of all emotion, burts of anger, confusion, constant battles with my mind and mental stability, decreased vision, No short term memory, weird head sensations, dizziness, feeling of detatchment from body, could go on forever Long time seroquel user. In the beginning for me the side effects were minimal and typical. Always tired and sleepy, which was good and bad because it was slowing the activity in my mind. But also bad because it wasnt really living life. Over the years I have concluded within myself that the best way is education over medication, Learn about it, Try to control it and if you cant alone use natural remedys. Live with and love yourself. You are who you are. Some of the toughest battles are worth the fight in the end you can be surprised. Im slowly going off of this drug at my own pace. The Hardest road is often the best road traveled. Seroquel is barbaric like almost any drug of its kind. of course there is more hype over it because it has been around longer so more people are able to comment and sue the company because it has got around more over the years then the newer drugs. Just say no to ALL drugs... Educate yourself. M 27 7 years
 2  Anxietty/Imsomnia Makes me pass out immediatley, very groggy. This medication frightens me. I don't think I'll continue taking it. I am on 100 mg; and within 15-20 minutes of taking this drug, I literally pass out. I'm not just saying it makes me groggy/sleepy. I mean, pass out and loose the ability to do anything, and I am not able to be woken from this coma like sleep for hours. That scares me. Also, this medication leaves me extremely 'spaced out' the following day. So while it does provide me sleep... its the kind of sleep that wouldn't alow me to be woken, even if my house is on fire. F 27 4 days

 1  Anxiety Bi-Polar type one symptoms; insomnia. M 27 2 months

 1  Skitzophraniac High blood sugar that still hasn't gone away, couldn't get out of bed, couldn't talk Almost died! Ugh This is as bass as abilify do not take F 27 1 days
1X D

 1  Anxiety Increased sleep, daytime drowsiness, difficulty driving. The most common side effect for me that I noticed was sedation. My doctor recommended me to take this along with prozac. I am on 100mg of Seroquel for anxiety. Its way to much. I don't enjoy life anymore, sleep way to much and am feeling hungry(eating more) during the day when I'm actually trying to lose weight. This is NOT a good medication if you are trying to LOSE weight. I would not recommend this medication if you are trying to lose weight. There are others out there. I've been on nearly all SSRI's, SNRI's, and Benzos. Sweroquel is not the drug of choice if your looking for something to help with anxiety/depression. I feel more paranoid on this medication also. Dont start it if you dont have to!!! Educate yourself. M 27 1 weeks

 1  anxiety, depression, pos. hypomania While on it- sleepiness. Withdrawl symptoms-too many to mention- severe nausea, hands shaking, pain in legs and arms, very weak legs- makes it hard to walk, weak arms, rapid heartbeat, incontinence, trouble swallowing, surges in energy in muscles all over, zero motivation for anything, pain in muscles all over my body. I've been off this medicine for 3 days and I'm still nowhere near feeling normal. I think this medicine is dangerous and should be banned. After taking this I feel like a bomb has gone off inside my body and I'm trying to recover and get back to feeling normal again. It seems to have affected my muscles all over my body in negative ways. I wouldn't recommend this medicine to anyone and I feel like it should be banned. F 27 4 days
25mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia MASSIVE WEIGHT GAIN, RUINED MY EYESIGHT, MEMORY LOSS, LOW WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT Seroquel should be avoided at all costs. It causes horrible and sometimes irreparable damage to people. I have gained 56 pounds in less than three years. It's not supposed to be prescribed to people without auditory/visual hallucinations or severe delusions, yet it is given to people like me suffering from anxiety. This drug causes diabetes and myriad other conditions. There is a class action lawsuit with over 15,000 plantiffs so far. Horrible! F 27 3 years
300mg 1X D
 1  Slight hypomania. Totally "zonked" out. I believe it was not neccesarily the drug but the fact that it was improperly prescribed and at an improper dose. F 27 2 weeks

 1  schizophrenia I was put on seroquel about four years ago. I was at first on 1,200 mg the thereputic dose. I have kidney, liver problems, authritis, neuropathy, obesity. Seroquel made me look like I was heroin not madication from a profesional.Seroquel is supposed to help concentration but has been shown to worsen concentration. F 27 4 days
 5  ocd/ bdd/ bpd Weight gain (no problem for me as I was very underweight; I actually like the fact I've put on 1 1/2 stone). I take it at night because of extreme tiredness (like being stoned). I crave sweet things after having taken it. Muscle twitches before sleep. Vivid, strange dreams. I love seroquel. I take 100mg as well as 40 mg prozac and they've KILLED my ocd and bdd. I don't remember feeling so happy: I enjoy my life now and before wanted to kill myself. These drugs worked will for me. M 28 4 weeks

 5  OCD/High Anxiety none I took this drug off label (its meant for bipolar/major depression) at the recommendation of my prescribing psychiatrist. The first few days I had trouble waking up and felt groggy all day, but once I got used to it I felt great. It is the only thing that has been able to calm the racing thoughts that were keeping me up all night. I only stopped taking it because I'm trying to get pregnant, and when I did stop I had no withdrawal symptoms (though I did have to ween off instead of stopping cold). M 28 1 years
50 mg 1X D

 5  bipolar disorder/insomnia/anxiety slightly more sleep, and heartburn this drug has been my savior for me atleast( i know different people handle drugs differently) gets me to sleep good i'll take and extra hour or so of sleep a day over no more than 1~3 hours per day ^.^ and as for the heartburn well it didnt start till i started taking it would probably go away if i stopped drinking mt. dew so much, has completely eliminated my insomnia, my moods are much more stable now and my life has become very carefree and happy since i started seroquel. also taken along with 150mg a day of effexor xr that i take for depression. M 28 5 months
200mg 2X D
 5  Psychotic, Bipolar, OCD, Borderline Constipation, increased appetite, SEVERE drowsiness I love this medication, I feel like its the only thing that calms my brain from psychosis and panic attacks. It makes me chill and sedated, I love it. Best drug I've tried so far and seriously the most helpful. I was extremely tired at first so I decreased my dosage and it got better. I tried to go up to 300mg but couldn't lift my head out of bed, gradually decreased to 50mg where I still feel the sedation needed but its not overwhelming as it is at a higher dose. F 28 3 months
50 1X D
 5  Bipolar II This drug SAVED my life, despite the 15 lbs I put on, I feel like I have never felt before. I have been on many antipsychotics before, and the side effects were brutal, but with Seroquel @ 300 mg I don't have ANY side effects, I take it @ 9pm, around 11pm I start feeling groggy by 3am i'm fine, up at 7am and feeling wonderful, the only thing is my appetite, I was allways thin, not so much anymore, but I was never so happy in my life, and so at peace, like I'm now. F 28 4 months
 5  Bipolar/Insomnia/Anxiety angry a bit-headache I personally LOVE seroquel, it makes me sleep(which i never can) during the day it makes me feel great, im all relaxed and giggly, I kinda feel like I did drugs on it.It dont make me hungry or anything it just makes me feel like im floating F 28 3 months

 5  Bipolar/insomnia Sleepiness is the only one really. Small weight gain, not much. 12 months ago, my behaviour was erratic, I had high levels of anxiety and it was very hard to follow my conversations. Since taking Seroquel I have gradually improved to the stage where I am almost symptom free. My dose gradually increased from 25 - 600mg over 12 months. I have had a long history with substance abuse which I believe added to my mental illness. Seroquel has worked absolute wonders in restoring me to a level footing. M 28 12 months

 4  Off Label for Anxiety/Depression I started taking 50mg at night before bed two weeks ago. First night started at 100 and it knocked me flat out. Woke up with BP of 81/57 and thought something major was wrong. 2 weeks later I've still got a fair amount of fatigue and weakness as well as a major desire to do nothing but sleep! After the major side effects stopped, this drug in addition to 10mg of Lexapro has been a lifesaver. I was having MAJOR anxiety issues and thought that I was going to go totally crazy before getting on this medication. I'm really hopeful that the side effects will continue to lessen so I can get back to a normal day's activities without wanting to take a nap. This is much better however than wanting to die, so all in all I'll take it. M 28 2 weeks

 4  Bipolar I, to bring down mania EXTREME HUNGER right before it knocks me out to go to sleep at night. Also muscle tightness in the beginning, stretching/yoga helped, tiredness now when I take 50 mg to help with racing thoughts It calmed my mania pretty quickly, I also take 1000 depakote ER generic and ativan 1.0 mg generic for anxiety usually at night. Just now starting to function and think I am able to work. I also have ADD and the mania made my ADD really bad. I have psychotherapy issues to work through, there are only so much drugs can do. God is with me so I am okay, I am a believing lies about myself but I am asking God to continue to show me the Truth and how He sees me. Also I am a healthy weight but I am experiencing increased urination, increased thrist and wanting sugar, wondering if Seroquel is causing these symptoms or making them worse. I am binging and not gaining much weight. Got blood tested, waiting for results. F 28 1 years
450 mg 1X D
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