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 2  blood in urine I had itching on the first day I took Levaquin. By the third day I had continual abdominal pain that has not ceased now four days after I stopped the medication. I stopped after the third day, because no bacteria grew in my urine sample. I am very upset with the doctor for prescribing an antibiotic when there was no indication of a bacterial infection. I questioned him on the prescription, saying that the initial tests showed no bacteria, but he insisted I take it. F 51 3 days
 2  staph infection none F 40 7 days

 2  Acute chronic sinus infection Lightheaded to dizzy, ringing ears, fatigue, unable to think or concentrate. Face is flushed and have sudden hot flashes that are not hormone related. I have been through most antibiotics that are used for sinus infections. Most no longer work for me because I have been on so many antibiotics due to this chronic condition. After 5 days, I no longer saw signs (green) of infection, but still feel lousy. F 48 5 days
 2  follow-up after sinus surgery insomnia, restlessness, feeling like I wanted to climb the wall, brain fog, anxiety Be careful with this one. It's powerful. F 25 3 days

 2  Sinus Infection Severe insomnia, heart palpitations, lack of appetite, rash, increased emotional sensitivity This is my second time taking Levaquin. The first time was for a UTI and was only 500mg. Now I'm on a 750mg dose for 5 days and haven't slept, eaten or been able to breathe due to irregular heart beat...horrible! But my sinus infection's gone... F 18 5 days

 2  sinus infection; bronchitis I took a dose of the 750 mg. levaquin around 7 pm and the next morning woke up with a uvula that was so red and swollen it blocked my throat almost completely. I never had this before and it was scary! Drs. think it was an allergic reaction. It actually started to help my sinus/bronchitis after the one pill but I had to stop taking it. Uvula took a couple of days to return to normal. I have taken the regular strength levaquin before with no problems, but I had this wierd episode with my throat after taking the levapak-- levaquin at a higher dosage that you take for 5 days. I was switched to ketek instead. I hate to think I may be allergic to this whole group of drugs because they are effective! F 56 1 days

 2  kidney infection Started with severe itching to hands and top of feet and then turned into numbness.also had insomnia after one dose. F 34 2 days

 2  sinus infection Anxziety, restless, could not sleep. Rapid heartrate. Bad shoulder pain. 500 milligrams i am a rock climber and i went from feeling fine to having super sore shoulders, like the tendons were inflamed. front top and rear of the shoulders. cant climb now and this all happened in one week!!!! hate this stuff. poison M 44 10 days

 2  Sinusitis, bronchitis after Flu Update to my posting after I started taking it for 6 hours. The flushed face went away after about 24 hours, but the jittery, nervous sensation stayed. Horrible insomnia. The worst is (still going on) the excrutiating pain in both hips. I experienced occassional pain in the feet, and sometimes in my thighs and/or calves. I am also concerned about a drooping in my eyelids. I don't see that anyone else has experienced this, but it is not my imagination. My husband and daughter also see it. But on the positive side, my cough is better and my fever has finally gone away. Called doctor and they took me off it after 2 days. I am now on 500 mg Cipro (same family), twice daily. So far, not additional side effects and the pain in my hipsis still there. Taking 750mg. Have taken 500mg before after other sinus infections. It makes me very jittery, and since I have a history of Atrial Fibrulation, I am always a bit nervous about taking it. I am allergic to a host of other antibiotics, so doctors give this to me inspite of my A Fib. This is the first time I am taking 750 mg and the first time with body pain. I will update. F 55 2 days

 2  Bronchitis Insomnia, sharp leg pain F 62 3 days

 2  bronchitis Felt kind of dizzy, nervous on the second night taking levaquin (almost like the feeling you get when you wake up and think you are falling) and had trouble sleeping. Developed yeast infection after completing prescription, but that is fairly common with any antibiotics. took 750mg for 5 days. Started to feel better on day 5 and the follwing day, however after that my symptoms came back. Very disappointing especially since it is such an expensive medication F 24 5 days

 2  Sinus infection Insomnia Probably not a great drug for sinus given the side effects. Also, doctor should have pointed out not to take it with vitamins or antacids F 40 5 days

 2  Prostate infection Foggy brain, headache, backache, heavy feeling in chest, tingling in hands, calf pain, anxiety, mood swings, fuzzy eyesite, restless sleep. Seems to be working on prostate infection but it's not worth the side effects. I told my Dr. I didn't tolerate Cipro well -and he prescribed the Levaquin - what an idiot. Cipro seems to be mild compared to Levaquin. Anyone have a similar opinion about Ciro vs. Levaquin? I have only taken three doses of Levaquin but they will be my last. M 42 3 days

 2  yes Diarreha, night sweats, insomnia, and loss of money. This drug made me poor and unemployed. Just kidding it really did make me lose sleep and feel weird to say the least. I still feel my sinus pressure and it's been 7 days of Levaquin, I'm leaving you Levaquin I'm having an affair with Biaxtin. F 29 10 days

 2  Kidney Infection Nausea, dry mouth, cramps... nothing serious. Levaquin did not clear up my kidney infection after 2 regimens. Actually, it may have added to the blood in my urine. Although I did not have any serious side effects, the medicine only made my infection worse. Because the bacteria were being treated with antibiotics, they mutated and became more resistant- caused more of a headache later. I still have traces of the infection. Please be wary when taking this medicine for kidney/urinary tract infections. F 18 2 weeks

 2  UTI Slept well at night, but sleepy during the day. No big deal though. 3 day course did not work for my UTI. F 25 3 days

 2  Kidney/Bladder infection Have had to deal with almost constant headache, sleeplessness (really tired), leg and joint pain (difficulty walking)and leg muscle jerk/tremors. Have had headaches in the past, but the rest of this is in no way normal for me. This stuff worked, seemed to be almost immediate relief from a very severe infection, however, it's going to take a lot to convince me to ever take this drug again. Will finish the 7 day 500 mg dose since only have one day left, but, that's IT !!!!! M 62 6 days

 2  cough/6weeks First night, jittery and unable to sleep,next 6 days... sore/flu-like feeling, nausea, headache,tired, legs hurt, tightness in chest...but the cough stopped! I'm sticking with it, this is day 7 of 10 @ 500mg. Really want to feel better...but will call doc after reading other's symptoms, maybe I shouldn't tough it out!:( F 43 7 days

 2  Sinus Infection Insomnia, Hot Flashes, Cold Sweats, Anxiety Attacks, Depression I am so messed up on this medicine that I'm up at 2:00 am searching the web for information on side effects. Found this site & was shocked to see how many other people are having the same reactions. I thought I was going out of my head. I'm quitting this medicine!! F 36 7 days

 2  sinus infection 500mg once a day brought on nervousness, indigestion, rapid heartbeat, and increased respirations about an hour after taking it. The side of the pill bottle warned that it could cause drowsiness so I took my first dose before bed. BIG MISTAKE! I finally got to sleep six hours after taking it! All of the above I can deal with since it wiped out the sinus infection but the dose I took two days ago made me feel mentally insane! I had some weird thoughts that sent me into an emotional meltdown. I felt completely depressed and even thought about suicide! No more for me! That's the warning they should tape on the side of the pill bottle! Or how about the doctors? Shouldn't they give you a heads up on the I would have rated Levaquin a 4 or 5 because aside from the mental side effects, it just felt like you would feel after drinking a double espresso, only for six hours. I guess that's it's half life. F 29 5 days

 2  sinus infection Nervousness, indigestion, rapid heartbeat, and increased respirations about an hour after taking it. The side of the pill bottle warned that it could cause drowsiness so I took my first dose before bed. BIG MISTAKE! I also had some weird thoughts that sent me into an emotional meltdown. I felt completely depressed and even thought about suicide! No more for me! That's the warning they should tape on the side of the pill bottle! Or how about the doctors? Shouldn't they give you a heads up on the I would have rated Levaquin a 4 or 5 because aside from the mental side effects, it just felt like you would feel after drinking a double espresso, only for six hours. I guess that's it's half life. F 29 5 days

 2  Massive Sinus Infection Sore joints. Uber-sore ankle tendons. Sore stomach. Pretty much made me sore all over, except in my Sinus, Levaquin fixed the infection and good! I would save this drug as a last ditch option to save your life from some super nasty bug. Lay off it for anything else. Do not run or work out while taking it as you could injure yourself. The tendon in your ankle can really get to stinging while taking. Side effects went away completely after a few weeks. Again, side effects went AWAY after some time, so don't panic if you have downed a bunch of it and are sore. M 35 10 days
 2  sinus infection terrible yeast infection F 20 10 days

 2  UTI Severe insomnia. I slept only two hours the first night, and four hours last night. Oddly enough, the pain in my bladder has not gone away after two doses. I only have one dose left. If I can stand the sleeplessness one more night, I hope it works F 33

 2  UTI severe sleeplessness, strange chills during the night alternating with hot flashes, dry mouth and throat F 33 3 days

 2  sinus infection i felt very dizzy about 1 hour after taking a 500mg dose of this medicine. i had sleeplessness during the night and was even awoken one night because I felt like I was choking in my sleep (not able to swallow, mouth felt numb. Heartbeat was irregular. My infection is a little better, but not really. With side effects like these, it should clear up an infection immediately but I am not feeling 100% better For a sinus infection, I would not take this. There are better medicine out there that work faster and have no side effects. Z-PAK IS BETTER F 26 3 days

 2  sinus infection I took it twice (500 mg/day)and on the second day developed intense pain in my back and neck that radiated down into my arm. It did help with the sinus infection but I am in a good deal of pain. M 34 2 days

 2  Sinus Infection 12th day dizziness, bad calf cramps w/ no reason. Odd panicky feeling. Helped Sinus issue, but other symptoms are disturbing. M 49 12 days

 2  for sinus infection lightheadedness, heart pounding, nervousness, loss of concemtration This was not worth getting rid of my sinus infection, I have been off of it for two days and the last 6 days has been increasingly worse. My heart won't stop pounding (not fast, just hard), I can't concentrate, I feel a constant nervousness/heaviness in my chest. M 29 19 days
 2  sinus infection very confused thinking when falling asleep the first night; some queasiness the first couple days; very sore hip joint starting on Day #3 and continuing even now that I am done with the medicine. I took 750 mg. for two days, & 500 mg. for 5 days. Called dr. after 4 doses because of hip joint pain. He said he didn't feel it was related to the drug and to finish the course of medicine. Three days after the final dose, my hip hurts as much as ever, if not more so. I'm also experiencing some soreness in my jawbone. Although it worked great on getting rid of the sinus infection, I would not take this drug again. I would insist on Zithromax or something from another class of drugs. I am hopeful the joint pain will go away soon, but have no guarantee that it will which is scary. F 50 7 days

 2  kidney infection-resistant e coli The first time I took Levaquin, it worked well and I had no side effects. The second time, however, joint pain and muscle weakness started on about the tenth day. I took it for a total of 14 days. I have been off of it for six days now, but the pain comes and goes. I have also had edema in my ankles and cramping and weakness in the front of my thighs. The left side is much worse than the right. I took this drug for a resistant e coli infection. If there is anything else that will work, I would not take it again. I think I would take a drug that I am allergic to, and get treated for the allergy than take Levaquin or any other fluoroquinolone again. I do not think it should be removed from the market, since it works where many other antibiotics fail, but I do think it should be prescribed with great caution and only as a last resort. F 59 14 days
 2  cellulitis drug induced lupus,serious,painful feminine itching episodes,intense joint pain while taking medication F 46 8 days

 2  UTI extreme fatigue while on the drug. three weeks after taking the drug i am experiencing severe pain in my wrists and ankles and have gained 12 pounds, although my diet is the same as it always has been. i will not take this again. i'm allergic to sulfa drugs, so i think that is why levaquin was prescribed. but now that i'm not taking it i'm gaining weight for no reason and i am in pain. this is terrible. F 38 3 days

 2  Infection Tightness in chest, rapid heart rate, sleeplessness & achy joints. Called my doctor and ordered me to stop taking medication immediately. Per the pharmacist I was having an allergic reaction to this medication. F 37 3 days

 2  Possible ear infection Swollen and achey joints. F 53 4 days

 2  severe laceration dizziness and nausea. vomited once. taking with food did not help much. felt very out of it. very expensive. F 32 7 days

 2  ear infection diarrhea F 24 2 weeks

 3  Severe Bronchitis/RLL Pneumonia After taking Levaquin for 7 days, I experienced bilateral hip pain that awoke me several times during the night. Hip pain continued over the next few days and intensified-would rate it -7/10 on numeric pain scale. Minor side effect began after taking Levaquin for 5 days. I noticed my tongue began to burn and feel extra sensitive. Within 24 hours I noticed a whitish coating on the soft palate and tongue. One of the side effect of Levaquin is thrush! I took acidophilus tablets and ate lots of yogurt to help clear this up! It took almost two weeks for the sx to subside. I am 50 years old, a runner (15-20 mi/week) and workout consistently using P90X3. The unexplained bilateral hip pain concerned me greatly so I did some research on Levaquin. I was unaware of the warnings/risks I taking Levaquin nor were they explained to me by the MD. I took extra strength Tylenol for the pain which helped and the severity of pain decreased over the next 4 days. I decided to stop running and concentrate on gentle hamstring strengthening/stretching. After 2 weeks, I began running again but continue to have tight hamstrings and occasional bilateral hip pain. I have NEVER had any of these sx before and attribute the adverse effects of Levaquin for my unexplained bilateral hip pain and tight hamstrings. Note all side effects/adverse effects/Black Box warnings prior to taking any medication. F 50 10 days
500mg 1X D

 3  Diverticulitis Joint pain and fatigue. I do have some minor arthritis in my right knee, however, the pain I am feeling currently is more than should be for the issues with my knee. Have been to the point that I can barely walk and bear weight on that knee. Pain is now mildly in left knee and is running up my thigh and down my calf on the right one. Insurance will not pay for an MRI on the knee to see if there are other issues (tear, etc). Will be calling an orthopedic to set up an appointment for evaluation, and also going for a physical therapy evaluation this week. I know I have joint issues, and maybe this is just all coincidence, but highly doubt it. Just want the pain to go away so that I can get back to a normal previously active life that I had. It has now been 4 days since my last dose of Levaquin and the pain is SLIGHTLY reduced, but still not good. Even taking Vicodin did not alleviate any of the pain, nor did a prednisone pack. On to some further evaluations to s 6 days IV Levaquin in the hospital for Diverticulitis......did have a tear in the colon. Sent home with 7 more days along with Flagyl. Another CT scan and 7 more days of Levaquin. AND a 4th CT scan and another 10 days of Levaquin. The inflammation in my colon had shifted from the left side to the right. Left was cleared/tear healed. F 58 30 days
500 mg 1X D

 3  Cellulitis Although it cleared the infection, I had a headache, earache and extreme swelling all over my body. I was so uncomfortable, I had to stop taking the med. More than 24 hours after stopping, the swelling is lessening but still there. F 54 8 days
500 1X D
 3  Sinus 2nd dose whole body felt itchy, no rash my tongue became a bit swollen 3rd dose hot flashes (not menopausing) Severe Insomnia during treatment Felt Foggy a bit dizzy for the first few days Constipation Painful joints 1 week after treatment ended have pain in my bones pelvis area and down side of one leg not sure if related. Appetite was not affected actually felt hungrier Pain in my legs is starting to worry me it gets worse when I sit for long periods of time gets better when I walk Worked well on the SInus which I had for over 3 months but I still have cough in the morning only with phelgm Wouldnt of mind taking this and feeling crappy if all my issues had been taken care of. F 48 14 days
500 1X O
 3  Sinus infection, ear infection I stopped taking Levaquin after two dosages because of Hallucinations during the night time while in an in-between awake/asleep phase. Very scary. Taking Levaquin was the only variable in my routine. It was helping my sinus infection and ear infection, but I will not take a medication with such severe and scary side effects. M 40 2 days
500 1X D

 3  sinus & ear infection started after about a week having leg, knee, calf and ankle pain. hard to walk, really hard to get up or down. it made me feel better when nothing else did, but the side effects are scaring me. M 62 14 days
500 1X D
 3  Sinus Infection You know what, I've been on this drug for 9 days, tomorrow making it 10 and I've noticed my Achilles heel was sore. Yesterday and today my ankle seems sort of swollen or if I didn't know any better I'd think it was spranged! Now I'm getting cramping in my left calf that's really pissing me off! I don't think I'm going to take this tomorrow and plus it's barely cleared the infection, like I still feel mucous swimming around in my face. This drug really should have been recalled, seriously why would any doctor put ppl on this?? F 31 10 days
500 1X D
 3  Pneumonia Insanely terrible headaches that I never had until I started taking this drug. M 46 7 days
 3  Sinusitis I took only two doses and I started to have jaw pain,chest pain and shoulder pain,I stopped the medication. F 48 2 days

 3  Pneumonia Insonomia, weakness and fatigue, vaginal dryness and itching, pulled/sore muscle, constipation. This drug is not as bad as it is made out to be, however, the side effects can be very severe. It began to dry up my cough and phlem within 2 doses. F 28 7 days
500 1X D
 3  Chronic sinus infection I already have leg and foot cramps due to the steroids I am on...but have been unable to sleep and sharp burning pain in my lower abdomen that wakes me from my sleep... does anyone under or around the age of 43 have any of these symptoms after taking this medication. I am afraid to take the rest of this.... F 43 14 days
750 1X D
 3  Diverticulitis Developed muscle twitches in my arm about 1 week after finishing the medication. Not sure it is related, but has been on-going for over 3 weeks. In the past, I have taken Cipro. This was the first time using oral Levaquin. I'm quite sure I had IV Levaquin 5 years ago when I was hospitalized with diverticulitis. No side effects at that time. In the past, I have taken Cipro and Metronidozole several times. I have also experienced dizziness during or after flare up of diverticulitis. Doctors deny any of these side effects being from the medications. M 48 10 days
1X D
 3  Septic Arthritis & Osteomyelitis I developed a ruptured quad tendon that my physicians said was a side effect. F 37 6 weeks
 3   F 35
1X D
 3  pneumonia Stomach pain as soon as I took it Headache as soon as I took it and lasted beyond stopping Now I have knee pain when I bend knees that is getting worse It cleared up some of my coughing, but i'm back to coughing again. I got some energy back but am not full speed...still fatigued F 58 10 days
500 mg 1X D
 3  VRSA None that I am aware of Also on Flagyl and IV Vancomycin 39 10 days
750 mg 1X D
 3  Sinus infection I experienced muscle pain, tendons and ligaments. Just went for a run on my 10th day of taking this medicine and I had to walk back the last mile. Cramped legs. I had other side effects, didn't think anything about it until I read other comments. It appears this drug enhances any other pain you may be experiencing - I have sciatica, the pain has been a bit more present than usual. I think the medicine got rid of my sinus infection - not with out a bit of pain... I hope this helps someone else. Overall experience - OK M 49 10 days
500 1X D

 3  Sinus Infection I am currently on day 1 of taking Levaquin and have also been prescribed Prendisone 10mg. I am an active runner and am nervous to continue taking this drug because of what I am reading. I took the same combination of drugs earlier this year and did not have any side effects. However, I am experiencing back pain right now. I have tried other antibiotics and they have not cleared up my sinus infection. Does anyone know information on Z-pack? F 31 10 days
750 mg 1X D
 3  Sinus, bronchial infection Felt better within 5 hours, but having difficulty sleeping so now feeling bad again. Intense gas pains (took gas pills which helped immediately). After reading all the reviews I will stop taking the pills because see that those with nerve problems shouldn't be using this medication. I have early onset of fibromyalgia so probably shouldn't have been perscribed these meds. F 41 2 days
750 1X D

 3  pnuemonia Right elbow sore, right middle finger sore I took this drug first for 10 days and felt fine. I started getting sick again so the doctor put me back on for 8 days. On the second day, my elbow started hurting. F 42 8 days
250 1X D

 3  UTI with kidney complications Severe insomnia the first night and subsequent nights (it is now 2:45 am). Major headache and lower back pain. Will be discussing with physician tomorrow about discontinuing. It seems like the uti is a little better and no pain in the kidneys. F 39 2 days
500mg 1X D

 3  Cronic Sinus Infection I was given this med after several rounds of other antibiotics did not clear up a cronic sinus infection. First couple of days I didn't have any side effect other than a mild back pain that I thought was just me. Then back and hips started hurting worse. Foggy mind overall feeling tired and weak. Now I have taken it for 16 days and I'm not going to finish it. I am hurting all over even my biceps hurt, hips, back and handstrings are the worst. Can't stand up straight, hard to get up and down. Feel really tired. My sister told me this was serious stuff. She said she and my Father were allergic to it and I should not take it. But they had a rash immediately and I did not. Still no rash. I usually am not allergic to any medications so I went ahead and tried it. I also wont be finishing it because my pain is getting worse and more more of my body is effected now. Cost me $40 co-pay it was expensive stuff. F 56 21 days
500 1X D
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