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 5  Multiple Sclerosis None F 40 1 days

 5  Multiple Sclerosis Have been on Copaxone for 18 years,(study participant), and have NEVER experienced the "post injection" reaction like you describe. Have been extremely happy with the lack of adverse reactions to this medication. F 63 1 days
20 MG

 5  RRMS Redness, flushing, fevers every once in a while. For fever times I take a Benadryl and it seems to help. Had one episode 13 years ago none since, I will defiantly stay on copaxone even with some lousy side effects M 50 10 years
 5  ms The usual nasty skin reactions most times. I HAVE FOUND THAT KEEPING ABSOLUTELY STILL FOR ABOUT 1/2 HR. AFTER INJECTION HAS HELPED DRAMATICALLY WITH THE PAIN. After 13 yrs. my skin is in pretty good shape (discoloured, lumps but no degredation). I have had the severe body side effects occassionally. In the last few years have become more frequent, severe, lasting longer (several hours). Yesterday was really bad so I am researching if there is anything I can do to lessen the reaction. The first time I had a severe reaction was about 1 yr. after taking Copaxone in 1998. My MS doctor took me off it immediately. After about 6 month I felt my symptoms getting worse so I asked to start again. Copaxone has really helped and I do not want to stop, but am concerned about severe reactions. Others have suggested 25 mg. of benadryl and an Epipen. I will try the benadryl and talk to my Dr. about the pen. Anyone have any other ideas? F 60 15 years
20 1X D
 5  MS none been working great M 50 7 years
20mg 1X D

 5  MS None M 27 5 days
20 1X D

 5  MS Injection site reactions vary each day; redness, burning, itchy, bruising, soreness, lumps. Reactions lasting anywhere from an hour to several days per injection site. ONE time, immediate post injection reaction; rapid heart beat, chest pain, flushing, lasted half an hour. I have been on and off COPAXONE for 9 years. While I was on it, my MRIs never changed- and I had no relapses (except for the ongoing fatigue, and mild cognitive issues) however because the injections were painful and tiresome I would stop taking it occasionally, and finally quit for 2 years. After I quit, I started having small relapses lasting 3 weeks- 3 months. Then after 2 years I had an MRI showing new and active lesions. Needless to say I have chosen to go back on COPAXONE and put up with the pain, as I know it was working for me before. F 33 9 years
20 mg 1X D

 5  RRMS Little stinging not bad. Some welts that go away within an hour. Large egg formed with one of my arm injections with no pain it may be because I dont have a lot of fat there. Other than that it has become just another part of my daily routine. I was recently diagnosed October 24, 2011. This was after years of issues that could not be explained. I had no health insurance so an MRI was out of the question. After getting insurance i was diagnosed within a few weeks. I am doing very well and have very positive outlook. My symptoms were mostly numbness in hands and feet and some days of severe fatigue. In the past month all symptoms have gone away. I have high hopes for capaxone and look forward to staying as active as I have been all my life. I am a 10 year old in a 41 year olds body and believe capaxone is going to help me stay this way!!! Stay positive and give it a chance. F 41 30 days
20MG 1X D
 5  rrms the expected itching , lumps in thighs, slight stinging...... All things I can live with vs. The alternative. Copaxone has helped me greatly! No more tingling in legs, no more weird sensation in my back when I tilt my head down, no more numbness in my hand! Yaaaay copaxy! Only thing I am is extremely exhausted tired.... Boo! Not sure if that is related to the meds or just an MS thing.... F 35 9 months
20 1X D
 5  MS Minimal side effects--I think. My weight has fluctuated a lot over the last 21 years, so I don't know if Copaxone has anything to do with that. Same thing with anxiety & back pain. I've been treated for anxiety since before I started Copaxone almost 12 years ago (started 10/99) and I'm quite heavy and my lifestyle is very sedentary, so that's probably why I have back pain. Sometimes I have injection site reactions (big lump, pain, hot feeling) but they don't last very long (just a few minutes). The injection itself almost never hurts. Sometimes I try to inject in a place where scar tissue is present and that hurts quite a bit and the needle doesn't want to go in. So of course I try another spot and don't force it. I think Copaxone is a great medicine. The symptoms I used to have frequently (dizziness/light-headedness, numbness in limbs) have all but disappeared. And I haven't had a major relapse since I started Copaxone. I continue to have severe, chronic depression and a lot of anxiety, but it is unknown whether that is caused by my MS. F 45 11 years
20 MG 1X D
 5  Multiple Sclerosis Redness and soreness at injection site; It can be a little embarrassing in a bikini to have welts but it is well worth it to be healthy and relapse free. I have been on Copaxone for over 9 years and it has been terrific. Although the injections are not fun, the medicine really works. Not only have I been relapse free, but my lesions have gone away. Despite the injection daily (which I have gotten used to), I cannot see myself changing medications since it is working so effectively and without side effects (other than the welts from the injections). I am looking ahead to kids and research shows you can continue to take it during pregnancy without harming the baby and continue taking it while you breast feed. Copaxone has kept me healthy, feeling great, and looking forward to not having another relapse for many years to come. F 29 9 years
1mg 1X D
 5  RRMS I experience the usual site redness, bee string appearance, and wt gain. Asked WHOM motivates me to take the THERAPY...it is NOT a medication, ME,ME,ME I am the only one who suffers if I don't, my Dr.,hubby, son, don't!!! Take responsibility for YOURSELF. If you are deciding to "go off" copaxone, ask yourself how you will feel NOT being on it..you can't answer that one!!! Let alcohol swabbed area DRY before injecting!!! F 61 6 years
20mg 1X D

 5  Diagnosed with MS 6 years ago I inject at night before I go to sleep. slight sting, sometimes not even that, a small welt that is usually gone the next day. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and starting taking Copaxone right away. I used to ice the area to be injected and that was good. But one night I just injected to a nice fatty part usually my stomach or my thighs. I don't know if it's working but so far there have been no changes that would effect my quality of life. It seems my doctor picked the right medicine. F 52 6 years
30 mg. 1X D
 5  rrms nothing major in 5 years. little swelling at site. because of thin arms hated arm shots. dr said skip this. if it aint broke dont fix it! no relapses but worried if rest of my innmune system is ok. had kidney stones 2 years ago, and am in midst of prostate scare. M 55 5 years
20 1X D
 5   Some itching, burning at injection site. Fat atrophy on top of thighs. One episode of chest tightness, wheezing and flushing-lasted only few minutes but frightening. MS nurse specialist suggested Zyrtec 10 mg at bedtime daily to help with injection rx's-has helped tremendously!! Take at bedtime as can make you sleepy. I have not had a relapse since the one that gave me a diagnosis-as far as I'm concerned there are no other drugs! No longer have to have yearly MRI-my scans improved steadily for several years and now show no new progression F 45 7 years
20mg 1X D

 5  RRMS Some swelling at injection site. Stinging/burning after some shots. Tenderness. Sometimes minor brusing. I have found that gently pressing on the injection site w a cotton ball right after the shot for 1 full minute helps with keeping the lumps and bruising to a minimum. Apply cold pack after. Keep 5 syringes at a time in a room temp bag so I don't have to wait to inject. Thank goodness there is a drug on the market that is not an interferon. No relapses since on it. Hope to be on it for decades or until a cure. This drug is to lengthen time between relapses and lessen bad effects from relapses. Not meant to treat current symtoms or even help with fatigue. F 48 4 months
20 mg 1X D

 5  MS Injection site "Bee Sting" but this seems to be less severe each time. Some redness and a lump (again less severe each time). Overall I'm actually excited with this treatment. Dx 2003, I tried Avonex for first 2 1/2 yrs. Hated side effects. Was on Tysabri 3 years and had shingles twice now trying Copaxone. I have to say I'm very happy. I don't have to rely on my husband for Avonex injections (I couldn't give myself the IM injection) and don't have to rely on an Infusion center for Tysabri. The needles don't hurt and my hopes are the site reactions will be minimal after some time. F 47 21 days
20 1X D
 5  RRMS Mild burning, sometimes raised welt but disappears by morning, also sometimes bruising but doesn't hurt. This is a relatively safe drug to take. For those of us who are trying to do everything we can to stave off another relapse, it is a lifesaver. It has stabilized my MS and has given me more energy (or less fatigue). While I am not crazy about giving myself shots everyday for the rest of my life, the mild site injection challenges are a small price to pay for the chance at slowing down this disease. All in all the autoinjector is a fantastic way to inject yourself if you can't seem to do it manually. F 48 3 weeks
1 ml 1X D

 5  MS I haven't had any of the horrible side effects I have heard about. I do have lumps, but I rotate injections religiously and haven't had any issues with my tissue. :) Taking Copaxone is a non-event for me. My thighs are the worst - not much fat. But, everything else is easy. I use the autoinjector, don't use heat or cold, just make sure it's room temperature and shoot! :) I take mine at night, right before bed. F 39 1.5 years
1X D

 5  RRMS Stinging, some lumps, some itching, some bruising I was very nervous about the stinging and itching before starting copaxone, but I have found both to be very tolerable. My hubby gives me my injections daily with the Autoject. I've actually given myself a few shots when time did not allow my hubby to do it. Sometimes I don't feel anything, sometimes the shot hurts (mostly for me in the thighs). I make sure to allow the shot to warm to room temp, rotate the sites faithfully, and always use an ice pack after. If you're a newby, please don't be afraid of the shots. I'm a total wimp and I can totally deal with them daily. F 38 90 days
20 mg 1X D

 5  ms Pain, Swelling, Itching At first I had pain, but you have to numb the area with an ice pack 10 to 15 min before and after the shot. My Dr. also said to take Tylenol ˝ hr before taking the shot. That helps with pain. I also had itching. My MS specialist told me to take Claritin for the itching and it WORKED WONDERS for me. I tried cortisone cream everything and nothing worked. After my body acclimated to the Copaxone I had less swelling and pain. Now all I do is take my shot out in the morning and take it as is in the afternoon. I no longer have to ice the area, nor take the Claritin etc. Nor do I have pain. It took awhile to get to that stage but that’s what worked for me. Hope it helps someone. F 42 8 years
1X D
 5  RRMS Stinging, temporary hives in some site locations, itching It's me, the Laurel and Hardy video lady checking back in. It's now been 8 months, and I've got to say not much has changed from the first time I left feedback 90 days into Copaxone therapy. Still haven't had any of the panic attacks or heart attack-type symptoms. But as I said before, not everybody gets that. Maybe someday I will, but I'm not afraid of it; to me, it still beats seeing double or going to the hospital daily for Pred infusions - or worse. Will get an MRI in January, this will tell the story on whether or not RRMS is worsening, or (as I suspect) I'm holding my own. To the newbies out there just diagnosed or starting on Copaxone, take some comfort in knowing you are not alone by a long shot. I mentioned before a cure in the works; Google Dr. Paolo Zamboni. Think we're about to see the end of MS. F 49 8 months
20 1X D

 5  MS Injections sites would sting at the time, and then be itchy for days afterwards. Witch hazel gel helped. But this only lasted for the first few months. Occasionally get a stinger now, but it's rare. Always warm the syringe in the palm of your hand for a few minutes so that the liquid is at body temperature before injecting! A couple of times have experienced the "panic attack" symptons they warn about. Went very hot (to the extent of having to strip off - couldn't cope with anything touching me) and felt a bit sick. However, this resolved within an hour. No relapse or progression (that I know about anyway) since I started. The neuro says this is because my MS is mild (two relapses 1 and 5 months before starting). Who knows, and who cares? Not about to risk it! F 41 4.5 years
1 1X D

 5  MS Lumps, itching, bruising, burning. When I first started using Copaxone the needle would slip right into my skin, now it takes some pushing to get it in at certain places. I'm wondering if this is in my head or if my skin is becoming tough from repeated injections (I rotate injection sites like I'm supposed to). I don't know if it's helping or not. I've only had two episodes of symptoms in my life. June 2008 and Jan 2010. Copaxone is the first therapy I've used. I like that it has few side effects and that 80% of users are still mobile after many years of living with the disease. I take my copaxone every day because I do NOT ever want to be in a wheelchair. Going to have my MRIs redone soon so I guess I'll find out if it's working! F 26 2 months
20mg 1X D
 5  M.S The general swelling, itching, and bruising Ditch the auto injector if you can. It does not hurt nearly as badly if your not getting punched with the auto injector daily. This medication works great for me only one relapse in 3 years. F 28 3 years
1X D

 5  M.S. Stinging after injection was very bad at first..actually, horrible. But now, after nearly 2 months of being on it, the stinging only lasts a few mins and is much less intense Seems like it is working well M 24
20mg 1X D

 5  RRMS Site sting, itch, some areas a small goose egg. Never thought I'd have to take a daily shot. Had 2 episodes of optical neuritis 7 years apart, and MRI came back showing 3 brain lesions this trip. After learning about drug options, Copaxone was a no-brainer for me (no pun intended); very nice Shared Solutions Instructor came to my house and I learned that even nervous newbies can self-administer easily with the AutoJect. Providing, that is, they remain calm and don't get rattled or have a spaz attack over burning, itching or skin indentations. You have to be honest with yourself as to which you'd rather deal with; burning, itching, dents and maybe a bad 15 minute episode - or MS progression and possibly more lesions. I haven't have any of the serious side effects, and may never experience them at all. Not everybody does. But if I do, I'll know what the deal is and have Laurel and Hardy ready to watch to pass the time. :) I don't mean to come off like I have all the answers, I sure don't; if I did, MS and RRMS would be a thing of the distant past. I'm fairly confident they soon will be anyway. But being as honest as I can, remaining calm before a shot and being careful to avoid veins at all cost may make all the difference (using a flashlight at close range can help you see veins that normal household lighting might hide). I'm staying with Copaxone - only complaint I'd have is my monthly cycle goofed up right after I started on it; but I'm also "at that age", so could be the big M setting F 48 90 days
20 MG 1X D

 5  RRMS The usual. Itching at the injection site. I was diagnosed in March, 2009 after two exascerbations in 5 months. After the diagnosis, I started an all-out assault: Copaxone & LDN, along with a Low-fat/No Gluten diet. I'm glad to say that I have had no relapses in almost a year and the number of enhancing lesions on my MRI has went from 19 to 2. M 43 300 days
 5  MS Injection site lumps redness, short lasting. Permanant scars yuck Have been using Copaxone since diagnoses Macrh 2000 10 years. No real MS issues, it's toss up between menopause and MS F 50 10 years
 5  MS I've been on Copaxone for almost 4 years and have pretty much been symptom free for that entire time. I do get tired every now and then but I truly believe that my symptoms would be worse if I wasn't on it. Sometimes the shot hurts more than others. I like that it doesn't make me feel sick like I've heard the others can. I've never tried any other treatment and I see no reason to. F 39 4.5 years
 5  RRMS Intense pain, burning, and stinging, severe itching & welts the next day that lasts for weeks, and skin discoloration that seems to take forever to fade. The Copaxone injections were unbearable when I first started them, but now the shots are relatively painless and the side effects I was experiencing have pretty much resolved with the exception of the skin discoloration, but those are "battle scars" I can live with. Having watched my dad lose an eight year battle with PPMS, I'm very happy on Copaxone. Just had my first MRI since starting the medication a year ago and everything is stable with no relapses! F 30 13 months
 5  RRMS Intense pain, burning, and stinging, severe itching & welts the next day that lasts for weeks, and skin discoloration that seems to take forever to fade. The Copaxone injections were unbearable when I first started them, but now the shots are relatively painless and the side effects I was experiencing have pretty much resolved with the exception of the skin discoloration, but those are "battle scars" I can live with. Having watched my dad lose an eight year battle with PPMS, I'm very happy on Copaxone. Just had my first MRI since starting the medication a year ago and everything is stable with no relapses! M 29 1 years
 5  RRMS Injection site reactions - redness, lumps, itching. Some mild hair loss after about 2 months, which lasted about 2 months. All side effects cleared up after time. I started Copaxone after having 2 relapses in 2 months. I have now been on it for a year and have had no relapses. The injection site reactions are much less noticeable, but still present in milder forms - if you hang in there for a couple months they will likely clear up too. F 29 1 years

 5  MS Just a little soreness at injection site which goes away fairly rapidly. Don't know if it's working. F 55 3 months

 5  MS stinging at site...usually goes away within an hour. Have had 1 "site reaction"... scariest thing I've ever experienced...I'm pretty sure I injected it into a vein...am now more careful with how I inject...no more quickly hitting areas outside of known safe spots. The shortness of breath, locking up of back muscles, bowel and bladder spasticness...I thought I was dying...actually called 911 before calling the DR. It went away after approx. 30 minutes. Take a shot daily...never miss it...told the company to stop calling...they keep checking up on me...I explained that I will never miss my copaxone shot. Has helped trmendously. The biggest help for me...for two years of MS symptoms, having absolutely no libido was the hardest thing with which to deal...and understand. I'm sure the wife thought I was messing around on her. But, honestly, had absolutely no libido....after having a kid, and a cold wind getting me excited...seriously, nada. A naked woman could have walked up in front of me and done bent over at the waist...I would have blown her off. Since the copaxone, the libido has clicked back on...it's amazing...I will never miss my shot of copaxone. Frankly, I'm back to being a pig again...I'm sure there are times when the wife would like to hide the Copaxone!! The ten doctors I had seen before finding a cure all told me that I was getting old, too fat, etc... However, I knew something was wrong. :) M 44 5.5 months

 5  MS - changed from betaferon Palpitation and shallow breathing in first three months. Sore lumps and immediate swelling, hot site for a few hours, tender site usually for 2 - 3 days, extreme immediate site itching, occassional bruising. I find warming in hand to body temperature minimises pain. V happy with drug as have not had a major exacerbation since starting it, and I am a bit slack sometimes. Open to any suggestions of any supplements that might help. FYI since starting B12 injections, I have improved in this area dramatically. F 44 30 months
 5  Multiple Sclerosis Skin hardening at injection spots slightly, some bruising For folks just starting - let me assure you that it gets easier! I've been on it since August 2002 (6 years as I write this). The injection barely stings anymore. I've never had one of those bad reactions. Inject only where they advise it. F 52 6 years
 5  ms no side effects at all. sometimes, rarely a slight stinging at injection site. i believe this is when i don't give the alcohol time to dry before injecting. i love it- have been on it for 10 years. yes, i am a bit worse, but how worse would i be if i was not on it?? F 48 10 years

 5  RRMS for 2 years Usual itching and red welp at injection site. The longer I used it, the less and less it itches. Try anti itching cream the next day after injection, it will help. Just don't apply the same day. I was diagnosed when I could not see, hardly walk and had no strength to get up out of a chair. Took about a month 1/2 for a diagnosis, but soon as I started on the Copaxone, my eyesite came back in about a week. Still have the usual MS symptoms, but my MRI is stable! F 33 2 years

 5  rrms Itching and redness at injection site Great medicine. i would recommend to anyone with rrms. F 27 6 years
 5  RPMS (Relapsing Progressive) Lumps, Welts, periodic itching at injection site. Piece of cake as far as I'm concerned compared to heavy flu-like symptoms for 36 to 48 hours every week for 4 years! It's important to bring the Copaxone to room temperature BEFORE injecting, I take 5 doses out of the fridge at a time (1 card) when I have two left from the card I take out the next card of 5. Heat to injection site BEFORE injecting, then ice AFTER if needed. I don't use heat or ice any longer, because it's not necessary. Stinging might happen the first minute or two following injection, but not often. Lumps can be massaged away 24 hours after injection. The only time that I had the problem with breathing was the day I definitely dumped the entire injection directly into a vein. Scarier than Halloween and Freddy Kruger combined, but it does pass, you just have to remember to keep telling yourself to breath slowly and deeply. Easier said than done, but if you panic you hyperventilate. Don't put your head between your knees After 4 years on Avonex, being sick 2 days out of 7 and still progressing in disability, having to take 4 Advil at 2, 4, 6 & 8 p.m. to inject at 9 p.m. then 4 more Advil at 10 p.m. just to cut the flu-like symptoms down to those 24 to 48 hours (otherwise I had symptoms for 6 days following the injection)I will stop taking Copaxone when they pry it out of my cold dead hands. I'm so enthusiastic about Copaxone because I felt it start working the very first injection, and have been on a fairly uphill trend since then. It's not necessary to use my cane, unless I've been exposed to high temperatures for more than 2 hours. I've been able to return to work part-time and today I baked a cake AND cooked dinner as well.. Things I haven't been able to do for more than several years. M 49 1.5 years

 5  secondary progressive ms Diagnosed and began treatment of Copaxone injections daily December 29, 2007. I would take them 4 times a day or more if I had to. They do help!!!! Take a weeks worth out of the fridge and place a weeks worth in a dark place. (Don't let the sunlight damage the medication) Look at the liquid before injecting. If the sunlight damages it, it will be yellow or cloudy. If the med it cold and it enters your warm body, you will get severe redness, itching, pain. I went through it. You still may get a little but nothing like before. I was having severe attacks weekly. Lesion developments leaving severe damage. I thank GOD for COPAXONE development!! Take it! Don't miss a day! Lesions develop even when you aren't aware. My first MRI in Nov. showed more than 20. It's too late for me. Don't let it be for you! F 41 2 months

 5  RRMS Aside from the usual sting burning itching and red welt no other obvious side effects. It is very important to rotate injection sites. Scar tissue develops and can hamper the ability to inject.I am wandering tho' if anyone else has experienced memory loss and weight gain with prolonged use. I have been using copaxone for 10 years. Despite the fact that I do have the occasional pity party--you know the why me thing happening I am so thankful and grateful the copaxone is helping.Before I started on it,every aspect of life was a real trial. Just getting out of bed and dressing was an effort. Even speaking took too much energy. Fatigue was a major problem. Now with modifications at work for me(thanks to a very understanding boss)I am able to continue my full-time employment ans because of copaxone am able to lead a full life. F 57 10 days
 5  CIS (probable MS) My first injection with the nurse was a peice of cake. I chose to do it manually because the autoinject was more intimidating. I used to have a fear of needles but I'm fine now. I like the control of doing it manually. I have had no side effects other than a little redness in abdomen spot on first try in that site. Lasted less than an hour. It's probably because I'm still getting used to poking my skin firmly enough. I'm happy that it's going so well. Much better than I anticipated. My M.S. nurse taught me to do my injections. She told me to warm them up under my arm beforehand so they are body temp. The Shared Solutions nurse argued that they want it room temp. I am taking my nurse's word for it since I have had no reactions. Also, my nurse told me not to use ice and the S.S. nurse contradicted this. I think my nurse is right. Ice constricts and then the med needs to find the path of least resistance. Maybe it makes the med pool up in the area longer creating a site reaction. Who knows. I am fine without it though. The S.S. nurse also is pushing the autoinject. I am starting to wonder what their agenda is. I trust my nurse who deals with people with MS face to face over someone who sits at a desk with a script. F 34 4 days

 5  RRMS Slight sting when needle goes in. After the injection sometimes it hurts slightly and other times it doesn't. I am very happy to be on this treatment! I was experiencing severe exacerbations and now the symptoms are so mild I hardly notice. I am curious about my next MRI to see if my leasions have stayed the same. I almost feel like my old self. F 51 8 months
 5  MS disabled Have lumps from injections. twice I have had severe reation with extreme pain, vomiting, sweating, loss of continence. Symptoms subsided after several hours. I think I injected into a vein. Has helped me tremendously. Initial diagnosis during 4 days in hospital, unable to walk or stand. Steroids gave me energy to go home. I had difficulty speaking, doing math and walking. Copaxone has enabled me to work full time and enjoy a normal existance. The NORD program has provided grants so I can continue to have this effective treatment M 57 2 years

 5  RRMS I have had the common things like Bumps and Swelling and Site Pain and Redness, but it's all fine. My most unusual one is of Hyper Emotional Sensitivity. I would 'Cry' after something like standing on an ant. Incredible. This subsided very quickly after I started taking my Zoloft with my Copaxone at night before sleep. I was diagnosed with RRMS after a near complete shutdown of my body. When I did not die of the Stroke or Tumor that I was “suffering” from, an MRI and other tests found the MS. Seems that I have had it for over 20 years, just undiagnosed. I have the normal symptoms like fatigue, weakness, shaking and loss of muscle control, They wax and wane. BUT - My main symptoms have been not so much to do with the physical as the mental side of life. From the bad Depression to the bad Memory, from the change in Personality to the Mood Swings and Impatience, the list can go on and on. I can only say that MS can be very insidious. Since I started treatment with the Copaxone, many if not most, of my symptoms have diminished to a very noticeable and acceptable stage. I actually look forward to what the future holds, and I really do put it down to the Copaxone, Because I have done nothing else different. And hey, the walking stick makes me look distinguished. M 46 10.5 days
 5  RRMS Daily warm, red, welt at injection site. Occasional itching. Slight stinging sensation for 15 min or so after injection. Mind over matter works for me. I do some mentally and physically challenging work every day immediately after the injection. I immediately forget about the sensations and that's it until the next day. Site rotation is crucial to injection success. I've never given an injection in the same spot more than once a year. All seven of my areas are as clear and healthy as they were 4 1/2 years ago when I started Copaxone. Good grief, if you're suffering from site problems, call Shared Solutions and have them send one of their nurses to your house to figure out what's going on! God bless us all. F 53 4.5 years

 5  Multiple Sclerosis I set my auto injector on 6 1/2 and it doesn't bruise or leave indent's anymore. After I attended a conference the Rep for Copaxone said all it has to do is get in the fat under the skin and if you're bruising your needle is to deep so I went from 6 to 6 1/2 and it's been GREAT. I only experience a bee sting experience it gets worse before it gets better and I definitely don't mess with the sight because my Nurse said don't touch it for 24 hours after the injection. I was scared to death at first but it's been an easy adjustment I worried to much about. I've only been on it for 5 months I was diagnosed with RRMS in April 2007 and I'm 41. I hope this medicine works. I don't want to have flu like symptom's that the other drugs give you. F 41 5 months
 5  MS Sometimes a bump at injection site. No others except for tonite when I hit a muscle on my arm. Owie! But there are no side effects to this drug for me. I believe this combined with Pilates has made me clear minded and physicially strong and coordinated. About six months ago I noticed an drastic change - I had not felt this good for years. F 23 months
 5  MS Insect like stinging and lump for abour 15mins. Lump lasts about 4 days. Now experiencing dipping in areas where I inject. Feeling of being choked, difficulty in breathing after 1-2 mins of injecting. Itchy skin, tiredness. I was very lucky to trial the drug back in 1998 and have taken the drug ever since. The drug had great benefits to me and reduced the severity of my relapses and also went alot longer between relapses. Recently all my injection site areas have started to dip, making injecting very painful. Would love to hear from anyone with similar symptoms. F 44 9 years
 5  MS occasional injection site reaction. I took Rebif for 7 months, and the side effects were intolerable. Copaxone seems so far to have good efficacy with no side effects.......I am very pleased. M 38 2 months

 5  MS Swelling and stinging at the injection sight but it subsides after an hour or so. I am now having some problems with my taste buds - I can't taste my food like I use to but that is it. F 40 11 days
 5  MS The usual redness, bruising, itching, a few IPIRs. Has been so much better than anything else for me even with the side effects from the med. Stopped the quarterly exacerbations I was having before Copaxone. F 41 10 years

 5   The usual redness, bruising, itching, a few IPIRs. Has been so much better than anything else for me even with the side effects from the med. Stopped the quarterly exacerbations I was having before Copaxone. F 4 10 years

 5  MS Redness and swelling at injection site. This medicine is making me feel so much better then the Betaseron I was taking. I am even walking better. F 34 14 days
 5  MS I have a "stinging" sensation 30 seconds after injection. I've only been on it for a week so time will tell if any other side effects show up. I've started dreaming a lot. I usually don't dream or at least I don't remember them. In the last 6 days I've dreamed and remembered them 3 times. Really weird. Anyone else experience this?? F 41 7 days
 5  RRMS I had a slightly stinging sensation in the injection site but that disappears quickly. Other than that, I don't have any side effects I take my injection at night and moisturize my skin with baby lotion in the morning. I haven't had any skin problems and it's been close to a year. F 43 330 days

 5  MS Mostly I have only had lumps or swellin/itching/stinging at the injection site but recently I began applying heat (a suggestion from Shared Solutions)when I do my injections and it has helped reduce the swelling/itching/stinging problems significantly. For the most part my symptoms have been non-existant until recently and i think that is a good portion of my fault because I had gotten realllly relaxed about doing my injections and began missing injections (very often). Until recently, June, I had not had any symptoms since November 2001. Yes, almost 5 years. Silly me!! F 31 4 years

 5  m non non F 38 1 days

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