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 4  Substitute for MS Contin Seems to work as well as MS Contin, without the gastrointestinal problems. Pharmacy gave me this because they were out of MS Contin generic. Expensive, $127 vs $6. Have insurance. Taken for severe neuropathy and PAD. Cannot walk without this med. M 58 30 days
100 3X D

 4  degeneritive joint desease good constipstion only...i take senna S ....4 per day....works great for me.... F 60 4 years

 5  nerve root sleeve tumor @ L5 S2 Some constipation but I've found that eating cold cereal with fresh fruit daily works well. Occasionally I need to take a stool softener. Senecot-S is great-no stomach cramps. I have been taking Kadian for about 6 years in conjunction with 30 mg. Oxycodone 3x day F 59
100 MG 5X D
 5  Disc degen fibro mitiple breaksBACK Constipation controlled with stool softners and occational exlax of some type i was switched around several times and finally settled on an extended release MS. My doc retired and upon switching care givers i asked to stay on my exact same mexication i dont feel stoned even taking 60mg IR as needed daily which pushes me to 500mg a day of mprophine it just helps take the edge away. I work 12hour shifts in oilfield supply and this drug makes that possible. I know some people want that punch in the face from Narcs this will not do that.BTW they are close to killing pain without opioids))) SIGN ME UP I HATE TAKING MEDS!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL M 32 3 days
160×2 day
 3  Chronic low back and left leg pain Constant constipation, sleeplessness, dull pain all the time, sharp pain in low back and down left leg if I stand or squat down for long periods, like trying to work on my lawnmower. sweating, nausea and blurred vision. I actually took MS Contin and it made me deathly sick. I had to stop taking them and was introduced to Kadian as a substitute. I worked for awhile and then I had to increase the strength several times until I got to 80mg. He then put me on Lyrica 150mg twice daily to help the nerve pain in my left leg. Along with Celebrex 200mg and Zoloft for depressiion and pain, I don't hurt too bad. I feel spaced out most of the time and I have been taking these drugs for about 15 years. M 62 15 years
80 MG 2X D
 2  3 protruding cervical disks, DDD, Constipation, sweating, dizziness, confusion, thoughts of dieing (not suicide, just that i am going to die), feeling of loss, sleepiness, sleeplessness, overall feeling of laziness If this drug works for you, great... more power to you! It is terrible for me and does NOTHING to help with the pain. Unless of course you consider that the side effects have taken priority over the pain, sort of like smashing your foot because you arm hurts and now all you can think about is how your foot hurts. M 32 2 weeks
20mg ER 1X D
 3  Spinal cord srimulator Blood Sugar Drops Every Day 10 surgeries in the last 12 months. Spinal Cord Simulator keeps moving off the nerve and the Dr. made a few mistakes. M 43 2 months
100mg 2X D
 5  Crohns,steonsis,and ddd F 39 2 months
80 mg

 4  spinal stenosis, ddd, degenerative bad constipation, night sweats, fear of being without , sex drive has disappeared after reading other comments, I realized just how much of my discomfort, not pain discomfort, is directly because of Kadian. My dr. prescribed morphine sulfate er this month and I was researching the difference between them. certainly the cost 900 Kadian I don't know yet the cost of the Morphone sulfate er. F 59 3 years
100mg 2X D
 4  DDD, spinal stenosis constipation. Take MiraLax for it. MiraLax is great. Was on ms contin but after taking over a year I would get about 6hrs of relief instead of nearly 12 hrs. Seems to be doing great. What I like is that there are no peaks and valleys with it. Its the same as ms contin. Only difference is the way it is released into your system. It feels more even, smoother. M 40 3 days
2X D

 4  Fibro, herniated disc Constipation I was on the duragesic patch for 2 1/2 years--it worked but I had a truly bad experience with a bad patch. Per my request my doc took me off of the patch & I needed to be on something and she recommended Kadian. I wish I new about this years ago--this works well for me. I am able to do a lot more--I don't have to worry about anything falling off and not getting the meds. With Kadian and any other controlled medication u must take it as scheduled -- don't miss a dose or you risk withdrawal symptoms. Great medication for those who need it--you must have chronic every day pain & have tried several other narcotics prior to using Kadian. Kadian is a great medication when prescribed ton the right person and taken properly. F 36 6 months
60 2X D

 4  DDD, spondylosis, herniated disc Maddening constipation, but taking fiber pills & eating Shredded Wheat, apples. I can actually get out of bed! I also take Vicodin for breakthru pain. The only drawback is very few pharmacies carry this med. I had never heard of it before. Had taken MSER in the past & the difference is Kadian doesn't give you the high feeling, a GOOD thing. F 40 3 months
20mg 2X D
 4  Severe Neck and Back Pain/Injuries Constipation resolved with stool softener/laxative. I was injured in 2000 and again in 2008. I am 38 years old and I have severe neck and back pain which basically took my life away from me. I have been on many medications and tons of Physical Therapy and chiropractic work. Nothing gave me as much relief that I get from Kadian. I also take it with Amrix (one nightly) and have Norco 10 for breakthrough pain. Since starting the Kadian, there has been a HUGE increase in my activity. I can walk around the block twice or ride my bike for about 20 minutes. I still have breakthrough pain, however, not near the pain I've been in for so many years. I can sleep through the night without pain waking me up any longer. I also don't notice much drowsiness as I did with other medications, however, the constipation is no fun. I took a laxative/stool softener nightly with no luck x 4 days. I finally drank MOM. Nothing. Drank MOM the next night and ohhhhhh let me tell ya...major incontinence on my way to work the next evening! Oh my gosh what a horror! So...I use the stool softener/laxative but will stay away from the MOM! All that said, I feel that my doctor has given me my life back by prescribing me Kadian and Amrix. Thanks Doc! F 38 1 years
40 mg 2X D
 5  extreme pain constipation and the solution is: I take pysullium husks mixed with juice which helps with this issue. I take two heaping tablespoons every other day. You mix it and drink it quick(its a bit unpleasant tasting so I use juice not water) before it gels. I buy the pure husks at whole foods or trader joes! This med helps me lead a almost normal life. I would have a hard time without it!! I take 15mg oxycodone 3X's a day in addition! M 57
2X D

 5  several auto immune diseases mild constipation, nothing otherwise i have several auto-immune disease causing severe/constant pain - systemic cns lupus & vasulitis affecting my heart, brain, connective tissue, pulmonary fibrosis, and suspected MS. i take enough meds as it is, only had to take it 2xday, great pain control, no stomach or fogginess issues, rarely needed my 'rescue' immediate release dilaudid. F 42 1.5 years
60mg 2X D

 3  Chronic low back pain Constipation(pretty normal with narcotic pain killers) blurred vision(reading close up)and urination problems(starting). My local DR eventually had me taking (3) 7.5/750 Hydrocodone 3X a day. While it worked pretty well it lasted 2 hours and the doses just keep increasing. I HATED the ups and downs of the pain with this medication. I felt I was always planning my days with my kids based on my medication. Even planning days at work such as waiting to take my meds so I can sit through an hour meeting. I really liked the "time release" aspect of Kadian although it took a couple hours to kick in and NEVER lasted 12 hours like it was supposed to. I was given Morphone Sulphate Immediate Release (MSIR) 15mg, 2 tablets 2x a day and that helped with the delayed "kick in" but didn't help with the voids created with the Kadian not lasting 12hrs. While Skelaxin worked best, I had to switch to (2) 10mg Flexiral 2X a day. I still struggle with everyday tasks (20 mins on a riding lawnmower) resulting in a full day sitting in my chair "recovering." I guess I have to decide when enough is enough and seek surgery but until then this is better than it was. I have seen my father go through 3 surgery's, my oldest brother have 1 surgery and the middle brother go through 2 surgery's all with minimal temporary relief only to be worse off after the fact. I will put off surgery as long as possible. M 43 2 years
60mg 2X D
 1  Multiple DVTs, Gallbladder stones Dry mouth, constipation and night sweats. Did nothing for my pain, absolutely nothing. Vicodin and Percocet worked better. M 46 30 days
10mg 1X D
 1   I was not taking this but was able to avoid surgery for herniated discs. Visit www.Nikken.com/TranquiltiyTechnologies.com for more information on magnetic devices. F 60
1X D

 4  Low Back Pain Constipation, sweating, rash when combined with some other drugs. Eat high fiber foods like Fiber1, AllBran that control constipation. This works for low level constant pain, but when I walk more than 10 minutes without stopping, I get a horrible stabbing pain that nothing touches so far. Recently had to stop for 1 month, had no withdrawal symptoms except for sleeping alot for 1 week. Low level pain returned & went away when I started Kadian again. F 64 4 years
30 mg 1X D

 3  spinal degeneration Constipation Stopping caused major side effects F 62 6 months
60 2X D

 2  FMS, Periph-Neuropathy, Chron Pain, DRY MOUTH CONSTANTLY - Especially if I wake up during the night or wake-up in general. Always Constipated & Constipation causes more abdominal pain. More Fatigue than I already have from the Fibro, inconsistency w/length of effects. Sometimes it lasts 8H, generally only 9-10H tops. Have to use BT meds (Percocet 10/325) in between doses while waiting for next dose and/or when it starts wearing off. Sweating ALWAYS during sleep - sheets soaked. While it does well w/pain relief 2H after dose - 8Hrs, there is no consistency with continuous relief. I've had to put up with Kadian due to Medicaid mandates (Minimum 90 day trial) before I can switch back to Oxycodone ER 40MG. FAR BETTER RELIEF AND CONSISTENCY with Oxycodone ER 40MG. I don't understand why Medicaid would pay $450 more for this drug for 3 months instead of continue the Oxycodone ER 40MG. Why make us patients suffer MORE than what we already do. I can't stand how insurance/gov't dictate what is better for you than our Doctors!! There is NO difference between Kadian and Morphine ER - just a name difference. Morphine ER is $150, Kadian is $650, Oxycodone ER 40MG is $272. Go figure.... M 32 3 months
60MG 2X D
 4  For back and leg pain Constant itching. Constantly needed benadryl. serious blurred vision. Doing and completing meaningless tasks. Thinking hat you are always correct. Strong drug. A good combination with existing medicine. Absence of pain. Canno function in real world activities. Wondering if I'll ever get a tolerance. Thinking that the world is actually flat. M 36 3 months
120mg 1X D
 2  severe arthritis pain honestly felt i received no pain relief from this drug. i had taken vicodin and percocet previously. the percocet was far more effective. very disappointed. thought it would be better than previous meds tried. F 76 3 months
2X D
 4  Spinal degeneration Of course with this type of drug withdrawal symptoms like sweats tend to come along with the medication. My physician has me on 0.1mg of clonidine 4 times a day to relieve these symptoms. Don't know what I would do without it. Many physicians unfamiliar with pain medications seem to be unaware of how helpful Clonidine is for sweats and other side effects of narcotics. Kadian has helped me live a somewhat normal life. I cannot do the things I would like to do but the severe pain is relieved. I also take Percocet 10/325 prn for break through pain. As my condition worsens I am afraid the dose of Kadian may have to be increased as walking is becoming increasingly painful. F 56 8 years
130mg 2X D
 1  Herniated Discs and Surgery Not an effective RX for long term pain in my case although the doctors said it was for long term relief. I took 30mg twice daily with Norco for breakthrough pain. Doctor changed to 50mg once daily. I asked to be taken off of it and stay on Norco only CONSTIPATION M 29 2 months

 3  Herniated Discs Constipation Taking one 60mg capsule 24 hour slow release at bedtime, gives me a good few hours sleep but pain control not last all day. Think doctor needs to give me something for the bad periods to take as needed during the day F 67 6 weeks

 2  Back pain None that I expirenced I had bad back pain for about 6 years now. I first started with Kadian 30, one pill a day for a month and it seemed to do noting for my pain. I then went to Oxycodone, two 10/325 mg tablets a day. This seemed to help quit a bit, but still I was in a lot of pain while doing certain things. Yesterday my doctor put me on Kadian 20 which kind of disapointed me knowing Kadian 30 didn't work before. But this time I was to take the Kadian 20 plus my Oxycodone and thought that maybe that would help. It didn't as of yet, 24 hours later. The only reason I wanted someting different other then the Oxycodone is the Oxycodone don't last long enough and I have to go 14 to 15 hours with out any medication and I'm always being wakened from my sleep in pain. So I haven't goten a good night sllep in years, well ,maybe a few nights. I really don't think doctors give patiants a high enough does of pain killers so that a patiant can led a more normal life, and thats my problem.... any time I try to do anything I end up in pain for days and I'm pretty much a useless piece of meat..... So this is the seconed time I took Kadian, the first time for a month with no improvement in pain, and I didn't expect much with a lower dose this seconed time. Maybe I'll see an improvement in a few days, but I'm not counting on it. M 55 1 days
 2  Neuropathy, OsteoArthritis Difficulty urinating is the weirdest, just have to relax and think about a waterfall. Constipation, every morning drink a liver cleansing potion of warm water, lemon juice with fresh squeezed ginger root, small splash of cayenne pepper sweeten with agauve nectar. And drink a few ounces of Aloe Vera juice every day. Really helps maintain a nicely formed stool daily nothing like that messy Miralax. If I take more than 20mgs Kadian three times a day I get uncomfortably sweaty with the least amount of exertion. Kadian works for a certain extent but get breakthough pain in my lower back and feet with no other meds for it, Doc just wants me to take more Kadian! Medicare won't pay for Skelaxin which works wonders. Sometimes get weepy & morose if I sleep 2 hours past dose time which can happen at times because of the lethargy. I have tried to detox myself off but it is hard and I don't recommend it to anyone. In the end there is no perfect drug although I am going back to the Pain Clinic to see what else might help. All of our bodies react differently to pharmaceutical chemicals and I wish our Doctors would be more aware of it. This site is a great way to self-evaluate my pain needs. F 50 2 years
 5  neck, back, bilate shoulder pain Constipation, relieved with stool softners I have never taken Kadian but have a friend who is on it and she is doing great with 40mg BID. I take Opana which is a similar type of med (schedule II) The difference I see after reading the comments is that I never got the drowsiness, cotton mouth of the "high" that many experience. I take 40mgs every 12 hours and Norco for breakthrough. I have had 16 surgeries since 96 and can honestly say the my Pain MD nailed it. I now have what is considered an active life and play with my 4 grandkids without being bedridden the next day. If Kadian doesn't work the Opana might. Good luck to everyone as being in constant pain can really ruin a life. F 50 2 years

 5  Chronic Back Pain Severe constipation cured by diet and Miralax, Cotton mouth - drink lots of water and sugarfree gum Drowsiness - keep going and let body adjust NO HIGHS which is important to me. The pain JUST disappears. Hydrocodone 5-mg/350-mg for break thru pain. Not all doctors know how to prescribe pain med's. I worked with a pain specialist (Voted Best Pain Dr.) to find what worked for me and what didn't. Kadian much better than pain patches for me! I've had to increase the amount over time but this amount is working for me. I'm not pain free but I now have a life. F 65 4 years

 5  chronic back pain, 4 back surgeries constipation- controlled well with Miralax Have searched for 10 years for pain relief,Physical therapy,accupuncture many different drug combinations,patches etc. Taking 80mg twice daily along with oxycodone on rough days for 9 months and I am a different person. Kadian has been a God send for me. Be careful not to miss any doses of Kadian or Miralax. M 60 9 months

 3  Firbo and failed back surgery Dry mouth, trouble urinating, dropsies with my wrists when holding something, terrible constipation...grrrrrr For the last 7 years I have been on 30 mg. MS contin with 15 mg. morphine IR 3 x'day. My pain Dr. put me on 1-100 mg. of kadian per day. Kadian is not near as effective as the MS contin and the morphine IR was. I am going to ask to go back on them and quit the kadian. My pain was pretty much at a 3-4 on a daily basis, but with the kadian it has jumped up to a 6. F 54 5 days
 2  severe back pain constipation, forgetfulness, thinning hair,no libido,repeating myself constantly after one week, depression,very sleepy,cant get a full breath of air.100 mg. per day-on apiates 4 years-better than anything else-fear withdrawal,wish had never started. F 61 600 days
 3  Kidney stones Intense vomity "rushing" feeling when it kicked in (and not in a nice way, not at all), sleepiness, constipation Worked very well indeed the first time - the pain was entirely gone very quickly. The second time about 2 days later it worked a bit but not nearly as well as the first time. It feels very unpleasant when it kicks in, not at all pleasant like I was expecting (given it's so frequently abused I was expecting to feel lovely and "high" and I didn't in the slightest). It's only worth taking if you're in a LOT of pain, and then only once or twice. M 29 3 days

 1  back pain my life was all but gone. This drug practically killed me. My doctor had me on 130mg. of Kadian along with 8 15 mg. tablets of oxycodone a day, and up to 1600 mg of Skelaxin, and 4 1 mg tablets of Klonopin. Pretty much all I did was sleep. It is extremely addictive, and way too easy to undo the capsules and take out a few extra pellets. Your body will continually crave more. There is no way not to become addicted to it if you are on it for more than a short time. I was on all this stuff for 9 months, and finally went to a detox center for ten days to be taken off all of it. A month later, I am finally well enough to drive, walk, eat normally, but not sleep, my psychiatric doctor says it will probably be several more weeks before I'm back to normal. It was awful getting off the stuff, even at a place where they take good care of you and give you things to make you feel better. When I got home I was still in major detox, hallucinating, throwing up, everything including water tasted like cigarette ashes. I can't stress it enough- don't take this drug! F 53 9 months

 3  3 herniated disks cervical & lumbar sweating that soaks everything, gastric statis that leads to sudden vomiting, unending battle with constipation, break through withdrawl symptoms, like I'd missed a dose when I haven't Chronic pain rules my life. After trying everything I started 20mg once daily, no relief until I got to 50mg 2x day, I still had break thru pain but only rec 4 tylenol #3/day for that due to my Dr.'s paranoia, I intially rec'd 6 to 8 a day & that worked well but he dec all his patients down to 4 a day lest someone injures their liver (why he can't prescribe it with aspirin I don't know). My life was tolerable for 2 1/2 years on this program but for last few months I develop withdrawl symptoms at 4am (from my 7pm dose) that last until about 10am, same thing in the evening, sometimes it covers & sometimes it doesn't & I cannot see what is making it so. I've tried eating, not eating, etc. I go today & I don't know whether to ask him to up it to 60mg twice/day or just to shoot me! F 49 3 years

 4   I came to L.A for a short three day vacation and only brought a five days supply of Kadian with me, we have been have for eight days now and I don't have any medicine left. For the pass two dyas I havn't been able to sleep and my joints hurt like crazy, I have a refill at my pharmacy but calif won't accept my script from my out of state CVS. They stated that it's a state law that you must have your original script in order to fill it and be prepared to what at last a week for them to get it. I called at least fifteen stores and nobody stock Kadian out here so bring extra if your going on vacation and hide it will because it's a very popular street drug out here. M 54 4 years

 3  cancer pain It made my mouth dry, and my skin all over my body, was SO itchy, even AFTER taking Benedryl. I was able to get high as a kyte, but the side effects were awful. F 36 365 days

 4  fusion, 3 hern. discs, fibromyalgia Constipation is the most noticeable issue for me. I have also begin to have severe, untreatable itching all over my body; I had itching in just one spot for many months, and now it has spread (this is a side effect of morphine). Slept 12 hours or more per night for the first many months, but now I start to hurt severely all over if I stay in bed for more than 9 hours, so I *have* to get up! I was on generic morphine sulfate 3x/day for years, and switched to 130mg of Kadian to avoid gaps in pain control with 2x/day dosage. It does not control the pain as well as MS or Oxycontin. I was able to reduce my dosage slightly without any problems, one time when I wanted to try to quit (heh). I have not tried to quit completely, but it gives me hope. I wish doctors would prescribe Kadian for more than 30 days' supply. I drive four hours round-trip every month just to get 30 days' worth of pain medicine, and sometimes have to fight for getting it at a pain doctor's office I have been going to for five years! Of course, some of the problem is people who abuse morphine, but denying it to people who actually do need it is inhumane, and making patients pay for an office visit every month is greed on the physicians' part. To Actavis, the maker of Kadian : please find a way to make Kadian less abuse-able for those who would do that, so that maybe actual pain patients will have an easier time convincing doctors to prescribe it for mail-order amounts (90 days). Thank you! I did not choose a 5 rating here because it has not gotten rid of the pain, only lessened it. The rating chart says a 5 means "this medicine cured me" ... pain medicine does not CURE anything! F 37 8 months

 4  spinal arthritis, fibromyalgia Hot flashes/sweats, constipation (controlled with Miralax), occasional sleepiness. Kadian has been effective in reducing pain, with some malingering. Previously prescribed oxycontin for more than a year and was then was switched to Kadian, 50 mg. I didn't notice a big difference in managing my pain. Also take breakthrough meds (Norco), which seem to work more effectively, but not long lasting. I also experience migraines which are controlled with generic Imitrex. Finally, I am also taking Celexa, which I feel may add to the hot flashes/sweats. The combination of meds may be exacerbating my menopausal symptoms. F 48 10 months

 4  Stage 4 bladder cancer itching They just increased my dose from 40mg twice a day to 120mg twice a day. Very good pain killer but my pain is increasing so I may have to switch to something else soon. M 47 8 months
 2  Arthritis, Fibromyalgia constipation,(which for me was great since I have Coilitis and have the runs 24/7..didn't have to take immod ad everyday).Now I have dry mouth,throat is sore, ears full,tongue hurts like I burned it taste buds off, but that could also be my sinuses acting up from spring pollen...have to wait a bit and see. It does not make me sleepy or high but have problems getting to sleep so using Melatonin for that.I do have Acne breaking out and only new thing has been the kadian, so assuming that is it..and it is getting worse..but I will keep trying it for now. A month ago started me on 20mg once a day , just increased to 2x a day. So far I have not seen much pain relief..in fact none really. Try it another month with the increased dose and see. F 56 31 days
 4  Chronic pain Sweating Too expensive to take without patient program F 53 3 years
 4  bulging disk,chronic shoulder pain 1st month I slept 12-16 hours a day My pain doc added this on to my oxycodone/soma/celebrex/flector patch cocktail because my pain was still so bad i couldn't sleep, even with a scrip sleep aid. 1st few weeks, all i did was sleep, but then i adjusted to it. I quit it cold-turkey after ~3 months. No side effects of quitting it, to my (and my doctor's) surprise! I now take it infrequently for really bad days. I have finally gotten some significant relief thru traction treatment. I've tried every other treatment out there, short of surgery (Im not a 'surgical patient'). Kadian definitely helped me thru some rough times. F 40 3 months
 5  diabetic neuropathy constipation(bad) uses miralax daily to control. some sweats infrequently. full feeling in the ears causing pain when sounds are present. some problems getting urine to pass. no sexual ability whatsoever. extremely lethargic. ive tried every kind of pain killer on the market, even had a device implanted in my butt to deliver small shocks to my spine to control the pain(after 2 years they gave up trying to program it and make it work). the kadian is the only medicine that has been able to keep the pain just below the threshold, i know its there but i can get around and do some things. for all the problems it has its still better than the cocktail of drugs ive used before, every side effect is manageable, and the pain control is quite noticeable. this drug is a god send, without it i wouldnt be able to stay alive the pain is that bad without it. im currently using 600mg once a day with the 100ug fentyl patch. better living thru chemistry.(someone holds the copyright on that line). M 57 5 years
 1  Chronic pain from previous injuries PAIN, LACK OF RELIEF I have been approved for Rx Assistance through Kadian Pharmaceticals (previously prescribed MS Conitin 60 mg, plus Percocet 10/325's for breakthrough pain) & this is my first day taking this brand of medication & in all honesty I must say that I am very disappointed. I have been suffering from chronic pain for many yrs (was injured in an automobile accident, have had multiple surgeries, in addition to developing Rheumatoid Arthritis & later Endometriosis) and have taken many different pain relievers (various generics/etc.) & before taking the Kadian brand of extended release morphine, the 60mg actually helped me, so long as I took oxycodone (Percocet) for breakthrough pain~but, this is like taking a placebo/sugar pill! Let me state for the record that I, like most people suffering from chronic pain, do NOT take opiate-pain-meds to 'feel good' or get high~it's a quality of life issue. And while I'm aware of slight differences between brands (regardless of what pharmacist F 38 1 days

 4  shoulder injuries after MVA constipation; auditory hallucinations at night; initial daytime sleepiness for a few days with each 10 mg. dose adjustment I was unable to function with shorter-acting opiates(percocet),etc -this does not have me tired or loopy during the day. I also take vicodin PRN for break-through pain- Vicodin clearly worsens the Kadian side-effects. F 45 2 months

 1  her disk none i was on viciodin worked better kadian does nothing M 57

 1   headaches,const,loss of sleep,no sex drive,no appetite,feel drained i have been on kadian 20 mg once a day with norco 3 tabs three times a day for break through pain. i take kadian at night. i never had severe headaches before ever i have fibro and this is how they are treating it but i think the doc is over med me i take 3 soma a day 3 norco a day 1 30 mlg cymbalta they wanted me at 60 i said no also take 2 nebumentos for inflamation plus 20 mlg kadian i am only 33 i told them that the norco and the soma worked well but they said they did not want me on to many pills a day go figure lol i am goingto my pc today i have been to the er for the headaches i am done dealing with this i want them to actually listen to a patient i am sorry it is not that i want this med i need it i have 3 girls and need to be able to move it helps me it does not get me high it takes my pain to a level where i can still be the mom i want to be for my children but i know that they are going to say no no you are fine bla bla bla i am so sick of being sick and it is not just the F 33 2 months

 5  Pain management hysterectomy Little bit of constipation. Make sure to eat plenty of fiber and take a stool softener. Very addictive. For me there was a high for the first couple of days, but that is over. Relieves the pain greatly for 6-8 hours. Also taking this along with Oxycodone. Dosage of Kadian is 20mg I am hearing that Kadian has bad withdrawel. But haven't reached that fun time yet :P This one makes me really sleepy! I take this before bed and I am out like a light within 10 minutes! I am on a low dose of 20mg.Suppose to take one in the morning (since I am still pretty much in bed all day, the tiredness is okay) and another one at night. Sometimes I have to cheat though, my tolerance has already gotten used to it, plus it is a very low dose. Helps manage the pain for 6-8 hours okay I guess. The doctor put me on this because after having a hysterectomy 7 weeks ago, I was still having a lot of pain and the oxycodone was barely helping anymore. I think my body has a high tolerance for pain meds. But I have a very low tolerance for pain!! I sure will be glad when this story of my life is over. :) This is one of those addicting drugs that takes a lot of will power to not take too many of to control the pain completely. And I am not even going to get into how bad it is with the oxycodone with the will power! I can sure see how people get addicted to it! The body goes nuts for it. At least mine sure is. I have had to be on so many pain meds for my health in the F 39 6 days
 2  RLS and Fibromyalgia Can never quite feel awake, very jittery, stopped breathing twice when I was asleep. Did not work for the pain at all. F 37 5 days
 3  Restless Leg Syndrome/Leg Pain Really bad nervous jittery feeling. Felt like my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. Could not sit still. Profuse sweating with chills. Seems more like taking speed than a narcotic. Does eliminate the RLS pain and discomfort but not worth the trade off of the side effects. After discontinuing Kadian RLS came back with a vengeance. M 50 5 days

 5  Fibromyalgia trouble concentrating, sweating This stuff has been a miracle! Nothing else has helped me as much. I'm now on 30mg a day, with Oxycodone IR for breakthrough pain (which I almost never need.) I wish I had started this stuff ages ago, when I first got sick...it might have spared me a lot of suffering. M 1 months

 5  Faild back syndrome Tired kind of fogy. Works well on the pain M 47 8 months

 2  Fusion L4-L5 and L5-S1 Constipation is horrible. I take OTC MiraLax to get rid of it. I started eating apples and they help a lot. I have headaches that won’t go away by taking any OTC drugs. I have to sleep through my dosage or headaches get worse. I get a shaky feeling inside and I feel sick to my stomach quite often. I notice if I take the pill at 8pm and sleep until about 11am I feel pretty good the rest of the day. If I take the pill at 8pm and wake up at 8am I feel terrible for the rest of the day. The pain is not relieved from taking the medication. I also take Oxycodine 15mg immediate release for breakthrough pain. I stopped taking the Oxy because I thought that was what was making me feel bad, but now I know that it is the Kadian. F 41 6 months

 3  low back/sacroilliac & hip pain CONSTIPATION & SEVERE ITCHING WITH RASH AND FINE BUMPS ALL OVER. Cannot sleep through the night, sweats and chills, wierd dreams,foggy slow thinking, 'don't feel like doing much' attitude. Mainly, the constipation, the terrible itching, and feeling like I have morning sickness 24/7. I don't even like eating anymore...my tongue feels tingly, low appetite, nausea and fear of the dreaded CONSTIPATION! Kadian does the job...HOWEVER...I need to make a judgement call on overall feeling. Yes the pain is reduced yet the rest of me (my mind, body and spirit)is suffering one way or the other. Kadian 40mg/day. I also take 75mg of Lyrica 4xday(good for the nerve pain). I am so tired but can only grab cat naps. F 47 2 months

 5  arthritis, cervical spondosis Slight constipation but controllable with extra fiber I was taking a lot of vicodin and still in contanst pain. I can finally function without thinking about he pain on a minute by minute basis. This has been a god send. M 50 4 months

 1  Herniated disk L-5, S-1 constipation, dry mouth, trouble urinating, frequent urination, loss of sleep, weakness, shakes, nightmares, sweating, mood swings, headaches, loss of sexual drive, loss of sexual sensitivity, loss of concentration/focus, dry skin and sensitivity to light. I have been taking 80mg Kadian 2x a day, 8mg Tizanadine 2x a day and 150mg Lyrica 2x a day. Before Kadian i was on Darvocet. Darvocet didn't help my pain at all so my MD switched me to Kadian. Kadian brought my pain level down to a 6.5 out of 10, but if i miss a dose i am down for the day. THE BENEFITS OF KADIAN ARE NOT WORTH THE SIDE EFFECTS!! M 27 2 years

 5  RA, L4-5, L5-S1 fusions, Some constipation, helped with high fiber fruits. Mild, occasional headache. I was on fentanyl patches but could not keep them on. Kadian relieves about half of the pain. I am on 100mg bid and an extra 30 mg qhs. I also have Vicodin, 1 bid prn, for break thru pain. It has given me some quality of life back. F 57 8 months

 5  Herniated disc, spinal fusion SEVERE constipation, dry mouth, reduced libido, diminished thought processing, forgetfulness, difficulty urinating Since my daytime dose was increased to 90mg (evening dose 60mg), I HATE this drug! My pain relief is better but I can't function mentally, I can't go to the bathroom, I can't function as a woman with my husband most of the time (which he doesn't know), and I forget what I have said to people all of the time. I am absolutely miserable. I have tried every drug and every procedure except a morphine implant and I don't want to do that because of the risks. My current pain doc refuses to prescribe oxy to me because of threatening law suits. My family physician gave me a trial period and it worked wonders. I have got to find a doctor to prescribe that for me. NO MORE KADIAN FOR ME!!! F 47 3 days

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