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 3  neuropathic pain secondary to lobec It appeared to make me light headed, actually blacked out as I took the patches during the day when my pain was at it's highest level, now switched to nights F 43 1 weeks
2 patches
 5  neck and back pain Seemed to make me drowsy when I first woke up 61 1 years

 5  bad sacral and neck from car wreck Don't apply it where it isn't needed - it hurts! M 53 1.5 years
30mg? 4X D

 5  Spinal Stenosis None, but hard to keep on. They helped me to regain my life back. They do maybe make me a little sleepy in the first few hours. Knock on wood my insurance is paying for it. M 53 2 weeks
5% 1X D
 5  Chronic back pain from car wreck I've experienced mild headaches and sleepyness, and the price is high, but it's worth it. Numbs my back and completely relieves pain. F 18 1 years
2X D

 4  tartive diskenesia/distonia Seems like I get real sleepy. I don't understand it though. This is a new side effect for this new med. F 42 4 days
5% 2X D
 4  SPD (sympysis pubic disfunction) This patch helped me so much, that it took me off of bedrest and I was able to take care of my two year old. Only bad thing is that it makes me not want to walk around, it makes me sleepy. I would highly recommend this for sciatic pains or and other pelvic bone, lower back pains. F 18 4 months
 3  RA, Titanium Prosthesis L Humerus + No side effects; I always use maximum # allowed/prescribed by my Rheumatologist; up to 3 - 10cm x 14cm 700mg patches transdermally; 12 hrs on, 12 hrs off PRN for pain; they work for as long as they stick, which isn't long; how do they make them stick for 12 hrs?; I've tried Micropore tape (& other tape), but it's too harsh on my skin; I've tried using alcohol on the the area first but it extends patch life an avg of 10-15 minutes; It's VERY FRUSTRATING! I have insurance, but my co-pay for these is the highest level, $65, on top of $800 monthly insurance premium! So I *think* it's better than having to pay full price, but it's still A LOT of $ when they have no sticky left only an hour or so after putting them on & then I'm left with a patch w/ almost 12 hrs of medicine on it that's useless because it won't stick anymore, let alone for 12 hrs! If it last 2 hrs I'm thrilled even though I know it's not acceptable. I rely on the patches as part of my pain rescue plan, along w/ oral meds. when I desperately need to take the edge off. I can't complain because I want to keep my script. While I REALLY wish they'd stick a full 12 hrs, I also REALLY don't want my Dr to d/c my script. They don't work 12 hrs, but for now 1-2 hrs is a Godsend with my meds! Maybe ENDO Pharma will read the reviews & make a change! ;) F 38 6 years
3patch q24

 5  Chronic Foot/Ankle Pain None. This is the first medication that significantly helped my foot pain. Narcotics gave me bad side effects, so my doctor recommended the pain patches. They are great for everyday constant pain and have given me no side effects. F 20 1 years
1 patch

 1  Prescribed for joint pain/arthritis The patches only numb out my skin. They do not even begin to give relief for the constant aching, bone deep pain I am experiencing. These patches are worthless for real pain. They cost way too much and do nothing. F 47 1 days
5mg 2X D
 3  shoulder subluxation/bursitis no side effects, took tonight with a tylenol plus codeine #3 bc i had SEVERE pain. so it's hard to say just how well it is working on it's own but seems to be at best about the same as voltaren gel, for me biofreeze is best as it numbs the area. (but biofreeze wears off fast ,has a medicinal smell., not easy to apply to my scapula area) i think for my particular injury/problem these aren't the best solution.... mine seem to stick very well, no problems there. and i like that the patches are large bc i have a large area to cover. didn't notice any side effects at all. F 35 1 days
3 patches 1X D
 5  Gout None so far I began experiencing the unimaginable pain of gout about 2 weeks ago. The slightest touch of even the lightest sheet would cause what felt like lightning bolts discharging through my feet. I became bed/couch ridden. 3 days ago my primary care doctor prescribed Lidoderm patches for pain management. I can now stand and hobble about relatively pain free and unassisted. I can now refocus my attention back to working with my specialist's efforts to reduce the effects of the glomerulonephritis which is the root cause of the gout. All praise to the developers of this product! M 73
1 pad/12 h 1X D
 5  Shattered medial miniscus Absolute relief from pain-awaiting surgery in two weeks. Dr. gave 5 samples to try-OMG I could function again-could walk without crying from pain.Taking vicoden prior to Lidoderm. Need only an antiinfalmitory 3 times a day. Major problem though is accesssing the drug. Dr gave me more samples to hold me/having to cut in half-still okay with pain. Am recent retiree-have medicare/medex 2/bluecross medicare Rx-they denied even an appeal twice from my doctor. What is with that? Am desperate to have more of the Lidoderm but insurance will not cover.!! Cost through Walmart $265 to purchase. Where can I purchase these cheaper? F 66 14 days
5 per cent 1X D
 1  back pain Have been using the lidoderm patch on and off when I can afford them for two year. Have so much pain it was hard to recognize that it is the lidoderm patch that gives me strong headache and swelling in the head behind the ears. Another pain med that is just not worth it. Worked well at pain site, but gives terrible headache and makes head swell behind the ears...very painful. Not worth this scary problem. F 52 24 days
5 % 1X D
 5  Back pain,leg cramps, muscle spasms No negative side effects. My leg cramps can keep me up all night. These patches have given me hope. FYI, I had lower back surgery 2 years ago that failed. It has left me in constant pain requiring daily intake of Vicodin and Morphine. These patches offer me an opportunity to back off on my med. Very costly. M 78 6 months
30mg 1X D
 5  Chronic Foot/Ankle Pain from Sprain none Worked extremely well! I was skeptical about using a pain patch for chronic foot and ankle pain due to an ankle sprain, but I have been very impressed. I started the patch because all the narcotics I have tried have given me severe nausea and tiredness. Patch stays on all day and eliminates 90% of my pain. F 19 1 weeks
1X D
 4  lower back pain This is by far the best treatment yet for my back. F 62 1 months
1X D

 5  Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain VERY HAPPY ABOUT THESE PATCHES!!! No side effects as of yet. You will need the help of someone to get these patches on your back. NOTE: Top Ten Things that relieve "MY" pain. 10.Cardiovascular work-outs like walking, jogging, eliptical and biking. 9. Comfortable weather, 70% is great 8. Acupunture, Oriental Medicine & Treatments (find a good one) 7. Meditation, Prayer, Regular Therapy and Hypnotysm 6. Yoga & Stretching 5. Creative Outlets. Painting & Journaling are great for relieving stress. 4. Chiropractor, (a good one is sooo critical) 3. Massage Therapy(Try Tai Massage) 2. *Lipoderm Patches 1. Medications, Pain Killers like Oxycodine & Hydrocodine & Muscle Relaxers (be careful with these too!), Anti-Inflamatories like 800 MG IBUProphin F 39 2 months
5% 2X D
 5  Fibromyalgia Nausea but am not sure the patches are the cause. I have used Lidoderm 5% Lidocaine patches for many months. My firo. pain is in my arms and legs, but mostly in my legs (nerve type of pain). I can go several days without using them, or if I have a flare-up, I have to use them daily. I cut the square into whatever size piece I need, and use 3M Transpore tape otherwise they come off. I keep the un-used patch in a ziplock bag. We travel a lot, so I take them on the airplane with me; I get through security by using small scissors. It's great when traveling. My biggest problem with the patch is timing. My legs will begin to hurt in the afternoon, and because of the 12 hr. on and off time frame, I have to take the patch off before I go to bed. I cannot live without this patch, and I would recommend it to anyone! F 57 11 months

 5  Fractured vertebra doesn't stay in place (medication in adhesive makes it less sticky as the meds run out); sometimes leaves odd, medicinal taste in mouth. This is my second stint on Lidoderm in a year. I find it works VERY well as an addition to painkillers--while they work on the inside, Lidoderm works on the outside. If it's too big, cut it down to size. If it won't stay in place, either cover it with an ACE bandage, put it someplace where it will be covered in clothing, or use surgical tape. It's just enough to take the sting out of my back, which really HURTS. F 46 1 years
5% 1X D
 5  arthristis, sciatica THERE IS A PHARMACEUTICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM TO PAY FOR THESE! Do an internet search for "prescription assistance program" and then type in the patch name. Just have your doctor to write a prescription and sign the company form. No side effects. Has helped my pain tremendously on my lower back...when I can get them to stick! Will need to try some of the suggestions here. I cut them in half and use one on each side of my spine. F 42 3 days
700mg 1X D
 3  Sciatic nerve pain I felt tired 30 minutes after putting on 1/2 patch, but I was dealing with stressors then also, so not sure if it was patch or the stressors that made me tired. No other effects experienced at this time. Unlike other reviewers, I had no prob with adheasion overnight so they may have rectified that problem, but I did make sure prior to applying that I had no residual creams (biofreeze, bengay, lotion etc.) or body oils present on my skin by bathing and using alcohol prep. I was able to sit for half an hour each time before having to stand to alleviate a dull aching pain that was excruciating 2 hours prior. As to whether improvement was due to patch or chiropractic manipulation therapy kicking in from the day before is unknown. I will update if I'm able to determine which since I'm only wanting to use it if extremely needed. F 40 1 days
1X D
 5  Fibro/Myofascial pain syndrome None Excellent for pain post lidocaine trigger point injections. Also excellent for intermittent muscle pain caused by myofascial pain syndrome. M 37 1 months
 4  back pain none Didn't work so well with lower back pain. But it works very good when I apply the patch to my upper back, where my muscles are spasming and are painful. I haven't noticed any problem with the patches not sticking. I cut them in 1/2. F 37 4 days
 4  hyperextension injury Stomach cramps It works after several hours of wearing it. M 21 5 days

 2  herniated discs, muscle&nerve pain Sleep paralysis Didn't really do anything at all as for my pain, but strangely enough, it did increase episodes of sleep paralysis tenfold. Also costs an incredible amount of money. F 21

 5  Spasms/Fibromyalgia To help them stick - clean area with alcohol prep pad or skin prep pad before applying. These did not work for my lower back/disk problem but they do significantly help with my spasms/burning from fibromyalgia. I usually cut them in half or in thirds. F 32 12 months

 4  pain c7-t1 Somewhat itchy skin for an hour after applying, then some irritation around the edges of the patch towards 10 hours of wearing. These really work for the muscle spasms I get along my shoulders, and they go to work instantly. In some respects they do a better job than the oxycodone IR breakthrough pills I take (I'm taking 20mg oxycontin x 2 per day). But they are about $6 per patch without insurance. Also, I really could use them for more than 12 hours at a clip. But no real side effects other than some minor skin irritation and the pain relief is remarkable. F 53 10 days

 5  post shingles now that i can recall a friend gave this to me because of my pain we didnt know at the time that it was prescribed for the shingles , but my wife looked it up on the internet and found that this is what it is used for it had helped me out a whole lot it didnt go away completly but i could function normally during the day and could sleep at night like i said iit was not cured al the way but it helped a whole lot F 67 10 days

 3  spinal nerve pain When I tried samples of these from my doctor I noticed a slight headache after applying the first patch that went away within the hour. They also left my skin a little itchy if I wore them for the full 8 hours. They do seem to help numb the pain right under the area where they are applied. Too bad I can't afford to purchase them because Medicare doesn't cover the cost. F 46 10 days

 4  tarsal tunnel syndrome Severe pain in wallet. Really helps out - I'd use them every day if I could afford it. However, I can't. Even with health insurance, they are still 2.00 per patch. Also, it is horrible trying to keep them on a foot. F 40 1 years

 4  C2-T1 Upper Neck Pain No side effects noted. Lidoderm works well. The patches are too large, and as everyone else has alluded, don't stick worth shit. Don't reuse the patch guys. It says right on the box not to do so and for good reason to. Re-using the patches causes more side-effects and does not distribute the medicine properly. 12 on 12 off. Also, numbness is not a side effect. I've been on these for awhile and the skin is supposed to get numb and the denervation is normal, it's not a side effect. It's been great for sleep, but must be cut in half, and taped on with surgical medical tape, as someone else alluded to...doesn't that work great?! It's not a permanent solution, but it certainly helps. M 22 9 months

 5  knee pain from skiing accident If I put on two new ones, I woke up a bit groggy like a hangover with a light headache. If I put on half new, half previously used, I'm totally fine in the morning. The relief very much outwieghs the side effect. This has really changed my life. I feel like I have my life back. I couldn't sleep at night from the pain, spending days home from work because I couldn't sit or stand without unbearable pain. I cut them up in pieces and put them around my knees at night. My dr is wonderful and reccomended keeping old ones and using them until I feel like they don't have any useful life in them (usually 2-3 times each). Also, if you cut the worn edges, they stick better. I can tolerate the pain during the day, but sleeping was so difficult. The relief while I sleep has helped my body heal, giving me back the ability to be active and feel "normal" again. I reccomend this to anyone who has chronic pain. 9 months of physical therapy did close to nothing for me. The healing time at night alone has brought much better results. F 27 6 months

 5  post herpatic neuralgia none! WOW! Gotta love Lidoderm! It kept my left shoulder blade completely numb during my workday- the nerves would be the worst around 3-4 PM- with the patches, I barely felt any pain! I would recommend this to anyone- works like a charm. F 18 3 months
 5  chronic back pain very slight numbness that resolves after removing When my back is hurting too much to sleep, these patches relieve almost all my pain very quickly. They really don't want to stick to me day or night for more than 2 minutes so I use flexible surgical tape on all four sides to hold it down. Works great! F 23

 4  trigeminal nerve damage Now that I read all the comments...yes,my stomach also. Taste sometimes. Health insurance will not cover if it's not FDA approved for your treatment. (I'm not rich) I used every nite for about 3 months. First thing that gave me major relief. I lived on drugs for last 8 years for the pain,developed hepatitis, now the patch is all I use. But, what they charge for this is to me..a scam. I did study and found the company that makes this had a lot of legal issues with how they package it etc. So one nite I wear 5% ointment and next the patch. Sometime ..wheres that generic??? Wearing every nite is the best way to go...I just have to extend my box of 30 patches. F 54 6 months

 5  damaged nerves in spine no side effects I think the patch probably saved my life. The pain was unbearable before I started using them. It doesn't completely take the pain away. But it does enough to let me function!! F 63 12 months

 4  Disc injuries in back and neck. Hard to tell, as I had other meds and surgeries while using lidoderm. Possible faigue?? Quickly helped intense, chronic neck and back pain. Fantastic relief, helped me function again, exercise, sleep. I wonder if others have found it to contribute to fatigue or other symptoms?? Hard to tell. I prefer to wear them at night, because on warm days they get sweaty. I dont' apply right after a shower because my skin is more sensitive then. I vary the areas, as I have pain in more places than I can use patches, so this minimizes skin irritations. I wonder if higher doses will be approved, or leaving it on longer? I also wonder about re-using the old patches, as they still have some medicine? F 39 1 years
 3  fibromyalgia; joint pain nausea; subsided shortly after removing patch; It did give some relief of muscle pain, but I had to remove it because of the nausea. I will probably try it again to confirm it was the cause of the nausea. F 43 2 days

 5  knee/ankle arthritis & pain none noticed Helped dramitcally - have to stand on concrete floor at work and wear 1/2 patch on knee & ankle...try to wear at night but they come off... F 46 2 months

 4  Upper back/neck pain Maybe some *slight* numbness, and sweat under the patch. I have used "Salonpas" patches available OTC for years, and a recent visit to a neurologist uncovered these little gems. I've had very good luck with them in the past week, and wouldn't say "it's changed my life" but would say "it's reduced my albatross of pain"... M 39 5 days
 4  Lower backpain My skin feels dry and numb on application site I have been using 2-5 patches a day for lower back pain.It helps if you use it at night for sleep i have found out. M 30 3 years
 5  2 ruptured dics causing awful pain no side effects whatsoever Took almost all of the pain away each time I used a patch. Wonderful! F 51 3 days
 2  lumbar pain burning in area of patch. sick at stomach. removed patch when it woke me up the first night I attempted to use it to relieve lumbar pain. burning sensation where patch was placed. did not get paind relief. M 51 1 days

 5  knee pain (over exertion/running) Pharmacist that lifts weight 3 times per week. Trainer suggested more cardio, ran 7 miles first time in numerous years in wrong shoes. Experienced knee pain at work next day, obtained rx from my MD. Used patches for only 1 day. No further problems, body has adapted to running. M 39 1 days
 5  knee pain(over exertion/running) none Pharmacist that lifts weights 3 timer per week. Trainer suggested more cardio, ran 7 miles first time in numerous years in wrong shoes. Experienced severe pain at work next day. Obtained rx from my MD. Used patches for only one day. No more problems. M 39 1 days
 1   M 57 5 days

 4  I need a spinal fusion operation. None Although I take chronic pain medicine everyday (methadone pills) I still had a great deal of pain. The patches provided an extra layer of pain relief that I found very effective in reducing the pain in my lumbar region. It did not completely eliminate my pain, but helped a great deal. My only complaint is that my insurance company pay for this expensive medicine at 50%, and it costs anywhere from $148.00 to $180.00 for 30 patches. Because of that expense, I quit taking it. F 49 30 days
 5  RSD None that I know of. Lidoderm has made it possible for me to function. It lowered my RSD burning to a tolerable level the first night. When I had to stop using it for a few weeks (for unrelated reasons), the burning came back. When I started it back, the burning went back down. F 53 6 months

 3  muscle spasms none how do you keep it on at night the commenter was right F 59 2 weeks

 3  nerve damage made me feel tired the patches need to be cut in 1/2 and more in a box or some idea how to keep them on in bed when you are sleeping . F 30 1.5 years

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