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 1  the docs didnt know mood swings, irritbilty, manic episodes, memorty loss (entire days) i was forced onto it when i was 12, and self ended the zyprexa then, due to lost days in my memory after a long recovery with herbal remidies i went 9 years without meds of any kind. Then i ended up back at my mothers home after a 2.5 year relationship, she mistook my Reasoned depression(loss of gf and child) for a manic episode. i was forced on it again(cops were there because i didnt do the dishes; i was 20 then) and my friends filled in my missing days after i was out of the hospitol. once again i stopped the meds(i was told i was hanging out with a darker crowd and telling people the day and time they would die) this med has ruined my social life my relationships and my perseption of reality. i was told today on a vist to the ER for stroke symtoms that it was the zyprexa and the changes it has made has **** me i can hardly think at all(hurts to) focus and education down the drain, i am A+ computer Certified and am at a complete loss. no one and i mean no one should take any mental M 22 2 months

 1  Anxiety Lethargic at the beginning, tiredness, involountary movements, hungry, anxiety, foggy brain I seemed calmer at the beginning, but after my anxiety returned and the involountary movements forced me to stop the medication because I was concerned about tardive dyskinesia. M 22 9 days

 1  schizophrenia Extreme Weight gain,obssessive craving for sweets , 24H sedation and fatigue, apathic. exessive sleep, 13, 14hours. severe absence of social skills , moderate absence of conversation, dialogue skills It helped to control the voices and delusions but due to the severity of the side effects caused me great deacrease of quality of life.. M 22 2 years

 1  ocd and depression Severe weight gain (50 lbs) in 2 months. Eyes dazed and confused, unable to look people directly in the eye. Changed the shape of my body, changed my face (random deposits of fat, asymmetrical). People didn't recognize me. Plastic face, no reaction, delayed response to comments. Zombie eyes. The doctor misdiagnosed OCD and depression for bipolar. Forced to take 40mg a day or else threat of inpatient treatment. This was before my first year of college. Never had problems with people before but couldn't make a friend in new environment with the way I looked now. Sad, sallow fat face, no ability to show reactions. People stayed away from me now; a huge shock and blow to my ability to believe in myself. I knew I looked bad, but just not in a way I could put my finger on - like the "glitter" or "spark" was lost. Please consider other options before this drug - there are options! It has been years since I stopped taking it, but the ramifications have snowballed and I still can't lose the weight consistently (fat cells accumulate, metabolism changes) even though I was very athletic in high school. My eyes are a little better now, but my mom was, for the longest time, concerned with why they just spontaneously glazed over. Zyprexa had NO effect on managi F 22 2 months

 1  depression and anxiety weight gain, memory loss, extreme sedation. Could not stop eating on this drug. I would binge on whatever I could get my hands on almost every single night. At the time I didn't think my binging was because of the zyprexa but as soon as I stopped taking it my desire for food drastically dropped. I gained 25 lbs. on this med... very suprised I didnt gain more. If you are afraid of gaining weight DO NOT take this medication because you will. It was easy to get off. I don't feel any different off of this worthless medication. M 22 7 months

 1  Tourette's Syndrome or TS Decreased focus, extreme anger (as if my TS wasn't bad enough), increased appetite, lethargic tendencies, weight gain, drowsiness, sleeping too much, among others. Okay... I just want to say that I took this drug, as prescribed by my Doctor in like 7th or 8th grade... I am now 22 nearing 23 years old and I think I am STILL having side effects from it. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION - Only those that have a GENUINE PROBLEM that is MEANT TO BE TREATED BY THIS MEDICATION WILL TELL YOU THAT THIS DRUG WORKS - For those of us that have been Guinea Pigged... its nothing but strong Rat Poison. I suffered through that med for a while before my mother forced me to stop taking it... as she noticed at the time that my (later to be diagnosed) TS symptoms got WORSE. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS MED IF YOU DO NOT HAVE Bipolar Disorder or are NOT A Schizophrenic!! M 22 10 months
 1  Derealization,Severe Depression Severe Weight Gain (Went from 142 to 202 in 9 months) Extremely Tired,Zombie like state of mind. Increased appetite, Crave JUNK food, Eat ALL the time, VERY sedative. I take symbyax aka zyprexa or olazapine because i had a re-action to an antibiotic called amoxil/augmentin. I was prescribe symbyax 12mg for 4 months and then 5mg sybyax for 3 months, and now 3mg zyprexa for 2 months. This pill is POISON! It is VERY hard to come off of. Im currently trying to stop this pill for the 5/8 time. My withdrawal side effects from Before were; Nausea,headache,insomnia. NOW my withdrawal sideffects are only insomnia. If anyone has ANY suggestions on coming off of this med PLEASE email me your suggestions! My e-mail is; ey_b_06@yahoo.com I already know weining off of the med but that isnt helping. So i plan to try cold turkey again. I DO NOT suggest this pill to anyone! I no longer suffer from de-realization and thus there is no reason for me to continue taking this med. All it will do is turn you into a fat zombie! M 22 9 months

 1  anxiety, depression i'm really confused, feel disoriented could only make it 3 nights of taking it M 22 3 days

 1  Bipolar Type 2 Feeling like a zombie, always tired, forgetfullness, F 22 3 months
 1  confused doctor I was hallucinating more while on the pills than when I took myself off. M 22 2 years
10 1X D
 1  bipolar 1, mania / lack of sleep I would not recommend Zyprexa to anyone. It had me sleeping 12 + and I gained a lot of weight (which is basically why I dropped the med). This drug doesn't just add some pounds to your butt. It also makes you incapable of working, I'd say. At least, it did so to me. I couldn't concentrate while being on this drug. Don't take it. F 22 2 months
10 mg 1X D

 5  Borderine Personality Disorder I have an excuse to eat lollies now :) as yet nothing worth mentioning, but haven't been on it for very long Zyprexa is a life saver. I was at the end of my tether the first time I took it, and almost instantly I started feeling better. Zyprexa stops the paranoia. Without it, I see my ex-husband's face and hear his voice when talking to my boyfriend. When telemarketers call I think it is the government spying on me. I have panic attacks, I flip out... But on Zyprexa I don't have any symptoms. My anger goes away, I can study, and I think I will soon be able to start working again. I can cope with life when I am on Zyprexa. Ive been taking epilim as a mood stabiliser and Lovan and they were both just not working for me. I realise that Zyprexa isn't for everyone, but it has been an absolute life saver for me. F 21 3 weeks

 4  bipolar/weight gain increased appetite the only thing i can think of is that it extremly increases my appetite after one hour of taking it..im wishing to gain weight on this drug and i hope im one of those who gain 30+ lbs on it..:D M 21 4 weeks

 3  psychosis weight gain-forgetfulnes-not as alert-tired with all of zyprexa's side effects...........I would rather have them(side effects) and not have psychotic episodes which Zyprexa helps.. than not take Zyprexa-and have no side effects but have episodes.........to me it is more important to be in sane state F 21 5 years

 3  Bipolar RAPID weight gain, increased appetite, night sweats, fatigue, dry mouth, intense dehydration, decreased sex drive I started this because my best friend was on it before and he said it was a miracle drug. Honestly, it's helped with my mood a lot, and I've been able to keep a job for once. But the weight gain is a serious issue. I'm a 21 year old fashion student and I was a size 24/25 in jeans and now I can't even fit into any of my jeans I'm bursting out of them. All I do is think about eating and my portions have never been bigger. I crave things I normally would never eat like chocolate and junk food and ice cream. I can eat 3 bowls of cereal at one sitting and still want more. I have a gut and I've taken weight loss pills to try to burn the fat as well as working out but my weight went from 108 to 128. Very depressed about that. I also have no desire to have sex with my boyfriend anymore which is ruining our relationship. It helps so far with my mood and mellows me out but everything else in my life sucks. F 21 3 months
 2  psychotic depression extreme fatigue during the day even if i took it at night, craving nothing but fattening sweets I was so sleepy during the day that I would sit down somewhere and immediately fall asleep with my mouth open and drool all over myself. Seroquel is better for helping me sleep; it doesn't cause that daytime drowsiness. F 21 2 months

 1  Bipolar disorder Weight gain weight gain weight gain. This drug is not worth it!!! See if you can get on lamictal and topamax first!! I gained 30 + pounds and am working like hell to get off. After talking w my psyc he said I didn't need to be on it. Really? So all this for nothing. Horrible drug. Find another. F 21 4 months
 1  manic bipolar episodes Gained 50 pounds with in the first 2 months. I only had the urge to eat and sleep I felt like an animal. I couldn't wake up in the morning no matter how hard I tried. I would not recommend this medicine to anyone. I am also having issues with getting pregnant and its a good possibility that its because of the medicine. F 21 6 months
 1  Diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia. I was on a this medicine called Zyprexa about 2 years ago. It caused me to have urinary retention, kidney pains, and a stay at my local somatic-hospital because of my urinary retention. I couldnt pee for several hours, causing me to have 1,3 liters in my bladder. If they waited 5 more minutes with cathetrizing me, the urine would of gone back to my kidneys and I would get a lethal-poisonous attack. The urine would of gone directly in my blood. I was 5 minutes close to death, to put it another way. I werent able to pee normally for months and I had a catheter all the time. Good luck to those who chose to eat this medicine, or even any of the so-called "second generation" anti-psychotics used in today's psychiatry. The worst medicine I have ever taken EVER. M 21 2 months

 1  because i was to well Every bad one, Put on 15kg in a week, demotivated me to do exercise dropped out of my Human Movement course turned me into a retard VFL footballer. HATED IT: Ruined everything about me i didnt know what was going on. I dispise my doctor and parents for making me continue to take it M 21 3 weeks

 5  bipolar sleepy kills mania like flys on a lightbulb M 20 1 months
 5  /Bipolar/Cycling Mood disorder Extreme fatigue in morning, no weight gain, completely eradicated my manic phases (within several hours of taking first dose!) This antipsychotic is a blessing. I was at my lowest point about one month ago (my first relapse in almost 3 years because my Lamictal stopped working effectively) when I went into a major manic phase. Specifically, my anxiety was at such a great level that my body was PHYSICALLY affected, not just mentally. I had such severe back and chest pains, that I had to get an MRI and the doctors were puzzled because nothing was found to be wrong physically. As a last resort i called my psychiatrist and he IMMEDIATELY put me on only 1 mg of Zyprexa and the next day all my pain and all my anxiety were gone! I felt like my life had been give back to me. I am so thankful for this medication because now I can function at school again and help build my relationship back with my boyfriend and family that was practically inexistent for my 3-week long manic state. Currently, I am on 2.5 mg per day until I am completely stabilized then will be taken off and put back on Lamictal (my long-term mood s F 20 6 weeks

 3  Depression + anxiety Nada; friend experienced major weight gain leading to diabetes My psychiatrist put me on this for a week, dose 2.5, in addition to 225 Effexor on the theory that it could boost me out of my depression. It helped, but it wasn't amazing; on the other hand the appetite didn't kick in. A close friend with manic depression was on it for several months and had a lot of weight gain, to the point that she had joint problems and early diabetes. She said it was great mentally but the price was too high (She's 51, by the way). F 20 1 weeks

 3  Schizophrenia Some wieght gain, craving junk food, hard to wake up and get out of bed. F 20 2 years
10 1X D
 3  Psychosis from Marijuana Withdrawal This drug significantly impaired my cognitive functions and caused me to gain 50 pounds in 5 months. It has turned me into a dumb, bland person, causing me to have social anxiety. At 15 mgs I had serious problems interacting with people as I could not concentrate or comprehend what they were saying. I also experienced unusual thoughts which I could not control. I sleep 12 hrs a night. I don't recommend the use of zyprexa unless you would rather have the symptoms I mentioned than the ones your trying to correct. M 20 6 months

 1  bipolar /depression nausea, constint depression, slept to much, aggravated easily. i hate it cause i was on it now my husband is on it and its making him a total wreck. F 20 6 years

 1  Hypomania/psychosis While On Zyprexa: Blunted emotions, tunnel vision, weight gain, disorganized thinking/no thoughts at all, confusion, clumsy, crazy appetite which caused insomnia, aching kidneys, creativity destroyed, sleeping 20 hours a day, sleep talking, fatigue, increased paranoia, constipation(3weeks), acne, depression, facial paralysis, leg cramping, erectile dysfunction, low bp After Stopping: constant ringing in the ears, agitation, facial grimacing, muscle twitching, akathisia, insomnia, extreme anxiety, suicidal visions, racing thoughts, heart palpitations, tachycardia, chest pains, feelings of doom, weakness My nurse seemed nice and she said the only side effect was weight gain...she couldn't be more wrong. She also said it was a baby dose...I'd like to see her feed some of this to a baby. This drug was first used as an anesthetic...then tested on psychotic ppl. This stuff just makes you brain dead, and beats your body up quite badly, good luck all M 20 2.5 months
 1  anxiety Dizziness, Chest pains, and trouble breathing Does not help in the least. I cant get up and move from point A to B without almost having a panic attack from a racing heart. I crave sweets like no bodys buisness. Im trying to ween off it but i think im stopping it right now. M 20 6 days
1 1X D

 1  depression/psychosis/paranoia EXTREME food cravings, insomnia, extremely bad suicidal thoughts, drug hangover, apathy, slurred speech, hopelessness this did not help my psychosis at all. it made me even more depressed to the point that i nearly killed myself. doctor took me off of it after a week and a half for severe adverse effects. this was by far the worst drug experience of my life F 20 10 days
5MG 1X D
 5  Bipolar,Depression 10 mg: zombified me was very quiet antisocial, lower dose 2.5 mg worked great no side effects It helped me greatly with manic episodes stabilized mood helped my depression greatly also give it a try worked great! M 19 6 months

 5  bipolar, depression 5 and 2.5 works great cures depression and manic behavior including loss of sleep eating and physical pain from mania. There is help out there for depression and mania this is it lower dose worked for me so that is what i would recommend. too high of a dose is no good. M 19 6 months

 4  Paranoid Schizophrenia Sleeping 12 hours a day, mild sexual disfunction (can't ejaculate and milder orgasms) I've been taking 15 milligrams at night. It is a miracle drug as far as the schizophrenia is concerned. It was just like not being schitzophrenic anymore. I'm not being put on a lower dose to curb the excessive sleeping and they are adding abilify. M 19 3 months

 3  schizophrenia weight gain(20lbs),drowsiness,hyperprolactinemia I've been taking 2.5mg at night. I guess this drug does its job M 19 1 years

 3  Manic episode due to drink spiking Weight gain, constant need to sleep, apathy, low mood, over emotional, irritability, loss of confidence, lactating from breast. I was on Zyprexa because my drink was spiked, which caused a chemical imbalance in my brain, which ultimately resulted in a psychotic break and very frightening manic episode. I experienced symptoms similar to bi-polar. Wherein I couldn't sleep, was paranoid, mood was elevated then suddenly sow, I was happy one minute aggressive the next. Doctors put me on Zyprexa which helped straight away. Within a day or two I started returning to my "normal self" doctors wanted to keep me on zyprexa for a few months to monitor the situation just to rule out bi-polar and make sure it was a one off. During the 7 months I was on the medication my dosage was lowered as I was weaned off. However I experienced some pretty undesirable side affects. My breasts became tender and started to leak! I was constantly tired, did not want to get out of bed, suffered depression was bitter angry etc. I was very lethargic and felt like crying all the time. I also became very anxious, nervous and worried. However my psychiatrist was great and eventually I came off the zyprexa totally. It is still working it's way out of my system but I am losing the weight and am much more outgoing and happy my sleep pattern and appetite have returned to normal. I have experienced an irregularity in my periods however. I went 5months without getting one since I've been off the tablets. I sometimes experience random twitching or sensitivity to stimuli. Overall I felt zyprexa did help in rectifying the situations, bu F 19 6 months
15-10-5 1X D
 2  bipolar AWFUL WEIGHT GAIN!!!! unstoppable appetite and ability to eat for 2-3 people (could eat 2-3 bagels for breakfast, big lunch, constant snacking, craving for Hungry Man dinners which eat pack about 1000 calories), My mouth was never closed, also causes unquenchable thirst (coffee, soda, BEER), went from someone who felt it at 2 drinks to being able to handle 8 drinks Stomach ballooned 7 inches and weight gain was 50 lbs. Went from being thin to being a bulky trailer. Could have rolled down a hill EMOTIONALLY FLAT listless LOSS OF LIBIDO Was I even a guy in my late teens? If you want to stop mania, be sure to want to become an eating machine who doesn't need sex M 19 11 months

 1  bi-polar 1 Knocked me unconscious for 72 hours STUPID CRAP FOR CRAP! Do not take this shit! I took it, and the next thing I know, I pass out and come to two days later...I'd been staggerin' around in a completely nonresponsive zombielike state on a cross state trip for the time and it was really bad. Oooooh if I ever see the guy who prescribed this stuff to me again he's toast. F 19 1 days

 1  Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety Dizziness, Drowsiness, Weight Gain, Increased Appetite. I haven't been on Zyprexa for long, but since I've been on it with Lustral, (Lexapro previous to that) I have felt terrible. I still continue to self harm, that hasn't change, I have more suicidal thoughts more often than I have before and I have gained 33 pounds in about 4 months of taking it. And have got an eating disorder because of the weight I've gained. I would not recommend someone going on this if you are very obsessed with your weight because It caused more problems for me, as it wasn't a that much of a problem before I went on it.I was at a healthy enough weight. It did help me sleep though, but that side effect has worn off and again I find it hard to sleep. And there is no way I'm going up another dose, I'm actually going to my doctor tomorrow to get off it. It makes me feel like shit. F 19 120 days
5mg 1X D
 1  depression, then bipolar & anxiety I feel like I am losing short term memory. When I first took 25 mg I was a sleeping zombie all day long, in 9th grade I was a wreck and did real bad in school. I forget a lot of things now, even though now im taking 10 mg. When sometimes I stop all of a sudden, my head explodes with thoughts and anxiety, well, that was before... I say the only medicine that would work is being religious and praying, no medicine helps end of story! Did you know zyprexa reduces your dopamine level so you dont feel schitzophrenia even if that isnt your diagnosis. Too much reduction of dopamine causes parkinson's disease, slow movement...All I really needed to cure myself is to not care about what people said to me. if your going to take zyprexa, make sure to take the anti- side effect drug cogentin. M 19 7 years

 1  schizoaffective, OCD SEVERE WEIGHT GAIN!!! , restless leg syndrome in combination with risperidone took 6 months at 5 and 10mg. was 60kgs before and 100 after. no positive effect noticed. M 19 6 months
 5  borderline personality disorder weight gain Zyprexa is not the best drug to treat psychotic simptoms,but its not that bad.I have been on many antypsychotic drugs since i was 16 : Geodon,Clozapine,Seroquel,Risperdal,Abilify,Haldol...and now on combination : Haldol 4mg,Zyrexa 20mg,Tegretol 400mg,Prozac 20mg,Xanax 1mg,and they all work fine controling my simptoms.Sure,zyprexa is not the best option for everybody,but it works for me. M 18

 4  Psychosis,Severe Depression weight gain, increased appetite, insomnia (but has gotten better). This drug is a godsend,this has killed most of my anxiety but its not completely gone,I havent felt this good in many,many months.Now I feel like i'm ready to face the world without any problems. F 18 3 weeks
10 1X D
 1  psychosis ALWAYS tired 24/7, I felt tired throughout the entire day. ENORMOUS amount of weight gain probably at least 35 lbs within 4 months. This drug didn't even help with my psychosis, I was still hearing my name and even more vivid after taking this, I was much better off before I even started this. F 18 4 months
5mg 1X D

 1  bipolar depression apathy, extreme hunger,12pound wt gain in 10days,fine hand tremors,fuzzy hand eye coordination,facial bloating,listless awful medication 10mg@nite 5mg daytime seeing doctor this am never will touch zyprexa again! M 18 14 days

 1  Psychosis from Depression/Addiction I was completely unmotivated, extremely depressed, loss in interest of all things I cared about even worse than when I started. I started having delusional thoughts, cried all the time, panic attacks and massive anxiety. I had no energy and did not want to get out of bed. I was vomiting from upset stomach and then began to eat nonstop. This drug caused me to have extreme anxiety and panic attacks and a wierd buzzing in my ears. The doctor then tried to increase the dosage which made it worse. I was admitted to the hospital to taper myself off this medication that took away all of my motivation. I drastically reduced my dose in the hospital from 12.5 to 5mg but the doctor put me on a mood stabilizer to help with the withdrawl. M 18 6 weeks
12.5 1X D

 1  Delusional thoughts. I gained thirty pounds in about three months os using this awful pill. I have no idea how I am going to lose all of this weight. I did weigh 118 pounds and now I weigh 147 pounds. This is awful. Stay away from this pathetic weight gain pill. M 18 3 months

 3  counteract SSRI-induced mania fatigue, increased appetite I was prescribed this to calm down from prozac-induced mania. It worked well but started to make me eat too much so I stopped taking it. F 17 3 weeks

 1  manic episodes of bipolar disorder this medicine was awful. it changed my personality. I was boring and lazy like I was going through life on autopilot. I wanted to be and still want to be a personal trainer someday. I love working out and being proud of my body. when takingthis, I was too lazy and tired to do anything ever! I was eating nonstop and gained 15 pounds before I even realized. I became so unhappy with myself and who I'd transformed into. it probably would have changed my whole future if I hadn't told this to my doctor and she took me off of it. don't take this medicine. I lost all my cheerfulness and excitement. my friends even missed me if that makes sense. if I ever have even a day of mixed or mania I go in for an infusion and I am 100% better soon after!!!!! my doctor and I both STRONGLY support this change for me. F 17 8 months
20 MG

 1  Bi-polar, anxiety I gained 20lbs in less than one month, and now am covered with stretch marks. I have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes, but I have almost all of the symptoms now. It basically ruined my life; I cannot wear shorts or skirts because my legs are always purple and have stretch marks. My appetite rapidly increased. F 17 1 weeks
 1  Hallucinations Dizziness, almost blacking out, heart racing, weakness, tremors, coldsweat i had to stop after 2 or 3 days due to the fact that i couldnt think straight (like barely even remember my name) and worst of all, my heart raced so much i thought i was having a heart attack. F 17 3 days
 1  Stepdaughter-Bipolar???? Stepdaughter takes it....increased appetite and thirst. Extreme sedation...takes at bed but it carries through to the next day, she's zombie like and keeping her awake is not possible. She usually "wakes up" around 5-7 pm, then takes her dosage and goes to bed at 7:30 to 8:00. It's sad. My stepdaughter (teenager) was prescribed this by her Mother's psychiatrist for bi-polar...with no medical history. My stepdaughter has gained approx 50 lbs in the last yr and is not the same child she used to be......very zombie-like when awake -which she usually isn't. Her days are spent eating and sleeping....she used to not be like this. Of course her bio Mom doesn't notice because she does the same. We are getting court-order for change of custody to her Dad (my husband) with extreme limited visitation with the Mother and will immediately wean her off with a physician's guidance. This drug has poisoned her. F 17 1 days

 1  Stepdaughter-Bipolar???? Stepdaughter takes it....increased appetite and thirst. Extreme sedation...takes at bed but it carries through to the next day, she's zombie like and keeping her awake is not possible. She usually "wakes up" around 5-7 pm, then takes her dosage and goes to bed at 7:30 to 8:00. It's sad. My stepdaughter (teenager) was prescribed this by her Mother's psychiatrist for bi-polar...with no medical history. My stepdaughter has gained approx 50 lbs in the last yr and is not the same child she used to be......very zombie-like when awake -which she usually isn't. Her days are spent eating and sleeping....she used to not be like this. Of course her bio Mom doesn't notice because she does the same. We are getting court-order for change of custody to her Dad (my husband) with extreme limited visitation with the Mother and will immediately wean her off with a physician's guidance. This drug has poisoned her. F 17 1 years

 1  bipolar 1 i gained 70 pounds very miserable F 15 3 months

 2  Schizoaffective/ undefined mood dis my 14 year old daughter is taking this drug. It has caused her to gain a major amount of weight (that she did not need due to seroquel). It also makes her have no energy and want to just sit like a lump all day. The other problem is that she is complaining about her eyes hurting. I have read the possible side effects and there are so many eye problems that can happen from this drug....I am looking for someone else that has had this side effect. My child is also developmentally disabled and has the mideset of a 5 year old. For this reason it is difficult to get accurate information from her. The doctors are shrugging this off...but I am looking to get her off it this horrible drug She is taking Zyprexa for "spinning/racing thoughts" Even on 30mg (yes that was correct) it did not take those away. I, w/o doctor's auth just dropped her down to 20mg a day. I don't know what we are going to do next, but this drug is causing all sorts of new things. Including me needing to be the food police or she would eat herself sick. The cravings for sugar and carbs are out of control. I can't risk her getting diabetes from this drug! F 14 3 months
 1  Bad doctor Being taken off the drug, and it caused enough insomnia, dizziness, headaches, and fuzziness that I had to start it again. Doctor prescribed it saying it was perfect for what I had, which was nothing, and I immediately noticed weight gain and "zombification". Tried getting off it twice, and will try again in a few weeks. Do not use this. M 14 2 years

 1  Hyper activity, severe ADHD, etc Extreme weight gain (over 40lbs in less than 1year), breast development, unstable gait, and most recent, hypoglycemia. M 13 3 years
 4  anxiety with PDD-NOS lethargy, weight gain, constant hunger. This is for my 11 yr old son who is diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He was diagnosed with it before he began the zyprexa. After a week of taking zyprexa, he was able to leave the house and not have a meltdown! Now he is able to be in a noisy room, around bright lights, and close to other kids. He eats almost anything now and before he ever started any meds, he was severely underweight. His anxiety is so much better. He sleeps about 10 hours but wakes up slowly! I am concerned about the weight gain though. He is 11 and weighs 94 lbs! M 11 3 days

 1  My nephew was taking Zyprexa If anyone is even "thinking" about taking Zyprexa I would strongly urge you to "think again". My nephew is in a home for troubled boys and years ago they started him on Ritalin. Later they tried him on one drug, then another. The last thing they tried him on after diagnosing him as Bi Polar was Zyprexa. He is 11 years old and in 2 months he went from a normal appearing kid to a kid that appears to be totally spastic. If he sits down on a chair it's only a few seconds before he's on the floor. His muscles are in constant spasm, his back hurts all the time and he has lost 20 pounds in 2 months. When his mother took him to court last week trying to get him into another home the judge couldn't believe her eyes. She couldn't believe what this drug had done to him. This drug needs to be banned before it ruins thousands of lives. The doctors say he may never recover from this and he could end up dying. M 11 7 days

 3  Mood Disorder Poss. bi-polar My 6 year old daughter is taking this and has had wonderful results with her moods, but has gained ALOT of weight, always begging for food, is always sleepy, and falling asleep in class. She takes small doses 4 times a day. SHe is VERY dificult to wake up. The worst part is she has a rare side effect that her eye muscles have lost control and roll up into her head like a zombie- VERY frightening!!!! It has improved her emotional state of violence and emotional rages to controlled tantrums, and no major violent issues. We temporarily took her off to see if it was working and everything came back 10 fold! I dread the day we have to take her off it again!!!! F 6 5 months
 4  Mood Disorder Increased Hunger My daughter was put on Zyprexa after trying 15 other medications. She has a Mood Disorder, ADHD, ODD and FASD. Initial response was AWESOME. Totally different child. After about 5 days, the old behavior began to resurface. It's not as bad as it was before, but still difficult. Dr. has added 1/4 ml Haldol twice daily. She'll take for the first time tonight. Hopefully it will help! F 5 1 weeks
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