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 3  reduced flow and pain some mental sluggishness First the good news: I've just stopped taking it after five years and I'm doing fine. In fact -- this is weird -- I'm actually doing better than when I was taking it (a strange lower side back pain I often felt when urinating finally disappeared)! I attribute my improvement to the Avodart I've been taking also, which, I surmise, reduced the size of my prostate sufficiently to make taking the Flomax unnecessary to control the symptoms. In other words, an enlarged prostate must have been the cause and the symptoms (frequency, urgency, reduced flow, back pain) were the effect. Flomax was dealing with the effect, but since the cause had been removed or reduced, the effect was also. But the Flomax served its purpose, even though it never removed my symptoms entirely (and also made my mind a bit sluggish, which I am so happy is now over). I was taking two Flomax capsules a day. Since my symptoms were so much improved after 5 years, I decided to go down to one capsule; since that was OK for two months, I stopped taking altogether. I immediately experienced bad effects. But after one week everything improved dramatically, so I guess those were just withdrawal symptoms. It was 5 years, after all. Anyway, there is hope ... though patience is required. I guess Avodart was the real agent of long-term change for the better. M 59 5 years

 3  Urgency, decreased flow, frequency Huge increase in nasal congestion which decreased somewhat after a few days, absolutely no ejaculation and no sensation of orgasm which improved by about 90% after 10 days of use, slight headache first day, some erection assistance (similar to Viagra) the frist few days only. Flow greatly increased first day, frequency somewhat increased (4 or 5 times per night)instead of decreased after 10 days, headache gone, nasal congestion somewhat better, I may have become somewhat lethargic. I think I need a much smaller dose, but it is dangerous to divide a time-release medication. I will ask Dr if I can take it every other day when I see him again in 2 days. Orgasm and ejaculation almost back to normal after 10 days. My constipation may or may not be caused by FlowMax ... there are other factors involved. M 61 10 days
 3  Enlarged prostate Dizziness, fatigue, no ejaculation (after 1st dose). After scope Doc told me I had the prostate of an 82 y/o not 52 y/o. First 3 days very dizzy. Has helped with flow. Last night slept though without having to get up. Has relived the "start" pain when urinating. The no ejaculation thing is Very weird, almost not worth it. Doc told me it goes into bladder so just a "that moment" it freaks me out. Also having a dull pain in left testicle. This site is great since it's hard to talk about this. That said, has anyone noticed enlargement since have a cystoscopy? Does the no ejaculate thing go away? Any suggestions for alternative. Tried "Super Beta Prostate", guess it didn't work. M 52 4 days
 2  urination issues post protate cancer energy loss,sleeplessness...weird dreams,dizzyness,headaches and reduced sex drive. avid golfer and used advil for aches and pains which may have contributed to problems. fit and active lifestyle. M 66 6 months

 2  BPH Bad chest tightness & nasal stuffiness. Retrograde ejaculation and/or low semen, depending on dosage. Very powerful drug. Reduced dosage to 1/4 of .4 mg. capsule by cutting capsule in half & taking every other day. On that dosage provides relief needed while almost eliminating chest tightness & nasal stuffiness, & less retrograde ejaculation. Should make available capsules in low dosage. Very messy to cut capsules, but cannot tolerate .4 mg at a time. Tablets would be easier to cut. Canada only furnishes in sustained relief tablets, so that is out. Terazosin gave worse side effects. Might try other alpha blockers like Uroxocal or new Rapaflow, but suspect it is the nature of alpha blockers that causes these side effects for some. Finesteride may eventually shrink prostate making alpha blockers unnecessary for me. M 63 4 months

 1  kidney stones I had 56 bpm as a heart rate.In medical term(Bready Cardia).Combined with the sideffects from FLOMAX (wich it lowered my heartrate by >20BPM )I ended-up in the emergency room.By that time I had only 32bpm. and a CARDIO BLOCK.I was then 54yrs old and 230 muscular lbs. My collesterol was @ 245.The cardiologyst said"THE GOOD NEWS IS THERE'S NO BLOCKEGE" but when I asked what caused it , he just shrugged his sholders and said"It happens" I had taken FLOMAX for apprx. 10days.Given to me by a uriologyst as free samples (without first giving me a physical or looking at the information the hospital had sent him) to help pass kidneystones .Now I have a pacemaker connected to my heart and the collection agency chasing me to collect the $55k they'll never get... Do not take FLOMAX without a complete phisycal first...It almost killed me becouse a doctor wanted to cut corners...I need a lawyer to sue them . @ 727 388 9659 M 56 12 days
 1  BPH Headache, nasal passage blocked, eye discomfort, blurred vision, low blood pressure, sinus pain, dizzyness (low BP), jaw/tooth pain(from sinus pain?), vivid/bazzar dreams, general discomfort. Stopped taking this crap after one dose. It did help my flow and discomfort, but not worth the side effects. Took 24+ hours to recover. Worst day in my life in a long time! Never again will I take this! Sex-erections-who could be interested in sex feeling this bad! Going back to Saw-pal extract at higher dose. M 61 1 days

 1  BPH I have discovered that I have many of the symptoms indicated by the other respondents since searching this website ie: dizziness, runing nose, decreased ejaclation, decreased libdo, decreased strength, much loss of sleep, pain in leg muscles. I have been off of Flomax for a month. I feel a lot better. Decreased flow, one time up at night which I was doing with the drugn normal ejaculation. I can live with the decreased flow and without the side effects. Do not use this drug-the side effects outweigh the good. Also, if you are using this drug and will have cataract surgey be sure to tell your eyedoctor. Flomax can cause problems with the surgery. M 74 4 years
 3  Kidney Stone Roughly a ten-times reduction in drive combined with a side-effect of no ejaculate, absolutely none. I'm a fairly young man yet, 31, so that drive reduction is from multiple per day to one every two or three days. I'm only taking it temporarily to keep my prostate small to help the passing of a kidney stone. Considering my reason for taking it and that its temporary... it's a bizarre but acceptable /temporary/ effect. If this was a permanent med, I'm not sure what I would do. Maybe take week-end breaks? M 31 7 days

 3  Prosatae Enlargement None None M 50 90 days

 1  Kidney Stone BPH Post-Op Retention dizzyness, headache, rapid heart beat, constant tingling and feeling of need to deficate (sensation of a lump at base of rectum - increased with feeling of gas), tinitus, nasal congestion, muscle cramps, tingling in face mask, eye pain, TMJ like pain. I went searching for symptoms and found this sight. I begged not to be on Flomax after just two days, but one doctor said I was crazy, that none of my side effects were related to the Flomax. Sent for a ct scan of brain but all clear. Stopped for four days and that solved the bad dreams, congestion, anal sensations and increased sensitivity, muscle cramping and weakness and all other symptoms. Had to go back on when post-op retention occured. Am begging to stop it now because all symptoms are back, and worse. For me, this drug is HORRIBLE - ask your doctor for an alternative. Be VERY careful! M 50 6 days

 3  BPH, frequent urination and control dizzyness with use of first pill. Then dizzyness subsided. Loss of ejaculation and slightly reduced orgasm intensity I have noticed an increase in flow and urine stream strength. I am not having to rush to urinate. Am not waking up at night to urinate. The loss of ejaculation is a bit strange but I may be able to live with it. No mess!! I am active sexually 2-3X per week. Would prefer a natural supplement. Concerned about effects of getting off flowmax. M 50 15 days

 3  BPH no libido, no erection, no ejaculation, stuffed up nose,no energy have been taking flomax with avodart for almost two years; my urine flow is normal now but my penis is disappearing. i have quit taking both for a month just to see if i could have an erection but it will take a bit longer if i can hold out as my urine flow has diminished so much i have to watch it so i don't continue to urinate on myself. take the pills if you want to live because you can have a life without sex or no life without your kidneys. i think surgery would be a better deal. M 60 2 years

 1  Help pass a kidney stone Paresthesia, stroke like symptoms, tinnitus, dysphagia,cognitive deficits, tingling in scalp and face, joint aches, right sided pain,nightmares I only took 12 pills inconsistently to help try to pass a stone. I made 3 trips to the ED within a week because of all the paresthesia, hida scan, MRI of brain and CT of brain, all negative, people thought I was crazy. F 51 64 days
 2  BHH low BP that made me often feel off balance, very tired and run down feeling now experiencing vision problems. M 61 7 days

 4  bph dizziness upon standing M 44 8 months

 3  chronic epididymitis retro ejaculation, slight dizziness, ringing in ears, some vivid dreams, increased sensitivity to alcohol...2nd martini really hammers me now. Doc prescribed this to help with my chronic epididymitis, caused by back-flow of urine into sperm duct and causing testicular discomfort...Doc thought it would loosen things up. Has improved urine flow but so far pain in testicle still present. I hate taking all drugs so am kind of bummed about being on Flomax, however the pain in my ball has been driving me nuts for over 10 years. If it works, I may accept the side effects trade-off. The retro ejaculation is creepy...guess my career as a porn star is over. M 60 10 days

 3  BPH unexplained weight loss Has anyone else had this problem? I cannot find it in the literature M 51

 3  Enlarged prostate I did notice some increased urine flow which is why I wanted to take it. Before I had to visit the bathroom every hour and that has decreased somewhat, however, I now have blurred vision and have hard time reading things close up. I bought some reading glasses to help with that but it seems to be getting worse. I also have decrease in sex drive and have felt dizzy and tired. M 46 60 days

 1  urinary/prostate problems blurry vision, eye pain, little or no ejaculation, difficult ejaculation, tiredness at all times, irregular heart beat, difficulty obtaining an good erection. this drug has helped with urine flow but the side effects are terrible. I am trying to reduce the dosage to one pill every other day but it is too soon to see if the side effects will change. I will contact my Doctor as soon as I have given the every other day dosage more time. M 70 2 months
 2  BPH Libido reduced. Difficulty in obtaining orgasm. No ejaculate. Has not improved urine flow yet. M 68 9 days

 4  urinary / prostate problems breathlessness upon exertion, intermittent pain above left eye, intermittent runny nose, vivid and sometimes colorful disturbing dreams, occasional mental confusion and loss of initiative and worse of all weight gain (totally out of character for me all my life) which has occurred very rapidly over the last two weeks after being on flomax for 4 months Urination became such a problem for me I was releived to have FloMax and yes the side effects are bad especially the breathlessness on exertion but as far as I know there isn't an alternative and I would certainly hesistate to try another med or treatment and risk the full bladder pain and discomforts I knew before. I only hope it continues to keep the flow going until the coming day of my surgery for a cancerous prostate removal. M 61 4 months

 1  BPH/Freq. Urination/Weak Stream I had the "grand slam"! Retro ejaculation, constant headache, couldn't sleep, vivid/wierd dreams, terrible nasal conjestion, constant nasal discharge and worst of all..excruciating muscle pain (around day 9) that later evolved into peripheral neuropathy. And, oh yeah, a moderate improvement in "flow" for the first day or two. Caught a cold around day 3...never had such bad congestion and nasal discharge. No cold meds would provide any relief. Stopped taking Flomax after day 10 (8-days ago). Most side effects are gradually improving except the muscle pain and neuropathy - they're worse. I do have a predisposition to "idiopathic" muscle inflammation but this med took it to another order of magnitude. Right now, my sinuses are still discharging huge quantities of white glop but that's pretty minor compared to the extraordinary muscle pains throughout my body and the fact that my right hand is almost completely numb and partially paralyzed. This is a very dangerous drug!!!! M 58 10 days
 1  kidney stone no ejaculation, no orgasm, frequent urination, very dizzy and malaise feeling (flu like), really on edge wanting to hit something at any sign of anger, high anxiety, tremors, sinus congestion I would never recommend this drug to anyone except for possibly persons with extreme prostate problems with no other alternative. I knew of the sexual side effects before hand, but it turned out much worse than I could have imagined with virtually no libido. I however had no idea of these other side effects I experienced. The day after I took the pill I felt dizzy and felt like I was coming down with the flu. I kept getting angry at my friends and found myself kicking and punching walls and just very frustrated and confused feeling. Lots of nausea and it made my already terrible chronic sinusitis problem even worse. I'd take another kidney stone three times the size of the one I passed any day before taking another pill of flomax and this stone gave me some of the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. Not even when I tore nearly every tendon in my right foot could the pain compare. These side effects don't go away quickly at all. Avoid at all cost. M 28 1 days

 1  Urine Retention/sphincter dissynerg dizziness, very decreased libido, low semen volume or none at all, difficult erection or NO erection, extreme frustration due to these side effects! I am scheduled for medtronics sacral nerve interstim in 4 days to fix my bladder sphincter issue that is causing my retention and then I will ask my uro to take me off this drug due to the side effects. M 41 4 months

 3  enlarged prostate Decrease sexual climax, no sperm at first, BP increase, slight headache After two months intensity and duration of sex increased to not quite normal but much better than at the beginning of taking flomax.Helped stronger stream. I pee once a night or sleep right thru the night.Sex is still not quite normal.I think after two months BP went up to 155/82. M 66 3 months

 2  massive kidney stones after several days, i couldnt ejaculate and orgasm was altered. i almost fainted. doc didnt tell me about this side effect. my kidney stones are large and many, 4mm and 5mm...too many to have surgeries every 6 months to a year. so i pass them. flowmax relaxes the mucsles down there to allow easier passage. i only use it with an acute attack. i just wonder and am scared of where the semen went cause it doesnt come out.... M 36 5 days

 2  Urinary Rentention Decreased semen production, massively compounded congestion problems from a cold, stool control problems. This medicine definitely increased my urinary flow - on the first day. I was coming down with sinus congestion from a cold when I started Flomax. Since my doctor had advised against decongestants due to my urinary flow symptoms, the sinus pressure became debilitating. After one terrible night, I decided decongestants were the lesser of two evils and then a Z-pack ridded the sinus infection. Congestion is no longer a problem. Like others, I have experienced decreased semen production, but increased erectile function. After about one month I have noticed stool control problems when I urinate. For 3 days now this has required me to sit down and wipe what feels like diarrhea each time I urinate, even though my stools are otherwise normal. This is concerning enough that I am going to stop taking Flomax until I can discuss with my doctor. As a point of reference, I did have successful surgery to remove hemorrhoids two years ago. While I have been pleased with the outcome (if not th M 40 30 days

 3  BHP inhibited ejaculation; urge to deficate increased with increased gas M 62 30 days

 1  Uniary retention Migraine, back pain, increased heart rate, didn't feel like myself yelling agitated and extreme tiredness I am the only woman I can find put on flomax. I have been on it for three weeks and feel beyond awful. Sick in pain with a completely changed personality. It is the worst medication I think I have taken and I have taken a lot!! My family is going thru hell with me how horrible I feel. F 3 weeks

 1  Enlarged Prostate Weight gain (VERY unusual for me!)eye pain & sensitivity, pain in side (kidney?)and back, fatigue, sore throat, stuffy nose and cold-like symptoms. I feel miserable! I am a very active, very fit 44 year old man (6' tall & 170#) & have weighed the same for the last 20 years. I gained 10 pounds in one month since I've been on flomax I have had eye pain and sensitivity, back pain, pain in my side (kidney?), tiredness and what I thought was a bad cold. I don't like the way this med. made me feel and have discontinued usage. M 44 27 days

 2  enlarged prostate, weak stream always tired, blurred vision, arms and legs ache, lower back pain. Virtually no ejaculate upon orgasm and not as pleasurable. If i didn't have to work, i would sleep 24hrs a day, get up just to eat and go back to bed. While sleeping i rolled over and wham, i had a pain go from my lower back down to my foot, the feeling was like a funny bone sensation, like when you hit your elbow. I'm going to stop the Flowmax for now and just squeeze during urination to get the pressue flowing like i use to before the medication. If someone knows of something natural to take please email me. Good Luck !! 44 3 weeks
 1  frequency-enlarged pros. retro orgasm, stuff nose, rapid heart beat. dizzy. M 52 4 days
 1   A short time after taking the medication my orgasm went from extremely powerful to very weak. This was coupled with loss of libido and at times, retrograde ejaculations. Soon after meals I found I just had no strength whatsoever and on many occasions would also be on the verge of passing out and needed to sleep. All my muscles ached arms, legs, and particularly around the pelvic area. How many other people can confirm similar side effects as myself after taking this medication? Can other posters please state in more detail in the symptoms they have experienced after taking this medication? M 43 3 years

 1  BPH Stopped taking FLOMAX after about two months due to weakness in the leg muscles. About one week after stopping the drug, patient started to experience painful muscle contractions in the legs. Muscle contractions persisted for about 8 weeks. There is no known other cause for these contractions. Patient had a preexisting condition: DISH (Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis and has also been called Forestier's disease.) It appears that FLOMAX has aggravated DISH where now the patient has difficulty in regaining previous flexibility in leg motion. Leg motion from rest position can be painful. M 60 60 days

 3  BPH Very indirect sort of side effect: It lead me to delay TURP surgery which was ultimately what I needed. Also: It greatly reduced the amount of money in my wallet. This stuff ain't cheap. You can get flomax from Canadian online or telephone pharmacies for about 1/3rd the price of USA prices. This is normal quality controlled chemically identical factory packaged stuff. No difference except the package. It is simply outrageous that our own government prohibits, by law, your doctor from even mentioning this option to you. And you don't have to be a professor of economics or organized crime researcher to know that the pharmacutical companies are selectively ripping off Americans (charging 3 to 4 times as much for the same presecription medicine in the USA as in Canada or Australia) with the cooperation of the US government. There are several legit Canadian online/mailorder pharmacies. I had OK experiences with Canpharm. But it takes as much as three weeks, and faxing of your prescriptions -- so you can't wait to the last minute to get medicine this way. M 66 500 days
 3  frequent urination daytime no ejaculate. dizzyniess. mild fatigue My doctor said ejaculation may go in reverse as a side effect. Creepy. This seems to explain the spin given by the drug company stating 'reduced semen'as a side effect. It seems Flomax does not decrease semen production, it just reverses your plumbing! I call this effect anti-flo-max. I did have orgasm, but almost nothing came out. will try suggestions by others. M 50 4 days

 5  BPH NONE One week after starting to take flomax, the plumbing was working like I was eighteen years old again! M 66 7 months

 4  Frequent night time urination None M 77 4 years

 3  My father is taking Flomax My dad has been taking Flomax for two days now and Im on a quest to find the holistic version of Flomax or any prostate medication that will help. He also has been on high blood pressure medication for a month. With all I have read bellow I am hoping someone can post something about a Holistic treatment. I am glad my father is home and watching the Redskins demolish Dallas lol but HELP!!!! I don't want my dad on medication for the rest of his life!!!! NO! So....somebody post info on alternative or holistic medicine. Ok thanks! Ciao! He is sleepy, tired, still has a little pain. Wonders why the doctor recommended such an expensive medication. I am on a quest to find something natural for my dad because I dont want him depressed, uncomfortable or ready to call him self OLD!!! F 27 2 days
 1  BHH Very modest increase in flow. While I was in the hospital I had alot of trouble urinating so they put a catheter in. Of course this worked. Then some urologist came in and the next thing I new I was on flomax and finesteride. I never did have to get up during the night and the only time I really had to "run" to pee was immediately on arriving home. Sex is non-existent, erections do not come easily and there is no orgasm and no semen discharged at all. I am tired alot, have lower back pain. My internist said I had a normal PSA and that my prostate was enlarged but not a problem. I guess the urologist was selling either his services, this drug or both. I'm going to stop taking it. Too mucy hype on the air. Looking at the silly actors that are supposed to be portraying real men I have to laugh. I guess even if all you do is row a canoe or ride a bike you will be doing less of it because you will be more tired. Notice, there's rarely a woman anywhere near those men. M 62 8 months
 2  enlarged prostate Muscle weakness, muscle pain, lowered blood pressure The morning after I took Flomax I was unable to stand without holding on to the furniture. My legs muscles were weak, and I exercise 5 times a week with no problems. I was finally able to walk normally by 3:00 in the afternoon but my legs ache. I had tired it a week earlier and had simular side effects but wasn't totally sure so I though I'd try it one more time. It helps with the problem but I can't stand the side effects. I am very sensitive to most meds. M 54 2 days

 5  BPH Runny nose and temporary drop in blood pressure. Runny nose lasted for about 30 days. Drop in blood pressure didn't effect me much as I had high blood pressure to begin with. Reduced semen and libido rigidity. I was greatly relieved within 24 hours. Went from every 30 minutes (really miserable) to every 3 to 4 hours (what a relief!,to hell with the sniffy nose!) Have learned not to drink to many liquids in the evening (especially sodas) or I have to get up repeatedly. Most of the time only once a night if I behave. At my age I don't care about the lack of libido. Twenty years ago I would have felt differently. Another plus for me was to discover it helps prevent kidney stone problems. I've undergone 3 lithotripsy procedures over the past ten years but none since starting the Flomax over three years ago. M 64 3 years

 1  Suspected Prostatitis Retrograde Ejaculation to start with. After a few weeks persistent cough, pelvic pains, feeling of a lump in the bum and diuretic effect Initially it helped with urinary flow. But after a few weeks I had the most annoying cough that would simply not go, and I ended up having to urinate more often and found this was dehydrating me. I started to get pains all around my pelvis and felt as if there was a huge lump in my rectum. After discontinuing this and instead using a small dose of amitriptyline all side effects slowly dissapeared, but it took some time. Urinary symptoms fine now. I don't like this drug at all. M 32 1 years

 1  Frequent urination Stuffy nose, dizzy, weak,no energy,tired.slight confusion. Way too strong side effects.I'm through with it. M 73 2 days

 1  BPH severe sinus congestion, thought I had allergies, sexual problems - difficulty in ejaculation, worked for BPH symptoms though - switched to Uroxatral M 30 days

 3  BPH M

 1  to improve urination One pill then light headed the next morning then total unconsciousness with heart stoppage. Was revived and required the emergency installation of a pace maker. The doctor said it was not related to the Flomax and said to take another Flomax pill the next evening which I did and had drastic fluctuation of bloob pressure. No one should take this unless you are already in the hospital and are under constant care to monitor side effects. It helped with the ability to urinate but with risking a near death expericnce. It is a very dangerous drug. Don't risk it. M 72 2 days

 2  BHP Dizziness when standing from sitting or crouching. Not too good if you are working on the roof or working with a chain saw. While working out at a gym and using the leg push machine, I had to hold on to something when I got off the machine. M 70 6 months

 2  BPH Interference with blood pressure medicine - readings would spike at different times of the day. Muscle weakness - I'm a runner (average 25 miles/week). After starting Flomax, running at 13 min/mile pace would tire me. I had to walk after less than one mile. My 5K/10K race times (prior to Flomax) normally 8:30-9:30 min/mile - not fast but ok. Lastly, sexual problems simliar to other posters Before Flomax, BPH meant an average 2 trips to the bathroom during the night. Initially upon starting Flomax, I noticed improvement in stream strength and reduction to 1 bathroom trip per night. [Caution - first day left me very dizzy - low blood pressure] Concurrently, the urologist perscribed Prostate SR (saw palmetto). Previously,I took another brand occasionally. Now (60 days) I take this one rigorously in the morning. Given the side effects (blood pressure and muscle weakness) I stopped the Flomax after 60 days. I believe that the consistent taking of the saw palmetto has helped me (not a general endorsement). I am going to suggest monitoring with my urologist. (Note: 45 days ago he did a test which showed that I was not retaining urine - i.e., potential for kidney disease). If the symptons get worse, I will look into another treatment. Summary - I would not recommend Flomax for men who are physically active. Also, for those taking blood pressure medicine, be careful in M 59 60 days
 4  BHP sexual side fx, near to faint when standing up, feels like a heart attack if I so much as pick up a chair. All told, I'm 60, sex would be nice, but not having to go to the bingo every hour is better. Also I might add for those of you with spigots not completely shut down, have your Dr. give you vesicare along with Fmax. Vesicare works on the bladders need to be emptied. Without these two chemicals I go into sleep deprivation so the choice for me easy. Once I was pissed because of the sex side fx that I stopped taking the drugs, then I remembered why I started taking them. Being able to pee is actually better than sex (I have to tell myself that or I would be ranting like you guys) M 60 365 days
 1  BPH Fainting, weakness I only took one capsule, but after reading about it, Avodart does the far more important job of reducing prostate size with way fewer side effects. A note to the poster who said he flushed his remaining Flomax down the toilet "where it belongs": no, it doesn't belong in your neighborhood's water ecosystem! It's all interconnected; pharmaceuticals have been found in drinking water; and pregnant women taking Flomax has produced birth defects in children. M 58 1 days
 1  BPH no ejaculation. poor orgasm. dizzy feeling and blurred vision, no sex drive, tiredness, weak feelings at any time of day, poor sleeping, terrible dreams and weight gain. Thank go the doctor give me samples as I would have tossed the remaining bottle after the two weeks. M 44 2 days

 1  BPH Runny Nose, dizzy, retrograde ejaculation, erectile disfunction M 65 60 days

 1  to keep from urinating often and in No sperm during intercourse 2 years
 5  Difficulty urinating - blockage None Know within 12-24 hours if missed. Works well - hoping for stronger dose to come to market. M 55 12 years

 1  BPH Panic attacks woke me up at night, accompanied by a racing heart and palpitations. My nose got so stuffy during the night that I could not sleep without getting up for an hour or so to drain my sinuses. I also began to notice constant tiredness, borderline depression and lack of enthusiasm about things during the day. I made some bad decisions. Flomax had little effect on my stream, beyond the improvement that Avodart already provides (with no Avodart side effects I can notice). A year ago, I was prescribed Avodart and Flomax for a 90g prostate, reduced volume and dribbling. I took the Avodart for a year with good results. I held off on the Flomax, though due to what I read about its effect on the eyes and safety when operating machinery. A month ago, after talkinfg to my eye specialist, I decided to take Flomax too. I did not notice the symptoms immediately, and did not immediately associate the symptoms listed above with the drug, since I had a change of shedule and change of location -- and got a cold -- about the same time I started the drug. It took me a while to make the connection, since I blamed other things. As for the effect on my sex life, I actually think it may have improved erections, but anyhow I decided to discontinue, and immediately feel rested. M 62 1 months

 1  enlarged prostate light headed, restless sleep, little ejaculation, stuffy nose. This medicine is horrible. Felt disoriented not myself. Had trouble concentrating. Felt it effected blood pressure. When walking upstairs was winded, afraid to exercise. Felt lower back and groin pain. Cant wait until this wears off. Called doctors office and was told to stop using. Side effects not worth it. Use with caution if you dare try this stuff.

 5  BPH Continued problems attaining erections, but already had that problem with BPH, so no loss there (nothing that Viagara can't deal with). Began working within 24 hours--went from difficult urination (almost impossible during the night) to free flow by day and slow flow during the night (0-2 bathroom trips during the night, down from 3-4). No more bladder attacks if taken pretty close to 30 minutes after a meal, the only tricky part. M 65 3 years

 3  chronic prostatits & weak stream Retro ejaculate. Little to no orgasm. Dizzy, tired. No semen upon ejaculation. Nasal Congestion. Mind Funk!! I have only been taking this medication for 2 weeks. I am trying to let my body adjust to the side effects, but there are alot of side effects. Not sure if this medication is going to work for me. I have had a slight improvements in my urine stream. Nothing yet to get excited about. Take once at bedtime. M 56 2 weeks

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