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 2  Two Kidney Stones No sexual desire or stamina, dry ejaculations, severely stuffed nose, hangover feeling for all days on it so far. Still haven't passed kidney stones but my happiness has been ripped out of my life so....there's that. M 30 5 days

 1  Slow to start urine flow. Racing heart rate (120 BPM), total exhaustion, faint feeling, heart fibrillation, vision problems, shortness of breath, bllod clot and stroke. M 60 6 days
1X D
 1  Kidney stone Having had a bad case of Gout, my uric acid went crazy which resulted in kidney stones. my doctor prescribed flomax to take at bedtime. I took one dosage, and woke up feeling lots of anxiety. Approximately an hour later I felt dizziness, severe weakness, and something similar to a hot flash, and a cold sweat. My wife applied a cold washcloth to my forehead which seem to bring me back. I will never use it again, and I recommend anyone attempting to use this to use at your own risk. M 53 1 days
30 mg
 1  urine retention Severe nightmares, Dry lips and mouth,stuffy nose. I was prescribed Flomax for urine retention. I have not been able to completely empty my bladder since a hysterectomy and have to self catheterize. The medication did not help my bladder at all. Despite taking sleep medication, I still could not get any rest due to disturbing nightmares and muscle spasms. Totally not worth it. I would rather self-cath and get a decent nights sleep! F 37 10 days

 2  prostatitis urgency to pee Dry mouth, insomnia, stuffy nose, unclear thinking, felt in a daze, poor ejeculation. Seems to help relax bladder and prostate but discontinued because of side effects. M 45 3 days
1 a day

 1  Kidney stones First couple weeks.. Extreme dizziness. Blurred vision Nausea fatigue short of breath tired no sex drive. 3-4 weeks. Same as above and then some.... Flu like symptoms. Heavy cough, sinus congestion,sneezing, eyes burned. Leg pains Chills short of breath. insomnia wild dreams. Dizziness that made me stumble. extreme fatigue mild anxiety. I thought I was going crazy. I assumed I had a severe case of the Flu...started thinking I had pneumonia. I'm usually hot most of the time. I started sleeping with a heating pad. Took large amounts of ibuprofen for the aches and pains. I spent many hours in bed and still felt exhausted. M 42 4 weeks
0.4mg 1X D
 3  BPH, UTI Stuffy nose, not normal sex, this med DOES work to empty my bladder so that I do not have any UTI's. My union stopped paying for brand Flomax. I went on generic (tamsulosin) the side effects became intolerable, stuffy nose,throat, not normal sex. I went back on brand Flomax and paid out of pocket $500. for 90 pills. Side effects was very minimal but was breaking my wallet. I now buy from U.K. and pay$170.00 for 84caps of brand Flomax. Side effects are now much more tolerable. M 71 6 years
.04mg 1X O

 1  Improve urine flow Omg..... After taking flowmax for nearly 8 months just yo realize that all of the weird symptoms I had were attributed to flowmax. I had sore throat and sinus congestion for months, my libido ceased to exist, lightheaded and dizzy. To make things worse, ended up having a surgery on my sinuses because congestion wouldnt go away. I wish they told me about the side effects. I'll never take those pills again. M 38 1 months
.4 mg

 4  Urinary retention, weak flow Headache, dizziness, dry mouth, feeling like I can't breathe, fatigue, general malaise feeling. It has dramatically improved my flow and ability to empty my bladder. I do not like the way I feel on this medicine, but the alternative is not being able to start my flow and/or urinate at all. I am going to try not taking it and maybe going to every other day and see if that lessens my symptoms. I do like being able to pee without a issue though. F 39 6 days
 1  Told I had BPH Got a UTI, doc insisted I would get them forever unless I took this. Did work to strengthen flow, but it's not worth the anxiety, fatigue, and constant, constant, constant stuffy nose and throat. Perfect experience of the cure being worse than the disease. M 36 6 months
.4 mg

 2  Weak flo Took it before bed. Woke up with a low grade fever and a stuffy nose so bad that I couldn't breath at all out of my nose, causing me to lose lots of sleep. M 28 1 days
 2  BHP Dizziness, nauseous, lower back pain, pain in joints M 37 1 months

 1  Decrease nightime urination Extreme dry mouth at night, headache, strange dreams, anxiety, depression, did not decrease nightime urination, joint/muscle pain beyond description especially in my knees, ankles and thighs. This med did not work for me and when I went back to my doctor to describe the side effects he said "those are side effects to Flowmax." When I showed him comments from this website he still would not agree my problems were from this med and this is the only med I"m taking. Sometimes these doctors really piss me off. This med in no way worked for me and actually caused me more pain and discomfort. I've thrown the remaining pills in the trash. Now I'm wondering how long these side effects will last. M 51 1 weeks
.04 1X D
 1  Kidney stones Ejaculate was pretty much nothing than a clear oozing of pre-cum even though it felt like I needed to blow a major load. After reading multiple reviews here & on other sites, I decided to discontinue the medicine. Waited about 3 days to jerk off and OMG ... I haven't shot a thick creamy load of cum across the room so far since I was 17. Then just kept cumming and cumming - felt like I blew 2 years worth in one session. Feel so good now, back in the groove. Harder, longer erections. Nighttime and morning wood. Simply awesome. Never going back on Tamsulosin again. M 53 2 years
.4 mg 1X D

 1  Non-bacterial prostatitis little to no ejaculate After just one pill, imagine my suprise and horror when I was unable to produce more than a drop or two of semen the very next day. The only side effect my doctor mentioned was "dizzyness". Please, lets get real. Obviously from these reviews, retrograde ejaculation is a very common side effect and to not warn sexually active males of this borders on the criminal. I won't say the drug should be banned - I can see it perhaps with severe cases of BPH or a kidney stone, but NOT for mild to moderate cases of prostatitis. More irresponsible drug-pushing on the general public where the dollar is king. One pill and I'm done. M 1 days
.4 mg 1X D

 1  Frequent urine Urinating constantly Not going to take this drug M 67 3 days
0.04 1X D

 2  kidney stones I only took one dose last night before bed. Began feeling extremely fatigued. Slept great but woke up with severe headache and congested sinuses. Also jaw and neck pain. I'm beyond groggy too. I've never felt this out of it. Having some double vision today as well. Heart racing from time to time. Stone is stuck at the uv junction 6x4 mm so pretty unlikely it will pass on its own. Going to discontinue this med in light of all the side effects I'm already getting and those mentioned by others on this site. Not worth it. F 43 10 days

 1  Mainly night time urination. Nightmares, talking in sleep, sleep apnoea, sexual disfunction, increased urination at night, not wanted, felt detached from reality, dry lips and roof of mouth, totally horrific experience especially in 6 weeks gained 21lbs. in weight. Only from consultant discovered wrongly prescribed, my prostrate is normal, over active bladder is the problem. Doctors, no different to car mechanics, good and bad, overall, dangerous. For me one awful drug, wrongly prescribed. Cannot comment but no doubt good when the numpty doctors prescribe correctly. M 66 7 weeks
20 1X D

 5  BPH Better lasting erections For the past 5 years I have been taking 20 Mg Cialis once a week. For the past year, although I get erections normally, about 90% of the time I lose the erection during intercourse. With FLOMAX combined with Cialis, I can hold a strong erection during intercourse until ejaculation. My Dr. switched me to 5Mg Cialis to be taken daily with FLOMAX 0.4Mg. Now I can achieve and maintain erections whenever I want. Also, since the Cialis is prescribed for BPH rather than for ED, my insurance pays 100% M 76 4 weeks
1X D
 4  Overactive bladder, urine retention Retrograde ejaculation (as soon as I started taking it), and leg muscle weakness and pain (intensifying slowly over a period of months). Should discontinue when no longer needed, for example (as in my case) for as long as androgen deprivation therapy is still effective at restricting prostate volume. M 62 1 years
400 mg 1X D

 1  kidney stone AWFUL. I woke up after taking it feeling like I have the flu and my head is spinning all over the place. Plus nausea and no appetite. Don't take it. M 21 1 days

 3  bladder muscle dysfunction headache, sinus & nasal congestion, low blood pressure, depression, insomnia, scary eye twitching and seeing flickery light. It did help me to urinate more easily. I was given the 0.4 mg capsule, but one dose made it clear this was way too much. I'm super sensitive to most meds, so I dumped a capsule out and took approximately 1/4 the contents. Still too much, so I broke that 1/4 dose in half twice a day. Still got benefit without such strong side effects. Pretty much shut down my libido, even on way reduced dose. F 57 5 days
0.05 mg 2X D

 2  enlarged prostate insomnia, mild anxiety, muscle/joint pains, muscle fatigue, pounding heart during exercise It did help with urine stream, but didn't decrease bathroom trips during the night. I switched dose to morning and it helped with insomnia, but had to stop due to pounding/irregular heartbeat during exercise. M 52 30 days
.4 1X D

 5  Bph Lightheadness , dry ejaculation, diaria, dizziness when arising,constant running nose. It was very helpful on my onset of Bph. But now thinking of giving up drug. M 74 10 years
.4mg 1X D

 1  enlaged prostate no sperm coming out when masturbating I take the Generic bran M 67
0.4 1X D
 5  BPH None Worked well at first but continued prostate growth has made it ineffective M 54 2 years
.8mg 1X D

 3  BPH
1X D

 3  Passed a kidney stone Light sensitivity, which causes a slight headache when outside in the sun each day. Sharp throbbing pain from chest up through left and right side of my neck to the lower back of my neck each day. Increased orgasm sensitivity each day, which was a plus. Finally, I am urinating more often, but I never had a problem urinating to begin with. M 29 7 days
40 MG
 3  BPH Dizziness upon standing, frequent, bothersome nocturnal erections, possibly lower back pain. Flomax helps me empty my bladder more completely, reducing the frequency with which I need to urinate. One would assume this would help with sleeping longer. But in my case, I am awakened frequently by very strong erections. To get rid of them, I have to get up and urinate. When that fails, masturbation is the only solution to alleviating the erection and getting back to sleep. I do not experience this as often when I am not taking Flomax. Seems like I'm not going to get a full night's sleep with or without Flomax. Has anyone else had this experience? M 61 4 years
.4 mg 1X O
 1  had a catheter Dry orgasms M 18 5 days

 1  BPH and Interstitial cystitis Dizzyness the next day, worst headache of my life, effected sinuses, and worst of all , I had no ejaculate at all. This stuff is dangerous and should be banned. I will sufer with my problems I already have, why add to them. I just hope I can ejaculate again. M 43 1 days
1 1X D
 1  To help with urination I was recovering from a heart attack when the nurse removed my cathater like she was going to lasso a bull. Two days later I started to have trouble urinating. Dizzyness Rash on stomach, arms and legs. Flomax stopped my urination twice within 2 hours of taking it and had to have a cathater inserted. Things were going fine the second time after I had the first cathater removed as I was advised to leave it in until all of the Cipro they put me on was gone. No problems urinating for 16 straight hours then two hours after taking it at night I was in the ER unable to urinate. Not taking anymore of it. M 60 1 weeks
 1  EPH Side effects: Throat, jaw, and gums irretations to terrible muscle spasms. Dr. put me on this when I had a UTI and said I had a slightly enlarged Prostate 3.7 after being on flomax for 3 yrs and PSA at 4.8, I started to add things to my diet: 1 CENTRUM SILVER for men,1000mg pumpkin seed oil tabs 3x a day, pomergranate cap 1x a day, lycopene caps 1x a day, Just black Cherry juice (knudsen brand ) 4oz a day, 8 oz Cranberry juice daily, 8oz blueberry juice 8oz daily.After 3.5 years on Flomax I stopped completely but kept up with these caps and juices added to my diet and now One Year after stopping all FLOMAX my PSA decreased to 4.6. I still get the throat,jaw and gum irritations and spasms even though I have not had any FLOMAX in about a year..True story M 70 3.5 years
.04mg 1X D

 3  PBS Reduced semen, stuffy nose M 42 2 years
20 1X D
 3  stone tight scrotum, burning sensations while ejaculation, dizziness, low libido, som back pain, i had all these symptoms and have been very worried that is there any permanent sexual side effect there? but guys what i have experienced is, side effects are bad but they go after 5-10 days of quitting the drug, and you become normal. M 32 2 days
0.4 mg 1X D

 1  BPH No ejaculate, no erection, no libido, reduced pleasure with orgasm and a stuffy nose This drug turned me into a eunuch for the 3 days I took it. It wasn't worth the moderate symptom improvement. M 56 3 days
0.4 mg 1X D

 1  Prostate Feeling like passing out.rapid heart rate,intermittently Need to research heart effects M 93 14 days
0.4mg 1X D

 2  PROSTRATE CANCER At 4 am i wake and i hve to pee everywaking hour, i also feel chills fever like symptoms, weak , I will continue taking , but i,not going 3 months out M 60 7 days
5MG 2X D

 1  prostatitis loss of libido, difficulty getting erection, short erection duration, abnormal ejaculation M 47 3 months
.4 mg/day

 3  couldn't pee My prostate was fine but was having trouble peeing after a bought of tense pelvic floor muscles. Not sure why doc gave me this. I ended up doing pelvic floor muscle massages and stopped this med because it didn't seem to help my situation at all after 2 days.. Only side effects I had were a stuffy nose which actually felt like a cold on and off. And retrograde ejaculation, which was way weird in itself. All these side effects went away over a course of two days after stopping the drug. I'm sure this drug does great for those who need it. If it's short term use, the stuffy nose and ejaculation problems are only temporary. A permanent fix to urinating issues is worth that, right. M 48 3 days
.4mg 1X D

 1  Enlarged Prostrate Besides the common problems listed by others, the following have been stressful: Panic attacks in situations that I previously coped well with. Also, waking at night with panic attack lasing 15-mins or so. Anxiety has led to drop in self-confidence. Also find nose bleeds and subsequent sores in nasal passages are a nuisance. Is it worth actually taking this medication? The side effects seem worse that what it is supposed to cure. I am going to stop and see how I get on without it. M 49 1 years
400mg 1X D

 1  to improve urine flow CATARACTS!! Extreme fatigue, headaches, nausea, pelvic discomfort, general malaise. Not sure if the medication, the physician, or myself (for being so damn compliant) was the worse part of this experience. The urologist insisted Flomax would improve my urine flow that had been severely decreased by nerve damage from MS and Spondylitis. Eventually, some of the side effects subsided to a tolerable level but six months in to treatment my Opthamologist discovered very, very small cataracts forming. Not uncommon for my age and was told I had many years before we needed to worry about it. Fast forward 5 1/2 months and I was referred to an eye surgeon. He was the one wbo told me about cataract formation being a huge side effect of Flomax but it is regularly down played by some physicians. Even though I am back to square one and $10,000 poorer there is always a silver lining. My once very poor eyesight is now 20/20! F 1 years
1X D

 1  BPH This was the nightmare for an sexually active male. Worst was taking after onset of cold and then getting stuffed on air flight home Insomnia actually related to masturbating for 4 hours without the whimper of orgasm No sex drive at all despite attempts at Internet videos. Most scientific attempt was inability of Asian semiprofessional masturbation to yield a drop despite coexistent deep hummingbird like prostate stimulation. (pulseless while giving young Asian cardio workout- even more perplexed about what to tip) Rather deal with post void dribbling than Simultaneous head clamping,equivalent to mailing your sex organ out of earth's atmosphere. Should be must for convicted sex offenders. Other than that a great drug. M 53 1 days
.4 mg

 3   NONE It does not stop me from urinating frequently. M 60
0.4MG 1X D

 1  prostate infection Lower back pain, impotence, no ejaculation, dizziness, tireness, would need sleep during day, exhaustion, after a short walk legs felt heavy and felt I could not make it back This drug should be taken off the market. Even though I explained the symptons to my urologist, he asked if I was over 60 and asked me what I expected at my age. I really thought my life was over. After stopping for 2 weeks symptons went away. Have my life back!! Have been having some withdrawals such as headache, nervousness, sleeplessness but worth it. M 68 12 months
30 1X D
 2  enlarged prostate I donít think I needed anything, did not have a problem with urine stream, or waking up at night before going to the doctor. The doctor was convinced I contracted a UTI because my bladder was not completely emptying, prescribed Flowmax. Took one dose just before bed, what was flowing fine the day before now turned into a painful dripple, was up all night with 6 of those painful dribbles. Will not be taking anymore, I donít know if it had a different effect on me because I really did not need it? I have freinds that swear by this drug, not the one for me. M 50 1 days
.4 MG 1X D
 5  Kidney stone Unbeleivable sex drive, difficulty ejaculating, but that's ok- wife's good with that too. Rock hard erections, heightened penis sensitiivty. I'm 40yrs old and I feel like a 25 year old again. M 40 10 days
.4MG 1X D

 1  7mm kidney stone use it for passing 7mm kidney stone, the first three days were ok and stopped for 3 days. dr asked me to continue and use it again for 6 days. my nose is totally blocked and cannot sleep at all! Felt like a flu, fatigue, soar throat and even buring chest. Do not use it more than 3 days! And the stone has not passed after four weeks! M 32 6 days
40mg 1X D
 2  BPH Abdominal pain, leg pain and cramps, back pain, headache and dizziness. I also feel tired and have no energy. Still have to urinate every 2 to 3 hours at night. No semen and weak erection. I was on Calais for a few days which seemed to help the BPH and also my sexual life but I got back pain at night that would not allow me to sleep at all. Got off of it and no more back pain. Will give Flomax some more time but will go every other day and see what happens. M 66 60 days
.4 MG 1X D

 3  kidney stones I am female and was given prescription at the hospital because of stuck kidney stones in the ureter.. It did relieve the pressure and some of the pain and increase my urine flow but it made me feel tired and weak and felt like vomiting but didn't for the entire week I was on it and it made me feel sort of nutty...nuttier. I stopped taking it and I still feel a twinge where the stones are stuck...I don't think I passed them yet as I haven't been straining my urine. I guess I will find out in a couple of days if the pressure returns after the Flomax gets out of my system...ps...I've had 2 stones stuck in my urteter for almost 6 months now. I may go back to the Flomax if I didn't pass them ...I don't have insurance and can't afford any other procedures. The flomax wasn't the worst thing in the world but I needed a break from the kookie feeling and nausea. F 47 7 days
1X D
 1  Possible kidney stones Younger Guys and older men. Donot take these meds unless u really have to. Side effects are out of line!!!! Seriously. Took generic form of flomax third day. No semen!!! I frieked the fuck out. My nose was stuffy me thinking I was catching a cold in the middle of summer. Depression was another side effect. I would sleep 11 hours and would feel like shit all day. Guys the worse was the orgasm w/o semen really messed with my mind. Stop M 25 3 days
 2  enlarged prostate along with BCG t increased frequency, severe sore throat and congestion, cough, weird dreams, I have been on the generic but after reading these reviews and my own experiences the past 2 I am seriously considering stopping use. M 65 14 days
.4 mg 1X D

 1  Kidney stones dizziness, headache, nauseated, retrograde orgasm, fatigue, depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, lower back pain, constipation. Got this from my urologist as a help to pass a kidney stone.(10mm) I tried it for two weeks but it had changed me in a constipated, anxious, nauseated zombie with a horrible headache... I quit yesterday and I am slowly becoming my old self again. Oddly enough the side effects became worse the longer I took this drug; usually it's the other way around. PS: the stone hasn't passed. M 58 14 days
0.4 mg 1X D

 1  Kidney Stone My doctor prescribed Flomax because of my tendency to get kidney stones. I was told it would make it easier to pass stones if I got them. I took the two .4 mg pills two hours prior to bedtime. I got the worst headache of my life and couldn't sleep until about 7 hours later. I think I'd rather risk getting another unpassable kidney stone than to take this medication. M 55 1 days
.4 mg 1X D

 1  Prostate Fainting, Dizziness, Leg Cramps, BP Unstable, Confusion, and Stomach Pain This product is potentially deadly. M 80 3 months

 1  Kidney stones Random and lengthy (duration) erections, tight feeling in grundle area, retrograde ejaculation...as in orgasm with no ejaculation through penis, lower sex drive and getting depressed becausr of these affects. M 35 8 days

 2  urinary urgency, to improve flow Started @ .04 x 1 a day....worked a little but leveled off, urgency persisted, increased to 2 per day. Adjusted after 3 days urgency symptoms gone, flow did not improve that much. 9th. week started experiencing moderate vertigo bad enough to interrupt all activity.. Up until then put up with the runny nose, sinus pain and pressure, orthostatic hypotention, weakness, and tinnitus. Most importantly became very frightened when I learned that being on this drug could cause a NON-REVERSIBLE change in the iris of my eyes. Could make cataract surgery in the future VERY difficult. Stopped Flomax, waiting for it to wash out of my system, vertigo diminishing daily, my eyes will be anyone's guess...??? There needs to be MUCH MORE DISCUSSION about the "floppy iris syndrome" with your Dr. about this issue!! Even one course of this drug could produce a NON-REVERSIBLE change in the smooth muscle in the iris's of your eyes. If cataract surgery is ever attempted, it could turn out to be a VERY difficult surgery. Make sure you inform your Opthamologist if you have ever taken Flomax....!!!!!! M 57 9 weeks
.04 x 2 2X D
 1  getting up to pee at night My father took this drug while hospitalized a few years earlier & had vivid realistic sometimes fightening dreams. Most recently, last summer he began taking it again & began having hallucinations after taking for 4 days. He stopped taking but a couple of weeks later "had a bad dream" and ended up being taken to the hospital after a violent episode. Doc diagnosed him as having dementia, but has been fine since getting out of the hospital almost 8 months ago. The only time he was messed up was within the first few weeks of taking flowmax. M 89 4 days
 1  Kidney stone Burning feeling when I urinate and I tried to masterbate and when I climaxed nothing came out. After doing research on why this was happening I found out that it wasn't my stone because I already passed it that day but it was flomax. Don't take it. M 19 2 days
 3  BPH There were too many side effects w/ generic flomax so I changed to brand flomax. I still get some jaw and throat irritations. Brand flomax is $375.00 per 90 caps. Much better product than generic, I take 1 cap every other day and the sex is much better just about normal. I also take 1 lycopene 1 pomogranate and 3 pumpkin seed oil caps with cranberry juice and "just black cherry" .juice daily.I do not have any urinating or sex problems. M 69 3.5 years
.04 1X D

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