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 5  Hot flashes some stomach bloating Had to take a progesterone with it F 59 6 months
.025 1X D

 4  Hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety I have been taking it for 2 days and already feeling relaxed. I slept 7 hours instead of 4. I have had hot flushes, slight headache and dizziness. Praying it will all pass so this will me feel normal again! I haven't be been the same since my hysterectomy 3 months ago. I want my life back! F 44 2 days
 4  Total hysterectomy in 2012. O.1mg/day. Change Mon & Thu. Tried BioIdenticals first then Premarin. Severe hot flashes, mood swings anxiety and just crazy! VivilleDot saved me But i had weight gain, itching and redness from adhesive was mild at first but got really Bad and made whelps almost immediately. Couldn't stand the itching!!! I wanted to claw my skin it itched sooo BAD. Switched to Miniville. No itching yet but feel bad. F 48 2 years
1.56 mg

 5  Post menopaus I really and truly loved the Vivelle Dot...it has helped me so very much...had a complete hysterectomy and I have never felt so good in my life. The only side effects I have are hormone migraines but not all the time. When I change the patch I get a sever migraine with in an hour..this does not happen with every patch which makes me believe that the dosage is not very consistent. I also have been loosing hair on my head and getting much more on my face. All of that being said...I wish with all my heart they have not changed the Vivelle Dot to the Minivelle...I HATE the new Minevelle. I am seriously considering changing to pills. This patch is stated to be about the size of a Dime! There is NO WAY! This patch is as big as a Quarter! It doe NOT stick, it slides and where it slides...it leaves a trail of the adhesive and where it has slid and not sticking, it folds up and sticks to my cloths. It doesn't even last a day on me before it starts to come unstuck and slides! This is the It doesn't stick! Slides and leaves trails of adhesive. Folds up where the adhesive has come off and will sometimes stick to cloths. The glue is difficult to get off your skin. I need to use oils to get it all off and it irritates my skin where as the old Vivelle Dot did not...I hate the roundness of the new Minevelle patch...it is NOT as big as a dime...if it were it would be great but it IS as big as a quarter and there is a difference in those sizes! F 60 6 years
0.01 1X W

 3  partial hysterectomy still have ova Severe headaches Weight gain... F 54 2 years
 5  hot flashes and menopausal issues None. Brief itching at patch site - but that was until I figured out that skin has to be totally dry before applying. I stopped this med and was switched to combipatch due to concerns that extended use of vivelle dot alone would cause uterine lining problems or uterine cancer. It is essential that your skin is 100% DRY before you put patch on, or it will be very itchy. Women often apply patch after shower, when skin is too moist. Wait 20 minutes after any water on skin and do not use cream or lotion. F 50 1.5 years
.025 2X H

 5  hysterectomy and ooproreatomy NONE Best out there! most balanced, to make you feel normal. no highs and lows, unless you forget to take. as a patch, it doesn't go thru your liver, a big plus. No overies, and you have a better chance to NOT get cancer, by 25%. I started out taking shots, 3 types of pills, + low dose birth control, all caused big problems, and was up and down, went on this, and I was ME!!! Started in my 30's, now 72. I will stay on this forever! No heart problems. no strokes, Yes, I am over weight, but don't blame this! I still find my husband sexy! This is a great product. F 72 36 years
1. 2X W
 5  Complete Hysterectomy None It helps me feel better with energy. F 39
0.375 2X W

 1  Hysterectomy Severe Weight Gain. Bloating in Abdomen. It is wonderful in that it eliminate's the hot flashes, vaginal dryness, etc. Since on the patch though, I started having unexplained weight gain and I cannot lose weight no matter how hard I try. I have gained like 35 pounds in a year. F 64 1 years
.0375 2X W
 5  Total hysterectomy & oophorectomy Breast tenderness. Slight rash when removed I was reluctant to start on any type of HRT following my hysterectomy at the age of 34. Knowing that I would be on it long term, was daunting, and hearing all the stories about breast cancer, made it even more scary. I have had very little side effects from the patch. Lately, I have noticed some breast tenderness (almost feels like my milk is coming in). If I forget to change the patch, then I do get night sweats. So far, I have been very happy. Having a hysterectomy changed my life. I didn't realize how incredibly sick I was, until I had it done. I do recommend continuing to have yearly exams, which is just a good practice anyway. F 36 19 months
.5 2X W

 5  Total hysterectomy -ovaries removed Very mild nausea the first week. Give this medication about a month for it to start fully working. I had a total hysterectomy and my doctor made me wait a month before going on hormone replacement because I had severe endometriosis. I thought the medication wasn't really working for me because I was still extremely fatigued to the point of barely functioning. It started to kick in at about 3 weeks and my energy level came back to where it was before all the health problems started. I actually feel like doing things again! F 45 3 weeks
0.05 2X W
 4  Hormone replacement therapy Edema, night sweats after several years, possible mini strokes, memory loss, increased triglycerides, elevated cholesterol level, hypothyroidism interactions, hypertension, abnormal mammograms, fibro cystic breasts, depression, anxiety It has worked great as a replacement for the hormone loss due to complete hysterectomy. However, after several years on it, more and more side effects seem to be occurring. F 58 18 years
0.025 2X W

 5  total hysterectomy 2 years ago After my hysterectomy I went 2 years with no hormones. Couldnt take the weight gain hot flashes sore joints, insomnia, and depression any longer. Started vivelle dot 3 weeks ago. Wow!! I have a life again. I sleep like a teenager and Im happy again. I have already lost some belly fat and 5pounds and my joints are less painful. Probably because I can sleep again. Went from about 8 hot flashes a day to about 1 per week. Thank you thank you thank you vivelle dot. F 48 3 weeks
 2  Full hysterectomy Did not help with hot flashes or night sweats, made them worse F 37 1 months
0.1 mg
 3  After Total Hysterectomy Headaches, Weight loss, leg pain, constipation. confusion, emotional. Asked my doc to reduce it to half the dose and feeling a bit better after a week. Not convinced this is the miracle though! F 45 2 months
0.05mg 2X W

 4  Full Hysterectomy It caused me to perspire at my bikini area. ALOT. Sometimes, I still had night sweats. Didn't stick during hot weather months like the summer. Came off when I was sweaty which was embarrassing. Because one of my side effects was that it caused me to perspire in my bikini area, I moved the patch to my behind. Which was way more affective but often left slight rashes when removing. F 35 1 years
1X O

 5  Complete hysterectomy at 48 After using the dot for 6 years, something showed up on my mamogram last year. The docs. could not identify it. I had it biopsied and it was nothing. Docs say your breast tissue gets more dense with hormone replacement therapy. I have felt fantastic on this med. all these years. You need to constantly monitor your health, do daily breast exams, etc. and go to doc. if you ever suspect a problem. I go to an endocrinologist every 3 - 6 months for check-ups. My gyno would not prescribe replacement at 48 when I had my surgery, but the endocrinologist did when I began to feel like an 80 year old woman. Thank goodness. F 56 7 years
0.05 2X W

 3  Post menopause DO NOT TAKE GRAPEFRUIT PRODUCTS WITH ESTROGEN, A CYP3A4 SUBSTRATE! Levels of estrogen will become too high, and may cause side effects, blood clots leading to gangrene, strokes, and heart attacks! The CYP3A4 enzyme clears most of prescribed drugs (substrates) from your system. Check to see if any of your meds or supplements are CYP3A4 substrates and or if they are inhibitors of CYP3A4. Grapefruit stops the action of CYP3A4 gut enzymes completely in 30 minutes, permanently and irreversibly. You renew the enzyme in over 24 hours, so taking grapefruit products separately from your drugs does not help. When you can not clear substrates, levels of them get too high and side effects, even fatalities, may occur. Many herbal supplements are CYP3A4 inhibitors as well. Do not take them. Ginkgo, garlic, turmeric, for example. Research every substance for CYP3A4 interactions. Be well! F 57
1X D
 5  hot flashes, brain fog,night sweats None Love it! I was hesitant to use hormones because of a family history of breast cancer but this has changed my life! I wish I would have done it a year ago. F 51 30 days
.25 2X W
 5  peri-menopause none I feel like I've been padding around in the dark and someone finally turned on the light. I have been so depressed, fatigued, memory-impaired, exhausted, not able to sleep at night etc.. I finally feel so good and so normal after years of dealing with this. Nothing else has helped and I've tried everything. I'm just surprised my various doctors never thought to offer the patch to me. I had to ask to try it after reading about it. Perimenopause has been so hard for me and I finally found something that helps. F 47 1 months
.25 patch 2X W
 3  HRT due to full hysterectomy Only thing I notice is a headache in the morning that goes away once I get up from bed. Slight bloating F 56 3 days
0.0375 2X W
 5  Menapause, memory loss, moodiness None I feel much better having this Option. I love it, makes me feel so much better and I notice quickly if I miss a dose, symptoms come back within a few days. I am hoping it does not result in a blood clot since I hope to take it long term! Has anyone developed a bood clot as a result of taking this and Prometrium?? F 51 2 years
2X W

 5  perimenopause ( hot flashes ) so far, no unwanted side effects! easy to apply, very small and discreet, and stays put until time to replace!...also, the patch is transparent and no one will ever notice it! F 44 1 weeks
0.1 mg 2X W
 5  perimenopause night sweats Slight nausea days 2-4 that completely abated. No other side effects at all!! Love it - gave me my nights back 'cause couldn't sleep with the 3X night being drenched in sweat, day hot flashes and moodiness/depression. Started feeling better on night 2; by night 4 sweats were gone and was able to sleep better. Concentration and mood is much better, too. Husband notices!! My only regret is that I didn't go on HRT sooner, particularly this one because oral estrogens make me really sick (nausea & headaches). This is a great medicine!! F 53 7 days
.5 mg 2X W
 4  peri menopause making me unable to I feel fabulous! F 47 3 days

 5  night sweats, insomnia No side effects So far I love this medication, feel like my old self and motivated and even have lost 12 pounds. Sleep issues still not completely solved but getting better. Need to discuss with dr thou on taking progesterone too since I do still have my uterus. F 51 30 days
1.0 2X W
 5  Menopause None I was mis-diagnosed 10 years ago with an anxiety disorder; for years was taking Paxil (don't get me started on how horrible this drug is). Finally, I went to new Dr to get a second opinion on my situation. Turns out that 10 years ago I should have probably been put on HRT as I didn't have anxiety disorder per se but was in early perimenopause. My Dr put me on the patch and Progesterone and it has made a night and day difference. My sleep is much much better and anxiety has been kicked to the curb. Words cannot express how I wish would have been 1-diagnosed correctly to begin with 2-started these meds years ago as it has made that much of a difference in my quality of life! F 44 3 weeks
0.05 2X W
 5  slightly low estrogen & hot flashes None, has been a lifesaver post hysterectomy F 44 2 weeks

 4  Partial in oct an now have hot fash Spotting an yeast infecation . F 49
0.1 mg 1X D

 4  hot flashes Weight gain, constipation, breast soreness in one breast with fibrous cyst. No more hot flashes. I'm going to ask my doc about trying a lower dose to mitigate or eliminate side effects. F 51 2 weeks
.05 2X W
 4  hot flashes Weight gain, constipation, breast soreness in one breast with fibrous cyst. No more hot flashes. I'm going to ask my doc about trying a lower dose to mitigate or eliminate side effects. F 51 2 weeks
.05 2X W
 4  hot flashes Weight gain, constipation, breast soreness in one breast with fibrous cyst. No more hot flashes. I'm going to ask my doc about trying a lower dose to mitigate or eliminate side effects. F 51 2 weeks
.05 2X W
 2  Menopause Symptons, hot flashes No side effects except leaving yucky glue that is hard to get off Started out with 0.050 then moved up to 0.075. For menopause symptoms. Hot flashes, night sweats, moody, irritable, miserable. After nearly 2 years, find out I cannot absorb this patch. What a waste. Have now been switched to Estradiol pill under the tongue each day. Much cheaper. From $60 for patch to $9 for pills. Doc says I had 0 estrogen on patch. F 52 3 days
0.075 mg 2X W

 5  Complete hysterectomy, oophorectomy Glue is very sticky! ( good thing!) zero side effects, that I notice at least. Perhaps a tiny bit of insomnia. Nothing major. I love the Dot, though I wish it was a weekly dose as opposed to 2x/week which is very awkward and hard to remember. It really stays on until you take it off but I have outlines of glue that I have to remove every 4 days. My skin is dry but that could be because I frequent the beach! Highly recommended! F 38 7 weeks
.5 mpatch 2X W
 5  Symptoms of Menopause None Saying Vivelle-Dot is WONDERFUL is an understatement! I had a hysterectomy about 8 years ago when I was 40, removing my uterus and cervix, but leaving my ovaries. I began suffering with hot flashes and night sweats about 2 years ago and then about 6 months ago, I started feeling completely 'out-of-sorts' and edgy. I became very moody--extremely sad and/or bitchy at the drop of a hat; I was absolutely miserable and so was my sweetheart, poor guy. I feel so much better now--I am much more calm and 'even-keeled' and I feel like I'm in touch with reality again! I no longer have drastic mood swings and my hot flashes and night sweats happen much less often now. I highly recommend Vivelle-Dot to anyone who's suffering with menopausal symptoms!! I feel great after using it for just one month! Vivelle-Dot = RELIEF!!! :) F 47 30 days
.05 mg 2X W

 5  peri- menopause - hot flashes minor constipation This patch works wonders for me. My hot flashes and night sweats had gotten so bad that I was not sleeping at night and was staying damp through the day because of severe hot flashes that were accompanied by dizzy spells. After one week I was sleeping better and at one month everything was gone. I was my self again. My only regret is that I didnt start this sooner. F 49 3 months
1 patch 2X W

 5  Peri-Menopausal Hormone Replacement Some headache, bloating and breast tenderness at first, but that's gone now. This little .0375 mg. patch in combination with 100mg. daily Prometrium has quite simply given me my life back. Good-bye drastic mood changes, uncontrollable crying, crippling anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, constant daily headache, agonizing 6-9 day migraines, blast furnace hot flashes, dizziness, hair loss, and probably a few other things I've blissfully now forgotten. It took me two years of trial and error to arrive at this particular combination of hormone replacement. I tried a variety of estrogen/progestin formulations, including creams, gels, pills, even Yasmin, but Vivelle Dot (paired with Prometrium) is by far the best. I feel better now that I have in many years. F 47 6 months
 5  hormone replacement None- it's great. It's small and has the best adhesive- it's the only patch that I've tried that stays on with sweating from exercise, swimming, etc. F 50 3 years

 5  hysterectomy None other than occasional skin irritation. Vivelle dot helped more than any of the other hormone replacement. Much better than Climara. I also use RX progesterone and testosterone creams. F 51 4 years

 5  Peri-menopause Follow-up from 8-2008: Was having breast tenderness and bloating for several months, but it went away completely. If you are thinking about stopping because of side-effects, stick it out. I really feel great now and it was worth waiting it out. Took about 6 months to really settle down. Now I have no perimenopausal symptoms, no period (Mirena IUD) and am very happy with this combination! F 48 1 years
 2  menopause symptoms No side effects (except occasional sore breasts) Didn't work for me at all. My body wouldn't absorb it. Even on the highest patch dose for 3 months, my estradiol was still less than 20. F 52 3 months

 4  hysterectomy and BSO Some weight gain because hypothyroid, then discovered you need to use natural progesterone to prevent estrogen from competing with thyroxine binding sites. A great product. Easy to use, a bit pricey but works. Wish it came in a higher dose. I think I need more than the 0.1 dose. Helps to overlap doses, leave old patch on for a few hours until new one has "kicked in". Then remove old one. Recommend as great source of bio-identical estrogen. F 42 3 months

 5  Hysterectomy/BSO Minor skin irritation. Glue difficult to remove. Worked very well stopping menopause symptoms. Lost some weight which caused need for a higher dose. I've had better results with the dot than with various pill forms of estrogen. F 55 12 months

 5  Hysterectomy none I just started the dot. I was previously taking permarin for about 6 years now. I was afraid to try something new but I finally worked up the nerve to try it. I hope everything goes well. I like it so far. Has anyone had a problems with weight gain or headaches? M 34 1 weeks
 5  perimenopause and moods none. just make sure you take progesterone at least 10days per month. Don't do the dot alone. Can cause uterine overgrowth and maybe cancer. M 48 4 years

 4  menapause symptoms Non so far I am a breast cancer survivor and had terrible hot flashes. I decided that maybe the shocks of my hot flashes may not be any better than replacement therapy so I decided to ask my doctor for the Dot and progesterone cream . I am on the lowest dose and it has helped tremendously. I have only been on for a month so I will update later. So far no weight gain or anything. Also my pimples seemed to get better too and sexual interest has some what returned. F 53 3.5 weeks
 5  Perimenopausal symptoms Breast tenderness and fullness, very minor weight gain which feels more like bloating. I was having troublesome hot-flashes at night, sleeping problems, very low sex drive and generally feeling angry at the world. After a week on Vivelle-Dot (0.025 mg) I started feeling much better. I hope the breast tenderness goes away! It seems to ebb and flow which makes me wonder if my body is still cycling. No periods, but I do have a Mirena IUD as well. F 47 2 months

 3  had ovaries remover none that i know of F 46 60 days

 5  Menopausal symptoms None. LOVED the dot! I was clear-headed again, no more hot flashes, got my memory back. It was wonderful. Highly recommended WITH PROGESTERONE SUPPORT! I got uterine cancer, ladies, because I didn't take the progesterone component seriously. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask your doctor. Do your research, use the dot and TAKE PROGESTERONE! F 59 5 years

 5  surgical menopause none to complain of except Great Goodness... After a TAH/BSO, my doctor gave me a generic Climara patch, manufactured by Mylan. It reeked. It was Big and Thick and Band-aid colored and the glue did not go all the way to the edge - there was a millimeter or two to spare between 'the rim' and 'where the glue begins' and it collected hideous 'belly-button-lint' at the intersect zone...after I took the patch off, there was always a big nasty gunky ring what would take rubbing alcohol to remove. And::: some of those Climara-clone patches wouldn't stick worth a s*** which is Just Disgusting at $8+ per patch, eh. The Vivelle-Dot is way smaller, transparent and thinner, and sticks like a Tick...the glue goes all the way to the edge. I have to look for it to see if it's still there, instead of having it STARE at me (like a Scarlet "M", hunh) like the Other One did. Very pleased! Tell your doc to switch you! F 46 1 months

 5  menopausal symptoms None, except for the residue left on my skin-- but even if it turned my skin blue, I'd still rate it a 5 (or higher)! After taking Premarin for several months and still not feeling well, I started the Vivelle Dot and after two days I could tell a HUGE difference in my well-being. It has truly give me my life back! It is so much safer than oral estrogen, and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those hesitant about estrogen therapy! F 51 2 months

 5  Hysterectomy None I love the Vivelle-dot! I was put on it after a full hysterectomy (for endometriosis/adenomyosis) in 2002. It's helped my mood, sex life, and I don't get the hot flashes and sleep problems that so many of my friends seem to be having. I started out at 1.1 mg and have slowly tapered down to .5 mg. I don't plan to be on it indefinitely, but it (and the hysterectomy) has been a godsend for me. After 35 years of period-associated pain, heavy bleeding, and mood swings, I feel like a new woman. F 53 4 years

 4  perimenopause None, so far so good, I hope it stays this good. I had night sweats, up all night, I felt like I was going crazy. The sweating completely stopped on night 2 and I CAN SLEEP!!! Girls, you don't have to suffer. This is the 21st century!!! F 51 1 weeks

 5  For symptoms of perimenopause None. I couldn't function without this drug. Despite my reluctance, starting hormone replacement was the best medical decision I've made. I regret not starting it sooner. It reversed my word-finding and memory problems, fatigue, insomnia, and subtle personality changes that I thought I was just stuck with. The patch gives continuous release so estrogen levels don't vary, which can make you feel queasy. It also bypasses the liver, so it's easier on your body. The adhesive is great; the patch rarely comes off. F 56 9 years

 2  hysterectomy/HRT dizziness. unsteady gait. just started on vivelle dot for a month. will wait to see whether symptoms will improve overtime. F 39 1 months

 5  hysterectomy No side effects that I am aware of. Have tried about everything since I was 26 years old and had a hysterectomy. I feel the best on this. Highly recommend it over pills. I have learned that estrogen is needed to deal with every day stress. Without it, I would even cry at sad commercials -- which is so not like me. F 58 5 years

 5  hot flashes None; hard to clean off sticky remains of patch Worked really well for me. Stays put in showers and hot tubs! F 49 3 months

 5  hot flashes It worked great for me. I didn't experience the side effects that I did with the pill form of estrogen. F 54 3 years

 5  hot flashes none It worked great for me. I didn't experience the side effects that I did with the pill form of estrogen. F 54 3 years

 4  Hysterectomy/HRT Didn't seem to help libido as much as Climara, but sticks better F 51 8 months

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