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 5  Cluster Migraines Tingling in fingers, depression, carbonated drinks tasted odd The tingling comes and goes but is more rare now. The depression also comes and goes. I've had to give up soda, it was all I used to drink but they taste awful now. A good thing I guess. It helped with the headaches immensely though. M 36 6 months
50 mg 1X D

 5  cluster headache Worst is drastic loss of appetite (I'm already skinny), and many things taste metallic... chocolate cake tastes like rusty nails!... always this metallic taste in my mouth after eating anything. Not on high dose but feel a bit 'dazed', usually need a nap during the day. Seasonal (summer) severe cluster headache bouts for many years, previously tried Sandomigran, Tegretol etc. Topamax is brilliant and actually works. Still have to go for the oxygen occasionally but so much better than ever before. Not game to up the dose or I'll starve to death; at present forcing myself to eat (mainly fruit)... but would rather suffer from malnutrition than full blown CH any day. M 60 2 months
25mg 2X D
 5  migraines loss of appetite, irritability, mild tremors, occasional eye twitching I started with 50mg per day for migraines and recently was moved up to 100mg per day since the migraines got a bit worse. The side effects are so mild, I'll take them any day over the head splitting migraines that were causing me to pop imitrex like candy. M 34 2 years
100mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar Disorder- Rapid Cycling The tingling everyone talks about, but it went away. Food and pop taste different, loss of appetite, lost about 20 pounds in first month, some cognitive problems... Compared to everything else I have taken (risperdal and olanzapine for years upon years, lithium, depakote, and probably some others), Topamax has been amazing. So far. By that I mean I have never had such an immeadiate and positive response to a medication, with such minimal side effects. At first the tingling was kind of intense, and it really did make me stupid, but those things slowly faded away. That, or I'm just not noticing that I'm dumber than a box of rocks, haha. No seriously, every once and awhile I feel like I get stuck in a rut and I can't find the word I'm looking for, but compared to when I was zonked out on risperdal and olanzapine, this is a cake walk. Weight loss... meh... I swim alot, and the topamax dropped weight I probably didn't need to lose that much. I actually have to remind myself to eat. I'm at 300mg a day right now, 100mg three times a day. Not quite to where my moods need to be, so eventually I might go to 400mg. M 21 3 months

 5  Scizo-Effective Disorder Wieght Loss, Memory Loss, Loss Of Appetite, And Confused Sometimes I Have Not Really Been Taking Topamax For A While. But I Am 5'7" And I Weigh About 190 lbs. I Hear That It Also Helps You Lose Wieght. If Anyone Wants To E-Mail Me About That Subject Please Do So. M 16 14 days
 5  PGTC Epilepsy Occasional inability to find a word, sleepiness For past 6 years, tried 4 different drugs in every conceivable combination. PGTC seizures "grand mal" still occurred every couple of months, and for awhile they were every 3 weeks. Finally stopped monotherapy and added Topamax (300 mg/d) to existing Lamictal (300/d) dose. I've been seizure-free since 12/06. Hard to tell about concentration, mood changes, etc. because I've been through so many drugs and so many side effects- what is normal anymore? But I can definitely live with this combination if it lets me drive, work, and live normally. M 22 6 months

 5  Migraine / Chronic Headaches Began at 25, then 50 mg. At low dosage, experienced panic attacks and shortness of breath. Possibly d/t transitioning from Depakote, which while it eliminated my headaches, it made me feel emotionally flat and chronically tired. Ramped up to 400 mg before headaches were under back under control. Experienced mild cognative disfunction at 400 mg, side effects gradually worsened after 2yrs at this dosage - (confusion, language problems, trouble concentrating, short term memory problems) Also had trouble sleeping (staying asleep), became very sensative to caffeine. Reduced to 200 mg, reduction in side confusion/cognitative effects. However, still have trouble sleeping. Headaches are still well controlled at 200 mg. 1 headache (mild) in 10 months since halving dosage. Is not quite as effective as Depakote, but side effects (so far) are more tolerable to me than that medication. M 39 3 years

 5  Migraines Tingling fingers- went away Lack of appetite - Improved when only took medication at night instead of splitting up in two doses Irritability - Not going away Fatigue- Still an issue I saw a comment that said Migraine miracle drug. From 9 Imitrex a month to no more than 2 a month now. I am still concerned about mood swings and appetite. M 40 6 months

 5  Bi-polar (rapid Cycling) Loss of weight (yippie!), Yes it took a little getting used to in the begining, but it was worth it. I don't have any tingling or those other problems I have read here. I feel like a normal person (Sanity) on this unlike other drugs like lithium or depakote. Those make me feel stupid. I am taking 300 mg per day. I love this stuff. I also take 200 mg Tegratol per day and 300 mg Welbutrin. M 45 1 years
 5  alcoholism & migraines A not unpleasant tingling in the feet, and difficulty comprehending simple concepts, which went away when I lowered the dosage and spread it out, and a kind of spacey feeling that also diminished when I lowered the dosage. Also some loss of sexual desire. As far as alcohol goes I find with the topomax I have really lost all desire for it. A long time ago I cut out a clipping about a study done using it w/some alcoholics & how they either quit or cut back dramatically. This is what a boozer loves to hear because he wants nothing more than to have his cake and eat it too. Thank God that so far I haven't had any severe side effects. I lost count of how many times I went on the wagon and wound up drinking again. Seven years ago I passed out at the top of the stairs and landed at the bottom w/out even putting my arms out to break my fall, so, yeah, I got daily migraines, & although not 100% perfectly the topomax has helped me with that too. M 54 30 days
 5  Mood Stablizer and Weight Loss Tingling in the hands, Some slight memory loss in the first few weeks, but it went away. Lost 45lbs in the first three months, taking 175mg/day. Was much better than Zoloft, Effexor or Paxil, Didn't have the side effects of nausia and diarea Like the other medications. M 31 2 years

 5  Migraines Minor Dizzyness and some minor speech problems (I have learned to slow down and think a few more nanoseconds before speaking)but none of the other major side-effects posted with the drug I've been taking Topamax for for 1.5 months. My average Imitrex injection rate was 12 per month. Since starting the Topamax, I have had three Imitrex injections, one when I had just started taking the medicine, one after driving for about 12 hours, and the last one after a 17 hour flight. I am feeling better now than I have felt in years. I started at 25Mg/day for 2 weeks and am up to 25Mg 3 times per day. I will stay at this rate for a while to see what happens. I am very happy with Topamax and would recommend it to anyone with migraines. Just don't ever start right in with a high doseage! M 39 45 days
 5  Epilepsy Memory loss. Slowing down. Drug is very good for controlling seisures. Since i started using Topamax 200 mg twice daily in combination with Tagretol my seisures got under control. Problem with topamax is memory loss; it shows when talking, reading, listening music, watching tv. Processing speed is slower its hard to keep up with world around. M 29 5 years

 5  Epilepsy Mild and Intermittent Headache, Some occasional tingling in feet For me, Topamax has been a WONDER DRUG. I have been on Depakote, Tegretol, Lamictal, Trileptal, Klonopin, and Gabitril and this is the first drug that actually WORKED! I have a mixed type of epilepsy, with Grand mal seizures, Absence ("petit mal") and myoclonic seizures. I have not had a single grand mal seizure since starting it, and my absence and myoclonic seizures are practically gone..my neurologist and I are extremely satisfied at my 100MG BID and will eventually increase to 200MG. M 16 3 weeks
 5  Severe Migraine Aura (No Pain) I've had some increased anxiety and slight tingling in my head. Not many problems at all. I had daily migraine auras (silent migraines) for about 10 years. They got so severe they were debilitating. After 3 days on Topamax the migraines went away. With Topamax, I could feel the pre-aura come but would end abruptly and the aura would never develop. This is the first and only drug that ever worked on my auras. My aura blindness went away, I'm losing a little weight, no more attacks and I have some increased energy. With my increased energy comes a little anxiety though. So far I'm happy. M 44 1 weeks

 5  Migraine Occasional tingling of the hands and feet. Aphasia, and some mind numbing effects. On the initial taking of the drug, I had experienced bad stomach problems. ED. Originally started off with 100mgs, and got really sick. My doctor restarted me back to 25mgs for a week, then built me up to 200mgs a night for migraines. This stuff works great for me. Has cut them down by 80%. He upped me to 250mgs, taking 50mgs in the morning, but it was giving me problems trying to concentrate at work, so he told me to add it to my night routine. I have been taking it now for close to 3 years, and I still experience the tingling hands and feet every now and then. The aphasia happens like that as well. It does impact my concentration when I try moving from one thing to another, like working on the computer to answering the phone. M 43 3 years
 5  Addiction to Crystal Meth Tingling sensation in hands/feet/face and slurred speech. After many attempts to quit meth on my own, my mom took me to a psychiatrist and he put me on Topamax + Provigil. The Topamax was remarkably effective at reducing my obsessive cravings and compulsive drive to use meth. The Provigil greatly reduced the withdrawal symptoms. If you or a loved one wants to quit meth, this combination of medications will dramatically improve your chances for a successful outcome. M 26 4 months

 5  Sexual Addiction tingling, mild confusion (but not too bad), mixed-up words, some paranoia, bad tasting carbonated beverages, weight loss. Really helped control the addictive cravings. Ramp up very, very slowly. I did 25mg week for 2 wks, then increased by 25mg per week stopping staying at the same level for an additional week until stable. It is not a race. M 41 3 months

 4  Addiction In descending of if how bad they are to me: irritability/agitation, depression, mild tingling of mouth/jaw, "can't find the right word", detached feeling, cloudy/fogginess. Up to 75mg now and slow titration seems to be key for me - especially in avoiding the grouchiness. Taking at night with a sleep aid helps avoid the physical side effects. I'm starting to feel that I have a "choice" with my addiction, which is great. The "pleasure" from my addiction seems to be diminishing which I attribute to the topamax, so I don't seem to be acting out as much or with the same intensity. I'll report more later as I go further along M 41 2 weeks

 4  Constant Daily Headaches Lost weight.. about 20 to 25 pounds.. that I did not need to loose.. I went down to size 0 from size 4... Another side effect or maybe side effect that I want to ask women about.. First of all I stopped having periods.. So, my gyno wants to put me on birth control pills.. ( because of all the weight that I lost)... the second maybe side effect, yeast infections... did any of you notice yeast infections????? I started having yeast infections every months about two months after I started Topamax... It did help my headaches... they are gone.. after two years.. M 27 7 days

 4  Severe Migraines Tingling in Hands, and face, Soda tasted strange. Side effects dissipated after a few weeks. Before taking topamax i would get 4 migraines a week lasting 12-18 hours even sometimes even with imitrex injections. Now during a bad month i'll get 4-6 total. I was on the lowest dose 50mg 2x a day, but i have now been moved to 100mg 2x a day. there are other drugs out there but this has been extremely effective for me. M 25 2 years

 4  seizure erectile dysfunction M 34 2 years

 4  Seizures/epilepsy Dizziness approx 2-4 times a week, needles in arms/feet every once in a while, SHRINKING FEELING. Cognitive issues; can't think of right word to use in sentence. I am extremely torn about this medicine. I am taking it in conjuntion with Keppra and Lamicital. This medicine stopped seizures almost instantly, but the cognitive side effects are extremely frustrating. Both the dizziness and the issues of thinking of the right word. The shrinking feeling is a side effect I have not heard about with anyone else, and I am interested to see if someone else is having. I hate it, but have gotten use to it. It usually occurs about 2-4 times a week. It lasts about 5-7 minutes, and everything around me seems to become very small; almost Alice in Wonderland like? It only started when I started the Topamax. I was slammed onto Topamax -400mg starting the first day- due to a sudden increase in seizures, and this caused a crazy M 29 2 months
 4  Seizures/epilepsy Dizziness approx 2-4 times a week, needles in arms/feet every once in a while, SHRINKING FEELING. Cognitive issues; can't think of right word to use in sentence. I am extremely torn about this medicine. I am taking it in conjuntion with Keppra and Lamicital. This medicine stopped seizures almost instantly, but the cognitive side effects are extremely frustrating. Both the dizziness and the issues of thinking of the right word. The shrinking feeling is a side effect I have not heard about with anyone else, and I am interested to see if someone else is having. I hate it, but have gotten use to it. It usually occurs about 2-4 times a week. It lasts about 5-7 minutes, and everything around me seems to become very small; almost Alice in Wonderland like? It only started when I started the Topamax. I was slammed onto Topamax -400mg starting the first day- due to a sudden increase in seizures, and this caused a crazy M 29 2 months
 4  Cluster Headaches I'm very Thirsty all the time, Insomnia, Spaced out. So far so good. I've only gotten slight 'shadows' this episode but they seem to remain only shadows since I started the topamax. I do miss my beer though :(. M 26 21 days

 4  migraines ringing in ears, weight loss even though I am already thin, very strong tingling in extremities(hands and feet) to the point of painful, sinusitis- my sinuses flow heavy all the time now, soft drinks and some other foods do taste awful I started on 25 mg twice a day and worked up to 100 mg twice a day to control a migraine problem of 3-4 per week on average, but now have about 1 a week which is good. Topamax does work, but after 5 months none of my bad side effects have lessened so I am not really too happy overall about this drug. I gave a 4 rating because it works not because I want to keep using it. M 44 5 months

 4  daily chronic headache weightloss, loss of appetite, picky eating, dull feeling like i was slow and couldn't comprehend things correctly. elbow pain has made me slightly tired i used to go to bed at 10 30 now it is 9 30. lost 20 lbs after 3.5 months on this drug and everything that i want to eat just doesnt sound good even when i feel hungry, it's weird. no bad headaches even though i still get little normal headaches but i can still function, unlike before. i would like to feel more alert but i resently switched from 25mg to 50mg so it might take time for my body to adjust. all in all i would say topamax is a good thing so far. M 17 4 months

 4  migraines mild thought interruptions, a little more tired than usual midday, when upping my dose each week -I notice a day or 2 of of body adjustment with slower thought processes, but then fine. Sometimes, less ability to multi-task more than 2 things at a time. once in awhile mild tingling in hands. After 2 weeks, 25mg to 50mg, I've had 1 migraine each week, which is a fantastic improvement going from a constant heachache for a month straight, vomiting on a constant basis with dizziness & pounding thoughout my head & neck. M 38 2 weeks
 4  Bipolar/ADHD Stupidity, weight loss taken with amphetamine drug Made me ADD w/o the H 200 mg. day .... 150 okay less stupified... take at night and take 90 mg. of Dexedrine per day no side effects anymore M 1.5 years

 4  panic disorder In the beginning-neuropathy in toes and fingers-went away after a few months. Was taking 200 mgs for a year or more but could not deal with the inability to formulate sentences-"loss for words" but after decreasing to 100 mgs-feel great! This drug has been a miracle cure for me as I have wanted to steer away from benzos for so long for panic-could not function without Topamax! M 40 2 years

 4  bipolar So far I have had tingling in feet and hands ,,, stomach ache and taste of soft drink YUK,, Other than that I have only been on it nine days Feeling alot better ,,, mind is clear sleeping better than before was on Neurontin this drug caused me alot of negative side effects,, My only concern is I have glaucoma But I told by mu Doctor its ok to take the topamax,,, just be careful and have checkups,,, I also take lamicital 200mg at bedtime with busprione and rivritral,,, I hope this drug works out for me as I have been on every other drug there is and all others didnot work or caused me to gain so so mcuh weight it was unreal,, I have bene taking it 10 days,, I am 46 yrs old M 46 10 days
 4  Migraine prophylaxis Mild concentration problems, severe tingling in fingers/toes, sexual side effects (libido/performance). I went from 50 mg to 200 over 2 years to try to control intractable migraines. Doctor prescribed potassium for tingling, which helps some. B-vitamins allegedly help, too, but they didn't help me. Topamax helped more than Depakote or Keppra, both of which had horrible mood-altering side effects on me. Migraines are better, but not completely controlled. M 44 2 years

 4  mood stabilizer first day or two, couldn't even write a grocery list. Numbness of hands, feets, and lips at times, especially after meals. This all goes away the longer you take topamax. I have very few side effects now except lack of appetite. I take 200mg of Topamax once daily. I also take 150mg of Wellbutrin. I've lost 20 lbs in 5 months. I recommend Topamax for weight loss as long as its combined with a walking program. As a mood stabilizer, it still left me depressed. It got rid of the "highs", but kind of made me feel a little less like my fun self. However, the weight loss is making me more confident so I'm sticking with it until I can't afford it. M 38 5 months

 4  Adjunct for depression Appetite reduction The GOOD: - Didnt necessarily increase mood in a euphoric sense, but made me much more mellow. I would never get upset or aggressive at anything. - Increased lbido - Decreased headaches (I don't have migraines but I do have daily headaches and this got rid of them and enables much more sleep). The BAD: To be honest, only the appetite loss really bothered me. On 50mg, it was a bit too much for me and I found I was actually finding it harder to sleep. However, once I got down to 25 that was the sweet spot. But, since im a guy , the appetite loss wasn't wanted as I was starting to lose weight and thus finally weaned off. M 15 days
25 1X D
 4  Migraine Headaches So far I have experienced the following: (but please keep in mind my age) Dizziness, light headed in the mornings. Looking at the computer and BAM! Sleepy time! Cramping at times. Noticeable when sitting still, basically not doing anything. Rash of some kind. I am still adding up some details. Please feel free to contact me about other side effects I might have or I am having. HelpLess41@yahoo.com M 41 2 weeks
25mg 2X D
 4  cyclothymia i was taking it along with paxil to treat my anxiety and hypomania,topamax helped me but after a week there is too much drowsiness,dizzines and sleepy M 19 1 weeks
25mg half
 4  bi polar Carbonated drinks especially beer taste bad. Other than that I'm much easier to get along with at work and home. M 34 10 months

 4  Epilepsy Dry mouth, Short term memory failure, loss of concentration/words through mid sentence, feeling Dumb, insomnia, lower back pain, cold feet, loss of appetite, serious nasal congestion,and acne issues. After being on this medication for many years now, it has controlled my seizures for all those years, but it came with a price and that is the side effects. But after all the seizures I had to deal with before, it was worth it. M 48 4 years
300mg 2X D

 4  Migraines Weight loss :) Good for me. soda tasted flat,almost like a chemical. EXTREMELY tired.Tingling in fingers and feet. Dizzy. And pressure in head.. loss is breathing, felt like elephant on chest. I have been taking Topamax for a month now and lost 20 pounds which is great. But at first my head hurt slightly a lot.. And i constantly felt like i had a elephant on my chest, and always needed to take a deep breath like a short breath wasn't enough.. i felt trapped. I felt tingly in hands and feet. i felt dizzy and unbelievably exhausted.. But felt like i couldnt concentrate much in school either. M 14
25 1X D

 4  cluster headaches stupidity - memory loss, trouble forming sentences, finding the right words, loss of concentration, loss of appetite, taste changes, tingling in extemities, lack of energy, confusion I recently started back on topamax after a new cluster began. I took this drug 5 years ago and it stopped the cluster after about one month. The side effects can be hard to deal with but no where near as bad as the daily headaches. If your Dr puts you on a 100mg or higher dose to begin with, find a new doc. This stuff requires you to start slow and build up to a dose that works for you. Start with 25mg at night for a week then 25 at night and 25 in the morn after a week, then 25 in the morn and 50 at night for a week, then 50/50 for a while. I was able to drop down to 50mg per day taken at bedtime to limit most side effects and still keep the pain away. I eased off the drug after 4 months and was OK as the cluster had passed and was headache free for 5 years. I'm working back up to 100mg per day now since this cluster started and have just has the first 3 days in a row with no headache. I will continue to take the med like I did last time knowing what to expect. I quit drinking carbonated soda (and beer) last time and never started back so no problems there. This med really makes soft drinks taste like crap but the caffine wasn't helping the headaches so it needed to go anyway. The side effects ease up after a while, especially if you can get by on a lower dose. I still keep some triptans around in case of a breakthru headache but I know with the topamax I can survive till the cluster passes and and all the side effects will be gone soon after I discontinue use of the drug M 37 4 months
50mg 2X D

 4  Migraine Tingling/numbness in hands and feet, weight loss (~10%), loss of appetite, taste perversion / odd taste in mouth, trouble with "word finding" and spelling, lethargy Reduced migraine frequency to less than 1x/mo, but these side effects have not been unproblematic. At the moment I prefer them to basically being struck down randomly 3-8x per month by migraine, as does my thankfully accomodating employer, but in other situations in might be preferable to be at closer to 100% mental performance on my non-migraine days and just have to deal with the prospect of having to lose those migraine days when they come. As someone who is a part-time graduate student, and to whom intelligence (expressed in terms of verbal and written communication) was a very important part of my identity, it has been difficult adjusting to "the stupids". But on balance I have decided to stick with it. M 28 10 months
75mg 1X D
 4  Bipolar 1 MRE Drowsiness, deep thoughts, high, euphoria , Slow, hungry. I felt so deep into my thoughts that it felt as if I could solve any problem. And then when I try to say something I couldn't get the words out lol , make sense? lol I'm actually on it at this very moment. I just worry about the rare side affects. M 30 9 days
25mg 2X D
 4  Grand Mal Seizures Depression, drowsiness, inability to form logical train of thought, kidney stones. After reading others' comments, I agree that my social inhibition almost entirely disappeared since I started taking this drug. I also suffer from a drastic change in personality during the day. After a good night's sleep I feel and behave like my normal self. As I get more tired and towards the end of the day, I am told that I am more disagreeable than I used to be before I started on this drug. (The difference is that I have no control on this behaviour). My libido has also been enhanced, which could be a side effect of this drug. M 45 2 years
100 mg 3X D
 4  depression, mood problems soda tasted different, insomnia While on topamax not alot of things bothered me, the dark and scary things didn't really affect me. I would be able to sit and watch tv, and not hafta get up or move around. So it decresed restlessness. In other ways, even though it seemed very good, it seemed too good to be true at times. And at low doses can change your mood, or affect it in such a way as to change your personality. Is a good drug for the short term maybe, but u wouldnt want to take a drug for short term anyways. M 26
25 mg 1X D
 4  Hand Tremors Topamax and sugar are not a good combination. I have been on it for a year and it took me several months to figure out that whenever I have anything that contains sugar I will have stomach pain and if the amount of sugar is alot, i.e. ice cream, I might even get diarrhea. The only thing that will reduce pain is fresh made LIME juice, not pepto, or anything else over the counter. I lost 70lbs in 3 months. M 28 1 years
50 MG 2X D
 4  Migraines Weight loss. Lost 20 lbs. First few weeks experienced confusion and memory loss but that went away. Low blood pressure. My blood pressure was already on the low side but now I have to be really careful as Topamax has lowered it even more so I do have pass out occasionally Topamax has SIGNIFICANTLY helped my migraines. I was suffering from around 3 severe migraines per week and now I only get maybe max 3 per month. M 53 8 months

 4  Migraines Weight Loss, Slight memory loss, especially in terms of vocabulary, Mood swings I was suffering from multiple daily migraines, and was prescribed this by a neurologist, as well as imitrex. After the first couple of weeks I immediately noticed the memory loss as well as the weight loss, though that was a small price to pay for living a pain free life. The pain was beyond description, so it comes down to how bad you want relief. Im very grateful to have been prescribed this, even if I do sound rather uneducated at times when I blank out during a conversation. Another thing i noticed was the first couple of weeks i started taking this, I would have mood swings where i would be depressed for no reason. I know it was a side effect of the medication because im not an emotional person, and its unlike me to be depressed like that. It went away though. Good luck. M 24 6 months

 3  Migraines Topamax is a miracle drug for migraine avoidance, but not worth the side effects. The funny tasting carbonation effect went away, but the memory loss and inability to focus and process information increased. I quit taking it a few weeks ago and hope that I regain some intelligence soon. M 33 3 years

 3  Migraines Just started, nothing to report yet M 28 60 days

 3  Migraines Nausea, stomach cramps, loss of appetite, coke and pepsi taste flat, my spelling could be better,severe gastrointestinal issues, almost to the point where I thought I would be better of dead. My neurologist started me off at 25 mg and built me up to 250 mg BID, I have spent the past three weeks in bed, unable to move, unable to leave the house. M 46 6 months

 3  Migraine At 200mg I became angry and aggressive all the time. I lost weight which I could not afford to do. Topamax worked very well for 7 weeks to stop my intractable migraines, which I have been having for atleast 15 days a month for about 4 years. However, after that it stopped working and I started getting intractable 10 day attacks which did not respond to my usual triptans. When my neurologist increased my dosage from 150mg to 250mg a day I became very angry all the time. I started getting aggressive to everyone around me and people said that they did not recognize me anymore. I have now come off the drug and am trying sodium valproate once again. M 43 6 months

 3  Complicated MIgraine, Migraines Appetite Loss, Severe Tingling/Electric Shocks, Myoclonal Jerks, Muscle Twitching Classic Migraine Sufferer, was in remission but a cluster in December 2007 left me with persisting Visual Snow, Tinnitus, Palinopsia, Photophobia, depression and sparodic monocular diplopia and other symptoms typical of a complicated Migraine episode. I started on 25mg of Topamax and stepped up to 50mg. The classic migraine episodes ceased, though I continued to have migraine aura-like episodes followed by very mild pain. During the initial 25mg and the step to 50mg I encountered myoclonal jerks and muscle twitches / fasciculations which can likely be associated with the Topamax. When the Neurologist recommended an increase to 100mg, we did it 12.5 mg at a time. I did not encounter significant myoclonal jerks, but did have a return of the muscle twitches and fasciculations. The tingling is extreme - like electric shocks - and happens in my hands and feet. These shocks once induced a tremor in my right thumb that subsided with the shock sensation. I lost approx. 20lbs that I M 36 3 months

 3  Migraines Main problem for me is muscle twitching/fasiculations especially in arms. Goes away when topamax is stopped and starts up again when I restart med. Also carbonated beverages have a protracted zing to them. Some mild depression perhaps, hard to say for sure at this point. Bad headaches have stopped and I've been able to break my triptan habit and rebound headaches. At this point I'm having periodic mild headaches. Topamax dose still low but not sure I can tolerate higher dose. Also on propranolol which may be helping as much as topamax. M 54 21 days

 3  cluster headaches inability to concentrate, fatigue, failure to find correct words when speaking, numbness in fingers, toes, lips. M 43 30 days

 3  Migraines Weight loss - 15lbs in 3 weeks, memory loss - forgot my own phone number, feel constantly in a fog, nausea, blurred vision Has decreased my migraines M 52 4 weeks

 3  Bulimia/weight loss/mood stabilizer In contrast to most views of Topomax on here, I have had little to no side effects. I take 100 mgs twice a day. It makes me drowsy, but that effect is wearing off. From what I've read, the main reason I don't have side effects such as tingling sensations, numbness, hair loss, and mental difficulties is that I happen to take vitamin supplements already that Topamax seems to deplete or require more of in the body. These supplements are: Multivitamin, Vitamin-B Complex, Vitamin-D3, and Flax-seed Oil capsules (Omega-3's). For some reason some or all of these supplements prevent most of the unpleasant side effects associated with Topamax. I am pretty excited about Topamax, especially because it just went generic as topirimate so now it's really cheap. I am really, really hoping this drug will give me some relief from my binge eating disorder which makes my life kind of stressful. Losing a significant amount of weight would definitely be nice, but it would be even nicer if Topamax could ease the struggle about binging/purging in my MIND. I'm hoping this won't just be a band-aid, but will be a multifaceted component to my emotional recovery. M 27 2 weeks
 3  Bipolar Loss of appetite, tingling tongue and feet, tight stomach, gas It appears I am one of the few males taking this med and of the few who are taking for mood disorder. The med is very new for me. I am now on 50 mg, nightly. My mood has been swinging up and down since I started the med (not good), so cannot give it a 4 yet. It could be because I am titrating down from a high dose of Risperidal and Lamictal. I can feel why this is a med you have to go up slowly on. The side effects hit you pretty quick. The loss of appetite started by day three and I was only on 25 mg. I do appreciate a medication that has taken away the zombie sugar cravings! Now seeing a box of Cap'n Crunch turns my stomach! :) I am taking a multi-vitamin, and B-complex hoping to ameliorate the cognitive disruption (however as I write this I am using the spell check. LOL). Email me if you want to know more. I have a lot of hope in this med. It would be nice to be in control of my body AND my mind, at the same time, (it has been a long time since). M 45 3 weeks
 3  migraines had bad migraines, started taking topamax, i have all the side effect as everyone. tingling in feet and hands and in face. My memory is crazy. Its hard to hold a job and some times i cant remember my name. I had botox added because it was approved by the FDA. That was a life saver. It has helped to take the extra pain that i was having when i was curled in a ball and wanting to kill myself. I was taking 2-3 showers a day just for relieve. If you can get shot, i get in forehead, neck and shoulders. M 46 10 years
200mg 1X D
 3  migraines It improved my focus and mood at first. I felt better mentally at 50-100mg. But it caused GERD at 100mg which got worse at 150mg and became volcanic at 200mg. I would throw up in my mouth after taking a sip of water. It was constant and intolerable. At 150mg I became aggressive and had daily bouts of rage in the morning and at bedtime, where I'd get in mental fights in my head with doctors and people at work. It started to come out at work and I almost quit my job. Insomnia - about an hour each night, set in at 150mg as well. I also felt the little pains of kidney stone formation each time I raised or lowered the dose. It also became difficult to breathe through my nose at night at about 150mg so that I had to use breathing strips. Overall, the bad outweighed the good. The pain prevention was slight at 50mg, and each additional 50mg was a slight improvement. I probably would have needed to get to 300mg-400mg to prevent the pain completely but I was a wreck with the side effects at 200mg, and it wasn't worth it at 50mg when the worst side effects faded. M 35 2 months
200mg 1X D

 3  migraine and weigh loss My doctor describe me this medicine but I had no idea it was such a strong pill and with so many side effects i have been searching the internet all night because i have never taken any medication for anything in my life,this is my first time,i was having a lot of headaches ,maybe anxiety ,stress went I went to the doctor,i was working and i would feel sick and almost passed out,lots of pain in my head... around my eyes, like my head was going to explode,plus i gained 35 pounds i transformed... So she said this medicine will be good for me. Now i have been feeling really weird lately i cant sleep at all for like 3 weeks, my eyes are wide open all night long i wait for my alarm every morning.i am so tired but cant fall sleep. everytime i take the med my eyes twitch its so annoying , i feel a little depressed and dont wanna do anything.After I eat i feel the food stuck in my throat.but thats good cause I need to lose weight anyways.i just wanna sleep im going to see my doc on dec 10 and i think im dont wanna take it anymore i dont feel good about taking meds anyways,its not natural,its not me, my headaches are gone and i dont feel sick anymore.... so.... its confusing... i dont know what to do.... im going crazy if i dont sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!! M 31 1 months
100 mg 1X D

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