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 4  Mucus in throat I read all of what a lot of people said and I was worried I'd feel the same as well; can't sleep, chest pain, jittery, but I was actually just fine, and slept well with no side effects F 21 1 days

 4  Chronic sinusitis It helps my sinuses but dried out my eyes and lips. F 50 10 days

 3  Allergies and Sinus After about an hour of taking. I did not feel like myself so I laid down for a nap. Afterwards, I felt great . I only had a minor head ache. When I went to bed that night I could not sleep, because every time I did I felt like I was having a panic attack. Now my chest just aches. Worked great for symptoms... F 21 1 days
1X D
 3  post nasal drip and runny nose, Insomnia, have taken this for 3 days and have only slept 3 hours each night. Dry mouth, loss of appetite. Feeling withdrawn. Glad I found this site so I realized what was going on. Helped with post nasal drip and runny nose though not for the full 24 hours. Will stop taking it now that I realized why I am feeling the way I am. F 39 3 days

 5  congestion and sneezing No side effects.. The only thing that works for me.. highly recommend. F 43 5 years

 5  Allergies, runny nose, sneezing Energy boost, lack of appetite literally the ONLY thing ive ever taken that will actually work on my allergies. Plus, the extra energy is awesome! :) F 26 2 weeks
1 pill 1X D

 1  sneezing I took claritin 24 hour, just a half a tablet due to sneezing. Within an hour I felt chest pain and heart beating out of chest. Called 911 and they said it was 150 bpm and the best I could do is ride it out. It took 15 hours to go back to normal. Never again, I'd rather be sneezing Don't take this product, not worth it. F 1 days
1X D

 1  allergies Took before bed and within 2 hours I was wide awake! Still have not slept. Dry mouth, headache, upset stomach, insomnia, cold sweat. and my skin felt like it was crawing! (that feeling you get when you have a chill go down your back...imagine that on your entire body! It was AMAZING how well it cleared up my head congestion! Worked fast but not worth all the side effects I had, Ill take the congestion! F 43 1 days
10mg 1X D

 1  Hay Fever Took it at 5pm Sunday evening, and it is 10:46pm Monday night and I still haven't slept..feel extremely jittery, anxious and sad..I found myself crying for no reason. To top it off my stuffy nose and itchy eyes are back!! F 34 1 days

 1  To clear my congestion Feeling strange, anxious, angry, heavy chest, panic This is garbage F 51 4 days
once 1X W
 2  congestion, allergies My boyfriend has taken claritin for years and its the only thing that works for him. So I decided to give it a whirl for my allergies. Wrong idea. I took it once and was up all night long, feeling as if my heart was going to explode, restlessness, jitters, headache, hot sweats, dry mouth. It was most likely the pseudofed but I have taken just plain pseudofed and have never had those symptoms!! For some it works and others get all the negative side effects but I know I'll never try it again. F 23 1 times

 1  Allergies I took Claritin-D for my allergies then ten minutes later I had a huge headache that wouldn't go away so I decided to take aspirin. Now I had done some research before, if both shouldn't be taken together. There wasn't any big threats so I thought it'd be ok. Now within 30 minutes, let me tell you how fast my heart was beating. It was literally pounding out of my chest. I already have really bad anxiety attacks, so low and behold... my mind starts panicking and I'm on the floor feeling like my heart is going to just pop out. I'm not sure if both of the medicine made it worse? but I have taken Claritin-D before, and it has given me the same symptoms as I had today. It was just 10 times worse today. I felt like my head was floating all day, very dazed, every time I stood up I would fall back down from being so light-headed, had negative energy to do even the most simplest things. I just slept for a few hours and I still feel sick to my stomach. I hope this wears off soon................ Never taking again. F 24
1 1X D

 2  Allergies Sore throat, dizzy, dry mouth, can't sleep or eat, ear ache, depression anxiety 35 8 days

 3  Allergies Extreme dry mouth. Jittery. Started taking local honey and BAM no more allergies. A spoonful of honey is better than a pill. M 52 2 years
? 2X D
 1  Allergies major erectal dysfunction!!!!!! Less than 6 hours of taking Claritin 24 hour pill, I lost all sexual sensation and a major case of ED despite all remedies. Very embarrassing. I wish I researched before taking this useless drug. M 40
1X D

 5  Seasonal Allergies Constant dry mouth, occasional heart palpitations, occasional insomnia, occasional ED I LOVE this stuff. I used to live in a constant congested, foggy state during May-Sept allergy season. Would get debilitating sinus headaches especially if I drank any alcohol. But now I take the 24 hour Claritin-D every day and feel great. You MUST drink a lot of water EVERY DAY. And I give up coffee once I go on the allergy meds or I get heart palpitations. But it works so well for me that I got a prescription from my family physician so I can get 3 months worth at a time. Yes, there are side effects, but for me, they are FAR better than the allergies! M 51 6 years
1X D

 3  Itchy eyes, nose, and throat. Claritin worked great for my allergies. I was in love with it until I started experiencing other unnatural woman problems. I could finally go a day without being miserable from allergies, but my sex life was on 0 for an entire week. This isn't like me and my bf was kind of concerned as well as myself. I was just having vaginal dryness, which made anything sexual unpleasing. I thought it was a coincidence, but then I found that a few other women were experiencing the same problems! If you are a woman without a sex life, I'd recommend claritin any day. Maybe it's my fault for not drinking enough water while on this medication, but either way, it's my only complaint. F 20 3 weeks
10 mg
 4  Allergies Taking Claritin Dx24 hours Cleared me up within 2 hours and put me in a good mood the whole day. Work was way less stressful. I use this off and on for years when when needed and I have never had an issue with it. M 30 2 years
10 MG 1X D
 3  Seasonal allergies ED first time taking it caused problem within first few hours of taking claritin d. Wife understood but it got me thinking if it could be the claritin so I did a search and found this site. M 35 1 days
1X D

 1  Allergies and flu type symptoms Insomnia, hardly had any sleep. It's 2:30 am and I feel like my heart is racing so fast. Heart rate varies between 115 and 140 for the last 12 hours. Very tired. Cold and hot. Very anxious. I would not recommend it if you anxiety. It's almost anxiety on steroids. Very paranoid that I am going to die. Pacing all over the house. . M 42 1 days
10 mg

 2  allergies Insomnia, and high heart rate. Went from birthday 68 to 105, safe to say I'm done M 21 4 weeks
1 X D

 1  Sinus infection I took a pill yesterday at 7:30 am. All day I was jittery, anxious, and not feeling myself. Was not able to sleep at all last night. Had hot and cold spells, especially my legs. Having feelings of dread and sadness. My heart was racing and I couldn't stop moving... Won't take it again! What a waste of $20. F 33 1 days
10 mg

 3  allergies Jittery, mood swings, insomnia, increased heart rate F 17 7 days

 3  Bad allergies When I first took it I had slight relief nothing to brag about. The second day the relief got better then the third day it worked even better. Even though the third day was better, I still had a stuffy nose. Not to mention on the third day I was light headed and had a very dry mouth!! After I had those symptoms I stopped immediately! I will find another allergy medication to take. F 27 3 days
240/10mg 1X D

 1  year-round allergies high energy, suppressed appetite, rapid heart beat, decreased libido, dry eyes, dry mouth, chronic constipation (despite regular exercise), depression, anxiety, mood swings, withdrawal from life. When I first started taking Claritin-D 24 hour, I loved the energy, lack of appetite, and focus/mental clarity that I had. It also did wonders for my allergies—I could finally breathe. After 3 wks of being on it though, all the negative side effects hit. The deal breaker was the plummet in libido. I'm willing to sacrifice for my allergies but not when it compromises my sex drive. Glad to hear I'm not alone. F 28 2 months
1 pill/day 1X D
 3  allergies Hyperactivity, jittery, restless, energetic, high In my youth I tried several drugs like ecstasy and meth but haven't touched them for at least 10 years. I took my first claritin the other day as I have been really stuffed up in the mornings due to possible allergies. I took the first one at about 5pm and then went to my jiu jitsu class at 6:30pm. Best class I've had in a long time - I was energetic, excited and basically high. I couldn't sleep very well that night, was restless and unable to deeply sleep which is highly unusual for me. In short, I felt like I had done some meth or speed-laced E again. F 35 5 days
1X D

 1  year-round allergies It works SO well for allergies, and I enjoyed it as an appetite suppressant. But I finally realized that it's been responsible for painful vaginal dryness (sex was almost impossible, even using tampons was unpleasant), really bad mood swings and irritability (especially during PMS time, which has never been a problem for me before), lower libido, and a drastic decrease in athletic ability/performance (it's like I suddenly had no cardio conditioning or muscle strength despite working out intensely my entire life). Now that I've stopped taking it for a couple weeks, these things are beginning to subside, but now I'm horribly exhausted all day every day. I'm trying to compensate with caffeine, but it's not really working (and I don't want to be addicted to that either!) So now I'm perpetually tired and suffering really bad allergy symptoms. This is a dangerous product, at least for some. They need better warnings about this stuff. F 26 2 years
1 pill/day

 4  Allergies Insomnia when I first started taking it. I slept well for 3-4 hours, but then woke up wide awake and ready to go. If I miss even one dose, I am EXTREMELY fatigued the next day. I've tried taking a medication holiday when I'm in a low-allergy location, but the fatigue makes this impossible. I wish there was another med that is as effective as Claritin-D for me, but I haven't been able to find one. :( F 52 5 years
1 pill 1X D
 4  Allergies I've been taking this drug for allergies since my 20's, usually from mid march thru April. Worked great until this year, maybe because I've gotten older, but I've had major nervousness and dry mouth slurred speech, real panicky. Guess its time to find something else M 34 10 years

 1  Severe Allergies Severe mood swings, ear ache, inability to concentrate, a vicious cycle of a cold then warm feeling, paranoia, restlessness, insomnia, constipation, dry mouth, rapid heart beat, an overall despondent feeling I would not recommend this drug! F 27 7 days
1X D
 1  seasonal allergies I've been taking this product for many years off & on depending on severity of allergies. But, recently I've been experiencing some weird feelings, like out of body, dizziness, lightheadeness, sweat while sleeping. I noticed the days I don't take it, I feel normal so I'm related it to this product. Although it does do wonders for my allergies, not worth it. M 33 4 years

 1  Sinus Infection Dizziness, Anxiety, Clammy Hands, Racing Heartbeat, nervous, jittery, feeling like I'm loopy, confused, fear. Seriously I would NEVER take this stuff again I thought I was going to have a heart attack & die. If you have anxiety like I do it makes the anxiety SO intense that you feel like your loosing it. I don't recommend it, it's a very scary substance to be on. Drink lots of fluids, eat as much as you can so that it rushes it out of your system, if need be GO to the ER. F 33 2 days
30 1X D
 5  Sneezing, itching runny nose. None so far, I took it at 11pm thinking 24hour ment usable 24hours and my must suggested after I take it, it can keep you awake, so I came online and saw if ou take too many it makes you feel drowsy so I'm like it's fine, then I came to this site and I was like hmm crap, so I quickly tried to get to sleep, I could kinda see it was trying to keep me awake, making my brain think about too much, but I just laid back and relaxed and went to sleep. Good, I'll use it again, although I'm worried about what people say about fatigue, I just woke up, so I don't know, it's 24 hour, m nose is still kinda full but not itchy runny or annoying, and if it does wake me up and keep me jittery than great! I wont be falling asleep of feeling tired during the day! M 14 1 days
1 tablet 1X D
 3  allergys and stuffy nose Helps with allergies but not my stuffy nose...Insomnia, restless legs, makes me very thirsty, somewhat jittery, also has given me some depression, crying spells etc still able to get an erection atleast lol glad I found this site I was quite worried as to why I couldn't sleep and dry mouth M 25 2 days
 2  common cold Took it around 7pm an its 300 am in the morning an still wide awake..dry mouth...don't recommend to anyone! F 27 1 days

 2  allergies Minor erectile dysfunction I wish l found this out before my wedding anniversary M 32 3 days
30 1X D

 1   ED, Hyperactivity, Insomnia This medicine worked extremely well to clear up my constantly stuffy nose. But it made me so hyper I could not sleep, even when I took it in the morning. The ED was not a huge deal because my wife never wants sex anyway. The biggie, though, was that after I stopped it, my nose became so dry and caked with mucus that I have had to wet it and blow hard, one nostril at a time, into the sink several times a day. Kleenex and Q-tips are not sufficient. This has gone on for 6 months. M 60 14 days
1 pill 1X D
 1  Allergies Erectile dysfunction For allergies work great M 47 2 weeks
1X D

 3  Flu/Cold Congestion Extreme Bloody Nose My very first time taking this stuff resulted in a pretty severe bloody nose. About two hours after, I felt EXTREME pressure building up in my sinuses... and then it suddenly dissolved (more like 'popped'), but that's when a huge gush of blood poured out of my nose and all over my shirt (I had absolutely no advanced warning or time to grab the tissues). A few minutes after that, a giant bloody sack came out after that and the bleeding stopped. I swear it was the lining of my sinuses. I know it was from the Claritin because I hadn't had a bloody nose since I was 8 years old. All of that said, it DID clear up the congestion. I think perhaps I had this reaction because both of my second molar's roots protrude deeply into my sinus cavity, so if you also have that going on you might experience the same thing. Therefore, I'd advise everyone to only take this when you absolutely cannot stand the congestion anymore... and to keep plenty of tissues handy, just in case. F 21 1 days
10mg 1X D

 1  Seasonal allergies Erectile Dsyfunction M 41 2 weeks
1X D

 4  Seasonal allergies Very dry mouth, dizziness, inability to concentrate, mood swings, aggitation, vision problems I took the Claritin at the advice of my doctor to help with recurring ear infections. I made it 5 days then had to stop. I am the Controller for my company and I absolutely could not concentrate on projects at work and felt very "snappy" and aggitated with my employees. My heart pounded out of my chest and I felt as if I had taken a diet pill or some similar stimulant. By nighttime my heart was still racing and it took my forever to fall asleep. I inquired with the pharmacist about another drug option without the jittery side effects and he said that is the biggest complaint he receives and unfortunately they all seem to do it. F 40 5 days
10MG 1X D
 3  Allergies No side effects So, I found out about Claritin D through a co-worker and decided to try it out (seeing how NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING else worked for me). Claritin D now is the only thing I will take for allergies, it works wonders! But my biggest complaint is that my store never has 12 hour only 24 hour and the drug DOES NOT last 24 hours, it's absolute rubbish! And to make it worse... You can't take anything else until 24 hours later... So, all in all, I have no choice but to take claritin D 24 hour which lasts MAYBE 10 hours, and suffer the rest of the time... M 19 5 weeks
1 Pill 1X D
 5  Sinus, Allergys and Ear Fluid Really none so far . I have suffered terrible from sinus, allergy's five years and fluid behind my ear drum recently causing some dizziness now. Been to Ent, been to Allergist took all there high dollar meds none really helped that much . Was about to give up decided to try Claritin D 24 Hr. Five pills later no dizziness , no allergy's , no sinus ! This day on the 5th day is the best day I have had in a long long long time . I just hope it keeps on helping . Great drug my opinion ! M 50 5 days
1X D
 3  Major seasonal allergies Total erectile dysfunction the next morning after taking in the evening. Seemed to help my allergies in congestion overnight. M 45 1 days
1 pill 1X D

 2  Allergies I gained about 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I have always maintaned my weight at 125 to 130 since my early 20's and I'm now 46. I exercise regularly and eat pretty well and I weigh myself everyday. Nothing else changed so I attribute my weight gain to taking Claritin. F 46 6 weeks
30 mg 1X D

 3  Allergies Severe insomnia! I took it at around 10am and I was awake ALL NIGHT! When they say 24 hours, they aren't kidding. At 10am the very next morning, tiredness hit me like a bus. I'm sure my office will frown upon me nappin gat my desk. Won't take it again. F 28 1 days
1X D

 5  winter allergies a little jittery and hard to sleep at first but it cleared up ALL my symptoms from nausea, to post nasal drip, to vertigo, light cough and fatigue. My allergies seem to get worse with age, and this winter is the first time I've ever needed to treat my symptoms (which were quite severe.) In order to take care of my 2 small children I have to feel well. I will go off it as soon as I can go 24 hours symptom free, but right now after the drug wears off I go right back to post nasal drip, runny nose, little cough and I even get nauseated. This has been a life saver for me. In the beginning I had trouble sleeping, but as I continued to take it, the insomnia stopped. My body got used to the drug and normalized. F 32 14 days
240 1X D

 3  Extreme Sinus Headache EXTREME constipation. No movement of any kind for 2 weeks! Not even an urge. Cannot even detect any bowel sounds. It's like it just stopped everything in it's tracks. It also gives me crying spells. I get really depressed and feel like life is hopeless. It worked amazing for the sinus headache. But the constipation was so horrible I felt like I swallowed an enormous rock that was just sitting in my stomach. Depression and crying spells are really bad. Conclusion: I only take this when the sinus headache is so bad, that I'm willing to put up with side effects, and I am careful to never take it more than one day at a time. More than one day and my bowels are totally screwed. Make sure to drink lots of water with it, and exercise to keep things "moving" F 24 7 days
1X D

 2  nasal drip and heavy mucous I've had heavy mucous and nasal drip for 2 weeks and i took mucinex d which helped with the mucous, but the nasal drip never went away. so i remembered having good results in the summer with claritin d, and i took one thursday night. i figured any side affects would be deminished by the time i went to work. i was so nervous at work. i had a nervous breakdown and cried. normally pressure on the job does not get me this upset. the feeling of overwhelmness went away as the day progressed. i do not recommend this drug to anyone. it seems unpredicable. ps. the nasal drip did stop, but is it worth it at any cost. F 52 1 days
5mg/120mg 1X D
 1  Allergies Since taking Claritan-D 24hr, I have had complete erectile dysfunction. I've also experience insomnia/inability to stay asleep, and a trickling effect when I urinate. I am so thankful for this site. I had no idea that it was the Claritan-D 24hr until I read all of the symptoms from everyone else on this site. THANK YOU! I had the pill in my hand today (literally) and was about to take it when I started reading this site. NO MORE! :-) M 33 2 weeks
1X D

 3  many allergies Have been taking Claritin for years, and I too started having suddenly (after years of taking it) knee pain (like my joints were loose)... If I get off the drug, the pain goes away in a matter of a day or two, but EXTREME fatigue and apathy, cloudy brain.. that doesn't ease if I stay off for more than a week or two... I have been getting allergy shots for more than 2 years now and I can stay off claritin for long periods of time, but the withdrawal kills me... I am at a loss as to what to do.... If I take it, brain is clear, fatigue goes away and allergies gone, but severe joint pains.... M 40 12 years
1X D

 1  allergies At first it really helped my symptoms. I felt great, I could breathe and it had the added benefit of making me feel more awake and less hungry (or so i thought). Very recently I went to the hospital for severe shortness of breath. It turns out that I was having heart palpitations. Since I have never experienced this prior and I am still fairly young, I can only attribute this happening due to the Claritin-D. After stopping the med altogether, I experienced exactly what some other people have mentioned-EXTREME fatigue. The first few days without it I pretty much couldn't even get out of bed. Even now, about a month later, I still do not feel like myself. I still fatigue very easily, and lately I've been having some really bad stomach problems. I'm not sure if these are still residual effects of the Claritin or not. Either way, I would not recommend this product to anyone to take as a daily allergy med. It may be okay for occasional use, but definitely not for the long term. F 30 2 years
1X D

 3  watery eyes / runny nose Erectile Dysfunction within 24 hrs. I took 2 Claritin in the past 2 days , Impossible to get an erection . Its gotta be the Claritin causing this. The only other time I had Erectile Dysfunction in my life was last year after taking Claritin. Should be on the warning label. M 50 2 days
1 tablet 1X D

 5  sinus infection, PN drip severe I take this in the morning - heavy fatigued feeling around 8 PM, not sure if that is the med. and racing heart/palpitations on and off throughout day. No trouble sleeping at all - but it is 24 hour and I take it in the morning. it has worked wonders and all but stopped the postnasal drip which was causing me to cough and be up all night. I also combined it with a 4-6 hours Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) right before bed to really dry me up for the first 2 weeks but do not need that now - LOVE IT! Zyrtec made me drowsy - this does not. F 44 4 weeks
10 mg 1X D

 2  allergies (mold) Total lose of appitite. Anxious yet relaxed at the same time. Disconnected feeling but able to concentrate. Weird. Constant need to drink something... anything. Can't stay sleeping if my life depended on it. One night I only had 2 hours of off and on sleep. My body feels like its shaking inside. Jittery legs. BUT all of my allergy problems are completly gone! I took one today and I will be taking a sleeping pill tonight just so I can function at work tomorrow. I take 1 24hr pill when I absolutely need it. It takes a full day after for me to feel "normal" again. F 27
1X D

 5  allergies None. Great drug! It's heaven now! Thank you for this drug! M 38 5 days
10 1X D

 4  Nose swollen inside, can't breathe So last night I took this for the first time. I got about 2 maybe 3hrs top of sleep. I laid there all night which almost never happens! (I've had this happen with Nyquil too). Anyways I decide to finally get up this morning and I feel amazing! Even with my lack of sleep! I am a little jittery today and feeling really antsy. But I really don't care since I can breathe so good now! This stuff is amazing! I'm only going to take it a few more days until I think whatever is going on passes. But I'm just happy I didn't get to the point where I can't taste food anymore. Which happened for a week last time I had a sinus infection. Thank you Claritin D! Ok, so yesterday I felt like crap. I was super stuffy, trying to blow my nose all the time and nothing was coming out so I realized my nose was swollen again (I get a sinus infection about twice a year). So I remembered my doctor told me about this last time I was sick and tried it out. She did warn me it was addictive and to not overkill on it. But whatever it's worth a shot! F 22 1 days
40mg 1X D

 5  seasonal allergies, stuffy boost in energy, similar to caffeine I've had good results w/Claritin D w/less side effects than Zyrtec and some other meds. It does help w/the itchiness and stuffiness pretty well. I can't stay awake w/Zyrtec, but Claritin D is just fine! Some people on here who are having insomnia might want to take the 12 hour instead in the morning. Then you'll have allergy relief all day and be able to sleep at night. F 38 2 years
1X D

 1  Allergies, Sinus Infection Claritin made me feel shaky, nervous, and anxious. I became very tense. I found myself grinding my teeth, clinching my fist, and curling my toes more often then not. I also found that I had difficulty breathing and chest tightness. At one point I felt tingling in my legs, arms, and back of my head. My palms and arm pits were sweaty. My heart at times would kick into overdrive and I would feel as though I was going to pass out. For those of you who are currently experiencing these symptoms I found that bread products and lots of water help to slow the drugs effects on my body, wile at the same time pushing the drugs out of my system. Also I felt mild to extreme mental fatigue wile on this product. M 21
250 mg 1X D

 3  indoor outdoor allergies anxiety, sleeplessness, paranoia M 32 6 months
10,g 1X D

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