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 4  high triglycerides litle flushing,upset stomach,hungry Before I start taking it my triglycerides were around 800,now about 250,it works. M 46 9 months

 4  Low HDL Have experienced the flushing on maybe five occasions. The itching in the morning is much worse than the flushing. I take it with an 81mg aspirin and two Kirkland fishoil pills and 20+ ounces of water. I haven't had a flushing episode in months. If I drink too much alcohol, I make sure to drink A LOT of water and I may drop dose to 500mg from 1000mg for that evening. My HDL has raised ever so slightly, but its a tough number to move up. I'm sticking with it as the ratio is ugly and family genetics are not on my side. I'd rather wake up with itching once a month than not wake up at all. M 36 9 months

 3  Low HDL, High LDL, High Trig Some flushing at first but not a big problem. After using for 9 months experienced muscle inflammation according to CK test. Had similar problems with staten drugs. Expensive drug M 59 9 months

 3  Low HDL, bad LDL/HDL ratio Occassional intense flushing with large portions of my body looking and feeling like badly sunburn. Frequency lessened with time, but after 6 months still occurs perhaps one every 2 weeks. On 1,000 mg/day. M 48 9 months
 3  Low HDL Occasional hot red, burning, itching of arms/thighs in the morning. Recently nasal/sinus membranes have become dry, causing severe sinus headaches during the night. Unable to get rid of them for over half the next day. No dry mouth though and do not see this problem listed anywhere. Don't know if this is connected to Niaspan or another med reaction. Started 500 mgs to 1000 mgs 1x per day at bedtime. Always take 3 aspirin or ibuprofen at night for pain. Now take 30 minutes prior to Niaspan. First three months, HDL rose 11 points. At six months it dropped 9 points lower than the original number. (Total swing 20 points down.) Came back up somewhat after nine months. Doc doubled dose to 2K mgs. Headaches started. During a sleep lab study at 1K mgs, they found my heart rate was 95 while asleep. Could it be the Niaspan?. I don't mind taking it if it will work, but results have been all over the map. F 54 9 months
2000 mg 1X D

 3  High Cholesterol/Triglycerides Mild Flushing, Increased Appetite, Rapid Fatigue During Exercise Have a combination of two rare high cholesterol and high triglyceride conditions (CHOL >300, TG >1000). Previously treated with maximum dosage of statins until Lipitor stopped having desired effect (CHOL> 220 on max dose) and switched to Crestor until labs showed liver/kidney problems even at lowest dose. Currently treated with 20mg Lipitor and 1000mg niaspan. Initially worked up to 2000mg per day niaspan over 4 months as directed. Month 2 (1000mg) showed best lab results but began seeing decreased stamina in gym and increased appetite (weight gain) which was at its highest during month 3 (1500mg) and month 4 (2000mg). Turns out niaspan effects the thyroid which results in these effects of winded/breathlessness after very short exertions and appetite changes. Effectiveness also decreased at highest dosage (CHOL back to 300, TG back to 750). MD reduced me back to 1000mg (when CHOL/TG were in perfect range)...awaiting quarterly lab results now. Other side effects (flushi M 39 9 months

 3  High cholesterol I was told about the side effect of flushing, which I was told does not last long. I experienced what the er doctor called a reaction as in long term burning, itching and swelling that needed treatment with epinephrine and benedryl. There is a difference. The side effect is an uncomfortable nuisance the reaction can be life threatening and is much more intense. F 53 9 months
 2  High Triglycerides Whole body redness, itching, painful, small hive-like bumps, and felt like I was on fire. I also started to have pronounced heartbeat and shortness of breath. These did not improve over time while on the medication. They actually got worse. My triglycerides did not go down much either. I did lose weight and started exercising more. I stopped on my own after about 9 months and requested my doctor to put me on another medication that did not contain Niaspan or Niacin. I was not getting much sleep and could not put up with the side effects. F 36 9 months

 1  High LDL cholesterol hair loss, including eyebrows and mustache and body hair, possibly premature hair color change to white. It did lower my LDL cholesterol a little, but not enough, so my doctor put me on pravastatin in addition to niaspan, and the hair loss didn't begin until after I had been on pravastatin for two months M 49 9 months
1000 mg 1X D
 5  high LDL and triglycerides Some flushing within an hour if I am still awake, because I take it at bedtime. Only a little uncomfortable. Important to get brand name Niaspan (Rx) because OTC time-release niacin causes unbearable waves of heat. DO NOT take with alcohol. I had wine with first dose of regular niacin (only 500mg) and it felt like I had a sunburn, with heat coming off my arms. Did not try that with 1500mg Niaspan. Has improved my HDL where Crestor and Zetia did not. Lowered triglycerides and LDL enough to make my doctor satisfied. I have very high total cholesterol normally (over 400) due to familial hypercholesteremia. F 59 8 months
1500mg 1X D

 4  Lo HDL, Hi LDL, Hi TGL Taking Niaspan for the past 8 months. Started with baby asprin and 500mg Niaspan. The LDL and TGL levels went down after 4 months but HDL stayed Lo. Increased to 1000 mg for 3 months but little change with HDL, though LDL went down to normal. Now taking 1500mg for the past 3 weeks with baby aspirin to raise HDL. For the past 9 months, I've changed my diet with lo fat food and burn 2000 cal / week thru regular exercise. For the past one week had severe stomach pain and further diagnosis revealed kidney stones. Stopped taking Niaspan as I'm taking medication to flush out the kidney stones. Not sure why this happened, probably niaspan flushing out all plaque and kidneys retaining all those? Need to continue when Kidney stones issue is sorted out. An excellent drug that reduced my LDL, TGL levels. Tried Simcor before but discontinued due to severe muscle spasm and Niaspan helped to achieve control on my cholestrol levels. M 39 8 months
 3  Low HDL Flushing on some days, not others. When it's bad it wakes me up at night and has been very hard to deal with, can't fall back to sleep and it wrecks my day. I've tried the aspirin and it has reduced but not eliminated the flushing and hot flashes. My experience with the flushing has been as described by others here, very bad. Not sure if this is worth it, but I'll try a while longer. M 46 8 months
 3  Low HDL Currently taking 2000mg of Niaspan and have experienced periodic flushing and itching, but nothing dabilitating. Raised my HDL only marginally from 24 to 26 after 6 mos on 1000mg. My chief complaint is the cost of this medication $45 after insurance for one month's supply. I am seeing my doctor in two weeks, and if HDL is not up considerably, I will ask her for alternatives. M 49 8 months


 1  high tryglicarides scariest burning and itching and dizziness- felt like my skin was on fire- had to lay on the cold floor to ease the pain, this happened one night after taking it for months with good results F 62 8 months

 5  High triglycerides, To raise HDL Slight flushing at first. I knew what so expect, so it was no big deal. You have to do your research. Niaspan has done amazing things for me! I've been taking Lipitor 10mg for over a decade and added Niaspan a few months ago. My triglycerides went from 435 before the Niaspan, to 56 on my last blood work. I've never been able to get my HDL above 43, but it is now 54. LDL went from 109 to 62. Total Cholesterol went from a high of 222 on just Lipitor, to 127 after Niaspan was added. Some folks may not tolerate it well, but Niaspan has changed my numbers considerably. The only downside so far is that it seems to raise blood sugar somewhat. M 54 7 months
1000mg 1X D
 3  Lower my cholesterol, Triglyserides Flushing OK - more like a slight sunburn. Headaches the following day about half the time. Muscle and joint pain ALL the time. Not crazy about this drug. My TC was only about 215 and TGs were the same. Now TC is 165 and TG is 185. I guess this stuff works but I think changing my diet and eating habits has had a bigger effect. I lost about 18 pounds and plan to lose another 10. I don't eat butter at all anymore, NO ice cream, NO beer, NO pizza, etc. My hip joints are painful ALL the time. I'm going to quit Niaspan. I may have a heart attack but at least I'll be able to walk to the phone to call the paramedics. M 65 7 months
500/1000 1X D
 3  high LDL Flushing. Burning. Disrupted sleep. Tired, and fatigued. Noticed having more difficult time with exercise, even at more moderate levels than before taking Niaspan. I already had high HDLs, but Niaspan took HDL from 65 to 75. Lowered LDL from 159 to 133. I don't know if my fatigue is a direct result (muscular) of Niaspan, or an effect of not sleeping well (which I believe is the result of the Niaspan). I have began taking it during the morning instead of at night to try to get better sleep. Has anyone else tried taking this medication in the morning or daytime rather than at bedtime? What were your results? M 45 7 months
 1  low hdl flushing, picking sensation on arms and legs, rapid heartbeat, dark vein-appearing marks on the front of my thighs, swelling of face The reaction occured suddenly one night after taking Niaspan for 7 months with no problems. F 60 7 months

 5  Lower Triglycerides and raise HDL A few flushing episodes but very few. Some mouth sensitivity to vinegar in salad dressings - seems to have gone away. Along with change of diet and excercise, lowered triglycerides levels from 297 to 92. HDL raised from 28 to 37 after 3 months. M 39 6 months

 5  High Cholesteral & Triglycerides I have the typical side effects (flushing, itchiness, pins & needles) about once a month but they are minor and normally preceded by spicy food, which is not recommended when taking Niaspan. Extremely satisfied with results so far. I have been taking 1000mg/day for 6 months now and cholesteral went from 223 to 185 and triglycerides went from 259 to 120. Also saw a minor reduction in LDL from 139 to 118 and minor increase in HDL from 32 to 42. Have been on Tricor for almost 4 years and never saw this type of movement in my numbers. M 50 6 months

 5  low HDL High LDL Flushing, Burning Skin, & Uncomfortable itch in morning. Symtoms went away after a month. once in a while in the morning Ican feel it slightly. Taking 1500 mls with good results. Raised hdl from 32 to 44in six weeks.Doctor raised me to 2000 mls. No bad reactions but after 2 weeks felt severe acid chest burn,sick feeling most of the day.Just decreased back to 1500 mls to see what happens. Will have blood work soon.Also on lescol & zetia. Cant tolorate strong statins.Good luck to everyone. M 52 6 months

 5  low HDL Flushing that went away over time. I don't flush anymore unless I miss a dose or eat something spicy for dinner. Everyone seems to be different on this med. HDL was 33 and now its 47. https://www.heartalliance.com This site gives you free supply for 30 days and an American Heart Cookbook. Also helps with someone to talk to about flushing. M 64 6 months

 5  raise HDL some cramping in legs Raised my HDL from 40 to 58 M 77 6 months
750 1X D

 5  High Cholesterol Occasional itchy skin. It is working well - decreasing my LDL and increasing my HDL. M 51 6 months
2000mg 1X D
 5  High Cholesterol Minor flushing in the beginning I started on 500 mg of Niaspan in August 2010. Cholesterol was 247. I refused to take any more statins due to dizziness and overall yucky feeling. Doctor prescribed the Niacin to see how I would handle it. I posted last September (2010) on my immediate reaction, which was a very hot, flushed, skin on fire reaction. That happened only once. I then learned to take it with dinner instead of a small snack before bedtime. If I get a feeling that the flush is starting I read to drink an 8 oz glass of water right away and the flush will disappear instantly, and it did! I get a very minor flush maybe once every two weeks,but it only lasts a minute or so and that's without taking water. My body has become used to the niaspan. THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WITHIN 6 MONTHS MY CHOLESTEROL LEVELS DROPPED TO 193 !!! The blood test I took came back just fine, with no problems with my liver or thyroid. I am a Believer in this Medication ! F 57 6 months
500 mg/day 1X D

 5  elevated lipoprotein(a) some extreme flushing at first and insomnia. i don't take it at bedtime; usually early in the day. i rarely have flushing any longer unless i forget a dose, and then will have some flushing. it has lowered my previously very elevated lipoprotein(a) levels. and though my LDL and HDL and tryglicerides were very good prior to the Niaspan, they are now even better. heart disease is a killer in my family. i am grateful that thus far this drug is helping me. F 54 6 months
1500 mg. 1X D

 4  High Choles, High Lipids Major flushing when I first started taking the drug, burning skin, itchy... I kept with it and bear the flush. Usually I'm sleeping when it happens and it does not bother me. I "ride it out" knowing that it is opening my blood veins and flushing out the bad stuff. The flush will go away if you continue to take the medication as directed. My total cholesterol is down 30 pts from the original count - this is without a change in diet or working out. Now that I know it works, I will change my lifestyle... F 30 6 months
500 1X D

 4  Extremely high triglycerides I have experienced the flushing and burning and very red skin but it usually happens about once or twice a week. It lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes. It can be very uncomfortable but I know it is working for me! My triglycerides were well over 1,600!!! I started with 500 mg. for a couple of months and my triglcerides were then below 1000. The doctors increased the Niaspan to 1000 mg per day which I take at night. I had lab work done yesterday and my triglycerides were 430. I know I am making great strides but until they get below 400 we can't get a correct reading on my HDLs and LDLs. I think the Niaspan has helped tremendously. F 60 6 months
1000 1X D

 4  low high density chloesterol M 69 6 months
 4  Cholesterol NONE whatsoever. NO itching, NO flushing, NO nothing. Take it in the morning after a bowl of oatmeal. Don't need to take any aspirin either. I read some of these comments before I started taking NIASPAN and honestly was a little concerned about starting. 6 months later and have had excellent results, especially with my HDL increase. I have been able to reduce my Lipitor by 50% as well. Recommend this to anyone who asks !! M 55 6 months
1000 mg 1X D
 4  To Raise Good Cholesterol I was experiencing the hot flashes but I was told to take an asprin 30 minutes before. It helped but Sometimes I still had episodes. I then started taking Aspirin and 1000 mg of Fish Oil and I have not had any hot flashes what so ever. Has anyone had any negative sexual performance side effects? I am also on 100 mg atenolol and not sure which or if both are the problem. M 32 6 months
1000 mg 1X D
 4  low HDL I have been taking Niaspan for 6 months. My prescribed dose is 500 mg. Tonight I woke up thinking that I was delivered to Hell. My entire body was on fire and it appeared I had the worst sunburn in 41 years. Up until tonight I have had no side effects. Even though my flushing is a common side effect it is very strange that this is the first time experiencing them. I had a vasectomy about three months ago and stopped taking 325 mg of ASA with my Niaspan due to severe bruising. I could understand if I experienced the flushing and burning side effects soon after stopping the ASA, but until tonight I have gone over three months with no problems M 41 6 months

 4  Cholesterol Burning, itching, all the typical descriptions supplied by others. One of the best descriptions was waking up thinking you have been dropped into Hell. Of course, after the first time, response is better. The bedtime snack and aspirin did not make a significant difference. Taking a benedryl over the past 2 weeks seems to have made the drug more tolerable. I agree with others, too, that highly spiced foods at the evening meal, especially if the meal is within 3 hours of the niaspan, does increase the side effect. M 59 6 months

 4  high cholesterol burning all over body if taken after a high fat meal. F 44 6 months

 4  Raise HDL Mild flushing. Take low dose aspirin 1/2 hour prior, then take little snack at bedtime. Rarely bothers me. I'm taking 1,000 mg nightly. If this helps even a little bit, I'll stay with it. M 63 6 months
 4  Hi total cholestrol (209),Hi Trigli Took 500 mg Niaspan for 6 months. Hot "flashes," restless sleep, red legs, swollen ankles, fast heartrate + other side effects were my experience. I took a baby aspirin (don't take the big aspirin as that dosage compounds the problem). A snack didn't help and aspirin didn't always help. After about a month, most of these effects went away, but occasionally returned. I'm 67, female, overweight by 30 lbs, I think, and doc thinks maybe 20. He also said if I lose another 8-9 lbs, I won't need any drugs. Took 4 different statins causing severe myalgia, even my heart (its a muscle) felt like an elephant standing on my chest, with back muscle pain out of this world. Statin intolerant. Took WelChol(all meds with Niaspan)and it caused constipation, bloating and gas. Stopped it. Took Fenofibrate for a week with more side effects, including the muscle crap. I could barely walk at work or concentrate on my tasks. Then to make matters worse, the blood pressure meds (Ramipril) and Amlodop People with a hypersensitivity to any drug must weigh the side effects against the benefit of Niaspan and all drugs. Niaspan did work, but I had to suffer the side effects. I fear the gout and sugar problems it can cause. F 67 6 months
 4  Low HDL, High Cholesterol occasionally I've had flushing of the face/ears. A minor itching around my neck. Overall, I feel fortunate. I'm taking 1500 mg now (was at 500, then 1000 now 1500). Had a flushing episode (face/ears) for maybe 30 min last night - I generally take it after eating a snack of some sort and just before I go to bed. M 39 6 months

 3  high cholesterol Wow! Woke up tonight feeling like my whole body was on FIRE! This is the first time I have felt like this and I have been taking med for 6 months. I did eat spicy foods about 1 hour before taking meds. M 34 6 months

 3  High triglycerides and cholesterol I took Niaspan for six months. On only three occasions I experienced the very extreme reactions others have mentioned. I awoke 'flushing' - it felt like I'd been skinned, dipped in gasoline and set on fire. I got up to splash myself with cold water. I was light-headed and very dizzy. Then I experienced nausea and belly cramps, diarrhea. Eventually, (a couple of hours), those symptoms abated and I experienced extreme chills. My doctor took me off Niaspan when I told him about the severity of the reaction, also my liver enzyme levels were rising, (I also take a statin drug to reduce cholesterol). Niaspan did reduce triglyceride levels appreciably. F 52 6 months

 3  low hdl flushing at about 3 in the morning, would wake me up, I took Naispan at night, about 10 pm I take my other medicine now about 8 pm, with a 81 mg asprin. I take my Naispan pill to my TV chair so i will remember it and just before I go to bed I take it,(between 10-12 pm) a couple of hours after asprin...no flushing any more M 63 6 months

 3  Raise good cholesterol I have had none to speak of until tonight. I agree with the "burning in hell" comparison. My body is red all over and itches and feels like some is sticking needles in me. If this doesn't raise my good cholesterol in the next reading, I'm off of this drug. Been exercising 3 times a week, can't seem to get the good cholesterol raised. M 61 6 months

 3  high cholesterol, high LDL sweating at night around neck area, some flushing during the day lowed TGL, no effect on others; experienced elevated blook pressure after 6 mos, stopped dosage. M 63 6 months

 3  high triglycerides 500 dosage = flushing, lasting 2-3 days after 1st dose 1000 dosage = flushing, lasting 2-3 days after 1st dose; dizziness intermittently 1500 dosage = slight flushing but severe dizziness & stomach upset, all this to lower my 217 reading! Trying to work while feeling this dizzy not easy; lost 1 day already. Having 2nd thoughts about this high dosage. Might ask (beg) for return to 1000 mg level. And yes, I'm taking my aspirin 30 min. before Niaspan. F 67 6 months
1500 1X D
 3  high triglycerides - 850 Hot, burning, very itchy, red rash mostly over arms, torso, legs Dr did recommend taking a baby aspirin prior to taking Niaspan to counteract the rash. I had cut down a regular aspirin, but found I needed at least half of a 325mg aspriri to prevent rash. Occasionally, that doesn't help and I still get rash. I immediately take another aspirin. Rash goes away slowly. Other drugs brought down the triglyceride levels down to 350. Niaspan ER only helped with increasing my good cholesterol. Exercising after one month, brought Trig. down to 250. F 54 6 months
1X D

 3  Low HDL I began in April with 500mg in a.m. and 500mg in evening. Raised to 1000mg 2x/day this month. Initially, HDL went up, but came back down, hence the increase in dosage. As for side effects, I have experienced bad flushing only once, when I forgot to take my 'baby'aspirin 30 min. before. As long as I take the aspirin 30 min. beforehand and avoid 'hot/spicy' foods, no real problem with flushing. Occasionally, there will be slight tingling or sunburn feeling that lasts about 10 min about 3 hours after dosage. I think it can be associated with being in the sun or becoming overheated, but nothing serious. I am curious if any men have experienced any sexual side effect? It seems around time of increased dosage, my stamina seemed affected. Not sure if coincidental. M 58 6 months
1000 2X D

 3  cholesterol levels Doc warned me about flushing so I always take with aspirin. had experienced some mild flushes in the first couple months (prickling starts in earlobes, goes down neck and upper chest). Last night had an EXTREME case of flushing. Was woken at midnight from a deep sleep, my whole body was on fire. Usually its just upper body, but this time my whole body (including backside and legs) were insanely hot, prickly and BRIGHT red all over. Also, my lower face/lips/chin were oddly swollen and itchy. These effects lasted over an hour. Even the next day, my earlobes still feel hot and prickly. If I hadn't already known this was a side-effect of Niaspan, I would have gone to the emergency room, convinced something was seriously wrong. It has made my cholesterol levels better, but the extreme flushing is scary and I'm starting to think it may not be worth it to keep taking the prescription. F 42 6 months
500mg 1X D

 3  yes I've been taking Niaspan for over 6 months now starting at 1000MG and increasing to 2000MG per day for the last 6 weeks. Beside minimal flusing, I suspect I have devolope varicose veine (the veines look crunchy and appear in my lower legs). I'm asking if anyone have experienced the same thing. I'm not sure if it the Niaspan sideefffect. Please, email me at MANNMAK@HOTMAIL.COM Thank very much, Taking for high Trigo and Low HDL M 48 6 months
2000 1X D
 2  Low HDL None Cholesterol numbers got worse. M 51 6 months
500 mg 1X D
 1  high tri flushing and severe itching and thats with 81mg aspirin M 60 6 months
1500 1X D

 1  cholesterol I had no idea what the side effects are. About two months ago my lower legs got red and itched and the skin is so dry. The itching is unbearable at times and I scratch and omg it feelsso good and not good to do and then I break the skin open. I am having trouble sleeping even though Im tired when I go to bed. I have a bad knee but both calves are sore and I do have gas which I never had before. I am gonna stop this drug and see if there is improvement in what is going on. If this is causing my problem or even part of it it makes me so angry. All my dr does is give me another pill if I complain. F 74 6 months
1500 1X D

 1  Change my LDL & HDL levels I started with the flushing which went away but after 6 months I had gout in my finger really bad. When the doctor sent me for blood work he discovered my sugar levels were at the point of making me pre-diabetic. I stopped taking Niaspan and my sugar levels dropped back to normal. I WILL NEVER take Niaspan again, I would rather have bad LDL levels. Also I still have problems with my finger which the doctor says I will always have, it will never return to normal. Thanks Guys. M 50 6 months
1000 mg 2X D
 1  Low HDL, good LDL My doctor says "We'll start you on 500mg then move you to 1000mg after a month. The only side effect you may notice is flushing, you know, a red face. Just take an aspirin before bedtime." Flushing? Let's describe it another way Doc! On the first night on 1000mg, how about - like waking up at 2AM and thinking you've been sleeping in an ant mound! Wife was concerned (Hah! no ants on her side of the bed!) and made me go the ER, an expensive way to find out the rest of the story about this drug. Been on 500mg daily for five months since and even with aspirin before taking, still get the "burning crawlies" several times a week. Only a small HDL change, up from 38 to 42. Not certain that's significant. M 42 6 months

 1  Total Cholestrol 236 HDL 26 LDL 134 Fainted - passed out , Increased heart beat, Rashes on skin - Elevated bumps on the skin on boths hands and legs , Itching -needles running on legs and hands, I was on 1500mg Niaspan at bed time. I woke up at around 5.00AM and went to restroom due to high itching and rashes over my hands and feet. I fainted in the restroom with few injuries....went to the doctor in the morning and they advised to stop Niaspan....NEVER TAKE THIS MEDICINE IF YOU EXPERIENCE ALLERGIC CONDITIONS LIKE DIZZINESS, FAINTING,HIGH HEART BEAT and rashes on skin. M 29 6 months

 1  High cholesterol Severe flushing, sleeplessness, fidgity My cholesterol dropped 5 points, my HDL dropped 3 points, and my LDL raised 1 point. Hardly any effect whatsoever. I stopped as soon as I got the results and have felt much better ever since. M 54 6 months

 1  To lower cholesterol I took 500 mg daily for 2 weeks as suggested by my doctor, then was supposed to increase to 1000 mg. However, flushing and itching was intolerable, so dropped back to 500 mg along with 81 mg coated aspirin and yogurt. Flushing continued intermittently but was tolerable. I did develop mild "eczema" on the back of one hand for which two dermatologists prescribed steroid creams and moisturizing lotion. Blood numbers did improve after 6 months on Niaspan. However, shortly after that blood test, I developed more severe "eczema" that did not respond to steroid creams (even the strongest) and then developed itchy lesions on my legs, arms, and recently torso. Thinking that these lesions might be related to one of the three drugs I was taking, I stopped taking Niaspan for a month or so, with little improvement in the lesions but at least no new ones formed. My conclusion was that Niaspan probably was not the cause, so just recently resumed taking it. Now new lesions I will try other methods to reduce cholesterol -- Niaspan is certainly not worth the discomfort (and possible liver disease??) M 66 6 months

 1  Raise HDL Brief and infrequent periods of itching and burning. Symptoms were controlled by aspirin 1/2 hour prior to 2,000mg of Niaspan. Taking applesauce with Niaspan was very helpful. HDL started at 32 and went down to 20 where it remains 6 months later. It didn't help me. Monthly blood tests showed consistent increase in blood sugar from month to month. Wasn't aware of Diabetes limit of 100. Latest blood test gave blood sugar reading of 130. Spoke with doctor today, he says that Niaspan can give one diabetes. I am off Niaspan, this is too dangerous for me, besides that, it didn't help. I'll try losing weight, getting exercise and adding olive oil to my diet. M 63 6 months
 1   I awoke with an itch that began to burn then spread until i was itching all over. flushing when on this drug is tolerable but the paiful itch is abnormal and i would rate this drug as dangerous. i will never use it again. M 57 6 months

 1  to raise HDL Side effects were it made my all my food taste terrible. Everything I ate I forced it down. I took this medicine for 6 months. Because I had trouble eating, I lost 15 lbs. Just had a blood test and after being on Niaspan for 6 months, it did absolutely nothing. My HDL was exactly the same as it was before I began taking it. My doctor has taken me off this medicine. Now I have to drink Ensure to gain some weight back. M 77 6 months
 1  high cholesterol Almost always flushing. This morning woke up with my face so swollen I almost couldn't open my eyes, looks like I have a bad sunburn. Using ice packs, and taking Ibuprofen and Benadryl all day. Still at 12:26 a.m. face hurts and lips burn. Taking 500 mg. Will switch back to OTC slow-release and start with 250 mg. Will call the Dr. in the morning if symptoms don't reside. F 55 6 months

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