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 5  Mood swings, depression Good results in general. I've had mood swings, was depressed for long time. The side effects were dry mouth, no appetite. I have lost a few pounds and very satisfied with that. The appetite came back after 3-4 month, but still it's much easier to control. I was on budeprion sr first, then switched to bupropion sr. by my pharmacy. I found no difference, both work well. F 44 6 months
150 mg 2X D

 3  Depression, mood swings F 48
100mg 1X D

 3  depression(severe) None,so far. F 53 1 weeks

 1  Depression, anxiety Stomach pain, rapid weight gain F 34 1 months
150 mg 2xd

 5  Depression, extreme fatigue Strange tic when speaking (occasional), occasional constipation, occasional sleeplessness M 34 8 months
300mg x1
 2  Anxiety Pretty much any and all. Ringing in ears, dry mouth, fast heart beat, very moody, angry, irritable, no period, hives, bad acne, memory loss, bad dreams, isomnia, depression I never had before,anxious. My doctor put me on this med even though I felt I did not need it. I had a health issue that I was concerned about and because I cried in his office he thought I was depressed. I was no where near depressed. I was just an extremly busy and overwhelmed professional. I guess his wife does not work so he has no clue what a motivated woman looks like! My family feels I need to see someone else and get of the meds before these meds do much worse. F 38 3 months
150MG 2X D
 4  Mood Swings And Depression My Doctor who keeps up with the drugs very well says it's a well known fact that Wellbutrin Generic doesn't work as effectively as the name brand. After doing research I found that Watson brand releases in a very close way as the name brand. If you are having problems I suggest asking your pharmacy if they can get the Watson brand. Other manufacturers caused hives and itching horribly. The only down side to this drug is the increase in heart rate and blood pressure. It's the best!! Most anti depressants had horrible side affects for me. F 49 2 years
150 2x day
 4  Depression When on 150 mg x3 d, no side effects. Changed to 200 mg x 2 d, sever gastritis Changed to 100 mg x 4 d, hang over I do great on the 150 mg x 3d pills. For some reason, someone does not want the 150 mg pills used. So I was changed to the 200 mg x 2d pills. I experienced sever gastritis to the point two doctors said I needed to have my gallbladder removed. When back to the 150 mg pill and all was fine. Then changed me to the 100 mg x 4d, I have the worst hang-over, headaches I have ever had. Why and who does not want the 150 mg pills prescribed? F 51 10 years
150 3X D
 2  ADHD Depression Diarrhea Headaches Dizziness Constant Mood Swings On my first day i felt great super happy ready to take on the world and it just went downhill from that after the by the end of the first i was feeling irritable and i work in the food and beverage industry so that doesnt work well, i also felt like things people were telling me didnt compute in my head it felt like a tornado of information in head circling in my head looking for place to go but couldnt. The second week is when i started feeling the negative side effects dizziness diarrhea light headed and then at the end of the week i got a all the effects at once and it as not pretty. M 28 2 weeks
150mg 2X D
 1  Depression-Quit Smoking Aid Weight gain, anger, binge eating, constipation, weird dreams It did help take the edge off smoking, but the other side effects were too much. Plus I thought I'd lose weight but gained it instead and couldn't go to the bathroom and felt full of you know what all day.... M 39 18 days
150mg 1X D

 4  Depression, smoking cessation Dramatically improves my depression. Improves my lethargy. Improves my sleep from being tired during the day and sleeping 12 to 16 hrs per day to sleeping normally and being able to stay awake all day. Side effects: zyban allergy (cysts under skin and rash on chin -- severity depends on dose), homicidal thoughts and aggressive actions, increased spectrum of feelings especially joy and anger, irritability and feeling of being out of control like yelling at service people over sometimes insignificant things, adrenaline rush, flushing face, crying when I wake up, tears when I laugh, burning pain in head when I'm startled, panic at the dentist, ready for a fight, sexual promiscuity and intense orgasms, fear of heights, overstimulation under pressure (like while speaking in public). Started taking this med for smoking cessation and did quit smoking. I've taken all forms: zyban, wellbutrin, and bupropion -- all the same. Stopped this med but started again a few times with no change in effectiveness. I took Prozac in the past which didn't help much. I only take Wellbutrin and no other medicines except vitamins. I'm normally a calm and mild-mannered person and never experienced such physical anger, hatred, or panic as I have on this medicine. Lowering the dose helps. The side effects go away when I stop taking the medicine, but my depression (sleeping all the time, feeling of overwhelming sadness) returns. People with any kind of violent or aggressive past shouldn't take it. People who are normally anxious probably shouldn't take it. F 40 12 years
100 2X D

 5  Major Depressive Disorder Dry mouth, bad breath, sleep disruption, dizziness, ticks. This drug really helps my depression. I've tried coming off it many, many times. Though I do succeed, within one month I'm back on it. When I do come off, I sleep much better and feel better immediately, but my sexual function declines and my weight increases rapidly and eventually the negativity and dark mood return. After cutting back to 150 mg. per day for 36 days I plan on increasing my dosage again tomorrow. This time I plan on cutting out the caffeine completely. Maybe that will cut down on the sleep disruption and the ticks. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm on this for life but am unsure about the long-term consequences. I just need to face it -- depression stinks, but it beats cancer, blindness, deafness, or going through life without limbs. In the end, Wellbutrin does work work for me. If I'm lucky enough that I can pop a few pills and get it under control it's best just to quit whining, count my blessings and do it. M 49 7 years
150 mg. 2X D

 4   1 days

 4  depression. add. chronic fatigue I know add and fatigue don't seem to relate. I don't have add but have symptoms, scatter brain, forget everything,etc. Anyways.. Very early. But I was looking for early side effects when I found this site (I have been on several different anti-depressants and know these side effects typically go away.) So far... anxiety. Insomnia. ZERO appetite (and I am a binger). headache. Shakes. Alertness. Yawns are gone! Frequent urinating, slight nausea (which could be because I can't eat!)... Will update review in a couple weeks! F 34 4 days
100 mg x 2
 4  Major Depression Initially: more energy, need less sleep, wake up a bit easier, slight loss of appetite. After a few days: a bit tense, a bit aggressive and easily upset, fuzzy head. The last time I took it and after I had stabilized: Almost no side effects. Maybe a slight increase in libido, slightly more easily agitated and this seemed to correlate with caffeine consumption. This is my second time taking it. Last time I took a generic Bupropion XL at 300mg/day then 450mg/day when I was continuing to feel depressed. After my body stabilized on the dose I was very comfortable and I feel like the drug would receive a 5 rating. Right now, however I am readjusting to taking it and it's not a super smooth transition so 4 star for now. I am not sure if SR 1x/day is enough for me but I'm trying to start slowly even though I was in crisis with my depression as of 9 days ago. I may increase to 150mg SR 2x/daily (morning and afternoon) and might be interested in going to XL again at 300mg/day. I've heard it takes 2-3 weeks for your body to adjust to a dose so I'm trying to hold off making changes for the time being. I was really pleased with this drug the last time I took it which was from 2009-2011. I feel like I had the energy and drive to do what I wanted to do with my life then. The last 2 years have been a steady decline in my life. It's hard to tell if it was from being off the drug or from other life issues, both, or which caused which. I hope to be charging hard again and since this is about my 4th time having to take an anti-depressant I figure I might be a 'lifer' with drugs now. M 37 8 days
150 1X D
 4  Smoking cessation At first, the drug is incredibly disorienting. You sort of feel like your in a dream, time passes slower, your face is fuzzy and although you can see what is happening around you, you can't really analyze the situation itself, leaving you confused as to what happened. Soon, you recover, the side effects wear off, and the results start to show. After only 5 days, I bought a pack of cigarettes but realized I no longer found pleasure in smoking. I didn't even finish the cigarette. I'm no longer fighting an urge to smoke because simply there's no longer a desire to fulfill. Best smoking aid I've tried; it puts nicotine patches and gum to shame. M 19 5 days

 2  depression I was taking wellbutrin xl @ 450 mg for a long time without really many issues. Then I ended up having my prescription refilled by another doctor who mistakenly prescribed wellbutrin sr @ 450 mg, one time daily. I was dealing with a major family crisis that was objectively getting a lot more difficult, so I just thought that I was more anxious than normal because of that. Go to a new doctor, and she recognized the error that I was taking pretty much 3x what I should be taking in one dose. It explains problems in concentration during work, and exhaustion at night. Feel dumb I didn't pick this up. More frustrated that the doctor didn't know to just do the most cursory check. F 3 months
450 mg 1X D

 4  Major depression Headaches, insomnia, appetite loss, weight loss, heart palpitations F 20 2 months
 1  Depression, bipolar In the beginning it worked well on the 3rd, I was increased to 450mg, had a Grand mal seizure, went to the er. Did all the tests EEG MRI ct scan. Everything came back normal. Neurologist thought it was the saphris, so my pdoc kept me on it lower to 150mg twice a day. 4months later 2nd grand mal seizure. This time not quite lucky last thing I remember, I was standing by kitchen top juicing (seizure happening here) then the next thing i remember in a extremely dream state, I was struggling with someone(my wife) trying to 'escape' to our front door. We struggled to door that's when I start to really come to and realize that person I was struggling with was my wife & she was repeating 'you had a seizure...' Over & over. I sat down in disbelief that it happen for a 2nd time. Went thru the same battery of tests everything was clear. Seizure could only been drug induced the neurologist said. When my pdoc say On a lower dose it is safe. I have no medical history of seizure nor tested positive for being epileptic. It's sad because this was the only drug that was working for me. But it's not worth the risk. It's 1 in every 1000 at low doses that's not a low. And the actual seizure that gets reported is way higher than that. So if you are on it or put on it watch your dosage closely. M 32 6 months
150mg 2x
 3  depression headache, severe constipation, loss of sex drive/orgasm, 25lb weight gain, hair loss Dr took me off it F 48 6 months
150 2X D

 5  Depression Took me up and out of my depression rather quickly. I feel a little buzz or spaciness from it, but not so bad. M 39 2 weeks
300mg 1X D
 2  borderline personality disorder Wellbutrin made my headaches worse and I could not tolerance it. F 24 2 months

 3  depression Shaky hands in the morning & legs jerking while I am trying to sleep..I take this at 6pm with my Paxil..Don't know if need to change the time or see if it gets better.. Do feel happier. F 48 4 days
150mg 1X D
 4  Depression, ADD, Chronic Fatigue Didn't feel any effects till day 4. I felt more energized, didn't have to take my daily nap. Seemed a little more focused on what I was reading without zoning out. Mood seems to be lifted but nothing big. Too soon for any full results. On day 7 I will increase my dose to 300 mg. I also take a benzo for my anxiety and panic attacks. M 29 6 days

 4  Situ.Depression/Stop Smoking Experienced weight loss but no loss of appetite so far. Weight is coming off FAST! Insomnia last night (night 3). No big whoop. I know it's really early so I can't speak on whether it works for smoking cessation. Just wanted to show my experiences at this stage. Will comment again later. F 36 4 days
150 2X D
 4  Stop smoking Cigarettes, food tasted funny. Felt out of it. Very vivid dreams and very very energetic like I was on speed. Lost 8 lbs in one week. Tried this med again at age 23. Again the speed effect, couldn't sleep, dry mouth. Took 150mg generic for a few days and stopped. Trying generic XL starting next week. F 21 1 weeks

 1  Depression I spent this one year trying to find out why my stomach hurt so bad. I went to various doctors. No one could find out what it was. HORRIBLE stomach pains. Every day. I told them all I was on Wellbutrin. They said no it wouldn't cause that but it did. I stopped taking it and got better. I "tried" taking it one day, several years later, because depression came back. Whattaya know, HORRIBLE stomach pain! Its not in your head. This drug is powerful and scary. It did not help with depression. F 37 1 years
1X D
 1  Depression, weight loss I wanted to quit Lexapro b/c I had gained 50 lbs, so I asked for Wellbutrin. Switching to Wellbutrin SR was a big mistake. It gave me severe headaches that wouldn't respond to OTC pain relievers, vertigo-like brain zaps, and sent my anxiety levels thru the roof. Also made me feel very mean and snappish. After reading more online, I discovered that many people do not recommend it if you suffer from anxiety. Apparently Lexapro was doing more for my anxiety issues than I had realized. After one week on it, I called my dr, who said to give it a few more days. I gave it another week, but I just couldn't tolerate it any more. F 34 2 weeks
150 2X D

 1  Depression It weakened the effect of the Adderall the first day, 2nd day I couldn't feel the Adderall at all. 3rd day didn't feel the Adderall and became very nauseated and stayed nauseated for 2 1/2 days. Now I am feeling the Adderall work again since I'm not taking the Wellbutrin SR. F 31 3 days
 5  Bipolar II I take Wellbutrin, Lamictal and Klonopin. I have brain fog, but I'm not sure which causes it. I have been on Wellbutrin for years and with Lamictal have been episode free! My hypomania and depression episodes cycled yearly like clockwork. The depression was what I call the "not-survivable" kind. I would never change this "cocktail" no matter how it affects my memory or concentration. Generic DID NOT work. F 61 10 years

 5  Depression Side effects: slight headache for first 2 or 3 days. Other than that nothing else as of yet. This medication is truly wonderful! I used to be such an energetic person, but last year I had a very short duration of abusing pain meds that I was prescribed for a lot of dental work. The episode was brief thank God and I'm no longer taking any pain meds or any type of illegal drug. However, I noticed that I was becoming less energetic, much less, absolutely no interest in taking any of my friends phone calls, would stay in and just watch T.V. all the time when I was not working. Sometimes I would not have enough mental or physical energy to take my dog out. I was so depresed and just didn't care about anything at all. WOW!!!! this med has literally changed my life! I am completely myself again and probably better than I've ever felt. I'm so focused with great energy and great mood. I know some people are reporting unfavorable side effects, I had the headache and some neck discomfort. But, please give this med a chance if you are experiencing more and or worse side effects, they do go away. It's very worth it. If you have some trouble sleeping the first few days just take some Melatonin. Please be well and I know this med will work wonderful for you as well! F 38 6 days
150 x2/day

 3  depression, SAD agitation, anxiety, some insomnia, sweating but cold, decreased appetite, but I have hypoglycemia so I eat more often just not as much, F 36 10 days
100 MG SR
 2  Fatigue, supposed low dopamine Heightened alertness, a little jumpy in fact, slight headache, sleepless nights. Decided to go off the drug after 2 nights with little sleep. Insomnia has never been a problem for me. Second night after discontinuing the drug I had an almost full night of sleep so it appears to be out of my system. This drug appears to be too strong even after 2 days - worried that continued use may cause permanent dependence or side effects. Going back to taking protein supplement L-Tyrosene which really appears to work at alleviating fatigue and allowing me to exercise at a higer level. This really works well for for gym work especially where I have increased my work rate by 50%. M 56 2 days
150 2X D

 4  OCD depression Loss of appetite, slight brain fog This is the only drug that has been prescribed to me that I will take. I have taken this drug on and off for 20. Back in the day when they discovered this drug helps with smoke cession it' s cost went from 10 dollars a month to 150 a month. At that time I decided to go off of Wellbutrin. After a month without the drug I realized that the drug helped me get out of bed and function in the real world. Without the drug I couldn't hold a conversation with anyone without becoming overwhelmed and anxious. I couldn't leave the house without feeling doom and gloom. My world was turned upside down I must say it works for me . I have a lot of pains and aches, sweats. I really can't contribute this to Wellbutrin. I have tried Paxil, Buspar , Xanax, and many assorted drugs that are supposed to help. Wellbutrin is the only one that I can tolerate that works for me . I am also a smoker and when I am on Wellbutrin I have really cut back a lot. . Yes , it kills your appetite, but I am an over eater so it has helped me maintain my weight for 20 years! F 59 20 years
150 2X D

 5  Inattentive ADD, depression, anxiet For the first week: felt fine, a little nauseous, a couple of crying spells, sleepiness. Second week: euphoria, very slight nausea, a sense of calm and well-being, some problems focusing. By the third week, I felt my body adjusting to the medication. Nausea went away, I noticed I was able to focus better than I had been able to in months, little things that I'd normally get stressed out about no longer bothered me. By the fourth week, I noticed a huge difference in my overall mood and attitude. This medication has made a world of a difference in my life. In the past I have taken SSRIs, which were a COMPLETE nightmare. Then years later I realized most of my depression and anxiety stemmed from being ADD. This realization was a huge breakthrough and set me on the path to the correct treatment. I tried adderall, which of course helped enormously but I hated that I was so aware of the med itself. I could feel it as soon as it "kicked" then is become irritable and tired as it wore off. All day I'd be running around like a coke-head and at night I'd become a zombie. It was an awful feeling. I could focus great! But needed something steady and consistent in my system. My doctor suggested Wellbutrin sr (bupropion sr) - I was willing to give it a shot! And I'm so glad I did! It's been a complete life-saver. I can concentrate better, but in a more subtle way compared to adderall. I don't experience a "crash", I feel consistent all day and I'm happier and less anxious F 31 5 months
100mg 2x d

 5  OCD/depression No real side effects, except for slight appetite loss and I have already started to lose weight. Already this is the best anti-depressant I have taken. I was worried about taking it due to all the negative reviews, but in a week I am already starting to feel a lot better. My mood has lifted, I feel more motivated and have less negative and obsessive thoughts. Other anti-depressants have worked well in the past, but have always caused me to gain weight, so I have always come off them. I am also taking 50mgs Sertraline. I am really please with the drug and have found it a lot easier to get up in the morning. F 31 7 days
150mg 1X D

 4  depression, anxiety, quit smoking zero appetite, insomnia, mood swings I've had some major meltdowns since starting 6 days ago. It seems to have increased my mood swings, making them more severe. I'm hopeful that it will ease up soon and I'll start to feel better. Less desire for cigarettes,alcohol, food and just about everything else. I feel spacey and not sure what I want or how I feel exactly. Slight headache. Clenched jaw and sweaty but cold. I will continue to take it for at least one month and see if there it a light at the end of this 20 year tunnel of depression. F 35 6 days
150 1X D
 2  Anxiety Horrible headache, shakes, loss of normal speech,unable to focus on the 4th day of taking this drug...however, the first 3 days on this drug, I had the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. The second day on this drug I experienced the most pleasurable and intense orgasm ever! I had been on celexa the previous 10 days and could not take delayed orgasm that it caused. I just could not get off on this celexa, so doctor prescribed the generic wellbutrin SR. I was so happy about the quality of my orgasms, but because of the other horrible side effects starting on day 4, my doc told me to stop taking it. I'm not sure if those side effects would have subsided or not, but i wished I could have been able to continue because i could easily been able to live with those awesome orgasms. M 54 4 days
150mg 2X D
 5  Anxiety depression This has worked great for me and solved anxiety as well as depression. Lost a few pounds. Side effects only lasted first few months. The XL 300mg gave me anxiety could not tolerate it. 150mg SR am and afternoon work great. Will be long term user of this. Tried others Effexor felt so off and confused. Celexa good but gained 20lbs F 42 4 years
150mg x2

 5  Depression At first, disorientation and brain fog in the morning, headaches in the afternoon. Then I gave up caffeine and instead of one dose once a day went to half a dose twice a day. Made all the difference in the world. I have tried other anti-depressants, but for me, this was a miracle drug. F 34 8 months
100mg 2X D

 4  Depression/Low libido funny feeling in stomach, muscle pain (neck and lower back) I'm in a fog, partial short term memory loss, More energy even though I physically feel tired. I started taking this 3 days ago not expecting to see any effects for a bit. Almost immediately I felt light headed like I was high. My heartbeat was a tad more noticeable. I'm not really any nicer, kind of still a jerk. My body feel tired but I am motivated to do things. I slept extremely heavy. I'm a light sleeper by nature and I felt so rested as if I had just woken up from hibernation. I hope this helps with my mood, and low libido soon. F 23 3 days
150 2X D
 4  Depression Increased energy, focus, and very slight irritability. Dry mouth and feeling thirsty. No sexual side effects, increase or decrease. First off, I don't take any other med besides this. I noticed less anxiety overall in social situations, I'm in a better mood, and I stopped worrying about little things. I stopped having negative, worrisome thoughts, guilt, and I can carry out my days smoothly while taking this. M 30 9 months
100 2X D

 4  Chronic Major Depression Hypersexuality (while starting; lasted 2 months), insomnia, nausea, constipation, occasional headaches The hypersexuality was the worst! It made me feel like I was bipolar and was constantly seeking a sexual outlet through my computer. I almost stopped it but it went away and I've been feeling much better. There was a period about 6 months ago where I thought I needed to take something to augment this medication because I was starting to feel depressed and lethargic. Turns out that I had hypothyroidism. Now that my hormones are back in check, I'm much more agreeable and just happy! F 29 2 years
300mg 1X D

 3   INSOMNIA dry mouth jittery F 30 8 days
75mg 2x

 1  Depression Rage, anger, some difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams Incredible long-lasting orgasms.....better alertness then Lexapro, able to function well on 3-4 hrs sleep. Didn't do much to stop hunger. M 43 14 days
125 1X D
 1  smoking cessation headache, insomnia, indigestion, blurred vision, ringing in ears,constipation, dry mouth, increased urination, nausea, dizziness, erectile dysfunction. I'll figure how to quit smoking without this stuff. Not worth it. M 65 4 days
150 mg 2X D

 1  Depression 3 days after taking this drug I became very angry at everyone and everything. The reason I switch to this anti-depressant was because Prozac was causing me to lose interest in sex and I was extremely fatigued. After taking Wellbutrin, I'd rather be sexless and tired than horribly angry at everyone and everything. Doctor gave me a new antidepressant Viibryd. Supposedly has less side effects....we'll see (it's only been 1 day) F 41 7 days
150 MG 1X D

 4  Chronic Major Depression/SAD/PTSD I have not noticed any negative side effects as of yet. Was taking Venlefexine HCL ER for 3 years but something always missing. This past season of SAD was really bad. What I have noticed adding Bupropion SR is that my vision has improved and my blood sugar is a little lower. (This is good as I also have Type II Diabetes. I am intrigued by the vision change. Colors also invoke positive feelings in me that I had before Major Depression. Going on 11 years now. My energy has not really changed but I definately feel like my foot is in the door of feeling better. I assume they will raise my dosage. I am afraid of being one of the people who develops seizures though. F 44 6 days
150 1X D
 3  Smoking cessation Insomnia, Mood Swings, headaches, Confused at times I quit smoking with wellbutrin. The only thing bad about this medicine is that I have terrible mood swings, and often depressed. F 19 90 days
150mg 2X D
 5  Anti-depressant Slight insomnia first week M 29 3 months

 5  Depression/Anxiety/Lack of Focus 1st week- Slight insomnia, agitation (alot), loss of appetite After 1st week-present- Sleeping well, happy, focused, still loss of appetite, overall a good feeling I think this drug is great if it is used properly. For the first few doses that I startded taking 2 pills I took them both in the morning (bad idea). I was great throughout the morning but as soon as the drug wore off(about 6 hrs later) I physically couldnt stop crying. Strangest thing. I called the doctor scared for I might hurt myself, she informed me I was taking the drug incorrectly, that I should take 1 in the morning and the other 6 hrs later. I obvioulsy read the lable wrong. BE CAREFUL for this. Since I started paying more attention and taking the medication correctly I havent been happier. I am not a smoker, and have heard of this helping to quit. I do socially drink and I havent had the urge to drink since I started taking the medication. I am extremely happy. Also I am taking the generic version and I think it is getting the job done (might not for some people) so there is hope in not spending a ton to get results. Hope this helps F 24 2 months
150mg 2X D
 4  Major Depression A dry mouth for the first week. Mild agitation. The first dose I took made me feel euphoric. I was hoping I was going to feel this way everyday. Unfortunately it was only the first dose that produced this feeling. After being on for 2 weeks the side effects went away and I started to feel less depressed. I seem to be getting better each and every day. In a couple of weeks I am going to ask my Dr if I can up the dose to 300mgs. This is the only drug that has worked so well for me. M 57 21 days
150MG 1X D

 2  Depression See my review of 2/12/2012 under 'Zyban' on this site. Exact same drug bupropion hydro but marketed under this name in Australia and UK. F 44 18 days
150 1X D

 2  Depression See my review of 2/12/2012 under 'Zyban' on this site. Exact same drug bupropion hydro but marketed under this name in Australia and UK. F 44 18 days
150 1X D

 5  Depression/smoking cessation Headaches, dry mouth, insomnia, increased concentration and motivation, elevated mood, decreased appetite, no desire to smoke, and body aches and tremors in the beginning I love this medication. I take my first dose at 7 AM and then another at 3 PM...I can't take it any later or I'll never sleep! Luckily, I seem to need less sleep anyway. My mood has improved drastically. The aches and pains were irritating at first but I'm used to it. It made me spacey a few times, although I don't know why since I take it the same time every day. Best part, I quit smoking. Easily. After 8 days of the med, I stopped wanting to smoke, and nicotine stopped being pleasurable. I didn't get rage or depression or headaches etc from withdrawals. It's like magic. A few days later, I have no desire for a cigarette still, and feel great! I don't know why more people don't try it for smoking cessation. F 22 14 days
150 mg 2X D

 5  Mild Depression headaches, loss of appetite = weightloss, increased sex drive, increased urination, happiness This is my second time taking Bupropion SR. The first round back in 2007 I lost 35 pounds in 8 weeks. I had to point out to my physician that it was a side effect and not anorexia. This time around I've lost about 6-7 pounds and it's been 26 days. I feel better overall. I'm more interested in sex with my significant other, I'm not longer being a moody bitch which makes us both happier, I have no real interest in snacking all day long and eat significantly less at meals. I do get slight "pressure" headaches, but am also able to concentrate better at work. I do urinate a lot more, but I am also drinking more water during the day. Overall, I'm very satisfied. The spacey feeling only occurs if you take the doses too close together or if you are taking a larger dose. F 31 26 days
150 mg 2X D
 3  anxiety migraine, headache, nausea, hungover feeling, ear popping, electric flashes, eye pain (chronic) blurred vision. When I first began taking The Wellbutrin, I experienced massive nausea and spacy feeling. About three oclock in the afternoon, I would feel "amped up" like I had drank 10 cups of coffee. I take the extended release so it is supposed to dissolve throughout the day. I liked it at first, but after about a year, I developed massive headaches. (perhaps I had them before and just never associated them to the drug). The headaches became more and more frequent, and felt like a really bad hangover complete with dizziness and nausea. I was getting about two a month. I discovered that I was taking the generic (buproprion). After checking on the internet (and as many claim in this site) I found out that they do not dissolve in your body the same! DO NOT TAKE THE GENERIC< THERE ARE LAWSUITS OUT REGARDING THE WAY IT DISSOLVES IN THE BODY. I switched back to brand name, and headaches subsided to about one every month or two. I recently switched back to generic because it was breaking the bank to buy name brand, and just as before, massive headaches. I recently decided to get off the medication all together, and haven't taken one in about two weeks. Withdrawal symptoms are bad! - same headache/hungover feeling that has lasted about 5 days. If I decide I can't make it off of the medication, I will definately get the name brand kind from canada. F 40 4 years
300 mg XR 1X D
 4  ADHD The first three days, pretty bad shaking in addition to nausea. I didn't really see a huge change in mood/behavior; no increased anxiety, irritability, etc. About four days into taking it, that's when the bitter/metallic taste began. I'm on the seventh day and the taste and nausea is still present. I've been on several different medications for my ADHD and Wellbutrin has been, by far, the most effective medication that didn't pose significant risk factors to my health. I'm currently on generic, but i heard that brand was much better. F 28 7 days
200 2X D

 3  Smoking Cessation Almost immediate loss of cravings for cigarettes and loss of appetite (good for me). However, I began feeling an irrational anger at strangers. I felt the urge to have a confrontation and would glare at them. Very disturbing. I reported this to my health educator at Kaiser and stopped the med. Too bad. Otherwise, I would have stuck with it. F 50 30 days
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 4  Mixed/manic depression A bit of insomnia, (but I'm also on 60mg vyvanse), some increased agitation. Some anxiety... I was on Zoloft and had almost no anxiety, although Zoloft made me want to die. Most noticeable was increase in libido. Suppressed appetite was already present with vyvanse. There has been some rapid cycling going on. Best of all: for the first time in 4-5 years I want to play piano again. F 23 4 days

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