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 4  8 years Short term memory loss. Difficulty concentrating. Sexual dysfunction. My gynecologist told me that my vaginal dryness and thinning of the vaginal walls would be common for someone 20 years older than I am. Have experienced extreme pain during intercourse. I'm using an estrogen suppository now, and hope for improvement. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem after years of taking Wellbutrin. F 53 8 years
 4  yes None so far. At this time I am 4 days into using this drug. No side effects yet. Currently am taking 150mg in the morning and supposed to increase to 150mg twice a day. Noticing I am more focused. The depression is gone. Sleep very well, but will see when the dosage is increased. Have not had my hunger decrease, (can't wait for that to kick in) actually the food is tasting alot better. F 53 4 days

 4  depression seems to be less side effects dont know yet for sure only been on it 2 weeks M 53 2 weeks

 4  depression & chronic migraines the worse side effect is dryness, my mouth, skin and now I have no tears. But the med is working too well to change. I just wish there was a way to do something about the dryness. Have to use eye drops 4 times a day and for a women with makeup that is a mess. It I talk much, my whole mouth dries up, my skin and I can't grow nails, they just stay weak and peel off in layers. Has anybody else had any of this? F 53 1 years
 3  depression(severe) None,so far. F 53 1 weeks

 2  major depression I developed severe urinary tract problems, including constant bladder pain, difficulty urinating, and constant urgency. All disappeared after I stopped taking the medication. F 53 1 months

 1  depression interstitial cystitis or chronic bladder inflammation I believe this medication caused chronic bladder inflamation. It damaged the lining of my bladder. It is called interstitial cystitis and it may be a permanent and painful condition. It feel like you have a urinary tract infection, but it could be permanent and progressive. Now many things irritate my bladder tht didn't before. I can no longer drink coffee or alcohol. It feels like I constantly have to urinate. I had no idea this drug could do this much damage. It just says "frequent urination" for side effects. It doesn't say it could be damaging your bladder. I got a generic from Sandoz labs. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. M 53 60 days
150 2X D
 5  Depression Meth mouth or metallic taste/dry mouth. Loss of appetite and nausea first couple of weeks but that goes away. Insomnia if I took the pills as instructed: two in morning, two at night. I started taking all of them before 3:00 PM and had no problems. I take Bupropion but I think it's the same thing. I am also very surprised because I have tried about 7 different AD drugs over the last 30 years, the latest were Prozac which was awful, then Cymbalta which had little to no effect like the others. Wellbutrin was suggested to me by a friend, so I asked my doctor for it thinking, it can't hurt anything. I'm very glad I did. It has no noticeable side effects besides the dry mouth, and it helps me focus as well as lifting my mood. F 52 2 years
150 MG 2X D
 4  Depression Headaches, ringing in ears, metallic taste in mouth, tightness in chest (like I can't take a full deep breath), jitters internal and external, some loss of appetite and some loss of nicotine cravings (Cigarettes taste terrible) YAY!!! I have been on generic (bupropion) sustained release for almost 2 weeks. I am also weening down from 60mgs of Cymbalta to 30mgs, after being on it for 2 years, and hope I can quit that completely. Horrible stuff and terrible brain zaps when withdrawing. I almost quit this medicine on day 10 because of the side effects and not feeling any different. So far, I'm glad I didn't because I am beginning to feel SLIGHTLY motivated, a little calmer, and generally able to do a few things around the house again, like making up the beds! I've been on depression meds since I had a total hysterectomy in 1999. Can't take hormones because of a blood clotting disorder. Again, so far, this med has made me feel better than any AD I have taken in the past 10 years, which has been Paxil, Effexor, and Cymbalta. No weight loss yet, no increase in libido to date, but I'm at least hopeful. I will update in a few weeks as I understand it can take up to 6 weeks to feel the full effect of this medicine. F 52 12 days
150 2X D

 4  side effects of Lexapro insomnia, increased sweating, agitation/nervousness, increased libido Since Lexapro caused weight gain (20 lbs in 3 yrs), decreased libido, and didn't seem to be really working for mood swings into depression/paranoia, I went on 150mg Wellbutrin SR 3 weeks ago. Gained insomnia, sweating & hotter thermostat in body, agitation, and just in the last few days increased libido. I'm hoping to start losing weight, gain more libido, and wean down Lex to 5mg. Dreams also vivid. Mood: swings are gone, can handle stuff that used to make me boil inside or go paranoid; gives my brain the ability to see both responses in a situation and pick the right one & feel good about it. This is definitely a change. M 52 3 weeks

 4  Depression rapid heartbeat, decreased appetite, stomach discomfort and rapid heart beat after eating, restlessness, extreme fatigue, all of which subsided after 4-5 weeks I had been taking Zoloft 150 mg daily for 5 months and it seemed to lose effectiveness. Just over a month ago I began taking buproprion 100 mg twice daily in addition to the Zoloft. I didn't see any improvement in my depression symptoms until just over 4 weeks. Then it seemed to kick in all at once -- side effects subsided, mood improved dramatically, and energy increased. F 52 5 weeks

 3  anxiety/drepressi Ive taken it 2 wks, dry mouth,confusion, lost sleep,dizzy, loss appatite( didntmind)... felt like I couldnt get things together, yet I did my job ok, seemed like it would take time to think things out, before doing them, Seemed to be more social, laughed more,improved organization skills ,keeps you busy, taking 150 sr 2xs a day, dr says give it one more week should subside,, hope so F 52
 3  depression Excessive embarrasing sweating It took me a long time to figure out it was causing sweating. I can't take SSRI's because of excessive sweating and this is what the doc put me on! So I didn't suspect it and so began to think it was all just me. F 52 3 days

 3  Anxiety & depression Out of all the SSRI's this was the one that was the gentlest. Unlike other SSRI's this one did not generate issues related to sex drive but it also didn't seem as effective addressing the reasons for taking medication in the first place. M 52 6 months


 5  depression scary palipitations- had to stop taking it, but it worked while I did F 51 6 months

 5  Depression While taking Budeprion SR 100 (Generic Wellbutrin SR made by Teva )I had a terrible headache all day and was extremely anxious and emotional. Even more so if I had any coffee. I read on another site that some people weren't doing well with the generic Wellbutrin made by Teva. I requested the name brand from my doctor, Wellbutrin by Glaxo Smith Cline, and I feel so much better. My headache is barely there and my feeling of well being is great. I am also calmer now. This is the feeling I remember when I took Wellbutrin 5 years a go. I have learned to ask my doctor for the lowest strength of what ever she prescribes and slowly work my way up if needed. I started with 75 mgs. for two weeks and I am now taking 100 mgs. of Wellbutrin SR once in the morning. At this time I feel great and plan to just stay at this dosage for a long time and see if I can function normally. So many doctor's seem to over medicate very quickly. Control what goes into your body. I recommend to do it extremely slow. Take care and God bless. F 51 4 days

 4  Depression When on 150 mg x3 d, no side effects. Changed to 200 mg x 2 d, sever gastritis Changed to 100 mg x 4 d, hang over I do great on the 150 mg x 3d pills. For some reason, someone does not want the 150 mg pills used. So I was changed to the 200 mg x 2d pills. I experienced sever gastritis to the point two doctors said I needed to have my gallbladder removed. When back to the 150 mg pill and all was fine. Then changed me to the 100 mg x 4d, I have the worst hang-over, headaches I have ever had. Why and who does not want the 150 mg pills prescribed? F 51 10 years
150 3X D
 4  moderate/severe depression I sleep a bit less and sometimes get shakes when I take my dose at the same time as Zoloft This is a good med to take along with any of the SSRIs like zoloft because wellbutrin boosts the libido; the SSRI depresses the libido. I find wellbutrin has no bad side effects and helps lift the mood/energy level. I am taking 200 milligrams twice a day. F 51 5 months

 4  Depression Absolutely none. It has helped. For example, it completely eliminated any suicidal ideation. However, it hasn't helped a lot. My mood seems flattened out -- I no longer have crying jags, but I still seem incapable of happiness or enjoyment. F 51 2 years

 4  Depression and irritability. Initial light-headed in morning. Decreased appetite (which I liked), slept less hours. White blood cell count was a concern at last check up. I'm now on Wellbutrin XL 150 once a day, more of a maintenance dose. Was on W. SR 150 twice a day before. It worked best when on Ritalin too. I discontinued on my own cold turkey once and had a panic attack 6 wks later, but I was still on Ritalin. Not sure if related to Wellbutrin. I want advise for tapering off it. Anyone tried doing that? F 51 3.5 years
 3  Anxiety Excessive sweating, weight gain, hair loss, tired. F 51 3 weeks

 1  Bipolar disorder Mania after the first dose If you have Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and have periods of high mania, you may experience the same thing I did. F 51 4 days

 5  Depression I don't think I had any. Girlfriend seemed to think I'm a little too restless, to the point of annoying her. ENTP personality, I've been annoying people for years, anyway. Well prozac did nothing for me. It seemed like concentration, motivation, and organization was better on all fronts. It took a long time to get what I consider in top form, maybe a year but it was noticable and sustainable. I've been on it 3 years and I would never go off. M 50 3 years

 5  Fibromyalgia Difficulty falling asleep the first week when I was prescribed 150mg twice daily. A bit wired in the the afternoon, evening. Switched to 150mg. in the morning and able to fall asleep and felt calmer in the afternoon. I had been suffering from symptoms of fibromyalgia for 4 years and tried everything. AFter the first week of taking Wellbutrin SR, and on a dose of 150mg. per day in the morning, my symptoms of fibromyalgia including constant upper back pain and chest tenderness almost disappeared. My energy level increased so much that I did not need a long nap in the afternoon when I was off work. I was able to start a good areobic exercise program and added strength training with therapy bands to inrease strength and flexibility to my upper body. I still have occasional flare ups of fibromyalgia after experiencing unusual physical or emotional stress. I also try to eat healthy, avoid junk foods and drink lots of water. I am a busy nurse in a busy hospital, have 3 kids at home and do lots of volunteer work. I can say that Wellbutrin is a miracle drug for me and has brought me back to my full and happy life. If you have been experiencing pain and fatique with a definite diagnosis of fibromyalgia F 50 2 years

 5  insomnia, anxiety None I haven't read all the posts here, but I noticed that there are a lot of people who took or are taking wellbutrin for just a few days or weeks and are experiencing side effects like feeling buzzed or spacey. It needs to be noted that any antidepressant takes 6 to 8 weeks to work. I do remember feeling spacey or buzzed initially with those symptoms decreasing over time. So except for those who experience really bad reactions to it, it might be good to keep taking it and give it time. F 50 5 years
 4  Depression mild 'speed' type feeling, needed less sleep. It was wonderful to not feel depression for the first time at age 43 M 50 7 years

 4  depression dizziness,blured vision,some overstimulation. seems to be working in conjuction with Paxil. 150mg Wellbutrin S.R.and 25mg S.R. Paxil. Feeling alot better and a lot more active, I am a recovering alcoholic with a year sober as of July 6th. M 50 11 months
 3  Depression Increased energy, clearer thinking, increased libido. Irritation, impatience, weird vivid dreams, crying spells. After taking Prozac for over 15 years libido became non-existent and became very lethargic and sleepy although not depressed. Prozac also made my thinking lazy. I felt like I had only two choices. Take the Prozac and be stupid and happy or don't take it and be smart and depressed. Visited GP and asked to try Wellbutrin. Quit the Prozac (was taking 5-10 mg/day) and started Wellbutrin XL 150. At first felt great but Prozac has a long half life and it was probably still affecting me along with the Wellbutrin. Once the Prozac had totally worn off (2-3 weeks)libido increased but I started having crying spells, weird vivid dreams and became very impatient and irritable with people. On just Prozac I never cried. Added back 5 mg of Prozac and am feeling much more normal although not as energetic as without it and my libido is not increased as much (or enough). Today I tried taking 300 mg Wellbutrin. It's midnight and I am still awake! I usually am asleep by 10:00 or 11:00 and sleep well through the night since adding the Prozac back. So much for that little experiment. F 50 3 months

 3  Smoking Cessation Almost immediate loss of cravings for cigarettes and loss of appetite (good for me). However, I began feeling an irrational anger at strangers. I felt the urge to have a confrontation and would glare at them. Very disturbing. I reported this to my health educator at Kaiser and stopped the med. Too bad. Otherwise, I would have stuck with it. F 50 30 days
150 1X D
 3  Depression week one:euphoria. Week 2: Horrible headaches, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, calm mood, crying spells, muscle weakness in arms and legs, insomnia, vision improved, loss of appetite, weight loss, muscle twitching, flat affect of my personality, less anger I feel like I am on a roller coaster with my emotions on this med. I have never taken any meds for depression or any psych meds. My mother committed suicide 3 yrs. ago and I am still depressed. The first day/week on the drug, I felt WONDERFUL. I thought this was my miracle drug. The second week I could not stop crying and all I thought about was suicide. Now I feel very anxious and the muscle weakness scares me. I am going to ride this out for a while and see if things get better. Really weird that my vision improved so much that I don't need glasses to see my cell phone! F 50 14 days
150 1X D

 3  depression none I have not taken it long enough to have expectations. My wife says I am mellower. M 50 17 days

 2  PTSD/Anxiety/Depression Talked A LOT! Very irritable, easily agitated to the point of extreme anger, then I stayed angry until somehthing else made me angry. Stressed out! Reminded me of a rubber band that had reached the point that it would not streach any more...the next step was to stap/break. More energy/motivation. More Alert, quicker thinking, improved short term memory. With all the other side effects I had I could not tell weather it helped with my depression or not. The first couple of days I was on it I felt on the verge of tears. I am not a cryer. I get angry intead. M 50 2 weeks

 2  depression mood swings, feelings of emptiness and confusion, increased sex drive although not a positive side effect as my girlfriend lacks any passion or sexual interest of her own; some loss of appetite, better focus and work drive. M 50 2 months

 2  Mild depression, anxiety Insomnia, weight gain, weird dreams, no increased libido and lashed out at my husband more frequently.Loss of patience increased. I switched from Paxil to Wellbutrin when I started having terrifying dreams. The dreams changed to not so freightening but still very vivid. I have gained 10 lbs and do nothing different. I also would have spurts of energy and then be very tired. Very hard to get to sleep at night and I took the 120 mg first thing in the morning. I have been off of it for 4 days now and so far so good. I'll see if my anxiety level goes up. Was on Buspar for 10 years (30 mg/day) worked really well but hated taking it 3 times a day. So of the three (Buspar, Paxil, Wellbutrin) Paxil worked the best if it weren't for the dreams (and the coming off of it) F 50 6 months

 2  difficult time in my life After 3 weeks I broke out in hives... F 50 3 weeks

 1  smoking Side effects started the second day. I was a zombie. I was non-functional, slept 16-20 hours a day, felt totally drugged. I was miserable! I had to go back in a week to have my blood pressure checked and had to open all the car windows in the dead of winter to stay awake. It had raised my blood pressure and I had to stop taking it. I say good riddance! Be SURE to have your blood pressure checked when you are taking this! Oh, it had absolutely no effect on smoking. F 50 7 days

 5  major depression none has kept my head above water for 4 yrs; tried many other antidepressants and ECT before Wellbutrin SR. It has worked very well. Only recently added Zoloft & Deplin because some symptoms of depression were returning. F 49 4 years

 5  depression mild increase in libido works wonders for me; no depression, not quick to anger; less appetite M 49 3 years

 5  Major Depressive Disorder Dry mouth, bad breath, sleep disruption, dizziness, ticks. This drug really helps my depression. I've tried coming off it many, many times. Though I do succeed, within one month I'm back on it. When I do come off, I sleep much better and feel better immediately, but my sexual function declines and my weight increases rapidly and eventually the negativity and dark mood return. After cutting back to 150 mg. per day for 36 days I plan on increasing my dosage again tomorrow. This time I plan on cutting out the caffeine completely. Maybe that will cut down on the sleep disruption and the ticks. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm on this for life but am unsure about the long-term consequences. I just need to face it -- depression stinks, but it beats cancer, blindness, deafness, or going through life without limbs. In the end, Wellbutrin does work work for me. If I'm lucky enough that I can pop a few pills and get it under control it's best just to quit whining, count my blessings and do it. M 49 7 years
150 mg. 2X D

 5  mild depression/anxiety I am posting this in part to comment on the postings I've read and in part to set the stage for my 'final answer' on wellbutrin SR. I've only been on it for about a week (100mg SR in morning). No noticeable side effects although it seems like I have more energy at the end of the day. I want to comment on what I've read here: It seems like many folks were 'overdosed' and ramped up too quickly with this drug. I am now taking into account all the bad experiences (and good) and am going to take it more slowly since I don't have severe depression and can afford to tek my time. After about 2 months I'll post again. I have heard it said that nobody can predict how you will do on an antidepressant and that it is basically a crap shoot. I'm taking the gamble that this drug will improve my energy/concentration at work and not adversely affect my relationships and home life. jr M 49 7 days

 5  Manic-depression My depression without the wellbutrin is so low that it is life threatening.(suicide) M 49 5 years

 5  Depression Dry mouth & a 'spacey' feeling sometimes. No appetite. Doctor prescribed this for depression & inability to handle daily stress. Days 3 & 4 I accidentally took 2 pills, which really brought on the dry mouth, but I had lots of energy, almost manic. (Sometimes I feel 'spacey' but it only lasts a few minutes.) I feel great on this drug and I lost 5 lbs. the first week, which makes me feel great all by itself. In the past I've been on Elavil, Celexa, St. John's Wort and Lexapro; the latter of which made me gain 40 lbs. in 1 year. I already feel more calm & stable, plus I have a lot more energy. I love this drug and if I continue to do well I plan to stay on it forever. F 49 10 days
150 mg 1X D
 4  depression fatigue, possibly recurrent URI infections F 49 1 years
 4  fibromyalgia wt. loss I have been on Wellbutrin about 4 weeks for fibromyalgia. Within a couple of days I noticed a marked increase in energy. I can't say I've had a decrease in pain, but the rise in my energy level makes the pain much more bearable. F 49 4 weeks

 4  depressiom due to breast caner more energy, happier F 49 1 years

 4  Depression, Lack of energy, Anxiety Tends to cause fight or flight (noradrenaline or norepinephrine rush) if not taken with benzodiazepine like clonazepam or SSRI like paxil. Tends to make you more awake and alert, and able to work more or better, but may cause increased anxiety (seems to be dose related and also related to the time of day you take the med and what you took before. I am currently taking Wellbutrin to augment paxil. Paxil fixes a lot of my anxiety problems (panic attack, obsessive thoughts, driven nature, hypercritical nature (finding fault) and a number of other problems that seem related to hypervigilance and anxiety in general. Wellbutrin helps counter the sleepiness or lethargy and also weight gain that seems to come with paxil. I am sensitive to meds- I take 5 mg of paxil in the morning and then 100mg of Wellbutrin SR a few hours later. This combo has so far worked well for me. There may be something better, but changing meds is a painstaking process. Wellbutrin, I have found, also has a pronounced effect on appetite, it takes away cravings and often you don't feel like eating, although you can eat if you want to and make a point of doing it. I am concerned about possible effects of both paxil and Wellbutrin on short term memory. Wellbutrin may make OCD worse at times, also tends to undo some of the effects of paxil, so if you are taking both you have to be careful how much you take. M 49 90 days

 4  Mood Swings And Depression My Doctor who keeps up with the drugs very well says it's a well known fact that Wellbutrin Generic doesn't work as effectively as the name brand. After doing research I found that Watson brand releases in a very close way as the name brand. If you are having problems I suggest asking your pharmacy if they can get the Watson brand. Other manufacturers caused hives and itching horribly. The only down side to this drug is the increase in heart rate and blood pressure. It's the best!! Most anti depressants had horrible side affects for me. F 49 2 years
150 2x day
 4  binge eating, ocd muscle and joint aches, like speed feeling. I loved it because I have been able to loose 40 lbs in 1 year. Haven't been able to get the scale to move in 15 years! F 49 365 days
 4  Chronic Depression The first 3 weeks were awful. Major dry mouth, insomnia, and so much anxiety that I didn't even think about being depressed. Also have lost about 22 lbs which is a good thing. I stuck it out and almost all of the side effects went away. I still don't feel compelled to eat but I'm fine with that. Biggest difference is that I now feel hopeful not hopeless. Best advice is to stay on the meds for at least 2 months-it gets much better! F 49 4 months

 3   Been on this drug since 21 December when I realized I was suffering (another)bout of major depression. Started at 100mg for 3 days then up to 200mgs. I have now been on 300mgs for about 4 or 5 days. Ruminating thoughts are awful - I have faith this will kick in soon. If I didn't, I don't know if I could handle all the side effects such as increased anxiety and insomnia. I hope I can update soon and say "Wow, it finally kicked in!" But as of today, I am still an emotional mess. M 49 24 days

 3  depression always too warm, heart racing in the night. I have no change in weight....darn, would be a plus to this!! I think I am stopping . I dont like the insomnia. I am so glad to see that others are having some of the same problems with this drug. I only take 100mg 2x daily and did not think it could be the reason for the heart palpitations. I even went to my Dr and he did an EKG and never mentioned that it could be from this!! F 49 6 months

 3  depression Felt somewhat better but had memory loss and that really bothered me. I was taking 150 mg. daily. F 49 2 months

 2  depression/anxiety nervousness, short-temper, insomnia I started this as an add-on to prozac in an effort to reduce the sexual side effects of prozac. It helped only slightly. When I tried using wellbutrin alone, without the prozac, my depression returned. This drug, by itself, did not work for me, although it does give some benefit when taken with prozac. M 49 3 years

 2  depression I have experienced nausea, body pain and tiredness. But the side effect that concerns me is the rage. I feel like i could kill someone and I am taking only 150 mg per day. The last week I have been crying a lot for any reason. I am taking small dosages of Alprazolan to cope with the anger and anxiety that I am feeling because Weebutrin. I have taken several antidepressants in my life , most of then SSRI and some have made me feel better like Cipramil or Effexor but they always have severe sexual side effects, like total anorgasmia.Those sexual side effects donīt happen with Wellbutrin. I will take Wellbutrin for another month and see what happens. Good luck for you all.Itīs tough but we have to go on. Just be aware of the anger and irritability because those side effects donīt show when the laboratory describe this medicine,and our kids and spouses may get hurt because of it. M 49 3 weeks
 2  Major Depression I feel a little bit of mild anxiety and a feeling of being sped up. I've been on Wellbutrin XL 450mg for almost 2 wks. It doesn't have any positive affect on my depression, yet. In fact my depression has worsened since I started. I want to sleep all the time and cannot do normal activities. When I started, my depression was mild. Now it's very severe. Before Wellbutrin, I was on lamictal, but had severe memory problems and quit. Has anyone else waited >2 weeks for this to kick-in? I thought it was fast-acting? Has anyone had problems with depression worsening w/ Wellbutrin? Thanks M 49 12 days
 1  depression Rage, vivid & disturbing dreams, anxiety. Over many years as a Registered Nurse, I've had many jobs. Good relationship with employers and coworkers except twice. Ten years ago took wellbutrin for one month & was fired due to the rage it caused. One year ago was fired a 2nd time after taking wellbutrin SR for 2 weeks, same story...uncharacteristic rage and hostility. If there's ever a class action for actual, real losses, I'm signing up. Why? Not because it causes rage and extreme irritability, but because no-where on the label, websites, or any associated literature do the side effects state rage as a possibility. I wonder how many precious children have been beaten, spouses abused, or other tangible violence or loss (like jobs), this med has caused. The manufacturer I believe, is trying to keep this quiet. F 49 4 weeks

 5  depression None It has had a wonderful side effect: I GOT MY LIBIDO back! I was five years on Paxil and dead in that area. I can orgasm again, and actually I think better than before..I can often "come again" within five minutes of an initial orgasm, and often shortly after that again..I was never this orgasmic before! F 48 60 days

 5  Depression/Anxiety WELLBUTRIN BENEFICIAL: Initially experienced some insomnia,racy/anxious feelings,confusion but these slowly past and rapidly diminished at the beginning of week 5. BE PATIENT, these type of drugs can take time to reset the brain chemistry. The Wellbutrin has minimal effect on Serotonin and primarily acts on Dopamine and Norepinephirine; in my case, this has worked. I am now in week 5 of using Wellbutrin (one week as a mono med) and I am finding it very effective in lifting mood and energy levels; plus,I have had an increase in concentration. As a number of other posters cautioned, it did take a full 4 weeks for the Wellbutrin to begin to achieve a good level of treatment effectiveness (and I certainly did want to throw the towel in a few times). My sincere thanks to everyone who shared their own experiences and emphasised the need to BE PATIENT and allow the drug time to level out the brain chemistry. As my anxiety seems to have improved with the Wellbutrin alone, I am now comfortable that, should I experience a serious anxiety increase, I can, per others experience and my discussions with my doctor, use Xanax to manage such a moment. My tip: If you are starting out on a new anti-depressant, copy and paste snippets of some of the postive med experiences you read about here and elsewhere. Print these words of encouragement out and post th M 48 5 weeks
 5  Bi-Polar II with depression Lightheaded, mild insomnia. Clear head, energy, improved libido. F 48 10 days
150 1X D

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