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 3  regulate my periods/ get pregnant nausea, extreme tired all the time, fatigue, headache, diarrhea, cramping, backache, loss of appietite, dizziness My doctor put me on 500 mg of metrofin for the first two weeks, then uped it to 1000 mg a day a week ago. called her today because having extreme tiredness and dizzy all day so she put me on 750 mg on time release to help with the symptoms. hoping to get pregnant soon, my periods are already regulated. F 23 3 weeks
 3  PCOS The bloating is unbearable! I haven't had abdominal bloating like this since I was 6months pregnant. Any help or suggestions out there? Love to hear them. Decreased appetite, no weight loss-frustrated! Taking 1000mg/day I am hopeful that this will reduced the cysts and return me to a "normal" cycle. it's somewhat comforting to have a name for what my body has been going thru for the past few years, and nice to know that I am not alone. Been taking meds for 1 month F 35 1 months
 3  PCOS-related insulin resistance Stomach cramps, diarrhea, thinning hair and hair loss similar to male-pattern balding. Taking Metformin (500 mg x 2) helps ovulate monthly and keeps blood levels under 120... however, a decision needs to be made... period or wig? Searching for a solution that may help with the hair loss. F 41 270 days

 3  PCOS / Insulin Resistance Severe stomach pain, cramps, diarreha. Went on and off the drug because of this side effects. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a sharp stomach wrenching pain and had to get up and run to the bathroom. It became impossible when I had a job that limited bathroom breaks. It did regulate my menses but I had to stop taking it on behalf of my stomach. Now I'm off glucophage and seem to always have heartburn, occasional acid reflux and often soft/watery stools. F 28 3 months

 3  Impaired Glucose Tolerance nausea, bloating Haven't seen any improvements really. Thought after reading some of the posts that I might see some weight loss - nothing yet. Have 30 lbs to lose. Any suggestions? I exercise 4-5 days per week, and eat approx 1200 cal. a day. F 34 12 days

 3  Metabolic Syndrome Headache, explosive, urgent diarhea after eating. Just kind of felt badly all day. Burning feeling in back of throat. Was taking 1000 dose of metformin xr in morning with breakfast, but will switch that to dinner time as some other posters have recommended. Also may adjust back dosage and "build up" as others have suggested. I had a high fasting glucose, high cholesterol, high b/p and significant abdominal weight gain over 5 year period. Also have had infertility issues for years but no one ever mentioned PCOS, but I can look at the symptoms and recognize myself. Am hoping for the weight loss, and would hope that in turn helps the cholesterol, hbp and other metabolic syndrome symptoms. Read the comments from other women to try taking in the middle of the evening meal to avoid the whole day of nausea. F 44 1 weeks

 3  PCOS nausea, extremely tired all the time, headache, diarrhea, cramping,loss of appietite, dizziness, flu like symptoms I don't know if my period is regular yet. first week I lost 3pounds and it came back the next week. I don't feel seek no more. I wanted to lose 15lbs. My weight at this moment is 115. I am 4'11" so I could still lose some weight. I am reading that people are losing so much weight in just a few weeks and mine is not going down at all. Is it because I am not overweight? F 28 3 weeks
 3  PCOS nausea, extremely tired all the time, headache, diarrhea, cramping,loss of appietite, dizziness, flu like symptoms I don't know if my period is regular yet. first week I lost 3pounds and it came back the next week. I don't feel seek no more. I wanted to lose 15lbs. My weight at this moment is 115. I am 4'11" so I could still lose some weight. I am reading that people are losing so much weight in just a few weeks and mine is not going down at all. Is it because I am not overweight? F 28 3 weeks

 3  acne, weight gain, hair growth I had some minor stomach upset that went away after a few days and I would get an occasional mild headache. The acne has cleared up a little and the weight seems to be going away. I haven't noticed a big difference with the hair growth yet. F 30 1 months
 3  Type II diabetes explosive watery diarrhea many times a day I have taken this drug for 2 years, although when it was titrated to 500 mgs 2x a day (AM and PM), I get diarrhea about 2-3 hours after taking it in the morning and have about 3-6 bouts of diarrhea the rest of the day. And then I get it in the AM once I get up, about 1x. A lot of times I don't take it in the morning if I have somewhere to go that afternoon and can't readily get to a bathroom. I have, however, lost 20 lbs, and am still losing. My doc said she would change the med, but I like the weight loss and will hang in there as long as I can. As for the diabetes, I am not very compliant, but my A1-C has been relatively near normal. F 56 2 years
 3  PCOS muscle and joint ache, metallic taste,SEVERE constipation, bloating and gas, weight loss and no cravings 1st week muscle and joint ache, metallic taste 2nd week SEVERE constipation, bloating and gas.Lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks no cravings no appetite F 48 2 weeks

 3  Insulin Resistance Morning hunger pangs, diarhhea, lately noticed extreme weakness in legs and arms. I took 500mg a day for one week, then 500mg twice a day for about two weeks when I noticed the extreme weakness. I think I have lost some weight maybe 10 lbs. I have a lot of weight to loose. My sugar and insulin levels were within normal range just slight increase from last year, low carb diet for 2 to 3 years and no weight loss. I think the weakness will pass. I hope this is the problem and can be resolved before my health suffers more extremes. F 43 23 days
 3  type 2 diabetes Gas, bloating, burping and thinning hair It has helped with my numbers somewhat but not without having to endure some side effects. I am really curious about the hair loss. I realize there are other things that can cause this but I'm reading that there are other people on glucophage that are also complaining of hair loss. My doctor said it is not listed as a side effect. Would love to know if it really does cause this! F 50 3 years

 3  misdiagnosis of PCOS Nausea, loss of appetite, dierriah for weeks, loss of libido, very painful stomach cramps, blood in stools. It helped me ovulate each month, but I had to stop it because of the blood in the stools. As it turns out I didn't even have PCOS and was later diagnosed with endometriosis. F 29 3 months
 3  diabetes Some cramping and loose stools the 1st and 2nd day. Then I felt fine. I got sick the following week and vomited so the doctor discontinued the meds. F 37 7 days
 3  PCOS , Diabetes Type II Extreme thirst , stomach cramps , metallic taste. Alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea. Sometimes so horrible either way I feel as if I'm literally dying. Headaches and tiredness. My glucose levels have been running pretty normal. Most times around 90-160 depending on if I am fasting or after I have eaten etc. Since being put on Metformin 5oo mgs 2x daily. I have had reoccuring bouts of painful constipation and extreme diarrhea. Extreme diarrhea meaning 6-8 times in a day. Of the "explosive" form at times. Most times leaving my rectum feeling as if someone has yanked my intestines out through it.. Yikes ! A lot of inconveniences , as I have to stay near a bathroom at all times. I have watched what I have eaten , and it doesn't really seem to matter most times. I know my husband was on it and he had the diarrhea frequently as well. BUT when he had those episodes his sugar levels were higher. Like around 200 and up. Mine I can have the diarrhea and my level is only 100. So it is unpredictable at best. F 36 41 days
 3  PCOS/Infertility/Reccurrent Misc. Cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarea, I am highly suspiscious that it will work. I have PCOS but am not overweight, excercise regularly and eat a low GI diet. Nonetheless, after multiple miscarriages - I am willing to try anything, so am on this and Clomid and then Progesterone when we get pregnant. Good luck to us all. F 34 4 days

 3  PCOS/ Trying to conceive Diarrhea,Headaches,Mild Fatigue When I became pregnant with my son 4 years ago, it happened quickly.This time it's taking alot longer. I was diagnosed with PCOS in June when I decided to visit the doctor after not having a period since March 27th.An ultrasound done on my ovaries confirmed that it was PCOS. I have obviously had this along time because a "normal" period for me would come every 8-10 weeks ( when I wasn't on the pill).My girlfriend who also has PCOS told me about Glucophage so when I seen my doctor, I was well informed.She said she was pregnant in 6 weeks. Since taking this, I've had some diarrhea, headaches and a little fatigue. Within the last week, my breast are sore and I my fatigue has increased.....fingers crossed! I'm hoping to get pregnant soon with my 2nd and last child. If anyone has any feedback with success or advice, I welcome it! F 34 6 weeks
 3  PCOS (same person as below)- none with new dosage. Now that i'm taking the 500mg slow release Glucophage only at night (3 hours after i eat dinner) i feel much better- and basically no side effects. I'm also taking 50mg of Clomid and the Chromium Picolinate as a supplement to aid with my glucose levels. Just waiting to see now if all these meds will be worth it. F 26 1 weeks

 3  infertility loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, mild headache I'm still considered to be at the beginning stages of taking the meds. Week one began with 500mg, week two 1000mg and now I'm at 1500 mg on week three and will be at 1500mg for the duration of the time that I'm on the meds. I do not have PCOS nor diabetes, but my FSH level came high which probably explains why I haven't been able to get pregnant after almost two years of trying. I do notice my side effects improving, but for the first week I threw up every morning. The second week it was accompanied by diarrhea and other side effects here and there. I'm glad I continued because I really was hating the yucky feeling I was having and thought of quitting. Now that the problems have minimized I feel so much better that my body is getting used to it. F 30 3 weeks
 3  PCOS related insulin resistance diarrhea, loose stool/undigested food in stool, gas, nausea, weight loss, increased energy Started taking metformin after years of researching what was wrong with my menstrual cycles (4cycles/year, bleeding up to 3weeks) and other related side affects (acne, carrying my weight in my abdomen, fatigue). No gyn. believed the research i presented - ended up going to an endocrinologist, who sent me for a pelvic ultrasound and did a lot of bloodwork - diagnosed with PCOS this past May - began a regimen of metformin, starting at 500mg/day, increased to 1500mg/day. I want to decrease to 1000mg as I get sick on 1500mg (loose stool with food particles in it, nausea) - have lost about 10lbs since starting (also went on weight watchers). feel more energized except when sick - don't need a nap at 3 or 4 anymore, don't seem to be craving extremes (salty/sweet). Since i'm also on Kariva (birth control pill), i'm unsure as to whether or not the PCOS is being managed, need to schedule an appt. to re-check levels, perhaps see if i will have a real menstrual cycle sans birth control. F 22 6 months
 3  PCOS I should have been taking 500 ml. twice a day, but I've been only taking it once a day, about 4 times a week. I've noticed some hair loss, but I didn't associate it with this med until I read this site today. I haven't lost weight and my periods are still irregular, but I haven't really given it a fair shake. Are there any vegans out there who have taken this medication? I haven't been eating any animal products (no meat, dairy or eggs and lots of fruits, veggies and fiber) for about two months. Now that I am going to crack down and take this med the way it was prescribed, I don't know what to expect. My diet obviously isn't high protien, low carb like many people mentioned. F 33 6 months
 3  PCOS EXTREME BLOATING, constipation, gas, nausea, lack of apettite,cravings I have been on 500 mg once a day for a week now and am going to up my does to 500mg twice a day tomorrow. First week I had some stomach cramping with SEVERE constipation, and bloating. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE... hoping to become more "regular" in the coming weeks. No weight loss as of yet - need to lose 40 lbs. Trying to get pregnant... hope this works! F 29 1 weeks
 3  PCOS diarrhoea (only in the first 2 days) I have started taking Metformin 5 days ago. I feel good, no apparent side effects, except maybe for some muscle pain. However, this may be caused by strenuous exercise (such as stair climbing). One of my calves has been hurting me for the past four days. Incidentally, I started exercising the day I started taking the medication, so I guess it may be the exercise. A couple of days earlier I panicked thinking of lactic acidosis... but I guess that involves generalized, not localized pain. F 35 5 days

 3  PCOS/infertility increased dose slowly.took only 1 pill 1st day,little nausea. 2nd day increased 2nd pill,got upset stomach and dairrhea;it lasted 3 days.increased another dose on 6th day(now 3 pills in a day)this time no upset stomach or dairrhea but got nausea,vomitting,dizzy and sleepy.felt energy the first 3 days but after vomitting feel weak. taking this med to ovulate and concieve. cant say much if it worked or not cuz its only a week but am getting all the side effects. F 29 1 weeks

 3  PCOS I just started taking this medicine today i'm kindof young (17) but i've never had my period and was diagnosed with PCOS. I really hope this makes me regular reduce hair and lose weight i hope i can handle the side effects any one like me can email me or just to talk about it would be nice F 17 1 days
 3  PCOS, hoping to also lose weight I just started this med yesterday, So still new to it.I have gained lots of weight over past 2 yrs and I have children and not having more,I had a baby last year and it seems this pcos just developed after having him.My doctor ran blood work to determint the pcos. My biggest concernis the the weight as well as hoping to regulate my periods back to normal.At this point I am hopeful and would be willing to deal with the upset stomach side effects if some of the weight comes off. Does anyone have any feedback about how long it took for the weight to come off and how long before periods were normal? I know I need to give it time to work but I am anxious for results.I really can't rate this med untill more time on it.I am looking for others that have had positive effects from this med. F 27 2 days

 3  Elevated insulin level...maybe PCOS i havent started the medication yet hey everyone, i am going to be starting glucophage soon, and i am really nervous about it, so do any of you have any advice for me? like how to reduce the diahreah and constipation and just general nausea?? if you could let me know, that would be great F 18
 3  pcos I have been on this for 4 months now at first i was getting diaerha a lot then i read up on the insulin resistance diet (kinda like low carbs) and it has subsided a great deal. i am gassy still sometimes though. I have not lost any weight but i have not gained any either. i was dissy a lot. i talked to my aunt that is a rn and she said i need to check my blood surgar because it is most likly low if i am getting nausa and dizzy. so now i make sure i have some hard candy with me all the time. i was taking Glucopauge and another drug i can't remeber how to spell it something like sprolatine (waterpill) to get my acne and hair growth under control. since ttc i have stoped taking the spro. and just metiformin but i have not had a period since taking them. I now have to take provera to get that started. i am not sure if the metformin is doing the job that ob/gyns want it to do for me and hlep make me ovulate. seeing i have not had a period i am not ovulating. but i will see what happens now that i have stoped taking the other drug. we will see in three months. F 24 4 months
 3  PCOS loss of appetite, nausea, light headedness (if I go too long without eating) Hoping it will regulate my cycles, reduce facial hair growth, and help with fertility later on. Still no sign of my period, so I'm hoping it'll eventually help with that. Taking 500mg 2x a day right now. Need to get updated hormone levels this week to see if I need to increase dosage. F 30 4 weeks

 3  PCOS and Insulin Resistance More Hungry, sligth body malaise, hair loss, sweaty I am taking the medicine for two weeks now and I noticed that I grew more hungry than before (I wonder why cause it should suppress you to eat more right?) I feel more tired and some gas is there after eating rice/bread/potato. I wonder why is this happening. Hair loss became worst and I feel tired and I feel that I lack sleep even though I sleep for 10-12 hours. F 27 2 weeks

 3  PCOS Very acute nausea, acidity, diarrhoea and after taking it for 8 months i realised that my hair has thinned down to 1/3rd of what they used to be. In the earlier 6 month period i did lose 8 pounds but gained back after i stopped. Started again after a period of 2 months but not lost any weight this time around. I am on 1500mg everyday for past 8 months...After taking it for 6 months initially my cysts cleared however they appeared again after a break of two months so i was on metformin again...same dose.However, i have noticed a great deal of hair loss and i am wondering whether it is any way related to metformin though i have read that there is no proved linkage scientifically. but hair loss is more pronounced now and it is making me very anxious.This medicine does work for PCOS. F 26 240 days
 3  PCOS & Insulin Resistance Hair loss, Diarrhea, Thyroid Issues. Explosive diarrhea, Loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, hair loss, no real change in blood sugar levels even on a strick diet. Occasionally get extremly tired after taking metformin. My thyroid levels have been abnormal since taking this medication. Not sure if it's from the medication or not. I also noticed that I wake up with dry mouth and tend to be thirsty more. F 40 180 days

 3  Insulin resistance & PCOS HAIR LOSS, HAIR LOSS, HAIR LOSS! I experienced the same side effects as everyone else, but over time, the hair loss worsens. My 2nd month on Met-It worked wonderfully for my PCOS & my period resume the 1st month I was on Met. The side effects has lessen but weight loss stopped (I lost 14 pounds in 1st month,with no excercise) Hair loss is very evident now. F 37 2 months

 3  PCOS-Insulin Resistance My hair fell out! I recently spoke with my doctor and he claims that hair loss is not a side effect for this medicine. I was stressed and I did put permanent color in my hair. But it was a drastic loss of hair and I have just been prescribed the extended release, yet I am still scared to take it as my hair still hasn't grown back. However, I did start this past weekend and thus far a lil stomach irritability is all. Major weight loss. I lost 11 pounds. However, due to the weight loss I used the medicine on a very inconsistent basis. As a result, when I stopped taking it the weight came right back. F 24 1 years

 3  PCOS I haven't started taking it yet, but I'm reading all the other reviews and I'm really scared about the side effects. Sorry this isn't a review, but a question - I'm hoping someone will know the answer... I know that you are not supposed to take this medicine and drink alcohol. I don't drink often, but there will be occasional nights here and there where I'd really like to drink at parties or bars with friends. Do you recommend just skipping the dose of the medicine for that day, or is there a better solution to get around this? I'm scared of that acid reaction! I'll check back often for any responses, or please shoot me an email! Your response is much appreciated. F 22 0 days
 3  Type II Diabetes Diarrhea, nausea for the first two weeks, taking 1000 mg of Metfromin twice daily. Also lethargy, although that may have been due to changing to a low-carb diet. Six weeks into it,am having diarrhea 1 or 2 times a week. BG is running 150 to 200, but I would like to do better. Have lost 9 lbs eating low carb. Energy a little better. F 46 45 days

 3  Low blood suger and weight loss. I am a newbie and getting ready to start Glucophage in a couple of days. I have been reading these comments for a couple of weeks since the doctor gave me the medicine - but with all of the side effects - and the fact that i was getting ready to go on vacation for 2 weeks - I decided to hold off till i returned. Now i am just waiting on Friday to come - incase i do have any bad side effects. I am basically going to be taking the medicine for low sugar and for the weight. Wish me luck. F 47
 3  Type 2 Diabetes Very bad upset stomach with awful stomach pain and often sickness. Came off this and went on to Metformin still have bad upset stomachs several times a week I had to come off this as it made me feel too unwell. Weird Side effects very itchy hands and terrible hot flushes especially on my face and neck F 48 18 months

 3  Diagnosed Diabetes Type 2 Constant diarrhea, stomach ache, gassy, heartburn and extreme lethargy. My MD prescribed this 6 days ago. She had me taking 850mg two times a day with meals. I thought I was crazy because I was feeling so ill right away. I appreciate this site because I now know I am in my right mind and that it is the drug. My doctor has since added another pill to the midday. Now I am taking 2550mg a day and I am very sick. I told my doctor and she said that I can cut back and add gradually when I adjust! (I wish she had done that before!) I can't even look at that horse pill now without wanting to cry. I hope the symptoms lesson because I believe the benefits will mean a positive change for me. I feel for anyone taking this medication (and you know who you are) who is suffering with these horriable side effects. F 40 6 days

 3  PCOS general GI Problems, constipation, naseua, lower back pain Have not noticed any changes in my condition as of yet, still no menstrual cycle or weight loss. Tried to up the dosage to 850 mg 2x/day from 500 mg 2x/day but it was too much for my system to handle. Don't understand the reason for the lower back pain! F 27 6 weeks

 3  Insulin Resistance Diarrea and weightloss (1 lbs in 3 days). I am afraid I will get dehydrated. I am going to start taking vitamins asap. I've only been taking this medicine for 3 days and I have had diarrea every since the first evening I took it after dinner. It's hard to work and worry about having to run to the restroom on a dime! I am still learning about my Insulin Resistance. I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Hypothyroid). I suppose this is pre diabetes and I do not want it. I am trying to do all I can to prevent it including diet change and exercise. Again it's hard to exercise when you have diarrea! haha so I can't win there. F 29 3 days

 3  Diabetes type 2 Doc started me on 1000mg Glucophage x 2 a day, i.e. 2,000mg a day. Within a week my blood glucose (on a low-carb, almost no-carb diet) started dropping to almost normal levels. But also, then came the gastro-int. effects everyone mentions -- and then I noticed the hair loss. This was devastating as I have babyfine hair. I lost 12 kg which was really enough. I cut back to 1 x 500mg tablet per day. The GI symptoms went away, my bs went up! The hair loss, after taking $$$$ of supplements, slightly reversed itself after 12 months!!! But my bs went up. Unfortunately, because my last A1C came back as 6.1% (on the edge of normal) I decided to add back another 500g Glucophage ... One tab in the morning, one at night. I've been back, therefore, on 1000mg a day -- and after 5 days my blood glucose has dropped ... and so is my hair: falling out again!!! I'm between a rock and a hard place: either I risk the higher blood sugar, or I keep my hair. I'm a woman. The choice is simple: I'd rather keep my hair, which is thin and soft enough. Yikes. (By the way, I am now on the XR (extended release) tablets. There seems to be no diff. between the 2 types). F 67 15 months

 3  PCO The 1st few days, taking just 500 mg/day, I only felt mild tiredness (maybe b/c my blood sugar dropped?). Then, since increasing to 1000 mg/day, I have had AWFUL heart burn and I had diarrhea for several days (even taking w/ food). My appetite has changed, no desire WHATSOEVER for candy or chocolate. I seem to be hungrier for small snacks, and not for large meals. I am hoping this will regulate my periods, and get me on the path to fertility. I also hope it will clear my acne, and help me maintain a weight loss. After 2 weeks, all I notice is side effects. F 28 2 weeks

 3  PCOS light headed to the point that I have to lay down, a loss of appetite, weight loss, depression, and feeling overall very tired. I am mostly concerned about the dizziness because it is making it hard to function day to day. If anyone else has experienced this and has any pointers please email me. F 28 8 days
 3  Type 2 diabetes No real GI problems initially, no diarrhoea, mild nausea. Now really bad constipation and gas. Hope the constipation resolves itself. Can do without the constipation but am somewhat relieved that it is due to metformin and nothing more sinister..........I hope! F 47 2 months

 3  PCOS So far none except fatique I have only been taking this for about a week now. Hopefully it will help out asap!! F 23 7 days
 3  type 2 diabetes I get little stomach aches from time. I have a lot more gas. Was worried about diarrhea after reading posts but I didn't have that problem but do find when I have to go I need to get to the bathroom quick. Loss of appetite. I haven't seen to much change in my blood sugar levels yet I am hoping this happens soon. The first month I had the worse period very heavy. This month better. I am taking 1000 mg twice a day. F 45 1 months

 3  PCOS/ Infertility I'm taking Glucophage 1500mg XR. I had diarrhea the first day, and now I alternate b/t loose stool and constipation depending on what I eat. It's not too bad. I gradually increased my dosage and I think this helped minimize my symptoms. BUT I've always had very regular periods and now my period is late (only 4 days, but strange for a drug that's supposed to "regulate" periods.) Has anyone had a similar experience??? My RE put me on this medication because my blood work came back with abnormal hormonal levels suggesting PCOS...and a vaginal ultrasound confirmed multiple cysts in my left ovary only. I have NO OTHER SYMPTOMS of PCOS. I've always had regular periods, I ovulate regularly, I am underweight if anything, I don't have acne, and don't have hirsutism. I still have a hard time believing I really have PCOS, but after 4 years ttc I am willing to try anything. Additionally, despite always having regular 28-day cycles, my first month on Glucophage I am 4 days late for my period. What gives? Has anyone had a similar experience??? F 30 30 days
 3  Type 2 Diabetes Initially all was good. I have however developed a rash on both legs. I have also lost 20kg's since been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 months ago and started taking Glucophage ! F 38 3 months

 3  High Sugar/Pre-Diabetes I have experienced Diarrhea.on a fairly regular basis. http://diabetes.webmd.com/tc/prediabetes-medications [We MD] is a good reference. Obiously, we all know that diet and exercise is a critical component of controlling diabetes. Be your own advocate, do research about any medication, and then ask your doctor. Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metformin is a good quick reference. The Diabetes Self-Management site at http://www.diabetesselfmanagement.com/Blog/Amy-Campbell/metformin_and_risk_for_vitamin_b12_deficiency/ notes that Metformin may cause a vitamin B12 deficiency and to ask your doctor if this is the case with you. Side effects of B12 deficiency are numbness, pain, or tingling in your hands or feet. Metformin/Glucophage may cause kidney problems, so I also take Dandelion. Web MD also has a homeopathic article on Milk Thistle, but use caution if you also opt for this additional homeopathic option: "Some herbal/diet supplement products have been found to F 54 1 years

 2  PCOS Extreme bloatness and gas. I was able to go to the bathroom regularly until I started this medicine. I thought this medicine was suppose to make you go the bathroom. I have to take metamucil now and I still do not produce a bowel like I did prior to taking this medicine. F 32 7 days

 2  PCOS Tiredness, very thirsty I tried this medication for PCOS a couple of years ago and only lasted a few days because of the tiredness. I just tried again and after only one day I feel like I have taken a sleeping pill and am extremely thirsty. I have heard these side effects can go away after a week or two, but I may investigate more natural solutions for PCOS. F 36 2 days

 2  I.R. I am haveing alot of bathroom problems..i always always have to know where one is or my chances of haveing an accident are high. I feel constantly sick to my tum. Before I started taking this med. i had regular periods...but now mine is missing?? I dont know if this is a normal side effect or not? F 25 2 weeks
 2  Diabetes 2 Where do I began--so much anxiety, and "brain fog". Lost over 50lbs in 5 months. F 50 6 months
 2  insulin resistance some nausea - mostly initially, cool tingling on the skin of my legs, I have actually gained 2 lbs., when a typical side effect of this med is supposed to be weight loss. I also have noticed lowered energy levels, and feel quite tired and nauseated IF I eat low carb, as I am supposed to. When I eat a higher carb meal, I feel normal. I am not due to have my A1c rechecked until late October, and am not on regular self testing so I don't know for certain, but am beginning to wonder if my blood sugar is being kept TOO low. My A1c was only 5.6 to begin with. I am taking 1000 mg slow release each day, with dinner. F 42 38 days
 2  Type 2 Diabetes DID curb appetite, however blood sugar reading SHOT UP! I was not adversly affected with the intestinal ailments some people complained about ... noticed a slight change, but nothing that hindered my everyday life. I was previously very well controlled with Glucotrol+Actos - however kept gaining weight ... today Dr added Januvia to the Metformin, so maybe I can lose weight and have good readings. F 53 28 days

 2  High A!C and Dysautonomia Gained 15 pounds first 30 days. A1C dropped first 6 months then increased to highest ever next 6 months (2 full points from 6.0 to 8.0) F 65 1 years

 2  105 fasting glucose stomach rumblings and gas Doctor thought that I should take this drug to lower fasting glucose -- I didn't think the number warranted drugs but some doctors are more cautious than others -- I've limited sugar consumption -- haven't lost weight -- suspect it's allr related to menopause F 51 30 days

 2  PCOS, weight loss Bad gas, rumbling stomach, vicious diarrhea, tiredness, headache, dizziness I just started taking the drug yesterday, and after three doses (500mg each) and reading this board, I think I'm going to have to stop. Right after I took the first pill I got bad gas, and then had insane diarrhea when I got home. I'm already on a high protein, low carb no sugar diet, so I don't know what else I can do on that end. I feel like crap. And I've already got thin hair -- don't need to lose it. :( F 28 2 days

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