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 2  PCOS Nausea, stomach cramps bouts of diarreah, unpredictable bowel movements. Some stomach pain. Never take on an empty stomach as I did and it was awful. Going to stop it for a few days to see if it helps with the bowel movements, if it does then will see GP about changing to something else, maybe a slow release version whichI have heard about. 35 3 months


 1  diabetes type 2 I felt really sick -- thought I was dying of some mysterious disease. Meanwhile, my blood sugar was rising and diet and exericse didn't help. When my doc raised my dose of metformin it became immediately obvious that this was the problem. I posted 2 years ago and wanted to update. Please read comments on Actos. It was even worse. Now I'm going to do insulin. Nobody complains about insulin except for the inconvenience. They also say the needles are not anywhere near as bad as the levels testing. Read my comments on Actos. It was even worse.
 5  pcos so far bloating...just started day 4 of 500 mg and increased to 1000 today. very bloated feeling no diarreah as of yet...cross my fingers! definitly a decrease in appetite. My energy has increased and the brain fog feeling has gone away..newely diagnosed and its good to FINALLY figure out what was wrong with me and have some answers! Please Email me if you want support :O) F 33 4 days
 5  Insulin Resitance "Medicine head", slight nausea, with headache. I was reccently re-daignosed with insulin resistance. I took the med for about 1.5 years in the past without changing my eating habits and little to no exercise. I had terrible diarrhea, bloating, and gas. I only loss about 10 pounds over the 1.5 years. This time, my doctor cautioned me to eat like a diabetic (low carbs/sugar) and exercise (3x a week).When I questioned her about my side effects, she told me they were expected and should subside in 3-4 weeks once my insulin levels go down and my body gets use to the glucophage. So far, I have been following her instructions and I have lost 5 lbs in 7 days. I have @25 lbs to lose and I will be happy; 40 lbs weight loss and I will be elated! F 33 7 days

 5  Insulin Resitance "Medicine head", slight nausea, with headache. I was reccently re-daignosed with insulin resistance. I took the med for about 1.5 years in the past without changing my eating habits and little to no exercise. I had terrible diarrhea, bloating, and gas. I only loss about 10 pounds over the 1.5 years. This time, my doctor cautioned me to eat like a diabetic (low carbs/sugar) and exercise (3x a week).When I questioned her about my side effects, she told me they were expected and should subside in 3-4 weeks once my insulin levels go down and my body gets use to the glucophage. I take 500mg ER with dinner. So far, I have been following her instructions and I have lost 5 lbs in 7 days. I have @25 lbs to lose and I will be happy; 40 lbs weight loss and I will be elated! F 33 7 days

 5  PCOS Some diarrhea....only if i eat really fatty foods and a little bit of nausea in the first two weeks. This drug has been amazing..... i have been taking 500mg three times a day with meals and so far i have lost 15lbs and that is without doing anything.... I still eat what i want (including junk food), and i hardly exercise....however i did notice that my appetite did decrease. I was 85lbs overweight... and now i only have another 70lbs to go...now i believe i can do it and am now gonna actually try eating healthier and exercising more frequently. Hopefully this drug will also help me achieve the biggest miracle and help me become a mother. I'll keep you updated... :) F 27 4 weeks
 5  PCOS and insulin resistance I get nausiated after I eat, at first I thought this was all in my head. I don't want to eat, of course the welbutrin doesn't exactly make me ravenous. I eventually get tired of listening to my stomach growl. I get the hiccups more than normal. oh, and loose stools, thats an understatement. However, my after meal "crash" isn't as bad as it was even when I was staying away from carbs and sugars. I don't nod off at my desk after lunch anymore. I've only been on glucophage for 2 weeks and i've lost 7lbs!! glucophage + low carb low sugar diet + exercise, I hope to lose 70 lbs. 63 more to go. F 23 2 weeks
 5  PCOS INFERTILITY Slight stomach ache and loose BM, I found if I take it in the middle of dinner it works best. The food cushions the pill. I got pregnant with my first child after 4 months of being on it, We had been trying for three years. I went off of it once I found out I was pg(no known study of effects on fetus) I am back on it 3 years later trying for our second child and to loose weight. 500mg once a day. F 34 7 days
 5  PCOS INFERTILITY Slight stomach ache and loose BM, I found if I take it in the middle of dinner it works best. The food cushions the pill. I got pregnant with my first child after 4 months of being on it, We had been trying for three years. I went off of it once I found out I was pg(no known study of effects on fetus) I am back on it 3 years later trying for our second child and to loose weight. 500mg once a day. F 34 7 days
 5  PCOS / Infertility gas, bloating, mild stomach pain Without this medicine I would never have conceived my son. It really worked for me for infertility. The medication does not seem to do much for my PCOS symptoms other than to make my cycle regular. F 42 6 years

 5  pcos/infertility/hyperinsulinemia diarrhea (quick onset), more energy, too soon to tell I am very hopeful that this will resume my menstrual cycles that are non-existent. I am taking 500mg 1st wk, then increasing 500mg each week until I reach 2000mg in the 4th week. F 28 4 days
 5  PCOS / RECURRENT MISCARRIAGE Hardly any - 1 bout of loose stool 1st day mild nasuea each time i "upped" the dose. Was really worried about starting these tablets after reading the side effects some people had experianced but i have been absolutly fine on them. Started slowly one a day for week then increased dosage by one table each week until i reached 3 a day. F 25 3 weeks

 5  Type II Diabetes Horrible at first! I had stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, gas, nasty taste in my mough. So sick I tried to insist my doctor take me off it. This lasted about two months. After initial side effects, I feel great! Glad I stuck it out. Glucophage is also, thankfully, available in a generic, unlike many other diabetes drugs. I am now taking Avandamet, which is Glucophage and Avandia together. I feel much, much better. My blood sugar is under more control. I have lost 12% body fat in two years, much more energy, but moved from desk job to farm job. Don't know if diabetes meds were a factor or not. F 46 3 years
 5  PCOS/Infertility No side effects We tried 4 months to get pregnant with no luck. Started glucophage (metformin) and got pregnant the next cycle. The doc advised I stay on the drug throughout the pregnancy to prevent miscarriage (though its not FDA approved yet for such use.) I just started taking it again, hoping to conceive child #2. I feel like I have the flu. I don't know if its the drug or not. I'm shaking, have a headache, feel achy..can't keep warm. Motrin fixed these symptoms however. F 40 9 months

 5  PCOS Really bad GI upset. I have IBS, so I thought I could handle it but it is horrible! If I eat something with too much fat, I literally can not get off the toilet for an hour or so. I have been taking an immodium everyday, or every other day. I have about 60 pounds to lose. In the first week I've lost 4 pounds. I'm also on a low calorie diet and exercise everyday. It's really too early to say if it's helping with the facial hair or irregular periods, but I will update at a month in. Please.. feel free to contact me if you are in a similar situation.. I'd love to swap stories and support. :) F 26 7 days
 5  PCOS headache Wondering if anyone knows how long a person with PCOS has to be on this medication before transitioning out of it....or is this for life??? I want my symptoms (no period, hair loss, hirsutism, weight gain) to be minimized so hopefully this will work. Feel free to email me! F 32 1 weeks
 5  pcos definitely had upset stomach/diarrhea for the first two weeks, plus no appetite the first time i started taking glucophage i lost 29 pounds, which was a miracle, usually im like a compulsive eater but it made me have no appetite to the point that i COULDNT eat, i stopped taking it in college cause i couldnt drink on it and have gained atleast the thirty pounds back, i have no been on it again for a week and all the side effects are the same (so i hope the weight comes off again too!) F 22 1 weeks
 5  PCOS No side effects at all!! Taking 1500mg metformin-XR in the morning with breakfast. I have had no diarhhea or stomach upset. I have been taking this since october 2006. I seem to have lost 5 pounds or so without even trying. I haven't altered my diet at all and I still eat lots of carbs but I hope to change that and increase weight loss. One thing I have noticed is that I am not as "groggy" in morning when I wake up. It used to take me at least an hour to feel awake in the morning, but now it only takes ten minutes or so. So far it has not totally regulated my periods but I did get pregnant the second month of taking it(ended in m/c though). It is hard to tell if it improved my cycle length since I have not gone through any complete cycles because of the pregnancy and miscarriage. F 37 4 months

 5  PCOS none started taking it yesterday I was wondering if anyone had a low carb high protein diet they could email me. I am 19 yrs old and have had multiple miscarriages, so my doc finally after I went to another doctor and had some tests done prescribed me glucophage only 500 mg a day, I was also wondering any of you guys know the stats on having multiples while on this medication isbacos@aol.com Thanks F 19 1 days

 5  PCOS Terribly constipation and constant naseau It worked! Never got my period because I got pregnant! No continuing to stay on until end of 1st trimester to help prevent gestational diabetes. Constipation and naseau could have been from pregnancy, I've heard that some women get those symptoms from moment of conception, and I sure had them until I was about 8 weeks along. F 24 3 months

 5  PCOS I haven't had any bad side effects at all. No diarrhea or any stomach problems. I take 500mg 2x daily. I have lost 60 pounds this year, and I am FINALLY down to my weight in high school of 120. I'm graduating college this year and will finally be able to wear what everyone else wears my age. With this medicine my menstrual cycle started after an eight year lapse. It has really helped. I have taken it with Spironolactone (diuretic) for the past five months, and that is when I really noticed the weight fall off. No diet changes, only changed from Cherry Coke, to Cherry Coke Zero; one can a day. F 22 1 years

 5  insulin resistant Gas and bloating the first couple of weeks but went away. I have been taking it for about 6 weeks and have lost 8 pounds. I have more energy and less of an appetite. F 35 6 weeks

 5  PCOS/infertility Felt light headed, had some nausea and then a loose stool only the first day. Then switched to taking my dose at night before bed and my symptoms went away. I'm only on 1000mg once per day for my mild PCOS. However, it has significantly changed my life! I've lost 10 lbs in about 6 weeks, without changing my diet, and I was not even overweight to begin with. I'm less hungry and my digestion seems somehow better (less bloating/gas). Acne cleared up completely. My cycle seems to be perfectly regular as well now at 28 days. Before taking this drug I was in denial about having PCOS, but I am now convinced that I have it. Just waiting to see if I can get pregnant as well. I have hope again after 14 mos of trying to conceive. F 33 6 weeks

 5  Insulin Resistance Syndrome After starting metformin, she did have the abd side effects on and off (abd pain, diarrhea) for about 2 weeks, then they decreased sharply. I am a mother of a 6 year old girl, who was 4'6" and weighed 111 pounds. Being a nurse, I noted that she started gaining weight awfully fast and eating constantly. I took her to a Pediatric Endocrinologist and after testing she was diagnosed with insulin resistance syndrome in May 2006. She started on 1000mg with breakfast and dinner. She is now on 500 mg twice a day and, 4"7" and 93 pounds, without any diet change. Her appetite was cut almost from dose one and she is a totally different child, energy for days and eats a serving of food and does not ask for seconds or thirds. This has been a blessing for us. F 35 6 months
 5  Type II Diabetes Gas, cramping first couple of weeks. Dizziness, muscle cramps and HAIR LOSS. Periods returned despite previously having an endometrial ablation. Take 500 mg twice a day. ACH1 was over 10, now 5.4. Have lost 64 lbs (90 total) since taking this drug, however, I am on a rigorous diet and exercise program. I don't think it is a "magical" weight loss drug. Hair problems could be due to the tremendous weight loss since this has happened before when I've lost weight, it just seems really excessive. The return of periods is disappointing, but it's nowhere near the severity of pre-ablation. Dealing with it since the good outweighs the bad at this point. F 44 5 months
 5  Weight loss, Pre diabeties The first day bad diarrhea! I've been very thirsty for water too. I've lost 5 pounds in 5 days! I'm very excited!! I feel like mentally it's easier to not over eat. I went from 334 to 329!! Hooray!! F 23 5 days
 5  insulin resistance and pcos gas, bloating and loose stools. I have been taking the generic form of Glucophage, Metformin for 6 days and already have lost 5 lbs. I am so excited about this drug. I was always a thin person, but started rapidly gaining weight in the last 4 yrs. I am 5'9 and 229lbs. Hope to lose about 75-85 lbs and get back to my old size. F 29 6 days
 5  PCOS nausea,gas,tired,felt like i was unbalanced I have lost 8 pounds and I'm starting to see less of a brake out on my face. Acne and My weight gain has trouble me for 3 years after the birth of my 3 child. If there are any websites for better communication I love to join! F 38 2 weeks
 5  PCOS Nausea I've been taking met for 3 weeks now. 500mg 1st week rising to 1500mg in the 3rd week. I got a period in the second week for the first time in nearly a year. I've also lost 8lbs. F 34 3 weeks

 5  PCOS, Insulin Resistance nausea, diarrhea, lots of gas and burping! :-) They eventually went away, thankfully. I lost 40.5 pounds the first year. I've now been on 1.5 years. I tried to step down this year and began rapidly gaining weight again. I have now gone back up a dosage and my weight has seemed to stablize. In the final outcome I've now gone from taking 4 500mg tables per day to taking 3 500mg tablets per day. I am hoping that additional weight loss will make me healthy enough to step down further on the medications. I do a cardio workout 4 to 5 times per week. And, I've now added strength training three times per week through Curves for Women. F 47 1.5 years

 5  pre-diabetes, lack of energy maybe some nausea at first.. still experience frequent constipation & the drug totally changed my bowel habits (sorry..eww) I'm using Metformin 500 (twice/day) in combination with Wellbutrin XL 300 (anti-depressant), and now I have much more energy, lost 15 pounds without changing food habits, now I've lost a total of 36 pounds with the drugs & food plan. I have more motivation, and I don't feel like I have to eat all day. Before Metformin, I'd graze on snacks because I felt tired all of the time.. not anymore! No more lazy couch potato days! F 27 1.5 times
 5  pre-diabetes, lack of energy sorry.. I posted the previous comment.. I meant to put I've been taking Metformin 1.5 YEARS. F 27 1.5 years
 5  Weight Loss/ Possible PCOS diarrhea, loose stool first 48 hours then stopped. Also experienced "sick back of throat feeling" someone else had on here-but I cannot be sure it was due to pill. Had no ill side effect until I had been on it for a week then I had neausea so bad I started thinking I was pregnant and had a test done! Came back negative and I find out this sickness is #1 side-effect of Metformin. BUT BOY DID I LOOSE WEIGHT! Naseua annoying, but not severe. 500 mg 20 minutes BEFORE lunch. ALSO, TAKING 1 500 MG OF UNSWEETENED VITAMIN C WITH PILL HELPS WITH NAUSEA. I believe the reason I experienced the nausea is because of the time I took this med. I was told 20 min before a meal and I would take it a few minutes before-having often forgot to take it. Also, my Dr. told me NOT TO EAT lrg. amounts of fruits, sugars, or carbs.Any unheathly food u eat will cause diarrhea,ie junk food or candy. LOST 10 LBS IN FIRST WEEK with no exercise. I believe this drug does it's job, you must do yours and make sure you eat properly and strickly adhere to medication directions. Severe hair loss and balding (as well as excessive hair-growth) is a sign of PCOS, so I would find it hard to believe this drug would cause balding. Great drug for weight loss and PCOS, but MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY. Or your think your pregnant:P F 26 10 days

 5  PCOS, Syndrome X, IR If taken WITHOUT a low GI diet that is high in sugar: headache, loose bowels, gas, bloating. If taken WITH a low GI/low sugar diet: minimal I have been keeping a journal of what I eat in order to minimize the side effects of this drug and track weight loss. I started on two 500 mg doses daily (breakfast and dinner) along with a good low glycemic index diet. Very unscientifically (admittedly) I have found that taking 2 tablespoons of benefiber (or other fiber suppliment) with the meal I eat after taking Glucophage nearly eliminates all symptoms. I know it is counterintuitive to take a fiber suppliment when fighting loose bowels, but fiber is a regulatory agent and may also form bulk that has (at least for me) mitigated the side-effects of the drug. I did find that when I ate a pint of ice cream there was nothing I could do to beat the side effects. I have lost 8 pounds in two weeks with a couple falls of the good diet wagon (I am worse on weekends). I hope it helps: take a fiber suppliment (powder more effective than pills--I reccommend benefiber because you don't taste it in foods) and stick to the low GI diet and you will F 32 2 weeks
 5  PCOS Some diarrhoea and nausea/vomiting first month or so (especially once I was up on 1500mg) and if I ate the wrong foods. Loss of appetite, metallic taste in mouth. I took met for 13months and lost 25kg (55lbs) in that time. I had more energy, less sugar cravings and I think hair growth slowed down too. I had previously done 11 rounds of clomid with no success. I got pregnant for the first time after 13 months on met. Continued taking it for the first 14wks to avoid miscarriage and now have a healthy alomost one year old baby boy! I have only just restarted met a week ago, I delayed starting it again because I am still breastfeeding but the Dr's have given me the go-ahead to start again since my son is only feeding 3 times a day now. I got pregnant again when my son was 8months (no meds, PCOS and breastfeeding!!) but unfortunately had a miscarriage at 8wks2days. I honestly believe it was because I wasn't on met. I have 10kgs (22lbs) of pregnancy weight to lose so I am hoping met will help me again this time! Happy to receive emails :) F 27 2 weeks
 5  PCOS PRO: clear skin, WEIGHT LOSS [ 25lbs and counting ], more energy, curbed appetite, regular periods. CON: slight diarreha. [ that is the only down fall] DEF go with this F 20 4 months

 5  P.C.O Dont wait to go to the bathroom.... Or youll be washing some clothes next lol Amazing pill. After a few days I started noticing I had energy to do everything I wanted Plus more. I have lost about 33 lbs in 1 and a half months. (I have a hard time remembering to take pills, when I do stay on track the weight is flying off) My periods are almost clock work again. Hair on my face I still havnt really noticed a change yet, but the hair on my legs has slowed down to nothing now. My complextion is clearing up amazling to. (acne) Glucophage is the only current meds I am taking for P.C.O. F 28 1.5 months
 5  diabetic F 51 6 days

 5  PCOS Gas Bloating Loose stools felt off balance for a couple days Lost about 8 pounds and im seeing my acne going away. I was having alot of low blood sugar spells now they are less frequent F 29 9 days
 5  PCOS I have just strated this medication, previously I was taking 500 mg. my Dr. increased it to 750 mg two days ago. With the 500 mg I have experienced loose bowel. I hope to lose 100 lbs. and eventually become pregnant. I have not had a period in years, so hopefully everything will go back to normal. I will keep you all posted. F 26 2 days
 5  PCOS loose stools/GI symptoms during first 2 months Weight loss This is a miracle drug for me. Gained lots of weight over 4-5 months due to PCOS. First 3 months on metformin and I lost about 25lbs :) I was already on a controlled diet (1400-1500 calories) and working out (1-1.5hrs 5xweek). It's like metformin just helped make those efforts actually count for something. Yes, it was uncomfortable when I first started taking it. Stick with it. You'll be happy in the end. I take 1000mg 2x day now, but started with just 500mg 1x week and ramped up over a 4-5week period. This greatly reduced symptoms. Initially, i was given the xr version at 1500mg a day (straight off) and couldn't handle it at all--threw it right back up. Careful introduction of the regular (non xr) version has been great F 25 1 years

 5  PCOS Bloating, Stomach Ache, Using the bathroom constantly. I have lost some weight...Hoping I get pregnant. Weight loss is great too!!! Hope it continues F 29 1 weeks

 5  PCOS/Infertility diarrhea, upset stomach, gas, nausea and weight loss. Currently taking 1000mg per day after dinner and 150mg of Clomid. Not diabetic or insulin resistant, but I need to loose 20 lbs. So far I've dropped 3 lbs in the last few days. Too early to tell, but I hope this does the trick. F 30 7 days

 5  Insulin Resistance none yet. I wish I had see a doctor sooner. I have a ton of energy and feel so much better. I also lost 6 pounds in the first 8 days. F 42 2 weeks

 5  PCO loose bowels for a week or so LESS HAIR!! my legs look like they did when I was 7 LOL Feel better,less tired,less hungry and have lost weight having Periods too. F 39 4 months

 5  PCOS/hyperinsulinemia Diarrhea at first, reduced hunger I've been on Glucophage for just over 1 year. I started at 500 mg/day and ramped up to 2000 mg/day. I lost 65 lbs in about 4 months and have kept it off for 9 months (so far). I have energy and generally feel great! More importantly, between the glucophage and my diet (low-carb), my cholesterol has dropped, my insulin levels have dropped, my blood sugar is much more stable, and I am in much better health overall. F 35 14 months
 5  Hyperinsulinemia/Insulin Resistance BEFORE MEDICATION: Hypoglycemic (Low blood sugar) attacks 4 or 5 times a day, confusion (inability to figure out simple situations), dizziness, loss of consciousness, extreme fatigue, sleeping all of the time, extreme nervousness, tremors, all of these symptoms happened too quickly to react to in time, headaches. I am on a permanent prescription of Metformin HCL, 2000MG a day, two at lunch, two at dinner. All symptoms have gone, insulin levels have returned to normal (I was triple the normal amount of blood insulin levels before Metformin). I feel alive again! EXTREMELY INCREASED Energy, Great Concentration, no low sugar attacks anymore, and I have lost 10KG (22 pounds) in the past three months and still losing. Decreased Appetite and I'm more active. This drug has given me my life back! F 22 3 months

 5  pre-diabetes - weight lose Stomach cramps the first day and frequent trips to the restroom - no time to question if you need to go -YOU GO!!! Ramping up to 1000 mg twice daily (1)morning (1)night My dosage seems higher than other ratings. I hope this works. Unsure how I feel at this point - still lack energy - but alot of weight to loose. Current weight 270 goal 180. Wish me luck F 39 1 weeks

 5  Type 2 First few days I had very loose stools and had to run to the bathroom. Stomach cramps too. Keep with it! The side affects do go away. I have begun to lose weight and have much more energy. F 40 2 months

 5  UPDATE weight loss & tons of energy This was a update to my earlier post. I went to the dr the other day and I hadnt said a word to them about my weight loss and outa curisty asked them my weight from when I was there last lol. Their last weight was 256 or so. Now Im down to 213 Yehhh. She kinda did a double take and said wow uve lost alot of weight lol... Nice to go to the dr for the first time and not be gripped at about not losing or gaining more. F 28 2.5 months
 5  diabetes 2 I did have to go the bathroom all the time at first but now i do not. I have not lost any weight but i am only taking 500 mg. I hope i do lose. For all those people who felt weird at first keep taking it does work. i started taking it before i went to bed and it works better for me. wonderful drug F 39 3 months

 5  Weight , High Insulin level (PCOs?) Stomach upset,Diarrhea and constipation alternatively,Nausea and dizziness for the first few days,Stomach disorder continues... Currently,I have lost 7 pounds in 1 and half months.However I have previously taken this med.I have a history of two pregnancy wastages.My OB prescribed Glucophage after that.My periods were always normal.I was 76KG(167.2pounds)then.I lost 13 pounds,and I stopped the med after taking it for 9 months.But I was not mentally prepared to think of another pregnancy at that time.Meanwhile I again gained weight and this time my insulin(PP) level was really high(138mU/l)but fasting level is within normal range.My doc again prescribed Glucophage.I want to get pregnant again,but will have to lose a lot of weight before that.I am exercising and trying to eat less calories.with the 7 pounds weight loss I am hopefull.I have got a lot of hope from your posts,particularly those who gave birth to their children after being on this med.Wish me luck too. F 30 52 days

 5  PCOS / Insulin Resistance When I first started taking this medicine (500mg) I would get a slight headache and experience some nausea nothing to bad. I have been on glucophage about a 2-3 weeks now and my dosage has been increased to 1500 mg. I am nervous about that but I am feeling okay. Since I have started I have went from 175.5 to 165. I am thrilled about the weight loss and I am hoping to lose 25 more pounds. I read some thoughts about the diarrehea and I hope that doesn't happen to me. F 21 3 weeks
 5  ? Insulin Resistance/Weight Loss Knock on wood, but I have been taking for 2 1/2 months. I take 500 mg q day with breakfast. I experienced no abdominal type side effects. I have had some success. I have lost 16 lbs (176-160lbs) taking Metformin and sticking to a lower carbohydrate diet. During this time I haven't even excercised much, but I need to pick it up again. Before taking Metformin I had a pretty similar diet, and was excercsing, but the pounds weren't coming off t quickly. F 32 2.5 weeks

 5  PCOS Diarrhea & stomach cramps over the 4 weeks buiding up to the full dose (+500mg per week util I reached 2000mg)...but symptoms were eased with a low carb diet It has worked wonders for me, after a few weeks my periods were every 33-35 days (rather than every 3-9 months)...I have lost weight (12 kg to date) but through a low carb diet & gentle exercise rather than the Metformin alone (I think if I upped the cardio & cut back further on the food the results would be more drastic)...I am more energetic and am sure the facial hair is less noticeable....It has transformed my life (and will hopefully enable us to create one in the near future) xxx F 37 7 months
1000mg 2X D

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