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 2  birth control, control pcos symptom monster yeast infections, increased anxiety and mood swings I would have gotten off this long ago if not for an insurance debacle-- basically, I've been on various birth control pills for about five years and this is one of the worst as far as altering my moods goes-- lots of fury, lots of out of nowhere crying. Also, for the first 3 months I had a raging yeast infection that did not respond to even the strongest treatments. The yeast problem has subsided and things have stabilized slightly just from being on it for such a long time, but the mood/anxiety issues are still very prevalant, which I haven't noticed with other BCs. This pill was prescribed to me by a practitioner who believed that the balance of fake hormones in this particular pill was better for people with PCOS symptoms. I haven't noticed that it's helped any better than any other pills. I guess I haven't gotten pregant, so that's one plus. F 25 9 months
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 1  Birth Control / Manage PCOS I was givin ortho- cept for in between pregnancies. It didn't work for me but doesn't mean it won't work for others. I had painful headaches, weight gain and uncontrolable acne problems. I'm glad I read other ladies comments. F 25 6 months
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 1  Birth Control my skin started to break out with these cyst-like things under my skin, that would last for weeks. I also started growing extra hair (peach fuzz) all over my face, which lasted even after i stopped taking the pill. My periods weren't the slightest bit lighter, and still lasted just as long. I've been on many other types of oral contraceptives, and have never been so unhappy as I was with OrthoCept! F 25 6 months

 5  birth control no side effects except slight breast tenderness, but that is fine since i think they are growing... Yippie! I had to switch because of breakthrough bleeding from LoEstrin fe to Ortho-Cept. I'll get back to you if this works better. So far no nausea or anything like i had with LoEstrin (i was on that for 3 months) Was suffereing from yeast infection right before i went on Ortho-cept since then I have been very dry. I want to have sex with my husband, but i'm so dry it is uncomfortable and painful. So we tried vagisil lubricant. That has been helping. Hopefully the dryness goes away and I get back to my old self. I'm only 26 I shouldn't suffer from dryness. F 26 11 days
 5  birth control/managing periods no side effects I have been taking this drug for several years now and I have had no problems with it. The rater before me only took it for a month and gave up. Side effects sometimes won't go away until after the 3rd month. So, she gave up way too soon on Ortho-Cept. And Desogen is the exact same drug, so she may encounter the same problems if she doesn't give it time. Anyway, I've been on several brands and never had too many problems, but I will definitely stay on Ortho-Cept. F 26 2 years

 4  Pregnancy prevention Increase in appetite but nothing I couldnt control. Increase in breat tenderness and increase in size, thats always a plus. Main side effect is my break outs. Never had a problem with acne before but I've only been using this for a month now so lets hope it goes away. Nausea at first but went away after a week. F 26 1 months
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 2  prevent pregnancy/regulate NO sex drive at all, mood swings, nausia I switched from ortho trycyclin to orthocept 3 months ago to have fewer periods. However, I almost fill it is pointless to take this birth control because I have absolutely no sex drive. My husband and I have only had sex once this month and I'm just glad he is so understanding. I will be going to the doctor soon to switch back before this birth control ruins my marriage. Of course noone gets pregnant while they're on it-you hardly have sex! F 26 3 months

 2  no babies break out, spotting, increased sensitivity to smell I figured tonight after spotting 5 days after finishing a period I had (because I missed one pill) I would look up others experience with this. I've also felt less strong since I started taking this pill which I thought might just be me, but I stopped feeling as strong (not able to do as many push ups and pull ups as before) about a week after starting this pill. I'm not stoked on it at all. I took my last pill last night and I'm going back to Planned Parenthood to change it up. The last pill I was on, microgestin, was awesome but I didn't like not having periods. I know some people want to get rid of theirs but I was just scared I wouldn't know if I happened to get pregnant. F 26
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 5  as a birth control I never had any side effects what so ever. If anything it help clear my skin. My monthly cycle was always on time while taking ortho cept. My weight remained the same. I never had doubts about being pregnant or becoming pregnant while being on this pill. F 27 8 years
 5  Prevent pregnancy None! F 27 1 years

 4  Pregnancy prevention Mild acne, larger breasts, increased vaginal lubrication. F 27 7 months

 3  Period Irregularites Tingling in my legs the first week, seemed to be whenever I drank caffiene but it has since stopped. Mild cramps, fatigue & an increase in acne. Besides the irritating breakouts on my face, I haven't really had bad side effects with this pill. No decrease in sex drive, slight mood swings, but not as bad as before, and no weight gain. yet...I have an increased appetite so I should start eating more healthy haha. I am only 2 weeks into this so I have to see if it gets better or worse, or if I like it enough to stay on it. F 27 16 days
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 2  birth control severe mood swings, nausea I have been on this birth control for three months because the last one I tried aggrivated my IBS. While my stomach isn't in stabbing pain anymore, I recently started feeling nauseous in the morning and I feel like crying all the time. I got back on birth control in the first place because my boyfriend has a son and we are both concerned about his verility. However, with my mood being as unstable I am getting upset with him, not dealing with stress at all and generally just feel miserable all the time. F 27 3 months
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 2  Pregnancy prevention 11 pounds weight gain in first two weeks, bigger breasts, cleared up acne, nausea, headaches, extremely painful periods F 27 2 months
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 1  prevent pregnancy Depressed, anxious, felt nuts, gained 5 lbs in one summer I guess I can't handle birth control. They all make me depressed. F 27 4 months

 5  Birth Control None I am finally happy with a birth control pill! I have tried everything! I am 28 and my face started breaking out a couple of years ago. I tried soooo many things including different birth control pills. I was getting severe headaches on my last pill (Yaz) so my Dr switched me to Ortho Cept for headaches and acne, and I have basically gotten rid of my acne! I have not noticed any changes in my sex drive, I actually think it increased, and no mood swing problems. I am extremely happy with this. The only thing I have noticed is my periods are off. Last month it was 5 days early and barely there, and this month I have yet to get one and I already started my new pack. F 28 4 months

 2  birth control none i have been taking ortho cept for about a month and in sunday i started my green pills. usually i get my period on tuesday with my old pill (orton tri cyclyn 135) and here it is wednsday and no period. my feoncie and i dont want any more kids and i am freaking out. has this happen to anyone else? F 28 24 days

 2  Contraception; acne control Breast soreness, bad mood swings & almost total loss of libido I went on Ortho Cept because I mistakenly thought that it was the pill I was taking happily last year. It definitely wasn't! Almost instantly, my breasts began to grow (great!) and become unbelievably sore and tender (not so great!). Then, I started noticing some pretty intense crankiness. I took a trip to see my long-distance boyfriend and realized that I had absolutely no sex drive. I didn't get pregnant while on this pill but if I would have stayed on it my mood swings and lack of sex drive would have ensured I would have no opportunity to. This was all after a month of taking Ortho-Cept--when I got back home I immediately went to my doc and got Ortho TriCyclen Lo. I started having breast soreness after the second week; unfortunately, but I researched pills on the internet and found the one I used to take that I was quite happy with (Desogen) and am going to switch back to that. F 28 21 days

 2  Birth Control I hate it. I'm really bitchy, I am not sexually active anymore.I don't want to do anymore physical work. I really am being lazy. When I was always so active at work. Major mood swings. F 28 1 months

 2  regulate periods acne, mood swings, overall feelings of depression I was prescribed this bc pill to help regulate my periods and to help with some hormonal issues I was suffering with due to PCOS. It made it worse. I have gone from a bit of acne now and then to being broken out on my face, chest, and arms (very unusual for me) since the day after I started taking this pill. I find myself fine one minute, mad at my husband or kids for no real reason the next minute, and crying the minute after that. Over the last 2 weeks I've realized I feel very down and have to make myself do my regular activities like working out, gardening, etc. I just feel and look like crap right now and am asking my dr today to prescribe me something else. F 28 28 days
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 2  Prevent pregnancy Bloated, irritable, lethargic, increased appetite and weight, nausea, and acne on my face. This is one of the worst pills I've ever been on! I'm extraordinarily bloated and have been since the day I started this pill. I'm nauseous everyday and have string cravings which has not only increased my appetite but I've gained 8 lbs in less than 3 weeks! I'm tired all the time so I don't have the energy to exercise either. I do not recommend this pill! F 28 30 days
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 1  Birth Control, Acne, Period NO and I mean NO sex drive, INSANE mood swings, CONSTANT anger and HORRIBLE depression. I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for 8 years. A couple of years ago I began to develop cystic acne on my chin and a lot of break-through bleeding, which I never had before. I thought maybe a change in birth control would help. I went on Ortho-Cept about 6 months ago. Since that time my skin and period are doing great, but I went from a really active sex life to literally having zero sexual desire for my fiance. And I mean ZERO. It almost feels like I could go my whole life without ever having sex again. I'm sure you can guess how that makes him feel. Not only that, but the smallest, tiniest issues set me off. I'm a total, raging bitch about every little thing. And to top it all off within the last month I have been sliding into a deep depression. These pills are the ABSOLUTE WORST. I don't feel like myself and I want my life back. I'm going back on OTC-Lo. F 28 6 months
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 5  birth control occasional light spotting If I take a pill more than an hour late in the last week, I'll spot starting 3 days later. If I'm very timely with my pills, this one is a dream. No mood swings or anything! F 29 4 months

 4  Irregular periods Weight gain, breast enlargement, & mood swings. I would say it has helped a bit with clearing up my skin as well. I had to look up side effects for this BC to see if anyone else had a weight gain, so I know I'm not going crazy. But this isn't good for me, someone who was a sufferer of an eating disorder, to have such a weight gain. I do have to say, however, that it has helped my irregular periods. I just don't know if I should continue. F 29 10 months
 4  Preg. prevention/ cramps Nothing major. A little nausea/ irritability in the begining. I encountered no major issues with ORTHO-CEPT. I was 17 and later again at 23 when I was on ORTHO-CEPT. My periods were very light to non-existent, which caused panic and lots of unnessary pregnancy tests, my doctor assured me it was fine. I eventually stopped taking the pill for personal reasons. FYI: ORTHO-CEPT and DESOGEN (APRI is the generic name) are the SAME = SAME ACTIVE INGREDIENTS/SAME LEVEL of HORMONES F 29 2 years

 2  long periods more irritable and blue, bloated, yeast infection (which I never get unless when I was pregnant), occ mild headache I was switched to ortho-cept b/c my periods were still long after being on Kariva for 4 months. My Dr. determined this was too much estrogen for me after having a bad yeast infection (which I don't get unless pregnant) and switched me back to Kariva and I noticed my mood and bloating is much better. F 29 30 days

 3  Birth control. I have been on the pill (Desogen) for years and years (at least 10), and was switched to Ortho-cept which is evidently supposed to be the same thing. It might be just me (I just turned 30), but I have been having irregular periods for the past year. I thought it was because I was traveling a lot at the time, but my life for the past 8 months has been stable and normal. I'm not on any other medications, I don't diet, I excercise, etc. I was having a lot of breakthrough bleeding, and my doctors kept telling me that nothing was abnormal, and now this month I got my period over a week early and it is very heavy. I also have worse cramps than ever this whole past year. Perhaps my hormones have changed and it's not strong enough for me? I hate to put my body through switching brands because I have never had any other side effects! F 30 1 years

 4  pregnancy prevention My migraines suck around my period. Other than that NP F 31 1 years

 2  pregnancy prevention Major depression high anxiety no sex drive i was fine for a month or so, anxiety hit early like 2 weeks in. the depression is just getting worse every month. its to the point now that my boyfriend even wants me on a different pill, he says i was never like this before. so all this crying and feeling bad about myself plus NO SEX. i can hardly even think about having sex. i get highly anxious and depressed when i think about it. terrible mix of hormones for me. i'd like to get off it, but can't afford the dr visit. F 31 7 months
.15 1X D
 3  irregular periods headaches, insomnia. It's only been two weeks, so I am trying to give it a little longer for my body to get used to it. I have noticed more frequent headaches, but I get headaches while not on birth control, again I am waiting it out to see if my body gets used to it. I feel for those on who review it who are having a hard time. It's been a few years since I've used the pill, so I think its ok to wait it out a little or try something else. Best of luck. Excedrin Migraine helps with headaches and I find lowering caffeine has helped. Good luck, if not there are other choices out there and something may be a better fit. F 33 14 days
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 5  birth control none Worked great. Want to go back on it and stop taking Lo/Ovral. Would have never gone off it but my clinic stopped carrying it. F 34 10 years
 4  birth control stable for long-time. recent decrease in sex drive and increase acne. I've been on orth-cept (Apri tabs) for about 5 years. Recently moved and have been bounced around to other generic versions (Reclipsin from one pharmacy, degestrol (sp?) from another). I spoke with my doctor about switching and even though the estrogen is the same, I may be reacting to the other stuff which varies between brands. On the degertrol (sp?) now and my skin is very oily. Might switch back to reclipsin to see how that goes. I think the decrease in sex is due to the stress of moving and 8 years of marriage (ha ha). F 34 5 years

 4  Birth Control acne on shoulders and chin (weird on the shoulders), fatigue, lack of energy and absolutely no sex drive. I like ortho-cept because I do not get severe mood swings on it. I can handle the acne, as it is starting to go away, but I cannot handle losing my sex drive. If this continues, I will discontinue this medication. Plus, I went for a two mile walk tonight and thought I was going to fall asleep walking. It makes me very tired. F 34 1 months
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 3  Prevent Preg Tired a lot, frequent irregular periods, slight mood changes I have been taking this pill going on 4 months and so far all I have to complain about is my constant periods. The first month of taking this pill I had a period the whole time, the 2nd month got my period towards the end of the month going into the next. It stopped for 2 days then I got it again and lasted 8 days it stopped then 2 days later started again and it is going on 5 days now I've had only 4 days this month period free and this is frustrating not only to me but to my fiance as well since I've always had normal periods before. I have noticed feeling really tired mid day. Has this happened to anyone else? I am worried that this will cause me to become anemic. F 34 3 months
.15 mg 1X D
 1  In order to regulate menstrual flow I've suffered from migraines for years, but never this bad. I get them almost on a daily basis. Menstrual cramps are more severe as well as acne on face and some on my back. Mood swings are awful. I've never been a screamer, now I find myself yelling and my kids and starting fights with my husband. I'm more emotional than normal. It's not worth taking it. Try something else if you have that option. F 35 2 months
15 mg 1X D

 1  for pms symptons mood swings..hopelessness..tired all the time..cant even do basic daily activities. Horrible, would not recommend to anyone. I took it for 3 months then stopped and decided to try it again. Was on ortho tri-cylen for 5 yrs and never had these isues.. F 35 30 days
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 1  Irregular period Sleeplessness, depression, migraine headaches, heavy break through bleeding Started taking this pill to regulate my cycle. Headaches started within 2 weeks and depression started within 1-2 weeks. Sleeplessness started 3 weeks ago. Stopped taking this pill F 36 2 months

 3  To treat heavy bleeding / fibroids No bloat or weight gain, but extreme mood swings. Around the first day of the second week of each 1 month packet I become depressed, tearful, having feelings of hopelessness and have even felt suicidal. I always tell myself that it will pass and it does, but when you are going through it, it is very tough. I eat well, exercise, and do not do any drugs. Hopefully this symptom will resolver itself at some point. Also, I sometimes have breakthrough spotting but nothing much. F 37 2 months

 2  Birth Control Acne, weight gain, increased intensity of my migraines, increased appetite, period not shorter or lighter, cramping, bloating I initially started taking BC to help with my migraines. I was on an awesome pill for over 10 years. Now I no longer have insurance so Ortho-Cept was what became available to me. I noticed side effects right away, but after reading some reviews that said it needs a few months to work, I decided to try. My periods never got lighter or shorter, I would break out (I have never had acne, not even as a teen) I gained 30 pounds (and I race bicycles and run marathons) so I was not sitting around. My appetite increased, and most of all, my migraines became worse. A week before and during the week of my period I had cramping, bloating, and migraines everyday. I don't know what I will take instead, but I quit taking this. F 37 1 years
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 1  birth control I am 39 & had a stroke 16 weeks ago. I would not recommend this drug. F 39 3 years
1 a day
 5  Birth Control I recently switched onto Ortho-Cept from Loestrin 24 Fe. Since the switch, I've felt great and have lost 5 pounds. The weight loss seems to be an unintended side effect since I wasn't trying to lose weight. My doctor warned me that there is a slightly increased risk of blood clots on Ortho-Cept, but I take a baby aspirin every other day (I'm 40 years-old) and am not particularly worried. F 40 30 days
33 mg 1X D
 5  birth control none I have taken Ortho-cept or a generic equivalent (e.g. Apri-28, Reclispen) for 15 years. I have had no problems. although I will add that if you are looking for relief from PMS symptoms, I wouldn't recommend this particular pill; it hasn't done anything on that front, but my symptoms are very mild. F 41 15 years
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 1  contraceptive/regulation/cramps Extreme bloating right before and during period; flow is disgustingly heavy, chunky, and stringy; after 4 months on this pill, I now have HUGE brown blotches/discolorations on my face that are hard to cover up--I've been taking various OC's for 14 years, and this is the FIRST pill I've been on that has done this. After getting a good look in the mirror, I am calling my MD on Monday. F 41 4 months

 5  contraception I did great on this medication until about a year and a half ago. I began experiencing very bad headaches and numbness in my toes. As time went on I began to get swollen feet,ankles and my legs began to get sharp pains.After all my blood work came back normal, I was advised to quit taking the pill for 6 months and see if my symptoms disappeared. I sure hope they do. This will be the last month I will be taking the pill. I hope my symptoms disappear. I didn't know why I was having these problems. If you have any of these symptoms , call your Dr. right away. I waited too long. F 43 16 years

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